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Going Deeper with God

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 12, 2005
    10:00 AM
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Bob Donley thank you Lord for bringing us together here this morning thank you Lord Jesus or all the tube done for us you mercy and grace of God we are not even worthy of the blessings you given us yet father you without ceasing to pour out the abundance of heaven upon the right amount what I said to make me just that upon the wall a rusty old sorry old Melbourne upon that may last Journal portrait of Jesus Christ and Eric Walsh is not seen to date only the wonderful beautiful presence of our Lord and Savior is our prayer in his name amen Matthew turn with me to the book of the fifth chapter chapter five chapter five will start with verse one two five starting with verse one a message for the morning is entitled going deeper with God going deeper with God and five in verse one the Bible says and again surpassed the people pressed upon them to hear the word of God he stood by the lake of the necessary and sought to shift standing by the lake but the fishermen were born out of them and were washing their nets and he entered until one of the shows which assignments and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land and he sat down and taught the people out of the ship when you read the story of the great lawn on even still in the heavenly realm as every angels of heaven why is Jesus on the side of the boat as he preaches the gospel of the principle of power as he tears down the strongholds of ignorance and tradition the Angels themselves all that way it was Sir what a mighty God we serve at Jesus on the side of the human old preaching words that are priceless to a total group of people we are only beginning to understand the power of his or her Bibles on Mrs. peters boldly sitting in while he's sitting on a boat at the seashore he says in verse four not only the Bible says in verse four now when he had left speaking the seventh assignment launched out into the deep and let down your nets for a draw forecast and Simon Peter answered of the master we have toiled all night and taken nothing nevertheless I thought word and I will let down the net and we got and when he and Ms. Dunn of a enclosed a great multitude of issues and then broke and the back end onto their partners which were in the other ship that they should come and help them and they came and filled both the ships so that they began going deeper with the receipt there are couple of arenas upon which we can draw a lesson on the story and the practical realm into the story itself out Peter sitting there is one online and as some of you are a in in one of the health science schools around here or urine residency or maybe already practicing you understand what it means to work all night you understand what it means a jury of four o'clock in the morning when there's nothing left in your tank and gas tank is and as some of your principles off in the middle of the night and somebody somewhere causeless at this location here was not doing well at the patient in the emergency room needs to be in the new kind of book is populated a tumble out of the bad knocking things over to try to find his robe back is altogether another one of the Paul ruled to try and go into the love you understand what it's like the toiled all night and at the end of the night feel like you have accomplished any a remember being in college and even medical student sometimes when all matters when I would progress they do not study will recommend that he sinking feeling in my gut and my stomach when I would be walking into a test file for Mountain Dew and dizzy from lack of sleep El Dorado look at installation with what you understood that nothing is happening and tried it it was the fisherman is into how some men those particular and how this common fellowman levels up the pitch the ball and is during the daytime the reason this was a lucrative as most of you envision a huge is better in the dark end of why the patient in the broad daylight with lots of more than the lesson for us in that we must learn to follow God 's word even when it it is against conventional wisdom you've got some are difficult where God says though even when going when God says that though it seems to me absolutely positively no fan that is missing on five twenty one we wash our last world is no one hungry what do you mean you want to go deeper open out but I will tell you the juvenile doctor comes a point when your relationship with God when you are not satisfied with the seaside at the God you have to get to know Jesus was the point where you want never satisfied with sitting on the seashore but very solid is this millions of Christians around the world had arguments that maintenance them to be mold mold will not enter into the kingdom of the CSI spirit of the savings if a compliment there is no hell you watching a nest on the but you got to learn to continue to go deep especially when God is the one telling you to go deeper like that are higher than the highest human or is God 's ideal was gone is not called us to be detail is called us to be the head is one reason I'm so hurt when I'm studying audio medical journals and secular newsprint time magazine newlywed of the StumbleUpon article that's that some think invisible all or the need for rest or for the power of sunlight on for the need to drink lots of water I sat there and I look at as people making millions now starting role restaurants all over the country and I look at the truth that is evident in this church is called to a and now all of a sudden the world the secular world even those who will travel in vehicles in the way women have taken our house message while he goes to many Adventist was satisfied with the seaside in Barry 's case suggests that are you on campus and in time I given a whole wall the whole we don't offend anyone off with our non- caffeinated and online so we decided that they could only add on health and health promotion in the world when we should've been blazing a trail now got away with an always on the Beatles and the beer made some great discovery in hell all along we had it at all writing we must determine that we will not be satisfied with a seaside seashores when it comes to dealing with God and with the things of God he was warmer sixteen the Bible says in Hebrews four sixteen he said let us therefore both the until the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need I want you to know that when you have problems and difficulty in life you cannot come I halfheartedly does all you can ask that the way to the throne after the throne when the script is instructive that we must march boldly to the throne of God why because God is your phone adoption by doing the work of Jesus Christ the salvific work of the cross in the blood of the lamb we have been given then you are in a secret shame of the deal with God and God as the wall the trouble of all the last one thousand years working on all of the lives of art and bringing a favorite of many of those on the dark shedding of blood and then sending a competent woman take your word and bring them to the throne for you wanted and we usually Scripture says you have not because you ask him because you follow him if you like this and the only release was announced of Jesus of God does not hold off on a thousand cattle on one hill he owns the cattle on a house in the alert evoking a window and even some of your slickest adding wonderingly if usual will go at him or looking at a comfortable stay let's go to be most easy to determine my future pro-life is the path of least resistance but I want to tell you if you file always the least resistance sometimes you never get the sinking boat if you always followed a path that is