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Dr. Clark Personal Testimony

Chester Clark Jr.

Loma Linda Dental and Medical Student Chapter Conference


Chester Clark Jr.

President of Ouachita Hills Ministries


  • April 12, 2009
    6:30 PM

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what real pleasure to be here with you today and it always brings back memories when now and back to this campus and think about the actual five years I spent in Loma Linda was in middle school quite that long that's back in middle school was a three-year course would you all like to do it in three years to get it over with in three years when the bets him it was a real blessing actually I think about eighty percent of our class did you mention a few needed forty eight months or longer that I was one that the forty two months to finish so it was December of nineteen seventy six after I finished out school is one of the memories as we saying here tonight I was thinking of was one of the ways our class devised to relieve stress cinnamon and one year experience stress in mock boards or in our lab projects for you have been given amount of time to do something well when the stress level seemed to be just about the highest someone in our class would break out in singing a hymn and before long everyone whole class it seemed like this was seen at him it just you know it just added the and fear about the atmosphere the relaxed everybody in and we became became known as the singing class I guess we had a little song we sang Robert James was one of our favorite instructors and we had a song we sing whenever he came into the room and I will try to sing it for you but anyway we had a lot of fun I think some of instructors were coming laughingly that we all send and chorus of our class sang a diversity church time that's a a lot of good memories this evening I want to go to take this first Corinthians the third chapter and as I read this chapter recently I happen to think how many applications it has to me in my life and so I'm can a kind of weed my personal experience into some of the things that I see in this chapter prescriptions three beginning with the verse three barely there were some problems in Corinth we know there were some problems in Corinth and Paul is describing some of them here he says are ye are yet carnal for whereas there is among you in being and strife and divisions are ye not carnal and walk as men so here we find the Corinthians he's describing them as experiencing in being and strife divisions reminding them that they are carnal and they are walking as men what does it mean to walk as men that's kind of to me it means walking the way sin has left us walking in our our carnal minds but you know if we if we remember what Jesus said in him John the first chapter verse twelve he said and as many as received him to them gave him gave him power to what become the children of God so if we have received Jesus we have power to become actually a child of God and if we are a child of God were not walking as men are we were walking as a child of God and so this was I think one of the salute things to the problem of the Corinthians as well and now if they had been surrendered then he goes on verse four for while one saith I am of Paul and another I am of Apollo 's are you not carnal who then is Paul and who is a policy but ministers by whom he believed even as the Lord gave every man I have planted all speaking about himself I have planted Apollo 's watered but God gave the increase notice different personalities and sometimes we in the church may think that one pastor is effective and another was not affected because they may have a different approach her and have different skill sets or they may approach things in different ways and Paul is trying to point out that even though he played one role in planting and apparently Paul obviously Paul was a church planter wasn't the river he traveled in the world he left a Christian church behind and Apollo 's was also no doubt infected worker hand it he described him as someone who watered but apparently some of the church believers felt that Paul was better or Apollo 's was better and so was defining the church and down then Paul says in verse six but God gave the increase and so then neither is he that planted anything neither he that water but God gave the increase and as I've thought about this I guess there's similar differences in personalities and professional people as well and when I left dental school the church leaders in the poor conference that I went to a small conference and there was maybe one other happiness Dennison the conference at that time in just a few physicians they wanted me to go two a.m. the church there was established it was maybe struggling at one minute to go to one of the big cities where I could make more money and that I felt called to go to a dark county are there had not been anadromous with us before and they tried to persuade me to go to a small church in a struggling when they found a Muslim go to a bigger city and down I said no one ago twenty area where there's nothing been done before and you know just the fact that I was willing my wife and I were willing to strike out into the unknown like this doesn't make me any better than those who don't and I think it's similar to what Paul was dealing with here whatever God calls us to that's what we should be doing and I've often wondered if there's not a genetic component to planters it has as I looked in my background I have a great uncle had a great uncle who pioneered Adventist work down in South America perhaps some of you for your children read this book these boards still run Lillian Orlie Ford was a great uncle of mine and had another uncle who started churches he started at one of the main churches in Lincoln Nebraska Piedmont Park church and he acts he started a church in Escondido California and some of your parents were probably remember him green green and by my brother started several churches and schools as well so maybe maybe there's a genetic component to let her know that nevertheless that me just give you a brief background of myself I was actually born the third of five children and it was before we knew about the middle child syndrome so I didn't have any excuses that my father disappeared from the family when I was four years old and youngest in her family was I think six months so we grew up basically without a father thankfully my mother was able to keep us in church school and I'm a product of the Adventist school system through Loma Linda University and I'm very very thankful for that but by the age of ten we were living in Lincoln Nebraska I was developing quite a criminal record and getting in trouble with the police and an a number of things we don't need to go into that town my mother was a move to Arkansas rural Arkansas and so I finished elementary school in the Academy there except those arts Academy and that at the age of twelve I surrendered my life to Jesus and that has made all the difference in the world since then and although I would not say I'm a perfect example but I I