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The Ministry of Dentistry

Chester Clark Jr.

Loma Linda Dental and Medical Student Chapter Conference


Chester Clark Jr.

President of Ouachita Hills Ministries


  • April 11, 2009
    3:00 PM

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him at one forty with cytosine and Luke the writer of the gospel there is the same as medical missionaries in the Scriptures he is called the beloved physician costs for fourteen upon the apostle Paul heard of this skill is a physician sought him out as one to whom the Lord had entrusted a special work he secured his cooperation and for some time that accompanied him in his travels from place to place after time Paul left Luca Philippi in Macedonia here he continued to labor for several years both as a physician and as a teacher of the Gospel in his work as a physician he ministered to the six and then pray for the healing power of God to rest upon the effective ones that's the way was opened for the gospel message links success as a physician gained him many opportunities for preaching Christ among even it is the divine plan that we shall work as the disciples were physical healing is bound up with the gospel commission in the work of the gospel teaching and healing are never be separated and let's just clean a few thoughts from this from this code first of all that have no sign that it is thinking of losing his role of working with Paul that was loved by his patients was the and values because he had the love of Christ in his heart and they knew this he was interested in their wealth welfare and no ahead chain he was a skilled physician that statement said he knew what he was doing and use the knowledge that he has acquired the Lord had entrusted him with a special word him down that work was working with Paul as the team and he combined healing and teaching found in that statement and also look success in healing open doors for a spiritual work and this is something that we can do as well and as we go about our work we will be loved by our patients as we demonstrate God 's love and experience God 's love in our own hearts and lives they will automatically see you when you finish middle school will be a skilled physician or dentist and you will have the skills that many young graduates not happen I found that sounds at least in an Arkansas which doesn't have a dental school the training that I had was several notches above the dentist that that I got acquainted with the area one reason was in Loma Linda we did a lot more quantity of work and school and none in others I noticed some bill schools that sell only required about eight or ten crowns and their experience and so naturally they are still learning an awful lot of time with requirement is now live his life 's and I was is that still him to including bridges not so used in single units is in is okay on whom we had that since the use of Alexandra him as a call I said okay well I thought maybe has an big money into this because our crowns for the schools this is when we reviewed me receive this in any way nonetheless just as the day thorough training that you will be getting it and the orientation to treating the whole person will set you above many of those that are trained in other schools Lord has entrusted you with a special work dentistry is is a unique way to minister in the lives of people and you can work as a team with pastor and Bible work as well and that you know it dentist cannot be all things all people and so is it such a blessing to be able to team up with others in the church for making your efforts your contacts lead into into so many experiences you can combine healing and teaching and also your success in healing will open doors for spiritual work just like you did from the think that is God 's plan for for us today is that this this is a recent picture type of botanical gardens in which it was our campus that's this a few weeks ago the two lives were in bloom and my wife and I had chest spent a few hours there is another statement the ministry feeling gospel workers and I'm going to insert the word dentist because I think that's who she was talking to as well because the assistance it's easy for us sometime soon when she talks about physicians or gospel workers or reformers to think it's somebody else that I think we need to him ourselves and hear from you should be able also to give instruction in the principles of healthful living there is sickness everywhere and most of it might be prevented by attention to the laws of health the people need to see the bearing of health principles on their well-being both for this life and the life to come we need to be awakened to their responsibility for the human habitation fitted up by their Creator as his dwelling place and over which he desires them to be faithful stewards they need to be impressed with entries made in the words of holy writ those words being in second Corinthians six sixteen ye are the temple of the living God as God hath said I will dwell in them and walk in them and I will be their God and they shall be my people that person a special eye encouragement to me and I recently as I have had memorized that it may I think if what a fantastic opportunity we have two actually have God dwelling in us he's promised to do that and he is willing and able to see that and we can increase our patients as well to recognize that they are the temple of the living God and need to take care of their temps going on distributing page one forty six that thousands need and would gladly receive instruction concerning the simple methods of treating the sick methods that are taking the place of the use of poisonous drugs there is great need of instruction in regard to dietetic reform wrong habits of eating and use of unhealthful foods are in no small degree responsible for the intemperance and crime and wretchedness that occurs I think I spend more time talking about diet than I do about brushing and flossing personal hygienists covers an area pretty well that I constantly talk to people about their diets and when I see children assessing alpha now full of the case I asked him some questions about what it is important and I think happened course is always the grandparents to get the kids candy that anyway this this is one way of talking about health on a daily basis that's you'll find you have other opportunities as well to talk about health and a larger tears well Mister getting page one forty seven every gospel worker meaning every dentist should feel that the giving of instruction the principles of healthful living is a part of his appointed work of this work there is great need and the world is open for it and I think the world is more open now than it used because information is so much more readily available dentist to take up therefore the work will not only be a blessing to others that they will themselves be blessed the consciousness of duty well done will have a reflex influence upon their own souls this funding will forget it is fun and see the week will become strong and vigorous intelligent and all find an unfailing help bring him this call them and dentists as reformers the thought of yourself as a reformer all of all the people in the world reformers or dentists should be the most unselfish the most kind the most courteous in their lives should be seen the true goodness and unselfish deeds the worker who manifests a lack of courtesy and who shows impatience of ignorance or waywardness of others who speaks hastily or act thoughtlessly severe him a okay cc leader acts thoughtlessly may close the door to hearts so that he can never reach them I have patients tell me stories all the time of experiences with former dentists who just chewed them out you know if a their mouths were were diseased or dirty or something and I learned a long time ago that relating to people in this way does not help them or help them want to come back to me we can't do anything about the past except help people