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Emotional Health’s Best Kept Secret

Calvin Kim


Calvin Kim

Co-founder & Director, F5 Challenge



  • May 13, 2016
    4:15 PM
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There's a story that I heard I don't know if it's true or not but there was a preacher who was preaching. And some woman fell asleep and so the preacher said to her husband wake her up because you know preachers don't like that when people fall asleep and the gentleman looked at the preacher he said. You wake her up you put her to sleep so I resonate with that if someone falls asleep you know whose fault it is it's the speaker's fault. So I've come up with an idea someone falls asleep. I think this is going to work really well so in Paul's asleep. I'm going to start clapping and everyone clap with me and I would be looking at the person sleeping when they wake up this is what they'll do. I'm confident they will not fall asleep again. No we won't do that but what I'm going to do is I'm going to try to keep this message moving along because at this hour. It is time that a lot of people start falsely. Now what I'm going to with before I get into the main meat of the topic. I'm going to be real Valmont but I'm going to share a personal story about myself in my own personal struggles I've had with a mental health challenge that I've suffered. Actually it was a mental illness or you could say mental disorder nowadays politically correct like call it mental challenge. I will never forget that Saturday. I started having recurrent thoughts. In my head until then I'd always experience great help these thoughts would not go away and they got worse and they started leaving me to do compulsion. Things that just weren't normal and if I didn't follow through with the compulsions. It would certainly be so I saw health care worker. Then I saw a doctor and I was incredulous the day that my physician looked at me with a very concerned look on his face and he said there is no cure for O.C.D.. But that they can manage this I was shocked. As I can't live like this for the rest of my life. Now there's stereotypes about O.C.D. people main terminal are washing their hands and locking doors I don't have any of those things that comes in a myriad of forms. I'll share later some of the things that I had to struggle with but what happens is when you have a compulsion and it doesn't make any sense you know for someone to have to wash your hands it doesn't make any sense but they're compelled to do it and when they don't get a little driving crazy. So what's the option feel crazy and have been having as idea and then have a panic attack or go and wash your hands. Even if you're doing it over and over and like I mentioned that wasn't that wasn't issues that I went through but so first they put you on one medication then they put you on another medication then they put you on another medication. One morning I woke up with fear just ripping through my body I go see the psychiatry thing is oh we just put you on this medication and sure enough it just takes away the fear. But you know because I'm a dentist I have a drug handbook and I look up these drugs. And I look it up it's a process. It's an anti-psychotic. Great now I'm on an anti-psychotic recites all the cocktail in the buffet Americans they put me on and all the side effects that come with it. My wife that year she was a single mother I was checked out and there's nothing she could do to help me it was hands down the most painful experience of my life. O.C.D. is not a disease that bothers it is a disease that tortures. Dr Nelly just talked about Elijah when he was depressed he wanted to die. See when you have when you have cancer. You have hope to live when you have depression or a mental illness. You don't have hope that's why you would rather die. I wished I had cancer so I could die. I was in a retreat center for about nineteen days and most of the people there had cancers and a lot of these people are getting better with this with this lifestyle program that they had there at all the people there wanted so much to live and I wanted what they had so I could get out of the situation. So I could die in the in the housing that I was with there was a young man with his wife and kids and he was dying of cancer she wanted so much to live here I wished I had what he had then trying to paint a picture for you what it's like for people who have a mental illness. You know be. For I never had this challenge in my own life. I would have looked at someone with a mental illness and I were thought to snap out of it trying to tell someone with a mental illness to snap out of it is like trying to tell someone who is deaf to try and listen just a little bit harder and they might hear it doesn't work that way now. Dentistry already requires detailed attention. Try compound in being a dentist with O.C.D.. Just as an example I would do a filling and it just wasn't right. So what I'm going to do take it out and redo it. The second one my happy with it you know. I'm starting have anxiety build up you know why because I'm going to I'm about to do it again for the third time possibly what I think my sister is thinking this guy's crazy how do the patients feeling maybe a little frustrated by this time maybe how do think I'm feeling like I'm crazy and I know what it doesn't make any sense but otherwise I know I'm going to deal with the anxiety which could turn into a full blown panic attack. I spent much time in prayer crying out to God that year now. I want to share a quote from a book that I really really appreciate called a ministry healing in fact one of the chapters of this book is called Mind Cure. And that's where the name of this conference came from here and what have you read this with me. God never leads his children. Otherwise and they would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning and destroyed the glory of the purpose which they are fulfilling as coworkers with him. I clung on to this promise that truly if I could really see the beginning from the end that I wouldn't choose anyway it didn't make any sense to me you know C.S. Lewis says that God whispers to us in our pleasures and he shouts to us in our pains and believe me the pain was there. And this goes along with something that's very similar in Romans eight twenty eight that most of us profit from or with right that. All things work together for good to them who love the Lord to them who are. Called according to the purpose. I clung to God I just calling to prayer and you know what God sent the right people in my life at the right time. A friend of mine. She her husband was going through health problems himself and he had graduated with me and he was a dentist and he had some issues and she told me that I need to get tested for mercury toxicity. I'm tested for anything someone gives me recognition I'm looking to check it out and so anyways. I went to solve physician a natural path physician I got tested and on one of my test my nerve my mercury level was all the way across the chart. Do you know how much of a relief that was hoping that this could be the problem. It was I had asked somebody for prayer and they had recommended this physician and so I went to saw the fish and he was confident that this was the problem. What was causing my O.C.D. was the toxicity in my body. So he started detoxing me to make a long story short pipe took about six months or so. Going through kill ation and I get my life back. Now. Just at the right time you know God sent the right people to help me because all I could do was just hang on every day living a tortured life a college coach once told me when I was about twenty two he told me you can't understand happiness until you've experienced pain at that age I can comprehend what he was talking about I can now listen this quote by Todd Sivan if one has never faced adversity and witness what down in dumps actually smells like how can the scent of a rose ever truly be appreciated. Are you thankful just to feel normal. I took that for granted I always had great help. I didn't take. Feel I didn't take just feeling normal for something to be thankful for now if I'm having a bad day all I have to do is think back of