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Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • March 5, 2005
    12:00 PM
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after skiing growing up Mike my parents taught me that the Bible said that Christians shouldn't wear too much makeup and no jewelry all but being a rebellious child I found tax approved my parents wrong like the father of the prodigal son putting a ring on his son 's finger kings of Israel wearing crowns and other and other tax like that Pasha Siddiqui I'm not trying to hurt my parents I just feel that they are being a little too legalistic on my taste in fashion what do you and the Bible have to say about this while I have nothing to sell to the Bible has to say with respect to the prodigal son this is found in Luke chapter fifteen verse eleven thirty two if you read the text in the context of the culture venue on the Sabbath when the Bible says about a ring on his hand and shoes on his feet the ring was not a piece of jewelry in today's world whether we want to make about the official what do we do we sign in those days the signature was tomorrow it was a seal that was affixed to a clear topic usually made of wax or something personable material which was subsequently hard and render the market authority permanent and so what the father was demonstrating was his point total reception of the boy back into his household and so by giving him the ring he gave him the symbol of authority to transact business it was not a piece of outward declaration I have a pen writing this puppeteer with which I signed what I have sought back failure the Penn was born right here it was not declaration it was enough to show document of official instruments for me you once valid not in Daniel six four seventeen when neither was put in the lives then the Bible says of the storm was brought to be the one above then on the cave sealed it with his own signet and with the signet of his lords the segment was of the again the official sign so when the king sealed event told me no one if that tool and release value he sealed the result segment which accounted when we showed up at the adulterous affair with a woman who he thought was a prostitute not knowing she was his daughter in law you have no motive upon the greatest prostitute and she said will you be something as insult the shoulders of a comeback obtaining a lot of things you left was a segment tremendously believe so when he went back several months later on the girl had remove a prostitute disguise and he found out that she can send should gotten pregnant for him he did not even of the killer we were still sinners so when he went to get her by the scruff of the neck she presented to him the segment on his heart broke as you recognize that this thing she had represented him and he said she is more righteous than I Genesis thirty five revolver slung the Bible says undergone set of the Jacob arise what the vessel unmake that unfolds on the blog that appeared in through the window for this from the face of my brother Esau the first of the Bible says that Jacobs speak unto his household of all that were with him and said put away the strange goals are among you and be clean and change your garment of course for the textiles on the sick and big duties onto Jacob all the strange goings which were in the hands on all of these earrings which were in there is a massive revs is completed theory is one of the things in here from Raleigh articles the back of your next review help them gain them all the Bible says and Jacob hid them under the tree which was by shock because Golson purify yourself now you're going up to Bethel Bethel needs help support Jacob have finally settled and students these all that the webpage buried hatchet so to speak we haven't first chapter thirty four the story of Dinah was right by the Shechem number thirty five promising a different stage in your life come to Shechem to the battle house of God they can alter you coming to worship with all the baggage of the past remove communal self and powerful retrieving of the self is the removal of that which God is not honest with you bid us in Revelation chapter twelve verse one the Bible says is underpinned with one hundred and one a woman called the son of the moon under her feet upon her head a crown of twelve stars this woman represents the true church on all that makes her shine and glitter come from outside of her life only that which makes her computer comes from outside of her long look at the other woman Revelation ability to remission seventeen wherefore on the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color that's a possible and decked with gold precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations of fitness of the fornication that the women in revelation one represents the torture on which covers the roof was put over my dog is the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ the gospel of receipt of how we look the woman representing the false church is dead because she got herself gold another word that means I need it good old and precious stones of the rules are busy come from your vessel report comes from precious stones and pearls the light of the true church come from the sun which is from above the moon about the stars from about Web analytics in the first act the first creation of man was something to put on the outside the first act of creation by human beings was something to be approved within and on the outside to fix optimistic to give a false offenders the ones on the inside were involved in Genesis three twenty one he removed because of Genesis returned once a month out of also on this why did the Lord will make one also skins and close them