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  • March 7, 2015
    11:30 AM


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Welcome to sensual study hour here at Sacramento central Seventh Day Adventist Church we're so happy that you've been with us today and my extended welcome goes to those who are sitting in the sanctuary with us have he said Good to see everyone here. Well let's begin our song service today we have a very special song that came in from just her use in the song is number one sixteen and I just have to say that's a lovely little song and perhaps one of the oldest to him the congregation still sing today. It was written and it's not just Christmas Carol. So let's sing the singing other verses and the league was to sleep. Sleep. Thank you Joseph first. In our next song is three thirty eight. Rita and this song comes to us from Sacramento California thanks so much. This is a lovely tune and will be singing verses one and three you. His child was adopted and if you. The title of the earth will be happy to see the sun. Now as we go index on and that's him Number five seven zero. Do you. You're you're you're I hope that each of our prayer that I but Christ be seen in me. Let's pray. Our Father in heaven we thank you for what a beautiful Sabbath. You've given to us and the chance that we can come together to worship you spirit and truth and we asked our Lord as the Word of Life is today in our study that you will help us to have to assume it since your Holy Spirit Prosser thoughts in our heart and that truly when we leave. And go through the next week only people will see Christ and not us we ask all these scenes in Jesus. Today our lesson story study will be brought to spy Pastor Chris senior pastor here at SAC central Sta church. Thank you very much and good morning good to see you and happy Sabbath to you and your all sounded excellent as usual as your being sing as you were singing there. And what a lot of this to. To sing out of a hymn book and these rich him meaningful and point us to heaven more to give us even instruction and some of these hymns. It's good to see you and trust you're ready and get up to get into a lesson study again the Smalling. We want to welcome those as well that. Joining us live stream as well and also those that are joining us wherever you are joining us from some of you watching this via three I.B.M. proclaim our You Tube channel i website. I just recently first live broadcasting began carrying central study hall and they broadcasting out of New Zealand soul of those who are watching out there in New Zealand. Glad you're tuning in and we want to let you know that we do have a free offer and it's off a number two one five one three and all you need to do those that are here in North America and North America and territories of North America call into nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven or e-mail us at C S H. Don't forget to tell us where you are where you're writing in from tell us how you're enjoying the programs would love to love to hear from you we're getting into our last lesson in the Book of Proverbs it's been a good journey hasn't it. It's Lesson Number thirteen women and wine women and wine and someone chuckled I'm not sure why but anyway we're going to we're going to look at this here in some detail the Smalling and do a little review of the lesson we've been studying throughout the week. We have we've learned a lot and really as we've studied the book of Proverbs we've been learning not just how to make better choices but how to become more like Christ because biblical wisdom is Biblical knowledge applied to the life and Biblical knowledge really comes from the heart of God the mind of God and as we receive the mind of God we are receiving. His character who he is and so I trust that as we have as you've been studying as we've each been studying with being drawn closer to Christ. Maybe becoming a little bit more like him in our daily walk with him as well we can look at a memory Texas probably up to thirty one verses three and four and we're going to be looking at these verses here when we. To Sunday's lesson. But let's read it together. Proverbs thirty one verses three and four and it says Do not give your strength to women nor your ways to that which destroys kings. It is not for kings. Let me well it is not for kings to drink wine. Nor for princes intoxicating drink. It's interesting that when we get to the end of the Book of Proverbs at the end a book of Proverbs begins with. Ends with advice from a mother the beginning of the Book of Proverbs begins with advice from who the father. And so here we are beginning the book we begin the book with advice from a father and now ending the book with advice from a mother to her son now we're not sure exactly who Lemmy Well his some have suggested it was actually another name for King Solomon. But we can't be entirely sure but whether it is another name for King Solomon or not the warning and the advice offered in these in this last division this last chapter of Proverbs is is offered in is directed into areas that would threaten a king and those would be women and wine. Now for a king to be ineffective Roula he must be absolutely careful of his influences wouldn't you agree. He needs to keep his mind in pristine condition and and uses time well. So while alcohol produces nothing but trouble having a good wife can be incredibly beneficial. The question here as we start out is can we actually learn anything from counsel offered to a king after all it's directed to a monarch our Rula. Can we learn anything from the council. Well from a practical perspective. These are areas of concern these areas of concerns addressed in Proverbs