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By Faith or By Sight?

Marc Swearingen



  • February 21, 2009
    11:00 AM
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it's good to be here this morning and rejoicing on God 's rest day and I hope today that as we hear some time together you will be blessed as a result of what we talk about okay I'm a little helper appear need all the help I can get I have three children myself Madeleine that lead me to a brief introduction minds Swearingen am from Conover North Carolina pastor and Caroline conference in the Hickory church district they are the seventh administered in Hickory I married to Sarah my wife of eight years we have three children we have a five -year-old daughter name Abigail who is quite a handful she's very intelligent and she keeps us on our toes we also have a three -year-old son named Jonathan who is all boy and we have an eighteen -month-old daughter Samantha who is the youngest and is a real blessing to us I want to say that I've really been blessed this past week being here sharing with you all day after day night after night in and I believe the Lord has revisited me and I have recommitted my life in many ways as a result of a sharing together and I hope that today as I talk about a subject called by faith or by site I hope that you will be blessed to commit and recommit your life as a result of what you're today let us pray father in heaven we pray this morning that you would bless us with power from on high Lord in this moment of time as every heart in mind is quiet and harsh we pray that you would accept our heartfelt surrender so that your spirit will bless us in a powerful way in Jesus name on Western to second Corinthians will look at a few verses this morning by hey or by site second Corinthians chapter five verse seven happens to say just that second Corinthians chapter five verse seven if also Paul says there in the seventh versus second Corinthians five but we walked by a and not by what site I've ever thought about that now when you look at the vein of second Corinthians father several different things at the apostle brings in this passage that we could address but it's interesting to note their inverse seventy talks about walking by faith and not by sight do we as God 's professed people by the grace of God walked like they or do we want my site nice you look at your life today and you examine your heart ask yourself right now do I really want by faith or is my faith quote unquote dependent upon what I see now it's true that God does give us visible evidences at times that were in the right direction as far as our faith but what we need to realize brothers and sisters is that true say in its purest essence is not dependent upon what we see is dependent upon trusting in a power that cannot be seen that's why Hebrews eleven twenty seven by the apostle Paul talking about Moses saying Moses endured that things of Egypt seeing him who is invisible because Moses walk by faith and so I ask you the question you walk by faith do you walk by sight we must understand that true faith is not dependent upon what we see you heard the phrase seeing is believing I I would suggest that we should invert that sentence to say believing is seeing so Jesus tried to teach this as well let's turn to John chapter twenty John Chapter twenty John Chapter twenty John Chapter twenty now this is after the resurrection of Christ Jesus has appeared to different believers in an different believers are spreading the word that he has risen and some didn't believe in one of those nonbelievers was Tomas in verse twenty four John twenty it says what Tom is one of the twelve called that in this was not with them when Jesus came the other disciples therefore said unto him we have seen the Lord but he sounded and except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails and put my finger into the print of the nails and thrust my hand into his side I will not believe and after eight days again his disciples were within and Thomas with them then came Jesus the doors being shut and stood in the midst and said peace be unto you then saith he to Thomas reach hither thy finger and behold my hands and reach hither thy hand and thrust it into my side and be not faithless but believing and Thomas answered and said to him my Lord and my God now notice what Jesus says their verse twenty nine says Tom because thou hast thou has believe but blessed are they that have what not see and yet believe you see Jesus was trying to articulate year but there is a blessing upon those who believe and have faith without necessarily see true faith is trusting that God is as the Scripture readings said in Hebrews eleven verse sixteen up up without faith it is impossible to please God we must believe that God is even though we can literally see God necessarily we still have evidences of God and things that will spare the seed of faith enough that we can believe in the unseen God and if we believe in personal God I pray God will reward us with spiritual blessings city walk by faith this morning we walk by sight Romans eight Romans chapter eight twenty four and twenty five Romans chapter eight twenty four and twenty five is another good passage that brings out this point Romans chapter eight twenty four twenty five the apostle Paul says a very powerful powerful message here in verse twenty four says that we are saved by hope but club that is seen is not how the what unmanned CS Y .dll for but if we hope for that we see not then do we with patience wait for it is the policy that was a mistake my