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Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • March 14, 2009
    10:00 AM
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good morning and happy Sabbath is a good day and then my love to be with on Iraq and his young people amen that was a slow night I expect that the guys that are more my age there can be saying well wait a minute nice name and that I really glad to be here I want to tell you little bits just a very little about myself to get into the topic this morning for someone express my thanks to Evan Hope rescue me come here and speak opportunity talking about the spirit of prophecy which is what our quarterly is about I grew up in the endless church and my mother and father were divorced when I was young and when my mom remarried she and my stepfather who I lived with a day right around nineteen seventy nine nineteen eighty started getting involved in the teachings of a gentleman by the name of Desmond four in about nineteen eighty one my mother and father stepfather I should say left the Adventist church and meet with them and sell I lived like a heathen till I was about twenty six years old when I began having an interest in spiritual things made us speak a little bit more about that this afternoon but I can tell you that one of the big questions I had when I came back to church was regarding the spirit of prophecy to get the prophecy on White's role in our church for those of you who aren't familiar with Desmond Ford's ministry he had two major points of attack and that was the role of Ellen White and the teaching of the sanctuary and that so I had a great burden to understand from the Scripture why I should believe in these things and that's a lot of what I'm to be sharing with you this morning and this afternoon you know one of the young people set up here leading out the music this morning let's set not act like Jesus is coming soon when we tell you my friends he is coming soon one of the signs him I have to stand here and speak the seven banners about the role the spirit of prophecy Nana 's church that's a sign of the end mean who would lead we have gotten as a church very far away from biblical foundations and I believe personally I would expound on this this morning that if we had a better understanding of what the Bible teaches about profits and proxy would have these questions but much of our religion today it comes more from my T-shirts and in lyrics of songs and from the Scripture and in this Christianity you're in general in any fact that maybe I should tell you that I'm quoting now from a Baptist preacher I just heard on you to in a sermon like somebody sent me means not just the evidence Christianity in North America is getting away from the Bible so we're it says it restored here I is that okay this morning our act that's over to do in it a lot of people think what we've resorted to me starts I've met Ellen White when you get outside the word is not about Ellen White nonanonymous we regain our understanding about profits and prophecy from what the Bible says it's like anything else so that's ongoing attempt to do this morning to share with you what the Scripture says forgot plastic church about the role of profits and prophecy in all that good stuff and before I go any further I want to Neil and Ascot special blessing on the service and that a nasty value is with me please heavenly father father we thank you for inviting us into your presence on the Sabbath day and in the words of Moses father show us your glory let us see your glory as we open your word and study today father give us understanding we pray that you would send the Holy Spirit to give understanding on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit game may the Holy Spirit inspired the word that inspire the prophets illuminate our hearts in my I'm debating we may understand more of this precious gift to your church and we ask and pray this in the name of Jesus and for his sake and in the start out with the a couple paragraphs that a full love Wikipedia actually looked under the inspiration of Ellen White I think with the heading and this is how the first two paragraphs ago it's a Saturday cabin is believed church cofounder Ellen G White was inspired by God as a prophet understood today is a manifestation of the New Testament spiritual gift of prophecy her inspiration is considered authoritative yet not infallible by church scholars today her works are officially considered to hold a secondary role to the Bible but in practice there is a wide variation among Adventists as to exactly how much authority should be attributed to her right now maybe I could say it this way there is a wide variation among some of the evidence about just about everything and went on to cover this morning is how the table teaches that God gave the gift of prophecy to bring us to the unity of the faith and if we were allowed to have its proper place there would be a unity instead of all these variation K that's always been the role of the gift now it goes on to say with instructions she claimed was received in vision white made administrative decisions gave personal messages of encouragement or rebuke to church members and played a major role in doctrinal development the debate concerning the validity of her prophetic gift has been heated both from within and outside of the Adventist church this debate reached a climax in the seventies and eighties and since then the church 's position has modified somewhat to place a greater and this is on her humanity infallibility were to talk about that little bit this afternoon in fact I change the order of things this afternoon at three p.m. ago to talk about Illinois plastic surgeons and has been an attempt to develop minor facelift and we want to find out how far the Bible allows for some of the cosmetic surgery is going on there and then at four p.m. the title is she said she said and I think any administers been in administering free time is heard on lights that doesn't help White said that how are we to take those things how are we