learn from it perhaps and I tell people you know that's in the past is nothing we can do about it now but let's start from where we are sequencing what it will take to keep your mouth healthy another thing that I have found is that people tend to mirror your way of relating to them and determine document these this morning I was it mirror neurons or something like that that I described his and I have found that in my own practice if I am courteous and kind not only with patients and with the assistance and when I asked for something else he pleased and thank you as much as I can time frame sometimes it's it's hard to do that when I relate to them in a courteous way they tend to reflect that behavior back to me and I know some people come in just you know within of the mountain and say things like nothing against you I hate this you know and that is really in a given MSDN and irritating but now I realize that you know people are perhaps reflecting some experience him us can do if I treat them calmly and with with Curtis courtesy they tend to relate the same back to me as if you still showers fall upon the withering plants so that words fall gently than seeking to win men from error God 's plan is to first reach the heart we are to speak the truth in love trusting in him to give it power for the reforming of the line the Holy Spirit will apply to the soul the word that is spoken dentists words of cheer and encouragement spoken when the soul is sick and the pulse of courage is slow these are regarded by the Savior as its open to himself as heartsick hear heavenly angels look on him please recognition from age to age the Lord has been seeking to awaken in the souls of men a sense of their divine brotherhood be coworkers with him while distrust and alienation are pervading the world Christ's disciples are to reveal the spirit that reigns in heaven minister healing one fifty eight I saw a bumper sticker this week that I'm not sure what the implications were from a worldly standpoint is probably some inference that instead smile confuses people and again you know that could mean it any number of things that I believe in a dental office smiling reassures people and especially children if you're going to treat children just a big smile sometimes when I walked in the room I try to do something funny and and I give him a big smile and and talk to them a little bit and that this house relax them and so him this is actually treating others the way you would like to be treated is one of the best best things that they golden rule at the Peter Dawson 's training program that uses term William maybe you've heard of it it stands for would I do it on me so the medium rule is similar to the golden rule and I have what is considered more of a namespace program are practice where I'm not really trying to sell and promote a lot of aesthetics you know the seniors on provided needs as if anything and I can ask them questions about their smiling they are interested that I don't spend a lot of time seeing it because I don't like the related that way myself I like to be sold something that I have no sense of need for and I have found that in the long run people didn't come back regularly more consistently if you are sharing with them just flat what their needs are we do have today's ever in the months to go ahead I guess I'm going to slow heavenly intelligences are waiting to cooperate with dentists with human instrument instrumentalities they can put in business there that they may reveal to the world what human beings may become and what to union with the divine may be accomplished for the saving of souls that are ready to perish ministry of healing page one nine is this precious life in order to establish him this evening that was a church capable of ministering to the suffering sorrow and attempted a company of believers maybe for uneducated and unknown in Christ they may feel work in the home in the community and even in the regions beyond these results shall be as far-reaching as eternity and I think Mark asked me a question a couple weeks ago how do you balance how destructive balance between your home responsibilities church and practice is not easy that has as we are committed to Christ and seek his will there has to be the balance I think home is the first priority and and you're your practice as a starting off has to be the second priority and then you will find time to help in the church as well and depending on the size of the church how many people are and I found this phrase in the community kind of reminds me of of how I got involved in community and even though it's added some stress in my life it has been a real blessing for our church for school or means to be seen as a public figure and that was never my intention I never dreamed of being in politics that's after practicing two or three years my assist my receptionist whose husband had been a mayor there for some time he said that I understand that some ugly things going on city Council and somebody else came to me and said would you consider becoming a council person sitting on the Council and we really would like we need some help getting some this cleaned up and so I had I say this as well Dallas is a way to serve in Manhattan help others so I agreed to become one of four Councilman and it took me a few months to realize what was going on actually it was later than I I learned that the mayor was doing some dishonest things that at least one of the councilman was related to him so he couldn't expose him you know and keep peace in the family so so after while they brought information comedian and and I'm was the one appointed to talk to him and say it you will pay this money back and resign we won't and so he did that everyone thought time that I was going to be the mayor and that was not the case and so every two years when it's time for mayoral election they pressured me to run and I said no no so I this is not probably fourteen years later sixteen years later having served on the Council I finally got frustrated with the fact that I was doing most of what was being done and we were in the process of actually reflecting attacks had for five years until the new fire station in City Hall and the city Council got together and they were going to build this metal building like a farm building the real cheap easy to put up and I said no I think you want something nicer than that and the foundation it is been organized in in town by three the ladies that had owned the bank for sixty years so anyways I went to them and asked them if they would give his hundred thousand dollars so we can hire an architect and build a nice calls him only as a wonderful idea yes we will do that if you run for mayor so I was panic continent type typeface that I did run for mayor and was elected in have that service are now ten years that's we have been able to do a lot of things that we spent probably towards eight hours a week as the mayor that got a lot of good people that are there this is helping it's been a really good thing especially to be in that position when rumors are going around about those weird people out there five miles out of town the school you know that is another Waco happening something like this and so I was able to you know clarify some of those rumors and entities it is in a real blessing that that foundation is also healthier school of this you will have opportunities to help in the community and in most cities it's hard to find anyone to serve the government and so if you have an opportunity you might consider that it's a real opportunity to and from a marketing standpoint is defensive the US serving the community that I not that I'm recommending that you may or that's probably not not a good thing unless it's a small town in this cartoonist okay it's a beautiful statement from page one fifty nine Ministry of healing there is no limit fullness of the dentist who putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God all who consecrate body soul and spirit