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The Faith of Jesus

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • May 28, 2016
    11:30 AM
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I hope you all have your Bibles with you we are going to be going through the Word of God we're going to study together and I believe we're living in a time where we need to do a lot more studying than simple mere preaching and you will find that God has many things to say to us from his word but how can we benefit from it if we don't have it and therefore I'm hoping that you all have a Bible and if you don't. Maybe you want to raise your hand perhaps I'll sure can look around and if they see that you don't have a viable put one in your hand is there anyone that doesn't have a Bible that needs one so that we can make sure everyone is following anyone. All right OK I see one little friend's hand over there so on this maybe she wasn't raising her hand. All right. I think we're all right we just looked at the Book of John the seventeenth chapter that was our scripture reading and we saw the focus of the mind of Jesus in fact I want to magnify it. We saw in John seventeen in verse four that was a scripture reading that Jesus made it very clear I have glorified the on the earth and I have finished the work which they gave us me to do it is imperative that all of us as Christians are able to say before we depart from this earth. I have finished the work which you gave me to do and those words that Jesus said was not limited to Jesus and the reason I know that is because go with me to the book of second Timothy Chapter four. If you go to second Timothy the fourth chapter you will see that the words of Christ were not limited to Christ. This is the words of what all of God's people should be able to say at some point before our probation closes and so the Bible says in the book of second Timothy we're going to what chapter. We're going to chapter three. I'm sorry chapter four in second Timothy Chapter four. I want you to notice what the Bible says as the Apostle Paul. He's getting ready to go to his death he is getting ready to die Negro has commanded Paul's beheading and Paul is not afraid to die because he knew that he was dead long before Nero's blade ever. Touched his nic Paul surrendered his life to Jesus there's one evangelist that said nobody could kill Paul because Paul was already did and you and I need to understand that principle and so Paul is not afraid to die at this point but Paul does have some words to say and thank God it was contained in Scripture for your encouragement as well as for mine. The Bible says a second Timothy Chapter four and if you there police say and then the Bible says I charge the they are for before God and the Lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom preach the Word be instant in season out of season reprove rebuke exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine for the time will come and I believe that time is here it says for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts shove a heap of themselves teachers having itching ears or ears from the truth and they will but watch the afflictions do the work of an evangelist make full proof of the Ministry for I now Paul is transitioning You see he just told them stand firm stand faithful even in the midst of affliction. He says make full proof of your ministry. He's giving his departing words to those who shall remain behind why is Paul saying this now he tells us in the next verse it says in verse six for I am now ready to be offered he's ready to die. He says for I am now ready to be offered and the time of my departure is at hand and I appreciate the words in verse seven. The apostle Paul says I have fought a good fight and then what does he say he did I have what finished the course that you gave to me you see God gives each and every one of us a work. He gives each and every one of us a course it was not just Jesus who had to work. He had to finish it. It was not just Paul who had to work and he need to finish it every single one of us in this room has a work and God expects you to finish it. The war old loves to start stuff they can't finish and that is very much a worldly principle and Jesus shows the foolishness of it in Luke the fourteenth chapter go to fourteen and watch where Jesus says I want you to think about it. It is the world the world laying and those who are and balance that unfortunately start but don't finish and notice how Jesus uses this term in Luke the fourteenth chapter in Luke the fourteenth chapter notice what the Bible says Luke and we're going to have to fourteen now and I want you to see what the Bible says as we look at Luke fourteen and when you get there police say amen. We're going to start at verse twenty eight and watch the logic in Jesus's vine the Bible says In Luke fourteen Jesus is talking about being a faithful disciple. That's what every single one of you are every single individual who got baptized last week you were not baptized to become members you were a bat ties to become disciples of Jesus and you don't find anywhere in the Bible where Jesus said Go you therefore make members. You don't see that anywhere in Scripture you see go you therefore and make disciples. That's what the Bible says in Matthew twenty eight. That's what it says in Mark sixteen go make disciples. It is possible to have a membership somewhere and never participate in anything that that organization does and that's why God does not want you to have a membership mentality because some people are just happy being members of the church. Why they don't show up they don't participate they do not reflect the things that should be reflected in the lives of those who are part of Gods remnant church. God says don't get stuck on being a member God says I called you to be my disciples and disciples of people who work disciples of people who do not sit down and observe they are people who get their hands dirty and they get involved in the work and so it is that the Bible says and Luke fourteen Jesus is talking about the qualification of. Disciples and he says into fourteen verse twenty eight. He says For which of you intending to build a tower sit if not down first and counted the cost whether he have sufficient to do it to finish it. He says less happily after he have laid the foundation and is not able to finish it all that behold begin to do what you see what a man cannot finish is we're this somebody that's going to sit back and market you understand that God has given every single one of us a work to do and God wants us to understand our work very clearly because when we do not fulfill the work that God woke you up this morning to accomplish my brothers and sisters Satan if not anybody else will sit back and mock God in his face and say look at this you wasted all that breath of life upon these souls and they are not even living not even half to the potential of why you raise them up this morning and Satan loves to mock Jesus He loves to go in his face and say look at your people look at what they're doing this is what you died for but my brothers and sisters God wants us to understand that we all have been called to do a great work. We have individual works. You understand that we all have individual works this individual things that we have been called to do that another person may not be called to do I have been called to be an evangelist that is my calling. Not everybody is called to be an evangelist. There are some people that's going to be called to be teachers this some people is going to be called to be pastors this some that's going to be called to be missionaries these different callings upon each other but there's always one resoundingly point that all of us fit in all of us have been called in some shape form or size. God has called you to do a work and so I believe rather than trying to identify the specific work that God has called you to do now I can help you with that after the meeting you come see me and I will give you some pointers on how. Well you can discover the specific work that God has called you to do that nobody else he's perhaps called to do I'll to I'll show you some points on that but right now I want to give us a foundational work something that whatever