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Who is Jesus Christ?

Chris Buttery
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  • March 28, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Welcome to Sacramento central Seventh Day Adventist Church and thank you for joining us from wherever you are and however you're tuning in we're so glad you're here would like to send a warm welcome to those because that is where our first him comes from him one eighty nine all that says who can cheer the heart like Jesus by his presence all divine true and tender pure and precious. Oh how blessed we are to call him ours. Let's sing the first and fourth verse of him one eighty nine all that my soul. Well and well and that is our next him five thirty. Now this comes as a request from ten people and I'm so excited to read all of their names Alexandria Virginia Orlando Florida California. Lisa Nicholson in Alexandria Virginia. Anthony home and in Long Beach California. The first second and third verse thirty. Was was was was was was was lol. Was was was was was was was full was. If you have at our website. That's forgiveness. When the Lord. Now the Bible talks about. Not just one. Act at one time. But that the Lord can be the first and. Each Other. Who have been. And will be done On earth as it is given. As we forgive and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Kingdom. And the glory forever and ever amen. Thank you. Church. Thank you team pressure there and good morning good to see you and Happy seventh Good to see everybody here today trust you've had a good week and what a delight it is to come back together the study God's word and and just delve into the book of Luke again. You're enjoying your a study so from the book of Luke. It's been tremendous I've been enjoying it as well and we want to welcome those that are joining us wherever you are joining us from just a special shout out to those who are churning in live stream you always type us and let us know where you're writing from a watching from Alabama and Maine and up in Canada and all over the place Mexico. We just want to thank you for joining us and glad that you trust you. Being blessed by the studies as well and we want to let you know those that are cheering in that you can call in for your free. Offer. It's often Number two one five one six and all you need to do is call nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven or e-mail us a C.S.H. at SAC Central dot R G I will be sure to get you the D.V.D. or CD version which every you request let us know if we get it right out to you as one place right in let us know have been enjoying the programs as well. Well we're right going to go right back into the book of Luke here the Smalling and we're in chapter three. Lesson number three and the lesson is entitled Who is Jesus Christ who is Jesus Christ that's a important lesson. Porton question is a very important question. Let's look at al memory text as Luke Chapter nine verse twenty and the author is recording a conversation that Jesus has been having with his disciples and he said to them This is Luke nine verse twenty. He said to them but who do you say. And Peter answered and said the Christ of God and that's Luke's version in Matthew's rendition it's the Christ the Son of the Living God and we come to the subject of who is Jesus the author of the lesson and I'm going to read the intro here on. On Sabbath afternoon he said. He said Who is Jesus the question is not a philosophical or social sociological gimmick. It gets to the heart of huge humans are even more important what eternity will hold for them. People can admire the works of Jesus on his words extol his patients advocate his nonviolence acclaim his decisiveness praise his selflessness and stand speechless at the cruel end of his life. Many may even be ready to accept Jesus as a good man who tried to set things right to infuse fairness where there was in justice to offer healing where there was sickness to bring comfort where there was only misery. Yes Jesus could well earn the name of the best teacher a revolutionary a leader par excellence and a psychologist who can probe into the depths of one souls. He was all of these and so much more and then he ends by saying none of these things however come near to answering the most important question that Jesus himself raised who do you say that I am. It's a question that demands an answer and only that and on that answer the destiny of humanity hinges powerful concepts. I mean when we think about the life of Jesus and by the way Jesus is recorded in secular history. He was a known figure. It was known that he had followers and they were called Christians. This is outside of the sacred record the Scriptures. When you think even the in the historical writings Jesus seem to have these perform these wonderful miracles do these great things he was a. Was he was going to say Jesus. He was Jesus he was a kind man a good man and didn't put up with fullish nurse. Specially hypocrisy and heal them when we read the sacred record. We see all the marvelous things that he did as far as what was recorded is concerned. Luke tells us that there was many there were many other things that Jesus did and taught that there wasn't room enough to record so that we get a glimpse of the ministry of Jesus and one can look at the ministry of Jesus and the life of Jesus and you have to ask the question Who is this man. If you've never heard of Jesus you have to ask the question who could perform miracles cause the blind to see raise the dead be compassionate give clever and probing answers to questions