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God's First Promise

Marc Swearingen



  • February 19, 2009
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we comes human bended knee tonight thanking you for the blessings that we received this past week the Lord we do pray in this moment of time again is as our dear sister prayed earlier that we would center our minds on you for a moment not Lord we've had been a busy week most of us in our minds are racing our hearts are racing and we need to come into your rest for a short while tonight so we pray Lord that you would send your Spirit upon us to cause us to have peace in our minds would be still and meet we might hear your voice speak to us in a very powerful way bless us as we going to this message tonight and maybe receive a blessing that we need in Jesus name and tonight I want to talk about God 's first promise I want to ask your question to start at you and her made a promise nobody said anything them all work with me a little bit here have you ever made a promise you did not keep thank you for being on now have you made a promise to God that you didn't see I think we can all say that you know God has made promises also and unlike human beings God always keeps his promises of course some of his promises are conditional upon human choice if humans comply and meet the conditions God will fulfill the promise and in a lot of cases but as I said God always keeps his promise and in the Bible some experts estimate that over three thousand promises in the Bible of her different numbers through the years but none known to figure that I can rest upon his something around the neighborhood of three thousand promises in the Bible now I want to do is only go to that the text found in second Peter just for a moment so if you have your Bibles let's turn to second Peter and I want to start there in the first chapter second Peter one or read the first four verses of second Peter chapter one maybe unpacking the subject of God 's first promise tonight and Peter talks about the promises of God in this passage of Scripture beginning marriage verse one of second Peter chapter one he begins that text by saying Simon Peter a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ to them and have obtained like precious faith was with us through the righteousness of God and our Savior Jesus Christ Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord according as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of him that called us to glory and virtue whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by AVG might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lost at us as a very important passage because here Peter says basically that he is called by God to be an apostle through the righteousness of Christ and then he tells us right there beginning in verses three and four but unto us are given exceeding precious promises from God and through these promises we can be partakers of God 's character the divine nature and through how are that comes along with God 's nature we can actually escape the simple poll of this world not as a tremendous promise because many times Christians stop at the forgiveness of God and all men of power that God gives the individual Christian and the daily walk with God but Peter says here but if we believe in and show us the promises of God friends and we had to partake of the character of God and live the very life of God and Christ is not the minister of sin and so we can see what I come back to this in a minute when we look at God 's first promise but Peter says right there that that we have many many precious promises from God that are great in fact he uses the phrase exceeding great when I think of my favorite promises in the Bible many techs come to mind them to share those with you in a minute but I would like to just take a moment to maybe take some hands from some of you if you like to raise your hand and just briefly read a favorite promise to our group had and I does anyone have a promise they would like to read just briefly we have some microphones here someone please step up to the my is a promise of therapy are okay green and blue okay does anyone have a promise they like to read them on someone break the ice place okay a brother in the back okay we'll get our sister here please don't preach a sermon just just read your promise okay I just want to open it up so that you can share what's on your hottest bars from spammer growth suit begins one six Philippians one six being confident of this writing that he who has begun a good degree can you boot completed unto the day of Jesus Christ at the precious promises and of my friends thank you grandma yes our sister I hear Lebron Jamia twenty nine eleven for I know the thoughts I have for you that's a good amount of you think it's unexpected and e-mail pop anyone else yes sir right here in front Ezekiel thirty six twenty six and twenty seven and I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them for God promises us on to anyone else anyone else okay okay finally and it's not okay gentlemen I don't know what that will get us jump down here and this is Psalms thirty seven verse twenty three and twenty fourth of fifth the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delights in his way though he fall he shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord upholds him with his hand in our okay yes this gentleman right here and you will and I think we have government backing Revelation three twenty one ten no comment