to share with Elimite said how he understand the things it only saddens the central lesson this morning touched on some of that those are things were going to be covering but there has been a greater emphasis on her humanity and fallibility is is not administratively believes she was not how she was not a prophet although if you are open to the possibility Walter Martin who wrote an end of this one of the antagonists of of the evidence faith saw her as a genuine Christian although not a prophet others are more critical viewing her as non-Christian deceiver criticisms include her literary borrowing from other writers some of her doctrinal positions taken in her alleged prominence in the church the Lord permitting Morgan to cover these things today the first thing I want to start out with is the DVD issue of the role of the profit what the Bible says about the role of the profit not Ellen White per se I mean that's an fall into this but what the Bible says about the role of the prophet in the Christian church some of you have heard my presentations on this in fact I doubt I presented these things at the arise over the last several years and about eighteen sessions UIC asked me to do it in about six session the nearest three sauna talk really really fascinating to the audio verse stop and slow it down and catch everything non- on any cover Eminem and hope to cover the beehive points of this morning but some of this in the review from the saddest order Lee and and from if you are the presentations before but that's okay repetition deepens impression right so let's take our Bibles and let's ask ourselves very first and foremost what a prophet is according to the Scripture were going to go to the book of Exodus chapter four and if you ask most people even some Adventists what a prophet is most people when they think profits and prophecy think future they tell the future there there there there there prognosticators but were ministry with the Bible says in Texas chapter for no other couple passages here Exodus chapter four and were going to go to verse ten God called Moses to lead his people in an exodus Barbara stand the Bible says Moses said to the Lord oh Lord I'm not eloquence neither before nor since you have spoken to your servant but I am slow of speech slow uptown had ever said that when God called you to do something quite I'm not never I can't tell anybody witness again anybody ever do that before nobody like you just all okay good good I've been there before and so notice of our dancer Bertha Levin said Lawrence said to him who has made man's mouth on who makes the mute the death the scene with a blind have not I the Lord now therefore Bill and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say no God says the same thing to you and me doesn't exist always I can't limit a site that's in your mouth I made your mouth you are giving up with the words in your mouth when you need them but Moses goes on he still hesitates and cannot relate to this quite a bit he said what he said verse thirteen a lot of please send biting I will see you make that I never said that since somebody else certainly you have somebody you can send the awareness to my family members my coworker the labrum birth workings of the anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses and he said is not airing the Levite your brother I know he can speak well and look he's coming out to meet you when he sees you know be glad in his heart now you shall speak to him and put the lot put the words where any of his mouth and I will be with your mouth and with his mouth and I will teach you what you shall do for sixteenths so he shall be your lot spokesman to the people and he himself shall be as a mouth for you and you shall be to him as God and go to Exodus seven with me God said he was to make Aaron Weiss spokesman of the notice Exodus seven in verse one Exodus seven verse one so the Lord said to Moses see I have made you as God to Pharaoh and Aaron your brother shall be your profit what is a prophet biblical spokesperson the department necessarily tell the future was aligned to a profit how much future perhaps you need to get a little bit rate a half years he and I didn't even decline just it is not to be due or rain until I come back right John the Baptist Thomas future did he talk about how he was a spokesperson for the Lord God gives the proper message to the prophet gives the message to the people that you follow them go with me to Revelation chapter one and will see this in action we find a hierarchy of God 's communication here in Revelation chapter one Revelation one verse one the Bible says the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him not give you Jesus Christ to show his servants things which must shortly take place and he God sent and signified it by his angel to his servant John said here's how the Bible says the prophetic gift works reveals to his son Jesus Jesus then gives the message to his angel who gives it to the prophet who gives it to the servants the people are you with me so far is that sometime want to grasp this I did not have the vision of Revelation did you want to know what John saw not God told John did not tell me know and I tell you only through the prophet Jonah not to get mad and throw a fit because not only showed John the vision is that I've not been a believe into use only the same vision you shall don't how long do you think him and wait for that second come the bad I is not up to me to dictate how God is to communicate to me is not right in God listen carefully if God wants to communicate to you through your brother or sister you need to listen if God was to communicate to you through a husband or wife you need to listen is not right I want here for my wife got you need to tell me some other way now back to tell you how God sees fit to tell you right if God wants to communicate to you or me through a prospect that God 's prerogative in with the Scripture tells us is that God communicates to the prophet he's chosen prophets to be his spokespeople and then the prophet in turn communicates