that he's recently received at the hand of spies who is this man who is Jesus. When you go to the end of his life and you look at his death and the cry. I mean my God my God Why has the office I can make you ask the question Who is Jesus who was this man and so that's the question that we're looking at here in today's lesson who is Jesus and you have to say that he is more than just a teacher more than just a healer more than just a rabbi more than these things and. Will delve into into more of this. Let's go to Luke Chapter four. That's where we start our study and were on Sunday's lesson reactions to Jesus' reactions to Jesus Jesus made some claims and we read those claims all throughout the New Testament and especially in the Gospels. He made specific claims about who he was and so let's look at some of the reactions to Jesus' ministry in his claims or in Luke Chapter four. We're going to read verse sixteen. Right down through to verse thirty I'm just going to stop and pause every now and then to talk about a few things. Before we started verse sixteen by the way. Last we looked at the the the baptism of Jesus he was in the wilderness as well and he was tempted of the devil you have those three big temptations recorded and in verse fourteen it says that Jesus returned after being in the wilderness returned in the power of the spirit to Galilee and use of him went out throughout all the surrounding region and he taught in their synagogues being glorified by all now we go to verse sixteen so he came to where did he come to Nazareth. What was Nazareth. What was Nazareth murderess was the place he grew up ride essentially was here the place where he grew up was sixty sixty four miles north of Jerusalem and as between the low end of the Sea of Galilee and the great the great sea the Mediterranean Sea is called the great sea but the Mediterranean Sea And so it's pretty much in the middle down to the lowest point of the Sea of Galilee in the sea of and the Mediterranean Sea and at sixty five sixty four other miles north of Jerusalem. It's this suspected that Jesus was ministering in came back to Nazareth around the spring of A.D. twenty nine since he left in the fall of A.D. twenty seven So by this time nearly half of the ministry of Jesus is completed by this time. Nearly half of the ministry of Jesus has passed. If you want to read about his second visit to Nazareth. It was it's recorded in March up to six verses one through six. You remember what Nathaniel asked in John chapter one verse forty six when his friend came to him and said We found the Christ and what did Nazareth. What did. What did the fan your say. Can anything good come out of Nazareth and he didn't live too far from Nazareth so he would know what type of folk came out of there most of them being that great but the claims of Jesus and when we read in the Bible with the claims of Jesus tell us that he was the Messiah so something good. They've come out of Nazareth there's no doubt about that that's was an important question that he asked Can anything good come out an answer and I was just looking last night as I was doing a little review of this of the study and I just wanted to see how often Jesus was referred to was Jesus of Nazareth throughout the Gospels and numerous times many times. Jesus is referred to as Jesus of Nazareth. He had this thing hanging over his head all his ministry that can anything good come out in as or of that place. Jesus of that place came from there and he he's making certain claims about being the Messiah and he didn't necessarily come out outright and say those things and we'll look at some of those things here this morning. But the impression was very clear he this guy seems to be the Messiah Elise seems to be making the claim and he's coming out of Nazareth Jesus of Nazareth. So it's mentioned a lot of times and that didn't seem to bother Jesus and I think there's a good lesson in there for each of us don't matter where you came from what family you originated from you don't have to you don't have to succumb to to whatever that bad or bad reputation of the past might be in your life if you have expressed faith in Jesus he can make your life brand new and he said she want to new course and you don't have to let your past hang over your head certainly Jesus didn't he was the Messiah and so we read in Luke Chapter four he came to verse sixteen he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read and Jesus' custom was to attend services on the seventh day sabbath. So here is the giver of the Sabbath honoring the Sabbath as a man to give an example to all to keep the Sabbath and so he the Bible says He stood up to read and when you read the desire of ages it tells us that he had done this before as a child and now that his reputation had been spread abroad and we read that in verse fourteen and. About half the half of his ministry at this point the fame of Jesus has spread a broad had come back to his hometown and his townsfolk want to hear they want to hear what this man had to say that we're eager to hear him. And so in verse seventeen it says and he was handed as he stood up to read he was handed the book of the book of the prophet. You know it was the Judy of the synagogue equivalent of the early church deacon to take the scrolls from off the ark and then give them to the retail reader and then returned the scrolls to the ark and the Scriptures that Jesus read here were very likely pretty much in Hebrew which by this time was pretty much a dead language. It wasn't common but when they when the scriptures were read they were read in in the Hebrew and so we