my experience and everything gets better. I'm just thankful just to feel normal. And the thing is what I ever want to go and express that again no I would never want to experience that or wish that on anybody but having been through it I am thankful for the life lessons that I've learned. As a result of this now. I'm going to share with you just a couple points of why I'm sharing this personal story. One is because there is such a strong stigma about mental illnesses and I want to help to bait testicular and not propagate that stigma and it's only through education and understanding that we can do this why do people with mental illnesses look like they look just like me and they look just like you they look like your family members and your friends and I will submit that I believe now that the stigma is got to be a little bit less and you know why just purely for the ubiquity of the pervasiveness of this nature. I would be surprised if there was a single person in here who they themselves have not struggled in one way or another or they don't have a close family member or friend who's gone through some kind of a mental health disorder. Secondly I want to make a point that because of the title of this presentation. Of this presentation about the secrets of emotional help. It's not it's not about detoxification you might think oh it's about the talking. However I do. I want to underscore that this is achievement modality that is often overlooked or it's not even considered an analogy that I like to use in my office is that you know if you're stepping on a thumb tack. I don't care how much character if you drink or how much charcoal you use or what kind of natural remedies you do or whatever you do if you want to feel better you got to get the thumbtack out of your foot and so proper diagnosis is very key. And you know a lot of times sometimes as we know in medicine today sometimes they're just treating the symptoms but I think the key is if you've got someone that you know that's suffering exhaust and look at all the possible causes of why they may be suffering. Now just a few facts about mental illness. This is an A.B.C. News article one in five Americans has mental illness very rampant three hundred fifty million globally suffer from depression globally depression accounts for forty one percent of all years living with mental or behavioral disorders. Fifteen percent account for those who suffer anxiety. This is a C.N.N. article highlighting the stigma attached to mental illness it reads breaking the taboo is time to talk about mental health. Now there isn't organization called Time to change and they work to try to end mental health discrimination in this what they say in reality nine in ten people tell us that time to change that they faced Sigma and discrimination because of the mental health problem was more over half fifty eight percent say that stigma and discrimination is as bad or as worse than the illness itself. So someone who has a mental health as illness is doubly challenged one there are struggling with the disability and the symptoms of the mental illness second they've got to deal with the stereotypes of the prejudices that result from misconceptions about mental illness as a result both people with mental illness are robbed of the opportunities that define a good quality of life. So you can imagine because of experience that I have been through personally at a young age I greatly value health especially mental health. You know there's a cliche saying everyone knows happy wife happy life right now there's one that my Our friend of my brother and I's here from Miramar he said it this way when the wife is happy the whole world is happy. It goes the same for the brain when the brain is happy. Everything else can be all right. Now now on to the main topic of this presentation which is the titles emotional health best kept secret therapy in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine two hundred thirty thousand students from around the world took a standardized test. It's called A T I M S S trends in International Mathematics and Science Study which evaluates knowledge of math and science. How do you think the students in America did good or bad at bat. Oh come on. OK Now as a whole the U.S. to this ranked eighteenth in science and nineteenth in math. However there is a conspicuous concern consist conspicuous exception. There was once called. Strict that decided to take this test on their own not as a part of the of the rest the United States and their school district to just test ninety seven percent of their eighth graders so not merely just the brightest and best but ninety seven percent of the equator so how do you think they did in science can anyone take a guess that they did very well they got number one in science in the world. How do you think they did in math. Pretty good. They got number six. They got six only behind five Asian countries Singapore Korea Taiwan Hong Kong and Japan. Now you know that stereotype about Asians in their math. Apparently it must be true. Now. Now I can say that because I am asian but I'm pretty average at math. And terrible at computers. Now what is it about the school district in Illinois the Naperville school district two or three that the students of Steve's astonishing results on the international standardized test. Why do you think there is such a statistical outliers. Now these results to me were very fast and any you can read about it in Dr John ratties bestselling book called Spark. He's a clinical psychiatrist at the School of Medicine at Harvard. And he shares about what happened here. OK So things in Naperville got started as things often do equal parts self preservation and idealism there was a peach or their name. Bill Lawler and he had read in a newspaper article that if this was in one thousand nine hundred reporting that the health of you children was declining it said the reason they want healthy was that they weren't very active he says these days everybody knows we have an obesity epidemic but back in the ninety's that kind of an arc was unusual. He thought we had these kids every day shouldn't we be able to affect their help and he thought this is if this is our business we're going bankrupt. Now here he you know he was he had a really. Respectable resume but he kind of felt like he was in a profession that really wasn't respected and he wanted to make a difference. So they did him in a step it took a look at their peak program and they found that you know a lot of the stuff that they did was really not a lot of activity when you played baseball What are you doing most the time standing around. So instead they said let's change the sports into fitness one of things they did was every week each child had to run a mile. How did that how do the kids like that that was received with groans. To give kids that are non athletes get shot at marks they bought these twin airtime bikes and you can pedal on these bikes and get extra credit if you ever had a personal best I mean you know let's just say it took you ten Mr On a mile and you did it faster than you could also. Raise your grade so and they've got this principle called the new P.T. students would be assessed on effort rather than skill. Now she would also hold this conference in the spring time for a lot of P.T. to get together and discuss ideas and have vendors giving out stuff and he got his hands on this newfangled device. Back then which was worth hundreds of dollars which was a heart rate monitor. So he put the heart rate monitor on a student she ran. And then he measured her stats. She was a thing girl in sixth grade not the best not the least bit like when Lawler download her stats he couldn't believe what he found her average heart rate was one hundred eighty seven as an eleven year old her max heart rate would have been roughly two zero nine when she was coming to the finish. She was at about two or seven she was coming up full tilt. He he says he said You gotta be kidding me. Normally I would have gone to that girl and say you need to get your butt in here little lady he was really at that moment that caused dramatic changes in our overall program the heart rate monitors were a springboard for everything I started