Chapter thirty one A areas that affect all of us. Irrespective of whether we are rules or not and I would take it that. None of us here rules us but from a spiritual point of view what are those individuals cold who's who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb and in Revelation Chapter one Verse six what are they called you remember Revelation Chapter one Verse five talks about those that have been washed in the blood of the Lamb and that Christ has made them to become kings and priests kings and priests. So in effect if you have given your life to Jesus and you have made a surrender to him and your life is being washed in the blood of the Lamb. Guess what you are royalty. You are a Son you're a daughter of the most high God Your royalty and if you are royalty. Then the advice that we're going to look at here this morning is a plausible to each one of us would you agree she will no doubt about it all right so we're going to look at Proverbs Chapter thirty one and verse three we're going to just break it down just a little bit and then jump over to chapter verse four. So this read Chapter thirty one verse three again. It says Do not give your strength to women nor your ways to that which destroys kings and that would probably be better translated to those who destroy King with a reference to women and the women he referenced it and not just any women talking about strange women women that would seek to distract and hinder royalty from doing the very things that they are told to do and we'll talk a little bit about that what we'll actually Solomon we think about King Solomon he started out pretty well didn't a King Solomon began his his rule a ship very well he prayed to God God came to him in a dream and said What can I give you instead of asking for riches and wealth and fame and all of the other thing. What it is possible he asked for wisdom he said you know this is a great people I don't know how to go in or come out I need wisdom from above and did God say his prayers Yeah. Solomon applied his life to. The knowledge and study of wisdom to to make wise and best choices is to rule his kingdom. So he started out really well there's no doubt about that but as he became prosperous and there was no kingdom. There was no rule after Solomon no king after Solomon that lived that ruled. Israel. That was as prosperous and wealthy and famous as King Solomon. But as he became prosperous and as he began to become well known and his fame went abroad. He he multiplied his wives and they were of a foreign origin as a matter of fact if you just keep your finger in Proverbs thirty one go to First Kings Chapter eleven verses one through four. We want read all these verses but let's take a quick look here first Kings Chapter eleven and look at those as one the through four all you'll see here that Solomon got himself into trouble. He says But King Solomon loved and this is the but is what proceeds here things are going really well he's prosperous he's kingdoms thriving and doing well but King Solomon loved many foreign women as well as the daughters of Pharaoh women of the mall abides Ammonites even mites Cydonia and Hittites and according to verse where are we verse to. Solomon Solomon these women turned Solomon's hot away from the worship of the true God how many wives did he end up with according to verse three ended with seven hundred wives princesses and how many concubines three hundred. I'm speechless That's a lot of that's a lot that's a lot of wives. That's a thousand women in his life. And some men a rolling their eyes and saying one is just enough how did he do thousand. Of course of course we don't believe that but here the man got himself into Detroit into some trouble to. Again it wasn't just women from from from Israel these were women who were from foreign nations and they served and worship pagan gods and they led his heart away from the worship of the true God The Bible tells us that in in. In first chapter eleven verse for his hot drifted from the worship of the true God to serve these gods. But anyway the counsel that we receive here in Proverbs thirty one verse three about giving our strength and energy to women foreign women is not just for men but also for women the warning here is against immorality in essence if we would a boil it down. We live in a very promiscuous I age is no doubt about that infidelity is on the rise you think about advertising what sells advertising today Sex Sex sells advertising you. You can't buy soap without there being explicit images on the screen. Or just all wax for your car or just toilet paper the sex sells as is the well we live in whether implicit or explicit it's the IP nothing is left to the imagination anymore not that we would let our minds wonder but not but it's just all very much exposed and out there when we think about music. We think about T.V. we think about movies we think even about the Internet our senses are bombarded with images that should cause us to blush. There's a push and there has been a push for quite a long time to normalize immoral behavior. Everything that we thought and that we believed to be wrong is now promoted as being OK It's all right and perhaps it's even right after all that said we are human and we just can't help ourselves right. Not in Psalm one o one verse. David said these words I will say that no we could thing before mine eyes and so I want to curry just. Morning to make a covenant with our eyes make a covenant with eyes and without God that will not set anything we could before our eyes. Even if we have to walk through the mall with our heads down like this that we. That we would not set eyes on anything we could anything that would cause our thoughts to just run wild