go into verse eighteen he stood up to read he scroll down to the place he wanted to find there in the book of Isaiah and when he had found it he opened the book and the place where it was written and we reverse eighteen and nineteen it says the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he sent me to heal the broken hearted to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord Jesus was quoting from my Zire chapter sixty one verses one and two and he was. Will read in just a minute but he was quoting this text which was known by the Jews of that time to be a prophecy of the coming of the Messiah and Jesus said The spirit of the Lord is upon me and then just before he sits down he says this day the scripture is fulfilled in your hearing now it's interesting that he ends with the words acceptable year because the following words and he left out the words Day of Vengeance of our God by the way the acceptable. Except a bowl year is reminiscent of the Jubilee. When the slaves were freed but their debts were cancelled on land was given back to its original owner. You can read about the year of jubilee in Leviticus Chapter twenty five. But this is the acceptable year of the Lord this was reminiscent of the Jubilee great freedom liberation restoration was was experienced on the day of jubilee but Jesus left out these words the day of vengeance of God into the patriotic Jew This was the climax of the entire passage to the patriotic Jew This is what really mattered in these in these entire verses because to them salvation belong to the Jews and judgment and retribution belong to the Gentiles and so they pride themselves on the fact that they were children of Abraham and in all those Gentiles all those who are not Jews. They're going to suffer the retribution of God You see the Jews had national pride there's no doubt about it and because of nationality. They felt that they had salvation owing them. God they were deserving of receiving salvation because they were children of Abraham and they believe they were saved because of that not because of submission to God two different things entirely and another great lesson for us to remember and learn here doesn't matter what church a person claims what truth they profess albeit important in truth unless the truth has made inroads into the life unless a person is made submission to God. One can claim that they're on their way to heaven. There must be a submission of the will to Jesus Christ. One must receive Jesus and die to self and allow Jesus Christ to live through their lives. But here the Jews of Jesus' day proud of themselves because they were children Abraham that salvation was they and so the Gentiles they were lost and so they love the end of these verses here the day of vengeance of our God because that was for the that was for the gentiles it wasn't for them that was for the gentiles it wasn't for the Jews. And this type of thinking prevented them from seeing and understanding the ministry of Jesus and understanding who Jesus was we'll talk a little bit about that verse twenty one here go jump keep on reading here. Then he closed the book and gave it back to the attendant verse twenty and sat down in the eyes of all were in the synagogue in the synagogue were fixed on him verse twenty one and he began to say to them today the Scriptures fulfilled in your hearing. So all ball witnessed to him and marveled at the gracious words which preceded out of his mouth and they said is this not Joseph son. So in Luke Chapter four it was explained actions I looked up to four but it was expected that when the rabbi would come to a synagogue and would share Scripture he would end up preaching or teaching in this particular instance it back then teaching was more was more formal than teaching is today. Much like preaching is formal to there you say teaching back then was very formal no expect a rabbi who would be visiting the synagogue expected him to deliver a sermon and so Luke in chapter four simply gives the main points of the sermon. Here he doesn't give the entire sermon because at times it would be rather lengthy but he highlights. Pulls out some highlights from the sermon and focuses in on what Jesus is saying here to talk about the state of mind of those in Nazareth and the Jews who were not ready to receive him as the Messiah and so he began to preach and he said before he did he said this day the scripture is fulfilled in your years and I had a hard time receiving that their pride was offended but more than this Jesus had suggested that he was indeed the fulfillment of this prophecy the law he was the long awaited Messiah the spirit of the Lord is upon me to heal the broken hearted to set the captives free. He had made a he had made a declaration without making a deck. Ration that he was indeed the Messiah. They were offended How can this guy isn't he the son of Joseph he came from Nazareth is a possible that he could be the Messiah this individual that looks poor or not the monarch that we expected to come and deliver us from the Roman from Roman bondage this guy in the pride was offended. Now look at verses twenty four to twenty seven. Let's jump down. Jesus said to them. Assuredly I say to you. No prophet is accepted in his own country but I tell you truly many widows were in Israel in the days of Alija when the heaven was shut up three years and six months and there was a great famine throughout all the land but none of them was Alija sent except Is there a fourth in the region of side on to a woman who was a widow and many lepers were in Israel in the time of the life of the prophet and none of them