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All the World Wondered- Part 2

Chris Buttery
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  • March 21, 2015
    11:30 AM
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For millennia people from different countries cultures and backgrounds have found direction and encouragement. In the inspired pages of the Bible in his day. Jesus directed listeners to search the prophecies of Scripture to find him. The only way of salvation two thousand years later as we stand on the brink of eternity. We know less need the purpose and hope God's Word provides Sacramento's central church brings you receiving the word timely Bible messages presented by pastors Chris buttery and Mike Thompson amazing revelations await viewing God's Holy Word the Bible. We're glad you've joined us for part two of the presentation all the Wald wanted in part one we took a look at ten identifying features of the base power of Revelation Chapter thirteen that the Bible says all the world will want to and worship. We also took a look at what those in the past unanimously said this power was the question is are they ride. This is a very important message for after all behind this beast power is the enemy of souls seeking to deceive the walled in essence this message is about following the Bible above tradition it's being said that it is better to be hurt by the truth than to be comforted with a lie. We're not trying to be sensational here we're not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. We're not trying to embarrass anybody. God is more interested in the truth because it's the truth that will set us free not being politically correct. We trust you'll find Jesus in this message. You'll be led close to him and you'll be led into a closer study of his would. So you have your Bibles open. Let's go live now as we watch pot of all the world wanted. We're not interested of course in figuring out what doctors in Priest or even pastors believe we want to find out what the Bible says I mean sure but I want to show you that every Protestant at some time or another agree they believe this at that particular time. Could it be that Luther and. The others were right. Could it be so let's go over these points again to see if they square up with the Vatican first of all the first identifying feature we're going to put the put a back up on the screen if you want is the first identifying feature. It would be small Is this true of Rome. About to consider Yes a matter of fact that it can city sits on one hundred seven acres and so it's very very small indeed it sits there in the nation in the heart of Rome and so it makes that particular qualifying component. Then that's the what's the second identifying feature that it would was rise up among them in Western Europe you see now Europe was divided and rather Rome was broken up and divided and essentially became what we know as Europe today you had the Anglo Saxons which were the English francs which were the French the begun the INS which were the Italians if I'm not mistaken and several of these other tribes these other nations that car that ancient Rome became you see. And so in the heart of West in Rome or Western Europe rather this little power would arise does Vatican City sit in the heart of Western Europe. You know essentially yes and then it would arise. After the break up of well after the ten horns arose after for seventy six ID it now Rome existed before for seventy six but it received full ecclesiastical and civil power a little time after that here's what happened in the three hundred thirty ID The Emperor Constantine decided to shift the capital of the Roman Empire he was going to Rome relocated to Constantinople took East and bull today. Well who was going to run the city of Rome. That's that was the question. Rome was left in the power of the bishops of Rome and it wasn't long before the bishops of Rome were given tremendous power when they defeated their last religious opponents in five thirty eight D. they were. See full and complete religious and civil power as a matter of fact from lab young cub professor of history of the University of Rome he said to the succession of the Caesars came this accession of the pontiff in Rome when Constantine left Rome. He gave the seat to the pontiff. And then a sea flick rise of the medieval church page one sixty eight. He said the Bishop of Rome in the seat of the sea in the seat of the Caesars was now the greatest man in the West and was soon forced to become the political as well as the spiritual head before we proceed and look at just one remind us again this is not intended to embarrass anyone or hurt anyone this is all just a matter of history. It's a matter of fact the Bible gives us ten identifying features and were able to discover this you say God wants us to know what's going on at number four the the fourth identifying features this little horn as it's rising to power would do well pluck up three of those ten horns. History says she did most of the emperors of Western Europe largely support of the Vatican. But there were three powers that did not and they were destroyed basically by Rome. They were the hare ally the vandals and the Auster Goss and again this is all just a matter of history Ostrogoths were were squelched in five thirty eight. I dig. Now the next identifying feature is that it would be well it would be diverse or different from the other nations cannot be said that the Church of Rome is different from the other nations. Yes it's religious by nature you see it's