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Christ as the Lord of the Sabbath

Chris Buttery
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  • March 28, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Welcome to sacrament essential Seventh Day Adventist Church. Thank you for joining us for central study hour. Wherever you are and however you are joining us we are very very happy that you here. You could have chosen anywhere else anywhere in the world to worship and you decided to be sacrament essential. So welcome our first song this morning is him five seven my face looks. This comes as a request from hope we'll right here in Sacramento California. Let's sing the first and second verse is my face Eat Eat Eat me live to eat you feel uneasy. My next song this morning is him five forty six the Lord is my shepherd. This comes as a request from Jessica Baez in Fair Oaks California. Let's sing the first second and third verse of him five forty six The Lord Is My Shepherd leave you. What a beautiful rendition of this twenty three. If you have a special request at our website just like Jessica did at SAC Central dot org click on the Contact Us link make sure to tell us where you're from and choose any song that is and I have known will be singing with every Sabbath coming. Our next song this morning from a new theme of priesthood and that is him one seventy seven your blood and righteousness. Please leave. These says I believe your precious blood at the mercy seat of God pleads for the captives Liberty was also shed in love for me. Christ our Savior is pleading for us right now and thank God for his blood and for his righteousness that can be ours. Let's pray this morning Heavenly Father we thank you so much for your interest and we thank you for the blood that can cleanse us and I can make us a righteous Lord this morning we ask that you with us as we study and the trait sanctuary penetrate our hearts as we learn about you as Christ in the Lord of the Sabbath. It's morning we ask that your Holy Spirit rest on Pastor Chris as he brings us your holy word. And all these things we ask in your name and our lesson study this morning will be brought to us by Pastor Chris buttery our senior pastor at SAC central church. Thank you very much and good morning good to see you. Beautiful and sunny California. Secretary California and. It was good that we had some rain this last week. It's good to see you this morning and for those that are viewing us we are grateful that you're tuning in as well. Glad you're joining us we want to make sure you call in to receive your free offer to CD or D.V.D. D. version of this presentation and you just need to call him it's often Number two one five one eight and you just need to call him at nine one six four five seven sixty five eleven or e-mail us at C.S.H. at sex. And we'd love to hear from you as well let us know where your viewing from less know how you're enjoying and appreciating the program's just a special shout out to four individuals across this country Carol soup in Oregon who is joining us and Suzanne or Susan in Maine. Mike in Mustang Oklahoma. Gotta love that name of that town right Mustang Mustang Oklahoma and Dennis in Illinois Ledger churning in and viewing here the smaller. And the smaller his lesson is Christ as Lord of the Sabbath we're going to get right into our study here. The Smalling it's Lesson Number five in the Sabbath School Bible study guide and those that are watching and viewing if you don't have a copy of this lesson we want to make sure that you you get a copy of the lesson go to our website sex and click on the C.S.H. banner and it'll take you right to that page and you can just click on the little link there for the for the Sabbath school lesson so make sure you get a copy to to join us. H. each week. Well let's look at how memory takes he has much aptitude those twenty eight and twenty nine and notice what it says this is Jesus speaking he says the Sabbath was made for man and not man the for the Sabbath therefore the Son of Man is Lord also. Of the Sabbath. It's interesting that God didn't make the Sabbath and say you know what I've got a day here I don't know what to do about it it's kind of hanging and floating let me. I've got an idea. Let me make someone to enjoy that you know that's not how it worked. God said He bible says that he made man and then he gave man the Sabbath according to Jesus Sabbath was made for man given to man and as a as a day of rest and a day of relationships a day of ministry and a day of mercy and so that's what we're going to be looking at here this morning Tim with me in your Bibles we're going to be looking at Mark or rather Luke Chapter four. This is a the Gospel According to Luke and we're going to delve into our study over recent years there's been a growing interest in the Sabbath I don't know if you've noticed that. Not long ago Christianity Today featured an article listing the contributors five top books related to the subject of the Sabbath and not too long ago Senator Joe Lieberman who is a Jew wrote a book entitled The gift of rest rediscovering the beauty of the Sabbath and since then there's just been a flurry of books on this particular subject. Now despite the likely reason for this having to do more with the fact that we live in a frazzled and a frenzied world. The Economist featured by the way an article not too long ago and titled Why is everybody so busy. Despite the fact that we live in a frenzy and this is the reason why the Sabbath is probably talked about not necessarily faithfulness to the Creator and His commandments the topic of the Sabbath has nonetheless being given adequate very adequate attention of late and unfortunately however when referring to the Sabbath books written about the Sabbath don't always refer to the seventh day sabbath. It refers to as. The first day of the week of the day most Christians on are or keep in honor of the resurrection of the Gospel According to Luke you remember was written primarily to what audience to the Jew of the Gentiles That's right to the Gentile audience and it's interesting that Luke refers to the Sabbath numerous times as a matter of fact Luke who wrote the gospel according to Luke and the Book of Acts