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Finding Your Soul Mate

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • October 4, 2008
    11:00 AM
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him resulting in this morning to Genesis chapter two verse eighteen Genesis chapter two verse eighteen is Albany this morning we are continuing our series entitled loving you as God loves you submit papers here in paper red paper relationships not Yahweh not by way but whose way and causeway the only way that actually works as a whole series you can begin to start Saturday that this was I the one assist on Saturday January fifth two thousand and eight looking at the distance topics we saw the remember the series with feeling emotion avoid sexual integrity for women never knew we went to sexual integrity for men then we moved on to the to clean the love game not good and then we went on to the next sermon which was passion and curiosity and in today's one is finding a soulmate help define the mate that was made for you and him aback yet continues on a single is on April twelve what do I live for now that I've made I'm looking in an serious about relationships but they look for characteristics and then the next one is married the wrong person and then wherever you go I will go and then wide relationships that another sermon topic and we move on our love is here to stay standing by your love and then the players love it up there against the will of God and in the last one she him me Stephen I learning to trust again is a very big thing in relationships so that looks like the beginning those the foundation for sexual integrity moving off to find the right person for you and how to maintain in and then out to have a good relationship learning how to trust again many people over the years have asked the question is there perfect match for myself at all the finest special one I want to have found each other what do we do now was the next step in what people see in a relationship these questions a very good question that we were signifying asses for phone the word of God here this morning to see today many Christians today I disillusioned by the way who manage relationships are turning out there is a strong sense of people today are desperately wanting something better but it ought to obtain something better we must be waiting to change a man willing to change our attitudes hardening based upon the word and unwilling to change them how we pursue an intimate relationship based upon the Scripture because we all know how to have a relationship we think we know what we need to get away to the highest thing about changing or learning something is actually on learning when you first think you know before you can actually learn something antibody noses was forty years in each and God felt that he had learned too much of false education that he had to think of for years in the wilderness of Midian to how I learned forests before I see using the teacher is always Christian women amazing thing is that the way our North seem a lot out there even Christians leaving in the world thinking that we know how things should be done in hostile relationships but God hasn't got away from the weather gods doesn't be sitting this morning my home this morning is that the Holy Spirit couples understand the idealized and also the way that he believes in our lives and maybe I'll be open to video his Holy Spirit this morning is free father 's word is opened we do how many ball before you nasty to teachers to cleanse on lines up on all wrong thinking and thoughts and if all you were we thank you Lord for enhancing a person Jesus the King to be single but not to be single that is the question this way the forgiving single and being married is superseding with regard to say that it was not good for the balance of the resident eighteen Chapter two the Lord God said it is not good that the man should be what alone I will make him a help meet for him or any companion for him I will be a companion for Matt got felt so strongly about it that he decided to do something about it and he gave him a companion and her name was what he did today God knows that being a lonely relationship by yourself can at times become lonely enough for the mouse and save to your needs your single author does not good to be alone one twenty seven one five three demand is only Ms. Levy drainage is the one with twenty seven when not paid in man with the drink about this blog created man in his own image and image of God created he him so God created man in what was image God 's image and so were meeting them is a God holiday history man to be like him as a God knows when the policy that continues God created man in his own image the image of God Trinity he him is narrow and female created he them another without any together make all that image of God not man by himself not women by himself not men and men not women and women with analysis by the man and woman together make all the likeness of God men and women together is a complete whole in other words God has no thing about this God has all masculine and feminine characteristics the food complete change of the image of God is masculine and feminine together than when we near the picture of who God really is that is why Mary Sidney if it is a good song married can become a PowerPoint image for the gospel God put it through imagination that God 's character is able to be fully revealed it is going to Boston it is going to be married is going to be married a man women and old men in one area it is good to be married to a man but that but the balance right and everything is world there is about an cell phone if you look I will be single person against the seven basics and I think this chapter seven birth six two nine Obama says it is good to be married but because of the seven verse six to nine with the word of God says that again don't believe a word I have conceivably one the Bible has to say this morning amen person in chapters seven to sixty nine what do you recommend to those who was single or who work with those who were single at the time the Bible says in verse six advice because my permission another commandment for I was at all manually even as I myself know Paul not always nervous inability when the always single is wasted everyone was single and myself but every man had his proper gift of God one after this manner and another after that another words not everyone has been given a gift that I had been given which they get to be a single sole cost and what has their own gift and birth dates I say therefore to the unmarried or the single people and we don't those who were once