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Playing the Love Game: Calling out Affections and Attention

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • September 20, 2008
    11:00 AM
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hi this is truly good to all of us here this morning and the same in the dynamic men and particularly to our hoping text in its founding conference of the twenty first nineteen problems at the twenty first nineteen his opening texts the cemetery this morning is playing the last game playing the love game we started this series to serve in the goal we focus on the first sermon remember was on women and in the next seven two Lisa Garrow was a man of part of most strata seven another feature felt today's one is on playing the love game man and when this is a series of sermons I have outlined for the series were focusing on relationships between husband and wise what do they go up as we sought out for the foundation of all relationships boyfriends and girlfriends finding a soulmate moving on to section six integrity the foundation and moving on how to find your loved one is soulmate and moving on to hot up in August the first lobby keep going on to how to live with John one by one who cheated on you to completion on weekly is another person sermon entitled playing the looking cc today has me to get the blog into a cheap game today especially in a minute women who play these games allow game are called player people who play in the game of love with all players era saying he's a player immersed within a will that person who the player has learned how to manipulate them in a play women to get them to do what they wanted to do and I'm glad I missed something also applies to women who learn how to play national manipulating men also been learned in the last two sermons that women's battles over the years I be emotional oneness Ozawa with the eyes and the physical the crafty players in the game of love whether they be men or women understand these principles I distribute you very well so must the utmost limit soul that they play the opposite sex that they can get what they really want to care about the other party getting hurt for this office and only concerned about gratifying themselves as not to be related to anything that he met Doctor my way out that he tested the world when you're in you agree as Christians we are not to play this game of love event but I wanted to be a player in the does God want us as Christians to be prayed right to be taken advantage of to be hurt but I know that one wrong decision in our love life may determine whether all future will be a happy one or living hell below this morning that this study was even aware the God that tricks and games people play in order to manipulate resending this topic so that we may learn to never play any of these dangerous games as Christians and set up also we may have a happy successful wildlife is my humble prayer this morning ministry father is a word is open we hotly ask that you may help us to learn from it you may teach us what you want us to learn that we may apply thanking Jesus meaning this first take a look at the games then today probably for the rest nineteen what are you also cannot do promise want to thank analysis key goals he had thought about how to tell Berryville is the goodwill the second part especially doubtful I met I'm not associated not with who him the man you met with a man that one flatters with his wife this good consul not to meddle associate with anyone who flatters you that you see women all hours by what they hear and in Iraq and women's emotional desire that a high prize out for someone who can satisfy the intervals need to be loud needed value cherished animal minimizing societal satisfy these needs of women is head over heels for him women met Polaris now this and he was flattered and the ways to sweet talk you to get you to do what they want to do the call out your actions for them to play with your intentions by what they do I want to have and affection there are then able to manipulate you keep there is no effects their words have upon you women the caught sleepwalkers and before many when you finally wake up I know people like this you know what these people before he finally went off many years have been wasted with this one mad when you destroy the road of life and I know that that person had manipulated them the person the whole time you're saving nothing about it you know people like this friends family used manipulated by such a man all these years wasted because the law that mandates that woman nonetheless women will flock no one who calls on your affections by sweet talking you you may think that you don't will he talk that way to you to what is taught that way to you you know you talk to a hundred different women that went off the right but in this cordwainer but it is cool and smooth path the only white letters the young lovers associated trifle with hot and affections is a crime of no small magnitude in the sight of a holy God this song was so perfectly young lady their affections they called out the affections and then building away and forget all about the work they have spoken and the effect on those days I track them and the people same words the book to another the same way penchant for the people out there that do this you think of any people in a church and maybe do these love gains another look at how we should call out affection that they would a person 's emotions is look at a situation generated Genesis chapter thirty nine by seven look how we may deal with a situation where a person is already attracting unit in our chapter you can call that fashion without traffic you may be again but what is supposed to do when you're attracted to Genesis chapter thirty nine birth seven the answer is found in the sorry I still saw and however is white Genesis thirty nine with seven particles might want to do which also know that the Bible says about that and it came to pass after these things that is NASA's white articles white cast their eyes upon just so as you said what sleep with me she wanted to sleep with her husband 's service nullity Joseph do with your breast and it's while the Bala says that he came to pass as he spake and also Day by Day that he hiked him not to hurt to lie by her to be with her and he came to pass about this kind and also went