can look back and see how the Lord has blessed the lead in my life since that time and I also thinking about career choices when I was young original and books about missionary doctors I really want be a missionary doctor and down however when I was in Academy I was somewhat above model child and everyone said all you need to be a preacher you need to be a preacher so I just didn't think too much about it and decided I would go on to college and be a preacher until after three years of college and I was looking at a commitment to go to Andrews University and and become a preacher that I thought whatever happened to my interest in being a missionary doctor and so this summer after my third year of college I decided I wanted to go into medicine and so I changed my direction completely and began taking science class and more science classes than I had and my wife we remarried after her third year of college and she finished the year ahead of me and then we move from Southwestern at this college to Union College where she was accepted into a Masters degree program and dietetic internship at University of Nebraska and so I finished my college degree their anti- union college and down then we moved to Loma Linda where she was hired actually before she graduated and worked in the medical 's is administrative dietitian here that them the year I applied to medical school there were fifteen hundred applications may be similar today I don't know that I did not have enough GPA but that this time we ran into some friends we my wife knew years ago he was teaching in the dental school and he encouraged me to study dentistry instead and during the time I was taking some classes here first year here starting degree in public health I was also working in the medical center as a nursing assistant and got a little clear picture of the lives of our residents and and physicians and decided that I wanted to be home when my kids were growing up and so I changed career plans and the Lord opened the door for me to start this so then interestingly enough when we finished was finishing dentistry the we wanted to go admission service my wife had dreamed of going to the far east and I for some reason one go to the Middle East and anyway the general conference so that when they asked is the first question was how much do you owe and I we said thirty thousand dollars and they said well we don't send anyone admission service it was more than fifteen thousand dollars times change them great that so that closed the door there and we began thinking about a mission a mission field in our home conference of Arkansas Louisiana the wife is from New Orleans and I had grown up in an gentry is mentioned so we prayed about it and axial had gone back on a scouting trip before graduation and the Lord had lettuce interestingly enough to the dark County that was entitled Clark County and maybe the Lord has a sense of humor but the anyway we felt the doors were opening their so we the first we moved in January actually just I need abbreviate things here this could take all night so we graduate I graduated in December and few days for graduation had gone back and take the regional board came back rent a house to sell and baby do and she came in January two and we were able to sell the house within a week or so and packed everything up and moved to Arkansas by the integer January and then we felt we bought a lot and Hilton office I work with the cut the contractor and by August first we had a nice thirteen hundred square foot office ready to rates begin practice so that that's how we we began our work there we really wanted to use the health message as the entering wedge to help breakdown prejudice and and win souls that's it was it was a real struggle because there were very few Adventists that worked with us we had another family action from Loma Linda and back then the campus Hill church had a program called the three amen and that's good for the three Angels messages everywhere now and they had an interesting training program where they taught us natural remedies and how to get Bible studies and an various things probably not quite as thorough as some of the amazing facts training programs we have today but it gave us some tools to work with and we began a and health education Center in Arkadelphia which was twenty five miles away from our practice was the county seat and we rented a storefront and run main street of town and put in a bakery and the vegetarian lunch counter and a rooms a classroom Paris would conduct stop smoking programs and nutrition classes weight control classes and things like that and down we identified the two vegetarians in the town of about eleven thousand and that it is it was that it was a good learning experience for us we really done were blast by the back three years we operated that in our spare time while I was starting the practice that done anyway about three years later the physicians they were working for us felt that this ministry should be making some money and we saw this ministry they were putting in the money we were putting the time and so can they put away the money we couldn't continue at that had to close it anyway during that time also we were starting a church and had the church built up to about fifty members shown was a real blessing and then we felt we needed to be working more to witness to the people in our own community and so we we began at a company in our home that later grew into a church as well and then there is a statement that we found it just seems like we know things were developing as fast as we wanted and so with with the church we read this statement from councils to teachers page one seventy six it says when properly conducted church schools will be the means of lifting the standard of truth in the places where they are established for children are receiving who are receiving a Christian education will be witnesses for Christ as Jesus in the Temple solved mysteries which priests and rulers had not deserved so in the closing work of this earth children who have been rightly educated will in their simplicity speak words which will be an astonishment to men who now talk higher education and so we thought well maybe this would help us establish a stronger work here in amity and surrounding areas and so on about that time also we read the book Madison God 's beautiful farm how many of you have read that book to see if you hand it's if it's a book that you need to read it's a beautiful history and biography of Doctor Edward Sutherland and how the Lord used him not only in in the raising up the work at Madison Madison College work but also his work at at Walla Walla College in establishing action founding at school and he worked extra year to Union College and also at ninety missionary college and in and enters that we read that book and it inspired us to to start a school and of course we dreamed of a college program in our union college like Madison College but there weren't any resources and we had a few people working with itself we thought maybe the Lord would forward open the way for us to start an Academy actually