American lost their husbands alike and are now single it is good it is what for them if they abide even as what is and is glad that they stay single just like I miss my brother they can contain let them marry foot is better to marry than to burn with passion still Paul was single and you said that it was good also a single word to remain single as he was single but also that anyone has illustrated just him on being single this is a gift that must be given to you by God it honestly is a single because the Holy Spirit gives gifts to everyone every person we know that not everyone has been given a spiritual gift of being single has been only given to get them to be an evangelist I will be giving it to be a pastor and it will be given the gift of prophecy no sonata going to give a gift to be single therefore being single is not for everyone but only for those of the given necessity and that is why the policy is that if you have a begin this gift of being single and you cannot control your passions it is better for you to get Mary Suwannee apostate is good to be single why take advantage of the thirty first of the Bible has to say after September thirty two to thirty four he gives a reason why not to say that it is good but why deposited thirty two but I would have to without tell finance gene that is unmarried or single Karros footed things that belong to the world unto the Lord how he may please the Lord but he is married chairs for the things that off the road how he may please his wife visited is also between a wife and immersion the unmarried woman a single woman can't do the things of the Lord that she may be holy both in body and in spirit but she that his marriage is for the things of the world how she may please her husband Paul said that was going to be unmarried because also a single focus I did the whole life if you love God and one us of God able to focus if they're willing to focus and give the complete devotion to God and how they wait for you Colin why is very sound women and not be hindered in any which way but also married how to be Cal Caldwell Angel Thomas again and where they go on to his pickup in Columbia mission in Africa we must consider how is to be with the family therefore if you truly do want to God and you have been given the gift of being single you can do so I want to live in a person who is ready to go devoted to God but is married but if I don't think it could be seen on a one to be married is it a sin to be married trying to chapter seven verse twenty this is the Bible says if you want to be married in the soon-to-be married Abiola says but and is now married now has not been and if the Virgin Mary she had not sinned nevertheless you still have trouble in the last but I spare you is a nonessential remembered goals who do marry would have trouble enough mass shovel and SMS points to the earthly life with his many cares about who collectively and protection of all County possessions also in times of persecution as he will be lastly the cares of husband wife and children to produce certain effects of these in a situation where procedures and brings imprisonment torture and death and you worried about your family and families are divided sometimes driven into exile and persecution under such circumstances it would be better to remain single so think about the power says it is good to be married in Genesis and then about seven first minutes of the seven it is good to be single my question is which is better according to an enough the booklet actually is even impressed with his Chapter seven thirty first of December thirty seven eighteen and gives her matter he doesn't who doesn't get married now machine that gives her a nonmarital he doesn't get married what better the person who married as well and is able to serve the Lord well but a person who is single does better because he or she is able to serve the Lord more fully and completely on his benefits but weighing the benefits according to Paul was if you could choose one will be better therefore answering it for one reason because with any about relationships this is for you single people out there young people especially this is for you and God has given to get the base being single orgy widowed than just a set of separate receiving from God again I'm not advocating that you weren't alone you must be a monk or nun we advocate is not magnified by God God gives you the freedom to choose is not a requirement to be that way single if you want to work for the you can choose whether giving a gift to be single as a gift and you able to control you lastly Paul said then accept a gift from God to remain unmarried in order to serve the Lord completely and fully in a powerful way for the single people I met out there was great pressure upon you to be with someone all the time but advised the leadership of these England and just say you will ignore your friends ignore your family and be content with the situation that you are currently in this time footage availability really want the sevenfold then you can do a much better works of the I think you mean single I remember when I was ministering our single before I was good now the mad but I never been able to visiting up and going going on to the chart and sleep in the in the charts in the cable and a cappuccino with the worker the power workers and not the client and go back home the next morning and is going to go out anyone being used by God but God uses as a horse and married couple to review the full character of God but the news in addition we forgot where it is a weblogging and I did not foresee out how to get to being single and I would like to thank you and thank you industrial injury can not can use you in a mighty way so even though we talk about relationships and how to build and how to find the perfect soulmate novelist Philip God has a place for you in his work and he and he wants to move in a mighty way do you know that we look at being single Meredith Bigelow at beating the word of God is for intended Genesis at the twenty ninth verse eighteen Genesis at the twenty ninth eighteen Genesis chapter twenty nine with eighteen what did Jacob said to Laban that he wanted to do twenty nine breast eighteen the Bible says Jacob loved Rachel said I was serving seven years for Rachel and I younger daughter twenty first twenty and Jacob served seven years for Rachel anything to him but a few days for the love he had tumor twenty one and Jacob said unto Laban gave me my wife or my days are fulfilled that I may go in unto her leaving gathered to get all the men of the place and made of these question why PJM were only there for one purpose to get married why