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Baptism & The Temptations

Chris Buttery
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  • March 21, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Welcome to Sacramento central Seventh Day Adventist Church. Wherever you are and however you are joining us here for central study hour. We hope you had a wonderful week walking and talking. It's wonderful that we can do that right. This is someone that we can talk to as a friend is also our Maker and most importantly our first song this morning fifteen my maker and my king. This comes as a request from Sylvester. Let's see the first third and fourth verse of my Maker. Speaking of his marvelous Grace. This comes as a request for the first verse of grace. A marvelous that is greater than anything that you think Grace. What a wonderful song you have a special request please visit us at our website. Forgiveness. You. Do you haven't the Father we thank you so much for allowing us to only give us this salvation to cleanse in this righteousness as we study this morning Lord be with us and be with us in your holy name Amen. This morning will be back to us by Pastor Chris battery. Our senior pastor at SEC central church. Beautiful bank you so much and you'll sing just as nice as you do each week. What a blessing to you good to see you and good to see you this morning trust everyone is well and that we want to welcome those who are joining us whether you're joining in via live stream or whether it be satellite T.V. or cable and we're glad that you're doing so we want to make sure that you call in for the free offer and it's often about two one five one five and we need to do is call the number on your screen nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven or you tell us where you want the CD or the D.V.D. version and we'll be happy to send it to you also write in tell us how you're enjoying the programs we enjoy hearing from you and us nice to know that folk all over the sky watching these programs have been blessed by. Them and helping them in their walk with the Lord. And just a wonderful thing to be sharing God's word together. We are in the book of Luke and we just launched in the last we didn't win and we're on Lesson number two baptism and temptations baptism and the Temptations and this of course is referring to the work of John the Baptist and Jesus entry stop to his messiahship his ministry and the memory text is Luke chapter three verse twenty two and the Bible says the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon him. And a voice came from heaven which said You are my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased in ancient times the preparations were also made in advance of the announced coming King. Messengers were often dispatched into different areas around the region that the king would be visiting letting folk know the subjects know to prepare for the event that the king was coming and this preparation primarily involved in the most part ensuring that the roads were good to travel good for the king to travel and so they his experience might be more enjoyable and this was primarily done because the roads. Back then weren't kept up they weren't kept in a good shape at all be very rare that you would see workman along the side of the road wearing orange vests and an orange cones and you would never see those signs of say your tax dollars at work you wouldn't see that the roads were kept just the way they were and when you get a lot of travel horses and feet and oxen and cattle. It just would tear up the ground so the major preparation was to prepare the way the. Bode for the coming of the monarch. The announcement of the arrival of the Messiah the king of the Jews had been committed to what nation Israel then committed to Israel and because they were unprepared and they'd fall for the privilege of announcing his coming but God chose one to whom he would herald his arrival and so we're going to go over to Sunday's lesson we're going to talk about prepare the way of the Lord. This is Sunday's lesson now before reintroducing because we talked about him last week before in reintroducing the one God choose choice to announce the arrival of the Messiah Luke provides a list of Roman authorities to establish the year the messenger of the Messiah the forerunner of the Messiah would do his work and also the year the Messiah would appear upon the scene he would be baptized and if you have your bible there if you turn with me to Luke chapter three and most will just keep your finger in the loop because we're going to be in chapter three in chapter four here. This morning and we're going to read right along chapter three verses one and two notice it's is now in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar Pontius Pilot being governor of Judea Herod being Tetrarch of Galilee his brother being Philip the truck of you to rear and the region of track and I guess and lascivious Tetrarch of Abilene while analysts and office one high priest the Word of God came to John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness and so several dignitaries listed to him when one sense to give us the year to pinpoint the year that the work of John the Baptist was done over again and that Jesus came on the same to be baptized here you have typed here is Caesar and except for the mention of all gusta sees in Matthew or rather Luke Chapter two verse one the mention of Caesar throughout the. Gospel's. Always refers to type Derrius type Bierria Caesar was the ruling was the Caesar who ruled the time of Jesus' ministry is see. And here is one L. several campaigns before his appointment as the military governor of the