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Current Events in Adventism

Tim Arakawa


Tim Arakawa

Endocrinologist in Tamuning, Guam



  • March 21, 2009
    9:00 AM
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welcome to the Avenue history class your job and hope that you are aware this is actually our last class those who are listening audio verse may not know that but finishing the history it's been a real blessing below but what a blessing for each one of you and so before we begin with our heads for word of prayer your father in heaven thank you once again for the opportunity that we have two study and to see how you have incredibly blessed our church to the ups and downs and we ask now that as we look at current Adventists history that you will help us to see things through your eyes to see the potential for this generation we pray this in Jesus name amen before we get into the main part of the study artist wanted to review with you to think we've talked about in the past okay this is the last one were going to quickly review because we want to see this in the eager picture so we started out with one of the most exciting times I feel that happened in Mister the world that was around eighteen forty four the cover that into lectures they were called the great Advent awakening and the midnight cry that we talked about how our pioneers developed the distinctive truths of Adventism that we hold so dear today include things like the sanctuary the sadness despair prophecy all this things were developed and I was electrical present truth and we talked about at least two different times and have a this history where Jesus wanted to come back and he was very close to coming back things didn't work out but we talk about that in almost the Canaan and the second one was the eighteen eighty eight General conference and there we talked about various aspects of of of Advent is a and the importance of their role it happens is history we talked about the health nest Loma Linda each with precollege medical evangelists back then and then the last two weeks we been talking about the very important more recent history it was called questions on doctrine and the second one was the Ford controversy and if you haven't heard that in your Adventist really recommend and encourage you to go back and listen to those hillbilly help you understand why our church is the way it is now that brings us here today and the topic for today is called current events in Adventism arrival to talk about what's going on now we can talk about everything of course by think it's safe to say that we are seeing a revival in our church especially among young people and that there is a I believe that God has a plan for that generation let's start with content files like to talk a little bit about contacts when were looking at history and so every every generation has its own characteristic that and they have a name for every generation seems like you've heard of perhaps the baby boomers those who were born after World War II you may have heard of Generation X right about the current generation there is different names for the current generation some of the ones I've seen are a generation Y can figure out how to get over that name the millennial 's is another name for the current generation also called the net generation yuck I make sense of the but what they all have in common is that these are primarily people who were born in nineteen eighty two or are afterward okay and why is that well if you're born in nineteen eighty two when he turned eighteen what year was it the year two thousand so basically your adult life is going to be spent in the new millennium two thousand and onward okay that's out how they define it in this generation has many characteristics that are unlike any other generation that has preceded it we can talk about all of them but a couple of than you can think about who is that this is very definitely an age of technology is meant for this is the generation that grew up with computers even my generation reading group of computers have to say that this generation they go computers we have GPS attracts suite we know where where we are at all times others Internet you get the picture this is also the generation is very connected socially connected and made you might be on Facebook or some other social networking site right I even had with your friends on the people text or texting all the time or instant messaging one another awesome people even have a second life they call it some people even call out of Second Life so they draw things that the that affects this generation but is another side to this generation and it's a little bit of a of a little bit of it more than a different side to it historical event that happened during reign of the current generation lifetime if you're someone I was born in nineteen eighty two okay what are some things that you would if I would've happened during your lifetime that would've really affected how you solve the world are there any ideas or any any historical events that happened that you can think of okay so there were there been several wars Kuwait war with a nineteen ninety one course that was followed by several other wars were or that okay so nine one one and I was in two thousand one that was a major influence I believe on this generation will talk with you more about that and of course the war on terror Afghanistan war was in two thousand one Iraq started in two thousand three and is still going on at the any thing else okay the Berlin wall came down those nineteen eighty nine so the synonymy that's right the tsunami happened in two thousand four I believe Kim and square a case that both rights of freedom all over the world was opening up in times of a little bit the others in conflict there okay so a lot of things happen let me just read a few more things I have written down Katrina one of the worst natural disasters in history the United States was in two thousand five of course we thought about the tsunami over two hundred thousand hundred twenty five thousand people died in that alone were the deadliest disasters in the history of the world out of the Oklahoma City bombing that was in nineteen ninety five and a lot of young people will remember Columbine you member that that was in nineteen ninety nine where a a in the