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Who Stopped the Movement?

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • February 28, 2009
    10:00 AM
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I was on the search family and let's do a charming little book of numbers in the twelfth chapter numbers chapter twelve starting in verse one number seven twelve starting in verse one numbers twelve says Mariam and Erin speak against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married for you married an Ethiopian woman Elizabeth Elmore indeed spoken only by Moses have to not smoke spoken also by us and the Lord heard by the man Moses was very meek above all the men were dropped on the face of the earth the Lord spake suddenly unto Moses and unto Aaron and on to Merriam I'll be three unto the top of the tabernacle of the congregation and they three came out the Lord came down in a pillar of the cloud and stored in the door of the tabernacle and called Aaron and Miriam and they both came forth instead here now my words if there be a prophet among you our Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision and will speak unto him and injuring my servant Moses is not sold who is faithful in all my house with pool with him while I speak mouth to mouth even apparently and not in dark speeches and the civil to the Lord shall he behold wherefore then worry not afraid to speak against my servant Moses and the anger of the Lord was kindled against them and he departed in the cloud departed from off the tabernacle and behold Mary you press Y is known in error upon Merriam and behold she was leprous American seven symbols of the last mile for IBC may not do so upon us wherein we have done foolishly and wherein we have seen letter not the other one dead of the flask is half absolute when it cometh out of his mother 's one and Moses cried of the Lord thing healer now oh God I beseech the Lord set of doubles of her father but spit in her face should she not be ashamed in seven days B set out from the camp seven days after that letter be received in the again verse fifteen thousand Marion was shut out from the camp seven days and the people journey not to marry was brought in again a message the Sabbath is entitled who stopped the movement who stopped the movement let us pray father God we thank you Lord for bringing us together on this beautiful holy Sabbath day I thought about the two major walls Justin Neil Apollo Rusty sorry male father Lord upon the nail right now I asked the juvenile portrait of Jesus Christ so that I'm not seeing ordered instead father God give us a message from your throne of grace this is our prayer in Jesus 's name and then the children of Israel come out from Egypt and him coming out and reach the point where they were trying to assemble more normal lives interestingly enough it is now much time later that finally Erin and Marion meet their sister-in-law when they realized that this sister-in-law is not of the house of Israel in fact she is a Midianite that she heard that she is not one of them as he begins the rail against Moses and in and in essence begins to rail against God Scripture says this is an Ethiopian from the Greek word which means bark skin people are skinned people in Scripture we get a view at assume that we often overlook if we get a chance to look at the thirty first of pride that play Miriam and Aaron by David that would challenge God 's real profit and instead want to place themselves in the feet of profit for this reason many of our churches are not successful because the church has become a political battleground people are fighting and jockeying for titles and positions rather than simply being a servant leaders but the less than the one that I want to resume it on the last day of February a month that historically and traditionally is considered a black history month in the United States is lost to do with the sin of discrimination and prejudice I want to put a sermon comes from so that you stay with me to begin those working in the urgent care one Sunday are one of the nurses came in and slap down a piece of paper that she received from a local Sabbath school class I I shudder to even mention the church that the Sabbath school class is held even though some of you might figure that out to his last outing with Elizabeth and do not alight with the recent than what is that love is what we discussed in Sabbath yesterday and CC sells me a paper with with with all kinds of misinterpreted and an misaligned statement in an juxtaposition that just don't stand up to the weight of evidence is that I know this all my life and at and being in Venice which which to say that you remember that I think is it distracting my own admissions to the line promisor to give you an example at SLC she begins to wail on Ellen White I want to open college many of you know is the historically black college and one of the things that were very problem that would collect the fact that other than a school like also pick the land for that school in fact her sons came downloadable mobile MorningStar down the Mississippi River in secret with able to reach the poor multitudes of what was then called Negroes are colored people preaching to them the gospel of Jesus Christ the liberation so that I began to do some research and I think you'll find that we have a strong history of the church of racial equality in principle but not always in practice and for that reason this is not an easy message to preach but I believe it is unnecessary message from God 's remnant people for the script assessed by this will men know that you are my disciples that you have love one for another Academy Christ's disciples without true love for your brothers and sisters regardless of what they sound like most like dressed like or even smell like that the biblical truth what I also want to point out that something else happens in verse fifteen when God tells to punish Mariam farmers in the Pentagon simply affect Mario and family goggles to punish Mariam force in the entire nation of Israel stands