his service will be constantly receiving a new endowment physical mental and spiritual power is inexhaustible supplies of heaven are at their command Christ gives them the breath of his own spirit the life of his own life the Holy Spirit is for this highest energies to work in mind and heart through the grace given us we may achieve victories that because of our own erroneous and preconceived opinions are defects of character our smallness of faith have seemed impossible and that is a beautiful promise that you complain that God has a plan for you and and there's really no limits to what you can do through history and disgrace this is the reason for probably ninety percent of my success in my good wife she has a Masters degree in pediatrician and is a registered dietitian and also excellent teachers be certified in education years ago but as a wonderful love for young people and way of relating to the Muslim note me take just a few minutes and show you the slides for Washington Hills College and how we are endeavoring to follow God 's counsel lending theory with practical things this is the logo that students did not developed a few years ago and we are attempting to train a generation of young people who will certainly carry the three Angels messages around the world is yes yes our entrance sign actually the sciences Los Angeles Academy that he took the Academy offer this because it's both Academy in college now that our mission statement says that Los Angeles College exists to hasten Christ's by providing a Christ centered character oriented education which equips students to be successful in their chosen profession and be active we are endeavoring to combine strong academics practical outreach ministry witnessing the Bible study as well as vocational training we are actually building all of the buildings on our campus with students and staff working together and it's a beautiful way of bringing bonding between students and staff fence and into the camaraderie mentoring relationships students and staff and this is site is about a year ago our some of you may know there are and actually powers on staff as he's finishing his last well this canvassing program many of her students earn their entire way through college literature ministry and we also have a church plant going on right now and with this college growing were thinking seriously of starting a church in another town twenty five miles the other direction from our college it is actually the dark County without a Methodist church every member in December we take the group of college and Academy students on a mission trip and that's always exciting these are the degrees that were presently offering bachelor 's in theology biblical studies Christian business management elementary and secondary education and associate degrees in Christian media personal and is you are still this is a similar buildings this is the first building that we don't have to repurchase the property back in the mid- nineties served as our cafeteria building and up until a few weeks ago it was also the face that had our classrooms in it that favor of woefully inadequate for classrooms and now we have to facility that we are just acquire some commitments for setting up cannery down in the basement for those classrooms and start making facility or kitchen and dining room as well and this is a college ladies residents two-story house that houses about sixteen and ladies and this is a one of the college men's residencies is actually couple of other mobile homes we had at and we hope to be building some permanent dormitories cause for much longer that the cabinet shop and right in front of that is a farm shop and there's another building since the time see that this is an administration building and we just moved into a few weeks ago and its tremendous blessing to have offices for teachers and administrators in about nine classrooms libraries resume and we also have an auditorium seat about three hundred people and just recently in January exactly set the pace set and are recording programs for three avian Latino and quite a few Hispanic students and they are doing a commentary on senseless first one we haven't had that I think this cortisol than already and the first comment was just appeared last week in until the telephone telephones ringing off the people are you wanting more information that is for college than people that do a discussion of the senseless of course even the Kino has a seventy percent of their listeners viewers are not antenna so it's not actually described as a senseless way that it's been a real opportunity we have found her cameras studio and racks the recordings of our classes and live streaming them over the Internet of the Academy in the college and also recording and for distance learning is a big class credit some of the orchards and gardens on our campus and those who should acquire mission minded self-sacrificing striking that Sheryl is no recognize Alice are there and there's administration building actually human still without feet of the entrance and sidewalks and so much more user-friendly now let me change here's again and referred to Jeremiah twenty nine eleven where God tells us for I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected in I believe God wants us to be healthy he wants us to enjoy life and enter John Seeley says beloved I wish for all things of Alamance costs for Indian health even as thy soul prosper and as I have found the fact that my thirty two years of practicing I am thankful that the Lord has given me the opportunity to you see I'll send ways that I never dreamed possible when I started beautiful things he's created for our benefit that I want to talk a little bit about Mercury enough to get into too much detail that tells stories experiences and we had and Mercury comes out of these fillings in the several forms Murphy Weber County Mercury and the actually there is there's other ways that these feelings are harmful to the to our health as well there is a device known as the Jerome Murphy datagram analyzer think there may be another grand decide that but OC uses this to determine the mercury vapors in industry were there maybe Merkley involved in the processing and they can record the amount of mercury in ambient air and you can take that advice and you can blow into it if you have any mercury fillings it will tell you what the parts per million of Murphy and Brad that incident most people that they have three or four five fillings they will have at least fifty parts per million in each breath a little into this device and that is the threshold that OSHA allows an industry and we know that if after chewing the compression forces on fillings increases doubles and triples the amount of mercury coming up with those feelings so it's not unusual to find out within ninety minutes of heating maybe a hundred hundred and fifty parts per million mercury in each graph as you breathe in some network goes into your lungs eighty percent goes into the blood stream through your lungs forty percent would be breathed out again is him and then it doesn't say in the blood very long because within a matter of a few minutes to a few hours it goes into cells and there is where it does most of its damage Mercury will also pass through the disease itself into the nerve tissue and travel along the trigeminal nerve from the Lord to you and travel searches in fact it has a proclivity or a an attraction for nerve tissue versus some of the other tissue mercury is a CNS Crescent and some have estimated earth suggested that one of the reasons people smoke is because nicotine is a CNS stimulant account helps to counteract the effects of nicotine counteracts the effects of mercury in the nervous system these feelings are actually qualify as a bad arena in a typical battery you have a base metal Latvia precious metal silver and the electrolyte carry the current which is sulfuric acid in the in the mouth you have a smell which is Mercury precious metals