will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne okay okay maybe we don't yet know if this gentleman but had social science first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty four frequency the quality you also do it in a manner faceless Vietcong you will okay we have a couple more money we got few people again we get our sister right here go ahead Hebrews six twelve page becomes sluggish but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises are okay very good yes we have generated him for doing this then feel down that for I am in the new not dismayed for I am the God items strengthened the day I will have the yen up on the grid the right hand of my righteousness and you're on a side work I hear a writer and I know I I I guess it really nicely at hand everywhere in games the one of Latin at the national prison gangs under trial because when she do instead that as he will receive the crown of life I got has promised about you okay yes this directory is John fourteen three unique and you may go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself and Dan that when I and a you may be also okay right here in front of it we got them in the document will be driven from their glance at first John five four and five for whatever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world our faith and he who had and who is he that overcomes the world but who believes in Jesus is the son of God okay Josh a one nine have I not commanded they should be strong in a good courage be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with me wheresoever thou go okay for a couple more that I can see that were the bashfulness is not a way of the Romans eight twenty eight Organon all things work together for good to them that love God with all called according to his purpose and okay you are more actually wanted to develop the okay we have a couple more than set okay well let's try to get someone ahead the head John three sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life in one one who wants to be going okay John fifteen seven if you abide in me and my words abide in you you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you I promise I'll him him him in verse thirty one one on the actual subject of God first as an honest to God 's word is a beginning there are thirty one Romans chapter thirteen and thirty Bible says what shall we then say to these things if God be for us who can be against us he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not win him also freely give us all things who shall lay anything to the charge of God 's elect it is God that justify who is he that condemns it is Christ that died in a rather that is risen again who is even at the right hand of God who also maketh intercession for us who shall separate us from the love of Christ shall tribulation or distress this or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or sword as it is written for thy sake we are killed all the day long we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter now a in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord I really enjoyed that promise really resonates with me and I have some close favorites Isaiah twenty six three that will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me because he trusted in the another favorite is John sixteen thirty three where Jesus says these things have I spoken unto you than me when you might have peace in the world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world we just some incredible promises not probably many others but what I like to do to tonight just for a moment as I want to look at God 's first promise and I believe that this is the greatest promise that God gives in the Bible that's down there back in the book of Genesis chapter three God 's first promise let's look at Genesis chapter three and as you probably figured out it's in verse fifteen Genesis chapter three verse fifteen and there is a very very very how awful message in this promise and I hope to spend the remainder of our meeting tonight developing at least a little bit this whole concept of what God meant by this promise this will certainly in no way be exhaustive but I hope to bring out some points that hopefully will help you in your Christian experience Genesis three fifteen of course this is at the entrance to send right at Anita fall in fallen to the temptation of Satan that it going through the medium of the serpent in the Garden of Eden and God comes to them and hold them accountable for their sin and he basically issues the car so to speak but noticed even in the midst of the curse he gives a promise verse fifteen he says and I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between by C and her see it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel Al Coursey talking to the serpent right is cursing the circuit which of course is the devil using the medium of the serpent but notice right here God promises to put enmity between the serpent and the woman and between the offspring of both and noticed that God says that the offspring of the woman woke fresh the head of the serpent even though the serpent will bruise the heel of the offspring of the woman now what is this me or take a moment to exegete some of the terms in this text I find it very interesting that the first three words in fact the first four words are and I will put isn't it interesting that God starts this promise by saying I will put God is the very being that is putting this enmity this enmity is a supernatural work by God and we can unpack this text and and and understand