work God has called us to do individually. It must always circle back to this work go to the Book of Revelation Chapter ten. It is in Revelation the tenth chapter that the Bible lets us know the great work that God wants to see finished amongst his people and all of us fit under this work regardless of the specific place that God is assigned you at the end of the day all of us wherever our assignment is must fit this work. And it's found in Revelation Chapter ten in Revelation the tenth chapter I am assuming or at least hoping that at some point in your three weeks of evangelism or at least under the leadership of of Pastor chemo or otherwise that you have studied the book of Revelation specifically chapter ten. It is a very foundational book not just a Bible prophecy but specifically this movement the seven administers Revelation ten is replete with showing the movement of Seven Day Adventists in case you did not know that but the Bible says and Revelation it ten chapters says something very special it's found in verse six when the angel came down with one foot on the earth and one foot on the sea and lifted up his hand and swear by him that live forever and ever when the angel did that the angel made a powerful point that you and I would do well to consider so the Bible says in Revelation ten. We're looking at verse six if you there please say amen. The Bible says and Revelation ten in verse six is says and swear by him this is the angel and swear by him that live forever and ever who created Heaven in the things that they are and are and the earth and the things that they are in are and the sea and the things which are there in that there should be what no longer. This should be time. No longer now here's your pop quiz students of prophecy. What does this period represent when Angel now says time is no longer this no more profit time. What time period does this mark does anybody know there's anybody no not even one. Question What is the longest proffit time prophecy in the Bible twenty three hundred year prophecy found in Daniel eight fourteen Amen. All right now when that prophecy was fulfilled when was that prophecy fulfilled when it reaches climax at what year eight hundred forty four very good now. Was there any other time prophecy in Scripture. After eight hundred forty four No So when the angel is saying time is now no longer. What time period do you think that is. That obviously has to be right at eight hundred forty four. There's no more time prophecy the last time prophecy has been fulfilled and that's why since one thousand nine hundred four. There has never been or at least should not have been and if anybody comes to you with it they have not been sent by God there should be no more time prophecies. They are no more prophecies. Based on time. If somebody tells you Jesus the close of probation the outpouring of the Holy Spirit if they try to tell you that it's going to happen by two thousand and twenty four two thousand and twenty five. If they try to tell you two thousand and eighteen or two thousand and twenty eight when people start giving timelines of when God has to sooner or later poor out His Spirit probation closes or anything like that we can know that message is not from God There is no more time prophecy. After eight hundred forty four. So therefore when this angel is now saying time is. It's no longer. This is right at the time of eight hundred forty four question. Where was Jesus in eight hundred forty four. Where did he move to he already went to the sanctuary way back in eighty thirty one but he went to the what specific place the most holy place Amen. Now when Jesus went to the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary keep in mind we're looking at verse six time is no longer. We have reset time where Christ has moved from the holy to the most holy place now watch this. What then was God's expectation from his people since October twenty two eighteen forty four verse seven notice what the Bible says the Bible says Revelation ten in verse seven but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound. It says something is going to be finished what was it. It says the mystery of God should be finished. Are you following. So since Jesus moved into the most holy place to do the work of judgment. The focus on the mind of Christ which should be the focus of God's people is that Jesus wanted to see something finished and what was it called The Mystery of God You get the mystery of God and it's amazing because we're in two thousand and sixteen and the mystery still hasn't been finished it still hasn't been finished doesn't mean a long time to see the mystery finished and my brothers and sisters. I can assure you the delay is not God's fault. I can guarantee you that God. Always when he has a work. God believes in finishing the work quickly and so it is that whatever constitutes this mystery is what heaven has been focused on. For all these years. If. We are God's people and if Jesus is the head of the church the head of the body then it should be our focus to say Lord whatever you want finished. Everything that we do in life should be about finishing that thing. And what is the thing that God wants finished the mystery of God So we need to find out what the mystery of God is go to collage in this chapter one when you go to collage is the first chapter you find out what the mystery of God is now watch this Lawson's chapter one in Colossians the first chapter. We discover other verses of course that show it I'm just doing this for time's sake in Colossians chapter one we discover the mystery of God that he wants to see finish cautions one when you get there police say men. Alright in Colossians the first chapter notice what the Bible says as we start at verse twenty three The Bible says and cautions one a verse twenty three. If you continue in the faith grounded in settled and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel I pray that this you experience continue in the faith grounded and settled be not moved now I notice it goes on to say if you continue in the faith grounded and settled and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel which we have heard and which was preached to every creature which is under heaven where Paula made a minister who now rejoice in my sufferings for you and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body sake. Which is the church. Wherefore I am made a minister. According to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you to fulfill the Word of God even though what high even though a mystery which hath been hidden from ages and from generations. But now is made manifest to it Saints verse twenty seven to whom God would make no no what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is what Christ. Sed. In you the hope of glory. Since eight hundred forty four the great focus of God in the judgement is that he wants to see not a partial but a perfect reflection of Christ in you the hope of glory. This is the great work that God wants to see finished now they are specific works that God has called each of you to but this is the foundational work. That must be reflected in your specific work if you are a business man you are to be a reflection of Christ perfectly in your business if you are a school teacher you are to reflect the image of Christ perfectly as a school teacher whatever it is that God has specifically called you in your life you and I need to understand that when everybody says it's OK to steal pencils Jesus does not steal. You probably didn't catch them they are amazing ways of how at work and at business we can easily take a statement like that shalt not steal and we can start stealing will start taking a bunch of stuff from the company and using it for our own individual personal purposes and my brothers and sisters that's not why your company invested in those things you understand that Jesus if he worked at your job he would never take anything that he did not pay for that does not belong to him to be used for his personal use We're talking about the character of Christ perfectly being reflected in any specific area that God has called you to are you following so far all right because we're not even in the. This is. Appetizer this is is just set up to get deeper. All right so God wants