such as silver and the saliva serves as an electrolyte so essentially very much the same as the battery back you can take the just know there's a lot electric testers that electricians carry around her mechanics carry around on this on their belt fact I just have a device that I would measure the current and see which ones were the strongest we would take out the feelings into the quadrant that had the highest values of a negative person and positive charges and that they will use Fiona never had fixed the one they had come from when I was using it I had a mechanic in the office and after I recorded that the numbers on his charge he said here take my sister and see what you him see what it means so I did the same the same with his pastor and proportionally was it was the same you know the ones with high numbers of the other one had high numbers this is actually had a readout and it was reading micro camps and often less interesting is the study sent Somers and I didn't know what was missing and down but it's interesting to know the body 's electrical system functions on the basis of nano nano hands which is a thousand times less than microamps so potentially these little batteries could be producing many thousands of times the amount of electricity that your body is trying to function on and so the electricity generated by diesel batteries is one source of solace the the Mercury itself methylmercury self is the one half of pathogenic pathway and electricity is the second the third avenue for diseases that as this for the past since they got their bacteria in your intestines that have the ability to mentally that Merkley form SCh three methyl mercury is actually estimated to be a hundred times more neurotoxic than elements in that record myself so altogether it doesn't paint a very sure that's I had one patient this I'm I'm quite sure his problem was caused by the electricity from his feelings he had suffered from angina pain for twenty two years and afterwards he thought back is about the time the student in college and adenosine plays a large demo DL number nineteen as I recall and that suggests that started out him things that just wouldn't go away as Mayo Clinic was a senseless country and they can find any cause and explanation for saying that surprisingly it was gone within days after we took this Murphy a and I didn't know this was months later his wife told us about this angina problem that says so is the was the anything I promised her was even aware aware of there are three costumes of mercury mercury vapor ionic mercury and methylmercury and these are the primary tissues that each of those can cause damage in search of this volume four page one forty says every poisonous preparation in the vessel and mineral kingdoms taken into the system will leave this wretched influence affecting the liver and lungs and the ranging system generally nor does the people in here disease people infants are brought into the world to share this misery transmitted to them from their parents and there have been some very interesting double-blind studies on on seat that shows that Mercury is actually high pregnancy the Mercury shows up in the fetus and higher concentration than in the mother 's body fetus and newborn child unborn child does not have any immune system doesn't have any way of eliminating or processing getting rid of this mercury and so I don't have need of slides but it's a real interesting study is that you that I also your website that you can find that so young that this is showing how babies can get him for class and passes easily through the placental membrane that passes through the mammary glands is no and so oftentimes infants are born with significant levels of mercury in their body and I believe it's the reason we has seen such a phenomenal increase in enough autism and learning diseases is because in recent years and also been giving babies vaccines on the day occurs in several for the home from the hospital and within the first five years they get something like sixty five doses of vaccine not that many injections that this is fun Martha Marisol which is the market which is very very toxic another quote from stretches just fine for page one thirty nine Mercury calomel and quinine have brought their amount of wretchedness is that they have gone alone willfully the field preparations of mercury and calomel taken into the system ever retain their poisonous green as long as there is a article at the left in the system that his son late term is not a very scientific statement that calomel was a mercury containing drugs it was used to know my state and here she sends a message is mentions were calomel the fiercely uses mercury and calomel and we do know that there are some people that are more sensitive to mercury than others and I've had some patients with some really interesting symptoms and all he had was maybe two or four little tiny occlusal surface of Mercury very small amounts one one lady doctors told her she had arthritis in her neck and she had too little clues of tips on uncalled for upper molars and we we took to the mouth one day and she came back the next day to do the attitude and she said the pain on that side was gone to the other two ounces citizens on the other side was so immunizes phenomenal with what experiences we've had from sometimes just a little bit it was one young boy teenager maybe fourteen or fifteen euros he had them was taking weekly allergy shots just terrible sinus problems difficulty breathing so I and his mother wondered if there might be a relationship I don't promise anything is bad to come out and he also had just a few little tiny shifts and we took them out and she told me later that that was the end of this problem we didn't never had to have another allergy shot after that his sinuses cleared up please normally and no more symptoms so some people you know if everybody reacted with that that amount in the you know every physician the country would be aware within and with worker we don't be dead that's anyway the reason medical science doesn't recognize mercurial stomatitis is because there are actually hundred and twenty difference sometimes it has been directly linked to mercury and very few people have the same combination of it's just you know it doesn't fit any pattern and so it's it's it's a rare physician that recognizes potential for harm to look in people 's mouths at and see if there's any Murphy and recommended they take action him us a picture of a couple of fairly good-looking mercury fillings that you can see there is discoloration around the margins over here is quite right along here's the list and it's been at least eight or ten years that's what they typically look like see the discoloration brown and gray colors and always when we take them out we find all kinds of stuff under one lecture calls and blacks as methods combination of the that metals and corrosion products and bacteria that you can see a gap between the tooth filling is room for bacteria to go through about thirty thousand breast self and others when you're looking at microscopic hairs here this is the locker room and around the spelling so that some people wonder well if there covered with crown it should be okay well that's true you don't have the mercury vapor rising from the surface that autopsy studies have shown that there is like tenfold increase in mercury levels in the bone under Keith with their crowned with her three hundred so that Merkley does come out this is not as much this is something rising pass through to the kitchen supplies but how much better to make the teeth of some more like this is great they look more natural in today and the study environment and we had everybody wants like he really wants is colored yellow silver colored fillings anymore anyway so everything is going in in our direction as far as the tendencies in our profession is less than fifty percent of dentists are facing mercury fillings now which is a good thing problem is still many