our oldest child was Academy age and she had gone to Oklahoma Academy in its early days and we saw the influence of that that's cool it had in the lives of many young people and we were impressed that when maybe we could start with an Academy so related for the Lord and Lee said Lord if this is what you want us to do we need the teacher one other teach my wife was it was a teacher was a certified teacher but we need another teacher needs students and within a few days we learn of a remark graduate and secondary education the just married a young lady and they were living about forty miles away looking for work and we thought well maybe that's for its answer and then a couple people think USF asking us if we would stick his ninth grade so here within not just a few days we had a second teacher and for students so we started in our home and at year end the next year we had eight students and the next year we had seventeen students and following year was twenty three and by this time our house so actually we were we had several mobile homes as well but we were feeding everybody in our house and was about thirty five people three times a day and it was quite quite an experience we could tell lots of interesting stories at that time actually my son contests really interesting story since sometimes sometimes you may want to ask into share some of those experiences but I found I diverse digressed from my chapter here in first Corinthians okay pulse is inversely a nephew that planted and heated water are one and every man shall receive his own reward according to labor for we are laborers together with God ye are gods husbandry ye are gods building according to the grace of God which is given unto me as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation and another builder there are but let every man take heed how he built it thereof so Paul is saying that one person might lay a foundation in somebody else might build on it and we we've had the privilege of laying some foundations and also building on it but and with the situation the world today we we trust that we will be able to continue until the Lord comes that nevertheless in the verse eleven says for other foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ well like a sieve the foundation was laid for watch the Hills Academy and we've been amazing to see how God has used that Helen had a number of people who read literature in my office and asked for Bible studies or wanted to know more and and actually gave their hearts to the to Jesus in and joined his remnant church and that's a thrilling thing but you know we've always wanted to see more and more and one of the programs we started early on I think the second year school we started a call order program where the students could go out and sell the megabucks and that was such a a win-win situation for the students learning communication skills sharing the truth of God with others and actually bringing in some income as well that supported the school so and we had a number of baptisms that resulted from the books that were left in homes and that is always a thrill not only for us but for for young people that are in involved in that as well in ninety three think of as the school started and eighty eight ninety three we've been looking for property and the Lord led us to some property of four miles outside of town and we were able to purchase this property actually the Lehman foundation that owns most of the self-supporting schools in southern states provided and the means to do that with and does so it's actually owned by the Lehman foundation which is the the growth of the Matheson program even though Madison College was closed in nineteen sixty two Lehman foundation was started by one of the founders of Madison College the Scott left a million dollars in her estate to establish and strengthen self supporting schools in the South and I was nineteen twenty six so there's been a lot of that was a lot of money back in nineteen twenty six was that anyway so were thankful that we can be part of that self-supporting heritage that's then it was nineteen I was two thousand twelve nineteen ninety three we were able to purchase the three hundred and eighty one acres with all of the criteria we felt that net God 's criteria for a school it had of the river flowing through it that would support agriculture and is rather remote have to really go there intentionally develop nobody's stumbles on watch the Hills Academy in and in college but it's it's a beautiful and peaceful place inside of any pictures to show you tonight that's out and then in two thousand three our dream of the starting a college was realized and down this year our college program has for the first year that we have more college students than we have Academy students and forty nine in college and thirty five and the Academy and it's just been really thrilling what is supported the college is again literature ministry and I think you all have had Eugene Pruitt speak to you haven't you to view a perpetual are familiar with Eugene crew than he has been a tremendously use of the Lord in inspiring young people with the potential for literature ministry and so most of our college students are able to actually work their way through you can't pay for all of the college expenses to the literature ministry and that has has been a tremendous trend this blessing I need to close here that's than me just finish this chapter with another fodder to in the verse thirteen every man's work shall be manifest for the day shall declare it because it shall be revealed by fire and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is if any man's work abide seeing and drive yes in verse sixteen know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwell in you if any man defile the temple of God him shall God destroy for the temple of God is holy which temple ye are and and he goes on to say the Lord know what the thoughts of the wise that they are vain therefore let no man glory in men and so tonight I want to share with you this we haven't done anything you don't take credits and in God 's God 's work in starting churches and and and the schools and we just want to be tools in his hand and many of you are our developing the temples your temples in mind that you're developing in and the skills that your learning and in medicine and dentistry and I just challenge you to remember that we had responsibility for developing the temples of our families and those around us as well and we want to we want to be tools and and instruments in God 's hand in the in sharing and caring others for for eternity because sound life is too short to do anything otherwise and at an S even if we live seventy or eighty or ninety years or more here this is just a drop in the bucket but God 's plan for us so I would encourage you to allow the Lord to lead and direct you some of you may be planters and some of you eighty waters and whatever it is God calls you to do it is it is my prayer that you will find joy and satisfaction serving him in these last 's history


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