thinking back to all the kids we must have turned off the exercise because we were able to give them credit. I didn't have an athlete in class who knew how to work as hard as that little girl he realized that being fast didn't necessarily have anything to do with being fit one of his favorite statistics is that only three percent of adult. Go on and continue do the sports that they did when they were younger and so while most of the schools are in favor of cutting down. P.E. time and paid for more academic time because of the. Of that of that act which is called No Child Left Behind what they're doing at the schools they're doing the opposite. Having these kids spend more time. Do you know how many times. How many hours a day. Most kids spend from a screen the last I heard is about six point five hours. That equates to a lot of inactivity with our young people these days so let me just describe to you Dr Reddy when he first visit Naperville and his experience. He was the first time I visited it was just before school let out for the summer but you wouldn't have known that by watching gym class at Madison junior high. There must've been thirty kids jumping around with the sort of energy and enthusiasm you only expect to see at the beginning of the school year lining up to get on the climbing wall arguing about who is going to get to use a new exercise bike attached to a video game monitor running while the on treadmill playing a video game called Dance Dance Revolution where you dance on a control pad they are all wearing heart rate monitors and most important they are all in gauged now you know when you're in school there was always that kid who had answered his pants. You know the ones I was like Can't you sit still while I was that person I could have benefited from being a school like this the essence of what they did was teach fitness not sports the underlying philosophy is that a peak class can be used to strike kids how to monitor maintain their own fitness and help them the lessons they learned will serve them for life. So a nonprofit agency for life. What they do is they hire Lawlor brought in I think about a thousand P. teacher from different schools and they were teaching them what they're doing over here. One such teacher was to McCord from Pennsylvania. Titusville Pennsylvania. He was from this defunct industrial town population about six thousand people in the eighteen hundreds they had an oil well that was huge a successful the oil was coming gone. So did the economy. The median income in that town is like twenty five twenty five thousand dollars sixty percent of town is below the poverty line which I bought a real low income town. McCord cons and he goes back to school and overnight they just start changing their school with support from the administration of people around in fact even less than school time by like ten minutes they can add more time for activity. So what's the result. And I share this so that you see that Naperville was not just some exception. Since the program started in two thousand the standardized test scores of Titusville students have risen from below the state average to seventeen percent above and reading and eighteen percent above it in math equally important are the psychosocial effects McCord has noticed I love this one not a single fistfight among the five hundred fifty junior high kids since two thousand. Do you see that this is not only helping them do well academically but socially as well so I love this little story that I just want to shirk their enjoy this. So the district bootstrap story brought in a prompt a visit from state representatives and even the president of the C.D.C. Centers for Disease Control during watched one such showing tell record let a group pass the junior highs climbing wall. That's kind of cool wouldn't be called they have a climbing wall in your school. If you notice a girl named Stephanie stuck about halfway up. Bookish and a little heavy set. She was on display for everyone to see her fail but as a classmates noticed her struggling. They began cheering go Stephanie. She made it to the top and McCourt spoke to her later she started to cry and couldn't believe the other kids were cheering her on record says she said it helped her pull herself up. What Naperville provides a powerful case study on how aerobics activity can transform not only the body but also the mind. So when the students in Naperville go for a run. They are more prepared to learn of the classes their brains are primed their senses are heightened their focus and mood are improved and they are less fidgety and. And they feel more motivated and invigorated and this also happens to be a wonderful template for reshaping society. Now this connection between exercise and the brain is this just costal. Or just a mere coincidence. As far as studies go Virginia Tech did a study and what they discovered that cutting gym class. Alec and allocating more time for math science and reading did not improve test course as the administrators thought you would but the most telling study comes from the California Department of Education. Over a five year period the C.V. was able to consistently show that students with higher fitness course also have higher test scores. So what's been the result the Naperville school district turned their student body perhaps into one of the most fittest school districts in the nation their obesity rate three percent. You know what the national rate is thirty percent. But what's more stunning is that their program is also turn their students into some of the smartest in the nation and based on some of the stories that sounds like they are socially mentally well adjusted as well so as politicians and pundits sound the alarm about faltering education in the United States about our cities being ill equipped to succeed in today's technology driven economy and if you will stands out as an extra bit of good news. So what allows us to absorb the material is where the revolutionary new science comes into play and I'm going to be sharing about this in addition to prime your state of mind exercise influences learning directly at the cellular level improving the brain's potential to log in and process. New information now due to the sake of time. I'm going to only highlight a few of these different things because there's just so many other things like A.D.H. D.N. hormonal change and all the things that that exercise can have an impact on but learning depression anxiety stress addiction and anti-aging now because I was going through the notes there was just so much stuff I just started cutting out the stuff I'm going to try to keep the scientific stuff is my. Normal as possible so I don't listen to you guys. Now I'm sure most of you guys would agree the the main reasons for why most people exercise is for what one is to lose weight and the other is to shape their muscles in their bodies right. I spent quite a lot of time in the gym and there's mirrors everywhere for that particular reason I find the difference between men and women men. No matter what they look what they when they look in the mirror they like what they see you know women are this the opposite. They may look great they look at the mirror. They're not as happy it seems what they see in the mirror. But that's one of the reasons why people exercise what Dr Bradley says is he tells his patients at the point of exercise is to build a condition the brain building muscles and conditioning the heart and lungs are sensually side effects. So I want to kind of change the way that we think OK now in order to understand how the brain works just you think concepts that you know be familiar with you've probably heard of neuroplasticity It just means that the brain is not rigid like porcelain it's more like Plato. It's like muscle that can be sculpted what neural plasticity means is we first the potential that the brain has to we organize by creating new neural pathways to adapt as it needs now for the better part of the twentieth century scientific dogma held that the brain was hardwired once fully developed in adolescence meaning. We're born with all the neurons we're going to get if you grew up in that if you lived through the eighty's like me. We're told that alcohol