provinces. He was known as the first court the first soldier of the empire and he was known for the strict discipline but he was pretty relaxed on taxation. And the Bible says that it was in the fifteenth the year of the reign of time period that John was baptizing and preaching the gospel of repentance and essentially that would lead us to the A.D. twenty seven The full of eighty twenty six to the full of eighty twenty seven in that region and then the next person that he mentions is Pontius Pilot we kind of know him he is he was the fifth governor or the product. Per the procure Ada who was an agent of the Emperor rather by rather than by a proconsul responsible to the Senate and they were given a subdivision of a province and in this case Pontius Pilot was ruled over Judea which was a subdivision of the province of Syria and this man pony's pilot was appointed by Rome. He succeeded. Valerie delirious gratis in eighty twenty six and he was essentially. Unbending and he was me he brought to surface the spirit of revolt among the Jews and he did that in three particular areas. He first brought in the Roman Legions Banas into Jerusalem and there was a big outcry and pilot had them taken down and removed out of Jerusalem now the second thing he did is he needed to build an aqueduct and so what he did was he used. You from the Trump temple treasury. And that really made the religious leaders and people of some of the people in Jerusalem upset and there was another uprising and in this time pony's pilot didn't concede he wanted out and a lot of blood was shed and then the third thing he did he wrecked and certain shields in Jerusalem that bore the name of Tiber he has on them and the Jews again were upset and this time. Pontius Pilot removed those shields. Put his pilot was a venture you recalled by Thai beer eous for misconduct in the A D thirty six and so Pontius Pilot worked there during the time of John and of Jesus now the next person is Herit this is Herod anthropos he was the son of the of Father Herod the Great and he was confirmed by all Gustus and he ruled from four B.C. there abouts to about A.D. thirty nine. This was Herod who married the wife of his half brother. PHILIP. And was rebuked by John the Baptist and this was the Herod whom Jesus was sent to by pilot during the night of his trial and as Ted truck of Galilee he he was governor of the fourth part of a province or subdivision of the province. So that was Herod. Herod anthropos And then you've got Philip who was Tetrarch he was the third son of Herod the Great that would rise to rule the ship and by the way this is not the half brother of Herod whose wife Herod had made arrangements with it is said of this Philip that his leadership was a blessing. He ruled for about twenty seven years from four B.C. to about thirty three D. And then lastly two individuals are mentioned as high priests. Anis and Kyra for us now and this was appointed as High Priest by Cornelius he was governor of a D. and in he was appointed in six or seven ID but he only lasted as High Priest for about seven or eight years. Which was a problem he was taken off the seat of High Priest by Valerius Kratos That's the fellow who proceeded punny as pilot. We no longer serve as a High Priest technically during the ministry of Jesus he was still considered by the majority of Jews to be a legitimate a legitimate high priest. Then it was Caiaphas he was the son in law to end this and he was appointed high priest by the governor who disposed his father in law several years later and he was officially the High Priest throughout the ministry of Jesus Christ and this man was mean and he was cruel and he was a sad just see now it's interesting bypassing all of these officials and by the way someone's got Matthew chapter three verse four they're going to read for us this morning. Matthew three Verse four OK thank you very much Nathan. Matthew three verse four. So you God bypassed all these high officials and pointed a man from humble origins to declare the coming of the Messiah and who was the forerunner of of Jesus. His name was John the Baptist says right John. The list of dignitaries that are given us here in Luke chapter three also provide the context for the arrival of the prophet. Speaking clearly to the longing of the people of God to be liberated from their presses. So here was the situation. Jerusalem. The Jews were ruled by Rome and it was a continual thorn in their flesh. They didn't like it and so they were looking for a liberate us. One to redeem the number of the Messiah and then you had John the Baptist who came along and he came just at the right time and in Matthew chapter three verse four we have a kind of a description of John. So I thank you very much and the same John had his reman of camel's hair in a leather girdle about his loons and his eat was locusts and wild honey and it's an interesting description of John isn't it. We'll talk about his ministry and his work here in just a little bit but first of all he will what type of hair. Now this was a garment by the way wasn't a wig. But it was a garment it was made of what Kemo head camel's hair that's right it was a roughly woven garment of hair and then he wore a leather goods or a leather belt that was probably made from sheeple goatskin and it was worn to to bind the long flowing garment. Now the clothes that John the Baptist was wearing who did do you think the people were reminded of when they saw John and they heard of this man preaching and they went out to see him there in the wilderness of Judea and they saw him wearing this simple clothing who do you think he reminded them of a larger Yasmine effect in Second Kings Chapter one Verse eight the