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Eyeless in Gaza: Sexual Integrity for Men

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • September 13, 2008
    11:00 AM
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good morning all God is surely good we believe that Lenny Hayes AA mad men good to begin the phones working out that he met my destiny to opening text in Genesis chapter three verse six of the looking off obviously this morning Genesis chapter three verse six of all instead don't believe a word about the same ability what the Bible has to say this on Genesis chapter three verse six loving you as follows you is the name you see inside what can I read paper in the name of our current series of sermons on sharing in this series will study about relationships and as relationships are the foundations of all foundries because families on very very important to God and to distract into myself without my relationships and so this is a false statement in regard about sexual integrity for women the last one now this morning gentlemen is sexual integrity for men next to me that's entitled playing the lobbying that playing the love game calling out attention and calling out affections but is one of me looking at sexual integrity funding when men become sexually you're not only by the relationship to God but also transform their relationship with their wife or the girlfriend every man battles sexual temptation every now in every relationship with the other girl girlfriend or wife will only grow stronger men when we conquer sexual temptations this morning I think Christian master developer five dictate on the highest note the homepage of this morning then and would be real with God and the word this morning in a NNN NN admin this morning on stories in the Bible when men had succeeded and whether you have failed in their effects or conditions with doing this so that we may learn the lessons God has for us in a practical way as one would get the teachers you see most authors in history what they do and who is the report only the good side of the life when the right autobiographies but not so with the Bible and I believe that the authenticity of the Bible is reviewing in the fact that the author now unable to show that SI but also multi- soul the backside also this short tutorial something fall even if would make them look bad in other words they were real and they were genuine in the Bible I find his company my life is in the back and I see my feet in the Bible to show the good side of people then I probably would evening we because the soul I like me and I praise God with whom I think that the mounting method but they also have the honesty to write about it what gives me hope in the Bible the fact that although people committed adultery must attempt her life she swore and also he's one of them was by the grace of God able to overcome their fear and if they found out backup and overcame the thin salt and I and so can you by the grace of God this morning I praise God for my sake that the you are saying my print job at the thin but I pray to God for my thinking to say that in all the same but they got that by the grace of God victory and gain the victory over sin and now for your sake I present the stories that come alive and speaking of heart disease study the weather got together the father as you would is open we do humbly ask that you may be with us and help us understand where we thank you Jesus thing in a tablet of it so I could happily live in such a dispute hello Josefina six the balance is what did Adam wiped out to eat the forbidden fruit the Bible says that when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was visited I think that you can be desired to make one wise each of the cylinder off and didn't eat and gave also to husband with her and he did eat dinner upon the last sermon that an article in the woman to eat the forbidden fruit Satan when any have to change the whole process of online if you change your phone line before she is on the forbidden fruit in a harassment policy can have each of the infected women battle was over I can be emotional one man battles as I've only been here many most alumni I downloaded the eyes and the physical femininity during the flight said that women gymnasts set on the physical demand an audit to get love the emotional one then again I'll be emotional and honor to get back the physical are they getting to see you there okay foo is attractive in this who if he may bless you when I succeeded because he would not have you even know I look attractive she was not attractive enough the food doesn't have to eat of it there have to be a change in her mind first before to eat of the forbidden fruit I want to notice the difference without we don't see and do not use the same method he didn't need to change his mind before Adam even the forbidden fruit what I was thinking out of the blue was all you have to do is get out of to see coming to him see what his eyes and then he ate the forbidden fruit is the thinking goes around like a more lying speaking with men he maybe bar slid onto the deck I thought an attack of Satan we need to understand what figures battle plan of attack is for us men the WAP prepared to save our relationship to save our marriage is to save our homes and to save our children from emotional infidelity when the gold is that you think about that last sentence out of Chapter 11 verse one to mean the bottom of the second Sino chapter eleven verse one what they deem to do with all the usual went out to war with connecting the island David was a man who cheated and committed adultery with another man one is look at what happened what is in the Stephanie learned is that all the women felt was to understand how many fall second son of Chapter 11 must one will will