to the Saints the service that's what we see in Revelation one and incidentally that's what we see in the whole Scripture the bulk of the Scripture was written by profits things that you wouldn't know things that I wouldn't know a less up front that had been revealed and wrote them down for you and me is not right I wanted and I suddenly what Paul wrote Romans and deluged Ali God God showed Paul and Paul showed me and I got accepted from Paul because that's how God chose to convey the information are you with me so far okay so sometimes shows profits to be spokesman pierces for himself now here's something that I think is especially important for those specifically is the one speaking through the prophets I want you to take your Bibles to the book of Revelation again chapter twelve of this is very important we look at here Revelation chapter twelve and verse seventeen revelation twelve in verse seventeen notice that the Bible says that Dragon was enraged with the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ with a rating new King James and he convinces the remnant of her seed etc. the Dragon which is the devil went against the woman which is God 's church and he was en route to a show over two things Commandments and what it calls the testimony of Jesus the dragon was enraged that these things incidentally if the Dragon of the devils enraged about something you expect that that thing will get good PR or bad PR even in a church he was enraged with these two things are noticed that this is a remnant this group had the testimony of Jesus Christ now has seven avenues we have radar practice to go to Revelation chapter nineteen the Bible interpret itself so we go to Revelation nineteen in verse ten Revelation nineteen in verse ten the notice with the Scripture says John is is is receiving his vision the angel but instructing them as they are and on since I fell at his feet to worship him I want you to know the language very carefully to I fell at his feet to worship him but he said to me you see that you do not do that I am your fellow servants I'm your what fellow servant in half you are what brand friend who I have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy or the gift of prophecy no it said that examiners and here's what the critics are saying today even some an amateur testimony of Jesus does not refer to my gallery continue from Derek Anderson who is who is a former happiness is on one of these anti- habitus websites listen to what he says Internet Craig Derek Anderson claimed throughout the New Testament we find a pattern of the testimony of Jesus referring to the believer 's personal witness about Jesus Christ they said is that so that his point is when avenues try to say the testimony of Jesus that the remnant church is going to have points to the gift of prophecy were all wrong all the testimony of Jesus really has to do with is the personal believer 's testimony about what Jesus has done in their life that's the claim now what's interesting is I have anybody dear Murray the proclamation magazine see this proclamation are you familiar with his magazine I want to talk about this a moment later one of the guys behind us anybody seen this before added that this is any interest the former habit as a group is trying to rescue Adventist of the administered and they try to get our mailing list and in the target us with their thereof proclamation magazine to help us to understand the light of the true gospel elements false prophet sanctuary isn't in heaven all this business and there's an article in one of these written by a man named Dale ran flat anybody heard that name before around five facilities key guys behind these some of these antennas websites and death some rights in article a four page article on this issue of the testimony of Jesus showing encoded text that protects that the text in the Bible to show that the testimony of Jesus refers to the believer 's testimony about what Jesus did in their life not to get the prophecy and in four pages and all the taxi goes to this one text he doesn't go to the reason he doesn't go to it is because he can't go to because the care part of the argument and that's Revelation twenty two Alito Revelation twelve seventeen assess the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and I'm sorry a good manager for the test reviews with a Revelation nineteen ten if it's a testament of Jesus in the spirit of prophecy that once your notice Revelation twenty two this just solidifies this point Revelation twenty two notice first eight Revelation twenty two verse eight this is almost a perfect parallel it is a perfect barrels this is not exact language of revelation twenty are Revelation nineteen ten rep now I John saw and heard these things and when I saw and heard I felt down to worship before the feet of the angel who show me these things then he said to me why Celia don't do that I is is ringing a bell did we just read this revelation nineteen ten yes or no now merely trying to notice is the language of Thai government for high needs don't see the you don't do that I am your fellow lot sooner and sending it he said the car and how do you want but that's it in Revelation nineteen ten he said I am of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus Revelation twenty two eight ninety everything I am of your brethren who have definitely not what you did in their life is none of your brethren the prophets because the testament Jesus is the spirit of prophecy are the gift that the prophets have are you following that you see why the RSS didn't put that one in his article that once clears up the fact that when the Bible speaks of the testimony of Jesus is speaking of the gift of prophecy not testimony whether the testimony let let me look at it let me have a go to another text with me will clarify this first Peter one first Peter after he risen a test weekend games in first Peter first Peter chapter one and were going to verse ten I noticed what the Bible says here Peter speaking of the plan of salvation as taught through the prophecies of Old Testament