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All the World Wondered- Part 1

Chris Buttery
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  • March 21, 2015
    11:30 AM
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For millennia people from different countries cultures and backgrounds have found direction and encouragement in the inspired pages of the Bible in his day. Jesus directed listeners to search the prophecies of Scripture to find him. The only way of salvation two thousand years later as we stand on the brink of eternity. We know less need the purpose and hope God's Word provides Sacramento central church brings you receiving the word timely Bible messages presented by pastors Chris buttery and Mike Thompson amazing revelations await viewing God's Holy Word the Bible. Welcome to receiving the word. This is a very special presentation it's two pots and it's entitled All the world wanted when encouraged to have your Bibles open as we discover some very important truths. You know someone said it's better to be hurt by the truth than to become for the with a lie as a way to look at some hot hitting facts today. But we're going to be uplifting Jesus and I trust you'll be drawn closer to him as you listen to this presentation today and I like for you to turn with me to Revelation Chapter thirteen and we're going to read together these words verses one through four the devil is seeking to lure the world into a false sense of security and prepare the way for his final and deadly attack and so we're looking here Revelation Chapter thirteen and will be reading verses one through four. Revelation thirteen versus one through four and before we talk about some of the things that we're witnessing in the world today we're just going to back up a little bit and and identify some very important figures here Revelation Chapter thirteen versus one three four says that I stood and this is John speaking I stood on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and on his horns ten crowns and on his heads and they are blasphemous name of the name of blasphemy. Now the beast which. I saw it was like a leopard his feet were like the feet of a bear his mouth the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power his sea and great authority and I saw one of his heads as it were had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was healed and all the world marveled and followed the beast those fall so they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast and they worship the beast saying who is like the beast who is able to make war with him. The small wanting revelation unlocks the mystery on the subject regarding this particular beast power. We're going to look at several identifying points that clearly point out who this great beast in Bible prophecy is will discover the identity of the Christian Trojan horse which the Bible says looks good on the outside but will eventually bring spiritual ruin to unsuspecting world and away from Jesus and away from the Bible and when you think about when you think about the word anti christ and usually and to usually means against and certainly this entity is against Christ but anti also means in place of so when you are thinking about the Anti Christ because. Most Bible scholars and preachers will agree that the any Christ the base power of Revelation thirteen and the and the Man of Sin of second Thessalonians chapter two in the Little Horn of Daniel seven all speak of the one in the same power the anti-Christ power so when you're thinking about the any Christ power down here in the close of time you're thinking of someone or something that is seeking to take the place of Christ and that's how the devil works and how he's operated. He's a deceiver and the devil is also a counterfeit and he finally wants to take the place of Jesus I go with me to Chapter fourteen. In the middle of your Bibles. Fourteen and we read here about the Full of Lucifer that once covering cherub in heaven who wanted something badly and he was dismissed chapter fourteen. And we look at verses twelve and on. As I a chapter fourteen versus twelve and. The Bible says how you are fallen from Lucifer from heaven. From Heaven or Lucifer son of the morning. How you are cut down to the ground you who weaken the nations for you have said in your hot. I will ascend into heaven. I'll exult my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the Mount of the congregation on the father sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the most high. That's what the devil has wanted all along from the get go he wants to take the Parag is in place of the Creator God. The second point is chapter eleven verse fourteen. It says for no wonder if a Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light in order to receive the worship in order to receive the adoration in order to again the worship that belongs to God and God alone. The devil works through. Craft and through tricks and he's a great counterfeiter and a deceiver in order to appeal to and ultimately deceive Christians all around the world he's going to have to make his deceptions appealing and attractive the devil is going to sensually sugar coat this thing. His plan is to take the place and the authority of Jesus Christ he is the great anti christ power you see now before we perceive something needs to be said and I may say more than once wrote this presentation. In this presentation