mentions it. Twenty six times in both the seventeen times the Sabbath is mentioned in the book of Luke and nine times in the book of Acts in the in the Gospels in the New Testament the Sabbath is referred to fifty four times and so Luke covers the topic about half half the amount of times as mentioned in the in the Bible. In the Gospel of Matthew and John they speak of the Sabbath nine times and Mark mentions the Sabbath ten times and it's interesting that Luke when he talks about the Sabbath doesn't refer to it as the Jewish Sabbath he doesn't refer to it as the obsolete Sabbath the Sabbath that we don't need to keep the Sabbath that was nailed to the cross he just refers to it as was the Sabbath as if it still is in existence and as if it still we are under under obligation to honor and obey the Sabbath. He doesn't say it's something that. That you don't need to worry about anymore it's just and by the way Luke of course was written well after the Gospel Luke was written well after the cross after Jesus died on the cross and here he is still calling it the Sabbath. Some may suggest that Luke didn't get the memo that the Sabbath was obsolete but I don't think so here on the inspiration. We have Luke referring to the Sabbath as if the Sabbath is still a day to be honored and a day to worship on U.C. So this week's lesson turns us to Jesus as the Lord of the Sabbath how he observed it and how he set an example for us to follow it. I would be looking at the Sabbath as the seventh day of the week. Saturday not as Sunday is as a so popular populate taught and discovering that is one of Heaven's precious gifts to humanity especially for these last days so where on Sundays lesson let's go over there as his custom was Luke chapter four and verse sixteen let's take a look here at what it is and we referred to this story this incident a couple of weeks ago in the third lesson of this quarter's Sabbath school lesson. Let's take a look at Luke Chapter four verse sixteen this is so he speaking of Jesus came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read so about halfway through Jesus' ministry Jesus returns to his hometown of Nazareth and it's the Sabbath on this particular instance and according to Luke's account. Jesus was going to the synagogue as his custom was on the Sabbath day now custom literally according to what was customary to him. That's the original. Of the original Greek according to what was customary to him to Jesus he went in the synagogue on the Sabbath and Luke Chapter twenty two verse thirty nine. Luke records that before he went to the cross of Jesus went to the Mount of Olives as was his custom. That's right. And here is of course a reference to the to Jesus spending time in the Mount of Olives to pray so I hear Jesus is going to the same synagogue on the Sabbath as his custom was he goes to the Mount of Olives as his custom was this is something Jesus retain Lee Did they are matters of worship and the matters of prayer and. This would be more it wasn't his custom to attend church on Sabbath as it was perhaps let's say a person's custom to visit Dairy Queen on Friday or on a Sunday afternoon just. A little family tradition. Jesus. It was his intentional habit to come to church to church on the day of worship so he could worship God He set an example for us and he came to the synagogue literally that just means assembly a place where God's people assembled came together in the church the church is like that today this was the focal point the synagogue was the focal point of the Jewish community and it came about it seems during and just after the Babylonian captivity tradition has it that it was the prophet easy Keil who established the the first synagogue the Jews you understand were dispersed throughout the world and wherever there was ten adult my Jewish males a synagogue was to be erected in that community. The affairs of the synagogue and the community attached to what was under the supervision of a board of elders stand sounds like a church today doesn't it. You know more than any institution the synagogue served to preserve religion and culture and racial consciousness of the Jewish race the synagogue was never a place where sacrifices were awful often that was to be done over at the temple but worship was held there. Each and every Sabbath day. So during the week the synagogue was used as a local law court and as a school. A sensually the synagogue the church was a place for Scriptural instruction and a place for prayer for God's people. I want to show you a couple of verses to take you to a couple of those as someone has for us Luke Chapter thirteen verse ten Luke Chapter thirteen verse ten if we could just see your hand who's got that. OK Laetitia has that back there. Luke Chapter thirteen verse ten ten with me to match up to one verse twenty one just a couple of quick verses before we get to Luke thirteen ten notice what Mark's is talking about Jesus the. Winded into Capernaum that is Jesus and His disciples. This is Mark Chapter one Verse twenty one and they went into Capernaum and straight away on the Sabbath day he entered into the synagogue and taught it was customary of Jesus as we read earlier to go to church on the Sabbath and to worship with like believers over Luke Chapter six verse six and we're going to get to that story in just a little bit but up to six verse six it says and it came to pass also on another Sabbath that he entered into the synagogue and he taught and there was a man whose right hand was with it and we'll talk about that just a little bit. So it's very customary of Jesus to attend church on the Sabbath. Luke Chapter thirteen verse ten. Thanks that's late thirteen very Stan says and he was teaching in one of the synagogue on the Sabbath. You can't get around the fact that Jesus at Thank you can't get around the fact that Jesus attended church on the Sabbath. It was his custom and he set an example for you and for me there is no reason to suggest that Jesus abrogated Jesus changed. The day of worship as his practice was and some would say well he was a Jew what we read there in Mark chapter two verses twenty eight and twenty nine memory text the Sabbath was made for who the Jews know man all mankind it was made for