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Ellen White's Plastic Surgeons Exposed!

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • March 14, 2009
    3:00 PM
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good afternoon a really well fed today I hope you weren't overly that you don't happen to three o'clock when you're overly thin play activities that's right we now this afternoon and I have a lot of good discussions over the lunch hour and there really is so much we could talk about this this issue of the spear prophecy is is really a big issue in our church today and there a lot of things I wish I had time to address some really good to try to hit at the heart of some things so that hopefully it will help us in our own practical experience in dealing with the spear prophecy one thing that I didn't mention this morning probably a specifically is one thing we do sometimes as evidences we say things like I believe in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy you heard that before okay technically that would be inaccurate the reality is that we don't believe in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy we only believe in the Bible and when we read in the Bible that God employs the gift of prophecy that's why we believe in the gift of prophecy I say that because there administered a even who is trying to pit the two against each other and and and sometimes even go so far as it did it was we caution people may say well done I don't get too far and despair processes stick with the Bible no wait a minute if God again the Bible told us number one he was going to employ profits number two the last a church would have a special gift of prophecy then when I be biblical to avoid the gift of prophecy yes or no okay when an extreme rhythmic says that those abusers some of these the Delaware skin in really interesting ways to weaken our faith one of his most successful ways up up up of weakening the fate of his people is through marginalizing the Villa the other side when I mean is to marginalize somebody is trying to belittle them like nobody in their right not no no no no biblical scholar believes that way nobody in their right mind would believe that way okay great thanks for your opinion what's the answer to my question and say coming sometimes will to marginalizes that used to make is to is to talk like your opponent is an idiot without answering the question we need answers today we don't need marginalization on either side and and and while I'm at it just warming up here when we talk about size from it I don't like the terms liberal and conservative don't like them and tell you why the terms liberal and conservative make it seem like there are different and equally acceptable viewpoints of truth all while you have the viewpoint that the liberal viewpoint or you have a viewpoint that the conservative viewpoint but I have more of a liberal viewpoint the Bible is not liberal or conservative it's true and so it's not about as liberal in his conservative it's about what the Bible says when you agree with that when once the truth that's what I want to know I don't care if you're liberal or conservative I just care with the truth it let me know what the truth is and and and that's what I'm hoping to bring out here today is a little bit of truth by the grace of God Jesus himself addressed that in his day yet the liberal conservatives in Christ AU had the Pharisees and the Sadducees in fact Jesus makes a very interesting statement in the gospel of Luke and idiotic us with records it where he talks about John the Baptist ministry says John came neither eating or drinking and you said he had a devil said he had a demon the Son of Man came both eating and drinking and you call in the wind River and a glut and of course thanks John approach things from a different way than I approach things and he said you know that John is at all he's too conservative he's a standoff that she's not social and often Jesus said fine so I came I was social in my ministry I did eat and drink but it didn't make a difference the issue was that that was liberal or conservative or the domicile of a conservative he said the issue was really wanting to the truth with everything looking and so we need a layman terminology aside and pick up the Bible and say what saith the that sound fair Neil and ask God 's blessing on the time we have this afternoon and I'm to ask you as I kneel and pray in your heart say Lord you have brought us here it's your special day today will lead us into truth you promised the Holy Spirit to lead us into truth father fulfill your promise today would you do that with me as I kneel heavenly father as we gather here this afternoon we are here because we want to know your will not man's opinion not my opinion or anybody else is not what one group says another group says what your word says and what it means Lord we live in a time in Earth 's history to date that is unparalleled by any time the judge standards at the door the Scripture says we know Jesus coming is near and father we need beat the unifying power of the spirits today we need that Holy Spirit inspired the word again to give us understanding in the work we need a spirit to give us the courage to subject our opinions to that word and be willing father to let go of an anything that is contrary to your word and I pray today and claim the promise of the Spirit argue promise that if we are willing to go against our children which I know I am and how much more like heavenly father give the gift of the Holy Spirit to those who ask him so asking