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Empty in Sychar: Sexual Integrity for Women

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • September 6, 2008
    11:00 AM
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why not is doing mantra is not as good a man is good to us this morning and by continue meetings onto the floor and holding Texas mornings onto the floor for thirteen fourteen John chapter four verse thirteen fourteen the opening text is really praying about the next series ozone into and doors handing this out at this time but this is a series of effective it was called on the regular three hundred dollars and all you make until help you it was the look is called loving you as God allows you and is called in federal relationships dogs away so maybe looking at this is only after you have condemned before the next series next quarter but Islamic view of the case was that happen and it's all the different churches of the first one is feeling the emotional void sexual integrity for women estimates seven and then the next one is either involve ethics integrity for men she was almost profoundly hoping one get one and then also called on affections my relationships go bad and in finding your soul mate and so would be popped among his subjects from the word of God and follow the way and how relationships should be done because relationships I see family is the foundation of all churches of communities and relationships on the foundation of all families of you believe that the nisei men relationship is very important so my soul and I believe very strongly in the family waterpark and even diminishing one point in even the church I believe in the local home family best important I'm sure is only as good as it found and so mean we believe strongly in because the NATO found here we believe strongly in family and a part of the counties are eligible for series on the founding of the word of God a noted and eight today that his soul distorted and on the family should be in so necessary there would be doing is any bombing anyone whether you're a single letting your single looking for someone on a single who want in the way the rest of your life to those of you who are relationships life in the girlfriends to build a legal unmarried grandma house and all life I believe this applies to all of us also this morning be looking at the sexual purity for when you see that women will struggle with sexual integrity but just in different ways it is a big hearted men that women do not struggle with sexual integrity and because for every man that commit adultery there is always a woman for the online for some law that women are not sexy in viewing mall have the tendency to be that way as you study the weaknesses of the different sexes there is an overlap and although this may not be agenda you may sometimes even a certain aspects of the week apply to you the crosses over I believe that this is happy because they knew the confusion of roles between men and women on the one we'll talk about that later and I went to I believe the fact that there is a lot of at immorality has been all along our nation not only on the lung foundation when leaving implicated all charges up today and this morning I pray that made me be open to the Holy Spirit and his convictions as we study the women got together and as a father as you word is open we humbly kneel before it the only asked for your guidance and help us all to understand brass humbly in the name of Jesus in the woman at the well John chapter four verse thirteen John chapter four verse thirteen fourteen what did Jesus often it was an American woman at the well Bible says in thirteen of fourteen Jesus answered and said unto her whosoever drink it up this water shall thirst again notice woman with a well ideas after the lot and then it's a but whoever did this while the test again but he said but whosoever drink it up the water that I shall give him shall never thirst but the water then I shall give him shall be in him I welcome water springing up into everlasting life you see Jesus saw this woman issue that the well and they are betting spirited he saw this woman when Jesus saw that this one is well within the this one as well whether he then offer her water from a well-known that a one one July and that would fill her up as soon be satisfied what was the woman's response to this author is fifty two the Bible had the same view in the Bible had to say this morning about the as you want to send him somewhere to me this one that I thirst not neither hitherto jaw didn't mean this one this one when you are for what she had to offer she was tired of always feeling at peace she wanted something different than what she was currently experiencing something that will satisfy the longings offer emotion all hungers but before he was due to see this fulfillment what did Jesus do if RF before he experienced full fulfillment the diversity taking the bottle says Jesus said to her goal call your life comehither woman and since then I have no husband Jesus said to her you have well said I have no husband I had five husbands and he will you have now is not your husband and that God says no to I want to know is that before this woman could experience chewing through satisfaction and fulfillment in Christ Jesus Burris have to deal with your sexual and emotional integrity for them this morning before in order to apply to be truly satisfied in Christ either in a life or relationships we first need to deal with our past and present sexual integrity in you see this woman was fighting a battle you can find many relationships she had five husbands she had had five invoices and on the master linguist it was shocking within she felt that he was told he was there with his messy still filibuster still missing something in