no one is intending to hurt anyone's feelings. No one isn't intending to embarrass any particular person. We're not trying to be sensation. You know we're not trying to be thoughtless or uncaring plays no that here the Smalling when we come to the Bible we see what God says on a particular subject and be and we want to come and we want to consider it and when we look at the Word of God we want the Word of God to lead us in the way to God So we want to follow God's word. We want to be led out of God's Word the truth is the truth and the truth is always better than an untruth the truth is always better for us than I lie as someone said it is better to get hurt by the truth than to be comforted by I lie and someone also said Naked Truth is certainly better than I the best dressed lie. So we want to find out what the Bible says on this particular subject and look at some things that were saying in today's society. This is definitely an important message because because those who worship the beast cannot be saved him back with me to Revelation Chapter fourteen and will put these verses on the screen for us here. The Smalling Revelation Chapter fourteen vs nine and ten I want to notice what it says here Revelation Chapter fourteen versus nineteen. It says then a third angle followed them saying now this third angel is one of three and three messages fall under the umbrella of the everlasting Gospel that's got to go to the entire world before Jesus comes. So this is a part of the everlasting Gospel message. Jesus wants God wants the world to know that yes Jesus lived suffered and that he died that he wants us to receive Him by faith you see. But the Gospel encourages the everlasting Gospel encourages us to go further and to look at some of these issues and so under the auspices the umbrella of the everlasting Gospel we have these three angels and the third one followed saying with a loud voice. If anyone worship's the world the beast and his image and receive his mock on his forehead or on his hand he himself shall also drink the wine. The wrath of God And so those who worship and follow after the base cannot be saved. They in fact will be lost and so this is very important for us to know that says they will they were saved the wrath of God in Revelation fifteen the wrath of God is poured out in in the seven last plagues and so no one wants to be a part of that and no I've met people and you've met people as well who think they're not going to be here during this time because they somehow think they're going to be raptured out of here before all of this takes place. But look at Revelation Chapter thirteen in verse nine. Notice what it says that is what John says if anyone has Watt and E.L. let him walk. Let him hear if anyone has any let him hear A So in other words you need to hear you need and I need to understand this you see we've all got on our ears this morning so this message is for each one of us I meant surely definitely. So as we study this subject we need to remember that the Bible is its best interpreter. Amen. Not a theologian not a set of commentaries but the Bible as its own best commentator or interpreter we understand the Book of Revelation best when we understand the stories and experiences of the Old Testament and God's people of the Old Testament as a matter of fact out of the four hundred four verses in the Book of Revelation two hundred seventy six of them direct quotes allusions to the Old Testament. So if we're going to understand Revelation. We've got to understand which part of the Bible. We're going to understand the Old Testament as well you see and and so to understand the Book of Revelation in particular we go to the Book of Daniel I want to bite you to go there with me the Book of Daniel and we can look at Chapter seven. Daniel Chapter seven. It's interesting that Daniel saw similar beasts the same beasts descriptive beasts that John describes in Revelation thirteen Revelation thirteen is kind of like a conglomerate a compass of beast and revel in Daniel Chapter seven. Daniel sees. Coming up one after the other out of water and so Daniel is the book that's going to help us best understand this prophecy in Revelation Chapter thirteen the Book of Daniel and Revelation work together like hand in glove they compatible and they help us understand these very important topics. So we read in verse chapter seven vs two and three says Daniel spoke saying I saw in my vision by night and behold the four winds of heaven was stirring up the great sea and four great beasts came up from the sea each different from the OF and so in Bible prophecy. We see in this story in this vision Daniel sees these four bass rising up out of the sea. Now what do these base represent Are these the literal animals What are other in Bible prophecy base actually represent something and you can read that in verse seventeen and in verse twenty three that the base that he saw were kingdoms or kings or kingdoms and so beast in Bible prophecy represents a world a nation a kingdom. Here the Bible is how is interpret NG for us we don't need to sit around and stew and figure things out all by ourselves and just try to speculate a little bit about things out there. We can come to the Bible the Bible interprets it full for us. Daniel said he saw these these beasts in his vision and then in the interpretation of the vision of God helps him understand that the BE said he saw represented