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The Prophetic Timeline of Daniel 11

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 4, 2009
    10:00 AM
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morning everyone happy Sabbath is a trust that your hearts and then drawn closer they got to the music this morning but not sure if one more person will get started father in heaven we think he was a Sabbath morning that we can come together and to open up your word for in a special way that you would be in our presence speak through me and made your name be glorified this is my prayer in Jesus name and as you've noticed from the bullets in the title of the sermon for today is the prophetic timeline of Daniel a while Daniel eleven is in my estimation one of the most fascinating chapters in the entire Bible and if I have one chapter in the Bible took fruit the veracity of God 's Word and the truth in the faithfulness of the sure word of prophecy I would think Daniel eleven and obviously were not in a go through every detail in the next few minutes they the detail in Daniel eleven truth the truth and the faithfulness of the sure word of prophecy and on a reader for T8 friend letter one oh three nineteen oh four also third volume thirteen of the manuscript releases page three ninety four all my tells us we have no time to leaders troublous times are before us the world is stirred with a spirit of war soon the sins of trouble spoken of in the prophecies will to replace the prophecy in the eleventh of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment nearly reached its complete fulfillment and what were going to look at this what is the prophetic timeline of Daniel eleven where are we on that timeline and what does that mean for us as God 's people today to the foregoing to be in order to understand the significance of Daniel eleven we go to Daniel chapter ten Daniel chapter ten eleven and twelve arts high together as one vision one flaw and independent chapters ten verse one we see that Daniel has a vision given to him in the third year of Cyrus king of Persia which is somewhere between five thirty six and five thirty five BC and it says that this is what Daniel says he says the thing was true but the time appointed with long and he he understood the thing and had understanding of the vision what's important to realize is that Daniel ten comes immediately after Chapter nine and in Daniel chapter nine it is revealed to Daniel the timing of the restoration and rebuilding of Jerusalem and the coming of Messiah the Messiah with respect she was at twenty three hundred a prop in Daniel eight and in Daniel eight Daniel says I did not understand the vision and he fainted and chapter nine the thing that he understood was the first part of twenty three hundred days of the seventy weeks getting through the first four hundred ninety years and when Chrysler time there was something that Gabriel didn't reveal to Daniel in Chapter nine and not was what was going to happen at the end of the vision of a twenty three hundred days and so that Daniel Shepherdstown we see that Daniel is fasting morning and pray now there is a couple of things going on this is taking place in the third year of Cyrus about five thirty six are between five thirty six and five thirty five BC what is interesting is that in five thirty seven Cyrus had given the initial but free to start the rebuilding of Jerusalem and Daniel need from the vision that he had that sat with key to the beginning of a twenty three hundred a prophecy to the seventy weeks prophecy into the coming of the Messiah and write about this time the Samaritans and the false report saying that the Jews are causing all sorts of trouble and that they want to turn against the kingdom of Cyrus and so now Cyrus is considering whether or not to backtrack on the free to rebuild Jerusalem and Daniel knows that if that happens it's a mess of God 's plan to restore and build Jerusalem for the Messiah to come and ultimately for the sanctuary to be quite so Daniel notice what he does in verses two and three he is in mourning for three full weeks he needs no pleasant bread and so on and so forth what's interesting is in Daniel chapter nine Daniel began to pray to understand what I thought it was going to be seventy years in Babylon but what was his two thousand three hundred years so you're talking about and within two minutes of you record the length of the current Daniel my general shows up and gives them the answer but I'm Daniel chapters on it doesn't happen quite so quickly Daniel realizes that there's trouble and he traced for three full weeks and then you see in verses four through seven at the end of this time that a heavenly being appears on got bigger faster this is this is just an introduction and you see the description of this heavenly being and verse six eyes like lamps of fire feet like polished brass this is the same description of Jesus in the book of Revelation so in Daniel chapter nine Gabriel shows up to help Daniel understand what's going to happen at the beginning of the twenty three hundred a prophecy that in Daniel chapter Senator Daniel receives a vision it's Jesus Christ you shows up so