everybody when when did the Sabbath. When was the Sabbath instituted way back when. It wasn't at Sinai. That's right it was that even even before there was sin. There was the Sabbath God created man on the sixth day of man and woman and. On the seventh day he rested he blessed with the seventh day he hallowed it. It was a special day that he set aside for rest and for relationships for for mercy and for ministry and we'll talk more about the blessings and how we can keep the Sabbath as we go along Jesus didn't change anything he was a lot of the Sabbath. He instituted a way back to the Bible says he's the one who made everything and he gave us the. Seventh day to rest on as he rested. So why should we make it our custom to go to church on Sabbath as Jesus went to the synagogue on the Sabbath. Why. Well number one as his followers were inclined to do is Jesus did I meant sure. Jesus said this an example. Peter talks about following in the footsteps of Jesus and we as as followers of Jesus as Christians we are happy to obey the commands of God you see as a matter of fact Leviticus Chapter twenty three in verse three he talks about the Sabbath as being a holy convocation that some folk who wake up Sabbath morning you know Jesus didn't wake up and flip flip the coin to see if it landed on heads or tails to determine whether he was going to go to church on Sabbath morning. Jesus as his custom was got up in flip a coin. He just said I'm going to church. I'm going to worship and I'm going to set an example I'm going to teach and that's what he did and there are some folks who wake up in the morning wondering what do I feel good enough to go to church today I wonder if this is a good day to go is the weather OK outside if some if someone is God If God is going to light a fire under a person to get to church on Sabbath they're probably a little bit of a problem there is in there as as followers of Jesus we want to be in church and we want to worship God and we want to come together. It's a whole a calling to live because twenty three it's a holy convocation. A place where God's people come together in assembly. Another reason is this something about coming together independent family units whether you be a family of one or whether you be a family of two or three or ten doesn't matter independent family you units uniting together in God's house as one family to worship our heavenly Father just something about that you can't replace that yes we ought to spend time in worship with our families we want to spend time in the closet Jesus said praying to him and coming to our father personally but there's something about corporate worship that is done on the seventh day sabbath. Another reason we should. Make it a custom Just because a Sabbath provides a public opportunity to affirm that God is our creator and he's our redeemer we make a public declaration of our faith in Christ and of al fidelity and loyalty to him and then another reason is it gives us an opportunity for fellowship to come together in Hebrews Chapter ten verse twenty four and twenty five. Paul says don't for Sight be assembling of yourselves as as is the habit or the custom of some especially as you see the day approaching come together. He talks about inspiring one another to good works and encouraging one another if a person figured that they could get a blessing on the Sabbath by staying at home and just worshipping at home then God would never have invented the church God invented the church and he calls together his people to come and celebrate the Sabbath to come together and worship him in the church to come together to exhort and encourage one another boy we need that at times don't we. I think I think most of us probably sitting here most of you sitting here work in an environment that probably is a little hostile or indifferent or not conducive to too to your personal spiritual growth and we in that environment all week long God says OK come apart come apart come together and encourage one another when we as you come to church and worship me. Don't just sit in the pew connect with people. During worship you we want to sitting there for sure and you need to God's Word going to be preached be there but don't just run out the door connect with people fellowship invite people over to your home for lunch and get to get connected. That's what the early church did that's why they thrived and how they survived they met in people's homes small group ministry a phenomenal phenomenal thing that grew the early church and it will grow God's church and encourage God's people today meeting in people's homes coming together for corporate worship. That's what the Sabbath is for so as his custom was he went. In the synagogue on the Sabbath day. Let's go to Monday's lesson. Let's take a look Sabbath its meaning and its its message rather and its meaning looked up to for verse seventeen looked up to full of a seventeen notice. Jesus went into the synagogue it was a Sabbath he stood up to read and it was handed the book of the Prophet Isaiah. Now if it were the Pinta chook the first five books of the Bible. It would have been in a scroll with the handles that would have been all scrolled up like this but because it was the prophet. It just had a top handle and it would be be rolled up this way and and caught up and typically the equivalent of a deacon back then in the synagogue would hand this scroll to the speaker the presenter for that day off of what they called the The yacc and after the reading would take it back. So Jesus it says was handed the book of the prophet. And when he opened the book he found the place where it is written and then he began to read from. Chapter sixty one versus one. Through three so folk who attended the local synagogue in Jesus' day basically expected the Word of God to be shared and to be taught. That's why they came to church they came to church to be instructed by the word and to come together for a time of prayer coming to church today on the Sabbath provides each of us the opportunity to hear the Word of God taught and preached. If you're coming to church to hear platitudes philosophy someone just stand up and just just spout off you come and you come in to hear the wrong thing the Word of God is to be