us to understand there is a great work to be finished and it is a shameful thing when God gives us a work and we do not finish. Because somebody is going to mock my brothers and sisters the great work that God says all of you must take in your specific lines of work is God says I want the mystery to be finished in you Christ in you the hope of glory Christ in you when you're driving on the highway Christ in you when you're dealing with arrogant obnoxious and rude people Christ in you when there are times you can have to stand and be bold when everything in you wants to be a coward and walk away. You gotta understand Jesus was not listen. Jesus was merciful. But he was not a doormat. Sometimes people need to be reminded of that sometimes people think that Jesus was this man that just threw flowers on everybody after they slapped on the his face. My brothers and sisters I'm here to let you know listen Jesus is merciful God is merciful. But let us never forget that even God says a point and time will come where mercy runs out and judgment will begin. God says I will not hold guiltless those who continue in sin and a time will come where God says. I will visit the iniquity of the fathers. It's his last effort but he does get there sooner or later my brothers and sisters don't take advantage of the love of God Don't play with him. God is not to be mocked and he's not to be played with he's merciful. But do not mistake Also I often heard this in the business world but it is very true in Christianity. There is a statement that says Do not mistake my kindness. Does anybody know how to finish it for weakness. You remember that do not mistake my kindness for weakness. God is gracious my brothers and sisters. He's merciful and he loves he's actually plant in goodness and truth and he. Loves to be kind. But never mistake. God's kindness for weakness. God knows a time can come for any one of us in this room from the preacher all the way to the pew where if we continue to indulge in what we want God says I will have to visit the iniquity of the fathers and I will not hold him guiltless and I pray that that would never fall on a man woman or child and this is why parents let me give this to you very quickly parents police take your leadership with your children. A lot more seriously. A lot of times we think this sometimes with children. We just kind of let them do what they want in church in our homes in school in the store and we let them go ahead in the different areas of disobedience and sometimes we have the nerve to call the queue. And we don't understand that when the day of judgment comes when God has to execute judgement and visit iniquity. Some people think that for some reason God will bypass children that God is just going to get the children to say oh well you're OK let me just go get your parents or somebody else but that's not what the Bible says go to nine if you look at this the key of the ninth chapter look at what the Bible says it's always important to believe the Bible follow the Bible stick with the Bible never follow your own thoughts or opinions you can't trust it. Our hearts are deceitful stick with the Bible the Bible says and as notice what the Bible says Don't ever forget the Saints because sometimes we think surely God would not do that to children. No my brothers and sisters God is very serious So notice what it says in his nine in. The ninth chapter. When you get there please say amen. Watch the text now is E.Q. nine the Bible says and nine starting at verse one it says he cried also in mine ears. In other words there were some abominations that was happening amongst the people of God It is equal eight so now is equal nine is continuing the story from is equal eight and now is that time where God is going to go. Execute judgment. So look at what it says it says he cried Also in my neighbors with a loud voice saying cause them that have charge over the city to draw near even every man with his destroying weapon in his hand and behold six men came from the way of the higher gate which is Elias toward the north and every man. A What kind of weapon is a slaughter weapon in his hand and one man among them was clothed with linen with a writers in koan biocide and they went in and stood beside the brazen altar and the glory of the Lord God of Israel was come upon from the chair of the Watch this. Whereupon he was to the threshold of the house and he called to them and clothes with linen which had the writers in calling biocide and watch what he says in verse four and the Lord said unto him go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst of their O. verse five and to the others he said in mine hearing Go ye after him through the city and smite Now that's a scary word when you see the word Smite is talking about striking is talking about executing judgment. So now it says in verse five and to the others he said in mine hearing Go ye after him through the city and smite Let not your I spare. Neither have you what a pity now watch verse six Who is it that is talking about LET not to I spare neither have pity verse six. It's only what old and young are both maids and children are you following saints and little children and women but come not near any man upon whom is a mark and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house my brothers and sisters listen to me when I understand these words of God and my wife and I we have. For children we have four teenagers in our home seventeen No eighteen and then seventeen sixteen and fifteen and when we have these amount of teenagers in our home some people say Oh Lord have mercy would I feel bad for you and I have to say no no no no no you don't understand these are different teenagers. Praise God they're not perfect no no no I won't I won't say that they are not perfect but I know they are not typical teenagers they are not my children bring my bride and I joyfully when we come home you understand that but that's because we had to understand that listen. Children need a specific training they need to be taught the ways of the Lord. They need to understand the ways of God They need to understand a God wants to finish his mystery in them too and so what that means is that we cannot give even our children common education. We cannot give them status quo Adventism. Everything has to be tested. Everything has to be weighed because Jesus is serious he says I want my work to be finished Jesus means that brothers and sisters all of heaven is waiting on humanity to reflect the lovely image of Jesus as we should as you know God It gave us a message. God gave us a message that can produce this kind of fruit a mystery finish kind of fruit. God gave a message to the church to give to the world that if we understand it and experience it it will bring about the mystery of God being finished. You know that message is the first the second and the third angel's message. God gave it to us if these messages are understood. More importantly if these messages are received within our hearts our brothers and sisters. It will bring about the kind of fruit that even Heaven approves. And this is why that is always to be our focus in everything that we do from our preaching to our teaching to our storytelling to our advocacy what every area of life. Everything must be about the principles contained in the first. The second and the third angels message because that's our focus we get ready get off this planet brothers and sisters I don't know if you understand this world is wicked and it's getting more and more we kid I marvel my wife and I sometime we talk and we actually say Can you imagine you know there was a time when I'm only forty four years old residences I consider myself young and I'm telling you there was a time that the government votes that I'm seeing today. I didn't think I was going to see it in my lifetime when Jesus would say as it was in the days of a lot some Shall it be of the coming of the Son of man and I'm thinking to myself How they going to pull that one off. Do we have to ask anymore that blessid symbol of that rainbow which meant so much to god has now been perverted to the worst and lowest degree. My brothers and sisters we are living in a very very sinful world we're living in a very sinful country we're living in a very sinful time in earth's