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The Voice of Conscience

Marc Swearingen



  • February 19, 2009
    12:00 PM
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good afternoon hope you're enjoying your mind says we have a new devotional law today I like to talk to you about the boys over on the voice of conscience and I'd like to begin by turning to the gospel of John looking at a Bible on your able to turn their let's turn to John chapter and we going to underscore verses twenty seven and twenty eight John chapter ten versus twenty seven twenty eight again were going to be looking at the subject the voice of conscience John chapter ten starting in verse twenty seven the Bible says and these are the words of Jesus Jesus says Mike he here while my voice and I know them and they follow me and I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish neither shall any man pluck them out of my here Jesus basically articulates as we just read it in his sheet and his followers hear his voice and they follow and obey him nice result of hearing the voice of the shepherd in obedience Jesus gives them to give them eternal life and no one will be able to pluck them out of the hand of God that is a tremendous tremendous prompts now as we contemplate this tax we hear Jesus in me Jesus saying that if she hear his voice and this begs the question that we can going from the sad you were hurting the voice of God you know how a lot of people in my Christian travels in my freaking travels and most people that I talk to say that they never heard God 's voice audibly but I do travel around I do talk with people that have in fact says God speaking to the mind through the and I myself have experienced I also fill in this manner of speaking have you ever discern God speaking to you through the thoughts in your mind alone illustrate this point one time I was in a Christian bookstore and I found myself browsing around this CD rack and it was a particular CD on this rack that had JPEG images on and at that particular juncture in my ministry I was in the process of developing PowerPoint sermons for my evangelistic meetings and adding this particular CD had great images on it I used to develop PowerPoint presentation and this CD it was about seventy dollars and it has hundreds of images on it and I knew the balancing my checkbook get a time out to make about eight thousand dollars a year but you want to be a pastor but nevertheless I knew the balancing my checkbook and I thought we know what I can afford this this will benefit my ministry but you know what this came into my mind and I found out it was God speaking my mind through my thoughts don't buy the CD and you know I step back in the self-justification phase that sin will you want to I mean there is so I went ahead and bought the CD and a second CD home it was still wrapped in plastic universality and the thought came in don't take it out and always return but now now now I was in charge and I broke it open check out the CD loaded on the computer everything was hunky-dory like all we know a few weeks later I was eating each after church with the churchmen after launch this check everything you know I want to take a back in my office on the show you what I do for a living I want to say some things I've been doing in ministry and he took me back into his office after lines and he says you know what he said I've been manufacturing these CDs is not reached and I feel impressed by God to donate a CD to help them ministry out go ahead and look and see what I have and guess what CD was enough I I do with me that's right you see and this is so serious brothers and sisters but God wants to be that intimate with us he wants to speak to a true online and guide us every step of the way and there are times in the system sounds absolutely crazy to some maybe but there are times when God will actually speak you last what will happen the Bible says that the voice of the Holy Spirit was jealous things to come one day I was at home I visited the time of my life was living at home because I was I went through some some trials and struggles and as I came back to the Lord and started entering into ministry I was living at home with my parents in Lake City Florida and my youngest sister was living at home with us and my mom and sister had purchased an African pygmy hedgehog like a little porcupine and and and I'm in my room which was adjacent to the live on my computer working on evangelistic sermons and I hear my mom and sister come into the living room and a and I said we get a hey let's take a head talk about endlessly it's an exercise and you know this thought came into my mind that immolated outside to get lose its inequality the neighbors house and a committee get me and want me to change the thing down now not that serious this thought came into my mind that you know lifetimes in two or three or four seconds these thoughts come in and we just dismiss that so I'm typing I hear the door open I did this all that will allow you to have an idea my sister raced up the stairs and all my more frantically are and and I'm making my site you've got to begin I just thought that was the hedgehog and your done floor that time to love the houses are up one block to foundations and safety can actually crawl under these houses and in this hedgehog crawled under this house I crawled to the oblast and all that debris that was in the house I finally thought they had taught me right back but friends these are illustrations as to how God wants to speak to us through the thoughts in our minds the voice of conscience some people have told me that God never speaks to them that they never hear God 's voice but we must realize that the boys is actually the voice of conscience in the mind God 's Holy Spirit has the function of speaking through the fall and this is not necessarily an audible voice again it might just in a moment it might just be a whisper but that's how God wants to speak I have a friend who was driving down a mountain he was in the passenger seat of a Ford Explorer Donna this story he was driving down this mountain it was a very steep mountain and they were going through an error area of this mountain where it was signed since I danger rock wall that he's going through this turn at the point in this journey this thought came into his mind close you are I any dismissed the thought and it came to him again close your and so he thought as I was unaware Damon the second time so right then he closed his eyes and guess what happened a wrong hit the windshield and was glass all over his face cut them up and you know is he did not obey united in line you see in us how serious this is friends and