father and we thank you for hearing and answering in the name of Jesus and for his sake and I will start out today this afternoon with a statement as some of you have probably heard a kind of cryptic even unnerving statement from the pen of Ellen White in the uncoiling from first selected messages page forty eight this was from a letter she wrote an eighteen ninety and she says that she says the very last deception of Satan will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God and she's referring to her own writings and she says the very last deception of Satan will be to make of none effect to make him what I'm not affect nasty cold that in your mind because remember the Scripture to finance C signature melodies the Scripture to go there in a moment and then she quotes from Proverbs twenty nine eighteen where there is no vision the people perish and then she says Satan will work ingeniously in different ways and through different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God 's remnant people in the true test the last deception of Satan would you say were there to talk about how that works today not much about the Bible to the Gospel of Mark chapter seven a.m. ago to see how Jesus employs this terminology making him none effect Mark chapter seven everybody begin in the ninth verse Matthew Mark and the New Testament chapter seven numbers nine and that he was just got done telling the religious leaders that they honor him with their lips but their heart is far from them teaching as doctrines the commandments of men verse nine he said to them all too well you reject the commandment of tradition I'm sorry to reject the command of God that you may keep your tradition versus the Moses said on your father and your mother and he who curses father or mother let him be put to death but you say if a man says to his father or mother whatever profit you might have received from me is carbon that is a gift to God then you no longer let him do anything for his father and mother making the word of God why of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down in many such things as you do another sign yet of Corbin was like this let's say that I own a lot of property I have a lot of possession okay I'm accountable to see what the Scripture incidentally says that we are accountable to our parents beyond the time that we leave the home you know that we honor our father and mother as with the Lord says and in one of the ways we're to do that where to provide for them like they provided for us when when the need arises and that that was practiced in Christ a but here's what happened if it lets you say that I I I have met my mother and a father they have needs but I don't necessarily want to provide for the needs and the asphalt and cost me it's an inconvenience me if I decided I wanted to go and take all my possessions and give them to the temple that was a system in which I can go to the Temple and the and and how to pronounce Corbin over my possessions and what that meant was I can keep every last bit of everything I have I don't have to give to the format then I marketed anything else because I've already given it to the Temple but it's a mind to use until I got and so this practice was in a ineffective Jesus day and what he basically tells the unity religious people is less than nine commands that you take care your parents that you come up with a tradition that you follow that's made the commandment of God of none effect are you with me so far what that means to make it manifest was it to do away with in other words what the religious leaders as seventh commandment of God is is done away with it doesn't line not know what what do they say that listen carefully they say it doesn't apply in your case they wouldn't deny me commandment of God they wouldn't say the command of God was done away with they simply said it doesn't apply when Ellen White says hearing this statement is that the last deception of Satan would be to bring the spirit of prophecy into such a state that people could say I believe in our life but it doesn't apply in my case heard that her words in the demo would make the last deception would be making this this repressive none of that incident may have you heard that in our day the day that I only doesn't apply brothers and sisters right right there you have a fulfilled prophecy and amazing fulfilled prophecy scriptures that started out holding a online in Huizinga hundred and get into this in the times we had this afternoon that Ellen White has been misused in the end ministers would you agree at and I'll say more about later but when I want to focus on now is his idea of making of none effect I will tell you how some of this is happening okay I did that the title of this afternoon 's message as I said early with Elimite plastic surgeons exposed here's right of the language downdraft slapping his proclamation magazine is not necessarily just as others are in the magazine together writing and the having a party but in an article that he wrote he he says this the church the evidence church seems that the questions about Ellen likes prophetic veracity are creating a serious problem but they also see that without Ellen White Adventism loses its distinctiveness instead of admitting that her legacy has separated Adventism from evangelical Christianity and has colored every doctrine they are attempting to give her a figurative facelift entered into and to introduce her to new members and young people as a warm human accessible role model in biblical commentator in other words Aslan says that Mister sees as problems