was the original purpose to get back Jacob and David Ray Johnson or the point only did a major would have been off marrying her to settle the EC is it going to take Mary's from a biblical perspective USC the Bible that the only reason to be in a relationship when another person is the best of getting married for setting down the two ready to get married to the wealthy the world well out there and even Christian world they would be getting for the purpose of only does the house fine with letting the needs without any commitments out there especially today but in a relationship there must be commitment the Nagaland is gone so badly that not only people dating with no intentions of getting married but also getting out there with no commitments to each other doesn't even see his anointed boyfriend and girlfriend easy terms I remember not to be dating the disease term that does not introduce all nonadult girlfriend but this is my friend or this is my special friend today the young people telling me that terms are using is the calling of friends with benefits there is no commitment today I found out with a lot of the relations resulted in his friends would just benefit the calling it seems as if everyone today wants to have pleasure without commitment they want to have sex with someone without any strings attached to it we want to have emotional needs since then without being tied down maybe the men heard in the past but that one will come in you are realizing that the one we heard again without realizing that emotional her emotional pain are much more likely when there happens to be one of all of these all commitment involved example it is saying that if you think that this is not my girlfriend that she does my friend than about me that was you know my girlfriend so I can flavor that girl on he's not my boyfriend so I think you are about to check out other guys out when that happens you open the ground open your window everything for everyone to not taking scarcely and a lot more pain happened that way because it's not my girlfriend she is my friend with benefits when I can check the so-and-so is an executive was out and the side relationship and it and not getting there had been being in the boundaries of a committed relationship it makes sense Sunday morning a hurting on those retired almost in the past so this is my friend I've seen this year inherent and no commitment they end up getting dusty during the very thing that I wanted and I think that hundreds of them even more strongly than elected to one of the other we have been committed to each other doesn't make sense the way of sin is trying to separate these things phone commitment people want back in an sexual pleasure is the voice of responsibility today they want to see intimacy but without obligation they want to enjoy the saws without the concern for the good of the other person that I concerned about themselves and please uninstall that have blocked a special friend they want to please themselves they were indeed he should have the same meaning meaning of the word recording today when enforcing the web has perverted her given meeting an award according to gain means to be with someone regardless of the purpose of commitment with that person must even think they just have to find the nearest office pleasure on the other hand cluster is a commitment in the wilderness the authors explore the possibility that he may be the right one to set a dolphin is a life isn't promised not to play games with another person 's heart the variant was of course it still involves romance and chivalry today that is why I keep referring now before but now before the word question today instead of the Bible that is not getting caught up in the near use of words today to distract us from what we know the relationships I know people say the corners but it is like the devil you know people who favored daters I get negated with biblical integrity and principles when the word of God the way they live is what really not enough my beloved terms don't define our lives but all lives and how we live redefining the terms we imagine me give an example of a biblical model say you're manning a ready for marriage and extracted to someone the first step when asked would be to ask a girl if you could see heavy to be your girlfriend if she says yes you are now in a committed relationship and finally the other person is also seriously in a relationship for a commitment for marriage only both antibody relationships where the mother is a simple matter to this long on all our thinking to Susanna want to be in a commune I want to see how things go all the weekend involving that because there is a highly likely chance that you be hurt in that relationship the words used to be in Iraq onto a guy in a relationship only half your ready for marriage is not ready for marriage to the Bible we unload you whenever there's a breakup in any relationship with a young married of what the girlfriend of fiancé the deputy hurts and the giving of yourself you'll hardly studied is before you hire goals in life goals are just like the more human I finally do more to life his unit when it is while you click on your separating a part of your life on that person and it is because I like to leave and you and every person using a part of your life believes you need your newspaper because upon yourself this dynamic time you break up with someone who's taken upon it I seem to the physical sexual relationship so it hurts like God wants us to wait to remarry before we get all hot and we learn all all all to anyone to a husband a wife so that is located dating game and will be in the ninety 's and his mother remarried to be dating even a great of you to get hurt even more important relationships where there's no come in Florida commitment to the possibility of mayors with nothing to enter any of the night if wrestling it in eating but you just looking for possibility and cannot they just have fun and they're having fun and use playing again every time you break up is going to be very painful again again and again I see have friends who actually gotten married the first person they be according the same to present themselves for marriage in America first listen I thought about this I thought to myself I never express the pain of experiencing a breakup create amazing of farce and I have had that experience but it has had experience not expressing obtained when you commit yourself to caution you may experience experience a great disappointment of polygamist someone we thought was the right person and I guess when you try to hide out to God and that God is behind you naughty trusting him he was the