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Marc Swearingen



  • February 21, 2009
    3:00 PM
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okay question number one the best water what are some practical things I could do at the new Christian to grow spiritually this asking how can be done the Christian Walker rededicated but you walk just to grow closer to Christ restriction well I think that you know I think there's some very basic things that one can do to grow spiritually I think the first thing that we can do is study the Bible develop consistent daily Bible study habits to wear were studying God 's word and learning and growing and learning to take what we learned the word incorporated into our lives I would also encourage people that are coming to the faith to develop consistent prayer habits because you know I believe that prayer is essential to Christian growth and we need that quiet time every day to pray to gain strength on our knees in and just reflect upon our lives so that we can grow I think another important thing to do is to to to be consistently witnessing for your faith because you know when you give to others you grow yourself and so we need to share our faith as well as pray and study as it doesn't do any good the horrid things is also one other thing to that quite often people don't think about when it comes to growing spiritually and that is lifestyle practices health I think it's good to have good health practices because health and spirituality are interrelated and so if we can look at our lifestyle and make sure they were run a good diet were eating well aware drinking plenty of water and exercising to these types of things I think it will help us spiritually to grow because the physical and spiritual are interrelated so you know if we if we develop good Bible study listen we learn consistent prayer habits and in witnessing and also look at our lifestyle I think that's a good foundation to start growing spiritually for our second question here home by some question name many of us can relate to when if ever is it appropriate to ask God for a sign that well I even read my messages I've asked God that myself I think we need to be careful I think there's some things that we need to understand there are times in the Bible when the people of God would ask for a sign Gideon comes to mind right because the children of Israel the Exodus they saw all the signs that God sent with the plagues on Egypt and they saw the man on the Red Sea Parmalat said it would visible signs in that respect I do believe though that what we need to remember is that when we love when we ask God for a sign we need to realize that as we consider doing that we need to ask ourselves if duty has always already been revealed to us because I don't believe that God would give us a sign if he's revealed to us what he expects from us I think that would be presumption and remember God has given us his Word to us if we know our duty based on on what he's revealed from inspiration I don't believe God would give us a song K so something if it's a path of duty has been clearly laid out and we know what God is asking us to do but yet we still seek after sign I think it's a good possibility that God will not be there but there are times when God does give us little tokens that he's guiding us and were on the right track now I I will say that the Bible also talks about in the light in the last days you know that unity signs and lying wonders so that we need to be very careful that not learning to base our experience on this type of thing because as Satan gets more and more control of this are yellow to see things of the supernatural character that bargaining deceive a lot of people as I guess went on to say that we shouldn't base our religious experience on these types of things I even though there will be times and I think God will give us tokens we should learn to walk by faith faith in God 's word in and seek God 's word as the ultimate path of duty slung a part of the unpardonable unpardonable sin how do I know that I haven't committed gay how to lie no if I committed the unpardonable sin or not not actually had a few people ask me that this week and and and they said to me Walmart you know I feel like I've gone beyond savable boundaries and then I can remember saying something like will wire you at these meetings then they say while I want to find God and I tell them let you know it if you have gone beyond savable boundaries you would even have a desire for spiritual things because if our hearts to be completely hardened and we've gone beyond the point of no return we would have no desire to even want to follow after God like it might study the vile as I understand it so just by the very fact that someone is seeking after God in some ways shows me that the door is still open and that they can still find salvation but we have to remember to the unpardonable sin can happen subtly over time and and quite often I I use the FBI illustration of Satan very rarely ever knocks us out with an uppercut you are jealous and awareness downward to Jack over time suddenly and so we have to be very very aware that we don't make subtle compromises to whittle away her experience but if we still have a desire for spiritual things I believe in my study the violently there's still hope for us and we have not committed young particles for some stuff I myself asking for forgiveness of sin the about forgiveness for and stop committing how do I know I've been forgiven okay so I guess this question says I've asked forgiveness for sin of stopped doing that Samba can I find myself still asking for forgiveness for you I've been through that experience where there been times when I was in in times past when I might be practicing something else surrender that and yet later on I'll still feel guilty and and and still ask God over and over could you please forgive me for that I think what we need to realize is that's where faith comes in as you know there are many times we don't feel forgiven even though we might have confessed and repented as something in and stop that act activity in our lives in fact they put that away but what we need to do is we need to not go on feelings we need to trust that God has forgiven us and just let that go in the hands of God because God promises that if we truly and sincerely repent and put away our sins he promises to remove them as far as the east is to the west so we don't need to go as bad says resurrecting things that have already been addressed and dealt with itself if you're in this category I would encourage you just to take advice they don't go on feeling don't let Satan cripple you would guilt I think you need to entertain healthy conviction when God brings it but don't let the guilt paralyze you to the point where your your recounting your past constantly and in and just rehearsing that guilt again trust that God has forgiven you take God at his word like the century and as a lawyer look I have confess that sin I put that away and the trust which you Bible promises that you will forgive me and cleanse me because I confess my sin as you require the distrust and say in the last question here growing up in the church how can I experience to conversion well a good number of us have grown up in the faith some of us also like myself have had more conversions and him coming to the faith that way you know I think personally even though I have described you this past week my conversion experience in many ways of handling a hang of it okay all I think conversion happens in different ways with different people based on their experience some people have marked conversions where the proverbial lightning bolts strikes in the another that just they have this massive change in radical alteration of their life at the moment taught whereas others it almost appears as though the use of phrase panic growing the conversion it's it's a subtle thing that that when there's really no marked signs but it's almost like they they they settled into a conversion experience and I think that's the case with a lot of people that have especially been raised in the church even though I have heard of accounts where people live and raise the church actually you know I basically go to church because that's what they've always done but that at some point it collects and they have that conversion experience so I guess you know the long and short is is that conversion happens in different ways in and just because you've been raised in the church does not mean that you might not necessarily be converted it's just conversion happens in different way a him and keep in mind when we've had an emotional conversion experience and not if we have made a commitment to surrender our lives to Christ and receive him as personal Savior and grown tired of a sinful lifestyle and come to the point we want to just give our sins to Jesus whether we've had this massive emotional experience and not we can trust based on what God says in his word that we are entering into a born-again relationship with Christ so whether you've been raised in the church and whether you come into that the church later on through a conversion experience you know you just need to make sure that that you surrendered your life you received Jesus as your Savior and that you're striving to walk with him each and every day surrendering his sins I believe then you have complied with the conditions of salvation and that you can experience the joy of salvation as you are surrendered to Christ I hope that answered the question I know that some of these things you know I think conversion is also something that is known by experience and I'm reminded in Revelation I believe she viewed chapter to its real talks about how Jesus gives certain believers a stone a new stone with a name written it's known only by that person that receives it if I believe conversion is something that can only be known by experience we can try to describe it to some degree but it really has to be experienced on an individual basis but it happens in different ways and so I would just encourage you as you look at your life if you're wondering whether or not you're really converted or not just examine your heart and ask yourself have I really surrendered my life to Christ if you can say that I believe that you can say that you converted even though you may not have a mock conversion experience like myself or someone else may have come in later on in life that make sense


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