kills brain cells and that's all you've got so basically don't drink I'll call. Well guess what brain cells do grow back and by the thousands. This is called neurogenesis and this was discovered accidentally from a very unlikely source and conclusively published only in one thousand nine hundred eighty not too long ago. Cancer patients are sometimes injected with the dye that shows up in proliferating cells so that the spread of disease can be tracked tracked researchers looked at the brains of terminally ill patients who had donated their bodies to science and found that their hippocampus were packed with a die marker proof that neurons were propagating and dividing which is New Genesis with this they form was one of the big. Discoveries in neuroscience. Since then scientific scientists have been scrambling to understand how this new Genesis the curse because this could be the key to discovering the cure for degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Now the newer scientists have discovered that when they have rodents running on a treadmill. It causes New Genesis it causes their brains to grow. So now they've got these little mice running on treadmills do you think they do that because they're interested in exercise. They don't care about exercise. They want to know what causes New Genesis because that's where the money is that OK and I was talking to John Shand who can actually be here tomorrow he's our speaker he's from male clinic he's an oncology study oncology interim head and it's the same thing with cancer are they looking for cures. That's what they're looking for they're not looking for how to prevent cancer. That's not where the money is that it's the same thing. And so the scientists are studying and here's the first here's a solving between learning and new Genesis that came from a study with mice they placed mice in a rodent sized pool with opaque water to the can really see if there was a platform under the water. So the mice have to figure out how to get to the platform as an excuse and really see how well they can remember this from an earlier dip. So they had two sets of two sets of mice one had run all night five five kilometers on a running will the other were in active both groups swim about the same rate but the ones that exercised they made a bee line. They knew where it was while the sedentary mice floundered about when the mice were dissected the active mice had twice as many new stem cells in the hippocampus as the inactive ones. The scientist Gage says there is a significant correlation between the total number of cells and the mouse's ability to perform a complex task and if you block New Genesis mice can't recall information. So what is it that helps us in school. Let's recall. OK. Could it be that the students in Naperville who are doing all this exercise are actually. Having New Genesis going on possible new scientists have discovered that the brain and body are elevated with all kinds of different chemicals. When we move and we exercise. Now and I can bore you with the names of some of these names like insulin like growth factor bascule learner into a little growth factor in growth factor but I want to highlight one in particular it's called B.D.N.F.. This is like Miracle Gro for your brain. It's like fertilizer for our neurons. When early researchers sprinkled this onto neurons on a petri dish. You know these neurons it automatically sprouted new branches producing the same structural growth we are for learning. Can you see how it's like Miracle Gro for the brain brain. Who here could use a more miracle gro for your brain great most of us here. Fantastic German researchers found in a study in two thousand and seven that people were twenty percent faster following exercise than they did before exercise and that the rate of learning correlated directly with levels of B.D.N.F. along with the people with the gene variant variation that robs them of beating that are more likely to have learning deficiencies. So yes one was my favorite time to sit down start reading through everything I can find put this presentation together after I go finish a run. There was a best time because I knew I feel like I can focus and of course knowing this information. I'm like you can sitting here. Neurochemicals or firing in my brain I can focus and I can do my best work. Thomas crook clinical psychologist memory researcher says cardiovascular health is more important than any other single factor in preserving and improving learning and memory. He says you're working on your brain the same time as your heart parents do you want your kids to do well in school get them away from the screens and have them start going out and riding their bikes and make them go for a run. Now this I death and want to highlight depression because it's so ubiquitous and this is a study that was done at the youth university and I love this acronym so. And they stand for standard medical intervention and long term exercise just come pairing. Medicine with exercise. What they did was they had three groups. One group. They just exercised one group took the law for search Elaine a very common antidepressant and the third group took the antidepressant and also actually sized What was the result and all they did was they exercised thirty minutes a day three times a week is that a lot that's not even a lot thirty minutes a day three times a week. The result all three groups showed a significant drop in depression and about half of each group was completely out of the woods in remission. BLUMENTHAL concluded that exercise was as effective as medication. This is as black and white as psychiatry can deliver this should be taught in every medical school driven home with insurance companies and post on the bulletin boards of every nursing home in the country where nearly a fifth of the residents have depression when I was sick. That's what they would do cost me put me on medication would you rather be put on medication or would rather. Exercise and I'm going to explain the science behind this. Now before I get to that the New York Times actually posted the study in two thousand in the New York Times. However it was buried on page fourteen of the health and fitness section. So why is it that exercise is so great for depression. Now most of the drugs that are used in psychiatry today to improve mental health target one of these three new transmitters and you've heard this talked about by Dr Nelly and some of the speakers. Sarah tone and the Open mean nor epinephrine. Most of you have probably heard a story Tony kind of thought of as the happy hormone and know that a lack of it is associated with the pression the class of antidepressants most common use are called S S R A selective serotonin re uptake inhibitor. And what they do is they basically they're used to prevent the reabsorption of serotonin back into the nerve cells. Basically we want so Tony. And so Dr Bradley says going. We should say he tells people going. Ron it's like taking a little bit of Prozac you get so torn in and taking a little bit or Ritalin. You get dopamine. Now when I was sick they kept putting me on different kinds of antidepressants and medications. OK and kept putting them on more and more. But here's the difference when your body creates this. He says it's a good metaphor that running is like taking a bit of Prozac and some relief. But the deeper explanation is that exercise balances these new chance matters along with the rest of new chemicals in the brain because see before they thought maybe it was just a lack of a little neurotransmitter that's causing depression. It's not as simple as that because it's so complex and they're one No a transmitter doesn't elicit just a crisp response. It's a cascade it's a domino effect do you want some physicians trying to figure out. Let's give you a little bit of this let us all of us give you a little bit less dispraise this or would you rather have your body that was created wonderfully and fearfully made to naturally adjust those levels to the level that it's supposed to be yet and that is what exercise does the more we find out about depression we realize it is very complex. OK Now one of things that we all need to know is that toxic stress you