a religio political power now. It also says that the little one had eyes like the eyes of a man. That's right. Is there a man at the head. There's a man at the head of this particular system currently it's Pope Francis you say. Before that it was Pope Benedict before him was Pope John Paul the second John Paul first poll the sixth. John the twenty third and then you just keep on counting back so it squares up with the identifying features. Identifying feature of this little home based power is that it would speak words great words and blaspheming now in the Bible blasphemy basically is akin to a man making himself or taking the progressives of God Jesus was accused of blasphemy a couple of times at one particular time he said I and my Father are one the religious leaders accused him of blasphemy was where they corrected accusing him of blaspheming know Jesus and his father. Well he is the eternal Son of God one with the father. No doubting that whatsoever. But they Cuse them a blasphemy because a man made himself to be God And so we're looking here at a power that speaks blasphemous words where a man stands in the place of God and God and assumes the progressives of God forgive sins that only God can can forgive. Does this power. Do that. Well we are really from in cyclical levels of Leo the thirteenth. It says we hold on this earth. Talking of the pipes the place of God Almighty and then in the in cyclical rather in the Ferraris is it classed ecclesiastical dictionary rather it says the Pope is of so great dignitary and so exulted that he is not a mere man. But as it were God and the vicar of God and then in the Catholic National It says the pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ but he is Jesus Christ himself hidden under the veil of flesh and so there's no the church doesn't hide that particular fact and so it seems like it's squaring up with the with this particular identifying feature. What about claiming the providence of God forgiving since it's same of the church as well in dignity and Judi's of the priest volume twelve page two. It says God Himself is obliged to abide by the judgment of his priest and either not to pardon or to pardon according as they refuse or give absolution the sentence of the priest proceeds and God subscribes to it. And then Pope Pius the eleventh said. Thus the priest as it is said with good reason is indeed another. I asked for in some way he is himself a continuation of Christ we need to be reminded here this morning of Acts Chapter four verse twelve where it says. Nor is there salvation in any other for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we may be saved and that name is who friends. Jesus Jesus alone provides salvation. So seems like the Roman Church aligns with this particular identifying feature than the eight point it would be a persecuting power. There are places you can travel in Europe where mothers gave their life for the faith their faith in Jesus Christ the Roman Church which has indeed put many to death because they didn't go along with the teachings of the church in a by the doctrines of the church conservative estimates suggest that about fifty million lives perished at the hands of the church in public ecclesiastical law Volume two page one forty two and unknown rattling is off quick but you can get the CD and D.V.D. after the make notes the church may be divine the church may by divine right confiscate the property of heretics imprison their persons and condemn them to the flames this is what they were doing back there during the Middle Ages you see they were known as the Dark Ages also says in the Western Watchmen the church has persecuted only a tyro in church history will deny that we have always defended the persecution of the Hugo's and the Spanish Inquisition. When she thinks it good to use physical force. She will use it so we don't need to be surprised about that because we live in a world where we see religious intolerance all around us particularly in the middle we Middle East where people are willing to kill in the name of their god and it wasn't too long ago that in the Christian world death was a very commonplace thing among people who had faith in Jesus and were seeking to follow the teachings of the Word of God and I must say this isn't a matter of. Airing anyone's dirty linen is just a matter of reading history and the church is even today apologized for the things it's done in the past so this is all common knowledge is say OK number. It would think to do was change God's laws. That's right in more than one way they have done that if you look inside there are catechism you'll notice that when they list the ten commandments the church has removed the second commandment the one that talks about our worship. They used to be that they took the tenth commandment and divided into two to get the ten. But in modern day catechisms they take the first commandment and divided into two to get the ten so in that way they have tampered with God's law and then of course the church has changed God's Law in removing or transferring the sanctity of the Sabbath over to the first day of the week you say in the book. Cathal us ism and fundamentalism backhaul Keating he says fundamentalists meet for worship on Sunday. Yet there is no evidence in the Bible that corporate worship was to be made on Sundays the Jewish Sabbath or day of rest was of course Saturday it was the Catholic Church that decided Sunday should be the day of worship for Christians in honor of the resurrection and then in the Catholic mirror it says the Catholic