are taking them out typical way that we're taught in dental school and that can make people feel sick him him high doses of mercury the way there is hot enough hand we party talked about the worker coming out of our feelings and some of the symptom improvements this study show from taking Murphy out of the teeth people with lack of energy had many many patients with honey see diagnosis chronic fatigue syndrome and ninety fifth ninety seven percent of those are either extremely improve your cured most of them returned to normal completely and it's usually fairly quick process he says the reason one reason for chronic fatigue is that half Mercury competes with oxygen in the hemoglobin oxygen binding sites and so if your hemoglobin is not carrying oxygen during Mercury instead then you just don't have enough energy is not getting enough oxygen metabolic processes going properly and removing waste products metallic taste ninety five percent depression ninety one percent i.e. which the Doctor Navy has had a stronger area in his book on depression about her cream because I think he's come to realize or how significant that can be depression and a schoolteacher with years ago who told me after retaking his surgery fillings out and we working on smiling family members activated travel away from Washington state to Arkansas to have done and he was finishing up his daughter and wife ethics lesson hadn't seen him for about a day or two and he came to me this for the length said the article I cannot have depression for thirty years since you said is that this is the assist people are called upon to endure that timber eighty nine percent approve the cure chest pains eighty seven muscle tremor eighty three percent lack of concentration eighty percent of net 's that setting this up twenty or thirty other things that is another statement from Doctor Alfred Sam environment medicine mercury poisoning is the greatest masquerade or a part-time dentists are not in a position to see the cause-and-effect relationship the insertion reprise in the development of illness three to ten years later even the patient himself does not connect the illness the original dental and if they did then it would have been nine discarded your sculpture record poisoning has been called a retention toxicity meaning its effects are progressive and cumulative so I like smoking heard people say will I know my uncle smoked and some people are able to to endure the debilitating tocsin for a long time and supposedly have no no effects that sound as people summarily sooner or later will will have noticeable symptoms many times the symptoms are subclinical not enough to register under consciousness that's one of the studies that convinced me to stop what four things happened at one time we had a patient a young patient who had places to few small feelings that he was a teenager using his early twenties and his mother called me and said that disabled was able to work in some muscle problems out of the darkness of the diagnosis but that he she had read something in a far magazine that her feelings could be cause problems and so she was asking me if I would take them out and at that time I wasn't defensive because I didn't know what to do now and I said well professionally you know I have no obligation to do so because of safe and as a Christian since you asked me to do this on our replacement for and I did do that and then a year or so later I learned that the Fed recovered come back to work so that you know begins a registered film about the same time I got this letter from mom listed some of these things in the spirit of prophecy comes during the ladies as we mark to Halliburton for Mercury to tell people about mercury and then the other thing that can help tip the scale for me was an article in the Journal of prosthetic dentistry and I subscribe to that magazine for twenty some years of that whole shelf no solid journal study dentistry and is same as in May of nineteen eighty four they published a study that dentist here in California said several patients one of them was a twenty six -year-old woman with amalgams and her team as needed a key lymphocyte evaluation ANSI T length site level was inside forty seven percent him and him murky fillings out replacing the composite and waited for four months and is another key website evaluation and it was seventy three percent and that's a thirty forty percent difference and then you wait another four months but some little amalgams inside the composites and four months later did another key lymphocyte and it was back at seven forty eight percent where you little tiny composites and I mean that the mountains and middle of those composites and then he took those out and place single restorations and found four months later it is another to emphasize that he and his backup about seventy to seventy three percent of the and that his conclusion was that there needed to be a larger study in August forces when Jesus was asked to anyway lists to the next year I was here further limits the invention and Kenneth Michael is highly retired now I really thought the professor here will demonstrate I was talking to him and mentioned this study that I read music you know there's interesting sequels that story is I know that Dennis personally said one day as he was practicing the local please came in and arrested him and took him down to the Police Department and you know what they looking for but it was some silly thing and that he got home in time to see himself on the evening news and what it was the California dental Association 's Frank convinced him that he shouldn't be doing any more Mercury research and probably did dispensing work is to say that anyways you know it's it's not an issue this really receiving a lot of objective him place setting force is and is remain as mentioned earlier the reason is not more widely recognized because the symptoms any many other diseases there was a legislative action has been several bills in the US Congress that they have not had enough sponsorship and able to get enough support to pass them but HR forty eleven nephew years ago mercury in dental fillings disclosure and Prohibition act some of the information that was presented their reprise number three behind arsenic and lead on this priority list of hazardous substances and I'm sorry it's been so long since I said he doesn't remember what certain is that it's some state agency that evaluates toxic things the dental industry places seventy million mercury fillings each year each with one half to three fourths grams of mercury according to American Association nicely that number is fold and it's it's quite a bit less than that now according to the World Health Organization the estimated average daily intake and retention of mercury from dental amalgam three two twenty seven micrograms and the recommended maximum dose is five one oh micrograms per day and in actuality there is no safe level of mercury that even the slightest amount has been shown to cause illness in some way or other also according to the Environmental Protection Agency US indices approximately thirty four tons of mercury per year Guinness about two years old so that information service some less than that mercury used by dental industry increased from two percent of the total use of mercury in the US eighty twenty two percent in two thousand four estimated to be fifty five percent actually twenty two percent think that was two thousand fifty five percent in two thousand four reason for that is because we taken mercury out of thermometers and everything else is the actual use of mercury his family down this means Dennis using about the same amount are percentages has come away of this bill calls for immediate adhesive film out in children under the age of eighteen years of age and again in lactating women than January one two thousand nine well first that yes that was the villain I don't I'm sure that was probably about three years ago so I don't know if so next door