history and God wants to produce something completely opposite of what we see taking charge all over our planet and God knew I have to give them a message and what God gave he gave the first second and third angels message. You and I should be masters of understanding that our children should be masters at understanding the first second and third angel. When you read that little book that blessid little book great controversy page three sixty six And God said the child preachers. I thought to myself child preachers this in the days of the eight hundred adults were being persecuted for standing for the truth and here it is she talks about these child preachers and I'm thinking child preachers who are these child preachers. So she goes on as she describes them little children that love to play on swings and play in sand and be little boys and little girls but then she makes a statement great great controversy page three sixty six. She makes a statement she says but when the Spirit of God would fall on these little children. She says their tone of voice and their mannerisms changed. She said they would go before adults and youth and they would stand before them and she says repeat the words of John the Revelator and say fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and I said lord there's a some impressive children but then I got the next sentence says these children were as young as six and eight years old can you imagine six eight year olds that are quaint and what the first second and third angels message they know a lot of preach it. They know how to teach it and they know how to live it. This is my job as a parent. This is your job as parents we have to make sure that our precious youth do not just have it in memory but it's being demonstrated in their day to day living and this parents is our life work. And so when I look at those messages I was looking for the experience. Now for time's sake I would encourage you please go to first angel. I often like to give this I'll give it to you I'll give you a little homework. I don't know the next time I'll be back here so I'm on the give you this homework because I think it would prove a tremendous blessing to you I want you to remember this is going to be a homework assignment this is where you got i Pads and little camera phones and take it out on a show you something here. The name of the Bible. The theme of the Bible yes that's it. OK so I want you to watch this when we get to this phase of the study. Oh I'll show you bible studies this here it is OK when you look at the first second and third angel right here the things you need to understand. In other words if you know if you were in my class. You know we have missionaries in New Hampshire if you if you were my class I would make sure that every missionary has to answer these questions when you look at the first angel. There's going to be some things you'll need to define number one. What does it mean to fear God. What does it mean to give glory to him what constitutes the hour of his judgment and what constitutes true worship. These are the key components in the first angels message. These are all the key components when you read Revelation fourteen in verse seven saying with a loud voice Fear God give glory to Him for the obvious judgment is come worship Him that made heaven and earth the sea in the fountains of waters. Those are your four key components. You need to understand all four you need to explain it all with bible know Ellen why you need to know Bible why because the people outside of our church don't understand it and why do they so you need to not explain the Bible's second angel with the second angel's message. Who is Babylon then what does it mean to be fall and fall in third. What does wine represent for what is the wrath of her fornication what is that on even though that is it's called definition of terms when you go through the verses you need to understand each term what does this term mean how does it apply etc Next Thursday with the third angel who is the beast. What is the. The image of the beast. What is the mark of the beast. What does forehead in hand represent what constitutes patients what does St mean what are the commandments of God What is the fate of Jesus. You have to understand all of this don't take it for granted that you know it because I can go into any as the a church and say All right let's repeat the three angels and everybody says Fear God give glory to Him and we're happy because we know how to repeat the message. The question is that Solomon would ask is Do you understand the message you remember Proverbs four and verse seven wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding the question is not did you get it the question is do you understand what you got. That makes a big difference with God. What are the two key things that you need to focus on number one what is the historical context of these messages you have to understand history. You can have to do the thing that most people hate you have to study history you got to pick up Encyclopedia Britannica as you can have to pick up history books the history of the Roman Empire you can have to pick up all these books now and you have to study. So you can know the message that you profess to believe but then after that that's not enough. Not after this. What is the historical context in my mind this is the most crucial part of the study is right here next. Forgive me the there we go right here. What is the practical context of the messages that sit. If you can intelligently answer all of that my brothers and sisters you will cause a host of hell to tremble so it might literally stop putting plans together to try to kill you. And I'm serious because this is what the devil does not want if we understand these messages understand it's historical but also its practical meaning. I'm not just going to talk about the thirteen Joe I'm going to walk in the exterior of the thirteen just message you become a force to be reckoned with. This is what you must teach your children. This is where we educate them because they are going to be God's shining stars in these last moments in our history. You understand. So this is our calling is our work and it is a most serious and solemn work my brothers and sisters. All right now this is bonus this wasn't even in the plan but nevertheless I hope you got your pictures you take that in make this your homework study as a family as brethren and you come together say we're going to go over this. We've got to define everything everywhere I go I always leave when I do trainings we always leave this with the Saints. Start going through a point by point by point you gotta know what you believe. Amen. All right now I'm going to go back to the slide so now going back so when I think about this now let's talk about that thirteen Joe let's talk about that thirteen Joe bringing out some points here. Let's talk about the third angel. When you look at the third angel's message most people think of the mark of the beast is that right. When we obviously went through our revelations series here in our prophecy evangelism series with Brother Daniel I would imagine that he faithfully explained the realities of the crisis that's coming upon our world is that right. We know that there's a crisis coming all the conglomerates a coming together from the church and the state to try to reunite to become a persecuting power to the people of God We are going to see a Sunday law passed in not just our country but in our world and there are many efforts on every area whether it be with the papacy whether we see the movements in the United States. My brother. If you carefully look at Sanders Clinton and even if you just look at the statements that they make the things that the emphasizing and watching how do people respond to it it is getting so incredibly easy to see how we can vote in a Sunday law. It's just getting so easy to see people are so terrified of terrorism that they are willing to violate people's rights just for safety. To tell somebody because you're a Muslim you are not going to be allowed in our country for a period of time. My brothers and sisters that is a violation of what America stands for but why are people doing it because the same We've got to do something when a crisis. Do you