the who stopped the movement sin ultimately stops the movement especially Sigrid felt away sin because God 's church is not to work effectively because they are told what to really trying to cover their tracks rather than preach the Gospel and live the life of Jesus Christ about them with unrepentant sin damages the church and racial discrimination or prejudice is no different if we allow it to exist among us it will destroy the movement and white puts it like this Melanie said it if you are a real Ellen White reader and you enjoy your writings one of the books you must get even though it's no longer in print probably difficult to find the book entitled southern works in the book that is actually far ahead of its time and one of the greatest proofs in my opinion of the prophetic nature of the work about of the writings and teachings of unlike unlike settings in southern works like we should not evangelize to the blacks in the South unless we have first educated powerful statement she understood that dignity in the individual needed to be restored her ability to to to to work as an American thing ever read was critical before you get a number three angels message messages Jenna thought it was important that people be brought to a place of unity and equality if they're going to receive the gospel on Fairground so that the church would not create a permanent underclass she understood the need that every single person who would become a seven government is set up in exposure to education that would ennoble each individual and enlighten the mind that when the price is truly begin to drop the art in a place to accept it without being controlled into it she said that even before men like Booker T. Washington who thought it not necessary to educate African-American reconsidering arrow and Black history will get you the template out of pockets where you are what time on the issue of race so much so that he establishes and have established Oakwood College before even Loma Linda University is that eighteen ninety six ten years earlier like I did a few the races really upset me it really didn't because at the end of the dates and Mary of an era really angry at moles of this close relationship with God with this they were really angry at the position that a new mold is the beer that was privileged at some level did not like taking orders from him and did not like the idea that he was God 's messenger now many debate was still new and unlike in the same way that you live in with her is more about the fact that he speaks the truth Christian living that supersedes popular culture or political correctness I thought at that profit on many fronts and in this case he's attacked from aside I didn't know she could be attacked from after having read the books of the work many years ago which is in the works while the separation of been built up between the whites and blacks these walls of prejudice it will tumble down of themselves as did the walls of Jericho when Christians open a the Word of God which enjoined on them supreme love to their maker and impartial love to their neighbors well you find it interesting also when you study black history there was his greatest of all say heroes the man was birthday moved up a little but was made famous as Malcolm X. he actually died by the name L Heisley L Shabazz after going and making Mecca for himself to Saudi Arabia and worshiping around the holy Blackstone 's there and met and sleeping and eating with blonde hair black Muslims he came back to the United States after having been a racist himself and publicly announcing that he would give up racism of the practice because it worshiped with people he did not think he could ever worship something about Malcolm X. the very few people know what he was not little he was raised a Seventh-day Adventist matter of fact on page twenty one of the autobiography of Malcolm X he speaks about experiences of being up with them the benefit and mother his father was a Baptist minister who was murdered by the complex plan in the middle of the night his mother after going in and out bout of sanity and insanity he wound up becoming a seven-day Adventist and was actually really received in and supported by the Adventist church and I believe that was up in Illinois and what Malcolm X. says about seventy minutes is and before long my mother spent much time with the Adventists we began to go with my mother to the Adventist meetings that were held further out in the country five children I know what was the good food they serve somebody ought to say men and did you know you could actually went over the kids in the family by serving good food movement vegetarian food matter-of-fact when Spike Lee who hates Christians and we'll talk more about people like human antichrist message this afternoon but once likely try to make a movie autobiography of Malcolm X he would not say the documents of the likely couldn't bring himself the thing is that if one scene where when Malcolm X is being introduced to the Nation of Islam is a somehow connects service of my mother never let us before that's the only trick an old movie to let you know we would raise the seven that the less likely would never want to know exactly going to send them in the church for many years but children on all the food they serve watch this accent this felt we were living at the end of time that the world she was coming to an end here the last line but they were the friendliest white people I have ever seen this book is mandatory reading in high schools all across the country what testimony every time some job with never heard of my denomination of any color or at the background reads this page knowing the history of the United States at the time this was written and comes away saying there was the church even in those days but on militant nationalist like Malcolm X which they had white people there was something fundamentally different about what is the title of the sermon this will stop the movement what will happen if documents walked into predominantly white Adventist churches today