not for more information intends on this website I feel Lindsay .org you can find just a wealth of information you go to original research and read this if you're interested international Academy of Oral medicine toxicology is the largest group of biological dentists nice faith is a holistic group to attend has roughly six hundred and thirty members at this point and it's growing every week and this is a caution aside that I use on every the program and three years ago I did six half hour programs on three p.m. HealthPro lifetime with Don McIntosh and we want to make sure people didn't rush out after mercury fillings replaced without doing it properly has been some evidence of one position on one of the things I saw tells the patient that had twenty two fillings replaced without proper cautions and three weeks later she developed irreversible hearkens this is him oh six three process assessing older person please have the tissue level of murdering increasing throughout their lifetime they know just relatively minor increase dosage and can be devastating anyway will try and honor positive note and think about the beautiful things that God has has created for us this is a sure students on a Saturday afternoon walk we bequeath to current wilderness area and hike into this stream that around enjoy it for little while and then have to except for a yellow color there this is some of the Gardens to see the project is causing that yellow color then this is a greenhouse that we grow out of this when it's time for the Star Academy girls dorm that students and staff work together on for about four and half years built and rebuilt as the Lord provides the means of sometimes takes a long time and the students of his longtime anyway that it's been thrilling to see see the results we want our buildings to reflect the quality of character everyone in ourselves our students as well people told us that this is the nicest dormitory in the denomination and it's it's basically a large house is ten bedrooms five bathrooms upstairs for the girls stays the same for twenty girls to two apartments downstairs for the Dean and assistant Dean and then a large human in there on the right it was our administrative offices and teachers offices intelligence that if you must fill in with financing Lord to the ministries building will be using this for a little starting here in the next few weeks that this building was built for thirty dollars a square foot she is discrete and even Arkansas that the Lord is good and just another comment here quote from spiritual gifts find worth every poisonous preparation vegetable and mineral kingdoms taken into the system will lead its wretched influence affecting the liver and lungs and the ranging this is generally nor does the evil and here disease people intensive brought into the world share this history transmitted to them from their parents make the argument that wants to price and selected messages for forty nine this is the effective calomel it torments the system as long as there is an article left in it it never lives not as property 's highest long stay in the living system it inflamed joints and often sends rottenness into the bones it frequently manifests itself in tumors ulcers and cancers years after it has been introduced that that's interesting tumors ulcers cancers will be related to to Mercury and final thoughts here from second Chronicles twenty twenty believe in the Lord your God so shall ye be established believe his prophets socially prosper and I believe in the coming economy anything that we can do to run improve our services to our patients is going to make our business is more viable as well as this is what I have seen such a thrilling thing to know that we are improving people 's health set of potentially damage so I would encourage those of you who have yet to begin your practice to determine to practice without three actually easier and better you don't have to worry about reading as much mercury in your office don't have them out later in and potential sales breakdowns the scrap Murphy and all that that's if you just well and I have found the seventh generation of deposits bonding materials is is so much more efficient and cost license its center as well so we don't need to get into finances and practice management today that nevertheless you'll find that your life will be better off as well as that of your patients can have some questions I think the question will I I have been decisive in earlier I had been pretty low key with with this for many years partly because up until about four years ago there was for five business losing their license every year from just mentioning that there could be a relationship between mercury and someone's health the APA 's code of ethics is written so that if you not to say anything about your relationships health that's course is not a member of the eighty eight rebounds as a anyway him down to my closest dentist eight miles away is not a member of the ADA and had an interesting one thing that the Senate also year and says it will why my pan out this money to promote health is not through four years ago I dropped my twenty five year long members of the nevertheless at this point because it's some lawsuits that have had occurred it's a totally different ballgame and I feel much more comfortable talking about it I didn't even like sure that it are right about everything for twenty years is now the tables are turned and there is some legal precedent that will actually protect its son we can talk about that some of the time that as far as treatment planning I will love many patients coming to me already had a concern for Mercury those that don't local people that just use me because I'm the closest one you know I will see it mentioned over the feelings and licensing questions it's they have any concern about this is the favorite anything about the connection between mercury and an symptoms and one lady just earlier this week a new patient came in and and we got talking about it she had no real knowledge about it that she did say that she was suffering from this problem hypothyroidism some serious symptoms from thyroid nonfunctioning acidity of a thought about how close your thyroid is your key and that is because the Celeron and we are taxicab patients his thyroid began functioning him us for hypothyroidism is so anyway she was more than happy to have us chart polymer fillings and even though it may be a while before she can do it we would like to chart them so we can have plan is already some motivated and ready to question very good question is there any chelation thing that will help take out digital Mercury and detoxification is a very important thing to do after or sometimes even before people and that is really the only encourage them to the DNA using this talk station agent there are number of things out some of the things of reviews and comments practice about ten years ago is vitamin C IVs and for a while we were facing an IV and giving IVC drip while we were taking numerically out I simply stopped doing it I haven't seen any difference I really don't think it made that much of the difference that some people are still reading about it from ten years ago but is not considered standard of care at this point that some of the products in this circulation is DMSA in the MTS they do reality tissue but they often pull it out and even live in and redistributed and people have with the color healing crisis get really sick or weak to and downforce and we have some products now that are that don't have no cause to sentence and one of them that I've been using there several Acxiom market has read up on all of the minute of how this compares him you have anodized detoxification factors basically the herbs chlorella and cilantro that are Nana dies and for the body assimilate cemented helps the heavy metals out of the tissues there's another one that is just now being researched and a professor Doctor Boyd Haley at University of Ohio has been