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Romans 2 "God is No Respector of Persons"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • March 18, 2009
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we thank you for bringing us here in the middle of the week to study your word reprint Avenue will bless us as we study from the book of Romans we thank you for this book and be with us in Jesus name case is good to see here we have finished Romans chapter one were you Romans chapter she is a sweet and by way of review in Romans chapter one Paul gives his introduction of the gospel on the first seventeen versus and then the last half of rum is chapter she he starts his theological exposition of the book and he shows that the wrath of God is going to be forward out against the wicked specifically the Gentiles and he lists some of the sins that the Gentiles are guilty of an any shooter would be reading the book of Romans could take comfort in knowing that they were not guilty of those horrible sons that the Gentiles in Rome were committing then in Romans chapter two Paul brings the hammer down and says hey you thought you weren't so bad actually you're on the same playing field as the Gentiles in the Republican that this evening so in Romans chapter choose starting in verse one after Paul shows that the wrath of God is in the report out on the wicked are those you don't believe that God is creator for two give up their bodies to live according to the lust of the flash and several other assemblages of murder in things like five Paul says in chapter two verse one therefore thou art inexcusable oh man whosoever thou art that judges for wherein thou judges another thou condemn a slice off for now the judge is doing the same things now sometimes people read Romans are achievers one and they say see we shouldn't judge each other and us and I will pay application that the Bible also teaches them by their fruits you shall know them so if someone is out there murdering we have every biblical right to say that that's wrong and to say hey don't judge me you know I can do whatever I want that's not what this verse is saying this verse is not saying that if you see someone commit a murder to then say why can't judge them that's not what the passage is teaching off what this passage is teaching his that the shoes consider themselves to be secure your and what Paul is trying to show is any know go through this intricacy that whether you are hard at you or a Gentile if your committing the sense that the Gentiles are in Romans chapter one or if you're breaking the law of God in other ways as we'll see here in chapter two it doesn't matter because either way breaking the law brings you into condemnation but the bottom line so you have you may not be going out committing murder but if you're breaking the law got an otherwise you're just as guilty so don't go around start judging those wicked people out there if you're breaking God 's law well worth it is also not in it what I'm not saying those that they will hey let's go out and judge those you aren't living up to the way we think we are we are living in us they clearly pulse condemning attitude as well overseas he goes on to say that we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things so now we see that hate there is a judgment server people to say that there is no judgment Paul sang the judgment of God is according to truth we can be thankful for that because of optimum thankful that God is judged not mean because I don't know everything and I don't want to that God can with his infinite wisdom make the right decision in the judgment and the other thing that we see here is one us of the judgment of God is according to treat the gives us the idea that God 's judgment is impartial so whether you're a Gentile or achieve God 's judgment is according to truth some park doesn't matter which side you're on Thursday that he gets then she the issues starting in verse three take us out of the settlement and that judges them what you do such things and use the same that thou shall escape the judgment of DC appointments or he set up anything what you know what they're doing is wrong you're judging them for that you think just because you're achieving that you will escape God 's judgment if you're doing the same thing I got to judge them for and the obvious answer is not so Paul makes it clear if you're judging others in your doing the same thing just as they don't escape the judgment we won't even in a verse for we see the concept of God 's grace coming out for world five thousand ridges of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering not knowing that the goodness of God lead you to repentance so let's look at this verse will be here in what Paul is saying is how can we despise the riches of the goodness of God now he's at right in the middle of talking about the wrath of God being poured out that even in the middle of talking about the wrath of God being poured out on those who break God 's law he manages to bring in the concept of the ridges in the goodness of God and what we see with the other riches of God what is this is goodness forbearance and long-suffering NBC things together lead us to repent so when we see God 's character which is full of riches and the riches of daughter goodness long-suffering and forbearance this leads us to repentance now what Paul is saying is the empty Applix vision as if we need to view will lead to repentance that means that we are basically facing the wrath of God other that we have sinned against God and because of that we need to read otherwise why would you need to rip that he had done anything wrong so what Paul is saying is what the goodness of God leads us to read ten cents and he associates again the goodness of God with the original of course when we think about the fact that we are sinners deserving condemnation and God in his great mercy sent Jesus to die for us we can only faintly began to comprehend the riches of the goodness of God we don't deserve that we don't deserve the riches of his goodness we all deserve his wrath but God is so good that he gives us the riches of his goodness which will lead us we see when Jesus was done for us on the cross we see his love this leads us to read from