easy is not always willing to take the high road and always willing to the settlement with the category like we are nation that have become problem with the concept of being mediocre when God called you to be averaged God is called to be gray area the call can be great for that you'll be great is to be great so that you can reflect his great Jeremiah twenty nine hertz eleven Jeremiah twenty nine numbers eleven the Bible says rhino the plan I happen to clear the board plans the price you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and she don't get that on the season never experienced owners of the two got has you if you never get all the speech is another well-known assuming meaning from these texts is a body individually you are determining your private Bible study in your private remind me a private academic life you may copy no one is with God is collected by we cannot be satisfied sitting on the church needs a plan the Gobi church and the plan in Proverbs twenty eighteen Solomon says and there is no vision the people perish we get to the point were willing to make sacrifices and while my saying is that I'm saying this because God has a plan for this group of people in the world the plan I hope you can see it maybe because you hear inside the ivory tower people see of the Church of God is under all around you this is the most Adventist area on the planet and yet a trend of them are creeping into our churches I am beginning to believe lies the beginning was also the beginning that even from the pulpit preaching damnable heresy from the church run it locally rooted in something called the apostles free stepfathers in the Dominican Republic you living on me that we get in and out as they had this thing read he was raised Catholic in in in in Santo Domingo as I understand the Jerseys at realizing what they does read a taught in Catholic school and the Catholic doctrine with Catholic beliefs why would they read that inhabitants are doing for our wanted to know that somebody will do it against the enemy got the people who are praying and believing and teaching individuals and want to get all the way of the word what will you tell me under the experimentation is the concept of cats in the gaps in the model undesirable and that was how we know what is like an experiment that you normally give there are wandering the streets of America without their minds because the experimented one night at a party crack cocaine and just one hit of purified cocaine was enough to give them a lifelong addiction we are experimenting with okay looking at me thinking that somehow the evangelical type that is omniscient if the time that we must follow no stand on the drill we got back and nothing is getting time and I'm wondering where we say the types of God must delegate more the agreement shall degrade doctrine the written word of God in love right now to churches under attack systems and I want to tell you that God does not do his great work by Aaron and Adam and Hope on campus because of some things that this is an statistical chance that it does work his way to get a smile bye-bye by some kind about all of an experiment Juventus happened to come together this is the one God has called out to raise the standard not reach floss every week from the pulled it out at second and sometimes I didn't reason I wanted as a psychology class was at the house of God how not to be part of your next appointment Bethany was human being say that the Sunday as you will is running on the script is a wall of the inhabitants of the revelations out of the wallet of the inhabitants of the of the devil is come upon you having an old he had what is short time why is so convoluted of the time and we also ignorant of the wildly good to want to know everything will remain a someone's got an someone got removed and somebody's got to stand in the death of Jesus Christ somebody got us a note this is the way you want in this way Berman would just a few years ago and is restoration there were people on campus it will did you have an affect out of an evangelistic campaign on campus is that nobody will support it will never work a bit because I'm interested in that his residents are in school they are leaders Oracle Trinity logging want you to know that after the years of this thing going on a human being in urging your working day in and day out unless he still was and he wasn't yet what the restoration and I heard a message that change stuff out into the deep to stay on the seashore is the version that hurries on Friday night placement using suicide experience I see that you can do it on our campus and everybody sylvan dream that you have a good time on the deed to your standing World Cup on the twentieth him him not was the deal willing to put yourself at risk for God the study of John Wicklund in England you got to go back and study some research on got to go back and study some of the world that I went back to our moral argument and I will just go back and I could not believe what he wrote what he saw and what he said so long ago he put his life on the line and was willing to die also the environment essay we've understand I decided I was a sleazy element data seaside experience at no Peter had decided to stay on the seaside it would never have field is owed with the government venture out of the prophetically regarding the drum beat time is coming when great things about that the new Pope on it's on his way on her way it's usually because we are a country that is a selected president based on moral issues whether you're Republican or Democrat we should refrain on moral issues the German leave the country why because the moral issues and issues of religious intolerance that are sitting on the back burner prophetically is time to go deeper brothers and sisters and study God 's word for yourself you can get a secondhand nutritionist and reasons of other reasons I was letting me at this logo but you don't want to get a secondhand nutrition from a path right he's the vegetables you can secondhand nutrition and why would you expect why would you only as a second nutrition in a would you be when the body while exacting secondhand nutrition spirituals you got the Bible study group that is just starting to the that is what's going to finish the work life of many are spiritually because they look at themselves instead of a crime crisis the great storehouse from it on every occasion we may draw strength and happiness why then do we withdraw our eyes from his sufficiency to look and bemoan our weakness why do we forget that he is ready to help us in every time of need we dishonor him by talking our inefficiency is looking at ourselves that is constantly behold Jesus then becoming more and more like him more and more able to talk of him that of the battle of veil ourselves of his kindness and helpfulness and receive the blessings offered as we both live in communion with him we grow strong in his strength a hill and a blessing to those around runs at the moment time is up listen and would be obliterated in the church we just got to have this affiliation to add to become it has been around it all our lives we can't accept it as an old wife tradition but I'm telling you that they will go that everything in this church that can be shaken will be chic I get a newsletter every so often from a guy named Dale Retzlaff in the newsletters our proclamation of the trying to convince you to leave the administrator haven't written back yet but people are leaving the church in droves but unlike this is as solid as always people would lead the church that everyone's step how her mind was a manner that there would be goals with me but I am still the ranks and you live in the church would never lose the booby booby grab and who will be driven and did you go deeper and uses


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