one who had closed on that person on that relationship yet done it for your own good and in the midst of your Pentagon nor that you don't understand but you know that he's taking this personally because he has something better for you out there is a God wants us to stop trusting and I'll all calculate laying out plans for lives and that we would ask him God to show us his plans for our lives including on the line is going to Genesis chapter two verse nineteen Genesis chapter two was nineteen what assignment did God give to Adam Genesis chapter two verse nineteen created Adam when I finally do get to Adam in the Bible the Bible says and out of the ground the Lord God formed any beast of the field maybe follow up the air and brought them unto Adam to see what she would call them whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof God created Adam and then he asked Adam gave an assignment to name all the animals out there working out and realize this is naming on the animals wrestling and Adam gave names to all cattle identify the air and Jenny beast of the field before will there was not following a companion for him at really only got more than he was naming is lying he realized the line has made I've had a meaning that I realized that Mister Tiger had Mrs. Tiger anytime naming on these animals and realize that Mister chicken had Mrs. Jake is an companion and realized that to one tool one among alone by myself he's lonely he realized that he was lonely he comes realizing that there was no companion for him and that he felt very lonely and design now what was Adam 's companion evening out of it conversely when a twenty two what was the main out of the bowels of the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he said that he took one of these minutes Adam and closed up the flesh instead thereof and invent with a logon if you give him mad may be a way woman the comparison of the God Christopher Hatton was made from him from Adam in other words I was creating in order for you to exist so God made Adam especially for the partners are creating even out of him in other words at all was made just for the see that again Adam was made just for he Google here I hear the first to pay benefits in relationship gone in a couple is now a new part of each other but also perfectly masks for each other in the first quote is the bold prints there I learned that I made it today but not what Max Divina the books of having a birding with the war was the wickedness we see it and abuse that lies hidden under the merits of mental this is why warned the young and young people today were not married marriage of ways to make haste slowly in the soirées on a companion would you agree that event I know for myself and make mistakes and act with his easier to consult what he doing when you love because love is blind at times like but if you think about them now before you get the relationship may case then we slowly be helpful for jumping to any relationship how may people you know where you have to think about it nor someone was in a bad relationship is very high abuse met the abuse as a physical abuse drug abuse in relationship verbal abuse maybe possibly so that's why we should be very careful to intimidate up to this rush into it so quickly and will be moved via feelings and passions begin chapter two verse twenty one twenty two again on the atom and evening the second the first woman you love starring a Bible Adam and Eve means in his October twenty one twenty two this is how they met about to the Lord God caused a decent development Adam and he slept him yes and close of the flesh instead thereof and the ribbon with a logon hyping up on that made he a woman and her unsuitable number I want to do not find he and he do not find adult but it was God who brought he too and only men when God that he's out of she was the only one employer and then this Internet would not go into arms she went on anyone and plan because he was the only woman a man to come and gone and the only women I know he was made volume upon him she was she was appropriate woman for whom God will need to have unifying the evening and find them gone wrong homes sold me to interview for a man that we need to see that is nothing has changed the name on the line I accused soulmate we find her she doesn't by not notifying you but is God who brings them to our when they create infringing a husband or wife you will be aware that that person was made for you and it was God who plan your meeting to meet with also known as that God think about this God created Adam Ferris and he created Adam what happened what happened when were you with method Adam McCarthy need you are right for you and any committee he is doing great harm and even the same time he traded how to breath and then he asked how many forty three B a trait à la hora on the chronological order he created Adam and then he asked how no name on the nose for and then the name of the animals that he created Eve you see what I want to do was he wanted them to be content with his relationship with him for us before he brought his only response I was created within this crazy one in Aviano Sondheim is running the animal on the animals and is an and ten seconds doesn't find any laughs that have to happen so the time when activated Adam didn't have a plan of God wanted him to be content with his relationship with him and then when he was content relationship with God then I think you many now give you a you sold me to you and he brought his soulmate so it is with us today God wants to be completely satisfied with her relationship with him and then he opening to you just send me what is the Bible say about love attention sauce on the following topic needless for psilocybin in the Psalms Proverbs BCCI fees song of Solomon chapter eight verse four what does the Bible say about love song of Solomon chapter eight verse four says I tried you own daughters of Jerusalem that you still are not nor will he might not feel he cleans now the word my Internet is I know what that means italicizing the Bible when learning is what is added in their legalized in the EV do not it is but his attitude is not an original Hebrew cytosine I try to use the menus are not up only allow a TV limit my love a love you so not well until it's the right time in tiny is important we not we are not to remove that passive and the boundaries of God 's timing and purpose as a single person believe a single failure never been married and married in your single as a single pressing human death penalty which is being you will get that it would be and even though you know what is right you may still want the feeling that