with Alan light but they also realize that that Ellen White is an integral part of the church in the doctrinal foundations of the church and so what they're trying to do to make element more appealing is to present it into the new people as a warm loving accessible you can come to become a grandmotherly like role model now know that the sad reality is that grassland is exactly right and I want to tell you something that from my Novell and white she was a very kind woman she was a very generous and gentle and loving woman unfortunately that really doesn't serve as a defense against the critics abound in other words we got we got people that are leaving the amateurish because of questions in the spirit across in years our answer jump will mandatory go she was a nice lady is when she was a deceiver is what they said was just promoting that she was a nice lady trying to get a facelift about how Helen liked how nice he was doesn't answer the issue nowhere in the Scripture does not try to explain to us how nice Jeremiah R Daniel Isaiah were so that will accept what they said Jeremiah nobody Jeremiah and have hardly anybody accepting his testimony I don't read about where Nazism is that while on it before he gets upset Jeremiah unaccepted and say how nice the scallions the little kids cookies these inside the bladder in the street he doesn't even know are you with me so far okay so anyway this is been kind of the defense that's been that were good at either the approach of her integrity of her face let wellness facelift outside of evidence this phase is to take place inside of Adventism trying to dress own lineup is a different type of about a person it may not be as threatening no I mean one is one of the issues that comes in then go to talk about this afternoon is the issue of authority now this morning we talked about from the Scripture that profits according to the Bible or to have authority in doctrinal matters but none of this is the frank about something from it if a prophet can't speak authoritatively is something why have one that I haven't ever asked that question beside me like okay well unlike minimum needed you don't think what only says is authoritative we want to take it as a bus saith the Lord Ito Y Sauget doctrinal okay okay just to me Max locate out enemy had one who can one purpose is that having the prophetic gift if the prospect can't speak to something authoritatively if the property is speaking but it's just their opinion I mean picture it here's a succumbing before Ahab Ollier the traveler of Israel I'm not troubled Israel Ahab you have in your father 's house because he was a backup well that's nice that's your opinion that's none of us say the law are by David when you send a message by Nathan the prophet he says David Lisette thou art the man you're the one like this parable I tell you you're the one that's sending our God the Nathan all take that under advisement but some of the theologians in my realm disagree and from my own reading of what God says I think adultery slot what purpose would it serve to have a prophet who didn't have authority to hold benefit of the prophetic gift is that when things are confusing the profit could come and save us I have eleven guys give us think what direction we take here comes some even think this is the direction we can set isn't that the purpose for the benefit against them except when here's what's happening today I'm that I'm going to pick honestly pick on a really not trying to pick on this particular individualism emanating of Graham Bradford and thinking on Graham rapper just because of a book that he wrote recently in EE probably what he says on spirit of prophecy is characteristic of of of of the facelifts that that that that people are trying to do on Ellen White it is a common way of the lack of a better expression neutering of the gifts of prophecy in the church Graeme Radford is an Australian theologian in a couple years back and activist two thousand five he came out with a book called more than a prophet now fun reading the book and I have read the book I read retirement less than profit and I'll tell you why Brantford 's point in his blood he claims in his book is a defense of the gift of prophecy in other words in the light of that and the attacks on different websites and these other things in all the questions that are rates in the church brackets come up with a defense of Ellen White's ministry here to his defense I summarize in a few different points of personal Brantford claims that Old Testament prophets are more authoritative the new testament prophets that was an Old Testament prophet like Jeremiah games and thus saith the Lord Jeremiah spoke but for the New Testament prophets in an Illinois declassified to the New Testament prophets when they speak it could be triggered defaults okay incidentally this blog and he's written some other books along the same online is not only accepted by Brantford there are a number of ravenous theologians there are conferences in the unassertive taken his book and send it out to their pastors is that here's a book on your profit help you understand what the position is not let me explain something to you here today they I praise God for the Adventist church I praise God for the leadership in this church even though you can go into ten different churches and get ten different opinions on things yet this church is a world search in of the world church level we have stated beliefs that are still the same regardless that we were climbing on what you believe in them but they're still the same you can get the book