the Rise of Nations You see we do the same thing somewhat today when we when it comes to politics. We represent certain kingdoms by animals right. And so Great Britain is represented by what animal do you know pasta my words. All right the the is that the lion is a salon then then you've got Russia that what what to animal typically represent bit that's right then of course I'm going to ask you this want to stray or you got to know this one. The one bat who said the. No not the home bat. I'll talk to you after all right. Such a case tried is best known by the kangaroo and the EMU you see and not the Tasmanian devil even though. But the kangaroo. We do this. In politics nations are represented by animals in Bible prophecy God describes a nation through the symbolism of a beast you see. So these are for base four nations that are rising up and they're rising up out of water and Bible prophecy in Revelation Chapter seventeen in verse fifteen. What does represent multitudes of people you see. So these bases nations are rising up one after the other in in in order in a heavily populated area so Daniel sees a Rise of Nations what Daniel sees in Daniel Chapter seven is actually what never can as a sore in his dream in Daniel Chapter two. We know the story. He dreams a dream he sees this image he didn't know what it was he forgot. And so Daniels called it Daniel approaches the king and tells him what he dreamed and gives in the interpretation and never can as a saw this great image head of gold chest and arms of silver belly and thighs of brass legs a vine of feet mixed with iron and clay and in that particular prophecy in that particular story that dream. Daniel was given the interpretation of this dream many tells never can as a that the head is that the head of gold represents the kingdom of Babylon That's right. And he says after the kingdom of Babylon will and will arise inferior nation after that the next Kingdom to come along after Babylon was that the joint kingdom of the maids and the Persians That's right. And then off to the Medes and Persians you had the kingdom of Greece on the Alexander the Great who conquered a lot of the world in a very short period of time after the kingdom of Greece rose the iron monarchy of Rome That's right. And then the mixed feet of iron and clay represent the break up of the Roman Empire a very simple. To see this delineates basically the history of the world right up to the breakup of the Roman Empire. DANIEL. The Knesset was permitted to see a thousand years of history phenomenal stuff this particular prophecy and if a person is doubting the Word of God who is questioning the authority of the Word of God. They've got to consider these prophecies here in the in the seventh century B.C.. God said here's what's going to happen from this point on bomb in four thousand to five thousand years into the future shared with them the rise and falls of full of nations and it didn't stop with the breakup of the Roman Empire it proceeded on you see so what Daniel sees in Daniel Chapter seven is. Similar to what may become as a saw in Daniel Chapter two Daniel saw beasts never can as a saw metal images an image of metal different metals and yet each of the metals and the base correspond and equal a particular nation and so we read in Daniel Chapter seven the first beast that Daniel saw was like a lion and had eagle's wings and I watched till its wings were plucked off and it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand on two feet like a man and a man's heart was given to it who did the that who did the line with eagle's wings represent represent of the nation of Babylon the actual kingdom that that Daniel was living in and under you see it's interesting when just dig up some things I find some interesting make some interesting discovers the the beast the the lion with the eagle's wings was one of the symbols of ancient Babylon and I mention this before if you go to Babylon New York. You'll be greeted by two pillars and on top of these pillars lions with eagle's wings. Lions were ancient prophets Jeremiah use line as a symbol of Babylon coming to conquer Jerusalem and so we know that this the lion with eagle's wings represents the rule of Babylon then in verse five. He says he saw another big suddenly arise like a bear and it was raised up on one side and health have three ribs in the mouth between his teeth and they say. Thus two would arise devour much flesh. What kingdom to this represent the rise of the joint empire the mes and Persians and the bear was raised up on one side simply representing that the Persians were a stronger count of pot then the meats and the three ribs in the mouth of that represented the three kingdoms that made a Persia conquered in order to rule that territory that the world. The Egyptians the Libya and then of course Babylon and then Daniel goes on to say and verse six after this I saw a look and there was another like a leopard which had on its back four wings of a bird and the bird the base. Also had four heads and dominion was given to with after the rule of the Maison Persians which kingdom rose next. The Greeks That's right the forehead simply represented the break up all of the dividing of Alexander the Great's Macedonian Grecian empire to his four generals because sandal A similar. Ptolemy and solution. And so here with pinpoint accuracy but the Bible right of God through the Bharat is explaining things that