hope but hope that you can see doesn't really rephrase but we must hope and trust and have faith in something that we cannot see because then if we do new we with patience wait for it so friends we need to learn to walk by faith and not my site years ago after my wife and I were married I was still on a contract basis in evangelism meeting I was in a full salary evangelist was done Florida conference I was only paid on a hunt by meeting bases and in any reseller seventy five dollars a week ninety four series a year for five weeks you do the math and it wasn't exactly rolling in money and in so basically I depend upon getting more evangelistic meetings to sustain my wife and I will in this particular year about five different series of meetings fell through we had one in there and in the end the probably in January February then we had one in spraying was scheduled to have one meeting in the summer and into in the fall what my summer meeting fell through and and as Mark Stern in April in and the checkbook balance got lower and lower and lower and I knew that my next meeting wasn't until August or September I said to the Lord one morning Lord not to make which is not an American Lord in a medical five months with two hundred dollars in my checkbook what am I to do in the Lord kept impressing me walk by faith and not by sight so that morning I was talking to the Lord about this I went out on a prayer walk and and I just happened walk out to the mailbox and the Lord trip to the mailbox I was wrestling over this and God kept impressing my mind may trust in what you cannot see true faith is trusting when there is no human way out as I went to the mailbox that's okay Lord I'll trust you and I grab the mail I went back to Juneau in that stack of letters there was a letter from a man down in South Florida Leiden the you know you come to a meeting that I don't hereto before then will he got a settlement and God impressed him to send a love offering as I open this envelope it was a two thousand dollar check their now that doesn't sound that I may not might sound like a lot of money honey I'm from the old one from southern Maine okay so two thousand dollars a lot of money for me but over five months you do the math what set for four dollars a month to live on it was still kind tight but you know what sustained us until our next meeting and then the Lord opened up another evangelistic series in the absolute district of the charts I was baptized that my youngest sister came to the meetings and at the end of the meetings Deborah heart to Jesus for the first time I got baptized and then by the following January the conference approached me and hired me as a full-time evangelist and as that all unfolded over the subsequent months the Lord began to press me you must realize that I got your back you should walk by faith because I will sustain you but you better believe the trust in your human perception walk by faith because faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things what not see and so ask you this morning again are you walking by faith where you walk in my site true faith depends on the un- see and consists of an immovable belief in something that cannot necessarily be seen with the naked arts and again without this type of faith it is impossible to trust and see the unseen God we must learn to have faith in what we cannot see namely the God of heaven power shift gears just for a moment I want you press part on that I want to take you into another vein of thinking just briefly so that I can articulate this thought in developing a little bit more fully and to give you my rendition of things based on what I've researched and prayed over as Dawes uncalled inspiration to my Ma when you look at the concept of an angel in the Bible a lot of times we think of angels as angelic beings around the throne of God back we think of the cherubim and Sarafem and so forth be the ministering spirits sent that are sent forth by God to minister to them to be the heirs of salvation as Hebrews one thoughts about but did you know that there are times also in the Bible when human beings are called angels namely they are called messengers and Malachi chapter three verse one it talks about John the Baptist foreshadowing the forerunner of Christ these called the messenger behold I will send my messenger will did you know that that Hebrew word for messenger is an angel it's translated Angel so there are times when people are called messages are angels in the Bible and going a step brother even Jesus himself is called an angel in the Bible because he's the angel of the covenant so to speak Moses and the burning bush and Exodus three says the angel of the Lord descended upon the Bush and the bush was on fire and then of course Moses goes to the blessing takes up issues because he's on holy ground but later on out of the Bush iamb I am the great iamb Jesus was speaking to Moses from the Bush called the Angel of the Lord and then later on in John eight fifty eight Jesus says before Abraham was I so that was priced as quote unquote the angel of the Lord appearing to Moses and are many other examples Jacob wrestling with the Angel Manella and when when the announcement of the birth of his son was being brought to him the angel of the Lord Christ came him all over the Bible we see at times where Jesus appears as a quote on quote Angel now I want to add a little caveat that does not mean that Jesus is an Angel by nature he slowly gone and fully the deity but what we need to realize is that there are times when Jesus assumes a lesser form so that he can safely