Scripture which is the only Bible that Peter had by the way of their salvation the prophets have inquired and searched carefully who prophesied of the grace that becomes you in other words Daniel Isaiah Jeremiah mayonnaise they themselves searched one man that God showed they have all the understanding of Daniel understood everything that children in Armenian subdivisions they said I would I think it and I was sick for days nobody understood the vision of Daniel the understand anything he wrote as a possible than other prophets didn't understand anything they wrote when they wrote the yes or no did that make them less true that matters the profit figure got told in a given login then you go your way you go your way your profit your privacy will have the right bearing at the right time they any rate said Peter tells the profit surged about this salvation is now prophesied about Christ and is coming in and the salvation and the plan of salvation it and an silly says in verse eleven they were searching why or what manner of time notice line with your the spirit of new the Spirit of Christ US where in that Elizabeth the prophet who was in the province this manual Christ was in man so they were searching water what manner of time the spirit Christ was in them was indicating when he was from Christ did what when he do testified before a the spirit of Christ himself was in the property within Isaiah he was in Jeremiah and Daniel testifying before and about what was going to come to pass about the ministry brought with him he testifies he could say they're getting there what there was the testimony who was in the profits giving his testimony the Spirit of Christ or Jesus said Jesus was in the profits giving his testimony could you call the gift of prophecy the testimony of Jesus now and this is simply biblical if we take the time to look through it that when we when we set so they are sequestered who is the one specifically know me properties a spokesperson for God we thought in the Bible who specifically is the one speaking to you and me through the prophets according to Scripture Jesus it is followed so when the profits if a true prophet of God if the voice of those I'm hearing Jesus are you with me so far okay another lot of roles that the profit had in the Scripture on your share with you some we don't have time to go on to highlight one that I think is an among the most important but among other things the Scripture says that they the prophets laid the foundation of church in their teachings that Ephesians two twenty profits equipped the saints for the work of ministry will see that little bit of Ephesians four twelve profits initiated and coordinated the missionary work of the church acts thirteen one and two acts sixteen six to ten profits provided proper boundaries and guidelines for the church Proverbs twenty nine eighteen prophets warned of future difficulties in the church acts eleven twenty seven to thirty acts twenty twenty three acts twenty one four and ten to fourteen again questioned that where you want some effects you can ask me for them but one of the most important roles of the gift of prophecy has been and is the preserving of unity of belief among believers and preventing doctrinal confusion especially in times of controversy we're going to go to Ephesians chapter four ninety Mark Luke John acts Romans versus ingredients Galatians Ephesians Ephesians four and starting in verse eleven night visions for Paul's talk about the gifts of the spirit not just the gift of prophecy but all the sphere to get to see that he verse eleven and he himself think of Jesus gave some to be apostles some process some evangelists some pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the area finally the building up of the body of Christ notice verse thirteen till we all come to the watch unity of the faith emergency that played on some other persons is well to the unity will one us of understanding and billing to the unity of the faith this is not just unity in general this is unity of the faith unity and believe alumnus among God 's people that we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God to a perfect man or a mature man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ why verse fourteen so that we should no longer be children tossed to him for all and carry a balance with every wind of what John Trinh by the trickery of men in the cunning craftiness in deceitful plotting Paul says among other purposes for the spiritual gifts one of the key purposes is to bring us to a unity of the faith so that when all these different doctrine was what's doctrine mean doctrine means what teaching teaching on Doctor is a teacher when you get your doctorate you can now teach technically a doctor medical doctor was to teach you how not to get sick you think about that you know that here Loma Linda okay so you've got doctrine is teaching and the idea is that that that Paul says that the gifts of the Spirit all these pastors teachers evangelists apostles prophets was given so that it can bring us to a oneness of teachings on all the different teeth things started coming around we wouldn't get tossed to and fro and to and fro and sidetracked with different teaching that we would be clear on what the right path one need you like to know that something is right versus I don't know we can know whether it's right or wrong doesn't bother anybody besides me I mean there are things in the Bible that are not explained as either there are times and ask the Lord for direction and it's just not black and white has anybody ever had this before your wishing copyrighted in the clouds in the closet for men and say do this or do that is they thank you Lord Ryan are the Honorable Honorable voice would come to you Army insight in all market and asking me here's the answer to your question anybody would anybody here like that besides me I'm long that sometimes but the point is that sometimes there are things that aren't as clear and it's frustrating it's perplexing I like when things can be clear and as many things in the Bible that make