living a sinful life now Paul contrasts these ideas in the following verses we see the riches of God 's goodness in verse four visas but after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurers of a device of wrath against the day of revelation is the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God so that if a policy and a disabled piece Paul Hockney Q here as you continue to go through the chapter you see the policy into the G and if he remembers even just before he was down Stephen Paul the leaders of the Jewish nations the and here Paul is saying you have a hard heart and in Hebrews three Paul tells the geocities riding through the book of Hebrews Harden not your hearts remember your fathers in the wilderness to always provoke me to wrath heart not your hearts as they did back then and so pausing hey you may think you're a Jew and the makings are all great but actually you have a hard penitent heart he might say the same thing to God 's people today you may think you're a Seventh-day Adventist but that doesn't make you any better than anyone now if you're out there breaking God 's law and notice what happens when we have a hard and intention heart weird shredder ring up to ourselves the wrath of God in the day of judgment so there's a contrast there is the riches of God which leads us to repentance or there is much pressure ring for ourselves of the wrath of God he can either have the riches of God which is his goodness or you can have each treasury 's in this life that we receive the wrath of God that's the contrast and the never sicknesses who will render to every man according to his deeds so now again we see one he says every man this includes that you and it includes the Gentile and when it says God will render to every man according to his deeds when you think of the word rendered what are you sick of that in the context of a judge or renders a verdict in court as soon this is judgment language God is going to render in the day of judgment to every man according to his deeds now this is interesting Paul is laying the foundation for what righteousness by faith is and what he is saying here in chapter she is even developing the concept of righteousness by faith is that the judgment will be a upon every man's deeds now just a set stage for where we're going it's interesting later on verse thirteen is is not the hearers of the largest before God the viewers of the large shall be justified then around three thousand by the deeds of the law shall no flesh be justified the pause not teaching work your way to heaven concept here what is that you have on your own de jure not to be justified but if you're not being you're not justified either civil talk about how those two ideas get together and they'll fit in the concept of righteousness by faith ever since we keep every man will be judged according to his deeds then going over seven systems should then knew by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honor and immortality eternal life the controversy but under them that are contentious and do not obey the truth but obey unrighteousness indignation and wrath response tribulation and anguish upon every soul of man that he was evil of the Jew first and also the Gentile so here's the contrast of her seven versus versus versus the E eight through ten it's in verse seven as Paul says bike patient continuance in well dealing the reward for that is eternal life but if you obey not the truth but are unrighteous you will receive the wrath of God whether you're at you or a Gentile as interesting here notice the language in verse seven Mrs. Tatian and Samuel now where ahead of where else do we see the word Haitians in the New Testament in Revelation you also see it Hebrews so any also seen he received while run with patience the race that is set before receivers and yet need of patience after you've done the will of God he might receive the promise and in Revelation fourteen here is the patience of the say so what is called biblical definition of Asian in Romans chapter two it's continue once and well dealing the CNN for me to continue to do what's right no matter what I must not always easy and of course the question is how is that possible and Paul develops that concept as the book of Romans goes on its righteousness by faith being justified by faith being dead to sin that's how we bike stations will consume you in well doing it is interesting there is to have patience and continue in well doing will receive glory honor immortality eternal life and that goes right along with the verse before worth of God will render to every man according to eat so if in the judgment office here's a person who has through a life of patients continued in well doing then what God renders as an is honor glory and eternal life you see the suit patients patient continuance in well dealing those people will receive a reward in the judgment he may fill this sounds like were working our way to salvation no one not Morgan SC as we go through the book of Romans is the only way for this to happen is to have righteousness by faith so if not us is living a life of faith in which Christ obedience is produced as the that obedience will be manifest in the light of God 's people gotten the contrast with if you are contentious they don't obey the truth they are unrighteous and with the end of receiving this tribulation and anguish and this is just a minor point that some items the double tries to deceive us into thinking that you know it may be true that if you live a righteous life you need to get a heaven that is just so hard heard him a lot easier to do it my way through a Mister Philip Pausanias if you do it the devil 's way which are never see this tribulation and anguish whether you're a GU origin out of town yet obviously and he had come back to start okay coming patience and endurance a very similar means meaning you do you could probably interchange those words that the rotation system the word that I have in my Bible serves in verse nine we see that those you are just a BMI you are a Gentile overseas tribulation and anguish that are firsthand the contrast again we see that glory honor and peace to every man that work is good to the Jew first and also to the Gentile so it's interesting at the beginning