so I ask you this morning as you consider this devotional thought are insensitive to the voice of conscience the Bible is full of examples of God speaking to his people in first Daniel three ten were told that Samuel heard the voice of God and says the Lord when I started here in Joshua chapter five of the first thirteen Joshua heard the voice of God said Lord what saith the Lord and an assortment in Isaiah thirty twenty one and nine years earlier were behind me saying this is the way walking in it when he turned to the right and we can let you see the voice of God driving the mind of the believer in Jesus in fact the Bible even says that God will save those who obey the voice of conscience even though they might not necessarily understand Jesus as you and I might understand that's in Romans two fourteen fifteen but because they are led by God guiding their conscience even though they might not necessarily I understand on like we do they are still living in harmony with the principles of God because they are guided by their conscience very interesting point now here's a question that we need to ask when it comes to the voice of conscience can we trust every thought or expression that comes into my mind putting me in the trust every thought repression no we cannot because there are many different sources of thought and impressions for God is one source the gavel and evil angels can even express our thoughts at times and even our own flesh our own thoughts our own feelings her own emotions at times it influence the way we think and so we have to have some way to decipher and sift through all voices and thoughts that can go online so that we can learn to understand and discern the voice of God now here are some suggestions as to how we can distinguish ultimately we must be students of God 's word because the Bible is really the ultimate standard by which we had access to everything I did not write the laws of the testimony they speak not according to the word there is no light in them the Bible must be the ultimate standard by which we discussed impressions and thoughts in the minds now what about before the situation we don't have time to test about her impression against the word of God how do we distinguish well here are a few suggestions for you first of all if you're in the moment if you're going to your moments in life and you have a thought repression and you're wondering if God is the author of that and you don't have time to take a on time to sit through anything thrilling as I look him in the moment is to decipher whether or not daughter and pricing will lead you to violate the law and command because ultimately if something is a moral issue and I thought her impression comes in your mind that will lead you to violate God 's wrath God 's great standard of morality then you must reject that impression is not the Whitney makes sense right now here's another thought what if something is a nonmoral issue what is not what the thought isn't inherently right or wrong necessarily it's kind of a gray area but you are unsure as to what voice to what impression as far as the origin is it you know what sources impressing you well here is some more thoughts on this I believe that these are situations that we have to learn by experience we have to learn as we grow to understand God sports right now to learn and understand your experience and if the thought or impression moves us to practice self-denial or put the thoughts and feelings of someone else before our own there's a good chance that that impression is of God it calls us to practice self-denial and here's an illustration I say it's not an edit on the tables on the recording of the on the website worked a hate to do the dishes for me I just load it back my wife only reason them is not my favorite light snack is to get elected this is well one morning years ago when I was living at home still with my family before I got married I walked into the kitchen one morning an exception was that the sink was full of dirty dishes and I'm not talking about climate and I think I like this and this impression came into my mind your mother working job in passing that she can handle all the housework herself contribute by doing the dishes for her this morning and got about three seconds of thought like this continue my and I thought okay I love doing dishes as I wiped off the counter took the trash out straighten the cabinets left the floor at the dog and did everything by the additions and you know what I had no piece and so embracing connectivity really should do those all but I didn't want to because it crossed my well right but again it was asking me to put the thoughts and feelings and needs of others before myself so I did the dishes begrudgingly the next morning I get up walked into the kitchen yes a sink full of dishes again I'm how with to this day am wondering how a family of reporting dirty so many dishes in a 24-hour period but I have this big huge pile of dishes again and again impressing came do the dishes for you mall but Lord I don't like to but again it was called self-denial and so I went ahead and did the dishes in the third morning this is amazing the third morning around the same thing happened fishes of Canada and God called me to self-denial and so I did this is an and back on the third morning my mother came out she had innovative late because you'd been working two jobs and she came out she was little I know he's innocent notice that you been doing the dishes Lessig is really appreciate that we help you dry so we had a wonderful conversation on the third day in and see my mother and I can know something about our history my mother and I were very close growing up and when I want to college and did my own thing we cannot separate them never kept very to that point and then not supernaturally through the series of events brought us back together as a family and we were reacquainting a relationship and and use that third morning for us to really have a wonderful discussion to get back to our relationship used to being so God was able to use that to see that as an example of how God 's voice might not be inherently right around me is not a moral issue for me not to do this is as it is commanded us is accepted this is right but yet in that situation was calling for self-denying and that's one way to understand whether or not an impression might be from God now another question that's come up about considering God 's voice on a hindrances to hearing God 's voice on their possible voice bloggers out there that would kind interfere with our ability to hear the voice of God one yes there are many mentioned to you about for those number one is a fast-paced lifestyle