communicate with angelic beings and with falling humanity so there are times when he fails his glory by assuming a lesser form that can be indoor by creative intelligence and so when we say that Jesus appears as an angel were not taking away from the divinity or deity of Christ we all we are saying is that he appears that way by assuming a lesson for now here's a thought for you I believe that in the beginning when God created the Angels I believe that Jesus to the site appeared like an angel as well in other words when the Angels would look at him he looked like he was one of them and I personally believe that God calculated that the test the faith of the Angels not that he wanted to trick them but he wanted to test them because God said this is my son but maybe to the site he didn't look any different than but yet he was the one being that was allowed into the sacred circle of the deity and I can just imagine Lucifer beginning to question why let you know this guy looks like me he flies like me he even talks you might be head and shoulders taller than me but he looks just like me and yet he's allowed into the bosom of the father I don't understand this and and yet I'm sure time and time again said luck don't walk by sight try and what I say this is my son but you see in the beginning the Angels I believe had the faith site tasks and most of our walks around starting so be it he's not so see the rubble and an ensuing rebellion breaks out in heaven and so finally God has to summon all the angels together and revealed the true identity in a more focused sense for the Angels but this is my son and when he speaks it's as if I am speaking and so now you must decide whose side you're wrong either lose a virus on my PC God gave them his word and remember faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word God gave them his word insert was audible that wasn't written but there's really no difference you said I had a trust what I say by faith or are you getting go by what your senses and your site tell you and we know the story one third of the angels now with Satan and they began to operate against God but you know what was interesting about that is that when the controversy broke out in heaven and Satan 's evil angels were cast out then the arena of the controversy shifted the planet Earth and I believe that Adam and Eve face the same tests now if you go to Genesis for Genesis chapter three Genesis chapter three Genesis chapter three notice verse six Genesis chapter three verse six now this is after Eve as dialogue with the serpent around the tree of knowledge okay and she is this for the new fruit and inverse exercise and when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise she took of the fruit thereof and did he and Dave also under her husband with her and he did eat noticed the site easy friends when God created this are as we heard in Sabbath school today God made it very good it was an incredible incredible spectacle I'm sure and God created Adam and Eve as the mother and father of our race the father mother of our race and Adam was made to be the representative of planet Earth and that dominion was given upon condition to trees in the midst of the garden you know the story tree of life tree of knowledge all God said was let stay away from this one tree and you can retain your position but yet one day Adam and lots on to blame me for this but I'm wondering where the husband was protecting his wife right but does it blame Eve but in him wondering why Adam was a wasn't the protector of his wife like we husband should be but nevertheless she finds herself wandering from her husband 's side she walks around the forbidden tree and the serpent is slithering through the branches and Satan through that medium begins his sophistry by and bought tape to eat of every tree well we can eat of every tree but just not this one and Satan developed his thought and said you know what you're knocking the guy and he began to cast doubt upon God 's word and he rode the faith of EE and when she saw when she viewed when she had no that's true she walked by site and lost her faith now when she ran to Adam and explain what happened Adam knew that she had encountered the following flow exotic educated them about I'm sure Eve was deceived you know Adam knew exactly what was going on at that moment in time Adam also had to make a decision as to whether or not he would walk by faith the site he looked at this woman and lets you some sanctified imagination and be approached without being inappropriate he was the mother of our race and she must've been incredibly beautiful Adam must've loved her with all his soul and as he knew that now she must be under the penalty of death because of transgressing God 's commandment he knew his face came into a crisis he looked at her and said I love you you are beautiful I can't live without you I can never be separated from you what am I know that you can God really supply your place and see the test came to Adam and he walking my site and not like they chose to trust his own senses and suffer each spring any bit fruit plunging the entire race into sin and friends I believe in the end are many issues in this great controversy we find ourselves in but I believe one central issue is a state site issue because God wants us to walk by faith now it's interesting to note that even though Adam and he fell in their nature went from sinless to sinful and he began to pass on a sinful nature to their offspring even though the entire race was was doomed because of sin Jesus stepped in Jesus was prophesied to come