doing research in the area of Murphy for years he and one time was a fully funded researcher by NIH and other federal agencies but as soon as he started doing research and Mercury they cut off the fence and never had any federal funds for his research since then he's been very active and Hispanic menace amount of research that he has developed a a glutathione product and glutathione you may know is one of the most powerful antioxidants that behalf and there's most of the time that you take is destroyed in the gastric acids and so it doesn't really do much good when he's developed a product that is these days product that will actually pass through the cell membranes and find the Mercury and pull it out more effectively and two weeks ago I heard a lecture by a physician who has since experimenting on experimenting but has been developing protocols finding out what the dosage needs to be provide the maximum detoxification and since last June when he began using it they found probably it has to be at least two hundred fifty micrograms per day in order for it to really be effective in confining much effectiveness at lower levels and you can go higher they only found one person that had any kind of reaction to it it's as this is basically a nutritional supplement glutathione is still alive it's a lot of foods that I don't know that it's knowing concentrated concentrated enough it is present in every cell is something that's you know part of a part of our bodies in this in every cellular process that he has treated a number of what is drawing a blank the disease children's have children have learning disabilities autism autism cases and in just a few months is seen recovery and artistic children and by giving this a colorful SR of his see is a you can physicians Dennis can buy it online from you have to show your new license and their funder you're a professional license that's I don't know that that's probably this website the IAO in C I a old MC in the season international Academy of Oral medicine and toxicology .org they may have some information that before July that it is it is they also have some very encouraging improvements in the in treating some Alzheimer cases and some dementia cases is an him him I have a yes the other alternatives there's gold and gold restorations and there is a voice in Congress okay a lot of people and I found it really is well will you I will is a year and a something and I is a you a public contact there is a way via there is no the news it is real controversy because the amount of miss our costly trying to point out flaws in composites and say they are damaging to the health there was a study done in Germany about ten years ago that had some reference that it may upset the estrogen estrogen balance and women or something and I was a lecture of Christiansen relic Christiansen I'm sure you've probably heard it CRA and their research and I asked him directly you know what they were aware of this and they said is this is a recess is essential to that set here that that statement and is it has no validity at all actually right now the IAO in tees doing some research to determine if there's any any effect on people 's health from from composite materials and Reinhardt right it's in was not as good as Lord me for I said I was healthy so that if you have somebody that is has sensitivities you know we asked a lot of different things then I would encourage them to do a materials reactivity tests cost forty dollars something in this sacred research students Chicago Denver anyway that's then will you have a blood sample drawn since the position of and that to them and we collated to get this booklet yes two thousand that person 's response to the two thousand different dental materials hundreds of composites gold alloys bonding agents denture materials just almost everything we use and gives its now I'm not real sure how scientific it is all it says is satisfactory or not satisfactory so that people that have read about it and they're convinced that it's valid and so you have to accept it is time because if if they say the product that you like to use all the time is not satisfactory and you use it it may have a reaction or think they had a reaction then you can be replacing those whose feelings so I haven't yet found him amusing I have not found the patient as soon not satisfactory no nothing can happen this is the best and goals this is as I believe very biocompatible I still have a lot of gold in my mouth and whether it's the best or not you'll have people reading similes other books that are not scientifically sound about what any Continental does the meridians in the body and and you know this tooth is connected to this live this kidney in this dude is connected to your spleen and so on fall over that anything so is a biological practice will tend to attract some of these letter reading a lot of unscientific things and you have to accept that is essentially a negative thing that it's not necessary work with most everybody we've had a few patients who are termed universal reactors and those are really difficult I had one patient 's only thing she could tolerate this was his last founder Phyllis was the result last very long but it's better than leaving the dentin exposed so there you will have some interesting cases and I often don't have an explanation for what people are telling me there they're experiencing that we do her best and if they have Mercury win and we noted that the bottom-line is the need to eliminate mercury exposure and what I've found some people even show a reactivity single when he had mercury fillings because it affects the immune system such a marked way that but I believe after you know for six months eighty year after the reprise out their immune system can function better than if they did another test they probably would not show oh yes go and Ginny got so many gold alloys and if you have several gold alloys in the same mouse you can have some galvanic activity going on because you know not all of these alloys serve her high noble metals and time have a combination of metals in the mouth the ideal thing I think is probably nonmetal and we have like it's been a company within four five person bonded to metal crowns in the last two years almost all of my crown serve our full force and neither zirconia is a certain Emacs which is so the aesthetics are just unbelievable and they function well and I think one of them it had to be replaced from fractions and meets most people 's requirements for nonmetal the other on this morning yes yes this is anathema mine in fact I would like to stand and as I get some video dismantling his experience because I think it's a story that needs to be told in and spread around the world anytime you have somebody that is died the week before you saw him was revised in the Belize it's from the mercury that is making insisted that they can call me two years before and talking about having Murphy update is never done anything so when they call they were white virgins and they came out tonight to quadrant out and he was having pain I dislike this aside in this latest release some of his leg pain and we redid one quadrant and the next day see him sitting there telling me how much there it was already and that since she told to stop the week before he collapsed in they found him no heartbeat no restoration his pupils were dilated and they slapped them around yelled at him and maybe to secure evidence they left him called nine one nine one one in time I guess he was breathing a little bit or something and got into the hospital and the still life she said I would've told you this before but I was afraid he wouldn't see him as a picture so I don't know many kinds of analysis that a really nice static man and a few months later someone from our area was down and saw him in church in human keying Cleburne area and sick video of him and he was telling excitedly how much better using that he couldn't understand because they were having a fellowship