that you defend them restrict manual everything and they're still there we still believe the same stuff as we did fifty years ago seven a.m. and is believed to twenty eight documents that book solid piece of theological working on a minor with seminary church believes about through proxy open it up and read it this Eminem 's handbook of theology Sabine twelve in the seventy Avenue stuck commentary series are doctrinal positions and there are very playing the problem is down at the common level people want to pick and choose what they believe that church it's not ambiguous I can get then you can say wow I heard a pastor Howard said he got his labor and let me tell you something what I'm sharing here today is the seventh day Adventist position K in fact I just spoke at DY C this year there crews worked to light if they came up to me after the presentation he said the last time somebody gave a presentation on the spirit of prophecy as we really understand and I'm not saying that's it's it's promote myself on simply saying people today visit how much I believe it's not that ambiguous folks we are a world church that some of the safety in a multitude of counselors the Scripture says and a multitude of desert to her three guys and came up with the district believes on anything including the spirit of prophecy and Rembrandt for the thing about his book as he promotes his book in such a way that when people pick it up even with the endorsements on the block makes it sound like it's the officials not only that it's the official position of the church that in addition to being the official position of the church it tries to give the impression that Ellen White herself agreed with his interpretation of her gift only that's not the case number and address that this afternoon were to look at what Alan Whitehead to say about her gift after talking a little bit about what some of the facelift is going on some of the Fiat tampering in a fight for lack of a better expression with with the gift of prophecy house to be regarded incidentally Bradford has a lot of good things to say in his book I was probably a good third of the way through the book before I started he started really promoting where he was going in also many other things makes very very good idea to throw that out to four for you seven Devonshire today a lot of people come to me in the say things like this well I was listening such and such awash in such and such is a lot of good things it's it's it's mostly because there's a lot of truth in levy failure something there's a term in the New Testament in the book of Revelation called Babylon refers to a system of truth mixed with error in fact that's what the very word means because truth mixed with air a lot more effective than plein air right in radio the giddy about twice installing crossbones they here drink this I would hope you not drinking whatever to drop a couple drop supplies and on a plate of food it looked like a very much more likely to take so to say things like well I know that that's it it is not true but there's a lot of truth in it watch out but Sondheim I'm not telling opted not to read or look at anything else since everything be wise in the last days okay there's a lot of good things in grandpa 's book but the first point he makes Old Testament prophets have more authority the New Testament prophets and instantly Owens investment profit from his sick assessment profits are more fallible than Old Testament prophets are more prone to error Ellen White 's New Testament prophet and in fact he goes on to say that we all are New Testament prophets in the same way that only what which is in Anaheim I don't have time to share them all a it's its own really kind of crazy profits made theological mistakes in their counsel Bradford asserts so that you made me prophetic counsel and Arabia theological error in that prophetic counsel okay why because rather makes the point that profits are human what can you expect that a human being human beings make mistakes this is prompted human they make mistakes now while we agree has seven avenues that Ellen White and other prophets would listen Peter and Paul were not infallible either Jeremiah was not infallible we would be believe these people were fallible men as they were subject to mistakes but we have to be careful to take a person 's fallibility and apply it to their counsel to say that Paul is fallible is one thing but to say that what Paul wrote in the book of Romans is fallible is another thing entirely the following Wednesday I may have no contention that profits can be fallible here's another one of prophetic utterances that brand reclaims a prophetic utterances often often contain a mixture of truth and error so in other words when the prophet speaks your reading a paragraph in with him or within a chapter whatever some of its true and some of its error and you got a filter out which is which what's interesting as you get further into the book Bradford clarifies Howard to filter it out where to go to the theologians like Branford and let them do it for us to have him again I don't want to pick on grabber the fact is that human beings have a problem with pride and how many do you recognize that I don't have to go further than myself the climate problem okay human beings have a problem with pride and when we get educated we tend to fall on our education and forget don't care how educated you are you never smarter than God reminds me of a story I heard about of a others about it that's a joke I heard of the other man did for people flying an airplane there was a there is the