salvation to this tax and of course this text talks about salvation and the promise of Christ but notice it's a divine there's nothing human about salvation except that we allow divinity to save us you would make the only human contribution to salvation as a yielding to that the salvation of God now notice he says I will put what entity now what is enmity its hatred and if you look at the original word implies a rivalry and intense rivalry with both sides hate the other to their very being that when we think of earthly and worldly examples of this we think of quite often sports rivalries and I'm certainly not here to endorse competitive sports but when you look at at the rivalries you can see what the Red Sox and the Yankees in an you note you can see other rivalries in fact back in North Carolina there's a big North Carolina rivalry am learned that being a North Carolinian now we can see how even through some of these world examples their intense rivalries out there and it's the same thing with God and the devil and God promises to put enmity in the hearts of God believers but you know what what's interesting is this tax is actually a foreshadow of the coming of the Messiah because that seed of the woman of course the woman is Ebert you know a woman also symbolizes what a church right and the seed of the woman would of course in one sense the Lord Jesus Christ how one day God would promise that Jesus would come to contest the authority of Satan Satan took installed this world by usurpation and Jesus would come to wrestle it back from him and so God promises the coming of Jesus in this text and even though the serpent would bruise the heel of Christ in his crucifixion temporarily Jesus through that crucifixion but ultimately crush his head in defeat and completely at the powerful promise on how Jesus would come to die and in essence doing that crush the head of the the serpent God 's first promise foretold the surety of Christ's death yet going a step further and also illustrates another beautiful truth because that enmity is not just a foreshadowing of Christ coming it's also a promise that God would put enmity and costs in other words through supernatural conversion God would implant and enmity against the devil inside of us he would enable us to divine power to be able to resist the wiles of the devil and I call that a measure of faith I know we look I believe it was last night we discussed the universal cross we talked about in Romans twelve or three how God has dealt to every man a measure of faith and are different ways to look at that measure of faith but one way is that God has given a face potential to every human being and in that faith potential if the human agent chooses to exercise faith that divine entity is implanted supernaturally by God and man has been placed upon vantage ground in the battle against the devil in other words God promises up to put in a hatred in the heart of the human agent who surrenders so that they will learn to hate sin and love righteousness whereas before it was the opposite is yet the fall will prior to the fall man I believe that a dual nature and in you could probably know we could probably dialogue about this some more but in my simple way of thinking I believe that that man had a dual nature prior to the fall and I believe that that that part of that nature consisted of the higher powers reason conscience judgment discernment willpower if you will through cooperation with divine power and then he also had a lower nature which consisted of appetites and passions and emotions and feelings in and how before the fall all the higher powers held sway and sanctified the lower powers as he was remaining faithful to God of course right but then through the fall in my estimation I believe that those roles swapped and the higher powers then became weakened to a point where the lower powers overpowered them and therefore sinful nature based on the lower nature held sway and that made it necessary for God to be able to implant this divine enmity because what it does is it restores the vantage ground a higher nature through Christ so the higher nature than become supernaturally empowered to be able to keep the Christian and the path of righteousness through a constant surrender to Christ friends what we need to realize about this promise is not only does it promise the coming of Jesus to contest the power Satan this promise tells us that through Jesus and through his converting power we can have enmity from God to learn to hate sin and live a life of victory and not just receive forgiveness but received divine power to be a partaker of the nature as Peter says and through that power we can escape the corruption that is in the world through lost meeting through Christ power we can learn to live above the polis said that doesn't mean the old man totally dies a conversion anyone in any wrestling with that nature until Jesus comes but certainly we are placed on vantage ground so that through the power the Holy Spirit in us we do not have to fall the temptation God promises another tremendous promise in the Bible God promises us the never allow us to be tempted above our capacity to resist it's almost as if God sizes up every temptation across this dozens is okay Mark needs to be tested in this area and sold in sizes about the little strong to weak what is downloaded okay now write it many allows it to come upon us the test does not believe God tempts us but I do believe God has a right to test our faith to see what were made up and certainly through the power of