Bible says that that's what a lodge of all it's what a lodge of war and what this indicated to the people of God is that the prophetic ministry for so long that had not been in play for so long was now restored to Israel. It's been such a long time but now as I saw John the Baptist out there wearing the garb of the prophet. It spoke to the fact that the prophetic ministry had been restored and also the simple garments of John the Baptist served as a rebuke to the excesses that were existed among God's people in Matthew eleven verse I ate verse eight is Jesus condemned the the wearing of soft Rayment and in Kings palaces folk were used to these excesses and luxuries as one with a. Did his garments reflected at this Dane for the things of the world. John was looking for another kingdom a better kingdom not to be necessarily accepted by the kingdom that he was ministering in and living in and what did John the Baptist date doesn't sound too appetizing does it locusts and wild honey. There's good reason to believe that the locus referred to and although if it were real locusts God's people were allowed to eat certain types of locusts I would fall under the category of clean I'm not sure why but there it is but there's good reason to believe that the locusts that John the Baptist was really the care of been in the couple of references and refers to John the Baptist as being a vegetarian and so historically and looking at some things we can assume that the locus referred to here was the Caribbean and the diet was very simple and why was a simple simply to provide physical and mental strength and vigor especially for one who had come in the spirit and in the power of Alija John the Baptist came with the message a similar message to that of Alijah Lodge's message was how long whole choose between two opinions. John the Baptist message was very similar. So if God worship God or don't make up your mind serve Him prefer really serve him give your heart to him and and following him and and that it's interesting that the simple diet that he that he took of as as as one who ministered in the spirit of power logic we should also consider that the diet would be pretty good for us as well not just specifically like a son honey. But we would do as well those who are given the message the last allied to message to a perishing world probably ought to follow the simple lifestyle of John the Baptist so that we can keep our minds clear and we can be as healthy as possible to give our energies to the service of the Lord in the declaration of a very important point. Message. What is the a larger message if you were to summarize it. What is it the three Angels' messages of Revelation chapter fourteen. That's that is the message given to God's people today to share with the perishing world a message to the Herald the second coming of Jesus see. So Alija John the Baptist's this simple lifestyle. While rebuking the excessive lifestyle of the people around them also serve to also serve to set an example to God's people then and today to live that modest and simple lifestyle to declare to others that we this world is not our harm but passing through we're looking for another kingdom a better Kingdom the eternal Kingdom the New Jerusalem you see and also to. Bear in bearing the message to live a life that speaks to the message that we bear it doesn't contradict the message and so good counsel for us here as we read about John and John's lifestyle matched his message in Matthew chapter three verse two the bible says his message was repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand he lived as one traveling to that kingdom undistracted by the kingdoms of the world over here in Luke chapter three notice what it says here and verse three. Talking of John it says and he went into all the region around the Jordan preaching a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins he went preaching a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins baptism and that John wasn't the first one to introduce baptism. Some may wonder is this the first time we read about baptism in the Bible was actually the first time we read about the Bible yes but in history not necessarily before this particular time the Jews followed the practice of baptized. Gentile converts to Judaism and in so that John required it. Of the Jews. Was very interesting and as the commentator puts it. Very striking. Baptism was for the gentiles and here John was calling for the Jews to be baptized very interesting on top of that it was only a preparatory baptism for the baptism of the Spirit that Jesus would often we read. You read about that in verse sixteen he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire. So essentially John's in John's message and called a baptism if folk refuse these baptisms then they were no better than the heathen no matter who they claim to be their father John talks about rather Luke talks about that in Luke chapter three verse eight. He said to forbear if fruits worthy of repentance to do not begin to save yourselves we have Abraham as our Father. Don't just think that because you come from Abraham you're a Jew that entitles you to the kingdom of heaven but if fruits worthy of repentance you see the matter who they claim to be their father if they didn't repent and were baptized. Then they were no better than the heathen who weren't serving the Lord. Now it's interesting that John chose the Jordan River near the Dead Sea between mountain Ebo and Jericho to do is baptizing. Very interesting. Does anyone know what happened in the same vicinity back in the Old Testament Jordan River between mountain Ebo and Jericho what took place and the ideas the crossing of the to