of the chapter the Jews get leveled out they think have not as bad as those Gentiles in room or doing all these awful sons and yet Paul comes back about halfway through the chapter here and he says like if your shoe or a Gentile if your if you're working yet according to God 's grace then you'll receive glory honor and peace whether you're edgy or Gentiles so obviously the good news of the gospel is not just for the Gentiles also for the gees and that of Ursula Pulsifer there is no respect of persons with God as the liver in the first ten verses of chapter she whole developed so that he can get to verse eleven submit to prove his point and the point that Paul is trying to make is that there is no persons with God the matter if you were born under the Seventh-day Adventist church doesn't matter if you were born into a season-high there is no respect of persons with God if you break God 's law and you are unrepentant you will receive the wrath of God and the judgment that if you're born into a family that knows what is right versus a heathen family and you by patient continuance in well doing receive God 's grace and she is to follow Christ in you read then whether you're a Jew or Gentile you'll receive glory honor and peace you receive eternal life the goddess I respect her first season on a set of so you were born to the family of the General conference presidents plus ten for use starting off and then we'll see where it all ends up not everything starts off at the same place and the other thing is Gazan is a one minus ten for you if you weren't one hundred and seventh in Assam he doesn't do that he evaluates each case because he doesn't play favorites and that's very encouraging and when the judgment comes up dog does not play favorites he is no respecter of persons support continues to develop this theme is pretty straightforward first twelve for as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law now the contrast is clear Paul has been talking about Jesus and Gentiles etc. those you send without law and they perished without the law those of the Gentiles they didn't know about the law they broke the law and so the parish further judge without the law a parish level and those you know what's right if you send mailing list right here to be judged according to the law again God is the respect your first post of the Jews in the second the second half of verse twelve all three chapter two Paul's making a comparison between Jews and Gentiles and I noticed first thirteen he says friend not the spirit of the largess before God but the viewers of the law shall be justified not merely talking up a little bit from connecting of diverse six Rosalie God will render to every man according to his deeds and then in Romans three the Bible also teaches about the deeds of the law no flesh shall be justified that you have to fit both of those verses together because Paul wrote drama circuit Chivers thirteen F also wrote Romans chapter three verse twenty races by the diesel on a flesh be justified so they go together and they are contradicting state that you can't just say well we know that nobody's justified by the visa law so it doesn't matter what you gave because Paul has said in Romans two thirteen that only the deer is the law will be justified but on the other hand you can't say well we know that only the deer shall be justified said we better just work our way to heaven that's not what policy you could both together as we continue to studies in a make more sense Whitehall with St. Louis thanks that one person you may be thinking as well and its incident not fair that some people were born cheese and some people were born Gentiles amended the Jews have a better chance to be saved the Gentiles while if you look at history coming she is accepted Christ as the Messiah and how many Gentiles accepted the message of the apostles so that his stupid that historical fact place to the point that God is my respecter of person him in chapter three will see that the Jews did have an advantage for the advantage was supposed to be to use the truth of God to share with others to make them better other than that he gave them the truth of God but what Paul can point out next in verse fourteen is that just because Gentiles were born without a knowledge of the loss of his speed one of the things we talked about last week was that everybody has a conscience for good or evil and some of you is born to his never heard of God has a conscious telling them that it's wrong to go out and fill Sunday and that one is evidence that there is a supernatural being outside of humanity and how can we have an internal mechanism telling us hate don't you win our natural inclination is to do evil mistress and lipolysis here in verse four cases for when the Gentiles which have not the law do by nature the things contained in the law these having not the law are a law unto themselves so what Paul is saying is like there are people should have never heard of God who steered God 's voice speaking to them by conscience they listen to that voice and their evidence that when you listen to God 's voice you don't have to break God 's law authorities say so they are a law to themselves even though they've never heard of the law restricting which show the work of the law written in their hearts their conscience also bearing witness and their thoughts the meanwhile acute aerials excusing one another so notices it's gone and CC the word conscience in verse fifteen God speaks to the conscience of those who have never even heard of him and he speaks of course to those of us you've heard of Walter Potter fan this again shows that God is my respecter of persons whether you were born with the knowledge of him or you and your family who have the knowledge of God or your blog to a situation that has no knowledge of God God is my respecter of persons and he'll speak to your conscience now is in verse sixteen continuing this is in the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel and the verse seventeen Paul is going to make is starting ever seventeen he's going to make a pitch to the gees about the way they live their lives and he's trying to show them he's Artie done this by showing them that God is no respecter of persons that doesn't matter you if