crush the head of the serpent and what's interesting about the whole process is that Jesus passed over the same ground would he walk by faith but when he walked my site now if you jump down to Matthew if you go with me to Matthew chapter three oh one to show you something interesting the comments struck me one day as I was pondering this subject Matthew chapter three verse thirteen Matthew chapter three verse thirteen and will read down through the end of the chapter Matthew three verse thirteen and this is Jesus when he starts his public ministry started public ministry he goes to John the Baptist to be baptized and it says in verse thirteen then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John to be baptized of him but John forbade him saying I have need to be baptized of the income is now to me and Jesus answering said unto him suffer it to be so now was also becoming us to fulfill all righteousness then he suffered him and Jesus when he was baptized went up straightway out of the water and allow the heavens were opened unto him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon him now here's an interesting point number seventeen and below a voice from heaven saying this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased now how does this apply here is Jesus going to receive baptism and after he comes up out of the water God 's word is spoken you are my beloved son I am well pleased with you there is God 's word now wasn't written it was audible but Jesus received God 's word and confirmation that he was the son of God can now he got God 's word my it's interesting that in the very next chapter he gets driven into the wilderness of temptation now in verse one it says a chapter for then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil and when he had fasted forty days and forty nights he was afterword a hunger among the tempter came to him he said if thou be the son of God command that these stones be made bread now let me stop every second notice at the end of chapter thirteen Jesus as God 's word and he has to say because remember even though Jesus was fully divine he was stealthily human and in his faith walk you must trust in divine power just like every other human being needs to use no advantage in his faith walk and yes there were times when his divinity flashed through but it was never for his own fate Walker was never for his own behalf it was always the benefit of others but when it came to walking my faith Jesus had to trust just like you and I and him at the end of verse thirteen of our birds are chapter three there were seventeenth he had God 's word that he was the son of God but remember now he goes into the wilderness of forty days and forty nights and I'm sure that that he wrestled through that fast that lasted nearly six weeks and he probably was and sanctified imagination if you will he probably didn't feel like the son of God that must've been an incredible time of wrestling for Jesus and all of a sudden this angel of light comes that comes to him I know where after forty days and does not your father is pleased when your basket basket over Europe third and I'm sure Jesus may have been tempted to sale maybe this is an angel from heaven but then he introduces the Tao if thou be the son of God prove Kruger the son of God journalists don't breath and assure that Satan waived some nice freshly baked bread right before Christ knows of course I'm cleaning a little bit here but can you imagine that temptation after almost six weeks without one ounce of food that that Jesus must eventually some incredible temptation for me to Senegal that while for group but what did Jesus do you think he was tempted to walk my site you think he was tempted to go by sensors but what Jesus do Jesus did not want my site he walked like they notice he quoted the word of God Baron verse four but he answered and said it is written Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God you see Jesus walk by faith and faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the words of Jesus and faith in the word of God to meet that temptation when he was tempted not to trust the word of God he chose to trust that word anyway now in my minds eye I can imagine that Satan I'm sure said okay you want to quote the word of God you want to use a word about what the word about you notice what he says in verse five then the devil taketh him up into the holy city and sent him on a pinnacle of the temple and said under him if thou be the son of God cast thyself down for it is written he shall give his angels charge concerning thee and in their hands they shall bear thee up lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone you want to quote the word to meet Jesus the southbound the Psalmist says you won't even if against Iraq Angels would protect you prove again tempting Jesus to walk my sites to prove his divinity instead of trusting in his father and verse seven thankfully Jesus lived under him it is written again thou shalt not tempt the Lord by God we see Jesus chose not to trust his site he chose the wildlife and in God 's word right and trust his senses he trusted the ensure in my mind I can see the demo thing okay you don't want to walk by your senses you want to block my site I'll overwhelm your senses and your site and notice in verse eight again the Devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them and saith unto him all these things will I give the gift I will fall down and worship the so here Satan takes Jesus up to high mountains and panoramic vision flashes all the honor glory wealth and