and rampant and if there is anyone that has an issue with viewing images on the Internet and you know as well as I do even on your e-mail accounts certain invitations offered hope and if you have a hotmail account certain invitations are offered if you're single to just click right here and and so there's always this pull and there's always the straw and so maybe you want to change the email account if a person has an issue with pornography. They want to just throw out the computer and turn off the Internet as is my advice but here the covenant is that we want to make is that we will said no we could thing before our eyes. Now let's look at those four goes on the council continues. Those for it's not for kings or let me. Well it is not for kings to drink wine. Nor for princes intoxicating drink. Now we live in a culture of course where the use of alcoholic beverages is prevalent. It's not just socially acceptable to drink. It's actually merely expected to do you are expected to drink and if you're not drinking you're considered to be kind of one of the odd bowls as if killing your brain cells is supposed to be the cool thing. But we live in a topsy turvy Well there's no doubt about that it's not just socially acceptable but sometimes you're expected to drink big companies they paid massive bucks to promote their products by promoting the idea if you just take a participate and partake of their product your life is going to be adventurous and it's going to be fantastic. And you'll have every good looking girl when you're hanging off your arm and this is what they do they promote this stuff a lot of time effort and money spent to convince drinkers that drinking is OK. Someone has for us top of step to thirty one versus five eight and nine. OK Mike Scott that down here thank you. We're going to get to you. So. Thirty one five eight and nine. You know even scientific studies are released occasionally and they speak. They speak poorly of imbibing wine in moderate amounts if you drink wine then it's going to be one parent who's going to be good for your hobby or something like that but I ask the question why not get the same benefits from Welches and then you avoid killing brain cells and and risk the abuse that comes associated with social drinking and its deadly side effects just drink Welches you get the same benefits Amen. I bet a better benefits even because it's not for mentored and and not harmful and ironically the wineglass is often raised in a toast to long life and prosperity. When in fact the very substance inside of that class promotes the very opposite of fix. Let's take a look a problem step to thirty one versus five eight nine Thanks Mike. He probably is thirty one years five nine less they drink and forget the law and pervert the justice of the afflicted open your mouth. For the speechless in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth judge righteously and plead the cause of the poor in needy. Thank you very much so the council to to Kings to refrain from drinking wine a strong drink is so that what they judgment won't be what perverted a judgment would be provided they have been able to execute just justice. You see. So the issue is alcohol causes poor judgment Kings rulers politicians C.E.O.'s of large companies all carry the responsibility of making clear minded decisions and often these decisions are weighty so they need clear minds. I'd like to suggest that perhaps it's not good to trust even a politician who drinks alcohol and that becomes in the variator from time to time. It's much like we have good counsel in the little book temperance that would suggest that we ought not trust. A politician who brings alcohol to his lips Why because of perverts the judgment. You see some of the statistics tests show that after drinking three bottles of beer. There's an average of a thirteen percent net memory loss and then after taking only small quantities of alcohol train typists were tested and the errors increased by forty percent only one ounce of alcohol increases the time required to make a decision by nearly ten percent it hinders muscular reaction by seventeen percent and increases errors. Jus to a lack of attention by thirty five percent. We thank Paul Harvey for those statistics. So if alcohol causes the doubling of the sensibilities and impairs the judgment should Christians have anything to do with alcohol at all Leviticus Chapter ten verses nine and ten notice what it says here and this is on the heels of the. Of the story of nine eleven a by who and how they brought strange fire into the sanctuary they didn't Kindle the the the fire from the fire that God had kindled but they made up their own and this advice was given. Shortly thereafter. It says Do not drink wine nor strong drink the sons with the when you go into the tabernacle of the congregation lest he die. It shall be a statute forever throughout your generations and that she may that she may put difference between holy and unholy and between unclean and clean. So the priests were forbidden to drink wine or strong drink so that they would be able to do aught to soon differentiate between that which was right and that which was wrong to put a difference between that which is holy and that which is unholy between that which is unclean that which is clean. Now this instruction was for the priests of that particular time but what about God's people then and even now is the council appropriate still. Peter chapter two verse nine we are reminded that we are I chosen the nation I. Royal Priesthood a holy nation and we are told to give evidence of the fact that we have been called out of Doc this. Into God's marvelous slide. We are in darkness and we are deceived if we think that drinking