president of the United States there was the smartest man in the world there was the pilot and there was a Boy Scout and after flying baby do they lose their engines that only got three parishes on the plane with four people smartest man allowed to come eleven he says lesson on the smartphone world world can do without me I'm taken a parachute he takes parachuting jobs and the presidents looking around in piles is present you're the president United States he says yeah I probably I think the other one on it's a gap you need to take another one he jumped in and is just the boys down the pile in the pilots of the young boy and uses less cynicism I'm an old guy I've lived much of my life you have your whole life ahead of you you go ahead and take the last parachute on the ground the plane is his lesson Mister don't sweat the smartest man this jumped out of my backpack to some people think they are really smart the problem is that some people think they are smarter than God any try to fall back on their smarts instead of submitting to the authority of the Lord and unfortunately I'm not saying theologians all have that problem but some do and can every human being can they can become smarter than God in their thinking profits record claims grew in their theological understanding of that's true everybody grows in their theological understanding everybody does Illinois included but does that mean here's the implication that's mainly because Ellen White for example because the beat seventeen -year-old eighteen -year-old twenty two -year-old Illinois realtor understanding of the times he was fifty years old and had a better understanding of theology implication is what she wrote when she was twenty two was inaccurate or even less accurate Ellen White never allows for that one of the biggest bands on that today is this in fact this just came to me from a pass from the University church wasn't this one friend of mine gave me the sermon and the guy gets up and he gives a sermon about how Ellen White changed the theology after the eighteen eighty General conference session and heard that one before okay let limited I wrote to the wider safe and wonderful response for the latest date is a couple things I said first of all that is not taught not substantiated in the league Ellen White herself make statements contrary to see if I have one with me here another thing is that the whitest states that Ellen White wrote most of everything she wrote after eighteen eighty is the sometimes people try to compare what she wrote that she changed after eighteen eighty eight when the reality has jettisoned his essay he wrote more breaking eighty eight about the prices of Christ he wrote more about everything I freaking a unique because wrote most of her stuff after he got the point is the implication is this and this is what came away in fact somebody some friends of mine told me that my daughter went to that sermon they said and after hearing a sermon of that advocate the at the University church that he is it my friends I got over my daughter talking to her boyfriend and she said well this a look at something they believe is a look this was written before eighteen eighty eight and so that means it's probably not accurate now let me tell you something the people who preach this kind of stuff and know what they are implying they know what they're implying I think we do a disservice when we start to make statements like that it only grown her theological understanding absolutely but does that mean that what she wrote before was erroneous listen brothers and sisters if she wrote something erroneous in any time in her prophetic ministries is a false prophet apply false path a path a dozen growing understanding so they grow from being a false prophet to being a true prophet are you following that I mean some of these things that are that are said to plant seeds of doubt now as far as fallibility goes Debbie Asia Littlejohn was president of the Battle Creek College in eight years back this was written in eighteen eighty three when he was of December Littlejohn wrote the following he was asked this question to seven and is regarding on white is infallible this is what Littlejohn responded he said no needed to seventy needed to seventh Avenue is believed that Peter or Paul was infallible they believe that the Holy Spirit which inspired Peter and Paul was infallible they believe also that Mrs. White has from time to time receive revelations from the spirit of God and that revelations made to her by the Spirit of God are just as reliable as revelations made by the same spirit to other person a when it comes to inspiration if somebody inspired from God there inspired from the end we need to probably draw distinction here we often use the word inspired very loosely we pick up a book in a Christian bookstore could be never stop and I think all this person is inspired not technically okay not technically okay or not he understood them saying technically another I'm not inspired I could say the Lord is actually loosely as the term but will talk about inspired were talking about the Scripture is inspired when I start to say that I'm inspired I'm putting myself on par with the Scripture or with somebody who has the prophetic gifts Ellen White he is as inspired as Scripture not because and in and in the questions become a priority now is what does that mean then that Betsy is on cottage cheese equal with the Bible K Woodward to cover that stick with but before we get to that I just wanted to understand when God inspires a person God inspires a person is not a degree of