wrote the connections in the brain between the billions of nerve cells in chronic depression shrinks certain areas of the brain. But what most people don't know Comverse Lee is that exercise unleashes a cascade of neural chemicals and growth factors. And go back to this life. And growth factors that can reverse this process physically both train the brain's infrastructure. This is another one that just seems to be growing epidemic Lee anxiety. You know as a dentist I get my patient health history forms I look in there and I see the psychiatry treatments depression anxiety that is so rampant today. Anxiety is that emotionally feels like fear. Now when you've been on an airplane and the airplane. Perhaps you get this. If you get that you're momentarily free to feel like that that's normal but when it's over and your brain tells you that everything's OK but you continue to feel fear that is not normal when they person awardees when there is no real threat to the point that they cannot function normally that's an anxiety disorder. Now there are many types of anxiety disorders but one of the things that they all have in common is an irrational dread. Of paralyzing and it can result in a paralyzing feed fear and lead to an unreasonable compulsion for example. Paul to avoid certain places or to avoid spiders or for those who might be agoraphobic fear open places. Now if things aren't continues they can go right into a panic attack. Now I've had a panic attack before as you know because I was sick and I know if someone genuinely had a panic attack by the way this describe it in this is the things that they would say Mike was beating so fast I thought I was going to die or I thought my heart was going to explode. And that's exactly what I what a panic attack feels like now one of the I don't know a lot about O.C.D. but I probably know more than most of you because I read up on as much as they could but with O.C.D. it's a communication breakdown. You know when you when someone has O.C.D. They lock the door normally your brain tells you to lock the door. It's over with the O.C.D. person something is not communicating properly and similar with anxiety. You know your brain tells you should tell you it's OK The fear is past it's nothing to worry about yet your body your memory keep replaying this Kate does anyone remember from Dr Kelly's talk of what happens when you take friends those benzo stands for benzo dies or pains the most common ones like value and Xanax. He mentioned when you take benzo those what what decreases. Anyone remember Gabaa right which is gamma amino acid. So what do you think happens when you exercise moving the body triggers the release of Turkey last known as Gabaa which is the brain's major inhibitory a new chance. Later in the primary target for most of our anti-anxiety medicines. So having normal levels of Gabaa is crucial to stopping at the cellular level the self-fulfilling prophecy things id it interrupts us as a feedback loop within the brain. In addition to that we also know that when we actually as what we get so tone and we are to talk about that right and certain works at nearly every junction of the anxiety circuitry. Now I'm going to skip this study for the sake of time but not only does. Are we producing certain neurochemicals or exercising exercise is a great distraction from anxiety could take your mind off of that it also works to help the sensitize one of the things because it works. One of the things is. Anxiety brings the sympathetic nervous system into effect and so you sent your heart rate and breathing increasing and when that happens anxiety starts going up but what normally happens when you run or do some can exercise. That's a normal part or exercise right. Heart rate goes up and you start breathing and so what you're doing is you're connecting something such as your heart rate your breathing with an exercise that is a positive activity and there's the Associated with something positive then this will help them with things ID And this is something typical that we do as dentists we get patients all time is I have friends here her dentist patients are freaked out because they've had a bad experience and they're afraid of the dentist and by explaining things to them by helping them have an experience that is painless and after they go through a couple visits. Then they become desensitized of that fear and can literally reverse anxiety. Now. Stress is something that everyone here can relate to now when they did these studies with with rats they subjected them to stress. And the what they used for stress was cold water. Those who had been allowed to run before had reacted less to the stress than those that had been in the critters at least the new brain cells created by actually appeared to help them resist stress so. One of the I don't know if it's theory or it's for a fact that one of the things that happens is like our muscles what happens with our muscles when we exercise or muscles they tear and what happens they grow stronger when we exercise their mind that their by products that can damage the cells but under normal circumstances with perm mechanisms leave cells hardier for future challenges and so these stresses are positive stressors. So this is a story that Dr Reddy tells that I really enjoy only because my wife and I recently went through a house remodel I want to know how stressful it is with different people coming to the house all the decisions you have to make and they leave a mess. Every time they come and have the time to doing things wrong. And part of his price because we did you know that to pick the best people possibly but Susan was active then became force to stick around the house for contractors due to a large remodeling job and dealing with all that stress and having to stay home she started drinking a glass of wine for coping. So she became addicted to wine. So she was talking with Dr Reddy they discover that you know she's logic and she likes to jump rope. So they suggested Why don't you have some jump ropes in the house. So whenever she does feel the stress coming on no Should you start skipping rope. Here's what she says and eventually she stashed templates on different floors of her house and she's been able to stop using wine to relieve stress. Even with just those short burst of activity she merely felt more in control like the master of own fate. She also felt a genuine relief less tension or muscles and less distracting activity in our mind she explains it this way I feel like a kind of reboot my mind. Now I'm sorry reboot my brain. Now as a dentist I have no shortage of stress the work of a dentist is not stressful. I think it's very very easy. You know what makes my work stressful. It's interesting characters that come through our door personalities. It's probably like being a waitress probably eighty percent of our customers are wonderful and there's that five percent that can really make things stressful for you and so this is a quote that runs through my mind. Pretty regularly at work. Your only one work. It Away from a good mood. And usually my reaching as soon as I'm done for work I'm going to go join a running group I'm going to go run for six miles from going to hit the pool and start doing laps or go cycling and so it's something they can always remember when you're not feeling well it's only one workout away. Something no one ever regretted you know whenever we get a workout no one had to work and go home and I regret having that work out so it's something I want to encourage everyone. Some of that's going to benefit. Dr Reddy says most people have no idea why exercise makes us feel so good most assume it's because we're burning off for us or reducing muscle tension or boosting endorphins. So listen to this carefully but the real reason we feel so good when we get our blood pumping is that it makes the brain function at its best aunt's addiction I love the story in two thousand and six the New York marathon thirty five thousand people ran all of those thirty five thousand people sixteen were former drug addicts. You know what they all had in common many of them were homeless in Prison Press two when they checked into Odyssey House. A rehab program in New York. They have a running