Jesus and us we can be tapped by the power of God you believe that what we hear messages like this more friends the reality is as we live in such a sinful world we need power but you know what we'll must never hear people talk about that anymore it's a most like people are preaching a defeated Christ Jesus forgives us yes but you know what Jesus also empowers us now I will be honest with you on cut from a conservative evidence cloth I I consider myself a traditional Seventh-day Adventist you know I'd rather die than send you know on all that but you know what friends what really bothers me about conservative messages is a great victory and I have victory because you got the victorious in Jesus but you know what you never ever ever almost told how to do it now let's face it we have all the fullness of God at our fingertips but why is it that we seem to fail constantly in the Christian mine never thought about that fizzy like the harder we try the more we fail on the grit my teeth and to give it the old college try to squeeze inflections and and do all that stuff but then it seems like a far more more one is that France because were trying to do it in human power we have not yet learned that the only thing that we can do is choose to you if we want Christ in us the hope of glory we must make a decision to allow God to have all of us if we give God all of us with an undivided heart we will receive that enmity and of course you don't then you come into the area of sanctification which is Christian growth that the work of a lifetime I mean certainly were not minute you don't be able to not wind when babies are born they can't run a marathon right they have to learn to crawl and walk etc. it's the same thing in the Christian walk but certainly at every stage of growth we can be fully surrendered to the revealed will of God in our lives because I believe that God even though God 's will is absolute and even though truth is absolute I believe that God is progressive and the way he unfolds it to us because that's as much as we can handle as we grow and in the Christian walk friends he reveals a few things to us we surrender those things and then he reveals more to us and we surrender those things of every stage of growth we can be surrendered to Christ but the front we need to realize though is that sin need not have dominion over us the reason why I believe we are still here on this Earth and you may say what God has a timetable and that's probably partially true but the reason why Jesus hasn't come yet is because I believe that his people have not yet learned to tap in to the unlimited power that God offers surrendered Christians and yelling you look at the concept of John the Baptist John John John three John said you know he must increase but he must increase mammas decreased no it's almost like that with us you what we need to learn is that when we walk with God every day each and every day we become less and less and he becomes more and more but you know what in many cases it's the opposite over time we increase and Jesus decreases and by the way if you read that text in John three John Adams that passage by saying that God gives the Spirit without measure to Christ because Christ was solved fully surrendered to his surrender to his father I bet that when people saw him as all the father living through it and what we need friends I mean probably a majority of us and her Seventh-day Adventists is that a fair statement okay we got one a man I'm just checking but but listen I mean we God has given us a tremendous message right but what can I give that message power to impact lives is when people learn to live the life of Jesus which is a life of constant surrender and I believe that God promised this in this all ties into this enmity France God implanting a supernatural hatred for sin to the point where we want to surrender all to Jesus through the exercise of our choice God 's first promise guarantees manpower to overcome through Christ and by the way this power will be especially seen in the remnant church now but if you jumped on Revelation just a quick parallel text year this is interesting first is that a lot of shadows to Genesis three fifteen in this text Revelation twelve seventeen we all probably know this this text Jen Revelation twelve seventeen it says and the dragon was wroth with the woman writers that paralleled the enmity that raw and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God is the victory and have the testimony of Jesus Christ and we can talk about the testimony of Jesus and mention the spirit of prophecy in these applications and those are true but but remember also that this this remnant will bear the testimony of Jesus in their lives they will live like Christ and they will keep God 's commandments which is a life of victory because sin is the transgression of the law if you keep a log in not sending against God 's sake and this group will be empowered to be obedient to Christ so that the trend of their lives is on the upward step to have the friends I'm here to take the night off listen I have not arrived at Mina I don't claim perfection and that's a taboo word and in our circle anyway but friends are perfection only comes to Christ but it comes to an absolute surrender a total surrender and that's what I tried to emphasize this this this whole week is is is harnessing the power of choice because the one gift that God has given us is that freedom to choose that's the kingly power in the nature of man the power of decision I think the reason why we don't have more victories