what happened if he went and visited all of the small churches and even a large churches across the country how will he be received as a child today I can flip that and I will because if he were white and went to a black Adventist church the day how would he be received and drawn battle lines in wall inside of our denomination that are not exist on the West Coast there conferences up based strictly on geography to go back to the conferences overlap one another the only place in the world church but this happens that I know of is up and down the eastern seaboard and as far west as Texas I think conference is determined by black and white now I'm probably going to a lot of trouble for saying what the state not from my white brethren but from my black brethren but I believe it is long time that such differences be done away with I believe the conferences should be based on only one thing geography no other reasons of conferences exist if the popular vote of the United States government someone of color to the highest office in the land how shameful does not denomination look to lag behind and still have segregated local conference and I tell you the greatest like you probably wouldn't even be provided in the number probably a lot speaking engagements canceled when this gets out but that's all right to Lisa B said rollout of you inherit bejeweled automatic the greatest fight will come from the black churches partly because of a reactionary mold to the racism that once was I granted when you look at our church artistry is not great our schools were segregated even in the north conference offices were segregated many black church members went to white churches the Lord told the directions to the black church even when I was little in Alabama that happened we don't have a perfect history but I don't know that you can make a brighter future out of a bad past I don't know that you don't have to build the policies that make the future on the principles of thus saith the Lord and love I have been just happened that we don't start to move slower because were trying to reach people in the real world are desegregating and it's difficult to explain to them when you win a solvent of the church why is that these differences still exist as we leave the first decade of this money the movement was happen that the progressive thinking about when white policy no a lot of progressive thinking of been shot down we used to be a church that taught you ought not go into a movie theater of course what kind of a crazy person would say that now recently that you don't wear jewelry of your seven eleven you dare bring up in most churches now we shall teach that all of vegetarian lifestyle of the best lifestyle built to connect you if you say that in some certain that is when we certainly had the foresight to understand the importance of developing of our church you have to be implemented what time machine and taken back to Mississippi or Alabama back in the time available I was writing to understand how profound her statements all people went only been free from slavery only not even one full generation yet yet she speaks it is time to write them not just because the law says so what do bring them the writing gospel of Jesus Christ not depart to the lower advantage of the church but so that they are able to live better lives now and in the future amazing about Max with able to have that recorded he wrote a book with Alex Haley the author of groups of bogeyman so well read but I wanted tell you that it is difficult to overcome this cause of racism when I was in high school about a temporary most of my family had moved from Connecticut to South Florida my mother is a single mother eventually needing the support of her sister that her parents decided to move us to South Florida moved to Miami and the realtor even though my mother actually a very good job enough money to buy a house in any neighborhood we live in the suburbs in Connecticut we can move anywhere but the realtor by enough on the case of a bad neighborhood now and he always entered the neighborhood the same way when we moved in the house and went on the other side we found out we were three blocks from the crack capital of the United States of America at the time not a good place and you have three sons but that's where God landed us and we were safe the bars on the windows held up never shot at anybody praise the Lord too busy at surgeon and pathfinders probably but they will level your boss from that area to Miami Palmetto Senior high school one of the top fifty high schools in the United States you can look at the U.S. News & World Report will put that out of here I tend along the top high schools in the country and what I went at once to enroll in advanced placement and honors classes and I remember sitting with the guidance counselor looked at me and said you know you're pretty buff dyer bigeye we just put you in an average class in signing up to play football my mother was very jumped out of my seat and almost tackled him to show him that I could play football but I refuse I given up the idea played football in Connecticut because of the Sabbath diluted with no real future for me but what we've elected play football on the Sabbath of the first Dell I went to school I walked into the bathroom on the second floor advanced placement history class most lastly oh I was the only black in or there may be one of the one with ironically also enjoy church and are walking into the bathroom and when I went to the bathroom there was a picture of the aroma eight on the wall evolution around his neck and said the word go back to Africa I've been feeling as a group in Connecticut Michael's friends were Jewish you'll be invited as the bat mitzvahs and stuff for me to get some German descent from Polish descent I got my favorite is still eggplant Parmesan from grown up with Italians if it didn't blog again but didn't seem to matter as much on account salt was something I wasn't used to an alternate to a half years of high school at Aspen and I was constantly bombarded with such images