into the house to do his business and there is none of the men of the house there within she caught him by his blood missing line with me finally in her hand and what and fled and DOS and I'll a lot didn't know this that the Bible says here in verse the Bible says here in verse ten at the end this is not only did he not sleep or heard about so that he would not even what being a millionaire him the Bible says near her at all that's how we should be as Christian Christians many of you know someone who likes you but she is married or single and you don't intend to marry her don't read off her affections to play with that person 's emotions sleep on her ideology led to smile at her knowingly don't be anyway where she can be further impressed with you soon spend the time with her even in public places and absolutely no return attraction singles they would have fashioned the call on the fashions that lay with her emotions knowing that you can see can be even putting and don't do any of these things ministry says we are not to flatter flirt on leave on a warm man and offered to call on affections that they will fax or by calling your sweetheart though your girlfriend when she's not your sweetheart or you drop these less serious offenses before God and one deal accomplished serious consequences that the quality of the is a talking among men again I was compelled to hear the words spoken by some men to women and girls words off-line flattery words that we deceive and evacuate the winning them in a women value the mind and emotion they can meet you the first time in the alley thing of a hobby like married to your thinking is all these means to destroy souls sunny made us had been his agents and if so all you have done this man you have to meet these things in the judgment a serious matter now men that we looking man that take a look at those games when playing tented progress at the seven were six to twenty seven Congress chapter seven Psalms and Proverbs chapter seven verse nine 's been doing a series of sermons from its epicenter verse six eleven during his sermons I've been thinking about my own past life in my experiences and our cities these visiting with my source that's what happened to me in the path when you think about is called on affection I remember one time I was going to win my college and is going for the see behind in the ministry there and I'm always loses I gave myself fully to life that I would be focused completely on studying the weather God to pray for the ministry that I'm not in any relationship the whole time and here at college on careful in what I will focus on the law in only the Lord left leg law relationships and Mike I think I did it I got a but not really you see I didn't understand that there was no real relationship but I didn't doing the things that I didn't call on affection and then in call inspections than me in a sense it was like a secret relationship that we weren't not biblical anything up against the emotions will call out an original because smart you and you know he's smiling lots of the way face of the things and purposely call on affecting you enjoy the feeling of player the present hearts the law is wrong and then finally you ask any time when they spend time with another person that if such writing an e-mail then and it's wrong right the dog doesn't want to squeal after Madonna wants the hiding doesn't want to play with people 's affections and emotions and play games with one another especially as Christians women that look at a player woman was a player who play this innocent young man to the promise of December six and Abiola says on me all the way to the end of the chapter so he followed me about within about the storyline here what's going on for the window my house and look through my casement and behold among the simple once beheld among the simple once I discern among the youth a young man void of understanding not knowing how to play the game passing through the street near her corner and he went the way to her house and it's one write me back in a dark night and behold there met him anyone woman with the tile hi Lynn and set apart she is loud and stubborn her feet I buy down in the house now she was now known the street and ninety weight at any climates as she caught him this young man she kissed him with an impudent face said unto him I had peace offerings with me this day haven't paid my balls therefore came I forth to meet you diligently to seek your face and I fallen you I've got my dad with a calming the tapestry recog works with fine linen of the angel I have a feeling my bandwidth monitor how Laura's and cinnamon let us take our fill of love until the morning let us solace ourselves with love for the good minute my husband is not at home is gone on long journey you think of a bag of money with him and will come in the day appointed window my spare specie caused him to you with a flattering upper lips she forced him to go out after a stingray and the ox roasted alive slaughter or the full to the correction of the stock in the dark strike to his liver of the birth case into the snare nor not that is it is for his life hearken unto me now therefore you children attend to the words of my mouth let not your heart declined to vote ways go not astray in her class but she has cast down many wounded young many strong men have been slain by her house is the way to hell going down to the chambers of death go off on this couple woman who the player just hast thou no wounded many strong men had been slain by her house is the way to hell going down to the chamber is off death within the schools I get out of my witness but Abbas again the women under years ago on the women in this age of twenty years ago now married and unmarried to think me do not maintain the reserve that is necessary being car as the attentions of single and married men and those are weak and more Apollo will be ensnared thoughts waking that would not have been of women had kept the place in all modesty and sobriety on the bottom win in I too often what Panthers one pretense another and engaged the attention of men married or unmarried and he then on to the transgressed the law of God to the usefulness is mooring and the souls on in jeopardy it is my expense I think about the relationships I had is at my experiences with this will women I noticed that the trend I know that the veteran that