the Jordan God's people walked across the Jordan priest were to stand in the water and then the waters parted and God's people walked across on dry ground after years of wandering in the wilderness Israel could now cross over and explore. Hence a new start a new lease on life and John's baptism in that particular area how John wanted the people to recall God's wonderful leading in this past and the promise of a brand new start if they would embrace the Kingdom of Heaven or the promised land of the Messiah by repenting of this sinful ways as are interesting Now let's read on here we can look at verse eight and rude to read right through to verse fourteen. Look at verse seven. He said to the multitude that came to the to be baptized bird of vipers who warned you to flee from the wrath to come in Matthew's account. He was a direct statement to the religious leaders and and we can assume that that was the case who want you to flee from the wrath to come verse eight therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance and do not begin to save yourselves we have Abraham as our Father for I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones and even now the axe is laid or X. is laid to the root of the trees. Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So the people asked him saying What shall we do then and he answered and said to them he that has two to nix let him give to him who has non And he has food. Let him do likewise then tax collectors also came to be baptized and said to him Teacher. What shall we do and he said to them collect no more than what is appointed for you. Likewise the soldiers asked him saying and what shall we do so he said to them do not intimidate anyone or accused falsely and be content with your wages. Now as the people were in expectation and all reason in the hearts about John whether he was John Christ or not John says saying old toll indeed I baptize you with water but one mighty of the nigh is coming and so here was the message that John was declaring to the people who came down to see this rugged looking man that. Ty's ing in the River Jordan down there by the in the area in the region where Israel of all crossed over from there forty years of wandering in the wilderness into the Promised Land they came to see him and he had a very stern very clear warning message for them it was a message of repentance. It was a message of confession and thus forgiveness offered proffered forgiveness from God and all of these things would have preceded baptism. These were the first steps in preparing the way of the Lord Howe by filling every valley by levelling every mountain by straightening crooked places and making smooth the rough ways of the character that was how God's people would prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah. Open your hearts to the grace of God repent confess be baptised and allow the grace of God to change and transform your character as make every every valley fill in every valley level every mountain straight in every crooked place smooth the rough ways of the character was his message don't come saying you've repented bear fruit is evidence of repentance is evidence of repentance. What's the evidence of repentance a reformed life isn't that right. And true repentance is Lord I'm sorry I don't want to do it again and turns from the thing that we were doing. That's true repentance and that good that's a gift of God By the way. That true repentance is a gift of God you can't work it up you can't muster it up it's a gift from God and if we open our hearts to receive the gift of repentance will truly be sorry turn from that thing and know that our sins will be forgiven and know that the Holy Spirit is at work in a life to smooth out the rough places fill in the valleys to level the mountains you see. Well that's preparing the way of the Lord there's more that could be said let's run over to Monday's lesson here. Monday's lesson you are my beloved. Son John's message was to prepare people's lives and hearts for the coming of the Messiah his message by the way KNIGHT We've mentioned earlier but his message is akin to that of God lost a people preparing the way for the second coming of the Messiah the second coming of Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords not one who would come to lay down his life on a cruel Cross had his blood but one who would conquer and becoming as a conquering king to rule set up in the stablish his kingdom. Why so we are Mondays less and you are my beloved son. We're going to look at Chapter three. Well again read verse fifteen through seventeen here it says now as the people were in expectation and all reason in the hearts about John whether he was the Christ or not John sets the record straight and he answered and said to them I indeed baptize you with water but one mighty of the night is coming who sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and five his winning fan is in his hand he will thoroughly clean out his threshing floor and gather the wheat into his bond but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire. Powerful message interesting water and fire mentioned in these verses water of fire to purifying agent something both water and fire purifying agents and properly mentioned in conjunction with conversion the conversion of the person interesting only water and fire. Are both mentioned in reference to the destruction of the earth. The first time this earth was purified and destroyed by a flood of water. The second time the earth's going to be purified by watt fire. That's exactly right. The idea here being that if we persistently cling to sin will end up being consumed with sin. It's far better to allow