or words and eventually began a digital I began to get very bitter and I began to read books like on a biography about the mix stopped the study the Black Panther movement I began to go away and get angry even at the church because the church wasn't militant enough that you stand off anybody's rights eventually I stumbled on listening at nights to radio program what it would broadcast messages from people like Louis lower cost than others and I thought when I heard them speak against injustice under never agree with his religious beliefs develop resentment at my Lafayette we spoke against injustice so I went to college and could afford to go whenever freedom of gold I began to go and listen to lose Farrakhan speak about the first time I went to Nashville Tennessee I heard them speak any additional methods on a reparation the United States enough to give everything back all country this should be given to black people I want out of a few times even to get to interact with them will minister in Atlanta the regional minister in Atlanta and they put me on a massive the violence committee of mental money people this will our invalidity mightily if fired for formally being a cohort with these people but also resort eventually without the medical school of University of Miami one Saturday afternoon about the people wanted one analyst firm can't speak by the Taliban as much into woman been successful of the medical school I have bigger fish to fry over the word about your raisin raising the money to get the medical school of but I remember going to hear him in the Miami Arena and eight thousand people showed Bacillus far gone is quite oriented and I believe a part of Satan 's antichrist agenda was set with with great talent he is able to take the New Testament writings of Paul and we them into messages almost like listening to the serpent in the tree at times literally strong belief in the dark occult sciences and stars I began to see these weird beliefs slipping in and teaching well sitting there felt little of old friend of mine was in law school and I'll hasten to send very intelligent young lady and her sister and I remember he got hopefully set the plot that is the original man covered a million rappers they stuff like that pleasant think about what you say much because and I can prove it is a proof of medical school unlike proof plus began to pay attention again is an improvement exit sixty six trillion years ago I've gotten the punchline yet sixty six will always what will all of the earth with dynamite and I was horrified and that means even on the Tom and Jerry commercial Village philosopher like that in regard to what somebody says is the proof is that when the astronauts reach the moon they can still smell the dynamite you laugh eight thousand people stood up and began and instantly repent I realized in an instant that I myself dangerously close to the tree but the dragon Revelation chapter twelve the Bible says would open its mouth about with Wildwood Florida to watch the church awake I had come so close to the front that I could've been watched away I have allowed the past scholarly and humiliation of other than the degradation that I have experienced the pain that had been called to call me to move my internal salvation all was said and lies my God forgive me because I think someone was Raven Avenue I'd better than to sit at the foot of a false prophet three times to hear and speak of data testimony not because of proud of that experience in fact it is one of the most deplorable thing that would even fit in the you hear some of the things that were said by the favorite if you're not careful you will you your link to them I did was speak to what you are called in on the Durango relationship with Jesus Christ you think you as you love a woman of audio issue to a printer if you have a white male even life isn't fair for anyone to find out when you live in a sinful world as they unfolded more advantage of the other but I always remember that the Scriptures have gone all the terrain on the job and on the unjust because I think of at the end of the day your trust must not simply be in God when he does for you you are trustworthy in the fact that you have a God who can do for you we value the matter of the neo-Nazi click KKK skinheads that the Black Panther party that it doesn't matter where you reach to get these groups understand that Satan is wise enough to know the feminist movement the adults that they will year old olive difference if I just left if we allow him to all the more reason the church and mosque being a even from discrimination the church must be the place where the pain itself is inflicted anywhere you want to win souls for Christ our whole world he was going to have to change were going to have to look at the sultry goal to win in a very dignified manner not look at where they all liked it riddled for southern sharecropper than formal slaves were two solid and install them do not it would comments to this day is still one of the top ten using the Bible since produces an African-American physicians in the United States of America and I could go on and on all the great minds of people because God assaulted at school and placed with Continental and even at times before the nineteen seventies when it was illegal to vote any other kind of school record be careful as we come closer to Christ's second coming the difference that Satan will want to jump on the most productive friends and I believe in God and I submit to you that if we cannot have an unwise enough to reach out to those who believe like we do we will all be destroyed because a single to destroy a government check your eye color first eleven run at hand to you here to make sure that you hear them a certain text refers to the feeling of facial features the make sure measure your nose size in any direction enough to worry about the cost and your lips off pay a lot doctoral student when Satan goals to destroy these like a roaming line I don't care what couple of advantages that don't know what Mark Sony what is the line is