are to come in the future some phenomenal prophecy. Alright then verse seven after this I saw in the night vision and behold a fourth beast dreadful and terrible exceeding strong it had huge giant teeth it was devouring breaking in pieces trampling the residue with its feet it was different from all the base that were before it. And it had ten horns what nation does this represent the counterpart legs of on the head I and take the iron monarchy of Rome and the ten horns represent the break up of the Roman Empire and depending on which way you can pretty much it adds up to about ten divisions there of the ancient Roman Empire. The ancient Roman Empire was not dominated by another empire. It was carved up as barbarian tribes came in and ransacked different parts and basically Rome divided and was broken up and lost its power. Now we get to verse eight we get to verse eight which becomes the focus of this particular prophecy and I was considering the horns Daniel said. And there was another one a little one coming up among them before whom three of the first horns were plucked out of the roots and then his hole in this horn like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking pompous words so Daniel sees another little horn arise and will go ahead will identify that horn hear the small. And it's important to know it because the Bible ultimately says that all the world will wonder after the beast and you'll see descriptions given of the little hole one compare with the descriptions given about the beast in Revelation Chapter thirteen they're going to you're going to see the same thing if we understand this about the little horn. We're going to understand what we see in Revelation Chapter thirteen and so let's look at some of the identifying features I'm going to go through this relatively quickly. There are ten that Daniel identifies in verse eight and verse twenty four and twenty five those eight tells us first of all that the horn was what little so this horn is small this horn is little all right vs eight It also tells us the say also tells us that the little horn came up among the other the other ten horns you see. So this little horn rose up among those those ten horns and what do those ten horns represent the carved up Roman Empire Western Europe. You understand so this little power little home power rise up in Western Europe now jump over to verse twenty four Notice what it says here verse twenty four. It says then the ten horns the ten kings who shall arise from this kingdom and another shall rise was after them. So essentially the kingdom the Roman Empire was carved up by these barbarian tribes and pretty much the last tribe came to be around for seventy six ID And so we know that this little horn power is small rises in. The midst of Western Europe and it rose up after the break up of the Roman Empire for seventy six I did not jump back to the saith the site. I was considering the horns and there was another horn a little one coming up among them before him three of the first horns were plucked up out of by the roots. So this little one power as it's rising to power up roots three of the original ten horns is actually all right. These of these a biblical identifying features that we're looking at here. All right. Back over to verse twenty five now. It talks about the little home subduing three kings in those twenty four verse twenty five he shall speak. What type of words pompous or blasphemous words so this particular pass because blasphemy and then verse twenty five will continue. He shall persecute the saints of the mice most high. So another identifying feature of this power is that it is that is a persecuting power persecutes God's faithful saints and then it says it shall intend to change or think to change well times and so this is this power is tampering with the constitution of heaven messing around with God's Holy Law And so we understand from this identifying feature that this is a power that is religious in nature and then we read in the last part of those twenty five that it would rule for a time times and the dividing of times basically a time is a year times is not plural it's jewel and it still represents two years and a dividing of time would be half a year according to the Jewish calendar there were thirty days to a month making three hundred sixty days to a year. So add those up three hundred sixty plus seven twenty plus one eighty you get how many days or you don't get one thousand two hundred sixty days that's right so this bull beast this little power would rule for one. Thousand two hundred and sixty days now in prophecy a base represents a wall and nation sees represent a world or represent multitudes of people winds represent we can talk about that the winds represent strife and war and commotion that's right and it a day represents a year a couple of references is four six and numbers fourteen thirty four and there are several others that we can look at but for times like we'll give you those two in Bible prophecy a day represents a year. It's interesting that in Revelation Chapter thirteen in verse five the beast power mentioned their rules for forty two months. If you take forty two times thirty days you end up with the same period of time one thousand two hundred sixty day. S.. And so the one thousand two hundred sixty Prophetic days years this power will rule for that long so automatically we know we're not looking for an