school high school one of one of the students came in and that massacred a lot of his fellow students is a very tragic occurrence a guy get other generations and have been exposed to many tragic things right or while working as lots of things right but we live in an age with a high high media exposure so we everything that that happens we see we see that the towers falling live on on on national television we see the tsunami we see all the things in his right there in our phase on the Internet and on TV etc. so it's really affect the generation and I believe that this generation now is beginning to look for something that's more stable right they want something that they can for the next true and that's something that they can anchor themselves to that won't will let them down and they're searching for answers to some serious questions in life questions like why would why would God allow the twin towers to fall in thousands of people to die in one day right why would why would God allow tsunami that we kill so many people who can we trust well around the stairs fear and terrorism okay so there are a lot of questions that are that are that people are asking and a wiki is that our church as well that current generation I believe are searching for answers in the Avenue 's church and I believe that many of them are now finding those questions answered in a time-tested truths of the Bible so let's go back to what we would probably consider one of the most formative advance in in the recent history right September eleven two thousand one do you agree with me that our world the system is not the same as not been the same since okay it changed the political landscape the legal landscape it it change the way we travel were on Orange alert almost continually there a lot of things have changed our world may never ever be the same but I believe that after 9/11 there is also tremendous opportunity because I remember after 9/11 a lot of my friends and classmates they were certain to go back to church member this era started to examine their lives and get serious about about their lives and it was a time where people really were open to to God at the truth so I believe that after 9/11 that's why we saw a movement began in the Avenue 's church and this is a movement that I like to call the Gbytes degeneration right and this movement I believe has the potential to stir this church to the very depths and to shake shake this world in a way that we've never seen before ways that we have seen almost happen but I believe that we are seeing an opportunity for this generation to perhaps perhaps to bring our history here on earth to close a couple of it more about this group and let's talk about you I see okay since were talking about this G Weiss degeneration UIC was the idea of UIC began in two thousand one shortly after 9/11 right now because of 9/11 but there in that atmosphere you people got together and they were very diverse ethnically they attended universities all across America they were public university campuses as well as Adventist University campuses and they were they decided that they would bring together Adventist young people into a conference they would try to bring them together into a conference those Adventist young people who are very serious about their faith and wanted to do some thing about it and so they planned a a conference called general youth conference now if you wife defense for generation of youth for Christ back then it was general youth conference in college UIC and this conference was called Pentecost he will do it again is based on Hosea six verse three and Ezekiel thirty four verse twenty six and it was held in Pine Springs Ranch here in California made you so you actually there and they remember I'm going to try to give you the little summary of some of the different UI fugitive happen but some of these UI C7 are very difficult to describe just because of how how incredibly intense and and spiritually exciting that they were okay this first view I see I don't know of anything can top the first UIC and so you are there will may know I mean the best way that I can describe it is that there is a very very spiritual atmosphere there wherever you went you couldn't walk into indoor rumor down a hallway without seeing groups of people scattered around praying together sometimes groups of two sometimes groups of ten or twenty people would be were praying together not it was prayer time it was spontaneous prayer it was intercessory prayer it was people who were really serious about seeing Pentecost happen again and I there were some there are powerful messages remember the Randy skeet was there he gave some powerful message as well as Peter Gregory I really set the tone for what this GUI see generation was going to be another interesting point about that conference was that they were really sure how maybe were going to show up this is the first time that he was it ever been done so they tentatively planned for maybe two hundred two hundred and fifty people to come but they had to close registration early because they they had Captain four hundred twenty five registered registrations and they were of course more people wanted to come that was two thousand two in two thousand three UIC was held in Ann Arbor Michigan and theme of the conference that year was higher than the highest that's taken from the book education page eighteen had a really stressed the D characteristic of excellence in this generation there they had about eight hundred registrations about twelve hundred people came out to you I see that your unfounded anti- idealize you thought about the numbers necessarily but but by looking at some of the things we get a feel for how quickly this generation grew I believe that it was God ordained that the Holy Spirit was moving away that we haven't seen in a long long time one of the highlights of UIC that year was that there was a baptism appeal that was made for baptism the three baptisms and thirty four people were all went up to the front that appeal and actually had baptism they are the hotel pool and behavior were there I was a very very inspiring and encouraging time out at USC we don't do that anymore logistically it be very difficult and we'd rather encourage people to go back to their local churches and follow-up with their pastors but it was