in our lives because were not learning to choose to have victory were not learning to yield in the moment by choosing to allow God to have full control of us if we can somehow understand that I think we would see our victories increase in our defeats decrease but we need more victories and a large front of me were facing things you I went to school in the eighties and and and you know the temptations I faced in junior high school and and and and and high school course I was educated in public school system are nothing compared to the evils that our youth are facing today and and am amazed at how much evil there is and how much evil has increased even since I was a youth and so on China says that we live in a day when we need to have power in this world but a lot of times were taken away by hi early influences but what we need to do is we need to learn how to break the cycle of failure in our lives we need to learn how to use our choice to develop habits of victory we don't have the power to resist evil in and of ourselves but again we do have the power of choice if we draw nigh to God through our choice God will draw nigh to us and empower and I want to encourage you tonight if you are failing repeatedly in certain areas in your life just learned that you can make a decision each and every day to ask God to help you you might wake up one day and say you know what Lord I don't know what the future holds tomorrow but I been struggling in a particular area and I need victory I choose today to allow you to help me and if you do that each and every day friends sooner or later God will take you to the next threshold but sometimes you know we don't have victory because we don't persevere long enough you doesn't give up too quickly but again we must learn to fight the good fight of faith and surrender ourselves to God because God 's first promise guarantees us that he will put divine enmity within us again old habits die hard sometimes but they can die if we choose to constantly surrender to Christ God desires to give us divine enmity to break the cycle of failures in our Christian lives if we choose divine enmity can make us different if we choose divine enmity can make this change we must remember that change in us is the greatest testimony to the power of the gospel friends listen the gospel makes us into something different than we once were and we need that life-changing power because again that's the greatest testimony to others that Jesus is working with us and I hope and pray that you will understand tonight that you need not failing a Christian experience you can get through and have power over those sins that easily beset you on a daily basis because the Gospels pop Gospels power back in Romans one network for powers do next which is dynamite it's that same word for dynamite which is explosive power to live Jesus life Jesus is waiting and longing for a people that will reflect him fully Christ in us the hope of glory that's the fellowship of the mystery is Paul talks about in Colossians one the fellowship of the mystery that is Christ in us the hope of glory and so whenever I priest a conservative that Tomasello don't sit there and tell me that I need to have victory when you don't show me how talk about how practically I can learn to cooperate with God so that I can have victory in my life so I can treat my wife like a jewel that she is and I can raise my children with a godly influence I may not say what right now my wife and I had kids mercy want talk about full-length mirror I mean good night when I saw my kids start to grow and start to develop their character traits I thought Mercy sakes alive I better pray not just for them but for me because our children inherit our genetics and in many cases tenfold there magnified now pray for us Pat dry the friends I so desperately what my kids to be followers of Jesus and reflect Jesus fully but I know that started me as an example because they do follow and do it I do so pray for me given out be a good example of friends I know I'm all over the place tonight you know Mike my homiletics professors always used to tell me let your sermons should be all right enough Shaw right you know it probably do many sermons the days of buckshot would you know BBs fly everywhere and is not one bullet right down the center what my bullet tonight is is that God can give you victory because of that first promise he promises to put enmity in your heart if you will cement whenever Jesus came to conquer the devil in Jesus lived a totally victorious life and I appreciate so much restorations what's that mean you guys have a restoring the image of God in man is enough it is another the restoration theme right will that's what Jesus came to do became to replicate his life and the followers of him and his followers are I and so that means that Jesus wants to live out his life the rest and the only way can be as we yield allow him to implant that divine entity in our hearts some people say that people can never change but this is not true through God 's first promised those who surrender their wills to Christ constantly can change we can be different if I can change friends that means you can change in fact you know I grew up with the two men due to guys back in my hometown in Maine who one guy better be careful this is going on the Internet you may listen to this but one guy he was a very close friend of mine and for whatever reason he had an alcohol problem and whenever he would drink he would get really nasty give very sarcastic and almost boyish I can remember we can't