even in moderation is a is acceptable to a Christian God wants to call us out of participating in any such thing you see we need more than ever today to be alert to the dangers and the deceptions the devil is prepared to simply destroy God's people today we need our wits about us that we shall surely we need our wits about us think about back there in the courts of Babylon Daniel Daniel his three friends and there were other Jews that were taken young young Jewish boys that were taken captive to Babylon and it. It appears that only four of them decided that they were not going to defile themselves with the king's meat all the king's drink. Why why would they do that of course has several different reasons but one is I just traveled a lot made a long journey that one going to put something in a body that was not going to promote good health and restore all of them because the journey was long and they become haggard and and worn out and weary. The other reason is because God forbid the participation in to taking of alcoholic beverages they needed their wits about them they were in Babylon they were in a pagan nation into they were going to give witness to the true God in their lives they were not going to have anything to do with anything that would impair their judgment you see. On the cross. Although an incredible amount of pain and an incredible amount of agony. Jesus declined the offer often meant and wine mingled with. If they did or not we should. We need clean minds to resist temptation and we need clean minds to keep a strong faith in God especially in the days of Babylon the Great the mother of harlots in Revelation Chapter seventeen verses one through five tells us she has a cup. What's in that cup why. But this one represents one false teachings and doctrine so when the day of Babylon the Great we need our wits about us we need to be able to differentiate between what is truth and what is error. What is right and what is wrong. More than ever we need to be sure that we are ingesting those things that promote good health and not harm. Well since abilities and health. You see are let's go over to Monday's lesson that was Sundays by the way and I didn't tell you that but that was Sunday as a toast to life let's look at a toast to death. We're going to continue discussion here with regard to alcohol someone's got Proverbs Chapter twenty three verses twenty nine and thirty four I thank you very much Walter appreciate that Proverbs Chapter twenty three verses twenty nine and thirty. We're going to look at the problems thirty one verses six and seven first. So here it is it says give strong drink to him who is perishing and whining to those who are busy. Of hot. Let him drink and forget his poverty and remember his misery. No more now as a suggested in the lesson giving alcohol to a depressed person would be like someone giving salt to someone who's the hydrated. The sudden seem like good counsel all we need or I think we need to recognize here that she's not advising or recommending alcohol to these particular in the individuals. I think perhaps that she's writing with a degree of irony with a degree of irony not with an uncaring spirit with a dick but with a degree of irony in other words perhaps she's saying if anyone is permitted to drink strong drink let it be the person who's given up on life and he's on their way out they have got one foot in the grave. Not that she's encouraging it but that in the irony of life that perhaps these individuals would be the ones who would participate but don't those who have hope and those who are living. Don't you participate in it at all now cause not good for anyone and we realize and we know that she's not promoting the drinking of alcohol even for those that oppressed and those that are perishing ready to die. Because in the preceding verses she said don't have anything to do with it don't have anything to do with it. Probably up to twenty three versus twenty nine and thirty Thanks Walter who hath Will who had sorrow who had contentions who had babbling who hath wounds without cause who had the redness of eyes they that tarry long at the wine and day that go to seek mixed wine. Yeah no doubt about that some of you may have had association with drinking alcoholic beverages before and you know and understand what the wise men say and then of course you've got the story that we're all familiar with there in Exodus Chapter thirty two where the children of Moses was up there receiving the Ten Commandments instruction from God for forty days and forty nights and down there there was a sound of war at least that's what Joshua thought it was a sound of was a commotion. What was happening folk were drinking that were drunk got themselves naked they were patting down the AM and he was a son of David he was also a drinker and he raped his half sister Tema and because of this incestuous act he lost his life at the hands of his enraged brother while he was intoxicated nothing good happens to anybody who's imbibing and associated with alcohol. I think we we see that very clearly the biblical example speak loudly to us but having nothing to do with alcohol. There was a question I think Mike you had a question and we will get to that in just a moment related to some problem texts in the Bible related to related to wine or drinking. I want to say this though. Thank God that there is Victory in Jesus. If anyone has a problem drinking if anyone is a that is damaging their minds their brains with with alcohol there is there is freedom and liberty and power in Jesus Christ we need to remember here today that Jesus Christ is more powerful than Jack Daniels We need to recognize. Today that the blood of the Son of God is more powerful than