power the world right before his eyes and promises to give him that if he would simply bow the knee can you imagine what that must of done to Jesus senses on about you but if I was in that position I would be extremely tempted but thankfully Jesus resisted the temptation to walk by sight and you walk by faith and an inverse attendance and said Jesus and him get thee hence Satan for it is written thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve we see Jesus walked by faith and in fact Jesus walk by faith in God 's word to such an extent that he lived suffered and died a conqueror of faith in God 's word that's why Jesus is called the author and finisher of our faith and the Bible teaches ever so clearly the concept of the faith of Jesus you see when we have faith in Christ we received this very same fate which was a conquering fate so I ask you do you walk by sight or do you walk by faith think of Jesus on the cross when his unity with the father was being broken up when the Godhead itself what was being broken up because Jesus became sin for Allah 's grace and send you a message of Jesus gone my God my God why not mistaken make I cannot see you well I do and Jesus said later on it is into nine even when Jesus could not see through the porthole of the grave even when he was entering what I call the black hole of the collective second after a lost race even when it's always been offering for Senators Hart was about ready to ask I even though he could not see his own resurrection like Moses blocked me out of my block alone if it means that they will be saved Jesus was willing to never going to the grave and never octagon the great run and never come out if it meant that we would be saved and he did it by faith not by how he felt thankfully the resurrection sealed destruction Satan and the faith of Jesus was immortalized brothers and sisters Jesus walked by faith and we been following his example should learn to walk by faith and not by sight we trust in our sense is way too much right and the reason why we are so emotional debate in many cases when it comes to our pay is because we have lost our vital godliness and when vital godliness goes out the door we start looking for or feelings -based religious experiences to supply the lack and that's why a lot of the music gets juiced up in our churches today because people are looking for an emotional religion and it's like an addiction I need more and more and more and more to get the same feeling a brief celebrating all kinds of things in the sanctuary of God and Bob would never approve up to honest with ourselves but because we do not have the faith to allow those things the company but the reality is that God wants us not to debate a religious experience on ecstasy of dealing because there are times when our feelings will not match up with our faith we base it on the Elaine we may not feel like were with God and that could lead to a spiritual crisis when in reality we might be in the heart of God and so we've got to learn to walk by faith friends and not by sight basing our faith on God 's Word and God 's word alone and not by sight or senses and that's why Jesus warns us in Matthew twenty four look if any man says here is Christ alone there is Christ don't even go because if you walk around that quote unquote you have knowledge you will be deceived because your senses will be overwhelmed if you presumptuously walk in the way of temptation Jesus says don't even go because your senses will be affected he wants us to walk by faith is a powerful statement in the book great controversy which is a wonderful book on on the history of redemption in the last day events as based on the Bible in a statement on page six twenty five it says only those who have been diligent students of the Scriptures and who have received a lot of the truth will be shielded from the powerful delusion that takes the world captive by the Bible testimony these will detect the deceiver and has the sky to all the testing time will come are the people of God now so firmly established upon his word that they would not yield to the evidence of their senses what made and such a crisis claim to the bar all in the Bible only and are brothers and sisters God 's word is the basis of faith not our site not our senses and yes there will be times when God will give us visible evidences of our faith it's true and there are times when you even feel emotionally in harmony with God but but that is not a final barometer Brett friends because we must learn to trust and not how we feel we need to trust God 's word by faith you know Revelation three verse ten says if thou keep the word of my patients I will keep me from the hour of temptation that shall come upon all the world 's youth about trusting in faith in God 's word because this section will continue to escalate as we near the close of time we need to understand that they is not based on feeling it is an abiding principle based on supreme faith and what God says in his word that moves us to be a door of the word and not just a hearer only and so I ask you again as I've asked you are you walking by faith or you walking by site are you taking God at his word like the Roman century member that man that went to Jesus Lloyd Bible it was a sermon on not mistaken since I'm a servant he said he needs to be human Jesus is log on and the center said no more you need about to speak the word only and my servant will be healed you don't even know what I trust look I'm a man of authority I say I get a command my soldiers do it I know you the same way in spiritual matters you to