if Jesus is the one who shows how important you think this prophecy is is obviously very important and then as you go on down and we see that an angel shows up after Daniel has the vision or to help Daniel understand the vision that he seen and what's interesting is in verses twelve and thirteen Daniel lists hold that this angel can send it with the Prince of the King of Persia which we believe to be Cyrus this was the king 's efforts twenty one days unbeknownst to Daniel this angel this heavenly bang after Christ appears tells Daniel I've been sending with the Prince of the King of Persia for twenty one days because it was in the hands of Cyrus to get the twenty three hundred a prophecy gap I yeah Cyrus is under the influence of a false report in the work of the devil to keep this from happening and I'm enough the Daniel Daniel Franke for three full weeds and during that entire time the angel concerns with Cyrus and at the end of that three weeds guess you showed up to take care of the Michael and wanted to be a Bible study that Michael is Jesus Christ and you can clearly prove that Michael shows up that here's what's interesting to me Daniel prays for three full weeks finally after three weeks Christ says on an answer that prayer he's been so persistent so steadfast I'm in a calm and answered his prayer and then in verse fourteen the angel tells Daniel now I am come to make the understand what shall befall by people in the latter days forget the vision is for many days which reminds us of the many days of the twenty three hundred days an inverse one of Daniel Shepperton Daniel understands that the time appointed for this addition was long so here's what we see Daniel chapter nine beginning of a twenty three hundred days Gabriel comes immediately when Daniel prays and Daniel was basing his prayer on the study of prophecy from Jeremiah that it would be seventy years of captivity he starts training Gabriel comes right away and answered his prayer Daniel chapter ten when there is more trouble and there is risk of the decree being taken back Daniel prays for spree for weeks and it takes three week persistence for Michael and with his strength and power he turns the heart of the king Cyrus so that that prophecy can you unabated and here's a key practical point for us as we go down to the end of Daniel eleven and we see certain things that need to take place to get to the final of the DAs say that Humana prayers are going to get the job done at the end of time will tell on it second Daniel to get his answer to understand what the vision was for the end of time she never gave them an understanding for the beginning of the vision but not for the end so a practical point for us we need to be steadfast in fervent prayer to understand what is coming upon and so what we see then is after Daniel steadfastly persisted for three week Michael who is Jesus Christ churned the heart of the king of Persia and then from there the angel can tell Daniel the prophetic timeline that will take place from that time down to the end of the world so when going to do and what is in a run through this briefly were going to work at Daniel eleven and see the sequence of events now in Daniel eleven follows the same sequence of Daniel Scheer seven and eight but it's most similar to Daniel eight Daniel eight five for the kingdom and meet a Persian sort of Daniel eleven that's Texas from five thirty nine two three thirty one and then we have the kingdom of Greece from three thirty one she won sixty eight him again Daniel eleven you can see the vision of the four kingdoms have been wrong then rants from one sixty eight eighty two about four seventy six and that's where all lead things off for now the intestines without going into really any of the detail versus one three thirty of Daniel Chapter 11 take you from five thirty nine BC to four seventy six eighty with the fall of pagan room that's Daniel Chapter 11 verses one through thirty and there's some familiar concepts that come out here one of the other things that he is from the division of the four kingdoms in Greece the king of the North and the king of the South and that was the Assyrian empire and to the north the salute in empire and the southern empire with Ptolemy in Egypt of the King of the North and the king of the South and then as you continue on taken around as it replaces Greece becomes the king of the north and in this beginning part of Daniel eleven in the first few verses we also see the concept of the glorious Lane the glorious land in verse sixteen is Palestine and what's interesting is that the King of the North and the king of the South file many of their battles in that region of the for where job people reside in which gives with the idea that the battles of the conflict between the King of the North and the king of the South through time involved God 's people were in expand on that further now what I'm going to do now is focus in on the part of this prophecy that more directly involves us in verse thirty one we have a transition point in this prophecy and this is very similar to Daniel chapter eight verse eleven so we see these constant spin repeated in the book of Daniel chapter eleven verse thirty