Budweiser we can know that here today. Jesus is powerful and mighty decisive no one need be trapped or feel like they can break for Jesus can Saif. Might get a question related to the issue of alcohol. The question is What about where Jesus turned water into wine where Paul. Counsel Timothy to have a little wine for his stomach seek Him Paul's advice to the deacons to not be given too much wine. OK that's loaded. OK there are a couple of things we need to remember in the Bible in the Old Testament the Hebrew there are two words that are used for the word wine and I think. Let me just back up a second one of the problems we have when we read in the Bible the word wine is naturally in our culture and our time we immediately associate it with what an alcoholic beverage it's very natural but the when the translators took the original word and put it into English. They used the word wine but it doesn't always mean an alcoholic beverage in the Old Testament to Hebrew words are used and technically in most cases. Typically in most cases the context tells us pretty much that it is a alcohol alcoholic beverage or it's the grape the new wine the grape of the vine. Up to sixty five EST the new wine is that which comes off of directly off of the vine. You see something that's fresh and that's pressed and it's refreshing and good for you but when you get to the New Testament we get a little bit we have a bit of a problem. There's only one word that's translated into the word wine and that's onerous oneness is that is a word in you in we cannot know whether it is fermented or on fermented wine that's been spoken of except for the context the context. Pretty much tells us whether it was fermented or not so John Chapter Two Jesus turns water into wine. How many. How many gallons or at least how many jobs to fill up your Member six o seven was it. Now we could have cared about twenty to thirty gallons each so that would have been how much twenty to thirty gallon six hundred ninety one hundred ninety to two hundred gallons of alcoholic beverages he provided for a for a wedding party. Do you see Jesus doing that. No I don't think that's that's that's rise magic the folk praised him full the host for saving the best till last. And so there's no question the jesus jesus produced there worked a miracle to turn water into the new wine the grape of the of the vine you see we could say well today fresh grape juice you see the other question is related to poll giving Timothy Council regarding having a little wine for stomach sake. Let me just step back one more time is any is anyone under inspiration going to contradict anything else anyone else on the inspiration said we're getting out all we've read so far that alcohol causes nothing but grief and pain and we're at Mohnish not to participate in it so other Bible writers under the inspiration guide to admonish or encourage anyone to participate in something that the Holy Spirit previously has said no to no not going to happen not going to happen. And so here pole is simply encouraging Timothy to have a little Craig juice. Very likely that Timothy was just on was dressed. Just drinking water like the now as a writes would. And suppose saying look you've got a bit of a stomach issue have a little grape of the vine a little a little grape juice to help soothe that stomach problem. Now the the other question was related to the qualifications of a deacon that you read about in First Timothy Chapter three and those say and that one is troubled a number of people because it seems as Paul is giving advice to deacons to not be given too much wine in other words you know maybe just drink it in moderation. I think the only conclusion we can come to here is that poll is admonishing admonishing the deacon's to. To drink moderately The grape of the vine deacons were known to visit from home to home. They were to minister to believe us and even to unbelievers and so as to set a good example before the believers of temperance temperance is using moderately that which is good in abstaining from that which is harmful exemplifying. True temperance in their life so that. So that they would give a good example of the Christian witness to those that they were visiting I don't think we can suggest here today that poll is recommending. A little from Mentor of grape juice to the deacons it's OK brothers you can have a little bit if you want to we don't think Paul would suggest that also hope that helps answer the question. Bottom line stay away from the stuff. Encourage others to do the sign help those who would be struggling point them to Jesus who can provide victory and grace. Let's go to our next day's lesson on Tuesday. And let's talk about a virtuous woman swear in Proverbs Chapter thirty one and we're going to read verse ten problems chapter thirty one. And verse ten. It says who can find a virtuous wife for her worth is far above rubies now by reading this in the English we typically would know but this particular the next twenty two verses that followed. Proverbs Chapter thirty one verses ten and the next twenty two verses form an acrostic or a poem. Which is built around the Hebrew alphabet of twenty two Legace something that's used often in the Psalms and also used Jeremiah uses it in the lamb and Taisha. In other words verse ten begins with the first letter of the alphabet and then verse eleven moves on to use using the second letter of the alphabet in verse twelve begins. With the third letter of the alphabet and so on it's an acrostic it's a poem it's kind of a neat neat way and form of. Of Hebrew writing in poetry. Now while the while the following verses that we're going to be looking at here. Describe the qualities of a virtuous woman or virtuous