women are becoming more bold and forward and even how they asked you all on the honey flavored to be noticed that even compared to today compared even twenty years ago I noticed that a lot and I thought they say to you is not that he was on matter would be nothing to grow than I know that some women also told in Florida disdain it to men today in order that in the Disney what is the women battle with probably seven verse ten however this woman was up there however is she dressed up with MSN that the Bible is I met him a woman with the hierarchy what prostitute I want to read this one man she was not a prostitute November that this momentous attack was not a prostitute she only dressed like a prostitute and honor to what I try the case in off net I think they're all for non- pro occupation but she did it all for fun or for pleasure that's what women use the bodies what they wear right is not imminently many of the bodies will beware Delaware and audit the call object pensions off men women men is that as we learn is with the IV learned last sermon abounds with eyes in the physical and the Clairsville Windows Vista the good players the women they know this and so they do this to manipulate men to give them the attention of basil strong a desire men but that the women who dress this way you believe when I think everything is a man a man that women who dresses with addressing this with so that you will recommend that you then presently so you wanted and deemed them your attention but I did not even give them the time they resided what was the last time we got company which I then give in to what they want they want your attention to what you look prostitution in the business and occupation by a passages line is based upon her success in a business with his this is why when I think about this issue is successful she can pay her bills and rent she can eat he can buy clothes for baby right side business she has make sure that her prime is unattractive as possible and to in this case of poisoning her conduct is a body and a target market business number question is although the prostitute address was he dresses as sexy as possible benefit you whether he's a street hooker who dresses may be godly system this is sexy but this is a profession escort who make money that way he still suggested classroom against injustice still sexy she still needs to dress sexy and what interesting things this is really dressing to go to things her sleek curves or her bearskin right question if a prostitute dress modestly wish to gain any business thing about that if she was new and utilize known with you that Mama state and across the Rocky Mountains URL or unless it is known that there hotel stay so positive with a walk I see hope how Steve and walking down the street if she wasn't there she had the sleeve that he also is an bank closely scores Oregon about looking like a covered wagon wishing me good business Wednesday she was not making a good business notwithstanding you digest this way to get the point right is the same as nonviolent women to tell them you are not only nice things out of Matt Lauer that they must be in the shape in law and in control and not being sexy is a marvelous party in Ottawa Hollywood then I want the magazine is not enough because August supermodel so how you look anything or not to get his attention on community and attention to how I can address and you will get attention you see today women want to know hot shortest skirts shorts and tops can be when a woman goes shopping and says that she wants to buy something attractive today was the reason that you want to buy something that reveals the sleek curves or her bearskin women at the Christian you are not a prostitute therefore don't dress like a prostitute don't dress to see the attention of minutes then why don't you seem to think the attention of God by Jesse on your character would do well while his righteousness is mine but it's cool right here in the usable the back page in these last days some of the fashion 's most shameful and immodest and the gospel fest people and I greatly departed from him there would now be in the difference between then stress and well were living in a time when Earth 's inhabitants would run one more corrupt and the longest thinks it must be more plain between them and the income by other causes for the pun well in the fall on the best people yet the web addresses that were left unaddressed the written no pretensions missing this is how anyone out there flying over eleven as a professed Christian of God there should be a more different or some type of detention under the possibly death according to volatility genesis out the fever seven Genesis chapter three verse seven president alanine the first couple when I couldn't stand in the fruit Genesis chapter three verse seven Genesis apathy must send the bottle says and I love them it will open at a new that they were naked there were naked and solidity do I embrace all things leaves together and they then say how all legitimate themselves the Minas outline a great of the independent line getting out of for the five paragraph made it felt a bit like you tell me that look for this date as modest and is on my other problem with this modest is is how some women just maybe you think today software is a big outlet that is saying anything lasted other station is a gift chapter three verse twenty one chapter three verse twenty one thoughts enough to learn just how previous article all of them with the clothing labels analysis will I will send to his wife God made all skin and clothing operate it and will not put enough thought he took a way that a prison he gained and what holds on her original Hebrew relaxing goal of Berlin and they went on a donkey on a down and covenant them on this evening women dancing in the Bible that says we are to love ourselves as our what neighbor scenario what you know that your name or example you have a neighbor is a good friend of yours and she is dieting why she died because she is getting married soon and fuzzy long as I can see I'll want to lose ten Palm to go on a litigation one of the embarrassed rights you want to look clinician was missionary address bits and everything but you as our neighbor is an excellent gourmet chef the attention and the approval that you get when you make good tasting paste season foods so what you do is you gladly