the Holy Spirit to purge our lives of sin for we'll either be purged of our sin or will be purged. With now said. When it says here that he would come and he will baptize with the Holy Spirit and Fire Fire is the description of the Holy Spirit is a descriptive would and being purged being cleansed being baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire the fire of the Holy Spirit means that there's a work to be done in the lives. God wants to purge the sin the selfishness the ego. From our lives and to be to like John the Baptist be like John the Baptist's who said one mighty of the eyes coming in John chapter three verse thirty he said I am I must decrease but he must increase that that ought to be the language of every follower of Jesus of the lips of their lives. That Jesus ought to increase in our lives and he ought to be seen in our lives not not myself but Jesus. That's the message the day is coming friend the God is going to destroy sin. And he sent his Son Jesus in the world today to Congress and to remove sin from the believers life and God once doesn't want us to be associated with sin or will be associated with the fires in the last day it is better to be purged by the Spitfire of the Holy Spirit now even if it might mean some trials and some challenges even being and we are work supposed to temptation daily. But even if it means that we are exposed to those things and God is able to purify our characters it is better that and suffer just momentarily then to suffer and be consumed in the fires of the last day far better to deal with the fire of the Holy Spirit in the fires of the last day. Someone has looked up to three verses twenty one and twenty two. OK Right over here. Pam thank you. Luke chapter three verse twenty one and twenty two. So John the Baptist was baptizing John the Baptist was baptizing and. As John the Baptist was baptizing had baptized the folk there was an individual. Reading to the Gospel account of John John chapter one those an individual who is walking the banks has come to see John that guy and John looked at this individual and declared the Lamb of God Behold he said the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Jesus came to be baptized of John let's read about that Luke chapter three verses twenty one and twenty two Thanks Pam we know all of the people were baptized. He came to pass that Jesus also was baptized and while he prayed. To heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove upon him and have voiced came from heaven which said You are my beloved Son in you I am well pleased. Thank you very much and we can read the another account in Matthew and also in mock What's the significance of Jesus' baptism. What's the significance of Jesus' baptism to Jesus need to come and be baptized for the remission of sins Bible says He was without sin. So he didn't need to be baptized have his sins washed away he was without sin. What was Jesus baptized for to set us basically an example you can read about that in Matthew Chapter three verses fourteen and fifteen. He came to be baptized to fulfill all righteousness to give us an example of what we all need to do. He also was baptized to teach us a couple of things I want you to with me to Romans Chapter six and we look at this just briefly Baptism is a fabulous subject and today here at Central ten precious individuals are we getting baptized. So it's a wonderful and a high day. Baptism is Romans Chapter six Baptism is a very special right one that was instituted by God and Jesus came to teach us how important baptism was a fact G.'s. John was baptizing MIA in on and the Bible says in John chapter three verse twenty three that there was a lot of water there baptism the word baptism means simply to ponder or to be immersed to be baptized you would take well if you wanted to died. You would sprinkle it but she would immerse it under the die and you would be baptized to be baptized Jesus. Was baptized he came up out of the water the Bible says and and some neat things happened. Romans Chapter six verses one through six I want you to notice the key thing in these six verses tell me what they are what shall we say then shall we continue in sin that grace may abound. Certainly not how shall we who died to sin live any longer in it or do you not know that as many of us were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death. Therefore we are buried with him through baptism into death just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father even so we also should walk in units of life for if we have been united together in the likeness of his death. Certainly we also shall be raised. In the likeness of his resurrection. Knowing this that our old man was crucified with him and that the body of sin might be done away with that we should no longer be slaves of sin. Well there's a couple of repeating thoughts in here but what what's the main one I'm looking for the if that's rhyme. When we are baptized were baptized into Jesus' death as Jesus died and was buried in a tomb. So those who come to Jesus in faith and ethics and want to express their baptism is simply that baptism doesn't work a miracle in the person's life is it is an outward expression of an inward change in wood conversion it's a public declaration of my love and commitment to Jesus Christ I want to follow him all the days of my life just like man and wife standing at the altar declaring their love for in front of everyone for each other that they're going to be committed to each other for the days of their lives and the Baptism is the same way so here we baptize when a person comes across and wants to declare their love for the Lord and they want to follow Jesus they