preached and to be proclaimed in the church on the Sabbath Jesus stood up to read from the Scriptures and then later he expounded on what he he had read and that's what the teacher or the preacher of that they would actually do on the Sabbath you see this is an opportunity coming together at the church on the Sabbath as an opportunity to get another perspective on Scripture a greater meaning a richer experience from the Word of God God yes will speak to. Each of us as we open the Word of God and we study it together as we study it individually and collectively as a family we will speak to us and we gain rich understanding from our own personal study but sometimes coming together and hearing the Word of God preached opens opens a new perspective on the word that maybe you hadn't thought about God designed for us to come together to hear the Word of God preached he has a real intention in mind to help us and to bless us and to encourage assignment. After all God's people need their minds fortified with the Word of God if I hope to ever be successful in their attempts to. Two or three hoping to be successful against the enemy's devices Psalms one nineteen and verse eleven says your word David. Said this your word God I have hid in my heart that I might not what sin against you. Someone said Sin will keep you from this book but this book will keep you from sin there is power in the Word of God The word that spoke this world and universe into existence is the word that comes to our lives in our hearts and transforms and changes us as power in the Word of God. Let's look at Luke Chapter fourteen eighteen and nineteen let's read what Jesus read that particular day. Jesus said The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he's an ordered me to preach the Gospel to the poor has sent me to heal the broken hearted to proclaim the Liberty excuse me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord Jesus' ministry and by the way later he said this is the scripture was fulfilled in your ears Jesus was saying in essence that that Scripture that was a messianic prophecy. Everyone understood to be a messianic prophecy and that in those days. Jesus said that this day the Scriptures fulfilled in your hearing. I'm the one that the Scripture points to. As you read the rest of the story they weren't too pleased about that and weren't too happy about that but in essence Jesus was declaring his ministry what is Ministry involved and what was that in essence if we were to sum it up in a couple of words to do well. To set the captives free. That was the essence of Jesus' ministry is C. Think about how close his role as Messiah is to the purpose and intention of the Sabbath for just a moment. Someone has E.Q. in chapter twenty verse twelve. OK Mike has that I want you to just turn with me to a couple of verses first. Exodus twenty verse two Exodus twenty verse two. Can anyone tell me what was happening in Exodus twenty. This is where God and now answers and declares right the Ten Commandments. Notice what it says He says I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt and out of lot. The house of bondage. That's right. So before Jesus declares his lawyer he's reminding them that he is the what the Liberator the emancipator right the Deliverer the one who came to set the captives free so before God issues his law and asked for him calls for obedience. He reminds him that he has he's the liberate of the one who set them free you see he has saved them so that they can serve him. That's what Jesus was saying that's what God was saying he saved them for obedience and this is how God always works. Remember what if Asians Chapter two versus a through ten says For by grace you've been saved through faith not of works the same. It's a gift of God and then in verse ten he says for we have been we have been made created we have being so we take a look at it it's not coming to my mind right now it just jumped out of there you have those moments for we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus on to good good what unto good works that's exactly right let me read it because I botched that up here. Go fish in chapter two verse ten for we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them so while we're saved by grace we're saved for obedience was saved for service and that's how God always works dinner on me five fifteen and remember that you were a slave Now this is where God Moses is reiterating the Ten Commandments and he adds a little something special to the Fourth Commandment notice to the enemy five fifteen and remember that you were slaves. You were a slave in the land of Egypt and the Lord your God brought you out from there by a mighty hand and by an outstretched arm. Therefore the Lord commands you to keep the Sabbath day. Some people unfortunately read this and say look I'm not a Jew I wasn't delivered from Egypt so I don't need to keep the Sabbath. We need to remember here that this is only a real capitulation of what God already spoke on Mount Sinai in Exodus Chapter twenty an effort to instill Moses is as is making an effort to instill in the minds of of God's people of his leading in the past and his desire for a whole hearted obedience to die you see. In essence their deliverance from Egypt and this is what God is saying that deliverance from Egypt became another reason for their commitment to God yes God made the Sabbath and God made the world in six days rest of the seventh day you say and in calls for us to worship and remember the Sabbath according to that act back in creation but also because he has liberated us and he has freed us. Chapter twenty verse twelve Mike we're coming to you here we are is equal twenty verse twelve. Moreover I also gave them my Sabbaths to be a sign between them and me that they might know that I am the lord who's saying to finds them powerful that you know this what the Sabbath is a sign of that god does wad sanctifies now the word sanctify just simply means to set the set apart for a holy use God separated that guy. The Sabbath day is not like any day. It's a special day separated and he said this is a special day and there's certain things I want to do the certain things I don't want you to do either on this special day that