you're breaking God 's law starting in verse seventeen he cannot prove this to now some people try to say that what Paul is talking about the next versus the ceremonial law he paid careful attention to these verses there is no way that Paul is simply talking about the ceremonial law study more than half of starting ever seventeen says behold thou art called and she and restless in the law and make a slight coast of Gaza here the group of people as they looked we have the law God is with us because we have never seeking an analysis will and approve us the things that are more excellent being constructed out of a law so here's a group of people that know God 's will and they prove the things that are excellent because they know God 's law so now this must be a really good group of people they know God 's will in the want to do things that are you know why certain members nineteen is an art often thou thyself are a guide of the blind ally of them which are in darkness and research warning an instructor of the foolish and teacher of babes which has the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law figures will close sandwich you think that because you have God 's law and you know who God is you're pretty confident in yourself that you're leading people in the right direction and assorted you can sort of see where he's going here anything like you you teach people who don't know much or teacher of those who are babes in the phase the first twenty one he says what thou therefore wished he just another tedious on my thigh softly like four thousand Raven you try to teach others which write to you make sure that you're doing what's right you live according to what you teach and then the Last Supper twenty one now that preaches the man should not steal thou feel so hey I don't care if your key teaching people to be what's right if you're teaching people to do what's right in your breaking the law God that's not acceptable and noticed when it says teaching those to not still aware of what was of the ten Commandments of this is clearly speaking of the ten Commandments in every twenty two thousand sales demand should not commit adultery does not commit adultery and remember Jesus went deeper to the heart of what adultery is a meet people look at the externals and say well that person ran off with someone else they committed adultery Jesus is like if you lust after a woman in your heart that the culture soon you may get the say of adultery is for I wish him a few months after someone your heart you're guilty of the same thing that's right to the wall with the intent then going on now that of worth idols does not commit sacrilege or twenty three thou that make us like those the law through breaking the law dishonors thou God 's anonymous way here's what he says here you can those you have a while but if you're breaking the law of God you're just honoring God 's name as interesting if you look at this history of Seventh-day Adventist in eighteen eighty General conference session to the thing that got revealed to Ellen White about Seventh-day Adventist is that they were experts in preaching the law but Christ in a lopsided and so in many ways Seventh-day Adventists up to that point were very similar to the Jewish people and that they exalt to the law of God for them when God sent messengers that exalted Christ in the law they can see the white in and so what I really meant was even though these people were supposedly making their boast in the law they were breaking the law because they rejected the message of Christ and his righteousness at here they reject the message of Christ and his righteousness that means that you don't have his righteousness and if you don't have his righteousness what the book of Romans sure this is without Christ's righteousness we are breaking the law of the bottom line so Seventh-day Adventists in eighteen eighty eight major bonus in the law but they were dishonoring God through breaking the law and you know we can point fingers at the eighteen eighty eight people for me and the that time but are we him that we can get out of your essay God 's laws wholly just and good enough were supposed to keep and then if we reject Christ in our lives and we don't have his righteousness were in the same condition and remember Paul is teaching there is no respect of persons with Gothic doesn't matter if you're Seventh-day Adventist or Catholic or anything else the bottom line is if you're breaking the law your guilty notice Lisa's Mack's first twenty four for the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you as it is written so here is God 's chosen people that use of force by the time Paul wrote this the Jews were no longer the chairs and that yet fewer group of people should know about God you're supposed to point others to and yet God 's name is blasphemed among the Gentiles through the genes a lot of horrible record to have against your name that you have blasphemed God 's name to the heathen and I will send you much time on this bed people who try to make the claim that America is a Christian nation have mercy I mean how much money does the Hollywood industry made an they make make them millions every year and a high percentage of Americans say that they are Christian and yet that's what Christianity is and all the crimes and sins that we see here in this country that's what Christianity is a say when the rest of the world looks at America suffer Christianity is that is do we want to have anything to do human health may bring her closer to him what about the baptism bring honor to God 's name or do we blaspheme his name among those outside of this if they were to come into our grief when they find a group of people who are harmonious working together try to be unified in Christ or are we playing silly petty games in arguing about order of service in the sun the other thing and this honoring God 's name now the wing of all this is the those you break God 's law dis- honor God and we see earlier that there was in the issue in the judgment have reached scented they receive glory honor and peace but the other way to look at this is like those you break God 's law there does honoring God however give through the grace of God we are over the God is being honored through our lives