as there are that may not be clear there are also things in the Bible that are clear and there are plenty and in and it is a mindset today that we can't really know what true you know what would we did nobody tell me you got your branding you've got your brand and I guess for August okay listen that's rating God is not that ambiguous in the Scriptures not that ambiguous there aren't again I'll say it again there are things in the Scripture that are not black and white but there are things in the Scripture that are black and white and the reason for the spiritual gifts according to the apostle Paul was to bring us to unity on those black and white printing now the difference between apostles and teachers and evangelists and apostles prophets teachers and vandals which wanted in this and between profits and the others how do you think God communicated directly to the prospects and in the prophets get the needy pastors in the apostle with teachers and evangelists get their authority from the prophets route in the right eye look I'm not a prophet of the son of a property name is that this is my authority here this is my only authority as a minister of the gospel when I get from the profits right size of this idea today that people get on well you know I believe in the Bible but I don't know about prophecy lately it's talking about the Bible is processing if you believe in privacy to get rid of most of your bicycle because you got from prospects most of the first five books of the Bible and Moses again from each time because he was a prophet amen sorry for going off on attending his ongoing focus on his Ephesians four according to Ephesians four and let me make the point a little more playing one of the roles of the spiritual gets one of the roles of profits is to clarify doctrinal positions that biblical night in the brain of Illinois Maine yet here and say from a biblical perspective the role of the prospect is to have something to say on doctrine and that's a question today in the church that while Ellen White Ed people today say well I think Illinois writings were more pastoral in nature their more devotional in nature she she just shouldn't have anything to do with formation of Doctor in your that of any bird that okay what what is Paul say that that was what we just read balls that were not better just leave it with all the well maybe go to notice something else that Paul wrote here in about a couple different things I wanted to go to the book of first rent euros for this problem the pacifism I look at a time this morning first Corinthians chapter one sorry I said for first Corinthians chapter one first Corinthians chapter one starting in verse four Paul is sharing with a hearing with the Corinthian church the church at Corinth and he says in verse four I thank my God always concerning you for the grace of God which was given to you by Christ Jesus then you are enriched in every thing by him in all what my Bible says all Iran's and all knowledge about how long your guess is very important Paul is writing to the church in Corinth and he says God has given you a special gift for it he's given you understanding using wrench you in all utterance that is what utterance speech is as addicting games that Mrs. Bijan can get what you preach what you take right Corinthians God has enriched your what you preach and teach right and honors and in all knowledge of his knowledge of spiritual things he said church in Corinth God has blessed you with me in the preaching and teaching of truth and in the knowledge of truth in the face of our notice when he goes on to say verse six even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you testimony of Christ and we know that is we just looked at several passages testimony Christ has many Jesus is what I want to I was looking in the end not just in different translations here the me the me find where I am here to testimony not if you're reading in the new American Standard Bible says the testimony concerning Christ if you read near and yet so far testimony about Christ was confirmed in you see the testimony about Jesus that's not what it's saying to you many are rinsed in your knowledge because of attachment and an indicated money going here and he asked me to estimate concerning Christ entities is our testimony about Christ the ESV says the testimony about Christ but this is an fall twenty seven how do you know look at the next verse Jesus even as the testimony of Christ is confirmed in you sell that you come sorry no gift in all of these versions and I spoke to allow for the fact in fact they even say so you come short you don't lack in any spiritual gift what spiritual gift is the testimony of Christ the gift of prophecy and what the apostle Paul is saying here is that even as you have responded to the prophetic gift in your midst and I have enriched your understanding of truth in your breaking up through seven a.m. and is what we understand about truth is phenomenal and we don't we we we we we don't even realize most seven avenues have more of an understanding of God 's righteousness is character than most other Christians and I'm not trying to be in a Summit is our Avenue say that because I work with other Christians on a regular basis and when they start the year we teach their life I've never heard this in my whole life I just baptizes seventeen seventy one -year-old woman you came to a series of meetings I did this woman in many churches are whole life mistress mistress mistress mistress came at me that I never learned as much about what I do a prison ministry and in no Coldwater Michigan and the prisoners come from the other groups the Baptist group the Methodist group etc. they come to articulate an ally you fantasize a north of why you come in here this is because all the other groups E tell stories and nobody ever gets into the my morning I felt on the Bible and regional learn more here than I learn all I am not trying to put down a buddy Afghanistan and say I'm simply saying that our understanding of true is because of the gift of prophecy and in and in AA it's almost