speak a word only and I know it will come to pass and then Jesus when he saw the man's face he looked at his denominated body is a you know what I must see the likeness amongst the denominated body of God the people of God the professed people of God don't have faith like this is this on Gentile believer in Christ you see that's the kind of faith we had to take God but we need rather to take God at his word you know always still the people of the book because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the world wonder how much time we really spend studying the word of God because if we do friends this word is has creative power it will create and strengthen faith within us I know that I'm in the conviction that I don't I need to have more time studying because when I first became a born-again Christian and a seventy administration I was on fire I studied hours a day Corso wasn't married and have children in them all the demands of my time I have now but you know since then I've noticed that that I don't spend as much time and God is convicting me and I got to get back into the Word like I used to because the word is what begets faith in our hearts so are we walking by faith or are we walking my site and I told this story early this week but probably a majority of you weren't there when I said this but I was baptized as a born-again seventy administration in February of nineteen ninety six and about three months after I was baptized my pastor came to me so you know Markey said I feel like gauze con you into the ministry what you preach a sermon that at the time he had two churches in every other weekend he was at either charities that I can't fill the pulpit of this dig at a church this weekend want to preach a sermon as well pray about it and I prayed about it and the only resistance was insomnia pastoral preaching and I felt like on a given me a message last Sabbath morning I went to church I was so nervous I did meet for two days in the blood sugar was probably at zero RI but but nevertheless I had stage fright I could even get up in front of it I can remember having to give speeches in high school I couldn't get my smile for nitwits when I get lightheaded my hands and all claiming and I would stumble over my words are spelled very rough in the way I speak and not very polished sometimes but nevertheless I I I sense like okay God you know what I needed if you want to preach a priest but I got so nervous and it was interesting is when the church service started I I was singing the opening Canada and I started getting a little queasy and then I gave the opening prayer and embodied by the time I I I finished with the prayers of the hymnal down I have waited on the stage in front of the whole church I actually passed out I never actually preach my first sermon I and you know what I woke up through smelling salts and ambulance and it was a faith crisis I mean I mean I woke up and might like my eyes were crying I was always upset with God I think God what you doing to me why did you knock me down I'll never be able to show my face in the check again I do know what God was asking me to walk by faith and when I finally went to the hospital I was in one of these quiet room that I was fortunate enough to have a rewarding shared with another patient is on the Mariners came in saw me crying in prison of the nurses were compassionate man I met up with this nurse came and she never said a word and to this day I still wonder if it was an angel but she just held my hand and squeezed it not just of keeping my pride event is Christ and I had time to reflect and the Lord impressed me several things my thoughts you basically one you know you into their view Junior Holy Spirit this morning and not you got to realize Paul outside the gates of Damascus didn't kicked off your high horse because you arrogant you need to realize that you cannot step in the desk of God be aired because you are very arrogant young man and you need to be humbled secondly you need to practice good health practices because not eaten for two days and have nothing in your system been as nervous as you are you system shutdown so on you know the health loss and thirdly he told me you understand this right now but you will later and what a testimony will be for people to just walk by faith in you seven months later after going through Toastmasters and all this training of public speaking actually get up and not not know Doctor freak out from the pulpit you know I finally got the courage of a priest my first sermon in January of ninety seven and then been preaching ever since learning to walk by faith and not by sight and I have one final story for you to illustrate this faith oversight issue a few years ago this DDD came out it's called a conscientious objector of objective spot about Desmond Dawson of many of you know that right up by Desmond docility don't know Desmond Doss was it was it was a born-again Christian is a Seventh-day Adventist to basically join the Army during the World War II era and he actually became a conscientious objector and end up exactly sent into combat as a medic he rescued seventy or eighty people in this in this highly dangerous situation on the island of Okinawa and the Pacific any accident the Congressional medal of honor from President Truman is a powerful story about how he went through a savage battle in a in a health message battle in the Army and he just went through a real tough time and in God really blessed them and preserved him and I was look at him as a man of tremendous rate well when we're not in Florida a few years ago my