the Sabbath is a reminder it's a sign that God not only made this world made you and I but it's also a sign that he is the recreate or a via lives our Savior over in Romans Chapter six verse sixteen to eighteen. Paul said Do you not know to whom you present yourselves slaves to a bay you are that one slave whom you are by whether sin leading to death or of a beatings leading to righteousness. But God be thanked that through though you were slaves of sin. Yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered and having been set free from sin we become slaves to righteousness Jesus set us free from sin Amen. And he calls for us to serve Him with all of our hearts and to obey Him The Sabbath is a sign that God wants to and reminds us of his ability to recreate each of us into the image of God Remember some fifty one verse ten what did David pray he had sinned against God he was confessing to God His great sin and he said Corey ate in me a clean heart oh god renewing me a right spirit of the Sabbath days a blessing isn't it. It certainly is as I fifty eight versus thirteen and fourteen God declares there to his people take your foot off the Sabbath declare the Sabbath I delight holy of the Lord and what honorable and then he says if you keep the Sabbath holy you are cause you to write upon the high places of the earth and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken of the Sabbath day is a blessed day should be the highlight of the week for each one of us Amen. There is a question you have a question for us and we're going to come to you if it's related to the question on the bottom of Monday's lesson and the. It says it says there on Mondays listen to how has Sabbath keeping helps you to understand better salvation by faith alone in that we can rest in what Christ has done for us as opposed to seeking to earn our way to heaven that's a good four question isn't it a great for question. The Sabbath day cause us to do was hit the pause button. It's kind of like you're releasing the pressure valve after all that the weekly efforts and work that we're right we're engaged in each each and every day and it's a day where we actually can hit the pause button and trust that everything else global take care of as we rest in Him And as we trust Him with our lives. The Sabbath keeping the Sabbath is not a sign of legalism it's a sign of faith in Jesus Christ. Sometimes it's hard to stop OK Laura got to get this done but now it's a Sabbath OK I'm going to trust in your hand you say. Joe Yet the question. In our last minute says salvation by faith alone. OK Is that true can faith alone save us all right good question. Basically Jesus alone saves us and we know that. Jesus alone saves us he initiated the plan of salvation he came to claim us as his own he died for us he lived suffered and died for us except However without a faith response from us all that Jesus has done and is doing is pointless. So Faith doesn't necessarily save us Jesus does but. God requires a faith response from us remember in Hebrews chapter eleven without faith it is well impossible to please God Why why because we must respond to God's goodness you see in order for what he's done for us and is doing for us to make a difference in our in our very lives. Several times Jesus healed people on hild he'll hold of it healed in. Vigils and he declared to them Go in peace your faith has what made you whole now it wasn't their faith that made them whole it was Jesus that made them whole but without their faith in response to Jesus they want to be made whole when Jesus said Get up take up your bed and walk if they just sat back and said Whoa Lord I believe it but I'm just going to lie here learn a bit longer just to see if I didn't get up and exercise their faith in the next size their muscles then that life giving energy and power would have come to their lives. So yes and no Joel. Yes or no faith faith faith faith in Christ alone saves us faith alone saves us. I guess to a part of your question probably has to do with the obedience aspect of things faith leads us to obedience like we read in aphasia Chapter two verses eight nine. We're saved by grace through faith and then we are created and we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works so we are saved for obedience were not saved by obedience. I will say though. Can a person be saved while they are willingly disobeying can God take to heaven with him someone who intends and insists on disobeying his revealed and express will not while we're not saved by obedience. We can't be saved without it and it's very very important that we understand we come to Christ he sets us free from sin and then instills in our lives the Holy Spirit which leads us into obedience. So we're not saved by faith and obedience was saved by when I say by faith and works were saved by a faith that works as I write. That makes sense I hope that helps some of us here today. Let's go to choose those lesson. Chapter four verses thirty one to thirty seven. Luke Chapter four thirty one to thirty seven. After being rejected by his townsfolk. Jesus with Drew himself and traveled from Nazareth and by the way Nazareth was up in a very high hill about eleven hundred feet above sea level and he traveled down to Capernaum. Which literally goes down two hundred eighty five feet below sea level. He traveled down twenty miles down to the Sea of Galilee and the Bible says that it was his own city and the way he had been ministering earlier and being on the highway from Damascus to Jerusalem and Egypt and on the Mediterranean Sea. It was a terrific affair of travel. Thus making the ministry of Jesus in that area powerful that people wouldn't come in contact with Jesus and then take their encounter with Jesus to wherever they came from across that part of the world and here in in Luke chapter four and verse thirty one to thirty seven that's what it says here that he went down to Capernaum a city of Galilee and was teaching them on what on the Sabbath Jesus in is in there in the synagogues teaching again and they were watt astonished at his teaching for His Word was with was all. That's right they were more they were they were very impressed with what Jesus had to say because he taught as one having