one this is speaking of the King of the North Amherst thirty we see that ahead and run for seventy six with the stripe verse thirty one says arms shall stand on its part they should leave the sanctuary of strength and shall take away the daily sacrifices they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate set here we see got sanctuary being polluted with daily being taken away in the abomination of desolation being set up so that question is what happens in Daniel eleven thirty one this is five oh eight eighty this is when Chang Clovis a Hagan saying made a nominal conversion to Catholicism and he gave his military power to aid the Catholic Church in Europe and what you have then was a union of church and state a which is the abomination of desolation and five way and you have the daily being taken away paganism is removed out of the way and not Daniel eleven verse thirty one five oh AED and what happens next then versus thirty three through forty basically describe the real of the papacy during the twelve hundred and sixty years and you can see the persecution in verse thirty three they that understand among the people shall instruct many official fall by the sword by flame by captivity and my spoil many days and verse thirty five some of them of understanding shall fall to try them and purge them and to make them why even to the time of the year and the numbers forty the concept of the time in the end comes back so there's going to be persecution during this period of the rule of the king of the north which is now people around Q seventeen ninety eight the time of year now you want me to read something to you that is interesting this is from the same for I was reading earlier wishes of the prophecy in the eleventh of Daniel has nearly reached its complete fulfillment then she quotes Daniel eleven versus thirty one three thirty six which talks about the daily being taken away the abomination of desolation being set up the persecution and the Chiang exalting himself and magnify himself above every god and then she says seems similar to those described in described in these words will take place so then what we see is that what happens in verses thirty one to thirty six which basically fixes from five oh eight to seventeen ninety eight him similar will be repeated and Daniel eleven versus forty three forty five will explain how those scenes are repeated so that you were going to look at no just one quick point in Daniel eleven verse thirty six this verse is the King shall do according to his will he shall exalt himself a magnifying photo above every god and shall speak marvelous things against the God of God it's interesting scholars believe that Hall was cordoned from this verse and second Thessalonians two when he was talking about the man of sin uses the very same description as in the passage that pulses he who know what's what until he be taken out of the way so all of that ties them together now and where we want to focus our time than those of it pretty quick rundown is from verses forty to forty five it's very hard to be than a few minutes but will try so will put seventeen ninety eight over here now to continue our diagram sailing at the time and he and Mrs. verse forty is the king of the south shall flourish at the king of the North figures the king of the north being first at this is language that would parallel the deadly wound in Revelation thirteen and you ask what happens seventeen ninety eight for the king of a self-sufficient the king of the North while in seventeen ninety eight lamps which is the same France that led the French Revolution that led it to have the spirit of it easy isn't space probe six P died in captivity and the papacy loses its civil power since we didn't know longer have control over the state and in this passage with a king of a soft cushion of the King of the North for RAM fit that description in earlier in the in Daniel eleven Egypt was the king of the South and it's interesting that France is describe as Sodom and Egypt in Revelation eleven to describe the French Revolution so deadly one happens in seventeen ninety eight this is starting to get closer to our time so things become more interesting and immediately after it mentions that the king of the soft flesh is of the king of the north then assist the king of the north shall come against him the king of the South like a whirlwind with chariots and horsemen and with many ships and he shall enter another countries and shall overflow and pass three and again just to point things out on the interest of time to get a second Kings six fifteen chariots and horsemen are used to describe military power and ships in second Chronicles nine twenty one Proverbs thirty one fourteen and Revelation eighteen are used to describe economic strength so the king of the North after seventeen ninety eight comes back against the king of the South with military and economic power and the question is when did this happen well it did France remain the king of the South after seventeen ninety eight if you study this history you will see that it was the Communists Socialists ideals that eventually were manifested in the Russian revolution that continued the principles