wife. There's good reason to believe that the description here is also represents us maybe a second application. It would represent wisdom and as the author says not a some lofty and achievable idea but as a practical and approachable woman who could become a life companion. When we go back to Proverbs Chapter one and Proverbs Chapter three and four there are examples where Solomon talks about wisdom as a being a woman wisdom is personified as a noble virtuous woman to stand in stark contrast to that other woman foolishness. Because in the Book of Proverbs we're dealing here with being wise and being not only being wise and not being foolish Reivers those are the two the two things that the wise man is dealing with but here here. Wisdom is personified as a woman to stand stock stark contrast to that other woman foolishness who seeks to trap and ruin a person's life. I want to compare problems Chapter eight with Proverbs thirty one who has those verses versus the problems eight thirty five eleven nineteen and the other who's got those verses Force One over here. So what we're going to do brother is we just got to do a little back and forward here I'm going to read Proverbs thirty one and then you're going to read that particular verse that I'm going to mention in Proverbs Chapter eight then I'm going to mention the one in Proverbs thirty one again and you come back to Proverbs Chapter eight so just. Watch my Q We're going to go back and forth a little bit have a little fun here but I want you to notice and compare Proverbs Chapter eight with the virtuous woman of Proverbs Chapter thirty one and see if we can see a comparison. I'm going to start with. Chapter thirty one and verse ten and then you're going to read right after that Proverbs Chapter thirty five. OK so here we go we're going to keep going back and forward problems thirty one and verse ten we just read it and says you can find a virtuous wife for her worth is far above rubies. For whoever finds me finds life and obtains Fabre from the Lord. OK so both Proverbs eight and Proverbs thirty one talk about. Wisdom being far worth far more than. Well with precious and with finding out. And then in the next verse is it. Talks about wisdom having more worth than rubies already that probably thirty one and verse ten for her worth is far above. We just read that right. Ruby's problems have to eat verse eleven for wisdom is better than rubies and all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her. OK excellent. OK the next one is problems thirty one verse fourteen. She wisdom provides food notice what it says here. So she is like the merchant ships she brings her food from a fire. And you have Proverbs eight verse one thing my fruit is better than gold. Yes than fine gold. In my revenue than choice or some wisdom is also seen as being strong look at those as seventeen and twenty five of Chapter thirty one she goods as self with strength and strengthens her arms strength and on a her clothing. She shall rejoice in time to come and you have Chapter Verse fourteen counsel is mine and sound wisdom. I am understanding. I have strength there it is and then to more wisdom she is wise Proverbs thirty one verse twenty six. She opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness. Proverbs Chapter eight verse one does not wisdom cry out and understanding. Lift up her voice. Yes. And then lastly she is praised look at verse twenty eight of Chapter thirty one her children rise up and call her blessed her husband also and he praises her and then you have probably thirty four listed as the man who listens to me watching daily at my gate waiting at the post of my doors and thank you very much for humoring me here this morning. So you see the similarities between Proverbs Chapter eight which personifies wisdom as a woman and also the virtues of that we see in the woman of Proverbs Chapter thirty one. So while it's truly weird we're talking here about advice and the ideal godly wife. There is also reason to believe that as a second application that we're talking here about wisdom and embracing wisdom brings all these wonderful things riches and strength and wisdom and you see now some of you have read Pilgrim's Progress. We are working through programs progress on Friday nights with our family we're doing the not the old English version but the modern English version just to help us all out a little bit and there's a fellow that Pilgrim and Christian faithful rather run into Christian and faithful run into and his name is talkative to any of you remember reading about talkative. I run into talkative and talkative talkative was far more concerned with facts than he was for substance talkative was far more concerned with talk then he was about action and what we discover when we learn about wisdom and what we have studied and what we've discovered in learning about wisdom through these last thirteen weeks is that wisdom as I mentioned earlier is Biblical knowledge applied. That's true wisdom true wisdom isn't isn't just knowing facts and knowing things true wisdom is Biblical knowledge applied knowing a lot of Bible truth doesn't equal righteousness. Knowing what is right does not equal righteousness. If I know it is good to go exercise and I do not exercise does my knowing that I'm not going about exercising being good for me make me healthy. That was specially not if I'm running. If I'm not running it's not going to make me healthy at all right. And so just knowing the truth doesn't make a person righteous or even truthful and these to be applied to the life. Martin Luther King Jr was said to have said we have guided missiles and misguided men we have a lot of knowledge and yet we don't we would become an immoral and