wife and I discovered that that the past that one of the charges when my wife's younger brother and sister when had bought all the use that DVD to encourage them and they lent it to us and we watched it I was so blessed but iDVD and I knew that I was going up to Southern just do some summer courses and and I knew that Desmond Doss live right outside of Chattanooga on Lookout Mountain rising Fawn Georgia which about forty five minutes away from the stunning campus and I thought to myself you know when it be a blessing if I can meet him I mean that would be tremendous and then I can get them holding good at the time we just had Abigail our oldest daughter we did have a rather jejune at that point and I thought now looking at a picture of him holding Abigail wouldn't that be a blessing in so I go to the college that summer and one day I'm in the store called the Village market Red Cross and the campus and I run into a friend and she begins to tell me that week at the place of employment Desmond Doss was going to come to speak memory backup this reset L Allen and rewind a few days before this my wife had gone out of town to go visit her father so I was at Southern by myself for a few days and in one night I woke up probably twelve or one and begin to feel incredibly discouraged if you ever have those moments we just feel really discouraged in spiritual things money only one hope Nani is pretty big crowd at many of your visitors well now I every man must stand alone one day right but I was feeling incredibly discouraging was burdened out of these thoughts came into my mind you know Lord when I came into the message I was on fire I was so consecrated Lord by your grace and an over time of compromised missionaries spiritual borders and shrunk up what was so simple at one time isn't so simple anymore I've dabbled as a result I feel like a preview away somewhat loaded and I'm really discouraged right now I know it's my own choices that caused this and you know I began to cry out to God in this and this ninth season moment friends if you will and I began to reach out as a God I've got a no I preached I've got to know are you still with me because it can not all just die that's how I felt I reached out after God that my friends on County I really really poured my soul out to God begging for him to give me a sign show me something I can see large right what what was interesting I felt that the Lord visited me that night and he began to unfold some thoughts to me that resulted in this very sermon that you're hearing right now through developing this message God began to teach me look you must learn to walk by faith when you're in the cloud and you can see the sunshine you must trust and yes you make some compromises and yes if you hurt me in some areas but you know what I'm still striving with you and but if you will read surrender your heart right now and purpose to get back to what I call you to be well taken that those voters and go beyond what you will learn to walk by faith and not trusting I feel and so that night God gave me this experience and what was interesting because I had asked God for a sign for you given me the message is assigned but being like Jonah I said look what I need another sign I like Gideon like this one with landlord I know you didn't want just one more and the Lord spoke to my thoughts and said a wicked generation seek a doctor 's son no signs of a given except the sign of the prophet Jonah just repent right so is okay Lorna okay Greg didn't know now and fast forwarding to this encounter in the store and run into an old friend she said in an is talking about this DVD you seen the DVD of Desmond Doss all marked yes we have and guess what you notably this I work at a at a nursing home and guess who's coming to speak this Thursday for the patients destined off yet ephedra book kept me in his house this Saturday set up an appointment populace why talk to him but let me know I got to meet this brother and is usable I'll call you Thursday night and did you know she called me that night she said marked five o'clock that we are there to drive up to his house to bring my family you can bring your wife and daughter we get to meet demand and that sad as we drove up the winding yellow seem like a never-ending yelling at the top of Mount but we went to Desmond also 's house and you know when I walked into his house was like and see him and it was incredible there were no a Plaxo newspaper articles and pictures he had his picture taken with every president since Truman and just it was just like a historical museum I was just always I was spellbound walking up and down the hall want to be historian him a want to be yellow historian but by my trade hereby natures him walking around on dispute all the stuff up on taking it all in and what was interesting I came to this one picture and showed an aircraft carrier deck and all these these older men on their with their medals of honor around their necks and it happened to be a picture of all the surviving medal of honor winners and Mister document to me said to me said son see that picture after picture of all the living metal to metal of honor when that you know what I'm not in that picture you will know why some wine he said as they had that meeting on Sabbath and I was in church I went to church and then he directed me right across the hall to an article on the wall they article DOS avoids or skips or whatever was medal of honor meeting to go to church as Sabbath keeper in the whole newspaper article about how you miss that meeting because he felt like he wanted to be in church