was cleansed except naman the Syrian So all those in the synagogue when they heard these things were filled with wrath and rose up and thrust him out of the city and they led him to the brow of his he of the hill on which the city was built that they might throw him down off the cliff with a mad they were mad. How dare you come in here make the. Admission that you are the Messiah. Because you don't look like him and then tell us Jews that we're in the what does it say it here in Luke Chapter four verse eighteen. We were in need of the having the preacher got the gospel preached to us we are in need of having our hearts mended where it where captives we need to we need to proclaim liberty amongst us you think that we're blind and you're proclaiming liberty you think that we are oppressed. How dare you come in here and tell us these things because retribution is for the Gentiles not for the juice where Abraham's children they were mad and Jesus. To them that it was the Gentiles that the prophets of old ministered to because they had an open heart to receive. To receive the message of the true God. Whereas many lepers and many widows were bypassed very likely because of their recalcitrance and because of their pride and this is what Jesus was telling those sitting in the synagogue that particular day you're sitting here you call yourself Jews but maybe very likely that the last part of our desire chapter sixty one of verse two may just be for you if you don't open your heart to who I am the Messiah very serious. Now it's interesting in these words. Verse twenty four Jesus begins the words by saying assuredly or in the King James version it says verily I say to you that word assuredly or verily is simply Amen. As the word. Amen. What Jesus was saying in essence was I swear in advance to the truthfulness of what I'm about to say now no one in that day and age would ever think about saying anything like that in these words Jesus was making another was making the claim again that he was the Messiah in Judaism you needed at least two witnesses to verify a fact but Jesus witnessed the truthfulness to his own sayings he speaks on his own authority and an authority that exceeded the Old Testament prophets and what their authority was this was an incredible claim it was a claim that he was one with God. Verily verily assuredly I say to you I swear in advance of the truthfulness of what I'm about to say in those words he was declaring that he was he was on what he was one with God and I knew it. They knew it and these things just got the better of them and so they drove Jesus out took him to the edge of the cliff. They were going to throw him off but Verse thirty says in passing through the midst of them he went his way it's kind of an interesting thing how does that add up. Possible. Did I just stop what they were doing today recognize that they were that were crazy and I called them. If you we re desired ages we were led into a little secret and that is angels ministered to Jesus and took him out of there safely and let him out of there. There was another incidence very similar to this where they angels did the same thing Jesus' life couldn't be cut short now he still had ministry to perform he still needed to be ministering to the folky still needed to reach people still needed to save the world you see. And so in these words Jesus claimed in this story Jesus claimed oneness with God He was the Messiah. He was a more received about over at Luke someone's got Luke Chapter seven verse seventeen. He's got that for us here this morning. But over here. OK Luke Chapter seventeen verses seventeen to twenty two So let's go over there. And let's take a look at this story this morning. Luke Chapter seven verses seventeen to twenty three and this is the story about John the Baptist and John the Baptist had been taken to prison he was languishing in prison and it's very interesting that. Jesus that John rather sends his disciples to. To Jesus to verify whether Jesus is in fact the Messiah. Who he said who he said he was or who is claiming to be so Luke Chapter seven verses seventeen three twenty three and this rumor of him went forth through old you dear and through all the region runabouts. And the disciples of John showed him all of these things and John calling on to him to have his disciples sent them to do without saying. Art thou he that should come or we look we for another when the men are coming to him they said John Baptist has done that under the same are he that should come or look we for another and in the same hour. He cured men. A of their infirmity and of evil spirit the one to many that were blind and he gave side then Jesus answered and said under them go your way and told John what things you have seen and heard how that the blind see the lame walk the lappers or clans the death here. The dead are raised to the poor the gospel is preached and birth it is he who ever should not be offended and me. Thank you very much excellent. So what was the question that John sent to Jesus. What was the question Are you the want the the one. Are you the coming one or do we look for another. That's right. Why why why did he ask this question why did he send his disciples asked this question of Jesus John's disciples were questioning Jesus' ministry and John was disturbed that his disciples should have doubts if they did how would they encourage faith in Jesus as they minister to the people. Now admittedly John himself languishing in prison didn't fully understand the ministry of Jesus either his men is the nature of his kingdom or why he hadn't even come to set him free. Wired