her life that suggests import of being alive upon the weather she didn't understand Satan 's strategy of a path against their expression of the woman that understand that attachment in the two Genesis apathy before you today women need to understand Satan 's plan of attack against them again this overlaps in the final minute the thing is an overlap and impress you this morning Genesis chapter three verse one going back six thousand years to the first relationship that never existed out of any what happened in the garden of Eden Genesis chapter three verse one the Bible says now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field with the Lord God had made an incentive to the woman EA has God said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden were not simple the youngest food of history and Satan asked the question now the serpent spoke no camp animals speed and real-life and animal speak no sin we haven't had to go out and eat in the first false reality came when the first I'm really big-play or movie that ever existed so the first line of attack if they you will media will come back to that leader the second line of attack to think again against the woman he was that he was the plug-ins I use mine a spirit of questioning a questioning author current situation he did those two things the first use of false medium many came with a spirit of questioning our current situation is that she did what happened next one to see how strong he was looking with two and three and the woman sentenced to the serpent we may eat of the food of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said you shall not enough in ministry project that you want not was an easy response is a he believes strongly in her client values and beliefs she was satisfied with everything she had she was satisfied with what God just satisfied with her life with her husband with her emotional needs with a future she was truly content with her current situation I want to notice up with a few things first of all Satan given just DE essay here he misled led through a looks attractive in this room waving even invented thinking about making a permanent from everything he would have to eat that food of Satan not the present off he is thinking what to do that even would not like he can object secondly before he talked to the subject she was not attracted to the forbidden fruit to write before he talked to some of the less nice-looking busty temple walking by but we see stop sink as you think it had to do something at the something what am I see where to make the open info look attractive I think Lavinia felt into wildlife University he is walking by thinking I could get into a line into such an exchange process in a line to get her to be attracted to the forbidden fruit what was the thirteen feet and into the Corvallis and have been impressed for an fine seven seven to the woman ye shall not surely die for God doth know that in the game there are then your eyes shall be opened and usual BS life God knowing good and evil so Sega says even if you go through even if we as God better than what you currently are in Seattle Satan got need to question the situation in Nevada to become dissatisfied she sought to entertain a new idea that she had never heard before Satan can't hurt to feel that he wasn't getting what she needs our that he needs better and that he was missing how on something better she deserved more than her current situation to begin to satisfy the situation and that he is missing out on something better out there like that someday all the benefit of ECC St. Germain goal is to create within the woman a dissatisfaction or desire in more than what he currently had any believe the line he felt that he was actually missing out on something and thus became dissatisfied with her current situation is enough below what is she doing with the number six with the fourth thing that happened for six when the woman saw that the tree was good for food good physically good as for me I be understanding with his mentally and a treaty that make one wise with spiritual novice spiritually she took the day off and gain eat when she saw that the filmmaker physically would benefit her physically mentally or spiritually and satisfy the physical mental and spiritual longings ultra hot you believe she then sure but the forbidden foods and she ate of it as a captive sequence of seat-of-the-pants Satan use of unrealistic medium first of all the reality of the tool to get he just said to Satan next foot questioning he is mine to question her present situation number three second lead you to believe that she was missing out on something better in life what it was she currently had hideously need to become dissatisfied in Delhi with God with her life with her husband and what her emotional needs that the state and then team up with is that happen with the temptation of making the forbidden fruit look attractive such that he saw that it was good for food that it was pleasant to the eyes and intrigue to be desired to make one wise a falling visiting men and women are the was already okay using the eleven men and women's battles are not the same Satan attacks each one of us the battle list discusses in two weeks men are not as always I am with the physical one women's battles over the years and the emotional he said that man give the to get back and win against that to give the alternate world you see just like he said he didn't know today that he went all initial women today in the forbidden fruit if he was in today and after the even most women were not busy when I'm deducted from the left the same woman is married or has a boyfriend was engages he's blissfully happily and extremely satisfied in her relationship with using a single one of the conquer her and kept her and send him a good in