Church for over one thousand years before the existence of a Protestant by virtue of her divine mission changed the day from Saturday to Sunday in St Catherine's Catholic Church wrote behold the boldest thing the church ever did happened. Not two not long ago the day of the Lord was chosen not from any direction noted in the Scriptures but from the church a sense of its own power and so certainly this power meets that particular identifying feature that. Tampered with God's holy law. Now the last one is that this power will rule for how long would rain for twelve hundred and sixty Prophetic days or years that's right now if you're having trouble with that go with me to Revelation Chapter twelve. If you're still trying to if you still scratching your head about how we got twelve I'm sixty days from the time times and dividing of times I go to Revelation Chapter twelve and Revelation Chapter twelve God outlines the history of the of the of the Christian church and he speaks of the. Of his church as a woman and the woman fled into the wilderness for a particular period of time and I want you to notice verse fourteen it says but the woman was given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness to her place where she is nourished for a while Time times and times by the way this time period is mentioned six seven times in Daniel and in the Book of Revelation this is an important time period. It helps establish some things for us for us living here in the last days now look at verse six Look at verse six talking about the same woman flying into the wilderness. She has a place prepared of God that they should feed her there for how long one thousand two hundred and threescore sixty days. So there it is time times dividing of times twelve hundred sixty Prophetic days or years. This helps us see the time period clearly in case any of us still might be wondering Vatican basically ruled from five thirty eight eighty two one seventeen ninety eight twelve hundred and sixty years now what happened in seventy ninety eight general birthday made his entrance into Rome established the papal government and established a secular one abolish rather the papal government and established a secular one you see the Emperor Napoleon and many others beside him were getting sick and tired of the excesses at that time of the Church of Rome the pope's of Rome were really very corrupt and son of Poland so that's enough. We're going to put an end to all of this. So we sent both down the his general down to Vatican Pius was taken off the throne. He died in exile unfortunately about a year later and the Vatican City ceased to exist. Basically as a nation. Now of course it still existed as a church but it suffered what the Bible says in Revelation thirteen as it suffered a deadly or a mortal wound. When its leader was captured and its statehood was taken away from it I give you a couple of references to this church history page twenty four the murder of a. Murder of a Frenchman in Roman seven hundred ninety eight gave the French an excuse for occupying the Eternal City and putting an end to the papal temporal power the Haitian pontiff was carried off into exile to balance the enemies of the church rejoiced the last pope that eclair had resigned and then in the encyclopedia. It says in seventeen ninety eight he birthday made his entrance into Rome abolished the papal government and established a secular one. So here we have all ten identifying features of the Little Horn power. We've reviewed those and all of those points seem to point to the Church of Rome not to Islam. Well to the Muslim world because that's very popular today. You can't square these these up with the religion of Islam. They all point to one power and one power alone a state religion or religious system that looks good and appears good from the outside and does things that are good. No one here is trying to tell you that the pope is a bad fellow I don't know the man and I expect he's a good man we can certainly point to many things the previous couple of pope's and say that they were probably good things but this study is not about a person stud study is not about people not telling you that anyone involved in this church is a bad person or a lost person and I'll repeat that for somebody else's benefit I'm not saying the person is bad or lost or can go to heaven because at this point they connected with the system not saying that the Bible is identifying a system of government while it stands for some things that are good while it does state lot of things that are good is actually leading people away from the truth of the Holy Bible. I remember great deal of history's problems didn't come from bad people trying to make bad people bad. It came from good people trying to make other people good at least the way they understood. Good to say and then here at the close of time you see a sea. I'm of salvation based not on faith but on faith. Plus works and penance and sacraments and on tradition not established upon the Word of God and I've said it before and I'll say it again that when scripture and tradition collide will always stand upon tradition. It says that salvation is not based on faith alone but rather faith and works. It's a system that says Jesus isn't enough. You've got to be a part of the church in order to be saved. It's a system that says that full salvation can only be known within the confines of the Catholic Church and that's not true either. So while it is a system that stands for much that is good when you get down to the heart of it and what it's teaching