are baptized into His death and this is a this is one of the reasons why the lack of understanding of this concept is a reason why. Some Christians and a lot of Christians struggle with victory in their lives because I've not experienced death. That not experience being dead to self and they are there for there are cases of people who've been buried alive you've read about those cases some didn't make it. Others made it or read about a story in the situation in Brazil and the mother had apparently died and the daughter came to check on a mother and when that she went to go give her a last kiss she recognized she was breathing she'd been in a in that cold refrigerator in a plastic bag for two hours and she'd been buried alive and she fortunately survived to tell about it in a daughter told about it as well there are many people who've been buried alive the they have not died to self and to sin and to the world self still exists Now granted the Bible's not saying that old man can be fully old man's going to be dead as if it doesn't exist. He says in verse fourteen that we have to reckon ourselves to be dead. It's going to suck strive for supremacy quite often in the Christian walk but we can reckon it to be well good does a dead man cuss back atcha. If you kicked him. Not that she would but if you kicked a dead man what he cussed back at you would kick your back. If you swore at a dead man not that she would would he swear back. No they did and God's people out to be they are dead to self but alive to Jesus experiencing not only the death of Christ but also the resurrection of Jesus to walk in newness of life baptism teaches us about the experience. This is why the method of baptism is so important baptisms a choice you've got to repent you've got to know the Word of God you've got to know the teachings of Jesus an infant can't do that a baby can do that but at the age of accountability a child a young child a teenager youth an adult can do that and we make that choice. Where was I before I got distracted baptism the since the method is so important because it teach. About the experience that God's people ought to have prior to baptism experiencing death to self self being buried self and sin being buried in and buried and forgotten by God and being raised to newness of life coming out of the water. Taking a breath of fresh air being filled with the Holy Spirit the symbolism is so significant and that's why the method is so important as well so in that the baptism of Jesus several things happened Jesus was declared to be the one to take away people sin John chapter one twenty nine the heavens were opened the Bible says. Signifying Heaven's favor on Jesus the Holy Spirit anointed Jesus for a service commissioned him to surface and then number four God declared Jesus to be who the Son of God and that was very important very imperative for what he was about to experience and the ministry he was about to engage in he was declared the Son of God to affirm and strengthen him in his ministry. So anytime anyone would come along and say if you are would you be prove that you are he would have those words resoundingly in his he is my beloved Son in whom I am well placed and anyone who is baptized can experience something similar not that you're going to hear a booming voice come from heaven to say but you can know that your as a son or daughter of God because you've given your life to him You are my beloved Son you are my beloved daughter in whom I will place the heavens open prayers are received here pour out His Holy Spirit upon you for a service and for ministry and into smooth those rough places in our characters these are things that are promised to us as Jesus experience than you and I experience them as well. Well let's go over to Tuesday's lesson let's talk about now the ministry of Jesus not by bread alone after his baptism Jesus who was full of the Holy Spirit was led to into the wilderness up to four verses one and two. Let's read the. Together. Luke Chapter four verses one and tooth. It says that Jesus being filled with the Holy Spirit returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness some of suggested that he went over the horrible horrible where Moses looked over into the into the Promised Land. Fifteen hundred years earlier. It could be but he went out into the wilderness it says is led by the Spirit first to being tempted for forty days by the devil and in those days he ate nothing and afterward when they had ended he was hungry Christ went essentially into a solitary place to pray and to prepare for his intense yet brief ministry. Here was the one. And here came coming to Jesus was the one who was cast out of heaven by the one he came to tempt to do hand to hand battle with the one who'd cast him out in the first place you can read about that in Revelation Chapter twelve as a seven three nine The one who was cast out of heaven because he wanted the throne in the place of God it was cast to help and and he now we came to do hand to hand battle with Jesus in desire of ages. It says that the devil didn't want to trust this important moment to any of his confederate angels. He moved in to conquer because he knew if he didn't he would be conquered and so he took it on himself. Now look at verses three and four we look at the first temptation by the way Jesus was tempted all those forty days. That's what the Bible says there in Luke for forty days but at the end when Jesus was hungry. The devil had some very special temptations prepared to get Jesus to buy and to sin and they have thereby throw into a tailspin the plan of salvation. Let's look at the first one in Luke Chapter four verses three and four when the devil said to him and