a nice handsome man to die along who make you happy and senior management of press time and he came on strong at on top of her and wanted to be with her she would have to turn away the most part most limited would turn away and be not interested in just like he is seeking with the shortest route in turn away mine and easily turn away from that situation but what Satan does this with monitoring using the same thing you did when he faced all year little to do it to modeling keys today so how do you say to get her to fall by the same way he got seemed to fall his plan is to get women to become attracted to things that they were once not attractive to then at one time had been partly satisfied and content in the relationship I was not attracted to anyone else but after thinking use the sequence of the past they ended up cheating on the level him for modern username law you have the purple papers here first of all sitting users a certain he uses often unrealistic medium off all reality they get hurt and cannot be content with the current situation or relationship today he uses the false medium all fictional novels soap operas love stories romantic comedies and sitcoms and the main medium display relationships wrecked marriages and mooring sexual integrity he was released leaders and begin the process isn't enough on discontent in people 's minds and what is mine of having them on a wish and a whole enough to husband or boyfriend would be more language of Europe I found me below this one thank you he used the medium of training and one is mine a desire for Castle building a castle building a cave near the United in the Castle not having the info V is not likely be truly beautiful and leave the line apprentice friend and I went to the unenviable picture does not pass on a beautiful prints when they really need up for anything that will be pretty woman with the idea one appellate people did that story night in shining armor saving her right so the building the building is when a person satisfy this with the United Nations of the mine wishing that song prints shine we went to sleep around a theme and save her out of our current situation satisfying her every need and I think Iran is a wide address into the sportier with the second unit not curing heart and mind is something like this for the policy yet been injured by reading what love stories and romances I know mine has been fascinating by him appear thoughts imagination has become corrupt but he seemed to have no power to control your thoughts safely leads you Captain FTP this can look at the fourth one you can read the first and third in the home before the fourth one for the Lord has shown me the women on this class I've had the United Nations perverted by the turnover novel reading gains meaning and castle building living in an imaginary world they do not bring their own ideas mountain climbing useful duties of life they do not take up a life or is this line the path to seem to make a happy cheerful home for the husbands they rest the whole weight upon them the husband not turned on burning the expect others because of readings these novels and watching Hollywood's movies soap opera was daytime nighttime exec others anticipate the wants and to do for them what they are they really find fault in the question as they please these women have a lot of sick sentimentalism constantly thinking they are not appreciated that the husband do not give them all the attention they deserve the night and then all minors know anyone like that you have you see within every woman there is a natural tendency been a sinful nature that is bent towards sexual and emotional him he wasn't all the love story of Prince charming on the possibility that if we look a possible natural tendencies within us tenfold and it was an imaginary morning we met my dinnerware walking alongside Ray Ray and I'm not anywhere we love it on reality like the second speaking I want to come off and watching you walk on a movie audio home he walked onto reality on a field reality that doesn't end there is going to unite relationship community sing with the second the thickness of fastball hospitality I think they cannot be put the question in a woman's mind concerning her present situation if she is with someone she may start dinner my comparison of boyfriend or husband with every other man and whenever he does this he always consult short she may question already in all that he could be she could reason in a mind that she nevi from them all his own good so that he can be different and better than what he is funny because of the point of criticizing and complaining about him and almost every conversation that goes on I wouldn't use comparison of the greater and deeper separation between the two in the second is that you believe women believe that they are missing alt van or something better in life than what they currently have any themes he leaves today to become disappointed and dissatisfied in Ohio with God with your life when a husband with a blanket with being single when emotional needs because of the comparing that was done of her husband wife as you know it was entitled to something better just someone who can meet her needs the way that she deserves it to me now not a few dishonest by then and only then Nelson and Collins with the fourth wing temptation of making the statement forbidden affair look attractive when you get the presentations first of all physical mental spiritual and we learn reservoir he mixed up a bit of food look good to eat keeping someone to you not emphasized by whom you have someone to to you because he can make you number two second unit of the benefit of the present to the mind and being seventeen with Kerry is able to satisfy your emotional needs number three unit of forbidden fruit these I want to make