see how easy it is to violate constitutional rights for the sake of safety. What if we get another nine eleven the things that we have right now as our rights can disappear like smoke in the air and so this is a very serious solemn time of what we're seeing right now in our history and so when we look at that I know that when we look at Revelation fourteen let's turn there. This is where sometimes a lot of our focus is on duly given Now let's notice that I like using very specific words unduly give it. So let's look at Revelation fourteen. Right when you're in Revelation fourteen watch what it says a verse not because what Jesus is doing. He is busy developing a people to finish his work. What is the work to be finished the mystery of God What is the mystery of God Christ in us the hope of glory so this is the great work that Jesus is focused on now we need to be in harmony with Jesus in this focus but the problem is the world is trying to produce a whole different image a whole different image in humanity. So the message is necessary because the message keeps the people focused you get that. So now looking at the message of Revelation fourteen Look at verse nine when you look at Revelation fourteen in verse nine look at the message. This is the last component of the entire Gospel the everlasting gospel. So it says and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice. If any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation. And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of the torment ascended up forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast in his image and whosoever receive it the mark of his name. Now if you look at that that is all of warning is that right. Was the last time. A warning saved anybody. A warning in and of itself does not save people. If I warn you of fire is coming but if I don't tell you he is the place of safety from the fire. It is useless warning you because all I'm going to do is get you agitated. Yes and that if I say lava is coming. You're going to want to Brother you can come from any angle which angles coming from so that way you can know the best way to make your escape. So it's always imperative that when you give all warning they has to be a place of escape. There has to be a City of Refuge you understand that. This is why the thirteen joules message does not stop at verse eleven. The warning is imperative. But verse twelve is that much more so in verse twelve what does it say verse twelve says here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. So this is what we call the experience of the third angel so verses nine to eleven is the warning verse twelve is the experience and we need both we have to give the warning. But how much the more important we must show people the experience because the experience is your only safety from the warning. We have history of men who gave warnings and died in the midst of the. Josephus records a man you read of the great controversy page thirty eight where demand is going around telling Israel. Hey the words of Jesus is true in Matthew twenty four The Obama Nation a desolation. So the man goes around. Well running warning well to Israel well to Jerusalem. He's literally warning them saying Jerusalem. What Jesus said is now coming to pass. We're surrounded. But the problem is the people rejected the man they started throwing darts at him to quiet him down but eventually that man gets put in prison and he dies under the seat. He warned everybody about the prophet of God says not one Christian died in the siege. But he died in the siege. But not one Christian died in the siege. So was he a Christian but did he give a warning. So is it possible to give a warning and still not be converted. Yes you get that it's not enough to give a warning my brothers and sisters. It's not enough to just intellectually know the message and see warning world warning Hawaii. It's not enough because it's possible to give a warning and not have the right experience that can protect you from what you want to everybody about you understand that. So what God wants is he wants us to give the warning Amen. Oh but how much more important because I want to have the experience what I thought was interesting about this quote is that if you look at it carefully. It's if you see one two three we see three things obviously highlighted so the three fold experience that God wants you and I to have is patients. What else keep the commandments of God and what else faith of Jesus faith of Jesus. This is these are the three things that we need that right now is this if we have this experience. We are fully completely and absolutely protected from the mark of the beast. That's incredible news. If we have this experience. We are fully comply. And absolutely protected from the mark of the beast. No matter how strong the devil comes you will not lose. You will win but you got to have the experience. Are you following. Now one thing I've learned about especially when you study the Bible is things in the Bible are not always in chronological order. If you study scripture you'll see that even go back to Genesis one God completes creation in Genesis one but in Genesis two it starts going into and God for man out of the dust of the ground where he already did that in Genesis one you understand that sometimes when you read the Bible you have to understand things are not always revealed in chronological order. Just because Genesis two in tells us how God formed man out of the he already did that in Genesis one what God is doing is something called repeat and expand you understand that. OK So there are times that things may not always go in chronological order but nevertheless God is teaching us now why is that important do you know that it's actually backwards. How we experience this. The first thing you need is the faith of Jesus and then if you have the faith of Jesus then you can keep God's commandments and if you have the faith of Jesus then you can keep God's commandments and you will endure that's what the word patience means in durance you will endure all the way to the end. So some people will try to get patients first and then try to keep God's commandments and many of us don't even know what the faith of Jesus is. I'm speaking from my own experience. For the longest while. What was my focus as a good ole Seventh Day Adventists keep the commandments. So I'll tell you about keeping commandments. Especially the Sabbath. All you non Sabbath keepers. Shame on you. And I'm ready to blast everybody because they have by learning God's Commandments and I knew nothing about the faith of Jesus and I knew that I was far more impatient then patient. Isn't that amazing. We neglect to try to focus on the one and then none of us even keep the one we focus on right. How many times you try to keep the commandments and failed miserably. You understand that. So what God is a God of order that's low that's that's that's that's what I read in first Corinthians fourteen versus thirty three and in verse forty God is a God of order and he is not the author of confusion. God says My people. I want you to understand that you first need the faith of Jesus. That's where Christianity begins. And as we understand a faith of Jesus we are powered to keep God's commandments. And we are able to endure. Regardless of the trials. So obviously my first study was the faith of Jesus. Now I'm just going to give it to you in snapshot. You can do all whole just on the faith of Jesus is a beautiful study but I want to give you a snapshot what is the fate of Jesus if we ask ourselves the question What is the faith of Jesus let's consider it ready. Let's let's look at Jesus. How about the head. That's where it starts isn't it. You got to look at I'm looking on to Jesus the author and the finish of your faith so never take your eyes off Jesus. Amen never think that prophecy becomes so important that we take our eyes off of Jesus. You're always supposed to see Jesus in prophecy you understand that. OK now what. So when we look at Jesus the faith of Jesus number one. So I look at it by when I watch she's a so the Bible says but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men Jesus came to this world to be God and man's servant and made himself of no reputation Jesus was subservient