Gilbert you may so want the thrill of expressing how you feel me so want the security of knowing that you belong to someone else and if the present of any real individual mapping my question is on those feelings been awakened in Hymie and purpose are you ready for marriage and ready to settle down he ready for family I really didn't want to be serious artists of the things that you still need to hobbies and like before you get married and settle down in other words there is a time and a pleasant life when she will love will awaken it will be awaken at all but it is in God 's timing and when that would happen and we need to wait the time to happen we're not just around the link below by getting involved in a relationship that we should be involved in no way be waking every God 's time not ours I be like God not by us will go back to the very good thing but just because it is a good thing doesn't mean that we can enjoy whenever and however we me him just God has made romantic love can be misused this morning this is not quite easy to Adam he also brings the love of Jesus there is fair to you and me this morning he chases you anyone you know I can bring you into complete submission to him this morning as when you express your love that we were there you consent to get allies into his hand heavily conservative allies into his wheel allow to obey him his money back this morning want to challenge you with some covenants on blue paper here concerning romantic love fest for many Chandigarh based upon God 's promises was not I was in the appeals coming challenges through these series based upon God Plaza because all promises on size both of Sandoval is a decanter keep your promises sorry sorry and you put the word got says that you cannot I cannot only God can keep his promises to you in the Internet company December and that your life to Jesus Christ every day off light emitting underneath amen to covenant to be content with the current condition whether you single living in married with a divorce a widower ascot for neck peace and contentment to be content wherever you may be amen three covenant if you are single that you from here on out only to be in a relationship in which both sides are seriously weighing the possibility of American men for company to trust in God that you bring to you your spouse at the right time and that you will but ahead of him and make a mess of the alumni him a relationship to be married and always pay phone in divorce community got remarried also the painful it was doubly painful for your children many realize it or not so is not just want to handle the pain I can handle that hurt I can handle this and that is not just about you but is about everyone else around you that may be affected we degree five covenant that you become completely satisfied with your relationship with God Faris before you try to satisfy his needs with someone else besides Oregon a doctor that you are ready to bring the right person to you now I challenge you and I plan to this piece of you probably because I see for you to get to someone to be any negative things and give someone a Vicodin is meaning that I needed a way will be helpful to someone else these meetings also to help union in marriage and happiness by American help your child to understand is the principal Mary can help you on young people that you may know that the NFL fundies also we had CDs of this the sermons of the series outside in the lobby on the table when you take out and witness gets your family into your friendship the coworker that if you may need these theories listen to as a witness to them mail it off to someone be a witness and shed light I wanted to live in his new paper on this porn here when immediately reading you can sing a body can follow along what Medicaid upon believe and be satisfied this whole when I read this was fifteen years ago when I read this is chained my whole movie about relationships and coin transformed I wish that I have to read it sooner because I had I made some big bad history and relationships in the past and I just wish I had assumed in my hands and I I praise God that young people we had his hands on the voters away young people reading CeBIT look at them medically reveal all in over a farm his land and I can tell you a save a lot of heartache in your future a lot of white clay believed to be satisfied anyone longs to give themselves completely to someone to have a deep relationship with another to be lost orally and exclusively a God says no not until you're satisfied and fulfilled and content with being involved by me alone I love you my child and she discovered that all you need is a satisfaction to be found you would not be capable of the perfect human relationship that I plan for you you never be united with another entity you are united with me exclusive of any other desires and longings I want you to stop planning stop wishing and allow me to give you the most thrilling relationship that exists one that he can't even imagine I want you to have the best please allow me to bring it to you keep watching me expecting the greatest things keep experiencing the satisfaction that I keep listening and learning and listening to the things I tell you thought being anxious boy were we look around the things that others have docking or not I given them no living being they think that you want to keep looking at me or you miss what I want to show you and then when you're ready I'll surprise you would love fall more wonderful that you would ever dream you see until you are ready for the one that I have for you is ready cool I'm working with this very minute as I'm working with you so you have all that you ready at the same time Julia both satisfied exclusively with me and the like I have prepared for you you will be able to experience the love that is based on your relationship with me and this is perfect idea one I wanted to have the most wonderful love I want to experience a relationship with me I didn't join the everlasting beauty and perfection in love and I offer you that I love you unduly I am your heavenly father believe and be satisfied even before last I have the father who cares so was for you this morning do you trust in which a whole life whether you're a single whether you're married you completely satisfy what is likely that you don't have to look to other people to be fulfilled outside the relationship do you have a strong relation with God and you can trust him that he is the one that will bring to you your soulmate the trust that he will lead you to say within your heart this morning that he deleted me he needed


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