you wise to bring someone to you was very intellectually stimulating a spiritually knowledgeable and fulfilling you see a difference gives you possibility to movies and novels he then compares you that you have to compare you on a half with these movies and novels or just other people either has become dissatisfied with the relationship I find it documented you manage your life we will have been the personal qualities that you become attracted to and then you fall at this point below NBC's of many Seventh-day Adventists Christian with a C7 and Christians are too smart to commit adultery or fornication because they know that Israel will reason militant Israel and committing a sexual affair many women in the world and especially in a church and all committee anymore soon all of their instead responding to this thing about how attractive the neighbor is because he's so funny I like there has been imagine how happy Derby with a coworker who satisfies the emotional need unlike the fiancée thinking about how things would be like with the classmate who is so intellectually stimulating or spiritually knowledgeable I like that life you see it is devastating to relationship when one commits a sexual affair but is equally devastating to relationship and damaging and destroying when one commits unemotional stare when the hardest one link on the part of the husband when a husband at the same time the husband thinking that nothing is wrong and he's going I falling you see God this one is not only interested in our actions but is also interested in our thoughts and feelings in a expectation is not a sin in a year to get the box another man attracted when it was coming maybe this is when the temptations while I'm in the afternoon in rehearsing in my heart we like to meet so-and-so in the hallway in his own I say what I think the incremental like an attractive in this look at all thoughts enough beatings and we do not instruct the twenty fourth message up to 24-bit thirty seven by not only insisted in our actions what is interested in our thoughts and operating method twenty five or thirty seven Hall were the last days be like my point is comes that again holiday be like influence of a holiday light in the world the two thousand and seven be like these they looked about us it would be like Matthew twenty five or thirty seven doesn't it doesn't matter what I think the limit but about is what the Bible CNN Matthew chapter twenty four thirty seven the Bible says but had gained in the lower salsa also the coming of the Son of Man be so the last days of the exactly how I used to be in an even more hollow than in days of Noah in Genesis Abbasids the first book Genesis first book of the Bible Genesis chapter six verse five holiday like entities in one Bible says and God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every one imagination although what thoughts of his heart was only one evil continue to see these people had poorly not evil United Nations and evil thoughts and were told that all data be led nor not a I will need that hour United Nations and our thoughts will be able in the last days which will open a window now what does God want us to do with our United Nations and I went on a school to second dream to attend births five second Corinthians chapter ten verse five what does God want us to do with our United Nations and our thoughts thinking finish up the ten rest by the Bible says Kathleen Dolin what United Nations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every wife thought to the obedience of Christ to God alone because that would love this morning but is also concerned with no United Nations and all thoughts you this morning see all characters believability to have an right and all characters based upon his is what our wife thought not really needed in McKinney 's actions is looking on the inside without a clear what they believe will produce clear actions good actions therefore we need to cast down all evil United Nations and take capital capture all the evil thoughts when a Castle beauty Prince charming imagination comes to online we should Catholic down on about my new men with a run in with thought of meeting someone who rely zero nine remake Captain I thought and bring it to the obedience of Jesus Christ and we were not saying anything that the woman at the well John chapter four verse twenty eight John chapter four with twenty eight twenty nine why did a Samaritan woman believed Jesus was the Christ John sent before this one unit twenty nine the Bible says the woman then left a lot of hot and went her way into the city of Satan and calm CNN which told me all things that ever I did is not this the Christ because Jesus was the only one who not only know what her emotional needs were but was also able to fully satisfy them she believed that he was the Christ today below GMS is the only one who knows all our needs we love everything about you I DVR anyone who can't fulfill on those disappointments in your life will present as our beloved dissatisfied only tries hugely satisfying your wellness recipe go to Christ before you can reach your people down with someone else whether you single whether you marry a millionaire relationship you must first how do you feel guilt well my wellness first be filled with Christ's first before we can mutually satisfying in any relationship a lot of people there who long for something more than what they currently have this may have had relationships they may have even been a current relationship to enable the one relationship to another relationship to another relationship but they are never satisfied there is something missing in the lives of the just time point him on this morning what we need to realize is wanting is Jesus thank you anyone who can fulfill the biblical medical and spiritual any