off already not with philosophy and not with platitudes and if you have time read desire of ages page two fifty three and two fifty four to understand why they were so impressed in them and with the words of Jesus wasn't that he just spoke the truth but it was a way he spoke is a terrific description in desire of ages but on this particular set on a particular Sabbath. Jesus is confronted by a demon possessed individual notice goes on to say now in the synagogue there was a man who had a spirit of unclean demon and he cried out with a loud voice saying let us alone. What have we to do with you Jesus of Nazareth did you come to destroy us. I know who you are the Holy One of God It's very likely that this individual came pressed into the presence of Jesus to be liberated and freed from him and instead of what he wanted to say coming out of his mouth the demon takes over and says What do you want with us and he confesses the demon confesses that Jesus is the Holy One of God in the presence of all even some perhaps Delta is and it's always Satan's objective to bring. Confusion and just confusion wherever the Word of God is proclaimed and preached and so the devil comes into the midst of the synagogue here declares Jesus to be the incarnate Messiah and right here in this situation we see the great controversy between good and evil between Christ and Satan. We see we see it very clearly the curtain between the UN same and the scene is pulled aside and then we realize in the story that we're no match for Satan's power but in Christ we can be victorious have a someone has forty nine twenty four and twenty five want to read a couple of powerful promises here in the book of Isaiah forty nine twenty four and twenty five he has that right here. OK. We're going to come to you in just a moment the great controversy is very real is it not very real jesus jesus myth the temp to the great tempted in the wilderness and now he's confronted by this demon in this individual again and I think in each of our lives we can probably attest to the fact that sometimes the huddle the the battle wages hot many times we feel the devil pressing in trying to trying to separate us from Christ in His Word and we're holding on and we're clinging on to Christ and we must every time the great controversy is very real and and and but the Lord and that we don't need to succumb to the enemy as I Chapter twenty five twenty seven verse five going to read this before we get to Chapter forty nine twenty seven verse five this is all let him take a hold of my strength that he may make peace with me and he shall make peace with me so Jesus invites us God invites us to to to to hold on to him to take a hold of his strength that we might have peace. Jesus delivered this demoniac this man possessed with with evil spirits and he was at peace. Jesus says take a hold of my strength. As I forty nine versus twenty four and twenty five south pray be taken from the mighty or the lawful captive delivery day. But that is saith the Lord. Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered for I will contend with him that condemned contended with the and I would see the children in the powerful God says I will contend with him that contends with you you don't you don't battle alone. You know what in this alone. Jesus called you to his side you walk with him and he will fight the battle for you you cooperate with him you lead up with him you have faith in Him and His promises a promise is deliverance and victory every time wonderful promises you see now it looks account of the gospel. We have the first recorded Sabbath healing this one that we just read about one of many more to come the one who came to set the captives free the one who gave us the Sabbath a day of rest and peace brings healing and liberation to prisoners of darkness on his holy day as there's a there's a connection between God's ability to free us and his desire to liberate us in the blessings and promises of the Sabbath. Let's go over Wednesday's lesson. Let's talk about the Lord of the Sabbath wherever Luke Chapter six verses one through five we're going to take a look at Christ dealing with the religious leaders over the Sabbath Luke Chapter six verses one through five or read this for us know what happened on the second Sabbath after the first that he went through the growing fields and the disciples pluck the heads of grain and make them rubbing them in their hands and some of the Pharisees said to them Why are you doing what is not lawful to do on the Sabbath. But Jesus answered them and said Have you not even read this what David's did when he was hungry and those who were with him how he went into the house of God took a night the show bread and also gave some to those. With him which is not lawful for any but the priest to eat and he said to them The Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath. That's right you can read this story and its and its account in Matthew Chapter twelve vs one through eight and Mark Chapter two verses twenty three through twenty eight so on another day it would have been fine to rub grains of. Of heads of grain in one's hand and you can you can reference that to Deuteronomy Chapter twenty three verses twenty four and twenty five. But according to rebuild the Cold War tradition to do so on the Sabbath was considered a desecration of the day because you were considered to be reaping and threshing. Just taking a little bit of grain and doing this was considered reaping and threshing if it's funny though did you notice that they're walking through the grain for just Jesus and the disciples and all of us and the Pharisees a day. Where do they come from they were spying on Jesus went on they followed him everywhere trying to trip him up trying to catch him trying to declare that he was not was not the Messiah. This was a part of the mission of these some of these codify traditional laws of the Jews that contain rules and regulations pertaining to religion that were formulated over hundreds of years by the Sanhedrin and famous rabbis the mission our lists of thirty nine primary types of labor prohibited on the Sabbath and then. Each one of those thirty nine prohibitions is given further detail regarding each of those prior