to his father. Now watch this continuing John. Five in verse thirty Jesus now makes a declaration of his very ministry how he lived his life. The Bible says I could have my own self to how many things I could have my own self do nothing he says I seek not mine all on will but the will of the father that has sent me. So his whole life is completely subservient to the Father. What ever the father wants is what I'm going to do. Are you following continuing watch the Bible says in the two fourteen I must be about my Father's business. None of self all of the Father. Now watch this John eight twenty nine and he that sent me is with me. The Father hath not left me alone for I do always those things that please him I want you to know this is the mind of Christ as He walked on this earth in his servant hood. Now why did Jesus do that why did he have such an incredible surrender to the Father. What was it about life that he was so subservient to the will of the father that he says I do nothing of my own self in other words Jesus is demonstrating and implicate both trust in the Father and every phase of his life. Why does Jesus do this because he says Are you kidding me. Jesus said The Father loves the Son The Father loves the Son and given all things into his hands. You see Jesus knew how to rest in His Father's Love Jesus knew my life is totally surrendered to him and I rest in His love I have complete absolute unadulterated confidence that my father will always do best by me you know what has the because we read in the book of Philippians Chapter three The Bible says and Philippians three verse three. It says we are to have no confidence in the flesh. Do you know that that's our struggle right now we listen to ourselves more than we listen to God we do it. We want to do more than we listen to God and do what he wants us to do. That's what we still stuck on this planet. We got to get to a place that our lives reflect this I can have my own self do nothing. Now could Jesus do anything could he do anything. No listen could Jesus do anything. Jesus was God my brothers and sisters Jesus could do what he wanted what he did was he voluntarily You see you want to understand there's a difference between voluntarily going into something and being yoked and enslaved into something you understand that Jesus was not you then enslaved to take upon himself flesh. Jesus said I love these people too much to let him die I will take on their nature fallen and i will literally suffer their penalty. I will take their sinfulness and I will give them my righteousness. He did all that voluntarily. What made him do it. Love love. Now watch this. So when you look at this this is the life that Jesus wants us to live. This is a snapshot of the faith of Jesus that we must meditate on because I would submit into you that the greatest problem that we have is fully and completely trusting God. I would like to submit unto you that as often as we come to church as lost as often as we have morning and evening worship as often as we participate in various aspects of the church as often as we preach and teach. There are many of us if not all of us in this room. We still don't trust God fully we don't trust him. There are some areas in life where we are just saying Lord I know you care but Lord I know you do. Directing but and we don't have this attitude. I want you to watch this because Jesus is unwavering it's very different from our experience brothers and sisters. He's unwavering there's no phase in his life that he was saying Father what do you want the father say this is what I want Jesus says it is done it's very few people on this planet that live like that and that's why I'm learning as it was in the days of know what this is why there's going to be such a small amount of people see because we must get to the place where we have no confidence in the flesh. Now. Ellen White magnifies this and look at her words she says the faith of Jesus. It is talk of but not understood. What constitutes the faith of Jesus that belongs to the third angels message. Jesus becoming our Sin bearer that he might become our sin pardoning savior. He was treated as we deserve to be treated. He came to our world and took our sins that we might take his righteousness. Now watch this and faith or watch this closing point. And faith in the ability of Christ to save us amply and funnily and. Tiredly is the faith of Jesus. Now my brothers and sisters. You know but this code is deep go to Luke sixteen to in all this quote is the go to Luke sixteen ten watch the verse. When you look at Luke the sixteenth chapter in the tenth verse Now notice what the Bible says Luke sixteen. We're considering verse ten and I want you to watch it and I want you to commit this to memory. In Luke sixteen and verse two. In the Bible says He that is what faithful in that which is what least is faithful also in much but he who is unjust in the least is unjust. Also in much. Now my brothers and sisters here is the point if you and I cannot trust God amply fully and entirely when it comes to where he wants you to live what he wants you to eat how he wants you to dress. What he wants you to put on your face versus what he doesn't want you to put on your face how he wants you to choose your husband and your wife how he wants you to respond to crisis. If we can't learn to trust God and His counsels amply fully and entirely in the lesser trials of life. What in the world makes you think you're going to stand up against the beast power in the greater trials of life the test is not when the Sunday law comes to you my brothers and sisters simply you are being tested right now what is the area in your life where you do not trust God amply fully and entirely because whatever that area is in your personal life that thing has to be overcome before the Sunday law crisis that thing has to be overcome. Are you following. Because there are some areas in our lives right now on much smaller issues that US. Listen with us on the Balkans brothers and sisters some of us are not only for a while when the son in law comes parents some of our children are going to be taken away from us when the Sunday law crisis comes to us some of us are going to be for attend with homelessness. When the sound of a crisis. Comes to us some of us are going to die and brothers and sisters. If we don't learn to trust God amply fully and then tiredly when you've got a problem at your job. When you're trying to buy something that's precious to you and you're thinking to yourself Lord if I lose this thing I don't know if I will follow you anymore. I think I'm a question your existence. If we're already talking like that on much smaller issues my brothers and sisters. We're not ready for the Final Crisis. This is what the third angel's message was supposed to teach us. Trust me God was saying to you trust me it's not about Lord but I saying to your name. God says yes but did you believe the words you say Lord I preach sermons God says yes but do you believe your own message do you really trust me because if you do it's going to be reflected in how you work at your job is going to be reflected in how you behave in your business. Is going to be reflected in how you treat your wife is going to be reflected in how you treat your husband. If you really believe God is going to be reflected in how your children honor father and mother that their days may be long upon the land which the Lord their God has given to them. Our great crisis my brothers and sisters is many of us have not experienced a third angel yet we're not in this experience yet you see when you carefully look at the third angel's message all this trying to do is produce Christ likeness within you. That's always trying to do the faith of Jesus the commandments Jesus says I've kept. Father's Commandments and Jesus was faithful unto death literally Jesus fulfilled. Every dynamic of the third angel you understand that literally is as if I you know we said that faith or Jesus right. And then commandment keepers you see the faith ugly once we fully implicitly trust him. We will keep His Commandments even if they say if you keep the Sabbath you lose your job and you have no way to know how to pay for your house because we have the faith of Jesus because we trust God fully amply and entirely. We