individual because no man has lived one thousand two hundred sixty years. Not even Methuselah live that long you say so this power would rule for one thousand two hundred sixty years and we're looking here for a system that is essentially religious in nature. So we're going to put up on the screen here for you those ten identifying marks of the Little Horn Anti Christ based power do they come from the Bible they came from the Bible in will what we're looking at and what we're looking for here today is they must match. These identifying features. God gives us ten identifying features he says here they are here are here the ten identifying features. Go figure it out. Figure out who the beast power is you see now I know it's popular to look for this power to be a person of some type you've heard that has been said that the beast was somebody like the the likes of Saddam Hussein but they are saying that now of course some said it was Hitler but they're not saying that someone said King Juan Carlos of Spain a show I arrived at that but they're not saying that me more. Every time they. Nominate a particular individual to be the any Christ that person ends up dying. Clearly the Bible points out the folly of that we're not looking for an individual we're looking for a system that's exactly right. I'll tell you what's interesting about this not too long ago. Much of Christianity was in Grima in agreement about who this little horn power was today there is very little agreement about who this power is you can ask two different pastors or even forty different passes if you want pasturing different churches and they are likely going to disagree or have no idea whatsoever. I heard that one very well known Christian teacher in the US said he did we just cannot know we just don't know and God hasn't told us. I want to be funny for God to say I don't worship the beast and then tell not tell you who it is. It would be unreasonable forgot to say if you get the mark of the beast you're going to be lost and then not tell you how to avoid it all wouldn't make any sense that would not make any sense at all now I want to take you back to about October fifteenth seventeen a young monk had been reading his Bible something virtually not done at the time and had discovered some things in the Bible that his church was not teaching a young German priest in that year nailed his ninety five thesis on the door of a castle in Wittenberg Germany. Martin Luther. Rode out what he saw as the errors of his own church the Church of Rome. Now he wasn't trying to make trouble and he had no desire to start a new church he just wanted to change the church because he could see from the Bible that his church was teaching some things that were not right didn't match up in line up with the Word of God Now Luther studied some more and in time he came to believe that Rome was the power mentioned by Daniel and John the Revelator as that nation in Revelation. Not only Luther thought and taught this way but also John Knox. The founder of the Presbyterian Church. John Calvin the father of the Reform Church. Roger Williams who passed at the First Baptist Church here in the United States John Wesley the founder of the Methodist Church in fact all of the reformers agreed that this power was in fact Vatican City all the Protestant all the Protestants all the promises of Protestantism back then so divided today agreed universally that this was the fact in fact John Wesley wrote this. He said The beast is the Roman Papacy to this and no other power on earth agrees the whole text and every part of it in every point. Glad you joined us for part one of all the world wanted next to the message of salvation in Jesus Christ the law and there is no other important message than that found in Revelation Chapter fourteen versus six or twelve under the umbrella of the everlasting Gospel three messages go out to the entire world to prepare the world for the soon return of Jesus. Essentially the messages say worship God the Creator versus worshipping man follow the Bible verses following tradition. The third message is a warning against worshiping the based its image and receiving that smog hard to know what the Mock is if we don't know what the beast power is and in this presentation we've looked at ten identifying features found in the Bible and we've also talked about what those in the past unanimously declared this power to be that all the world would want to and worship. In reality behind this power is the enemy of souls who wants worship. He's one of that from the very beginning. And so this is a very important message for us to understand the question is are those from the past. Right. And that's going to be part two of this presentation. So there's more to come stay churned and we'll see you next time. We're so glad you decided to tune into today's receiving the word program. If you have a special. Request we would be happy to pray about it for you to discover more about the Bible through our free online bible studies or to listen to more life changing Bible messages go to essay see Central dot org and click on the media resources tab. If you've been blessed or encouraged by our ministry and God impresses you to support us then visit our website or write to us that's sixty forty five chameleon Avenue Sacramento California ninety five eight one nine always gladly receive God's word.


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