still a very very exciting moment at USC the next USC was in two thousand four and I was in Sacramento California the theme was carried a light and really this focus on evangelism only was evangelism done before the conference started afterward but I was the first time that devalues them was done on Sabbath afternoon and they put young people on buses it went all over the city and they knocked on doors and I believe that over five thousand doors were not done as well is what I have here and this was a kind and unprecedented outreach that it is that we'd ever seen others of the first year that three ABN was there and begin to broadcast this to you all around the world actually rejected all the UIC for me briefly tell you at least with the each one wasn't about a two thousand five USC was in Chattanooga the theme was now is the time taken from Romans thirteen verse eleven in two thousand six the theme was by every word taken from Matthew for verse four and I was held in Baltimore Maryland now the very powerful USC in two thousand seven the theme was be taken from being transformed in Romans twelve verse two and I was held in Minneapolis Minnesota and so there was a lot of significance there since that we we talked about what happened in Minneapolis in eighteen eighty eight several weeks ago last year in two thousand eight UIC was held in San Jose California and the theme was for this purpose taken from acts twenty six sixteen eighteen I really appreciate about this past UIC was we we refocused on our identity and our mission as Adventists and it doesn't be a very important part will talk more about that little late later on your what I've heard is that the attendance on Sabbath was close to five to six thousand people so we can see that you might see a still still growing isn't it and is still very much in interest by young people in the conferences like these outreach that year for this past year knocked on about twenty three thousand doors when the highlights was Alastair blog giving testimony about how the previous year at UIC he was stricken with paralysis from the neck down your best story and how the Lord miraculously healed him so these are some things that that we remember from previous UIC 's is coming to USC in two thousand nine is going to be in Louisville Kentucky and the theme is unashamed taken from Romans one verse sixteen the day you have it that's kind of a short history of the last seven years at UIC and the way God is the leading and that in that way to what I call the generation that UIC generation is not that UIC is is the generation you I see that organization but UIC is the flagship organization that represents a movement of young people in the church and army of youth that I see is forming a counter reminds me of movements like the Protestant Reformation where God moves on multiple people in different countries all over the world and they all came together because the Holy Spirit was behind that was I think USC has symptoms similar characteristics here's an example there is a thing or happening here in Loma Linda and I speak about this because I know about it other things are happening around the same time that were separate from you I see that very much similar goals for instance in the in the early two thousand two I became there was vice president your Loma Linda and together with a group of people who would later form at that hope we decided that we we wanted to do some some evangelism on campus they hadn't been had any evangelism to the students here are any major efforts for lease forty years and so we felt that out via a good project that we could do it I see became restoration which has now I believe also in its seventh year and other of another things out hope you're familiar with their adults are starting all over the country and a audio verse you're familiar with and they're all the youth conferences that's a little bit on the youth conference is because I believe that youth conferences show that this joint degeneration is really a grassroots thing is not one person or one church leader or some person it's trying to push an agenda through a group of young people but this is nothing that's happening because young people themselves are waking up so I remember in Ann Arbor Michigan at the second UIC that that we had a networking session I member this because I was in charge of the networking session and what we did was we we separated people out in in two groups twelve groups are maybe it was ten that were based on geographic location and we people to get together and brainstorm what they could do to bring it you might be spirit back to their their homes and many people did that Aldo when they went back they were initially affiliated with UIC at that time and many of them went back and to their campuses to their churches to their communities and they planned events and may be the best began to be called youth conferences just like you I see as we look back now and you covered that are continuing to be formed reminds me of the early evidence pioneers in a row we talked about how after the Millerite movement to the coal in America especially when it went to the large cities that these conferences the local conferences these general conferences these can meetings began to form all over the United States thirty eight fifty of them per year it's hard to you to imagine how that how that happened I think were sorry to see that in our generation as well I was just making a list last night and I came up with maybe ten or more different you can't do that I know about at least here in the United States but David all started internationally and I don't want to get into too much detail don't have enough time there are you cover the startup all over there is some in Australia and New Zealand this otherwise that it happened almost separate and UIC in Germany there other ones in England and Canada etc. so we're just beginning to CA I believe the tip of an iceberg the bottom line is that young people are reviving our day and I believe there's a reason for that for many years we heard that young people were leaving the church in droves ever hearing that and that was true I believe that that was perhaps partly the fact that we had that we were encouraging words at file that was high on entertainment but maybe a little bit low on substance and I also