visit her every single being and you bring to her and encouraging sister her message each of how cake and coconut cream pie samples and you bring it to her pigment also need in the my question is I acting lovingly or softly guide her up scenario number two consider this you know that humanity learning the Bible the last sermon on visually stimulated at the site of a woman's body right now you think ninety five percent of union northeast on no no no don't get it at a women's body especially the elite class body you're also aware that he and godly men not the wording of the godliness I tried desperately to on the rise on his fiancée the Dolphins by not allowing the highest history in light of this you still crave attention from men in use is very cleverly variously curved and ten scan Re: acting lovingly also is a good and assess up this morning to getting dressed for the day rather than asking what man would I come across a day and when this catches on I should try asking us up in the morning when Wang is often that the alarming expression not causing my blood is the stumble and fall the question now limited to the games many women play this now take a look at the dangers of playing these games eighteen to fifty than to John chapter eighteen verse fifty what did Peter pretend with John did not John took the easy rest fifteen to eighteen Simon Peter followed Jesus so there's another disciple and us John he doesn't like to write his name and every time he writes about himself thank you to follow insult another's up with John that disciple was known John was known to the high priest and went in with Jesus and the house of the high priestly when in a penis under the bar without then went out that other disciple John went on which is known up to the high priest and expected her to get the door anybody yes Don but Peter is the domicile they blended Peter are you not also one of the man disciples he said I'm not serve as an officer stood there would mean a file it was cold and they warmed themselves and Peter is stored where with them one concern John was known for high treason he went away Jesus unto the house of the high priest with Peter stood with the officers and the soldiers John was retail and I'm pretending he went in as a disciple of Christ on the other hand pretending to be something he was not because John rebuild we really was thinking about lately because he didn't think it will become casino was thinking and feeling out of place and it bothered him to he crafting compromise the people right here the young people in the back page disciple John this is the disciple John upon entering the judge in the hall did not slide John do not strive to consider that that he was a fraud of Christ not concealing he did not mingle with the rough company with revising his master he was not question what he did not assume a full 's character and thus made himself liable to suspiciously jogging and pretend that he was a Christian is when and how did it with anyone compromising behaviors that Esquire and again on the Bulldogs Peter he's okay with the servicing of my you are not designed that he is a real character should be no interest in assuming an air of indifference he had placed himself on an enemies ground and he became an easy prey to temptation beloved bums this point don't play with the well and played it cool with the world and does not really how you like young people admit that he was not even raised like the world so there is a video something else love when you really not and it isn't even that I am no better than people in the world mighty men then pretend to be cool trying to play the live game with the union but Satan would just take your pretension and he would humiliate you this morning below the rear I like how John was real when you let Peter casino we really are the world was seen a few awkward unnatural and autoplay said that party and it would just press you to your ruling many of my friends have been brought to ruin this way only finally wake up it's too late they pretend to be something on it time for a little bit with the world with his morning why the people in the world convoy a cushion like you and me so easily turned me to look up to sixteen with a new chapter sixteen verse eight what did you submit the unjust do it for no chapter sixteen verse eight the Bible says the Lord Jesus Larson the Lord commanded to get the unjust steward he did a unrighteous act teacher is not a Muslim Jesus and about with this I'm just doing that the men maybe I'm just doing it come anywhere for the unjustly because he had done what wisely not when I'm right as Apple because he was why not call me for the extraordinary this is a powerful thought for the children obvious now I generation Y I didn't show all light in other words when it comes to where he things that people just love it that people in the well on Verizon and the people in the church reliability comes to playing land gains that people in the well are and why they're being you and me and stop playing a lot of games away the web I think you're not going to get hurt or learned them well is cemented in unison and the web is already when it comes to the games and you women made me a whole light on a minute we're going to come out of the water Carlisle don't think that you have some fun out there in the world Jesus and wellness and auditing you and it will abuse you it would take advantage of you and that I hang out to dry men don't learn unflattering and sweet talk women in all of the callout the affections or playing with their emotions like all you other worldly friends need to yes it may work but you will pay and not in the future relationship below believe me this afternoon adjustment women that will start dressing like it will be friends and none of the significance of the men do what you wear just like they were only friends yes you get attention but to be a long type of I have a game there are winners and there loses right under when I won many games we play football basketball whatever checkers chess in any game but winners always know how to play the game well they practice a lot it's funny that salient very well I also have a lot of playing time and again I love the men and women of the world they practice this game a lot they practiced the lines a working holiday look like they take time to study the half of the six things always visible