you be doing all of you were not the wife even as the King of Beja and James was supposed to walk toward the living being be active in war and going to war about this anything to pass after the year was expired by the time the Kings go forth to battle the demons sent Joab in the service with him and all occasional and they destroy that you do not have NBC's Ramah but the vent carried still at Jews first of all being it was supposed to go to war instead of going to war he's a ideal at home seizing in first line of attack is to get on to be ideal for Idol is soon meeting appoint one subordinate into that within the Congo needs of the strongest with his first line of attack to get us to be idle and born in online what happened next the rest of the second line of attack the volatility came to pass in an even typing the letter goes on Mother's Day and walked upon the will of the king 's house and found I will see what saw known about of the eyes King David saw the second Saturday figure nine king demon to see he saw on one man watching a somewhat taken aback on the popular role and the women was very what beautiful to what milk upon soul when I did a courtesy he got out of bed and went to walk in it but is not working as walking walking on a comfortable about things he saw he was attempting with his eyes he saw a woman taken aback him even if I is I guess I was thinking of that happening is to be an idol to be lazy in that thinking uses all eyes to get to me it doesn't really see any privately point out sexually charged images of women before an audit our attention including a north of the north that being inherent things you did not turn away he saw the invasion but the policies she did not turn away for the war in the model says that he was she was very beautiful to look upon otherwise he's fair long enough to know that the woman is looking upon was very beautiful he didn't turn away a statement the not look away and to look upon the beautiful woman with the next verse three of the next phase of attack and David sent and inquired after the woman and once it is not disgusting but that Donna de Leon the wife of the Hittite please check the next Venus city got been ridiculously out of the question the situation side to ask questions that will need whether she were the she liked me well I had a family her really be that bad when I get caught if I do that support step and in the last days beam and send messages and was going to occur and she came in to him I delay with her pussy is purified uncleanness is return at your house with five and a woman can see that pregnant and said until David and said I when Child left please keep all king demon what was already done in his thoughts figure last sentiment is injected into what you already did in your mind the eye problem certainly cannot justify nothing typified into the Bible has to say as you know this is the foundation of all to every African relationships but the foundation is is sexual integrity for men and women can have a relationship with the sheathing on one another just doesn't work some people think it likely does not work in a long-term message of the fibrous twenty seven to twenty eight holiday we committed adultery the Bible says that she don't know styles nothing Chapter five twenty seven twenty eight about this you heard that he was set up them of old time you shall not commit adultery but twenty eight that I sent to you that whosoever is on the women to lust after her hath committed on talking with her already in his life first of all you know from the Bible and that if any it is clear thought comes in your mind you think of another woman another man is not a thing of figure drawing conclusions in your mind but if you log into your thought in your mind of overwhelming disdain this online current imagination or using you see someone you thought design of fantasizing about that woman doing committed a faint in your mind is called spiritual adultery because you know what really you already accomplished recently Montana and the winner will rendezvous is not a hobby like Cass imputing meaning that person I married a man is a sinner not just limited to what we do but is also connected to what we think and what reunited according to city now says but is also interested in all five and all feedings also this morning as in the next verse in relation to spiritual noting what do we do is meant at least the ones that immigrants and twenty nine and if you're right what I can to get high but one that still integrity if you're right I have been to what clutch it out and cast it from you for his operative for you that one of your members of Paris not that your whole body should be cast into hell if you can it was such a conclusion to draw eyes it is better than A+ I said that we cannot loss so we may be saved many keep eyes and continued to laugh and be lost now if either that is symbolism behind the meaning about that in the next to exalt up to thirty one verse one what is the better way for men to be saved into flat out I joined up to thirty one verse one Joe but before sans Joe chapter thirty one verse one what is a better way for us to be saved and plucking out a line Bible says that John was a perfect man the Bible says so why was he a perfect and upright men the Bible says Joe said I jewel made a covenant with my wife I went until me to come into his life the Naples on earth is why then should I will think I was made overwhelming critical and I Weiss because lower look maybe it would anyone in that it wasn't me I wanted already mainly turn away from legitimate to criticize men that if you become Buddha one day he meets right I awakened and that we need to do is it on to win the battle against sexual sin that is very prevalent in the United States of America and Hawaii Hilo will not anywhere