me free John from prison. But John wasn't going to express those concerns to his disciples Instead he sent his disciples to say to Jesus with this particular question Are you the one or do we look for another he sent them to Jesus with that particular question so that upon witnessing the works of Jesus their faith might be bolstered as they witness those miracles and perhaps John's courage might be strengthened as well as they came back with a report to him you see John's question could be probably rephrased Are you the type of Messiah we should be looking for that was really that's probably the question John still had in his mind that perhaps Christ was coming to liberate the Jews from Rome. John didn't have a full understanding of the of the of the kingdom of Christ the kingdom that Christ was coming to establish. A kingdom not of this world but a kingdom of the in the heart that was to roll around in the hearts of men and women boys and girls you see are you the type of Messiah we should be looking for and so what happened in the story the disciples go and they witness the works of Jesus wonderful things take place wonderful things take place and then Jesus sends a message back to John. About all the things that he had done any gives him a little bit of encouragement and a gentle rebuke by saying in verse twenty three and bless it is he who is not offended because of me we can we can help fill a little sorry for John I think we can relate to John. Here is the one who paved the way for the Messiah and sacrificed much in doing so even suffered ridicule and misunderstanding and now he's in prison and the one he pave the way for hasn't even given him recognition hasn't even done anything to try to liberate him truly John's words I must he must increase and I must decrease we're being fulfilled right here and then a follower of Jesus needs to be the same we don't always understand the workings in the way of God But one thing that we can be sure of he loves us and we can trust him and those are not just cliche words we can trust him. It might be difficult it might be trying and like John the Baptist languishing in prison he clung ahold of everything he could or he could hold onto in the hope that someday he would understand and he will in the great Bime by he will in the commentary evidence Bible Commentary volume five page seven to seven hundred sixty the author says it's worthy to note that the supreme evidence Christ offered of his divinity was the perfect adaptation of his ministry to the need of human suffering and lost humanity. That's a pretty pretty deep thought so Jesus the reception of Jesus the reaction to Jesus and his claims were mixed. Well very mixed because of a misunderstanding of his ministry because of pride pride was blind in the eyes of a lot of Jews. Misapplied even the prophecy Old Testament prophecies of Jesus that taken those verses talking about His second coming apply them to his first coming and when this Jesus showed up. Surely this guy can be the Messiah but he's done all these things. Who is Jesus. Let's continue Monday's lesson. Let's go let's talk about Jesus as the Son of God Jesus is the God man one hundred percent God one hundred percent man he is the Son of God and He is the son of man he is both human and is both. Divine and there are many things we cannot fully explain in life but that doesn't mean that they don't exist or they aren't so even if we can explain how God came that Christ can be fully man and fully God One doesn't mean that it wasn't so this is a great mystery there's no doubt about it and we ought to tread very carefully when touching on his incarnation. Let's go to Luke chapter one. Let's talk about who is Jesus the Son of God this talk about him as the Son of God Luke chapter one. I'm going to read vs thirty one to thirty five. Luke chapter one versus thirty one to thirty five. This read here Lou chapter one vs thirty one to thirty five that is and behold you shall can see this is the angel has come to Mary and the angel says to Mary behold. You shall conceive we will conceive in your worm and bring forth a son and shall call his name Jesus he will be great. Now that would be equivalent to the declaration the angel made to Elizabeth that her son would be great John the Baptist would be great but he goes on thousand in there he will be great and will be called who the son of the highest and the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever and of His Kingdom there will be no wind that Mary said to the angel How can this be since I do not know man and the angel answered and said. Her the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the highest will overshadow you therefore also that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God That's right will be called the called the Son of God. Now if you jump over with Chapter nine just keep your finger there in Luke one because Chapter Nine look at verse six and seven. There's an and there's a very strong similarities between verses six and seven of this chapter with verses thirty two and thirty three of Luke chapter one. Notice I have to six nine rather verses six and seven and says For unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government will be upon his shoulder and his name will be called Wonderful Counselor mighty God Everlasting Father Prince of Peace those seven of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom to order it and establish it with judgment and justice from that time forward even forever for Zille of the LORD of hosts will perform this there's a big similarity between these verses in Isaiah Chapter nine