it is certainly not lining up with the Word of God and causing people to lose. Turn their eyes away from faith in Jesus Christ then when you compare the Little Horn of Daniel Chapter seven with the bass to Revelation thirteen you see some interesting things I just turned they with me back to Revelation Chapter thirteen we see that these two powers are the same Revelation thirteen based power has a same identifying features as the Little Horn path notice in Revelation Chapter thirteen verse one the beast that John saw had how many horns had ten horns or I just like the the beast in revel in Daniel rather Chapter seven and then it received verse three. It says that it received a deadly wound referring to the. The the capture of the pope at that particular time I look at verse four. So they did what they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the base and they worship the beast saying who is like unto the base who is able to make war with him. So it's religious in nature and by the way I'll highlight here this is a very important point. Notice here who are they who are in worshiping the base who the people end up worshiping say. Or the dragon and if you read Revelation Chapter twelve us of seventy nine the dragon is none other than Satan himself see this the devil never comes out in the open and says hey on the devil has my car. I'm about to trick him about to deceive you with this big counterfeit he doesn't do that he just does his work and he works through systems and peoples and things in order to accomplish His purposes. And so through this great power this beast power of Revelation thirteen he in fact when people are led to worship his base. He in fact is going to be receiving homage and adoration himself. That's what he's always want to be read that in in chapter fourteen versus twelve or fourteen. He wants to worship that belongs alone to God and he's going to seek to get it through this beast power. He's crafty and he's devious and he's using any method or means he possibly can or it will continue here verse five It also says that this beast power speaks what blasphemies same as the little home power and revel in Daniel rather Chapter seven and then it rules for how long calling the verse five given authority to rule for forty two months forty two times thirty days in a month give you one thousand two hundred and sixty days prophetic days or years. So here we see that the system mentioned in Revelation Chapter thirteen is the same system mentioned in Daniel Chapter seven. It's the same system. And I think that's pretty clear now we've looked at this historically. So let's look at this now contemporarily How does this affect us down here at the close of time like with me in Revelation Chapter thirteen verse three will read that again this is and I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was healed and all the world marveled and followed the Big East. It is clear from what we read that. Even though the this beast power received the deadly wound that one would be well healed and would lead all of the entire world to follow and to worship the beast. This has serious implications for us living down here in the close of time as no question or doubt about that now if I said that to you probably one hundred years ago you'd probably say that was impossible can happen there's no way this power can rise back and assume power it once had back then but something took place in all start off in one thousand nine hundred twenty nine we read about it in the San Francisco Chronicle. It was February eleventh one nine hundred twenty nine is the Roman question tonight was a thing of the past and the Vatican was at peace with Italy in affixing the autographs to the memorable document healing the wound. It's interesting they use that word healing the wound extreme cordiality was displayed on both sides. Here's what happened. Most Alina heat. Rule of Italy had to foster good relations with the Roman church because regardless of his dictatorship the Roman Church was such a powerful institution in Italy once. Leda miscellany had to decide whether he would take on the power of the Roman church or work with it he chose the latter in this way Italians did not have to divide loyalties there Formosa Lenny worked to get the church to accept a fascist state. While he planned to offer them what they wanted in particular Leni and the Vatican clashed over who should control education in to ensure that children grow up in a good fascist. As good fascist rather muscling he would want one to the state. One of the state to control this and it did however the Roman Church felt that it should have the this power as well both sides work for a compromise the attempt to settle this dispute started in one nine hundred twenty six and it took until nine hundred twenty nine for the agreement to be signed these were known as the Lateran treaties the latter entries also included reinstating the Papal States. The Papal States was the name given to the land previously owned by the Roman Church in Italy and they would do that after it had lost all its land in one nine hundred seventy during the unification of Italy in the church at that time received three thirty million pounds in compensation in one thousand nine hundred nine and the church was given one hundred seven acres in Rome to create a papal state the Vatican the pope was also allowed a small army police force post office and I rail station. Now part of the treaty another part of the treaty was called the Concord it. This made the Roman church faith the state religion. So