of the King of the South with the Communist manifesto making forty four the Russian Revolution of nineteen set him Joseph Stalin taking over Russia during World War II the Soviet Union Union and all of them and there's other countries as well if you study history and this is a go by this briefly in the nineteen eighties Ronald Reagan and the United States teamed up with the papacy to bring down communist Europe and how do they do it they did it with the financial and military strength of the United States of America and with the financial and military strength of the United States of America by the way you can read about this inch high magazine it's an article entitled a holy alliance by Carl Bernstein use one of the two authors of the one of the few reporters was in water maybe he wrote this article the holy alliance etc. twenty four nineteen ninety two and Reagan quoted as saying one of his earliest goals of this presidency was to recognize the Vatican of the state and to make them an outline and what's interesting is that Reagan goes to Berlin he says Mister Gorbachev tear down this wall and by nineteen eighty nine that wall comes down so nineteen eighty nine we see that communist Europe takes a sit from the King of the North so now things are getting even closer to the time that we living and it says he comes against the king of the South with a whirlwind matures with horsemen with many ships he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass through the numbers forty one assists he shall enter also into the glorious land many shall be overthrown were countries to supply additional escape out of his hand even you him the chief of the children of an so what happens next sometimes an eight nineteen eighty nine over the glorious land is entered into the now in the earlier part of Daniel eleven the glorious land with Palestine theater we have Palestine have the Mediterranean Sea and Daniel eleven forty five it talks about the glorious holy mountain and I'm going to suggest to you that if you work at Joel Checketts U-verse thirty two and Psalms forty eight versus one to especially go there Psalms forty eight speaking of the glorious holy mountain finds chapter forty eight versus one excuses great is the Lord and greatly to be praised in the city of our God in the mountain of his holiness beautiful for situation the joy of the whole earth is now a lien on the sides of the north the city of the great thing for here we have the holy Mountain which is now thought which parallels the glorious holy mountain Daniel Levinson and a schedule chapter shoe verse thirty two this gives us a little bit more of a description of what Mount Zion which is the glorious mountain represents pure Joel Shepherd she was interesting to talk about the last days verse three fuses and it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance as the Lord hath said in the run to the Lord shall call so soft forty eight cents the glory selling on his mounts line Joel chapter she says men no I is Jerusalem in the run and soon here we have the glorious land which is all of Palestine we have the gloriously man which is in Jerusalem which is about here and we have a NetRatings you ever hear that here's my point the glorious holy mountain it represents the remnant that group represents a worldwide people so it only makes sense that those you are outside of Jerusalem in Palestine which is symbolic of something would also represent something worldwide does that make sense the glorious holy mountain represents the run or jobs people in Jerusalem and that's a worldwide group of people and the glorious land represents keep full to her outside of the glorious falling mountain and yet there is similarities things wrong with the glorious land earlier in Daniel chapter eleven here is an item is a discussion and debate about what the glorious land is about one get into things they are without here's what I'm what I believe when the king of the north which is the papacy enters into the glorious land that means that it's going to have a direct effect on God 's people here's how when Reagan in the United States teamed up with us every union to bring down communist Europe that did not really have a direct effect the people what I have was a social political effect on those who were suffering under the security of communism back and actually opened up the doors for God 's people to go to those countries and witness and all of that and here in the United States we were able to continue to worship God as we choose abusive however when the king of the North enters into the glorious land he's already the papacy said okay the people under the king of the north are under his dominion but those are in the table power but when he enters into the glorious land that means that this is going to have enough fact on God 's people and as I've studied this as you follow the sequence of events this would represent to me the beginning phase of the national funding because when the national son-in-law takes place gods keep or are going to have a choice to make about which side they are on and this involves God 's people in Babylon who are called to come out and will also involve God 's people who will