program there called Run for your life and what they've discovered is those who become serious runners stay in treatment about twice as long as an active residence. Because remember with drug addicts What's the key for recovery. Whoever is willing to stay in treatment the longest and so Peter pervade the director of this Odyssey House he says the drug for the addict becomes everything taken away and there is an empty vessel at the core of the body in mind what better way to start filling that vessel than exercise. So it's about replacing a negative habit with the positive habit he strongly believes that exercise can serve as an antidote as a type of inoculation against addiction but now a new biology is just catching up with what prob a has been experiencing for the last twenty years. So most of us all have heard of the runner's high that's why people love to rhyme. And your body starts making these chemicals endorphins and you just feel this euphoric feeling but now what they're also discovering is this class of chemicals called. Endocannabinoid if you look at the word in the middle cannot Ben know it's like cannabis endorphins is to morphine like endocannabinoid. Just a few H. C. the active compound of marijuana. Could you see why running would be so great for people who are coming out of addiction here they're replacing a negative have it with something to do at the same time when they're running their brains are firing and and a can of worms are producing the body that elicit the same effect as a drug dealing pain and producing euphoric feelings along with you do. Endorphins and act as the body's extra strength. ASPER in two thousand and three Georgia Tech University did a study on the effects of exercise on the endocannabinoid system and they had the spit males for fifty minutes. Seventy eighty percent of the maximum heart rate they discovered that the levels of it and of the mind a form of endocannabinoid new chance meter nearly doubled. So all these people at the Odyssey House were drug addicts and we know we've been told that drugs will do what fry your brain and now what are they doing. Unleashing things that will help their brain releasing chemicals and doing things to reboot their brain. Now I saw this quote I just want to add this one I like this I like how when I work really frauds see before I learned all the stuff I and always enjoyed exercising. But when you have of knowledge you know just what it's doing for you it only makes my experience of exercise that much more enjoyable because I know it's doing so many great things for my health. And for my mind. Anti-aging. I'm not into cosmetic surgery or Botox. But I am over forty now and I realize as I get older I'm starting notice those things my hair is thinning out. Hair starts growing in places that used to not grow and can anyone else relate could use an anti-aging in your life and you know are the one things is the caps for chromosomes how. These things that protect our D.N.A. called telomeres and as we get older it's a fact that our telomeres get shorter they discovered with exercise or telomeres actually get longer because this is a proven anti-aging remedy. Here's A.B.C. news articles Alzheimer's disease exercise may reduce senior moments. So Dr Reddy says the point I've tried to make that exercise is the single most powerful tool you have to optimize your brain function is based on evidence I've gathered from hundreds and hundreds of research paper burst. Most of them published only within the past decade for the sake of time I can't talk about all the other stuff that he mentions and that's why I only just highlighted a few of them but I would encourage you to pick up a copy of Dr Reddy's book called Spark. And I think you're just be amazed with all the blessings that exercise can do you know before the eight hundred physicians actually believe that there was a connection between the body and the mind. No two hundred years ago you had sick your sick they might tell you go by the seaside but take some time off and go to a retreat center and you wouldn't you have fresh air last RAS and you start getting better and they know what that all stopped. You know that all stopped with introduction when they discovered bacteria and toxins. Oh so that causes disease so now the focus went there and came to antibiotics and all this but now doctors are trying to discover that there is a real connection between the body and the mind very strong connection. Genetics load the gun. What pulls the trigger. Lifestyle and I just include this one environment because now we live in a toxic environment. It's all around us right. Preservatives toxins Jim Rose heavy metals B.P.'s now add to that list. You can't get away from this one. Why five. It's all around us because most of us have smartphones and so this is an article about the damages of what I find it talks about how it affects solid growth with these ninth graders Danish night crazy express difficulty concentrating after sleeping with their cell phones by their head they perform an experiment a test effect the wife by wireless wife. Ratters on carding press one set of plants was grown in a room. Free of wireless radiation the other group next group net group next to the two routers that released same amount of radiation as a cell phone the result the plants nearest the radiation didn't grow also do you realize brain function. Just as the Danish high school is known as profit conservation scientists have begun to look at the impact of four G. radiation on brain function using M.R.I. technology research performed found that persons exposed to forty radiation had several areas a reduced brain activity. So my point is this is not about trying to sleep without your cell phone next to our head because the stuff is everywhere. We live in a toxic polluted world and we are bombarded from every side. You know the world that we live in now is not the same as two hundred years ago two hundred years ago who everyone most people walked right. Less your world to most people walked if not if you're working you're plowing next to a cow when you're riding on a horse. Now you see these kids with these little hoverboard things. I mean how we got can we get any lazier we just don't walk and we're just plastered in front of a screen and then we've got man made pollutants everywhere. And so the thing is that we have to practically make choices to fortified fortify our minds and our bodies to fight off against these things in our environment that are competing for help us exercise the proactive defense. It's really simple great mind it really comes down to this nutrition rest and exercise. So if you don't remember anything from this presentation I just want to remember this one point in activity shrinks the brain. Depression can shrink certain parts of the brain toxic stressed erodes connections in the brain and conversely exercise unleashes a cascade of neurochemicals and growth factors that can reverse this process physically bolstering the brain's infrastructure and that's what we called it. Joyce actually came with the title of this I thought was a great title because emotional health best kept secret. Everyone knows about exercise but very few people know about how much you can benefit your brain. For those of you who know me you might be like why no Calvin he's not that smart to that my defenses. Just imagine if I didn't exercise as much as I would wear what I'd be. Now if you're struggling with any issues of the mind I'd encourage you to give. Exercise a fair shot. They may get benefits are you going to it's able to make you smarter think clearly and feel great and of course the long term benefits are improving health and read juicing the chances of getting to General diseases that affect the mind now hopefully by now you're convinced that exercise is very important for the brain. OK. But this presentation will do you no good unless you start applying these things into your life so I want to switch gears just for the final little bit of time we have and I want to talk just a little bit about actually and I can do a whole presentation on exercise which we don't have time for but just a few things that might help you based on the study by Duke University how much of