revelation and not degrees of inspiration your inspired it you're not inspired in a partially inspired in so some the things you say are true and some the things you say are balls versus this guy over here it is maybe the only inspired and everything he says is true me think about it for a minute if somebody sparsely inspired in the deck that what they say is a mixture of truth and error figure out what the truth is him God himself can't make it plain to the mind of the prospect how to get a make and find any of URI to know whether that person saying it's your fault and I got to decipher it I better decipher from what's at let's say Norman overhears is in a inspired in the way Grand Rapids is inspired but sources of some of what he says is true but he's got some error mixed them with the truth who's supposed to figure out what's true and what's false in God himself can't clear it up it when the prophet says so that the property speaking both to the near post along the John what are you through one is error if God himself can differentiate into the profit and younger salmon saying that young rapper dancer is the theologians the theologians and that's why we have theologians and it's an amazing piece of work that he does in fact he takes the profit from the authoritative position that God puts them in the theologian any switches places so that when he's all said and done if the profit is infallible and you've got to go to the theologian to get the answers with it just so happens that Bradford is one you can see the splashed out and I have to move along here but I want to see this the issue were talking about here really is the issue of prophetic authority K God has invested his profits with authority what that means is when somebody speaks with authority that that that gives us an absolute and we don't like absolute work postmodern generation right where there are no absolutes and then make a new surprise you today some of you postmodernism is old is the devil is in the sixties it was called X essentialism K is not new note and got even in Christ that a militant name is for it but when Christ before Pilate needs as I have come that I might bear witness to you through not a truth is some truth truth pilot 's response was what is through the people cited a woman there is nobody believes in absolute truth I believe in absolute truth for God sent we have to have an absolute but here's the problem that we need to come to grips with the carnal heart does not like absolute true see I if you want to give me advice that's one thing but something absolute means I have to follow it and we don't like to be told what to do human nature retaliates against absolutes the whole reason God spoke ever spoke through the gift of prophecy was to give his people and absolute thus saith the Lord for direction the reason this scripture is given through inspiration is so that Paul as he tells Timothy it can be good for Doctor Hamburg for recruitment for correction for instruction in righteousness it doesn't work that way if it's just opinion from the beginning of sin there's been two options either man changes her dodging the last move in the great controversy is a middle to do away with the law of God KA it's the law got is that the foundation of this thing forever nothing cannot permit are the commandments of God restrictive and oppressive are the commandments of God restrictive and oppressive as they restrict our freedoms their process and not let us do certain things a defense it depends listen carefully it depends on the condition of your heart and here's been the issue from the beginning you have two options the carnal heart is enmity with the law got right enmity against law .com artisan he gets a logon script is as false as Romans seven fourteen the long years of spiritual but I am carved at work how does some okay belong in the lawgiver or the carnal heart went wetted the middle in in much of Christianity today even coming in Adventism is instead of changing the Carl Hartman a change lawgiver we just remove the background of the law and laws done away with as is said in many churches any amateur C Elimite is a source of authority as much as the script is a source of authority so we decided what let's just honor down so that she doesn't have any authority anymore the only other option that we have is to say in a large it's not your law that's the problem it's not your rules that are the problem it's my heart that's the problem Lord change my hearts and when the heart is Jay is a whole new outlook on God 's authority you follow them all I can belong here and Jesus himself addresses this issue have authority to want to see it in the gospel of Luke were going to Luke one try and find a place here and we were in the nineteen clips funny on sorry lips at the twenty beginning in the begin in the red embers one Matthew Mark Luke chapter twenty and husband says here that funny in verse one happened on one of those days as he Jesus taught the people in the Temple and preach the gospel that the chief priests and the scribes together with the elders fronted him and I spoke to him saying tell us by what authority are you doing these things I have understand this follows the cleansing of the temple the second one where Jesus does when faced on the priestly scribe that around Temple was in their own temples got up against them and thank them so after they got permanent vacate led into error and then I stop them is better than his arraignment loses I think yes as of the godlike NSA will allow you think you are who gave you the authority to run us out of the Temple