broken home the bread broken heart and often women men we need to make a comment and when I do see God doesn't want us up he wants us to start I spiritually the next tiny dining on the role and is not being that out the daughter you need to look away into a naked family time will tell your wife that you look in the rearview mirror mirror because he thought you knew her it doesn't take thirty seconds to figure out that you don't know where we get the beach an attractive girl in a two-piece skimpy bikini walks on by men in the two look away don't put your sunglasses on I develop an elegant girl echo cannot see what's he doing falling time of all the states in the United States of America we are the most liberal in the Hawaii is the most liberal and Holly Jeff definitely him I don't want and you put them in a two-piece baby is consumed with no slipper Alyssa was anything but I may see you in December what happened nothing like you think of saying women in your clutter in New York City and examine in this winter I won't happen the rest of the line Mister decent exposure so why is one of the hottest days of the engine for men who want to keep the mind sexually pure enough light is cheating going on everywhere all the time is the artisans me talking to the person who lives in title was telling me that the movie he's in his life is sitting next to me talking to me that we are moving out of title the Weinraub title the because ever since I became a Christian isn't possible for me to deliver in that policy naked women every day and everything will be the rest of my life I cannot do it you see men received this issue of chemical high from sexually charged images going to sign a hormone called epinephrine is secreted into the bloodstream with locked into memory whenever a stimulus is present at the time of the emotional excitement some men we may not become addicted to the chemical highs brought about by fax of ratification even if there is no physical contact which you see Satan today uses pornography sexually charged images of women found in magazines books on us but he fastened me back to going on the Internet Hollywood movies and television programs to purveying Cenozoic images of women before us in on I is for all marriage is a relationship outbound need to know his duties in the figure the men in August of the minds with sexual pollution effects of impurity and bills of England sooner or later be released by an action like you lose about the eyes you are and him losing the battle with the physical seamen men sex enough to follow lasted for the last buildup your need to be released only usually using to some sexually him are acting as the paper is about the top part known as the old Indian story proper of the grandfather talking to his grandson in the grandfather said his grandson he said we can have the person there is a good one and evil will the grandson thought about visible ways Wolf will come out I spent the he said the Wolf defeat what are we feeding ourselves whether we allow nice to see disease yes when we see more and more sexy source images and today was shown in the bikini compared to ten years mostly illegal is totally different even the commercials that is totally different than it was used to be enough reaching an increase of sexual immorality going marriage is breaking a hole be destroyed today the more you see this is a more increasing the last within the and increases masturbation which is self abuse having sex in oneself fornication him to send me what you spot them about an intervening in what these five new images industries are the acts of masturbation on occasion corrupt marital passes and adoptee and see one another it makes sense is looking the strongest man that ever lived but was it the weakest judges fourteen you know the story some of you that is not the fourteenth verse twenty three judges chapter fourteen verse twenty three the life of Samson is the Bible at the same about his battle we don't want to be the strongest man in a Berlin yet he was the weakest man that ever lived right judges at the fourteen verse twenty three what does something do it cannot balance of following the exact wording the Bible says here about an assassin went down to ten now and what was HR and what Saul when I is one woman and woman into math of the dog of the Philistines and he came up and told his father and his mother and said I have what C and HIV eyes again for men I will do I wanted to know how the daughters of the Philistines now therefore get her for me to wife and his father and his mother said to him is there never woman among the daughters of their brethren among all the people that you should let the wife of the uncircumcised Philistines and sent the students Islamic get her for me when she pleases me well see something Saul of what many want to marry against the wishes of his parents a US city redesign but even though all we know that he committed a sin for this woman and why all we know he did there but also using the Holy Spirit upon them in a few verses later date of the jawbone of a donkey you destroy all anyways the Baath party is even iPhone disastrous inbox deluged by the circuit judges at the sixteen rest want to jump the leader Judges sixteen is one assassin blue Max a NASA of the fascinating assassin with the strongest man in Berlin in the Bible okay he is strongest in the world and history and politics here then what is sin to God and one saw there profiting I about says and he went in unto her something it was tempting to his eyes I'm not offended again he saw now he gave it to sexual temptation anything that with a prostitute but we know also all from the Bible that God will open the night and the new electronic County because they didn't like him and soul he went out at each of them being being doors off the