have a love-hate relationship as best friends growing up in a no times and he would be very nice no other time that he would be just so hateful and I will out always dread when the weekend came because I wasn't really a Christian up we would go to parties and he would become so out of control at times and you want the college we run together were about to know strangle each other by the end of the first semester went to college but but you know what I I reconnected with him a few years ago and you know he gave his heart to the Lord and edit and if I sat up here and read you some of the e-mails he sent to me you would see God 's power to change people I meet I sent him an e-mail recently apologizing for certain things I've done when we're growing up that that may have contributed to the tension in our relationship and he sent me back this e-mail it this e-mail was so touching I was moved to tears he basically said more work he said you don't only apology for anything it's odd who owe you an apology my alcoholism was a hindrance to our friendship and he went there we unpacked this whole diatribe on how it was really him and he said and I just pray you forgive me just keep praying for me because I want God 's power my life and friends on your diet if God can change my friend you can change us that's the kind of power we need in our lives I had another friend who was a basketball player growing up and he you know that the town I grew up in was a basketball town in April the whole town centered around the high school basketball team and am in fact they worship the God of basketball this town that's how bad it was a meet everybody every guy who grew up in that I wanted to be on the back motive is that was the ticket the popularity as a kind of environment I grew up in and they had one guy that that I mentioned to you right now who is it was an all-state Maxwell player that won the state chairmanship he was very popular everybody in this town worship this guy I lost track of him after college and and just recently I was able to find them on Facebook okay and then it notices the twenty years ago or so when we are in high school I and and what's interesting is his Facebook has one of these little checkboxes you know how you can get down and chat of people are online with you right and he gets on and he says hey Mark are you and I said hey how you and any said what I given up doing I said well and I didn't mention the denomination I promise I said I'm a pastor in North Carolina a pastor three hundred and fifty member church and my wife and minor family live here and life is been gotten very good tools and you know those this long pox that he didn't answer right back in the Lord impressed me he's going to your profile not you not enough I get a profile veggie list your education and caused the and NHL's back on he says market not been a believe this person what he said I'm Seventh-day Adventist Christian now to a couldn't believe it but nice and I typed in I said excuse me in a way to the anatomy junta type and you know I might come again I repeat a you kidding me I think I think what I said was a you can make anything yes I was baptized four years ago down in Orlando many said to me Mark how we can reach off its with our message and I said and if my friend who was worshiped as a basketball star and and and just brought up in this whole here group of worshiping that idolatrous lifestyle if God can reach out and pluck them out of that man God can reach anybody but that's the power of God friends and that's the kind of power we need in our lives we need victory in our lives but we need to realize if we choose to respond to God God will allow us to do it because he can change anyone and I hope tonight that as you look at your life that you don't get too discouraged out your failures because we have failed a lot my Christian experience at times heavenly and our brother back here talk about Philippians one six no unit had begun a good work in us will be faithful to complete it will continue to perform it depend on the translation look at until the day of Jesus Christ God has started to work in the house and he wants to finish that work but he wants us to choose to allow him to finish and so if we have failed at times we need not get discouraged when you get to man up and woman up if you will and say Lord look I have failed in the past but I'm not the top defeat on the top victory I want you to help me get caught up in these things that help me slave as a slave and it differs so long Jesus came to liberate the captives and often the prison outfit than that about any deity came to do that through the power of the Spirit of God a supernatural power that is above all principalities and powers and if we surrender to that Morgan had the same power that Jesus had when he walked Mister and so let us refocus our minds and say Lord Ahmad allowed them to discouragement and retrain my thinking to think victory and not defeat but I want to encourage you know it's it's amazing how there are times when we do get discouraging God sends us signs it he still working with us on our forget a few weeks ago I was always really discouraged one morning and I was out walking we live in a little subdivision and Conover North Carolina and it's a quiet neighborhood surrounded like how pastors and woods and earnings of status occluded and we live on a half acre there we have it home on that half-acre and there's like a big circle of rodent in this subdivision is almost a half mile round so usually when I do that get them when I walk around