be tested about whether or not they are again as they enter go out now here is here is what here's than what I believe is a key point we've seen a fulfillment of prophecy in nineteen eighty nine and the Soviet Union actually fell by nineteen ninety one Berlin wall kingdom in nineteen eighty nine thirty nineteen eighty nine to nineteen ninety one we cease receiving major fulfillment of prophecy in Daniel eleven hundred and ninety one years between seventeen ninety eight nineteen eighty nine in verse forty whereas until that time were talking them much longer periods of time so if that is true that means that we are very wireless to file of them and yet we as God 's people have a part to play in this now understanding of your brief diagram of the sequence of Sunday laws according to how they develop the son-in-law comes in stages the first stage will be a day of rest for everyone where we are told not to work and into my volume nine page two thirty two thousand procedures and students page five fifty one all my clothes this will be the time to Gandhi medical missionary work everyone gets a day off she says don't stir up the hornets must intentionally work on Sunday to try to make people magister on the medical mission work no problems so you have this this phases and shoot troublesome but she also says that the time to leave the cities then things get a little bit tougher than they tell us not only do you need to be off on Sunday you need to keep sending up you want to keep worshiping on Sabbath that's fine that you need to also observed Sunday and Ellen White talks about the great controversy page six oh eight then it becomes more the third phase is you cannot worship on Sabbath and then estimate will see the reference for that is great controversy page six oh seven and then we all know the last one is the death penalty you can see that Revelation thirteen you also see a ingrained poverty page six oh four that phase the phases of the sonnet was the papacy enters into the glorious land worse after the initial phase of no work and what's interesting as things start to speed up and tell him why commenting on the prophecy of Daniel eleven testimonies volume nine earlier in the chapter says the final event will be rapid one so I believe when the papacy into the glorious land of monuments take long notices as we shall escape out of his hand even even and mounted in the chief of the children of that and Melvin Hammond they reveal a dimensional thought of lots evening even with the descendents of Esau these are people who are related to God 's people and Isaiah eleven we see that it's EMI 's rights and ammonites to hear that all of the methods of the Sabbath and make them out of Babylon and they join God 's people down here and they they would actually hear so papacy comes into the glorious plan establishes a sunny lots but some people escape out of his and others like Egypt's and the Libyans and the Ethiopians joined forces with the papacy and got second of March Swearingen about this he remembered him he was our restoration speaker he's written a book on Daniel eleven he was telling me that as he looked at the Libyans and the Europeans you see that at times and Libyans work and Ethiopians were faithful not other times they were unfaithful so this suggests that the Libyans and Ethiopians could be on school settings could be people who were with God 's people and then they leave now we know that and happen gray conversely Jesus Teresa 's storm approaches a large classroom professed faith in the third Angels message that have not been sanctified through obedience to the truth abandoned their position and join the ranks of the opposition by uniting with the world in particular Spirit they've come to view matters in nearly the same line for someone to us what's be faithful to this message and then verse forty four and forty five talk about times that of the East and out of the north and in the papacy goes forth with great fury to destroy an utterly to make away many an inverse forty five he planned the tabernacle this palace between the seas in the gloriously mountain yesterday he shall come just and none shall help and so the papacy plants in the tabernacle of the house this is the union of church and state between the Mediterranean sea and Mt. Zion and Jerusalem C represents people union of churches they got from the church right here this will be the dividing tests at the end of time and by this point notice with the king of the North is doing he is going forth with great fury to destroy an utterly to make away many devices time we have reached the phase in the Sunday law of the death penalty is not just a you can you know don't work on Sunday it's like he's going out to destroy those who are giving a message that he doesn't like is the message from the East in the north this is the loud cry message this is the ceiling message which includes the seventh day Sabbath and he goes directly against the fish first Sunday of the King of the North is making an verse forty four reminds us very much a revelation for seventeen versus the Dragon was wroth with a woman went to make war with the remnant of her see an inverse forty five receipt finally the tabernacle