meal is all kinds of noise background that many turned around and ran across the room and turn on hand back show me how much better you know he's getting around to run barely walking swimming or just his willpower he was even able to get from the car into that is now back at work as as a chaplain and currently quite fully recovered so that's than two months that's that for the most dramatic cases he had one of the early cases had years ago was the lady and her him who were missionaries in Asia Safeco era Asian background that he was an internal medicine specialist and she was nurse and she got sick while over there and sure hair was falling out since then terrible summing problems and chronic fatigue as I recall there was three major things and losing weight and they came back to the safe husband is a physician you know should know he just couldn't figure it out nobody could identify anything into something secret made her think maybe this mercury fillings I was doing that so she came down at Christmas in nineteen eighty six something like that and see we took we replaced from her feelings and she immediately started getting better and about a month later she wrote me a letter saying that three of her major symptoms were totally well the fourth was down eighty percent better she felt that her husband still refuse to believe it is related to mercury at all you never did accept the fact that related to her illness as a she was convinced it was that we just had a lot of chronic fatigue cases he had some in this cases that full recovery after ten years in a wheelchair with loss of your son function and saw this lady come bouncing in my office saying she was totally well if she pushed herself too much to get enough rest she would begin to feel some had other people that had MS like symptoms that recovered also him us him say these diseases doctors think what looks like this that it's not exactly like that it looks like this is not exactly that's the diagnosable this is in illness is a you know if this is this is weird because Mercury affects everybody differently than very precise yes the high aliens he has developed protocols axial color protocols because in the legal environment affected has some indication I don't understand that scientific reviews and they better whole system of mechanism to protect costs and patient and reason to think that rubber dam was the solution that they shown Merkley passes right through the Riverdance like it's not there and think they evaluated here behind the River dam quality networking with the mercury vapor analyzer is found four hundred times more on four hundred parts per million I think it was behind River dam so if you have a rejecting the back there I guess that you nitrile gloves that .com feelings is a pretty big and yet we were just talking about that and so far as you know there's not anything validate shown the problem within the Ohio NC is doing a study right now though is that this was several hundred different composites see if the chemicals leaking out of them the health additional actual journals the reason dentist are more aware of it is because the Nintendo Association published much of anything about Merck from Mercury research and in fact I was surprised to see this one in general prosthetic dentistry back in May of eighty four that the eye ailments he website has just every resource Germany Germany has banned the use of amalgam two years ago and I heard I read something about a year ago that it was really interesting to see some of the problems that children were having grassy come come down as because they were within Mercury and they know all they know a lot of the mechanisms as well we know this America competes with oxygen hemoglobin binding site we know that Murphy competes with Hydro group 's enzyme function and that is a big thing in terms of healthful living because so many metabolic functions wire specific enzymes and for Mercury 's setting whereas sulfhydryl group to be in a totally me thinks that inside the suicide is to do so there are a number of very specific mechanisms that we know that's where creationists is causing problems I will remember the American dental Association their code of ethics says that any mention of correlation of merging with with health is a violation code and that's legally this that's not a concern anymore because some of her cases it had transpired in the last few years that's we don't push it really hard I have a book on the counter mercury free dentistry I give away the patient's that you know if they haven't read anything about it that they can learn about it to that we have some I hailed Lindsay videos playing in my reception and send himself and actually was in NIC this series is that I did it three units of those out there sometime and gives coming I know you remove these to you that some people think that the idea there that's you know it's amazing how many people today know that mercury hazard even the mill worker off the street you just mentioned are you ready fillings I still use using Mercury and you know it's sad him are you self-taught myself and I are you to do a little explanation you know I yammer is vaporizing twenty four hours they can these things and and eighty percent of its acute breathing is going into your blood and tissues and so now he says no no in fact I see them pay a electron microgram showing the surface of Mercury surface of an amalgam with Mercury losing out the drives and he can't see the molecules vaporizing you can see this coming at and we were taught in school same hue that is found in miscellaneous is no more greasy that's that's the case is a no and clenching your teeth at night you can go I told him that I go for three hours and a and a and in and in and a you are what a once you do that is this is an five on their Windows guys see the unit is as an unit is as is a you is that you will you saying this but you know that me say something about the way God has developed producer Keith and the backing of the American dental Association in my opinion has dumbed down our profession to think and believe it teeth are these inner structures that sit in the jawbone that we can do anything with and and they will still function now we can involve limit and they'll still be fine and whatever that is a time to tell the students now about Steinman and Leonora 's research done back in the seventies sugar in the fluid flow to the sea I and and the fact that that's exactly fluid that flows from the inside Susan Denton to the enamel have to get something coming out of the enamel yes in and I was really interested in meeting two weeks ago the IAO in seemingly nervous someone mentioned that research and it's obvious now that him poor diet the don't have that protective inside to outside flow and so back on the outside is going to will the electricity just electricity on the class will cause a negative flow of electrons and cold calcium out of season so that's a process for the calcification which leads to detain and so no gods overall package of health proper diet and Russians and that is not as important as prophesied and you might have some paragon disease that she likely will have to cave you have adequate nutrition that anyway what was I housing in a tie that in government and how well yeah all right this is another big topic and I I'd rather not get started because a few years ago I began to wonder if you when I saw how devious our profession is a with Murphy could it be the same fluoride and after investigating I found that indicates that the real save that for another election that next year you are not the request of well thank you so much that's all the questions I enjoyed it and then specifies are talking about something that's very dear to my heart Lord bless you in your studies in your practices that you'll find many opportunities to enhance the lives and health of your patients and that he seen the Lord 's coming is a rough


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