that it empowers that animal let me submit to you but Satan is only concerned with destroying the Seventh-day Adventist church and you have to destroy this chart from the inside and out I repented of very glad I did for a lot of reasons because I began began to realize that many among us for many different reasons of suffered great pain on one of my friend in an and in medical schools in Irish Catholic from Michigan I think brilliant guy living with the class so that the test provided where a member him telling me that when he was went that his grandfather telling stores of being called a make up for this United States was once towards the Irish I found the book if you want to look it up a book entitled how the Irish became White and an interesting fact that Italians Irish Jews were considered what they got here manufactured with Australia's history of the nineteen seventy two the Mason of Australia did not can have a whites only policies that even if you are from Spain or southern Italy you want all out into Australia unless you were blonde and blue-eyed in so you'll find that people are paying for all kinds of reasons and I'll tell you one thing even the pain of being privileged can hurt you even being the one with advantage can be a problem because if you begin to believe the hype that you are inherently better than other people I want to have a faster roller coaster Internet to that end of the day that is Satan mantra you shall be as God worried about Google Memorial is that the authors of the seven words one of my favorite post of hers from anywhere if this is that if they believe on him his cleansing blood is applied to them the black man's name is written in the book of life beside the white man's all are one in Christ birth station nationality or color cannot elevate or degrade men character makes a man powerful statement long before Martin Luther King began to talk about character otherwise it becomes a punch act is what matters watch the only thing you can take with you into glory is your character at the end of the day I love how is it a frail reality of what you glorified body is going to look like you look at them every day and don't like what you see just hold on the diesel demand of all voting them into the about like what God gave you now because going to go a lot better in the hereafter characters what's what matters and other charges we must continue to preach the doctrine that mold character is enough my problem with the loosey-goosey doctrines of the carnage not creatively does relax everything a little bit everybody of the all right out granted I must say we ought to be no vehement leave of mean and and and and and restrictive people and ending with his covenant will run in either cooking but at the same time if we begin to back down on what we believe it is our beliefs it is the doctrine individual is the word of God that function as it functions as a tool and sword and when your character comes in contact with that sharpened sword of the word of God on the part of the character that can certify destroying you the thought of a lot of God calls them to thought and his time is once helpful and thorough pride in an attack that up all of the feedback the immorality that is all you will need on the Y axis you powerlessness begins to remove stains from all the sword stays in the chief out of the world God 's people be sharpened how in the world we get over what we're in our member in the middle of all that driving back to college my car breaking down the maples cause one thing Oldsmobile that broke down the top of the mountain Georgia remember how afraid I was being in rural Georgia with traffic a shortcut through the mountains to get the Huntsville from Atlanta they know for sure that we would be attacked by the clan or somebody else is my brother nine o'clock I was shopping yelling at the heart of the rules of the engine in the rain about one in the morning closest thing of the cell phone at the time I was out and have one yet not knowing how God is to get us through but our mama Prabhu even out of the church turn to the affinity to pray we called on the name of the Lord in that car the friends were riding with an long laundry run ahead of a few rosaries and back was machismo you know how to get back to young white men pulled up behind us at first I thought for sure this is it okay to be taken off somewhere in the middle of the dark Knight instead knocked on the window you need some help pop the hood and a few things rely the Internet been blown and took our car by pushing it with their car down the hill to the nearest payphone will be to get help the Scripture says be careful how you treat strangers because many of us of entertained angels unawares and I learned over the years of the physician the word angel is best translated messenger and other physician God gave me the ability to be the angel to be the answer to someone's prayer not just of the physician a citizen of a friend admitted whatever profession you really even off the job in Walmart you can be the angel someone praying for we must have love one for another because by this men will know that we are Christ's disciples let us pray father God we thank you Lord for your word and for your truth forgive us father God were we a field in lifting up our brothers and sisters regardless of where they come from what they look like regardless of accidents alone allow me Romanus of class a wealth father got all of us as human beings fall short in this issue remove from us that Spain father God instead I did you would burn into your remnant people not just passion for others but come passion father God like Malcolm Little wrote so long will people would know that when they meet at census these are the nicest people they would never have met blesses father God forgive the pains of the past father God of Jesus can forgive those who crucified him how much more ought we to forgive those who are not even crucified us bless your work in these last days we pray for the church say that


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