being too busy and always stressed and your commitments as far as I think every one of us understand what it means to be so busy that we do not take time for God and do not have time to reflect and spend a quiet moment with God to understand and learn to hear his voice on the willingness that the majority of people in this run including the speaker and serious commitments on time it's hard at times to be in the comeback and rest a while and learn to connect the two the dizziness of life is one thing that can prohibit us from hearing God 's voice the second thing is letter little or no quiet devotional time with God is a question to consider this morning for this afternoon are you spending time with God every morning or as your schedule will allow any friends listen we need that time with God we will not understand the Bible and we will not understand to learn how to discern God 's voice if you are not spending time with God we need that quiet time with God our higher spiritual experience is stated upon our connection with God in the devotional closets of his and yet how many of us really spend the time necessary to understand spiritual things like we should I would encourage you today to really get back to that devotional time because that will help you not just to be a more spiritual person but it will also help me to understand the voice of conscience another voice Walker could be a refusal to surrender to God in certain areas of your life Jerry said is a voice block if God is calling for surrender in a certain area and we are resisting him and we are trying to play him off that can also throw in that it are the ability to discern God speaking to the Ma and we must come to the point where we yield and relinquish that to clear the king 's highway so to speak at a very important principle to understand finally repeated violations of conscience can also be a voice blocker in other words we we know the duty that God is calling us to but we be resisted over time to the point we harm our conscience it's not tender like it should be because we seared it with a hot iron as the Bible says some of you may even understand and play the guitar and when you first pick up that guitar your finger as for your but after allowing callous because you have used the holding of the Springs was the same thing in them I keep on our conscience tender brothers and sisters to discern God 's voice but if we violate our conscience with impunity over time within a callous ourselves and what it would basically all arts are spiritual radar in Soweto learn to dictate the yield and to live in harmony with our conscience as God leads it and ultimately our conscience as Martin Luther said his captain to the word of God but we've got to be more sensitive to God 's voice was a time when I was housesitting for some friends in Live Oak Florida they left him for the weekend and I was house sitting for them at the time I was single and he told me look you have free reign in the refrigerator can be a laundry bring a computer and work on your ministry and the whole nine yards but I will be back on this night probably in the evening and you know that morning I got up and I was running around the house in my pajamas doing some laundry is real early and you know this thought came into my mind get dressed and I deny I can figure out what we know what it's in the morning and on and on get back to see in the thought came back get dressed and so I got dressed people pulled up in thirty minutes able these the time I is administered as a pastor as an evangelist I wanted you they had small children I wanted I was I was trying to develop a situation where I practiced Christian modesty so that people would respect my position as a fast and it would've been a very embarrassing situation had they come home with a small children seen the pastor in his pajamas even though there was nothing a modest about it the point is that I believe that we need to to foster an environment where people respect us both a lot of times ministers don't stand for anything and when people don't respect those types of pastors but but at least ministers of the respect I think we should do what we can to garner respect in that situation I wanted to do that press me to get dressed he seemed that is how you may not want to be with us he wants us to be so sensitive the holy influences that the lightest whisper Jesus will move our souls and we must remember that the brain nerves and the mine I believe I had a way of communicating with us and affecting our inmost life that you may not even believe in God you may be just considering Christianity but what you need to understand is is that God will even speak to you through your reserve a personal and intimate God who desires to be selling thoughts with us that he will speak his mysteries to a personal but the problem is we better slow down and be still and know that God is not no I'm here to tell your friends that there are times when I have not listened to God 's voice as I should have an out and out had bitter experiences as a result of it not three months before my son was born I was driving out one day runs Americans and I had to make a phone call to a friend of mine whose name was Jason in my phone Rolodex I had like three or four Jason 's one of which was my younger brother Jason and I accidentally called my brother Jason instead of one of my other friends Jason and I got my brother on the phone and he actually answered his phone he was a tough guy to get a hold up but I got him on the phone and he said hello and I say this is Marcus at all judgments are called around as an author case and how you know several am good at giving my mind you know what talk to you and talk to want to talk to them see how you doing you live in the drive ahead of you get time talk to PC I felt so rushed at at my checklist that I had to get done my errands I had to get Dennis and you know it is not to make another call to McCoy some of the time we'll talk his ideas show up the phone five days after my son was born my wife and I came home from the hospital because my son had to stay in the hospital for five days get jaundice and some of the things so we drove home got home by six o'clock in the evening and at nine o'clock at night my younger sister called me and told me that my brother had committed suicide and you know what I hadn't talked to him except in that last phone call I just told you about now could I prevented what happened I don't know about say right now that was a bitter pill and I'm wrestled with the fun over the because my mother had called me months before and said that my brother and him but when my brother was involved in the occult and he was an alcoholic