the exercise thirty minutes how many times a week. Just three. I would say at a minimum if you can exercise that the minimum amount you should exercise. OK but you should exercise. I would recommend it very spur every individual It varies on it varies on your situation. My recommendation based on everything that I've read and my personal experience is five hours a week one hour a day five days a week and I don't put this into perspective for you because most of your think I don't have that kind of time. OK in the week. There's one hundred sixty eight hours. You know how many what percentage of the week is five hours. It's three percent of your total time. If you think how much of your time. Are you in active that ninety seven percent of your time you're not really that active is three percent a huge amount of time to devote to activity. So that's what I would recommend. Now here's a question what is the best exercise. OK let's consider the butterfly swim stroke. One of the most taxing movements in sports the butterfly requires get greater energy and bicycling at forty miles an hour running a ten minute ten minute mile playing competitive basketball or caring for a trip there's Burns huge calorie. Requires huge amount of oxygen and builds up your insurance. It's an amazing exercise. How many people here can do the butterfly. I am very impressed. That is very impressive. OK I swim every week I have and you actually haven't I haven't tried it but if I don't I could do the profile that is very impressive. OK but the majority of the people here cannot do the butterfly. OK So here's the answer to the best exercise. OK. The best answer is whatever you love to do that's going to raise your heart rate that is the best exercise because sustainability is the most important thing it could be the best exercise if you don't do it it's not going to do you any good. So find out what that is if you like to garden great garden but make sure you're doing it and you're raising your heart rate. You gotta do that in order to get the benefits for your brain. Now I think running is one of the best things you can do however not everyone can run and if you cannot then walking is great if you have to walk Here's the best thing walk in intervals walk slow and then walk fast and walk slow so at least you're raising your heart rate and if you're able to walk in the woods. That's a whole nother study but when you walk in the woods there are these volatile organic compounds called fight inside their anti-bacterial at the fungal and increases natural killer cell activity which fights against tumors and cancer. And so I'm going to just kind of skip through the exercise part. Oh another thing is it's great when you exercise if it requires coordination like playing tennis rock climbing because that also exercises your brain versus just Monday and walking on the sidewalk which doesn't really require a lot of concentration to do now. I like this quote Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness because I shared with you my personal experience because I experienced health problems at a young age I can value what I can value this quote. OK but most people I have discovered that knowledge doesn't always equate into action for example people know that smoking causes cancer does that stop them from smoking. No I have patients when they come in for all cash. They want me to do a thorough oral cancer screening why. So they so they know that they don't have cancer or all cancers they can continue to any day and so. My observations tell me that knowledge doesn't always translate into action very wall. We learned yesterday about perseverance and also self-control and not everybody has this right. Daughter one health self-control. They don't all have persistence. This is just a picture that I love. Can you imagine you know when you're seventy four who would you like to be do you want your kids sitting on your lap because you're in a wheelchair or do you want to be running around with your kids with your grandkids. OK so I'm going to share with you just a couple of reasons that compel me I find these to be confounding motivations that help me encourage me to do what I do and keep an active lifestyle of exercise in order to convey this point that I'm trying to make I'm going to tell you a story about my favorite sports hero. Now most of you probably know who he is because you price in a You Tube clip of him now his name is Dick why does anyone know who he is OK There's a few. Now to quote have a son named Rick Rick was born and he had them built that was deprived of oxygen and so he was diagnosed a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy can't walk or talk in a zone now. So for like a decade of his life he's just trapped in a body but he can he can think he knows what's going on and actually I have his book and I have to I'm I'm in the middle almost through with this book and it's just amazing story that Rick shares about his life but anyways. They had a communicating device and he was able to communicate with his father in fact his autobiography is called one letter at a time because you can tap out one letter at a time to communicate. And so he shared with this father that he wanted to participate in the five mile benefit run for a look Ross player who had been paralyzed in an accident it was not the race nor was it the running he would never be able to to that and. Part of this desire it was Rick's compassionate nature desire to help others that motivated him there was one problem though his father was not a runner. He was thirty six years old but great fathers make sacrifices great fathers give up of their time money and physical energy for the sake of giving their children a better life or sometimes merely a smile. Dick may not have been a runner but as a great father his son's request was all the motivation he needed he agreed and pushed his son's wheelchair the full five miles and they finished the race next to last. Look at the smile on that kid's face. What happened next change the course of their life for ever after returning home. Rick typed out. On his computer Dad when I'm running feels like my disability disappears. How do you think a statement like that would make a father feel he has a disabled child who cannot walk or speak and he tells you that when he's running with the aid of a spot in which will try to feel like he's not disabled anymore. Dick immediately took to sacrificing his time and energy selflessly to be able to get that able bodied feeling to a sign after their initial five mile run Dick began running every day with a bag of cement in the wheelchair while Rick was at school unable to train with him now I love this pic because anyone who's ran a marathon or race knows what it feels like my father is just plumb tuckered out from this race and look at that smile on his son's face. Dick was able to improve his fitness so much that even with pushing his son he was able to obtain a personal record of a five K. in seventeen minutes. Only those people who run realize how fast that is for those who run marathons just to give you an idea. It is a dream of any marathoner to run a sub three marathon a marathon another three hours. I think only one percent of marathon runners can do that you know what he ran it with this time. In a wheelchair. He ran it in two hours and forty minutes just to give you an idea what are the Kenyans running the sat there coming out about the two between two or five to ten of the fastest runners in the world two hours and forty pushing his son in a wheelchair. Over the next three and half that Kate's a pair said achievements past. Not only their goals but also everyone's expectations of a father caring towing and pushing his wheelchair bound sign their complement accomplishments as of two thousand and fourteen include eleven hundred eleven hundred versts races including marathons to Athens and triathlons among some of the greatest accomplishments the Boston Marathon alone they ran thirty two times they have done six cool Iron Man's And adding to the list of achievements. One of their greatest challenges is. They started in Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles and they ran a bike all the way across the United States