corrupt society we know a lot of stuff but it doesn't change doesn't change the heart. We need to take the words of wisdom that God has provided for us in the scriptures and make those make those applications and be earnest and serious about making those applications don't. Don't be casual about about what we're reading here but make that daily application by the grace of God of wisdom to our lives. Well let's go to Wednesday's lesson and let's talk about this virtuous wife working. Let's look at Proverbs thirty one verse seventeen and someone has problems thirty one twelve fifteen and eighteen. OK Diana thank you very much but over here. Problems thirty one verse seventeen it says. She goods herself with strength and strengthens her arms she works. The Would virtuous woman virtuous wife is literally a woman of power is literally a woman of power or a wife of Valla it's interesting the situation the Greek translation of the heap of the of the Hebrew has it as a Met masculine woman. And meaning that simply she is strong and that she's vigorous and possesses excellent qualities. It's not like a half man half woman that's not the idea here at all but a woman who is strong she's vigorous and possesses excellent qualities. And while this description of the virtuous wife presents an ideal for any woman to strive toward And yet by the way husbands is not an ideal that we need to keep hanging over our wives heads. You know you don't need to march into the kitchen and breakfast and put the bible down. Proverbs thirty one how come you're not doing all of the things that are said here. It's not an excuse for men to get on top of their wives and give them a hard time you see but all but while these particular this description of the virtuous woman presents an ideal for any woman. It also presents the qualities of a person with a mile off a mile who possesses true wisdom. Like unlike the sluggard mentioned in Proverbs Chapter six. But the work of the wise truly work all the truly wise work. Why is this woman working so probably up to thirty one versus twelve fifteen and eighteen thanks. Diana she does not evil all the days of her life. Arise. While it is yet night and provides food for her house and a portion for her maid servants she perceives that her merchandise is good and your lamp does not go out by night. And if I were a wife and I were reading Proverbs thirty one I would be made to feel this about this big. The qualities listed here are incredible and only can be acquired by the grace of God. But as I mentioned before some of these qualities can be applied to both men and women. What is Why does she do her work. Why is she a working woman. According to these verses that Diana just read. She works out of a sense of responsibility. She recognizes her responsibility she has a sense of her responsibility and labors and works hard and I want to ask this question to husbands and to any young. Russians or young but any anyone here who has a mother that's still living. How can we show ways to express our gratitude to our wives and twelve women and to our mothers in a way that lets them know that we truly appreciate all that they do. What I wanted more the privilege. I got it I got to just say that I I got to just say that I'm so blessed to be married to Jennifer. I'm just going to tell you that. She has she has a number of these wonderful qualities be no fun being married to a lazy woman men and for women it's no fun being late married to a lazy man I remember. I heard a highway man. How many men and women today work hard to not have to work at all. A personnel manager rejected a job applicant because he said that the firm was over staffed. But the would be employee persisted in said the little bit of work I would do wouldn't even be noticed. God created us to well work. God Korea's to labor and work with our hands you see we find satisfaction we find purpose. We find we just find our lives are that much more satisfying and productive when we're able to put our hands to doing something that is productive God created us to work you see living in the cycle of dependency is strictly debilitating to one's self worth ambitions and dreams to depend upon others for assistance when you can work and you can labor one ought to do so now. Some folk can't do much with their heads depending on their age or maybe they have a disability but one can work with their in mind you can work. A person can work and do what they can there's no excuse not to do something to better those around you or to better to society we live in the best we possibly can and just give our best but everyone can do the same thing. Another one is the same but we can give Al best when we think about work. We think about God putting Adam and Eve in the garden what was the very first at what it was a very first thing he gave Adam to do tend the garden to care for that wasn't he wasn't pulling weeds or or cutting off phones and all of those types of things because that came in after he fell after Adam and he fell because of sin. It was probably more a delight and a joy to God and then it is today but he was given something to do with his hands. Even the command to rest every Sabbath is the is the imp in that command is the implication to what work for in six days shall you. Work. You say and then rest the seventh calls in is it your forty six one he calls the other six days working days now I'm not suggesting that it's a command to work six days a week but we should be applying ourselves and working where and how we can and so wisdom works wisdom engages and does her best if we've applying wisdom to our lives we will give our best and we will labor and work and not become dependent on others to do that if we can if we can