this is the question by whose authority do you do these they or who gave you this authority verse three but he answered and said to them I will also ask you one thing and you answer me the baptism of John was it from heaven or from men and they reasoned among themselves saying if we say from heaven he will say why did you not believe in him every Sacramento people will stone us for their persuaded Thomas product so they answered that they did not know where it was from and Jesus said to them neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things think about that for a minute one was okay what did you authority to do this let me ask you a question Jesus says when John the Baptist to get in his authority we don't know neither miners tell you where I get my authority why did Jesus answered that way anyway basically doesn't he doesn't another answer your question why listen carefully Jesus let me ask it this way where Jesus gave his authority from the father where John the Baptist 's stories where the son of God get his authority from the father where did John the Baptist the plastic gives authority from same plates and Jesus knew and that if a person is not willing to accept the authority of God in his profit they can accept it in a song either because as we read this morning it's Jesus who spoke to the prophets and Jesus goes on after that to tell a parable about the denier in the vineyard owner out his vineyard Nissan sermon after sermon after sermon and administrative the servants remember the story some may be some they sent away empty stomach element he said I know how do I send my son surely do listen to my son he's speaking in their terms see their thinking but don't like the prophets God said that he would send somebody else and Jesus is basically saying look I sent other people and when an and in the vineyard owners said they don't listen to my servants are send them my son surely value my son when something is that hate is the air was still and will have every and Jesus Dudley reinforces the point that if God 's people cannot recognize the refuse to recognize his voice and his profit they can say why don't I don't necessarily believe in what Ellen White says or any other property but but but I believe if God tells me some other way no you wouldn't because is innocent brothers as we have the same problem in and in a sense with ministers always sound schoolteachers of anybody who produce shares truth with a sometimes we hear some Acer something they said well I just don't like the way that the good that publicly came across you know we didn't like what was said that's what we didn't like it it's true we we do all these replace in mind games with ourselves to make us feel like we really are open to truth it's just the presentation I did like and maybe in some cases that's a reality but nine times out of ten it's because I didn't like what I was being called a challenge to do and I'm looking for volunteer your Avenue and I convinced myself that if there was some other messenger God would send me then I would hear him Jesus addresses that in this parable and he basically tells him listen if you will recognize the authority and John the Baptist I doesn't do me any good to talk to you about the authority that I have it follow that because the authority comes from the same place brothers and sisters we always need to be open to God 's voice where ever it's coming from I said this morning sometimes it comes from our lives fellas erratic God speak to you dear life coming year as I said that Alan and it is actually a story and you have the books get across the treasure chest immediacy in this book all the fascinating book the books for your prosecutor just using it a lot is shared among other things a lot of personal accounts with Alan Widener testimonies and in people who lived in her day one of my favorites is by a man named Willard Saxby Wells will exactly was that was that he was a conference worker and I forget what specifically you get oftentimes when Ellen White would receive instruction she wouldn't necessarily just send a letter to you soon I sent a letter to your pastor and your pastor that was to come to you and read your letter and labor with you on that well Willard wanted that one of the pastors received this letter in regard to Willard Negus up the willingness of what I need to talk to you when you share with you this this letter okay he says the man starts out as a will or do you understand that that the are teaching about the spirit of prophecy and you accept the gift of prophecy don't journey said William absolutely said okay well I will share with you a test my guess as to what is written in regard your case and he begins to read this testimony he says not long now will exactly tells the story in this regard the tragic Estes is not foreign to the testimony that he said I said all-in-one laser these are stock that Mister Lehman that point back to that point got through use of a pastor looked at meetings in a will you believe in the gift of prophecy will will will will be like the devil you know will you accept that you except that it's true God will help you to see that it's true another Lebanon will and I think okay okay keep reading he said he went on any Reddy said they were for objections and all but he said at first point he was especially sure about you said yes the past draft after the interview to get past the city noise again I have a testimony taken on these assurances want to pray about this will so willing when Hedy took on and that he said when he got home in the testimony with him it was late