to Boston in one thousand nine hundred two completing a full three thousand seven hundred thirty five miles and forty five days of straight without taking a day off usually when people do that they'll take one day off and they did it nonstop. Neither Rick. Neither Dick who is seventy five or Rick was around fifty three. Are ready to retire yet decore says they said that Rick would be a vegetable he is now in its fifth fifties and they still haven't figured out what kind of a vegetable he is Rick couldn't run without a spotter his father wouldn't compete without a sign because the body and Rick is the heart. This picture is actually I believe a picture when they were going to cross the United States. Now you can see why Dick quote is one of my favorite sports hero. You know if I see Michael Jordan slam dunk you know he can make me smile but he can't make me cry but to quote If you watch any of his videos which most of you probably have you can move a grown man to tears. He is an accomplished insurance athlete doing any of these events so was hard enough and he's carrying the weight of another man. His unselfish devotion to a son. Now they have never broken a record four times Peter distance but they've broken every record for dedication perseverance and commitment. Rick was once asked if you could give us Father one thing. What would it be Rick responded. The thing I'd most like is for my dad to sit in the chair and I would push him for once. Joe Mr Professor communication leadership wrote. Picking up to quote here I saw a man pushing himself to the brink of what is possible with the human body. And for what not for fame. Not for glory. Not for riches but simply for the opportunity to help a sign. Feel free. If only for a few hours at a time so I'm going to ask you this question why does Rick I'm sorry why does Dick do this why. That's right. It's a four letter word for love. That's why you just have to define love more carefully. We cannot do this justice without looking in the Bible to see what the Bible says about love in First Corinthians chapter thirteen Here's what it says it says love seeks not his own that principle says here that I am willing to put your needs your wants your desires your dreams. What you want in front of mind. We are told in John fifteen thirteen Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend. What we find in love is this we lent less sacrifice and focus on others. Love to motivate you to do things that you otherwise cannot do this kind of a selfless demonstration of love is not an isolated instance with the boys but it's ubiquitous. I'll give you a story about one of my patients. She. Her name is Cheryl and she's fifty two and she has a thirty year old daughter with kidney failure. She's on the transplant list they told her mother. You need to quit smoking to be a possible kidney donor. She has smoked since she was fifteen for thirty seven year she couldn't quit smoking but when they told her she tried everything including hypnosis all kinds of try to quit no smoking as soon as she found out that her daughter needed her kidney. She quit like that why because I love. Now I'm going to be real vulnerable I'm going to share the story debated whether I shared a lot of people have this idea that dentists are anti sugar. I grew up with this idea from my parents and then there's are anti sugar. I quickly realized I was twenty five when I. That's a telescope because there was sugar all over the place. Well realizes the important thing is to make sure we brush away the sugar. However when you work in a dental office you've got specialists and labs and people coming by their homes dropping off all these chocolates and candies. And eventually everyone's just munching on it and eventually I just became addicted to sugar. And you know you're addicted between everyone but if you're patient you just kind of revolutionary take a look here at the very no it doesn't this is little special thing in the pleasure center of my brain. I don't know how to explain it but you know I just and you just became and I knew this was not the right thing to do and I had a little drawer in my desk with chocolate so my associates knew that was there too because I look in there and sometimes I'll be gone in there were addicted sugar to just like I was probably but I knew deep down that you know this is not good but you know at a certain period three three friends of mine in a certain given on the time all got cancer. And you know I thought about that and I was like you know they say sugar feeds cancer. I don't know how but the fact is but you know this is not a good thing for me and then I thought about my little girls and my sweet wife. I thought you know what. Yeah this is something I've got to quit and you know what right then it was that simple. Now do I still eat sugar. I still eat sugar but I limit it to more like just after a meal sugar but as far as the eating costly throughout the day all day long once in a while you know there might be might be something I might have it but it's nothing like it was before but what was the motivating factor for me. It was for those that I love that are around me. So here's the point that I'm trying to make here OK. What makes Dick quite so spectacular. First it's his amazing love for sign. He's able to be there for science and he's able to help in Rich's son's life. I want to be like to quote from my loved ones. Do you want to be that way for those people around you. Now let me tell you what that means for you to be like to quote I mean if you've got grandchildren. It means that you can run around and chase them down and you can lift them up and carry them and play Frisbee with their loved ones making you. Man children smile. If you love your grandchildren the best way that you can show them your love for the best gift that you can give to your loved ones is to be healthy to illustrate this point further and we're almost coming to a close. Here's two examples you know a lot of times I've heard people say things like this you know I'm going to join what life has to offer I'm going to what I want. I don't care to exercise you know if I suffer a little at the end who cares. But you know when you get sick you know who really suffers. If the people that you love the most you know how hard have you ever seen a family suffer as someone in their household has cancer in their struggling with the disease. It's not just you that suffer. It's a family around you that really suffers. Also if you have a disease. Do you know who you become a burden to to the most it's not the caretakers it's not the doctors. It's those who are closest to you when I was ill. I was the greatest burden to my wife. I don't want to be a burden to my wife. I don't want to be a burden to my kids. Not now and not when I get older and so those are some of the things that motivate me to want to take care of my health and my emotional well being so that I can show them my love. Now this is a quote that I love. This is also by the same by the same author from the previous quote that says it is in a life of service only that true happiness is found our happiness is tied directly to being a blessing to others and most of us who have lived life a certain amount we realize this from our experience right. When you are sick especially when there's an illness or disease that affects your mental capacity is very difficult to be a service to anybody else you become a slave to your illness you become consumed in occupied by your own pain and suffering. So do you see the connection between exercise and happiness that I'm trying to convey exercise is one of the things that you can participate in to maintain great mental and bodily health and Optimal Health lends itself to allowing you to be a blessing to others and their. And is happiness found so I'd like to end with this Bible text from third John one. Chapter one Verse two we love it I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as I say prosperous is my prayer and wish that each of you would have momentum so that you can be a blessing to others in return experience you have to thank you for your time this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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