according to the south San Francisco Chronicle article the wound was healing. And according to Bible prophecy This was a major step toward the deadly wound being healed and you already know today that the Vatican is very popular in the eyes of the world. There's no doubt about it over one hundred nations send their ambassadors to Vatican to you know a nation that sends an ambassador to the Lutheran Church the Episcopal Church that the Methodist Church or any other church and I think so. Today. Politicians from all faiths and backgrounds consult with the pope how powerful is the Vatican now you remember nearly a couple of decades ago the wall came down in Eastern Europe who was given the credit Communism fell at the hand of Pope John Paul the second his face and Ronald Reagan were plastered on Time magazine you got to be pretty powerful to engineer the fall and collapse of communism all the world's major religious figures go visit the Vatican Middle Eastern leaders Muslims Jewish individuals Orthodox Christian and non Christians are like make a beeline to the Vatican to have an audience with the pope why because the Bible says that. All the world would do was wonder after the Big East. Some might think well I'm Protestant That doesn't concern me none. This bothers me whatsoever. I'm not implicated. Well you're wrong Bible says that all the world will follow after the beast. Except for those who keep the commandments of God I have the faith of Jesus you say whether you're a part of the Roman church or whether a person is not a part the Roman Church whether this something or nothing everyone is vulnerable to the influence of this particular power century old barriers preventing the unity between the mother church and her children are being being removed and the compromises are being initiated by Protestants themselves Christianity Today December to two thousand and fourteen featured an article entitled Why everyone loves the pope USA Today reported that Pope Francis will make an unprecedented address to the United States Congress on September twenty fourth of this year during his first visit to the United States according to the U.S. House how his story in office. No pope or religious leader who serves as a head of state has ever addressed the United States Congress. There are many people being set up. Even today preparing themselves to worship the beast and to receive the mark of the beast and I don't even realize it and the reason some people are running around saying the mark of the beast is someone's bank account or computer somewhere is because they've never been able to identify the base to Revelation Chapter thirteen and now you see how the focus shifts. You see how the focus shifts when we understand who the beast power really is this is a very serious subject because in God's last day message I'm going to put it up on the screen again for you in Revelation Chapter fourteen versus nine in ten then the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice. If anyone worship's the biggest and his image and receive his mark on his forehead or on his hand he himself shall also drink of the one of the wrath of God. The truth is God wants us to know these things because in the last days. There are only going to be two groups of people not the rich in the pool doesn't matter what color you are of the skin you have done mother doesn't matter whether you come from this power the world or another possible. They'll only be two groups saved a lost. That's it. Save the last when Jesus comes finally there will be a people who love the Lord their God with all their hot soul mind and strength and then they'll be another group following after this Christian Trojan horse. What is it going to take to stand in these last days. That's the question Have you thought about the implications of this the whole world is going in a certain direction and there you are swimming against the current Have you thought about what that's going to be like it's difficult to do what's it going to take to stand in these last days I'll tell you what it's going to take it's going to take your relationship with Jesus Christ one that maybe we've no one would never experience up to this point it's going to take knowing Jesus as our Lord and Savior. It's going to take trusting Jesus being familiar very familiar with His Holy Word and having a hot. That is connected to his heart and mind that is connected. That is one with his mind why it's important that we are honest with the Bible and we trust. You've enjoyed part want to part two of the presentations all the world wanted it such a vital message and we want to encourage you to go to our website W W W dot SEC Central dot a while. G. and click on the media resources tab. We want to invite you to study this topic even more by signing up for our free online bible school. We hope you'll do so we look forward to sharing more messages with you in the near future. God bless. We're so glad you decided to tune into today's receiving the word program. If you have a special. Request we would be happy to pray about it for you to discover more about the Bible through our free online bible studies or to listen to more life changing Bible messages go to essay see Central dot org and click on the media resources tab. If you've been blessed or encouraged by our ministry and God impresses you to support us then visit our website or write to us that sixty forty five chameleon Avenue Sacramento California ninety five eight one nine always gladly receive God's word.


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