out with local skins but because there was skins it meant someone had to buy something the animals died representing Jesus Christ when we dress somehow we must reflect the plan of salvation we must do like those for whom Jesus shed his blood boil remove what do you mean themselves and he put on then that which would ever remind them of the sacrifice that would be made four thousand years later is rests in eating in recreation in every thing we do Christ must be seen in us I was eleven or cruise available for this is serious because there is a lasting political was in the country once it was one and the hotel where I stayed after leaving inclusive present counseling again that the hotel of title ten thirty enough time of the night the ladies of the night came up in a religious divide up his left is a pleasant listed as the lady of the night of a reference that left him how they would dress a certain way I pounce move all blouses why it was part of the business to advertise a prostitute knows if you want to catch a manner given a peek was to get a peek less how to generate business if you have suppressed where the whole download of this cover-up all she is not saying they did not dress like that lives rests to generate business let's be honest I don't attempt ludicrously abilities of local searches on them her interest same way so I sat from the pulpit wait a minute stop confusing the I want to be sure that the weather outside my hotel for the other to sell something ozone advertised I want to think that if you have this you must not know purpose but you are doing the same thing in a certain sense you are not long dresses scantily accidentally you look at a closet of you say tool motivations you have been my mother will put limits on what I've seen learn what officials in the light of a woman walking I need out dress the other would I don't expect invincibility I need to look better than all the women must first observe was instrumental to look at the back of the women for motivation to justice guess that doesn't work the conventional something is showing that accomplishes what I have in mind attract somebody's attention of this is one of my church back anywhere from women's letters either one was I think I will get a husband joking she said girl addresses will cease at once and is most she said typing up so the men can see how this is very serious in Genesis or before the storage unit will sometimes were told that Irbil was his brother is the only place in Scripture we have been worth of siblings and we kept we were told over and over is Roma is brought to meaning we have a responsibility for one another men are affected by what they see you come to church less individual like a man have a hard time on the gospel not because they're not chosen of God but because they made a certain way is out of one of these is mumbling something on how studies survey of what goes on in my middleman when a woman of pipe passports by doing that serving you shop do it anonymously of course you will well be shocked at what on this and then will say knowledge and a flop in the mind is not signals into the mind you have a subscription to move on to life but it makes it difficult for men on men be careful what you say to women there's a reason why pornography is the are directed at this in magazines then eventually does other for women seriously there is almost professional teams often and certainly doesn't a lot wear long dresses like illustrations they are from manner professional skating exhibited long dresses and no member shall slaughter things of file men congregate on that man what's what you said within eleven thirty nine your work wants what to say because Ellen White says the devil knew he could not get out of one-on-one you could get Steve for some reason God made us different demographic with that will would have to talk things out a man he's done I'm gone I do have a started but he's not a woman you will have to discuss it so she sees with every normals over the eye under the cross was over the teeth so that her mind is compare the dominoes that is normally was like that without him that no one thought I is someone who will talk and he will and should fault however identifiable and women still know that the day many women find themselves of one of the men because they felt they had explained to one man white below somebody else will explain talking so much yes let's was next question on Pasha skied I used to use curse words but now I have stopped instead I say words that sound a little different like darn or guy sure and maybe some other things you probably should reinstate user anything wrong with using these not so harsh words it presumes that the force responsible let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth but that which is good to the use of edifying that it may minister grace unto the hearers to often we speak loosely not really thinking of what to say the Bible says we must choose our words carefully unpacked is just a vegetarian version of hell and boss is really God and Jesus is Jesus regular visit or sometimes just because were not very conscious that the cross of Christ must cut every aspect of our lives by the way that also goes for your patterns of speech the original signal shall level your patterns of speech must reflect a different background not necessarily where you came from read the book the voice and speech and song and hear what everyone has to say if you're a professional service calls with people which is using slide slide slide slide cover the price that has to go because when you speak shall be associated with greater than from by that I mean it where you came from was also a source of glory to God with your customers was heavily involved when