will say you can take a job but I'm going to honor God on the keep His commandments you understand that once we have the faith of Jesus. It is so much easier to keep God's commandments. Even in the midst of the greatest trials of life and you know that's going to do. That's going to teach us the final component which is patience which is in durance the word patience literally means and during in the Greek it means enduring and so it is that when you look at it this what the Bible says Matthew ten twenty two and you shall be hated of all men for my name's sake but he that endures to the end shall be see that's patient Saints. So God has sent each and every one of us he's saying listen I want you to experience the third angel since one thousand nine hundred four God says I've been trying to finish the mystery in you. And you guys I've been trying to finish the mystery but of Christ is in me that means the faith of Jesus is the faith of doing lemme know you understand that my faith the faith of Jesus becomes mine. He imputes and imparted on to me and I will trust God like he did and my brothers and sisters. You know the old saying when you go on a long journey. Are we there yet a lot of us are not here yet. And God says maybe that's why I don't let your probation close yet because if we would have died like this we'd be lost. What will God give us that will help us produce holiness. He gives us faith. Amen. What else does he give us Holy Spirit. Amen What else does he give us say again suffering to go to Hebrews twelve. We're about to wind it down. You see in Hebrews twelve there's a very solemn statement. It's found in verse fourteen. Bring out some final points and I'll let you go in Hebrews twelve notice what the Bible says as we consider verse fourteen when you get there just please say amen. The Bible says and he was twelve in verse fourteen it says follow peace with how many men. Follow peace with all men and what else holiness without which How many men. No man shall see the Lord. We must reflect holiness. We must reflect holiness and it's amazing because as I'm studying this morning and I'm meditating on the word and I'm saying Father I don't even know what to tell you people what you want to tell them and God starts putting it together. I ask God like you know was one of the means that you use to produce holiness now same book same chapter. Let's go back to verse five. This is right after the chapter on the hall of faith Hebrews eleven. Now in Hebrews twelve. It would be good to study all the verses but for time's sake I'm just going to start a verse five the Bible says he had forgotten the exhortation which speak it unto you as on to children. My son despise not the how the what of the Lord the chastening of the Lord. That's the disciplines of the Lord the disciplinary actions. It says despise not the chastening of the Lord nor faint. Art would rebuke him now watch this in verse six he says for whom the Lord love if he chasten it and scourge of how many sons every son whom he receives So all of us sooner or later have to go through chastening we've got to go to some of those bitter experiences. They're going to be times that God is going to have to rebuke us let us know you're on the wrong path and I need to get on the right path and he's going to use as his instrument something called chastening disciplinary action but watch this continuing now in verse seven. If you endure chastening look at what God says if you endure chastening God did it with you as with sons for what son is he of whom the father chased and if not but if he be without chase testifies in it where of all are partakers then are ye bastards and not sons verse nine. Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us and we gave them reverence shall we not much rather be in subjection to the Father of spirits and live all and watch verse ten for they are earthly fathers they very rarely for a few days chasing us after their own pleasure. But watch it. Watch the close but he for our profit what's the profit of God's chastening it says but he for our profit that we might be partakers all of us. I think you just found out why sometimes you've got some trials in your life. I think you just discovered why sometimes you going to go through some disciplinary actions in your life you know there are times that we do wrong and God may discipline us. But there are times you may do right and God will allow trials upon us. There's no escape from trials. Second Timothy three in verse twelve says all who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. Sooner or later whether it be God's punishing hand himself because of wrongdoing or even when we're doing right. God might remove his hand and allow Satan to do certain actions designed if we endure it. You read that designed for our good. You see in the book messages to young people Page one seventeen the servant of the Lord says the trials of life are God's workman. Revealing unto us the roughness and impurity of our own characters you see when everything's going great brothers and sisters. We don't really know who we are. It's when things start getting messed up and when things get messed up really bad and we go to God and we say Lord. Where are you what's happening. Are you even pay. Are you playing games with me. They're Christians that talk like this to God Do you really love me is your word to you know maybe those atheists were right. There are people like this all over the church not the world the church and God says you see. God says that Spirit was always in you. But you needed a trial for me to show you you understand that that spirit was always there. We doubted him. We didn't really trust him. We didn't really love him all this worship we do every single Sabbath and here it is with servant of God We don't even. Believe in or trust in God says I couldn't save you like that. And God says so I had to allow some trials in your life. Why because the trials of life are God's workman revealing on to us the roughness and impurity of our own characters. God says you never would have known that character flaw of us if I did not allow this trial and so the Lord allows the trial to come our character quality is now in our face our flaws in our face and God says you see that I need to be the Lamb of God and I need to take that sin away from you let me take that sin away. It is when we understand this we can faithfully say praise God for the ministry of trials are you following. Now we can say praise God for the ministry of trials because the apostle Paul says therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we have access by faith of which we stand and then he makes it clear he says and the trials that come to us he says I think God for these trials because tribulation works patience and patience experience and experience hope and hope make it not a shame because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. Praise God for the name history of trials. It helps us understand when we endure our child's right. Trusting in Him Lord I don't know what's happening right now but you said I love you you see I want to give you a. Promises to close go to Psalms thirty seven. You see when we begin to believe these words Oh my brothers and sisters your life's going to change Psalms thirty seven the Bible says in Psalms the thirty seventh vision. Notice what the Bible says Psalms thirty seven and watch what the text says as we consider verses three to five Psalms thirty seven and we're looking at verses three to five when you get there please say amen. You see the Bible says in Psalms thirty seven starting at verse three The Bible says do what in the Lord says trust in the Lord and do good so shalt thou do well in the land and Verily thou shalt be fed it goes on to say in verse four delight by self. Also in the Lord and He shall do it he will give the the desires of the heart. But notice the prequel. You see we can't get the desires of our hearts until we learn to fix our desires on the Lord delight by self in the Lord and then he will give you the desires of your heart why because all your desires will be in harmony with his desires you understand that and if you want what God wants God has no problem giving you what he wants you understand that that's the qualifier of the verse going on