prohibitions. Common among them was the Sabbath day's journey. You couldn't travel more than two thousand cubits or just under two thirds of a mile on the Sabbath. It was also considered Sabbath breaking according to the mission to look in a mirror that was hanging on the wall or to even light a candle. However you could actually said light have it have a hen lay an egg sell that egg to a gentile hire a gentile to light that candle for you. It was also unlawful to let me see if I get this expect to write. That's just a fancy way of saying spit. Expect to write on the ground lest a grass blade of grass be irrigated. And it wasn't permissible even to carry a hankie or handkerchief on the Sabbath day what you needed to do was in fact so it to you out a garment right here which then no made up. No longer made a handkerchief but made it a part of your garment to answer this double charge. That Jesus was reaping and threshing on the Sabbath Jesus referred to the story of King Day to David who wasn't. Who was running from soul at that time you can read the story in First Samuel Chapter twenty one. It was all right it was a right to eat dedicated bread of the temple. If it was then it was alright for the disciples to satisfy their hunger on the Sabbath. Someone asked as arrive for me to my toast and poor bowl of cereal on the Sabbath and you go ahead and do that you need to eat I meant you need to do that on the Sabbath That's fine in Matthew's account Jesus reminds the religious leaders of the weekly sabbath offering the priests performed and you can read about that numbers twenty eight nine and ten the sacrifices the offerings that would have worked were offering it required much greater work to perform on the sabbath than any other day of the week and so Jesus refers to this in Matthew chapter twenty eight saying that it's lawful for you to do that more work on the Sabbath as a priest than any other day because that work pointed to the redeeming power of Christ and therefore was in harmony with obedience and the keeping of the Sabbath you say Jesus said I am Lord the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath if you will Lord over something you are your own it your own it is sure you own it and it is yours. Jesus is here declaring that he and he alone has the right to determine what is appropriate to do on the Sabbath. Day. You don't need thirty nine a list of thirty nine rules and regulations to know how to keep the law and then with those thirty nine lists of rules and regulations have them all fleshed out detailed out you see the church also has no right to look load up. On the Sabbath day man made traditions and neither does any institution have the right to transfer the sacredness of the Sabbath to another day even if they feel they doing so with good intentions the Sabbath is the Sabbath you can't change it. It's a memorial of creation Amen. Have you ever thought about trying to change July for Independence Day Can you do it you can do it why because as a link to a historical event the Sabbath can be changed why because it's linked to a historical event the seventh day and the seventh day as the first day is followed by the second is followed by the third the fourth and it's been going on for since the very beginning. No one has lost track of time scientists will tell you that even today different languages of the world expert tell us that Saturday is the Sabbath in in Spanish. It is Sabbath in Romanian it is some but that's right and so different languages of the world declare Saturday to be the Sabbath. We haven't lost or missed anything this the weekly cycle has continued from the very very beginning. However the bible does encourage us when it comes to Sabbath observance that there are certain things that tend to distract us from giving our full attention to the worship of God over the Sabbath. If you look at Exodus and not just give you a few verses when to look at the Exodus Chapter sixteen the story there where God feeds his people with man what does he tell them to do go out every day and pick up what you need for each day but on the sixth day go out and collect for two days that's right. So some folk decided they would collect more on Monday and enough for Tuesday and Wednesday and some of. And then it got spoiled the next day so didn't work and God performed a very special miracle on the. Day of the week. Tell them to collect what you going to collect bake what you going to bake boil what you're going to boil make your food necessary food preparations. So that you can actually keep the Sabbath holy free from distractions and that's the that's the principle here that I think we need to need to keep in mind you don't need to be making something or baking something or spending time in the kitchen slaving away up to tofu all your yeah yeah that's right. Elbows up all the way up to tofu Yeah so. We need to be sure that you know if you can make a preparation for food make it ahead of time if you need to heat it up there's another and there's a microwave it's not not not a problem to be able to do that would only be so stringent and so. Pharisaical about it all. Yes the day is holy and I'm going to give you a couple other verses Exodus Chapter twenty verses eight through eleven God declares a day to be awed holy It's a holy day so it's not just like any other day. It's not a day where you're going to be checking the stock market. Another day you going to be picking up just a secular newspaper a magazine or turning the radio on to listen to the news or whatever it's a holy day and I'm going to do an every day stuff because this is God is not an everyday God this is a holy day and he says you don't want to be working on this on the seventy's. He's given a six days. To do all of that work and then in the in my chapter thirteen we have the principle of not buying or selling Nehemiah was pretty aggressive about not allowing any trading going on out inside or just outside the city of Jerusalem. And so. So we need to need to just forget buying and selling on the Sabbath just leave it off because it's a distraction and then Jesus in Matthew twenty four verse twenty said pray when he's talking about the destruction of Jerusalem talking to his people he said Pray that your