you Jesus Christ you drop that our brother how are you system will be going to be human beings and human beings love my dog so been shot but because the cross of Christ touches our lives the hosts speak no as we speak and have next question if you notice on that nobody here is there a reason for that and sometimes in Mexico along why don't understand why people don't clock there is abundant evidence in Scripture that many times people responded word of God were dignified in the description in the newsletter is still investigating a clapping is one of flapping in and of itself is an expression of jubilation because of its association with some things are taken over by the world have the problem not because they're bad but now the county a negative association for instance the Playboy mogul is what abundant homemade abundance not human after all megabytes but if I wanted to search with the T-shirts on the bunny had which bought make you will not listen to the right or wrong one listen to me because you can see your drywall collections that money is not associated with pornography was that love wearing a T-shirt yet I can argue from Genesis chapter one first right of long broad mathematics the same thing applies the drums and guitars in charge augmented in the skills of a good run to glorify God but everyone has problems everyone will have to conduct what does Brahms guitar 's because of that association is when we see that one comes off as three is Rolling Stones and were browsers running around with a banging their heads and so we decided to distance ourselves from the Association not because the thing itself is a sin but because it has been hijacked we disassociate ourselves from it so I was not to put into people 's minds the wrong ideas the mind is a sponge that you can squeeze once something gets in their its space if I happen to get dissatisfied with some of the local churches in this area is anything wrong with joining an independent church that holds the same beliefs as the seventh Adventist church in obese people are a lot nicer to go on have a people called the Israelites through Abraham 's lights for the entire history with minor periods of exemption were unfaithful to God in those times were this to his people yes on the yes did not authorize the tribe of Judah that will join him out the was okay for that event device will join headlights on all Gaul kept twelve shrines when we were rhythmically as he would send a productivity weather was that his noise like was never authorized to leave the twelve try conglomeration of several fabulous served his balls prophetic church the day the music differently we are much most people today as Israel wants in the Old Testament are we ornery old yes I'll be disobedient yes we would like the world yes we run all that we know on the bases of the world standards yes I was so sometimes is not raise yes what the church does do what you can do for the church from within the church and another commonsense reason for that advent is generally helpful that we do view of those ligatures are you leaving the church that the fixings up you want people to come with their something will netbook as long as they know you left the organization you carry a brand you County must have you carry a stigma regardless of the puberty of your intentions whatever you know outside of the fastest you can do with the difference my I will not believe Mister of the church is not the old before my time but I will need to have a leave this church alike never left never counseled people believe that she did counsel to set up some ministries but not controlled by the church as a different thing but it was still under the organizational umbrella of the church because the distal segments of the ministry led to be a civil debate Adventist ministry tick your motives for going for divine examination it is a way that seems right unto a man by the end the role of the ways of their and our final question for restoration two thousand five G I had been revived by your messages but I know but I know that when restoration is over I'll just go back to my old habits I don't want to but it's happened to me a lot of times already my spiritual walk seems to be like a roller coaster ride how can I stay solid for the Lord all the time all right boys which there is room close to the more difficult it is to get out of because you believe some sort of mental pathways one picture of a commitment to making this time is a solid commitment that goes all the way down the foundation of your heart and was purpose in your mind with Daniel purposed evil of the possible loss of his life purpose in your heart to remain faithful to go by his grace to associate yourself with the people who put on restoration final devout Bible studies anywhere and goal three one way to strengthen yourself is trying to save somebody else if you have been blessed tell people it is a blessing I received by the CDs give them to people as I said attend Bible studies Jewel put yourself on the study program that will develop what does the Bible but if you knew the Bible study devils bolts issues with the wish of the Bible to the bottom of the page go read the Bible read what she's written for long because elementary level the store will bless you doing these things develop a program of daily conduct one design and spend time praying for this brings the Lord blessed me as to general be very specific with God Lord I have had a roller coaster relationship with you give me a mate of mine that's what you pray for more applicable to understanding a word for it eyes that I didn't hold wondrous things out of thy law Lord I have a template kick it out of me precise purpose


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