by the way does the devil come to you like he does as a devil. On the devil has my business card I'm about to tension about to deceive you does. The devil do that now he does and he comes above us a second Corinthians chapter eleven verse fourteen he comes even appearing as an angel of light and you can be sure this is the way the devil came to Jesus he came to Jesus and he said if you are the Son of God command this stone to become bread and Jesus answered him saying it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God The word if gave it the devil away as he normally comes as an angel of life in isn't easy to spot. This is a similar question that he posed to our first parents in the Garden of Eden right. Has God truly said that was the insinuation has God truly said You shall not eat or you won't die. The devil's all about casting doubt and aspersions on God's Word if you can get us to doubt God's word he can get us to trip up and sin and just become a prey to the enemy you see the devil is always seeking to get us to doubt God's word and he invited Jesus to command the Stones be made to bread if Jesus gave in here in the plan of salvation would have been over in response responding to the suggestion of the devil Jesus would have been giving evidence of a faltering faith. Also in performing the miracle to sustain himself would have left for us an example that we could not follow. So Jesus said OK I I don't have an advantage I can have an advantage over them to come after me. I'm not going to do this if he did it would have been a perfect example you saying and so he said make these stones the devil said make these stones into bread. This was an appeal to the what. Appetite. Jesus was what the Bible says hungry and you would be to after forty days of not eating some of us can barely go forty minutes without eating Jesus forty days nearly nearly six weeks without eating he was hungry and so we came to him and appealed to his appetite just like you did with the if most of the temptations at the death. Well presents to us of brings to us fall into this particular category because he knows that it increases his chances of success. You're hungry you are all right you like this all wrong. It smells good very good I'll take care of it you see in this is what he does not only that he also comes to us at El weakest moments. Now we are only as strong as our weakest link you know that Nick attacks our weakest attacks our winkers leaks come to us as our weakest moments. Moses after forty years of wondering in the wilderness with with the complaining Israelites momentarily let his cross slip from infinite power and was prevented from going into the Promised Land a larger after he had slain all the prophets of biol at the word of just a bell that she was going to have his life he fled he was tired he was exhausted the devil came to him at his weakest moment you see the devil can lead us to damage the body the medium through which the mind in the spiritual nature of developed that he knows he can lead us to ruin so he'll always get us at that point at that place. So watch what she wants those things because if you see what Jesus respond. He responded by saying it is written mansion to live by bread alone but by every word man is more than an animal and animal lives to even satisfy its its its appetite. We are more than animals. I meant. More than animals. There's more to life than meeting physical material needs. We are primarily to pursue God's kingdom. Jesus said My meat or my food is to do the will of Him who sent me German. After finding him eating the words of God He says I became him joy and he gave him a rejoicing hot job it was said I I have a stain the words of my mouth more of your mouth more than necessary food poll. Spoke of tasting the good word of the Lord and Peter referred to the sincere milk of the word by which Christians are to develop and to grow so the devil is always seeking to try to shake our faith in God. Nothing not even the threats of the Beast of Revelation the to be so Revelation thirteen in the last days should cause us to come undone. We had to receive and accept every word not just cherry pick the things that we like but receive all the things of God's word to make us to be sons and daughters of God There are a couple of promises I want to share with you here always take care of us if we put his will in why first someone has Psalms thirty seven verse nineteen is that right here to thank you all right. Psalms thirty seven verse nineteen and then I'll just read a couple of quick verses force Matthew six thirty three can write them down. What does Jesus say seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be what added unto you those things he was referring to were food rhymin and shelter. The basic necessities of life as I thirty three Verse sixteen he would while on high his place of Defense will be the fortress of rocks bread will be given him his water will be sure I hope I just pray and hope is not Reiber it I'm just not a right good friend fan but God provided promises that he will provide for on the aids. Well even if need be some of the seven nineteen. So if there's a new tune they should be ashamed in the evil time in the days of family vision because those way a man God's promise to us is that he will take care of us if we put him first we can count on his promises. According to Matthew's account after these temptations these severe temptations angels came and minister to to Jesus and you can be sure that angels will come and minister to you in your time of need as well amen amen. Wednesdays lesson takes us to the third temptation in the book of Luke Luke kind of turns the order around. We're led to