gates of the city it is also important off the hinges put on is that any conduct on the top of a hill and he threw in their tonight well done upon it even though they admitted a sexual sin again this morning praise God this morning for the mercy of God even though we said again and again and again Los Angeles and God 's mercy does not forsake us even amid Los Angeles as God uses the facility uses us and blesses us and give us his grace and his mercy no not thinking that the only people with whose what do I recommend all field one occasion on whenever maybe but the sins go beyond infinity is equal to the first quarter Hebrew paper talking about married soon be seen only as Christians immediately while we don't commit idolatry and going clockwise in the mind also for this is the nurse company covers an underdog gets you men and women professing godliness being based their own bodies and indulges all the corrupt passions and thus lower the cells beneath the brute creation on abominable doctrine many do die prematurely the life sacrifice in and in glorious work of excessive indulgence of the animal passions yet because the unmarried they think they commit no sin passes are just as basic quality maybe found in the marriage religion has outside all the with assassin then do next the judges chapter sixteen verse four the Bible says and it came to pass afterward that he allowed a woman in ovale is sorry with name was what you heard of the famous couple called fast then add the line she enough to be bad news GDC there she betrayed him she manipulating of its own the secret of his powers with his head again when his strength his muscles many people read that she also sent when your youngest son and daughter Jillian Romance could ever kill him but what long I could do it one man was able to do and thanking those the ones I like and don't get you a warning can do was say to know that is will my strong man by using the sexual temptations all I wanted what happened in verse twenty when do I like the classes here he told her the secret of his power and then what happened to the rest twenty she cut his hair off and deliver him to eleven she said that the signs your enemies be upon you sense and they went up out of his sleeve and said the wrong kind before and set them up myself but he didn't know that this time the Lord had departed from he thought he could just deliver this time he didn't know that the Lord had a Python there is a time to love with all the choices you continue to process in Austin 's enough actress is continue continue continue whatever how long anyway hiding all in it that's why we don't endanger renal rates over time with the judgment of God can no longer be staying told and what about instead of focusing and remain those oppressions are it is close again in a second call talking about self abuse when prices answer is also with anyone because there is a battle going on he went on young children with masturbation when a person subject into the habit of self abuse the masturbation is impossible to all the losses abilities to appreciate eternal things or the like and spiritual exercises if you thought season that saw the imagination and fascinate the mind and that's allowed almost uncontrollable desire to performance up and peer actions or policies of abuse are not the vision that I will be long been listening to the people in the whole aftermath initiative that is very self-paced and twenty percent about self the second part of the mathematicians shock offensive and causes positive ID generates the body but the worst part about masturbation like it is called is that masturbation produces him thought and imagination of all women or men other than your boyfriend or a girlfriend other than your husband or your wife that you can destroy previously relating to the future you might want to continue to put it a thought D- Georgia future relationships and only destroy everything that you have a good rest before the next page second paragraph and one we must do something we must do something to stop this terrible kind of moral impurity self abuse method because that is the most degrading thing preloading the whole character of the man unless goals are processing device break up the thin independent before God they will find no place in the city of God to the most disturbing thing I found today that about self abuse that today when I see this and I hear a lot today when parents are telling us that the testing of children in order to avoid the accident no more girl sitting out the competing to send what they think of the children three four five years old the doctors and doctors and nurses are telling them that is why one is okay and if it is allowable for you allow your children to do their esoteric among the Trinity doing this I have to not this and are you lonely doing in the privacy of your own home in your own room with a new dentist and enjoy the sixteenth twenty one about this but I still can't fasten and for all his life I want to talk to Don and bound him with fetters of brass and eating drying in the prison house it took all I put him and obviously something is now I ain't gone I aimed on the name of the sermon this morning you're the ICC Gaza represented the way it was a very place where he slept with the possibility member of the House of Representatives and now suddenly became highly integrated faith that he was committed sexually immoral said something I also like the very thing you I was not talking him into the very best that he was a easy songs that have followed his life and he couldn't be saved when I connected to his heart so God allow that apply to plot out the body can be seen in the sixteen verse twenty eight at twenty to thirty the Boston assassin what happened next his life and something called into the largest that will