on the south and I thought to myself what a man of while manifesting because my daughter got on his lap we finally settled her down at some pictures my wife got some pictures of you and I standing together with arms around each other and it was just a blessing brothers and sisters to meet this man of faith and driving home we had one of those quiet moments you had a quiet moment for reflection I mean my wife and I and our daughter and then my friend and her husband and their two daughters were in our minivan a beautiful car but it was one of those quiet moments where we would which is kind taking in what we've just been through and I looked in the rearview mirror at my friend back in Pasadena what I want to thank you for setting this up my heart has been so blessed today are so blessed with high status was riding spiritual wave on the surfboard if you will and I was just so so blessed by the experience and you know what she said to me in that rearview mirror she said see how much God loves you see how much God loves you and that he would give you the desires of your heart and you know when she said those words my mind crystallized in this thought came into my mind there is your second sign Jonah now walk by faith friends we need to learn to have faith we need to learn to trust in God by faith and not walk by sight how about you this morning you really walking by faith and learning to trust a power outside of yourselves or are you still in control walking my site you know I've not made any altar calls this week but I think this morning it's very appropriate that we make an appeal and there are several categories of people in this room this morning I want to try to cover them all maybe some of you in this room have never ever chosen to walk by faith maybe you don't know Jesus maybe you have not exercised faith in Jesus but the Bible says that God has given every man a measure of faith Jesus says to us today all ye of little faith God hath dealt to every man a measure of faith the just shall live by faith for by grace are you saved through faith when the Son of Man comes will he find faith may be you are contemplating a faith experience why won't you as God leads your heart right now to exercise faith and come for there may be others of you out here let's backslidden and left the faith you gone headlong into the world and God is calling you back to walk by faith I would like you to come forward as well I'm afraid just a minute and you can come forward but there's also others of you that need to realize something as well maybe you are a professed Christian maybe you are professed Seventh-day Adventist but you have been walking my site you have not truly understood what it means to walk by faith and you need to recommit your life and make a stand right now by coming forward and say hi one a walk not by sight I want to walk by faith I like to open at the altar to anyone in this room that may fall into this category as we pray together if you could slide out of your seat and just come to the front we will have a special season of prayer through at this time God compels you please come forward and we will kneel before the altar in faith and consecrate ourselves maybe there's some in here that need to make a decision to be baptized or rebaptized also I'd like to invite you to comment please fill that out on your blue restoration card as well so we can make sure that we minister to you in that area as well I know it's not practical for everyone to kneeled on the go ahead Neil appeared to feel the pressure can if you want to remain steady cam on the go-ahead and Neil and let's have a consecration for father in heaven this morning we truly want to have faith Lord I pray that as each person has come full that she would water in Germany the seed of faith inside of their hearts made at seed grow strong help each one of us dear Lord to trust and faith even when were in the darkest chapters of our lives even when we feel discouraged and separated from you Lord help us to trust if there are areas in our lives that are not surrender that are causing these ill feelings are these ill convictions Lord help us to surrender them but yet even so may we trust in thing Lord they may be some in this group that have never chosen to give their hearts to you if they have come forth Lord I pray they will have faith and that you will convert them by the power of your spear so that they will walk by faith perhaps some have left you altogether to coming back Lord rekindled that spark of faith inside of them and for those of us who are professed Christians and went really technically never left the faith Lord but yet have walked my site trusting in our own strength to be a Christian Lord help us to trash the perspective and learn to walk by faith and use of it we will have your thing Lord if there are some that need to commit to baptism a re- baptism give them the faith to go through that commitment if there are some that need to join to a Bible study group to learn to study the word of God because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the words Lord I pray that they would check that on their cards as well so that souls can be assigned to them to minister to them that they might study thy word and develop the faith of Jesus father above all things this morning we just thank you so much for being patient with us we pray right now that as we have heard and responded to this message Lord may our faith be strong may we walked not by sight may we walk by faith this is our prayer in Jesus name on


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