believe that may be also partly due to the things that that we talk about the last two weeks about question on doctrine and eventually what happened with Desmond four and how we lost identity as a church however there are more more young people who are finding more more reasons to stay in the church and that's the good news is that we want to talk about today we're seeing a revival and they are part of this millennial generation this view I see generation who are searching for something that they can they can hitch themselves to being something that they can count on an anchor as earlier train back and they are beginning to understand the identity and mission of the ominous church is enough I want talk about now what is that mission and identity what is that prosthetic when I think of the prophetic identity and mission that this generation is getting excited about so let's open our Bibles and let's talk about first of all where is having on the Bible where we are in history were going to end in revelation but were going to start in Daniel okay you may not even not even you may not even need to turn to Daniel chapter two but the Daniel chapter two is a timeline of history is that at all this world where we are approximately your member there is an image that never has on his dream he saw ahead of gold the arms and chest were of silver thighs were brass right legs of iron and in the feet whereof iron and clay they expel that was that was not cut by any man my man's hands and feet the whole image crumbled as our timeline to where we in Daniel chapter two okay wherein were in the feet rightward where the toes and some people have even said it were the toenails of that image and so we can see where our world is it's clear right that we are past the legs we are to defeat career in the toes there is timewise throughout Daniel chapter seven eight etc. but if you go to Daniel eleven at also used right away it is no a really ghosted and eleven today but there are sermons on audio verse that devoted and eleven and you want to study that I would encourage you to look those up but Adina Levin starting in verse two we have a history of the world from Daniels time all the way to the end the end of time starts in Daniel twelve verse one that's when Michael stands up and the time of trouble begins so between debt Daniel chapter eleven verse two and Daniel twelve verse one we have a timeline of Earth 's history and I'll just tell you if you study this out you'll see history unfolding in the first part of an eleven point you to the very end of Daniel eleven right before the twelfth chapter you will start to see that that's that's where we are in this verse history once again we are living at the very and right before Michael will stand up what a privilege it is to be alive during such a time a time that that Daniel could only dream about a time that the pioneers wish and apostles wish that they could be a part of and here we are at the end of time let's look though at something I believe it even more convicting that is where our church is where where are churches in this timeline now the revelation and will start in rep in Revelation chapter three Revelation chapter chapters two and three talk about the seven churches and we study them will find that those seven churches represent seven the time that are sequential we talked about how the the early Adventist pioneers believe that they were part of which church Philadelphia and it wasn't until the eighteen fifties that they began to realize that when a second when Philadelphian who are we Laodicea that sparked tremendous revival that God wanted to use you to brings her sister to close that never happened but that was one of the messages that was critical to that and so do Laodicea we realize our true condition and we also realize what God wants to do through our church we are the last church there is no left no other church after Laodicea so from this youth you can know you're in a church that is going to be there to the end and that we are living again in the last of this world 's history I want to turn now to Revelation chapter ten which I think is eighty one the clearest places in Scripture that we can see the prophetic significance the prophetic identity and mission of the church that we been studying for the past quarter and so how much time do you have we will try to do a quick study all right of this just to understand will do better with what are identity initiatives do we have the microphone let's have someone read starting revelation chapter ten versus one and two have someone that can read that review and Minnesota the money of seven flowed with the cloud labels upon his head his face was it were the sun his feet as pillars of fire the head is handy little book open and he said his right foot upon the sea and his left foot upon the earth okay so here's a mighty angel who is this mighty angel again it's Jesus right how do we know will be a look back in Revelation chapter one is a similar description of someone as Jesus walking through the seven candlesticks okay so we can know that that's in Revelation ten here we have Jesus he he comes out a holding a little book in his hand and is open where you heard about a book a little book before that lets that look like they was closed or sealed in Daniel and in particular there is a book that was sealed and in particular that book was not just the book of Daniel but which vision was actually sent the vision in Daniel eight right they'll eight fourteen is primarily what was so close for a long time until eighteen forty four so we can see here that Jesus comes down to the earth and he opens up that field book that field vision of the twenty three hundred day prophecy all right let's well and then we can be read always viewed at seven there is utter their voices then not John and write it down but he's he prevented from doing that and then we have someone read verses five through at five and six that another volunteer for that and the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven and swear by him that litmus for a friend ever the created heaven and the things that therein are any errors and thinks that very hard and they see and the things which are there and that there should be time no longer okay what is a certificate that I no longer okay there are different hypotheses