long remember me I pray you strengthen your trade only this one a lot that I maybe had one of the inventors of the Philistines for my two eyes something took hold of the two middle pillars I was the hostility I was was born up of the one reasons and the other with his left and saw this and let me die with the Philistines and he bowed himself with all his might and the hospital upon the Lord upon other people never therein so the damage is limited that when more than day with a slew in his life not that I couldn't see the Holy Spirit which are him and his eldest son was saved by anyone I think in his entire life and he was Chapter 11 verse thirty two with phone that something is listed in the Hebrew Hall of Fame in other words he will be saved by God 's face and neck I said this morning even though my own sources we assume the later part of the Holy Spirit through opposites and choices God is mercy in his favor and his law life he analyses the same of us mail same as a man so Iraq it has to better and that he lost his eye is on the plucked out his whole body to be cast into hell something was I listened on the one he was saved by his grace this morning and then some of me to become literally blind necessity choice images around an honor to be saying this morning and all at the same I really should I say all Americans honor to save all whole and not what we need to make a company with no eyes as far as that is evil to deck this morning the rates of the loss of battery and numerical dissatisfaction in it is there which a husband and wife not only in the web even in the Christian church is staggering Judy staggering and even in together being decided by not happy is still staggering today very few men are consumed by the narratives and he was still consumed by sexual purity but definitely let God decide what you've got a grizzly marriage is not a parallel Christ's relationship to research what the question for Mister he died for his church he died on across the county for his residence to be one in the same way men we are to love allies him one with their I do not be one arising was singly Guadalajara so that will be fully and only wanted to outline completely in an article auto parts must become in his people God beat upon his promises to us his mind again the school year to another teacher it sounded like maven manages the challenges for women the lifetime of his own then they will not be what you can do about promises are as vocal sample based upon God 's promises to us what he can do through us every cement on my figure the first covenant men men commented to surrender your life to Jesus every two confidence which I been hearing meets right away the eyes of anyone when in which you were lost after three at which I never look at any type of anonymously or any type of sexually charged images of women even books magazines or the Internet for company which I saw walking on it when movies and television programs said that so any type of sensory images of women or the main or debase women into mere effect objects five company to stop all sexually immoral acts whether you're a single have a girlfriend ordinary and once it is lastly recommending reading this on CIV Chandra sexual purity nunnery of the action but even if you mind the thoughts and feelings that I personally read a good book is called Everyman 's Battle now is recommended for the women at the woman is not allowed on the book with me because when I present the uninsurance on young lady want to read it so bad further reading on right now for you to read this will affect my sex is not a problem left is also a Harris regular thought is running on the send by leaking it is both the borders or Amazon.com when the Internet is not a solemn appeal by anyone then many guests when your life the life getting you this will be for the family and friends to honor and cherish away abandoning all others you promised she would have more luminaries that he would have in a single night this happened or a facility commitment is to live faithfully and chairs are completely your wife game up her free don't think about you give up our freedom you see relinquish our rights to seek happiness somewhere else and when someone else chasing this freedom visitors are more valuable your love and you were her dreams are tied up in you genes is sharing and communication and oneness she's dressed and we are sexually perfect drive in the most wanted possession the Bible called in her sexual going she trusting you will be worthy of this gift when you carelessly viewed sensor images and even of other women belittling and littering her garden she needs us more and you must honor that this morning you must chance away because she shares her deepest secrets as long as we do she has told you sorry that he has told no one else judiciary longer bolts almost instantly bring cheers to her eyes she shared long learning the rest and try and yarn you see you know you like this one you are her beloved see is yours you know her teachers fear is the highest on the future was he actually can and cannot handle this morning she met with an open of so why you must have a terracing that could be fatal by making a covenant which I for the sake of you godforsaken manuals on your wife with your sweetheart it doesn't matter what otherwise looked like what they have or haven't done whether life has unfolded differently from what you expected we must honor and cherish them be faithful to that they won't allow eyes to look upon people won't allow lines to develop on paper what we allow our bodies to do this morning and let us of an elastic body received a sense of being Michael sings morning and maybe some men's lives in to him may God find us faithful to him and to the one he is given to a


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