and what we read in Luke chapter one vs thirty two and thirty three. What do these verses tell us about Jesus. According to our desire these words refer to who the Prince of Peace the mighty God the everlasting Father is so they refer to one who was more than just a god but one who was God who would occupy the throne of David to administer his kingdom and we refer in that the reference here is to say the Messianic Kingdom the eternal kingdom not a restored to Vivek Kingdom because remember in John eight thirty six. John said My kingdom is not of this world if I had my servants would fight if that were the case but they don't. This is not my king I'm establishing another kingdom a kingdom that would a kingdom of righteousness reigning and. Rolling in people's hearts. So in essence the words tell us that Jesus is the Son of God Now that doesn't mean that he's inferior to God it doesn't mean that he has was born or gotten it's just and one of the names or titles given to Christ in the Bible. That's designed to aid our minds in understanding the relationship that Christ has to Watts and the various aspects of his ministry. So as a father or a son rather is subordinate to a father son Christ who was one with the father voluntarily humbled himself and accepted a position subordinate to the Father but that makes him less God Now he was fully God talk on a different role he was fully God He was the god man and in this this phrase Son of God We can read about all throughout the New Testament in the in the gospels when Jesus was born and right here it is birth. The father confirmed that he was the Son The Son of God the Father declared Jesus was the Son of God at his baptism. He was declared the Son of God at his transfiguration and we'll get to that in just a bit. He was again described or confirmed as the Son of God and His resurrection. John the Baptist testified that he was the Son of God and the twelve disciples came to recognize him as such evil spirits even admitted that Jesus was the Son of God and Jesus claimed that he was it was that claim that brought about Jesus' death. Ultimately his death now we're going to look at Luke two who's got that one Luke Chapter two verse eleven but I'll tell you as wild as day in the theory of Dave it as Savior. Which is Christ the Lord. Thank you very much appreciate it and so this declaration was made by who this declaration was made by the angels to the shepherds ride. It's OK Fear not. Unto you is born a Savior Christ our Lord this would be akin to saying Jesus Christ. This would be akin to saying Jesus Christ which is a confession of faith in the union of the divine end the human natures in one person. The phrase and the name Jesus Christ is not a curse word. It's a holy name a confession of faith. But Jesus Christ is really a confession of faith in the union of the divine and human natures in one person that is Jesus Christ he is in essence the Lord of the Old Testament who answers to Jehovah or Our Way It's the one in the same person. Now it's important to know that Christ came was God in the flesh. Otherwise his life was just a life to be emulated with no promise of power and his death would have just been a some type of her all we call martyr's death without the promise of being cleansed of guilt and sin in other words his death would not have been a vicarious death or death for you and for me if he wasn't in fact God in the flesh. He had to be God as one church that suggests he wasn't God yet he died for the sins of the world knowing Jal no man not even a lesser god could die for the sins of of humanity only the great law giver only the great law giver could atone for the sins of the law breaker sinners like you and me. But if I offended you Mike and I wouldn't I hope not but if I offended you could anyone else forgive me on behalf of Mike who only can forgive me for offending my mind and when I break God's Law His holy law the foundation of his government who alone can forgive me. Only God the one who's issued the law I've offended God Only God can for given an order for God to forgive him must take upon himself. The Blog of the the results of my sin and my disobedience which is death right. And so only God could be the one to die for the sins of the world no angel. No man no one else not even a prophet. I'll teach are but the Son of God He is the Son of God. Let's go to choose those lessons talk about Jesus as the Son of man. We're rolling right along. Jesus often research prefer to himself as the Son of Man as a matter fact it was one of his favorite references to himself it's mentioned eighty times in the Gospels and twenty five times in the Gospel of Luke all Testament prophets were referred to as the Son of Man one in particular comes to mind the prophecies equal the Lord referred to as the Son of Man frequently we read in Daniel Chapter seven verse thirteen that the Son of Man came with clouds to the Ancient of Days. The Jews of old knew that this was a reference reference to the Son of God The Second Person of the Godhead. It was a designation of Christ Jesus was the Son of Man in a historic sense and also in i higher sense the title. Designates Jesus as the incarnate Son of God It points to the miracle by which the Creator and creature were united in one person it testifies to the fact that sons of men you and I may become sons of God it was in order to be in order to save us and to allow us to become children of God that Jesus took on the nature of man you see someone has Hebrews Chapter two verses fourteen and fifteen has got that one. All right over here thank you very much excellent far as