and into drugs he lost his job and he got an early retirement after you lost his job and blew several thousand dollars and just really had a tough time in life and he was just really struggling and my mom told me that he had called her and said you know what I am just really sick and tired of being in charge of my life if if I called Mark we talk to me about Christianity my mom told in the city I just have him call me we never got a chance to have a conversation that day what that was a critical friends and I wrestled with God and anything that came to my mind after I wrestled about over that one was is that look I have to learn to listen to the voice of God and at the same time you want just immature my brother 's case what would a loving God not saying to my brother will be in heaven necessarily but I'm not to be so quick to put them in hell either because I know that God knows the heart and God alone is sufficient to judge every case is on the leave him in the hands of a loving Creator I hope to see them one day by the grace of God and for those of you have my book on Daniel eleven you see the dedication of that book is to my brother whom I hope to see when Jesus comes again by the grace of God but again God will judge him but the point is that God spoke to my mind and you see every time God speaks my mind we have an opportunity brothers and sisters because the more we yield to God 's voice and the more we learn to discern God 's voice the easier it becomes to a bad because they were creating I have it but if we disregard that boys and process that boys and and and just rebut that voice when it comes in we create a habit in the opposite direction of resistance and the Bible calls resisting the voice of God a form of witchcraft per Santa fifteen twenty two and twenty three Samuel Rubin rebukes King Saul talks about how he disregarded the voice of the Lord and his stubbornness was as witchcraft and idolatry of friends on here to encourage you today please learn to understand God 's voice because he will talk to you personally not necessarily audibly but again through your thoughts close with one final illustration I was at Clearwater doing evangelistic series years ago and I came early to the evangelistic meeting one night you just get my thoughts together and make sure that all the things were in order and what was interesting is this church member came up to me said Pastor Mark God will be up at three a.m. and so the figure you and then he handed me some money and I look at this document if it was a fifty dollar bill had a twenty nine don't quote me on the amount but all I thought was his mercy this thing is hot off the press and it was Chris and easy I just purchased the trucks on thinking truck payment Garrett thank you very much but this thought came into my mind in the test you would like well see but you know soon thereafter a young couple walks in their homes and explain their story to me just briefly and anywhere asking for help and God was saying to me that money that I impressed that men get you down and pressing you to give it to them although I recommend any extra payment due in a living you may have those yet those rest things in your mind you know it sometimes an end and God wants you to surrender yourself and your in charge right more notes on was that time you know a mentor and student month and I said okay Lord if they sifted a meeting tonight I will give them that money when the meetings overnight and I look at us and would you please take and I'm sure will consider the medium that I so freaking and you know what what's interesting is God speaks to you and me if you've ever stood up to speak you will understand that even God speaks to him on what you're talking other people and the whole message I was drinking I can see them in the audience and in the back of my mind got a surrender that money right and the meeting was over I went down and I said okay Lord and I tested the Lord Tennyson Lord if you will be given this money I want I want them to come after me when you got in the put them right my bubble I I design I thought I did everything I couldn't avoid them I went out around and Jacob he was and I can come up I turned my back to know it and I turned around and there like right here no and I said okay is the wall given the money and and you know they looked at me in a signal we really appreciate that we just found out that I think you're married just found out why was pregnant with twins we really need this because we have to get this I was in Clearwater which is in western central forest near Campo Medicaid over to the East Coast in Orlando which is based conditions until Florida I for Jacob court are those who can't all over Orlando that you get from an Orlando to get back to what it needed to be that money was to help him get there in medicine really really appreciate thank you for helping us just when you thought much and I had a piece of my soul you don't want to get a meeting when that evangelistic meeting was over I sold more than back and I was back in a new and audio tapes on it I thought that's how long will this be stabilized and the rest sold more sex of audio tapes in that meeting the night so long time in God which is giving me confirmation that I will bless you I got your back you just obey my voice as you think about this subject this morning I hope and pray that you will learn to understand God speaking to you personally as the Scripture said in the Scripture reading today if you will hear his voice is the Holy Ghost saith heart not Jesus says in Revelation three twenty behold I spent the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will commend him and will sup with him and he with me by the grace of God friends let's all learn the listen and discern and obey the voice of God the voice of conscience a man let's pray and will be dismissed the second father in heaven today we thank you so much for being such a personal and intimate God we thank you for wanting to be so intimate with us that you want to speak to our minds directly and of course we understand that you ultimately speak to us through your work so help us to be students of your words that we will discern you your voice more readily help us to take time apart to to spend time with you so that we are not not so caught up on the treadmill of life that we are going so fast we cannot hear you speak to us help us to slow down and learn to understand how you speak to our hearts bless each one of us today Lord as we leave this place may we walk out of here in the light of your presence and may we be more sensitive to your voice is our prayer in Jesus name on


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