and get some exercise values that is my prayer time in this longest in the morning is really discouraging us like God you know a failed so much you know I compromise a much when I first came in to Jesus and into the Bible message of that you've given me I was so convicted of certain standards in an and over the years of compromise my spiritual borders are shrunk in some ways and and and and I don't feel the power of God like I used you are you still with me and have it many times in my life in an experience that out since I've been a Christian but this did a morning I was always asking God for a sign and did you know as I came up one turn around this neighborhood it was a double rainbow have you ever seen a double rainbow nation what a Nice sight to behold I mean it was a most like God when you decided oh right there a double rainbow and one of them was Chris was a most like I can reach out and touch it the little bit faded one on the inside it was so magnificent that I sprinted out of my house I said Sarah get the chance come on out here because the essence of my life in his earlier mama like it's a magical value to kids command and wants us and their all wrong on the blocks right and and and I said kids look at that and they look at this rainbow nursing their disdaining spellbound and then one of my kids goes no know what you know and I was like praise God they remember the Noah story and then write but you know what when I came in and I and I sat down at my quiet time in the Lord impressed me with this one is talking about work into the thoughts known impressions on the Lord said there's a sign on still working with you but you've got to learn to retrain your mind to think victory because you you condition yourself to fail in many ways but if you will trust in me and choose I will help you to conquer those things that cause your fall and friends everyone is denied if you if you look in your own heart tonight you know the areas that you need work and you don't need me to tell you about anyone all is as a pastor I get enough of my own congregation and met automatically up on masses but not it is come to the territory meanwhile called it to help minister missiles and sometimes we have to get our hands dirty so to speak and it was a pretty serious situations in the church because let's face it the church is imperfect there sinners in the church and and and and sinners need to be there so that they can get help him out but but in your life right now you know the things in your struggle and I want to encourage you that Jesus will help put that enmity within you he will help take you to the next level all you got to do is make a decision and the fullness of Jesus life death and resurrection will be yours all we have to do is decide one step at a time don't let your whole life overwhelm you just pick one thing and say God if I can conquer this one thing and you can help me connect his daughter Trina victories in my life and I as parents we tell you we we really were you know we've read all the red books if you will on child rearing we were experts in Ali had all that had knowledge and then we had our children well I will go when we diligently and we really had to learn on the job and in their times and I thought I just invested at times we get very impatient with our children we expect them to be like us and sometimes our expectations are unreasonable because they're not that capacity yet there's still little and in our times we get impatient and even raise our voices at them and and one day my wife and I said you know what enough is enough to do this let's make a decision right now just one choice to not raise her voice and to be patient with our children let's start here and by the grace of God that will start a chain of victories and where improving God is helping us but there are many areas that we could deal with them show tonight but friends via log in closing I want tell you that God 's first promise guarantees that he will put enmity within us a hatred for sin and if we choose to allow Jesus to have control he will help us as we grow to get victory in the areas that we needed so that we can be more than conquerors through him who loved us and I pray by the grace of God tonight that each and every one of us will understand God 's first promise and make it a reality in our lives because God as Peter said once to give us his divine nature and help us to escape the corruption that is in the world through lust duties exceeding and precious promises I made on a Saturday night by raising and I want to have that power that victory in my life in the areas I need God bless you abundantly above all that you could ask you think let us kneel and we will pray together heavenly father tonight as we kneel before you enclosing this meeting as we look at our own lives we see the areas that we need divine help in the Lord I pray tonight that as we pray to you enclosing that we will surrender those things to you and that we will ask you to help us have victory Lord please give us that divine enmity give us that hatred for evil that Jesus had take our whole hearts Lord help us to relinquish complete control to you Lord and power us in our lives to be stronger Christians to be more consistent example so that we will reveal the character of Christ to those around us bless us to this end Lord and as we leave this place the night may we rejoice in the victory that Jesus will give us and may your spirit rest upon us Lord as we strive to walk with me in Jesus name


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