in the Bible and the longest one in the last one to be fulfilled his the twenty three hundred a prophecy is not as though twenty three hundred a prophecy means what it what it fulfilled me that there is no more time prophecies and so why are there no more time prophecies because after that there are no more events that we need to wait for our lady from and one more thing and we find what that one more thing is in the next verse and is for the sake of time to read the next verse verse seven of Revelation ten thousand but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophets here we see that what is the seventh trumpet is the second coming is so here we have something is happening right before the seven trumpet as is beginning to sound the mischief bottle refinished at the second time we're just going to briefly look at one text that can tell the little bit more about what the Mistry of God might be and that's found in the book of Colossians chapter one verse twenty seven to fill in the back that can at the microphone can get easily read Colossians one verse twenty seven Colossians one twenty seven to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of glory okay so the mystery here the mystery of God the measurement Gentiles that God has for us is summarized in the statement Christ in you the hope of glory I wish you to talk more about this and I believe that others have sought going to just summarize but the idea here is that we can we can have a relation with Christ that is so close that incident that he's at sea dwelling in us and that through us he can manifest himself to the world and when when this happens that we haven't a hope that we will see Christ in face-to-face and that will be glorified we'll see Christ in glory and others much more to this but this can be summarized in a recall righteousness by faith okay and that's the message that would not want to do at the very end of time in his church we see here that before the seven trumpet ready for the incoming that there is a myth you need to be finished that mystery is the message of righteous by faith going out to the world and so that is our prosthetic identity the mission you see that clearly into places in the book of Revelation the interesting thing is that the tumescent method is that we just talked about what were they Revelation three was the Laodicean message right and Revelation ten was that righteous by faith right the mystery of God being finished those other two parts of Revelation that clearly show our prophetic identity and mission and guess what those are the same messages that we talked about earlier that would've taken us to Canaan remember the Laodicean message in the eighteen fifties that said James White is so much to to spread that almost brought us home that message containing a message with our prophetic identity and mission and in Revelation ten the message of Christ by faith is so prominently displayed in Minneapolis in eighteen eighty eight again that message containing a message with our prophetic identity and mission he started to speak is nothing new that's going to happen we need a generation that will completely grasp and brace what our prophetic identity and mission is and take this message to the world throughout history God has been leading our church to climaxes we saw that in making fifties but died in eighteen eighty eight I believe that we are seeing that again today in your lifetime we are seeing a resurgence of of of revival in the honest church we see an intersection here with world events right 9/11 and the current generation we did intersecting with a church that is potentially is reviving itself to do a very very special work we talked about that work in our previous since on health on education are not many other things I believe that we are approaching it we are pushing opportunity to to finally finish this great controversy and I think it will involve him in understanding of what our identity and mission is as a church here's my final appeal to you many many books have been written on out of this history in many of the books myself and the teachers of this class have consulted as we have explained to you things that happen in the past however there will be a time when the last chapter of Evan 's history is written and I believe that this generation this UIC generation has the opportunity to write that chapter to be a part of that and each one of you as a vital role in and being a part of that of the history in order to avoid those the mistakes that are made in the past in order to build on what has been built before us we need to know the history of our church and more importantly we need to know Christ and his word and so my prayer is at the end of this class but at the end of this class this will not be an understudy this will be be the beginning of a journey for each one of you to study in more depth and with more with more dedication how God has led his church throughout history through the Bible as his chronicle to the Bible the Reformation and through the how God has worked throughout history and finally how God 's work to the Athens inhabitants church and through that you'll gave an understanding of what you can do to write that final chapter enters history you'll be part of that you want to see Jesus come in this generation we at the Avenue 's history class that is our prayer and as we close while we pay for that together your father in heaven we have been privileged and honored to review how you have led our church for the past hundred and sixty five years and father we don't want another hundred six and five years ago by a still be here on this Earth we want to wrap things up and so as we continue our study beyond what this class could only review and survey we ask that you would personally convict each one of us with our responsibility with our distinct honor how we can participate in very grand closing moments of the great controversy may your Holy Spirit fall upon us strengthen us for this task we pray your blessing upon this generation in Jesus name we pray amen thank you so much for joining us for this class I hope it was a blessing to you it surely has been a blessing to do those of us you have have been teaching and may this be the beginning of our study a man at the center


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