it says in verse five commit die way unto the Lord trust. Also in Him and He shall bring it to pass. God is not a man that he would lie to you when your life is surrendered to Him When you learn. I can't trust myself I still have confidence in my flesh. I'm still the one making some of the rules over my life when we finally learn. I can't do that anymore. My life is not mine anymore as Jesus walked on this earth so shall I walk by his grace and you trust God amply fully and entirely God says it's not only that I'll give you the desires of your heart. Because what it says in Psalms eighty four the Bible says in Psalms eighty fourth Division verses eleven and twelve Psalms eighty four verses eleven and twelve once the heart surrenders we trust him fully the heart is never surrendered to Christ when we still trust in ourselves even a little bit. Have you gotten to that place that you are saying I will put nothing on my body I put nothing on my face I put nothing in my body I will not just live anywhere. I will not just do anything in the name of education and detainment recreation. When you and I get to that place where we can say Lord that I will know and I will own only what you say is what I will do. That's it when you get there peace that passes all understanding and so it is a says the Psalms eighty four eleven and twelve. It says For the Lord God is a son and shield the Lord will give grace and glory and finish the verse with me no good thing will he withhold from them that walk up rightly how many good things. No good thing whatever you want if it's a good thing. God will not withhold it from you if it's really good. You know sometimes we can say good and it's not good as a a five in verse twenty says whoa to them who call evil good and good evil. So there's a lot of confused people today. But when we really understand what's good we can rest when we pursue the things in life job businesses property. Whatever we can rest see Jesus rested in his father's love. We can rest and we can say it is good even the host of hell cannot take it from me if it's good it is good for me even Satan can't take it away. No good thing. Will he withhold from them that was. Uprightly verse twelve all lot of holes the less it is the man that trust in the and therefore what should be our attitude about a lot of the trials and stuff we go through in the day to day living. What should be our new attitude church but brothers and sisters I give you our closing verse for our study for Libyan's chapter four. It is in Philippians chapter four. Here is where God says. Therefore this is the attitude that I want you to have a closing verse. This is God's council closing verse in flippin Chapter Four notice what the Bible says as we consider. Verses six and seven what should be our attitude. Now that we understand these things Bible says in Philippians four starting at verse six Be careful the word careful means anxious. It says Be anxious for how many things. Nothing to be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with what. Thanksgiving. Let your requests be made known unto God and the peace of God which passive all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus my brothers and sisters time is almost finished. Satan and his hosts is gathering his camp they are doing everything possible to make sure that God's people are destroyed and if ever we need the mystery of God the great work in the most holy place to be finished in us which is a reflection of that holy thing. Jesus himself. We need it now and my brothers and sisters the message God has given is the first. Second and Third angels message but that message cannot just be understood it must be received by experience by practicality and so God says listen then since God says you can try to be patient all you want but you will fail. You can try to keep my command as all you want but you will fail if you do not first know what it is to have the faith of Jesus. You must receive Christ your rights isness and he will develop you and he will impart into you and he will build you if you can have faith like he had and when we have the faith of Jesus you will find that you can actually start keeping the commandments of God much better than what we're doing now our whole motive will change. We do it because we love him. We do it because he gave the power to do it and when the trials of life shall come we will be counted amongst the patient and during saints when everybody else will be giving up on the right hand and giving up on the love you have no idea how many preachers that I've seen that are giving up on Jesus. They have found themselves so and trapped and enslaved by their sins and their indulgences. And they don't know how to get a victory over because they don't know the faith of Jesus and as a result of that they get tired of losing and that the while it's easier to give up than keep fighting. I've seen it too many times powerful preachers who start going to stray. My brother says you're going to see startling things remember we're told in Volume five of the testimonies page eighty one we are told many a star that we have admired for their brilliancy will go out in darkness do not fix your eyes on then fix your eyes on Jesus the author. And the finisher of your faith have a question for you how many of us understood the study today that we understand it that we get it. Amen. My brothers and sisters if you know. Lord I don't trust you but I haven't trusted you amply fully and entirely. I haven't braced my trials and I've questioned you. I've questioned your presence. I've questioned your love. I've question maybe even your existence. If you knew you fell into that trap maybe you're in that trap right now and you say in preacher Please pray for me I need help. We all need help. This is a wicked beast within our minds brothers and sisters with the serpent is still saying had God really said my brothers and sisters we got to learn how to shut his voice out. We got to learn how to saturate ourselves so much in the promises of God and then stand back and see the salvation of the Lord. Watch him do what only he can do and he will get all the credit for it. And we will love him and we will worship him in praise and for the remainder of our days. If you know you fell into this trap but by the grace of God You are a little bit more awakened now. And by His grace you going to be a lot more focused that you will make sure the faith of Jesus is yours by His grace. Please stand with me I want to pray with you want to pray with you and I'm very thankful for the message today it's ministered to my own heart. Amen amen. Let's have a word of prayer our loving Father we are so grateful we thank you that we're living in the last moments Lord Time is truly almost finished the race is almost over and as my wife and I were coming up that mountain yesterday and it was those moments where we just felt it was so long and so wearisome and the thought would come in to just give up and just stay seated you encourage us to press on keep going and eventually we got to the top. Father that was such a beautiful object lesson. Reflective of the Christian race we're all in. We're all coming higher and higher on Jacob's Ladder and there are times where we sometimes want to just sit back and rest because it's just too hard but Lord I'm praying that you will give us a fresh dose of courage today that you will help us to understand that he that has begun a good work within us will be the one to perform it until the perfect day teach us to rest in you like Jesus rested in you. Help us Lord to trust you more and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word the Lord we're also grateful that we learn holiness even through chest ties meant forgive us Father for the many times we've complained forgive us for the many times we insulted you and hurt you forgive us Lord for just not trusting you. I read this week in faith and works how there's no greater offense to you than we would when we profess to know you and love you. But we don't trust you please help us all to learn how to trust you to love and experience truly this media was brought to you by audio force. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more sermons Visit W W W audio or.


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