Sabbath your flight be not on the Sabbath day. And so Jesus encouraged and and and asked us to pray that we would have to face any particular emergencies over the Sabbath now let's go to Luke Chapter six verses six or eleven and let's read here. The second story now happened on another Sabbath or so that he entered the synagogue and taught and a man was there whose right hand was withered by the way Luke's the only one who records that the right hand was withered telling us that his he had a life of of true inconvenience. If you were right handed in your right hand was withered. If you had problems with your right hand then if was atrophied or paralyzed then you'd have problems. Luke says it was his right hand that he had a problem with so the scribes and Pharisees watched Jesus closely whether he would heal on the Sabbath that they might find an accusation but he knew their thoughts and said to them who had the withered hand arise and stand here and he rose and stood Then Jesus said to them I will ask you one thing is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do evil to save life or to destroy and when he looked around at them. He said to the man stretched out stretch out your hand and he did so in his hand was restored as whole as the other but they were filled with rage and discussed with one another what they might do to Jesus can you imagine the religious leaders upset the Jesus actually said a man free because it was done on the Sabbath amazing amazing story here. The life giver the creator gives this man a new hand by performing a miracle over the Sabbath and he answers the question is a lawful to do good on the Sabbath with a resounding Well yes absolutely. Now we need to qualify what good is now that the religious leaders of that particular day figured that she didn't want to deal with quote any chronic illness she would want to deal with but emergencies potentially you could you could deal with we need to qualify good if there's if someone is on the side of the road and they've got a flat. Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath to help them with their flat tire or made it silent in here isn't it. It should you should help them it is lawful to do odd good someone cause you look my faith my fence needs painting on the Sabbath and IJA come over on the Sabbath he once I Sabbath is I said I need you to come over on Saturday. Since it was a lawful to do kind of fence on the Sabbath. No that's something that could be done later on we're dealing with emergencies necessary cases that need to be taken care of you see. So Jesus said it is lawful to do good on the twenty specific cases of healing mentioned in the Gospels seven or one third of the miracles took place over the Sabbath teaching us that ministering to those who are in need of care falls into full harmony with the spirit of the Sabbath. Let's take a look at a couple of a couple of quick other stories in those days lesson. We're going over the Luke Chapter thirteen versus ten through sixteen and I'm just going to read these stories for us and then summarize Luke thirteen versus ten through sixteen and he was teaching in one of the synagogues on the Sabbath and behold there was a woman who had the spirit of infirmity eighteen years. She had a curvature of the spine and was bent over and could in no way raise her self up and when Jesus said saw her he called her to him and said to her Woman you are loosed from your infirmity and he laid his hand on her and immediately she made she was made straight in or five God but the ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath and he said to the crowd there are six days in which men ought to work therefore come. Therefore come and be healed on them and not on the Sabbath day and the Lord then answered them and said hypocrite does not each one of you on the Sabbath loose his donkey or ox from the stall and lead it away to water it. So what not this woman being a daughter of Abraham whom Satan has bound think of it for eighteen years be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath and Jesus calls them hypocrites because they have more care to water their livestock than to care for and help someone who is in desperate need to jump over to Luke fourteen versus one through six another story now it happened as he went into the house of one of the rules of the Pharisees to eat bread on the Sabbath the Sabbath was a day of hospitality. That they watched him closely and behold there was a certain man before him who had dropsy that was a surplus of fluid in the body tissues and Jesus spake spoke to the lawyers and the Pharisees saying it is lawful to he is a lawful to heal on the Sabbath. But they kept silent. They took him and healed him and took and let him go. Then he answered them saying which of you having a donkey or an ox those fallen into a pit will not immediately pull him out on the Sabbath day and they cannot answer him regarding these things. So Jesus again reveals that it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath by healing the man. And his dismisses them before the meal. Perhaps to save him from the hassles of dealing with the religious hypocrites in asking the Pharisees if they would rescue their ox on the Sabbath Jesus shows what is really in their hearts that the animals were far more worth than were human beings now talking about the ox in the ditch there are some folk who have spent so much time have spent so much time in the ditch that they probably ought to do something about the ox or fill the hole in that ditch. We need to try to remove the distractions that so that we can do something positive for others on the Sabbath day God gives us the Sabbath day as a day of mercy a day of ministry a day of rest and a day of relationships. So my appeal to walk us is so not forget the blessings of the seventh day sabbath What do you say. We want to thank those who've been joining us as well being viewing us. Don't forget to call in or ride in to receive your free offer offer Number two one five one eight call in the number and the email addresses on your screen write to us let us know how you are enjoying the program and thank you for joining us and God bless you.


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