so instead of God 's name then blasts seemed among the Stephen R Weiser actually giving glory to his name as interesting the first Angels message says fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgments God wants a group of people who give glory to his name rather than blaspheme his name who are those you blaspheme his name those who dishonor them by breaking his law and God is my respecter of persons in the judgment of your Seventh-day Adventist or anybody else if you're breaking the law and the judgment you receive the wrath of God as a simple point of rounds if however you have retention you receive God 's grace he will receive eternal life and of course is only through the riches of God 's goodness which we see here in Roman strategy now this is a website will be able to finish the chapter here pretty soon starting in verse twenty five this is where Paul I tried to make the point about what spirituality and conversion really is to the Jesus that he's trying to reach Everest twenty five uses for circumcision verily prophetess if thou keep the law but if thou be a breaker of the law by circumcision is made on circumcision in verse twenty six therefore the young circumcision keep the righteousness of the law shall not use on circumcision be counted for circumcision so maybe I'm a spin and draw this on the board here diagram sometimes there are helpful thank you this should be get here so Paul is to make a comparison between circumcision and uncertainty and these are outward manifestations of the flesh that are supposed to represent an inward spiritual experience so what Paul is saying is like if you're circumcised but you break the law God is my respecter of persons you're out if you're uncircumcised and your obedient then your get so if your Gentile on your uncircumcised easement even though outwardly you don't have that manifestation in the flesh of an inward experience if your keeping the law then your okay were swings and references in verse twenty six verse twenty seven aces and shall not on circumcision which is by nature of the fulfill the law judge the coup by the letter in circumcision dost transgress the law him us when and in verse twenty six one pauses if you're uncircumcised but that's you keep the righteousness of the law your counter for circumcision was interesting because notices were here talented for circumcision this works talented comes up again later in the book of Romans if the wording is counted as righteous that's the word for justified so the first time this word shows up and look around and it's someone's shoe is uncircumcised or a Gentile according to the flash but they are actually keeping God 's law and therefore their righteousness is counted for circumcision now here's a question are they keeping the law outside of themselves or is it an inward experience as an energy study after the Romans in this chapter we'll see this is describing an inward experience and so the other thing that you see here is that those you keep the righteousness of the law are accounted for circumcision the other thing that you see is there keeping the righteousness of the law so ask counted for circumcision so what you could also say that is that righteousness and circumcision are spiritual equivalents so someone who's uncircumcised that they keep the righteous of the law are actually counted a circumcised therefore circumcision and righteousness are similar verse twenty eight pulses for he is not at you which is one outwardly neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh the path and what unfair if you were born AG if you're breaking God 's law you are not spiritually circumcised and unnoticed verse twenty nine the he is a Jew which is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart in the spirit and not in a letter to his praises not of man but of God notices you could be a Jew outwardly but if you do not have the inward experience you're not achieve sourcing about this way in the physical sense Jews are circumcised Gentiles are uncircumcised and we can also say spiritually speaking a spiritual GU is spiritually circumcised and if you want to call it a spiritual Gentile breaking God 's law there spiritually uncircumcised now notice the definition of a true G it's in verse twenty nine AG who is one inwardly so that means that spiritual circumcision is not to represent a in an inward experience and notice what Paul said in my earlier verse that if those two the Gentiles you are actually keeping the law are counted for circumcision that means if you're counted for circumcision and circumcision is a true Jew has been inward experience that means if you're discounted for circumcision or is counted for righteousness you we have an inward experience which is actually very different than what a lot of Bible scholars say about righteousness by faith alone while scholars say that when you're counted as righteous it's only the righteousness of Christ it covers even though inwardly you have changed and yet Paul is saying work in order to be at GU you have to be one inwardly and your circumcision is of the heart that means he changed that means in order to be discounted righteous your heart has to be circumcised and new heart which is the new covenant experience so that is interesting and people say and is now almost interest among us that you have people he doesn't forth in the Gospels room three four five and so they ignore Romans want you and they ignore Romans six seven eight when it comes understanding justification for if you look at Romans chapter shooter were counted it's right there in it's related to an inward experience suppose that foundation and once he lays a foundation and when you get to Romans chapter three and we start talking about being justified by faith you understand based on what he said circuit she once taught so that's room service you do not show for a national Jews and Gentiles there's the respect of persons with God and the people who bring honor to God 's name are those who haven't inward experience that you may be a so-called Christian outwardly Hammacher Schlemmer was impressed that if you haven't been changed in your heart you can call yourself whatever you want that's not how God 's


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