most in need on their life mind erasers sure his blood this morning by God 's grace that my wife will not cheat on me is not that busy meatballs to me which is good is not the fact that would marry which is good not the fact that she loves me which is good for my greatest assurance Jimmy then my wife or not she had a meeting with either sexual and emotional affair in that she knows God and that she is surrendered to him a man if she loves God she will be obedient to him and not commit adultery and Sheila God 's unicast found waking imaginations and pink captive of every evil thought is Sheila God 's United Vatican cardinal and a lovesick sentimentalism found in the Hollywood Buddha novel the movie and I love movies about their that will always attempt to destroy a marriage if she did not go if she didn't love God I would have every reason in the world to be afraid that my wife would have an affair with today's society and alternatives falling very closely behind the world in a moment divorces adulteries a church is no longer immune with the things that were allowing us to watch to listen to anything that would delay in the lot you are not in a long uphill around the block three in Internet searches if you did have on the lots you come in an affair and my fax and surely an emotional affair in other words without question in the life of your spouse you and never truly be happy this morning and then at the cross in the womb and the well was in a water one of the water across when Jesus died when the soldier Paul if I call came and what fountain of water out of his sign this water that came up and you decide if all of us bloodthirsty and longing for the physical mental and spiritual satisfaction that we long for and you can link drink of water if you go to the cross of Calvary you must first behold the unselfishness on fires on the cross of Calvary and we see him as often as it will help you and then you and Neil before the fight across inhumanity and all your life to Jesus Christ is only then that you mutually satisfying in your life your future your e-mails and needs your husband or boyfriend or your choice of a single God wants to be sexually pure not only all actions but on United Nations and also not thought and this can only happen to make the commitments to him this morning is because he loves you and Dorothy this morning but their love for him will awaken within you and spy you need to solve this morning I have some challenges in covenant delicates on you this might make before God if you do this right now company challenges and is based upon promises the five promises to us number one covenant to give your life to Jesus Christ every day of a man in all the vilest of all covenants on promises are like what both of Santini ruled by the fact we make a promise a lot of violence death and my son will benefit out what the new company 's policy states upon God 's promises based upon it was just a better promises forthright and enhance promises he will never fail he makes a promise he went to prison like I can do when you get how they do that I can't even give my life he would help me to get my liking anything that even make the company number two then to stop reading all wetlands novels and from watching also popularized daytime and nighttime romantic movies not starting a romantic comedy set top your relationship with loading it we got no more comparing in the Bible says about the pairing assault of one another the Bible says that comparing themselves with themselves is not what wine is not wise the results of the people not white white can with someone is not why the Kapadia husband with someone else Satan Satan DCE document body the disease many modeling leaves with comparing the husband 's appointments with other men even wherever you may be your workplace the church wherever maybe there culminated to pass down to NPR again Jamie Castleberry imaginations were in the five consular I want to know you I really given it he was always not be like Mary to that person went on with that man and how I be like anything on my pitiful situation made me happy in it I enjoy leading up to seven and point to call lastly said NASA's Apollo landing a man attractive for the first time the first time you might think I'll be like Mary Kay Henry Malloy said to me that you know you had to be laughing it off increase the two women or the very sign before coming in to capture you rehearse scenario thoughts and bring them to the beat of the Christ we wanted thing about all one hundred like and I met that person it is a temptation we were talking a set in when things happen you know when the rehearsals Boston Yossi said with a holiday like to sleep in a person the event was ever to happen to thought would happen you have to do what you have to be person you cognitively calculate taking Captain gravity think it's a obedience of Christ and serenity five covenant in any training on young kids and whenever this love story than in another castle buildings in the relevance of the Cheney phone young Amelia high school he goes on the possibility engaging me thinking about how to be likely not being a boy everything was fine coming in to escape from your imaginary world where we can not realistic below it only trades following is a false reality is not really to a certain does not speak eleven this morning in order for relationships were you must not only beef is him here but mentally and spiritually pure as well by the grace of God will not allow anything to come between you and the one that you may not promise to comfort to honor to share in sickness and in health and prosperity or adversity and forsaking all others booed save yourself and see him and silly and emotionally so long from people and him and him him


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