help it. Let's go to Thursday's lesson as we wrap up and I'll lesson for today and a lesson for on put on the book of Proverbs what other important qualities are seen in this woman let's look at verses twenty six to thirty one Proverbs Chapter thirty one versus twenty six to thirty one notice what it says she opens her mouth with wisdom and her tongue is the law of kindness. She watches over the ways of the household and does not eat the bread of idleness her children rise up and call her blessed her husband also and he praises her. Many daughters have done well but you excel them all charm is deceitful and beauty is passing but a woman who fears the Lord. She shall be price give her all the fruit of her hands and let her own works praise her in the gates one of these importance. Why are these important qualities for each of us regardless of our gender. Why are these qualities important for each one of us. Verse twenty six tells us that she wisdom is wisdom doesn't have time to devote to gossip or to stick her nose in other people's business. She's busy keeping quiet order in the home and building up her children with kind words in a soothing tone those twenty seven tells us that she's not looking for the easy way or the easy road. Neither does she devote precious hours to watching daytime driver dramas or imbedding her mind in sensual novels No she doesn't do that there's twenty eight tells us she's making her home good and therefore she deserves sincere praise of her children and of her husband. If you want to water your wife's flower if you want to make her bloom husbands praise your wife and acknowledge the good things she does praise her those twenty nine tells us she's not content with status quo. She strives towards excellence kind of reminds me of the motto of lex of Lexus the pursuit of what perfection. Shouldn't all of God's children be pursuing excellence the pursuit of perfection and then verse thirty tells us that that she loves and fears the Lord she stated that she's solid she's not deceived by Glamour. She's not deceived by glitter. She knows that true beauty resides within and not necessarily with out. She works on her character God's people work on her on their characters more than they worry about what others think of how they look now that's not to say you should walk around in a in a gunny sack. They were all look drab and look like you just stepped out of a bed. We needed. Look good and respectable and represent Christ in al the way we look for sure but we're more concerned about this the ha. The character than anything else in the verse when thirty one. Tells us that we can't because we can't read the heart and because we can't do that the only sure way to measure the fruit or the quality of a person is the fruit of their life in the works that they they perform in the gates of the city that's where the judgments are made concerning all those who live within the walls the work of the virtuous woman speaks for herself and in other words verse thirty one tells us she doesn't need an advocate because her works follow her because of what she does she will forever enjoy the sweet fruit of her own selfish toil and her good example. That's the virtuous woman now someone has Revelation fourteen vs six and seven as we close today right here thank you very much. We're going to get to that and we're going to wrap up here a question for four wives for women for what for mothers today is what example are you leaving your children for husbands and fathers today what example are you giving your children as all of God's children as the church the bride of Christ what example are we giving to others of the life that we live. Are we letting others know that God is good by the lives that we live. Are we leaving a trail of good works behind us giving people the opportunity to see what or what a Christian is and maybe giving someone who might might be their only opportunity to see or hear of Christ through your life and through mine type of example are we leaving. OK. Revelations chapter fourteen six hundred seven and I saw another angel Playing the needs that have been having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell. To every nation tribe thing with the law and give glory to him for his judgment. And of what a man that is what it says there. What is that message the first part of message fear God Fear God Now we have after thirteen weeks a better understanding of what it means to figure. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom that's exactly ride. We've spent thirteen weeks learning that to fear the Lord is to make practical application of the Word of God as we make wise and right choices. So the Book of Proverbs has concluded and concludes with reminders about the importance of lifestyle choices that we make there are no on important decisions and choices and our true success in our walk with God comes from fearing the law. That's the message the lost a mess is going to well fear God Now we know what it means. Now we know the true success in our Christian walk with the Lord looks like and I want that experience to be mine each and every day I have a man so glad that you joined us here to die and those are the to me I'm glad you tuned in as well I don't forget to call in and receive the free offer ask for the CD or D.V.D. version number and the email address on the screen. Let us know how you are enjoying the program would love to hear from you and next week where actually going to be launching into our mix study and that's on the book of Luke the Gospel According to Luke So we've got these lessons on Al Web site you can go there and download those thank you for joining us and.


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