nonteaching you was a lot of negative things I may think you know you know a priest on an analog playing time because of that so many relationships I have in the past that have a lot of practice with all of these couple relations that they had waited as monopoly of force time to have a relationship is such a nice guy there were instead so they think they discover little fun playing with the men and women from the world that was bad thing you cheese you manipulate you then be seeing you one day that Allah says all wiser than you in any game he may decide to play checkers chess or whatever it is either gone and played his game of love and be a player no matter how good Jordan again the illuminati they thought while basketball that time when the unit best player out there that comes up time with sooner or later you now knows at least once a night in a game basketball football and a lot of game in the same way you continue to play this game on the web about how the geography how good you are you aware that this is my later those in the game of love and leave while probably losing the game allow that he can is walk up a client forget about following the game on the weekend as well when not feeling right the power to get along is that it just doesn't go away the pain and the hurt and the suffering and I really don't happen if I don't definitely put as well but it may also affect your destiny in the world to come this morning crisis died on the cross of Calvary fourth because he's also I made his long-awaited Windows allow for him and as we let him live and make some changes in our lives by making some communist with him that's a comment please looking up back here for company playing here corridors that would give us happiness in our lives in a Holmes and in our relationships come in a challenge is based upon God 's promises promises are promises alike will also send the ball as it is both chemicals understand me air never happened you make a promise you break it but only through Jesus Christ his love and across the Calvary can you keep these companies amen number one company to surrender your life to Jesus Christ and not just someone who wants you to be happy the rest of intellect to him and you won't be happy never to come in to not be a player in the game of level hoping to spend on people being cleared of my operator .edu NRA not to be a player the covenant to stay as far away from players on the opposite effect who play a lot of games so that you won't be played right now I'm a seven demonstration that he'd been plagued by worry all the time and employment lawyer and an indictment well the phone call so much in the MacArthur don't get any event don't get enough people do not get into a three site for men do not call affections only into flattery flirtation by being funny now not being funny is like TV or Internet on God by believing we know we should American Airlines nothing is wrong that a gun resolving time allowed to own guns but it's what you do when a gunman determines whether a evil or whether it's going right so not involving humor but when used humor to manipulate women sensing is because North Hawaii the smooth players they use humor to talk type talented up right at guys like the musica modernizing the come on but is feeling all right Bakersfield where the College of fashion the player to emotions and Lebron death and for that but costing allies like that but it manually smooth there is use humor without ever using a flat in this he is not a line here and there but the user humor and honesty calling infections and play you eminently consistent with on their not to use can be funny about any men out there that they want to be a clown right out there and get refinement not using them to manipulate women which happens all the time but even that's how the local men were the good smooth talk business there is anyway five women covenant cannot call out attentions from man through your wife body but what do I do not wear his issue do not see that you may already tolerate this is all a time Ceci had Hawaii suggested reading okay every young man's battle this is far I see this is for single people it is every young man's value singled on the book and recommend it to you what for married men everyman status American break a single is every young man's fantasy up anything pressing authors and every young woman's that if a single women and then everyone is battle is for married women saw not one of border lasted on ABC ABC eight hundred number that you sent it to call born as Amazon.com you can find these books God 's longing for relationship with you this morning this same God who sent his son to die in the cost of Calvary for you two thousand years ago still love you just saying today this morning this same God his words have always come to desire to draw you into a deeper level relationship with you then have ever imagined this same God who is wise possessed the power to fund the entire universe involved in speaking to you hungry well that have the power to heal a man may say to you you look fine but God 's word says that Cheney is enthralled by your beauty he may tell you cause I love you but God says I love you with an everlasting love therefore lovingkindness have I join you he may tell you I am committed to you until death but God I will never leave you nor forsake you a woman may try to track you with the beauty of God 's word has said give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name I went to the Lord in the beauty often is I elaborately plotted getting the something to nobody but God what has sent the bread with libre is not this economy in auto body of Christ okay you can make plenty winter sleek curves and bearskin dressing to come to you but the Spirit and the bride says I let him down here say this morning that you know the facts and whosoever will let them take up the water of life freely this morning why don't you come to God Condit is gone was call you this morning to give you a line to him this morning when you take the time to retreat to a quiet place to spend time reading every single day what he's thinking God what ever is on your heart and it isn't in the body this means directly from his heart directly to yours eleven why don't you surrender your all to him this morning when I think a high all to Jesus I surrender


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