believe that Matthew's order is as accurate but we're not entirely sure but here we have three temptations brought by the devil the first one and then here we could say the third one Luke Chapter four verses five and eight. Luke chapter. Verses five and eight someone has fourteen and if you could read verse thirteen and fourteen not twelve to fourteen just thirteen fourteen who has that one. Fourteen twelve through fourteen. OK Right here. Thank you very much. OK so here we are looked up to four verses five through out a says the devil taking him up on a high mountain showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time and the devil said to him all this authority I will give you and your gore and the glory for this has been delivered to me and I give it to whomever I wish. Why would say even one Jesus to worship him why. What was the stake here worship belongs only to who the creator God That's exactly right. It's the one thing that separates the creator from his creatures and from the beginning this is what Lucifer has wanted to usurp the authority and take the providence of God we have up to fourteen versus thirteen fourteen thirteen fourteen for you have said in your heart. I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my thrown from the stars of God I will also. Sit on the Mount of the congression. On the farther side into the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the most high. So from the beginning that's what the devil wanted Christ was right for ruler of the earth and the devil came along and stole it away and then and this temptation he claims what ownership of it is a defacto rule in fact. All of this actually belongs to who Christ let's ride so same proceeded to offer to the one who wanted all along he said temporal for the eternal. And I'm going to get what I've always wanted and that is worship but Jesus didn't sell out that Jesus didn't sell out. We're going to jump down to Thursday's lesson as we come to the close Christ the Victor this is the other temptation Luke chapter for this is nine through thirteen already that force and then he brought him to Jerusalem set him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to him if you are the Son of God for yourself down from here for it is written. He shall give his angels charge of you to keep you in the hands that shall bear you up Bless you dash a foot against the stone and Jesus answered and said to him. It has been said it is written. You shall not tempt the Lord your God. Now when the devil ended every temptation he departed from him for good now until an opportune time you can be sure the devil will come back and he certainly will the devil quote scripture in this particular instance to cause Jesus to prove his loyalty and faith to the Son of God However in quoting scripture he admits the words to keep you in all your Y S an attempt to obscure the fact that the protecting care of God is available to us. Only when we remain faithful to choosing the way. Of God the devil was trying to get Jesus to be presumptive you say black and all of the times Jesus quote scripture to gain victory over the tempter and here is the secret to yours and my success in our Christian walk memorizing and knowing scripture being able to bring it to it to mind when we need it the most Jesus said it is written it is written He quoted Deuteronomy Chapter eight verse three then Jude Ronna me Chapter six verse sixteen and then again Jude one of the chapter six and verse thirteen. Tain he quoted scripture to gain victory someone has first Corinthians ten those thirteen were going to make this a last verse out of here many. OK very very good. Well over here First Corinthians Chapter ten verse thirteen. Jesus didn't sell out and you and I ought not sell out either I meant we ought not sell out either. Here's a couple of wonderful promises for us Hebrews chapter two verse eighteen for in that he Jesus himself has suffered being. Tempted. He is able to aid those who are tempted just say because we have a savior like Jesus we don't have to sell out cheap we can hold on to him with confidence today I meant sure James' top to fall of zero seven I therefore submit to God resist the devil he will flee from you draw near to God He will draw near to you cleanse your hands you sinners purify your hearts you double minded. I submit to God resist the devil what will he do to flee Proverbs eighteen verse ten the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run into it and say and Saif First Corinthians ten thirteen then he thank you not than has already taken you accept such as is common to a man but God is faithful and who we are not to be tempted to be and what you want to but with the temptation we also make NO WAY off as that you may be and eat a man. Thank you very much what a powerful promise. Every temptation that comes to us. There's another temptation you know what it is to do what's right every time you're tempted to do what's wrong you're tempted to do what's right is temptation sin no temptations not a sin we can gain victory of a temptation by the grace of God and the six The secret of success in a Christian will the submitting to God resisting the devil claiming the promises of God that can be our experience as it was Jesus I meant that experience. I want X. I want to experience each and every day I don't know you do as well. Glad you could be part of the study today and those that are joining us thank you for tuning in please don't forget to call in for the free the number and e-mail address on your screen and also let us know how you are enjoying the program. Look forward to seeing you next time and God bless.


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