of the house and plan Chapter twelve verse one we see that Michael stands up and so we will make her time I never hear somewhere ever hear closer probation Michael stands up this is the same Michael Schuetz came and solved the dilemma in media Persia when Daniel prayed for three full week when he came James over Cyrus gets back on the side of God in the vision goes forth when Michael stands up looking he stands for he stands for the children of our people so he stands for God 's people in a sedan for every one of you who is faithful to God during that crisis and then subordinates as there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even about the same time and at that time thy people shall be delivered every one that shall be found written in the book so God 's people will be delivered another thing goes through Jacobs time of trouble to here's what I would suggest the Ellen White says the third Angels message does not need time to give it strength and where we are in prophecy we see seventeen ninety eight Daniel eleven forty we'll see nineteen eighty nine and ninety one with the fall of communist Europe and then the next thing we see is the king of the North entering into the glorious plan now here's the thing when the king of the North enters into the glorious land by that point we will have made our decision which side we are going to be all and at that point the floor when bargaining the release of God 's servants are going to be sealed and God will have his hundred and forty four thousand and allowed Fry will go out if you want to Revelation chapter seven the thing that's keeping us from getting from Daniel eleven forty with the fall of communism Judith King of the North entering the glorious land is that the servants of God need to be sealed and therefore so there is a roadblock to this prophecy when that roadblock is remaining in the king of the North enters into the glorious land the final movements will go very quickly you'll see the EMI to know about ammonites coming out to see some of God 's people the Libyans and Ethiopians leaving you see the loud cry you'll see the the closed appropriation in the know see Jesus and is not going to take long now this is funny more than I could've said but I'll say this you know it would be neat to see God 's people here at Momo London and around the world start to get really serious about knowing what our message is and what we learn what we are going to pass through before Jesus comes were talking about the latter rain being poured out receiving the seal of God passing through Jacobs on the trouble which Ellen White so this is worse in reality than in anticipation and it would be nice to see God 's people unit is less to say here model and its yummy young people forming Daniel eleven study although the name people forming Revelation study club were to get together Morgan a study or message for the last days and one Augustana listen to one or two people talk about what Daniel eleven Kabir what the glorious land might be about the daily this in the gloriously none were enough for ourselves every person in this room can give a Bible study in Daniel eleven Revelation thirteen seventeen and so on and so forth that is what God is calling his people to be weird and now with this message because this message in Daniel eleven ways out very clearly what God 's people in a go through the variant of time SSI case we need to know what that message is and I will just close by saying this it's interesting that God 's people are described as the glorious holy mountain which is in which is malathion which is Jerusalem and those who overcome those who are delivered the one hundred and forty four thousand in Revelation fourteen are described as standing on Mount Zion with the way there is a heavenly Mount Zion a heavenly glorious mountain that we are going to see this prophecy which takes us to the closer probation is simply to get God 's people to Mount Zion in heaven and when God has a group of people that are ready the King of the North 's aunt is going to enter the glorious plan God will pour out his power in Maturin measure on his people the loud cry will go forth the final events will take place Michael will stand for his people and we will see Jesus and we are not long away what I'm saying is is that after the fall of communism there is only one more step in this prophecy the last of them to take place once the king of the North and is a glorious plan that's it in a go fast we don't know when to take place on my here to set time I have no idea when it's going to be my hope is not a hundred another one hundred ninety one years we as God 's people need is serious and ready for the worst so I challenge each one of us today what study was that it assures those approved and be ready to meet the Lord when he comes in the club of power through prayer father in heaven we thank you for the message of Daniel eleven and twelve we thank you for Michael how he came to get the vision in motion and also that he stands for us at the end of her probation closes may we be found faithful may we be found written in the book this is my prayer in Jesus name and


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