much. Then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood. He also him so like was took part of the Save the fruit that he might destroy him that had the power of that that is the devil. The liberal who threw fear out there were all their lifetime subject to bondage. Thank you very much. Jesus became a son of God became the Son of Man why according to those verses that he might destroy the devil and they if that's right. God as God could not die. So he became man in order to suffer the fate and die. And so his humanity means a lot to us not just so that he might van course the devil not that he might just overcome death but he said he gives us a powerful example that can be emulated in the office power and help in order to help us keep the commandments of God His humanity means everything to us if we didn't become man he wouldn't have been able to give a powerful example if you didn't because men become men he would have been able to die for us the vicarious death if he didn't become man he wouldn't become the great and merciful high priest who is able to secure so I eat us or help us in our walk and overcome and be victorious in our Christian walk the use of Son of Man in Luke provides various insights into his nature mission and destiny of Jesus. I was going to give you several references here it's in your lesson number one in Luke Chapter seven verse thirty four. He's referred to as the Son of man. Giving reference to his humanity with no worldly address. He ate any drink and in Luke Chapter nine verse fifty eight he didn't have a place to lay his head. Secondly it's asserts the phrase son of men used by Luke asserts his divine nature and status Luke Chapter six verse five years Lord of the Sabbath his lot of the Sabbath and then it refers to the fact that he came to see can save that which was lost in Luke Chapter nine verse fifty six and Luke nineteen verse ten and he did that by being killed and being raised the third. And then fourthly it provides a term for Son of Man provides a picture complete picture of the suffering of the Messiah for the sins of the world. His death on the cross his betrayal His crucifixion and resurrection and even as mediator. And Luke also refers to the Son of Man coming as our King coming in the clouds of glory. So that Luke uses the phrase quite frequently twenty five times as mentioned earlier and it designates Christ and his role and gives us these interesting insights into his nature and his mission and his destiny. We go to Wednesday's lesson the Christ of God and we come to really the heart of the lesson. Luke Chapter nine will spend the rest of our time here and and just refer to Thursday's lesson. Luke Chapter nine verse eighteen through twenty seven. Luke Chapter nine verses eighteen through twenty seven around the middle of A.D. thirty about two and a half years into Christ Ministry. We're told that we understand that Jesus withdrew from public ministry to Caesar Rhea Philip which is about twenty five miles north of the Sea of Galilee and he did that for about a half a year so he could devote his time to instructing his disciples. It's very educational to realize that Jesus took time out of public ministry to spend time disciple in his disciples. After all the church was going to be built on their shoulders right. So he took that necessary time to minister and to help his disciples you know sometimes we get very excited about doing evangelism. And it's good and we ought to be very excited about doing evangelism Sometimes we get very busy just reaching out to the last that is time Nice to be spent the pastors and the elders of the church need to spend time working with our members to disciple to train them in ministry. So that the work of God might go forward more powerfully Jesus gave us a very powerful example of this when he took about a half a year off to just out of public ministry to disciple his disciples. Now we're going to read Chapter nine verse eighteen. Luke Chapter nine verse eighteen notice what it says and it happened. As he was alone praying that his disciples joined him and he asked them saying who did the crowd say that I am. This was a powerful question. And unfortunately the disciples had to admit that they didn't see him as they viewed him. I thought that maybe he was John or maybe Alija someone one of the prophets. But then Jesus comes to the all important question verse twenty but who do you say that I am because their success in ministry their future and their total destiny hinges upon this one question Who do you say that I am each of us has to answer that question to Don't way each of us have been confronted with that question. And now and our answer makes a world of difference to our eternal destiny you see after revealing his authority over nature his power of the Demons his strength over disease his ability to feed the five thousand plus his power over death. Jesus confronts his disciples with two questions. Who do men say that I am and who do you say that I am and that one is the all important question look at Luke nine verse twenty and he said to them but who do you say that I am and Peter answered and said who the Christ of God in Matthew's translation Christ the Son of the Living God Who do you say that I am and as a spokesperson for the group. Peter declares you are the Christ of God the Christ the Son of the Living God how you and I answer this question will make a difference in where you and I spend eternity or how we spend eternity or the living or the Jesus definitely claim to be God someone has John Chapter fourteen verse one because someone read it for us right over here John Chapter fourteen verse one. Thank you John Chapter ten verse thirty if you would just turn there with me keep your finger here. These are some of the claims that Jesus made and they have to be given consideration. John Chapter ten and verse thirty. John Chapter ten and verse thirty. Jesus said I and my father. One major claim claiming oneness with the Father John Chapter fourteen verse one journey chapter fourteen verse one. Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me. You believe in God believe also in who. This is a call to worship Christ another claim. And can we worship Christ if he's just a man if he's just another prophet a teacher a rabbi. This is a claim to his messiahship that he is one with God every person must answer the question is his claim is Jesus claimed to diety true or false. Either he is Lord. Either he is a liar or he's an outright lunatic. Let me explain if when Jesus made his claims he knew that he was not God that he would be lying. He would be in line but if he was a liar then he also he was a hypocrite because he told others to be honest. Whatever the cost while at the same time he was teaching and living a colossal lie more than that he was evil or deceiver. Because he deliberately told others to trust his. Their eternal destiny with him if he could not back up his claims and knew they were false then he was a deceiver. He would also be a fall because it was this claim one with God that led him to the cross. So he not only be a liar but it also be a fall and a deceiver. If Jesus was a liar a con man and therefore evil and a foolish man then how can we explain the fact that he left the most profound moral instruction and powerful moral example that anyone has ever left on planet Earth. How can we explain it could a deceiver teach such an unselfish ethical truth and live such an exemplary life as Jesus did as a possible. Now if it's inconceivable inconceivable for Jesus to be a liar then could he have thought to. God and have been mistaken. After all it's possible to be sincere and to be wrong. We need to remember for someone to believe he is God Every especially in a culture that is fiercely mana through monotheistic then to tell others that their eternal destiny depends on him reflects the thoughts of a lunatic. So the question is Was Jesus was Jesus a lunatic Christian philosopher. Peter craft. Presents The opinion. He said Jesus has in abundance precisely through those three qualities that liars and lunatics most conspicuously lack number one his practical wisdom his ability to read human hearts number to his deep end winning love his passionate compassion his ability to attract people and make them feel at home and forgiven his authority number three his ability to astonish his unpredictability his creativity lie as he goes on to say liars and lunatics are so dull and predictable. No one who knows both the Gospels and human beings can seriously entertain the possibility that Jesus was a liar or a lunatic or I bad man. So if Jesus is NOT liar and if he's not a lunatic. Then he must be Lord. He must be Lord other self-proclaimed gods and saviors have come upon history stage but Jesus is still here standing head and shoulders above them all the modern historian Arnold Toynbee spent page after page to discussing the exploits of a human history and so-called saviors of society those he tried to prevent those who try to prevent some social calamity and cultural disintegration by heralding the past or predicting the future after covering such individuals for eighty pages in the sixth volume of studying history Tumbi finally comes to Jesus and finds there is no comparison. Listen to his words he says when we first set out on this quest we find ourselves moving in the midst of a mighty. Host. But as we have press forward on our way the march is company by company having falling out of the race. The first a full where the swordsman the next the enemy. The next the futurists the next the philosophers until at length. There was no more human competitors left in the running in the last stage of all our motley host of would be saviors human and divine has dwindled to a single company of want to be gods and now the strain has been testing the staying power of these last remaining root runners not withstanding the superhuman strength at the final ordeal of death he goes on to say few even of these would be savior gods have dared to put their title to the test by plunging into icy river into the icy river and now we stand and gaze without eyes fixed upon the father's shore a single figure rises from the flood and straightway fills the whole horizon there is a savior and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand and he shall see the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied of course quoting a Zion fifty three and referring to Jesus Christ the Savior of the world Jesus is either a liar. He's either a lunatic or he is Lord and we confess and we say here today that he is Lord. There is no doubt about it is he your lord is he your savior is he the Son of God the Son of Man to you Have you invited him into your heart is he truly the Lord of your life or may he be and every day is my prayer. Thank you for joining us for the study again this morning and those that are tuning in thank you as well don't forget to call in for the free offer it's off a number two one five one six. Email us or call us on of a number or the email address on your screen and write and let us know how you are enjoying the programs would love to hear from you God bless and God bless you. I am.


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