the height of it it's a it's like a person who wants to glory in the dealing of their own created being but denied a creator it's like that when seven a.m. and is one of glory in the truth that they know about God 's character to the denied the source the gift of prophecy among us this officer to search he said listen the reason you have such an understanding is because you've responded to God 's gift among and honestly goes on to say that those of you come short in the and then he goes on in verse ten in this context and says now I plead with you brethren by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you all want speaking the same things and that there be why no divisions among you but that you be what perfectly joined together in the lot same mind and the same judgment is that power will I have administered on eBay I don't know the Riverbend CII best as we looking to me God is able to bring oneness in his church and of in the amount of light blue interest anyone agreeing on a light blue that's okay but we need to have a oneness of understanding of God 's truth where we going to get God has given the spiritual gifts to guide us into unity the unity of the faith that's the role of a sparse formation of doctrine it's a little bit more specific regard to the book of acts accepted fifteen were going to see this were in the church in the early Christian church Matthew Mark Luke John acts fifteen and will do this briefly let me give you Iranian on acts fifteen in the early Christian church they became became a controversy in fact I'll read it to you there in the first few verses of acts fifteen says and certain men came down from Judea and taught the brethren unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses you cannot be say therefore when Paul and Barnabas had no small dissension I love the way the rights we are out in the ocean there was no small storm is a big storm there was no small dissension and dispute among them they determine upon Barnabas and certain other should go up to Jerusalem just to the apostles and elders about this question and that goes on to say they went back and diversify but some of the sect of the Pharisees who believed rose up saying it is necessary to circumcise the new believers and command indicate law of Moses so you have this controversy over circumcision in the early church and what happens is they need some resolution what are we going to do and noticed something interesting about this passage Paul and Barnabas disagrees with the other students I look you guys just go start your branch church will start our master to move this to our own way they had a design to be at one so much so they took attributed to hop in the car and take a nice smooth cruise down to Jerusalem this was a journey but it was so important to them to have a oneness with the world church they went down to Jerusalem and they settled the matter they wanted to go down and find out what position are you to take on this now to get down to Jerusalem and he probably read this before acts chapter fifteen when a jump ahead I went to notice something that half dear whoever six randomly never going for six now when now the apostles and elders came together to consider this matter and when there had been much disputing Peter rose up and said to them men and brethren you know that a good while ago God chose among us that find my mouth the Gentiles should hear the word of the gospel and believe no notice what Peter says brethren he speaks everybody assembled it you know that God shows have all of us to send me to the Gentiles where in the Scripture define record moving to accept about twenty one twenty two impossible shares his experiences of gods above our heads and to the Gentiles listened you aware that God in the Scriptures and Peter the Genzyme on some e-mails accepted to accept agenda I went to several non- admin 's comments area is in there all agreed upon this that this reference is pointing back to accept the ten in the experience of Cornelius and the house of Cornelius K now let me ask you this question of the new red acceptance how did God communicate to Peter that he was go to the Gentiles through a vision now file long as a doctrinal dispute everybody's reading the Scripture there are scriptures in the Bible in the book of Exodus etc. anybody to come among you and be a part of you they have to be circumcised that's where the Pharisees you believe that they were holding to visit okay well this is what the Scripture says any to be circumcised and we read description is like but the apostle missing on the nominal benefit that they did this this is not our understanding of what the Lord is trying to direct the stoop they were all reading the same Bible but they were coming up with different conclusions they came to Jerusalem and as they shared what they been studying peer gets up and first point he makes is God showed me Jen I visited the gospel to the Gentiles and not circumcised are you following okay I admit I'm not making this stuff up we get right now the Bible appeared to have some insight vision as the clarifying point for the teaching so notice how James handles it Peter goes on a speaking he shares his views and how God tells among me and then he goes on and explains the experience a little bit and then the first twelve says that all the multitude kept silence and listen to Paul and Barnabas are rather Barnabas and Paul declaring how many miracles and wonders God had worked through them suffers yet Peter 's vision he gets up and felt about and in his experience and any that Paul and Barnabas get up and they try to confirm appears as by the experience that they had no notice when James if not settled yet the Bible says in the next verse verse thirteen after they had become silent James answered saying men and brethren listen to me Simon Peter has declared how God at first visited the Gentiles to take out of them of people buying his name and win this the words of the prophets what a great as it is written etc. so notice how the process worked doctrinal controversy they been studying the Bible