his wife is waiting up Mrs. X he said the juice of the honey how to go as well past that adjustment for my forbidden sister why is that she just brought some things up also you mourn morning that I mean I just I just another couple points were wrong to worry what were they mice is on time to time to go into a mall right now area one of us in the first one with you know Ben Miller tells us he says that to the point in the testimony he says was a point that had to do specifically with me and my wife it was something between me and my wife Lisa and so she asked demonstrators outside his first pieces I read it and he said as soon as I finished reading it he says my wife set up in the bed with all the sternest of her bow all the all the all the outward he say the only energy she had energy of her being a sissy pointer and X and Grammys he said Weller is so and will instead after he read anything will wait a minute designing in the reason this way first of all all my wife says is true second of all the minister he says is true and thermal God through the prominent Road NE and he said is true it must be truth Reagan's line and he said after he accepted the testimony he said he began to see it was actually shining a light on the inner workings of his heart and he saw what he hadn't seen before how exactly true that it will be sometimes God speaks to us through our lives sometimes he speaks to your husbands and then ladies sometimes bought saved your father but God will speak to us through different people we have got to be willing to accept the voice of God wherever it comes from listen brothers and sisters the Bible says that the heart is deceitful above what all things and desperately wicked who can know it was next verse I will know it not think about that for a minute on how many of you know that text parties as they become you believe okay now you just admit it you just admitted that there are things God is going to show you that you won't even believer true because your heart is deceitful above all things what does it look true to me and doesn't seem true to me but God says is true it's true and brothers and sisters it is essential that we learn to respond rightly to the spirit of God that we learn to be open to the voice of God wherever he sends a specially to sources inspired like the Bible or the spirit of coffee just because I read something in the spirit of prophecy but I don't see immediately doesn't mean it's wrong think about the audacity of that I read something that's supposed to be inspired by God and immediately I know it's wrong I but in the driver seat me the first person I should question is not inspired stories the first version I could question is the uninspired sort through it all and if I if I can ask God for that Christlike humility to let God and his word be supreme meditative Scripture or through the prophets whether challenge ministry or whatever and when I see something that it doesn't make sense to me I can go to my knees prayerfully and say Lord help me to see this I believe that you're truly God be true and every male arts the process help me to see it like you see if we can approach God 's word with humility like that give us the vision to see where the truth is and where the error is Howard have to pick up again because it's it's four o'clock and so will the pickup into this in our next time together I really wish I had more time to go over more things I will tell you this and maybe Usher this is a as open at the next session if you go into my current website I'm a pastor Coldwater Michigan right now maxi transitioning to run a school that's in the transition God arise Michigan I'm a giver to the right you rise school bailout you should visit out here in California Nelson Sonora California started out in Michigan where it's a training school for four people who want in three and a three half month program to learn how to effectively share their faith and become effective in gaining decisions for Christ in these types of things powerful program were actually on revamping the school in Michigan and on the director that schools on a moving of the transitioning of pastoral ministry but currently my website in Michigan is www. Coldwater FDA four now I've got him from a Asian and sermons on the audio first website and am hoping to get more to them but you can also go to that website and I have my full eighteen part series on spirit of prophecy but it did arise that you can go over handouts are on there and everything else is simply because there's not time to cover what needs to be covered in the time that we have here but will pick up on that a little bit in our next session I want to finish up here with a word of prayer and I don't know how long of a break we want to take just five minutes or something stretchy leg get a drink or anything like that when we have a word of prayer father in heaven a father is as as we take this break I fray Lord that your spirit once again inspired to get the prophecy among us would give us confidence in the gift Lord help us to realize that this is not an issue of liberal or conservative this is not an issue of one person 's viewpoint versus another this is this is about the inspiration of your word this is about father gift for a team of the messages you give us and I just pray father in the time remaining that your spirit would give us clarity in understanding and discerning and deciphering this gift of prophecy among us blesses now during this break and that for the rest of our time together we ask in Jesus name amen


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