the Bible 's the foundation for their beliefs but they comes up and out to an impasse which position do we take gets up and says Dodd Shelby Dawson 's own vision on Barnabas get up in safe lesson this was our experience to come in it confirms Peter 's vision and in James as well your experience is great but what we needed to confirm his vision is the descriptor and because the Scripture and the Scripture confirms the vision of Peter and we take it now with all of these things together that Peter 's vision is a decisive factor in our solving this doctrinal dispute may adopt a policy that the Gentile believers did need user thought question did the vision have anything to do with the formation of doctrine in the Bible yesterday at you can't go anywhere around the end and does that fit with what Paul said in Ephesians chapter four about the spiritual gifts bring us to the unity of the day doesn't fit with what Paul said in first Corinthians chapter one about us having the same on the same document has been enriched with the spirit against yes so it would be totally un- biblical Brandon is to take the position that Elroy can have a position in solving doctrinal controversy in the church unless it can be proven to default if she's a prophet of God and has goes for any prophet of God the role one of the roles of the topic is to bring clarity on doctrinal issues are you with me on some enclosed just a couple comments here nor going a little bit past winners share with you just a couple comments first of all from Ellen White herself describing the experience similar to what we just read in acts in the early advent movement in the above gospel workers page three oh two she says we are to be established in the faith in the light of the truth given us in our early experience at that time early experience of the Avenue Regina Hammer and our doctrine at that time one error after another press in upon us ministers and doctors of theology brought a new doctrine we would search the Scriptures which month with much prayer so that for first place they went is what is the Bible says we would search the Scriptures with much prayer and the Holy Spirit would bring the truth to our minds sometimes whole nights would be devoted to searching the Scriptures understand to say something here and at the risk of being offensive and in a sense few of us spend a couple hours let alone a whole night or entire night 's plural searching the Scriptures for truth and yet were so confident that we have an understanding more than Illinois hadn't understand why nearly endless pioneers I think that's an that's an insult to say the least in other words will we need to be less self-confidence and more diligent the students of the Scripture these people spent entire nights in searching the Scripture energy goes on to say earnestly asking God for guidance the power of God would come upon me and I was enabled clearly defined what is true and what is there does that fit with acts chapter fifteen which is read that's what happened with Peter that Ellen White says her gift work just in perfect accordance with what the Bible says nothing lavish you with that issue is not with Alan likes the Scripture we have we want to know how prophecy and to get the proxy works we would not have to ask you to create that the manufacture that the Bible tells us how it worked it's up to us to decide whether we want to follow the Scripture and brothers and sisters this is how God established the faith amongst us as a people guy in our day once us to be united as a people and God has given us the guiding gift of prophecy to do that uniting along with the other gifts your the seventh thing here the question that we need to ask ourselves this morning in being totally honest with ourselves is do we really want to be united as Seventh-day Adventists is it your desire this morning to be united as a body of believers that have the same understanding of biblical truth about your desire into your desire even at the expense of maybe having to give up your own chairs people you didn't answer that was fast they doesn't lead to brothers and sisters listen in you are decided I would only read that this morning were to talk this afternoon a little bit more about the difficulty but we have to be honest with her own argument you can even answer it right now but I want to ask yourself that question is it my desire to have a unity among us as a people even at the cost of me having to change my chair sipping him I willing to allow God to have his say in the matter okay even if there you not okay but I started to develop a plan have issues with L light if you do not even bringing a light into this just yet I'm just needed taking from what will we look at the Scripture and allowing the prophetic gift of God is giving where did you accept it to be the guide are you willing to do that is your desire this morning 's razor hands with me that your desires and let's pray together virus with me heavenly father father we are a crucial time in this era 's history and lore now more than ever we need a clear and direct path to follow we need oneness amongst us father we can go forward and finish his mission we can even agree and I pray father that you would help us to allow the gift of prophecy to have its proper place among Lord not just in the writings of Ellen White there are many of us who don't allow the writings of Scripture to have the proper place of father you know the hearts of your people here this morning father I want unity even at the cost of me having to see things differently I want unity amongst us as a people because there's power in that unity and father I pray as you seen the raise hands here this morning as you know the hearts of each one here that you would give us that unity bring yesterday unity of the faith and the knowledge of Christ to Christian maturity to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Jesus that he has character may be seen in office this is our prayer this morning in the name of Jesus before his sinking


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