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What Do I Look For?

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • October 11, 2008
    11:00 AM
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you know doing a series here and hide on loving you as God loves you relationships possibly as a result and this morning contained a study on the next sermon inside of this morning what do I look for in the last time you looked at all finding your soulmate and how to find God 's will need for your soul of the money would be going on if I'm looking for a soulmate what a person do I look for what China characteristics of the force of his money be looking for the word of God because we don't believe a word I have disabled me what the Bible has to say this one amen for this morning the size of the season with seven of the opening text this series that I'm doing is not just information and passing down to you what I really preaching to you is part of my life as part of my experiences when I survey the easy amid a lot of bad decisions in my past relationships before he got married and so I wish I knew what you're learning from the word of God our same new back then I was in a lot of pain and suffering authority to follow God 's way and on my way and how to do relationships but because of God 's grace and through his mercy he finally help me to make the right decisions in the Michael this morning and then you would learn from what is sure this morning the one I experience in my life that it would save you a lot of heartache and save a lot of pain and suffering and your Taliban were not exactly do the opposite of what I did and so on except for the ending point of my life in oh one decision can make you cannot one tiny decision Mister the direction can see you have a life of happiness while life on misery they believe that below this line they does any sane man man this is what I believe is important if on the principles of the women got positions look at what do I look for this morning so does my reader in a public meeting to consider in a spouse before you make a decision to get married and we discovered these principles of love the weather got together May God 's very impress on lines that you for this time that is for fathers and what is open we do but humbly kneeling a minute before the foot of the cross we see a great love for us this morning Macedonia Holy Spirit to teach us to guide us in thanking Jesus thing in what don't people normally look for in a spouse percentage up to sixty percent in the Bible says the Lord set of design look not on his confidence on the height of his stature because I have refused him for the Lord sees not as man sees the man looks on the outward one appearance the Lord look at on the way on the heart you people are not attracted to other people in relationships on the outward appearance of person what God is that he looks at all sides great insight character of a personal pool that person really is the hobgoblin that a person who enough to look at that shopping beauty on the outside characters is a personality that's what we not look as bad amount of her three years for several young people about I have created describing the type of person you have married him a happy d-limonene of this out there maybe when you want when you are denying a couple woman you want to marry and then we made a list you you brought a dollar you have friends who will attend this is due on things on the list Ms. Liz sometimes they only list on the one she must be creating beautiful good-looking you must have a nice healthy body she must dress fashionable in style as young people she must be popular she must be fun to be with she must be educated and then women make their lives also and they make is if you must be good-looking he must drive in Hawaii a big shock he must be in shape he must be funny they must be popular you must have a lot of money Anglican these lists are presented to you you see the main emphasis is on the outward appearances of a person and the reality is that the outward appearances lactose substance for sustain a strong and healthy mess married today especially in today's sinful world these are what addresses is not strong enough to hold it together you see God knows what it takes to make a relationship work in this world of sin what makes it work is when a person is on the inside mother one person is on the outside you see lots will fade nice bodies were age popularity with the dear author for humor may become stale a good job may become discouraging fancy cars and fancy clothes wasn't a later domicile but a person 's character withstand the test of time and will be a deciding factor when met with an marriage would make it whether it will fail not money unlocks my character on the inside who a person is on the inside matters and when a person is on the outside so this morning if you already have a list this morning my hope today that happened to serving you connect me by your list this morning and online it would want God saves his most important and audibly relationship to work and by determining to Genesis chapter twenty four this morning Genesis chapter twenty four verse thirteen to fourteen note a look at areas are anyway as I went to find a perfect match for his master Abraham 's son Isaac to what you look for Genesis chapter twenty five or thirteen and fourteen what qualities it is on these lists in order to find the perfect wife I think this is the twenty four birth thirteen and fourteen the Bible says this is what he finds he can find on it this is one of the women I'm looking for the vilest and thirteen behold I sent here by the will of water and the daughters of the men of the city to draw water and then it come to pass that the dance at the moment so saying that down your picture I pray you that any drink and she does a drink and I will give you countless drink also that the same be she that hath that now has appointed for your servant Isaac and I saw a low menu has shown kindness unto my master and the asked for a sign from God he said and is assigning asked if he was going to ask this woman at the wealth would take a lot any woman acting by and just as sure as you go alone and without a pigeon to the wound bring it out and given to him to drink and then noticed this and gone beyond what was asked as they let me also not asking each even asked him but it is usable beyond is a limit on the uninstall water for your camels also and I do want to fall his camels that he said this was the past to determine if this was the person for Isaac on the city qualifying test in finding the right woman for Isaac was a character test on the inside rather than an appearance past on the also end up and listen any other had it be something like this she must be thoughtful inside she must be kind she must be a hard worker she must be practical she must be unselfish she must go beyond what is fast she must be a virtuous godly woman many met this woman needs a backup versus sixteen twenty one and he has admitted his women what happened how they react to the situation as a toy for the sixteen to twenty one the balances in the downhill is very fair to look upon all virgin neither had any man known her as he went down to the wound to the picture and came up and the Senate and ran to meet her and said that we afraid to think that a lot of your picture by picture and she said drink my Lord and she thinks it is the most we can go slowly with you more quickly and Lebanon the picture upon her hand and gave him drink and when she had done in hindrances and onto all Waterford account was also until you have done drinking and she hates that you will quickly and emptied her picture into the trough and run again and ran again and again and ran again onto the well to draw water and beautiful on his camels and the men wondering over one days at her palette is being his visa was speechless below was speechless when whether the Lord had made a journey prosperous or not the buzz of the Rebecca hastily grabbed one of an important one of quickly was a hard-working fast practical hard worker and then went beyond what was asked well you been asked or told what to delete with VI was asked and then it and apologize you will quickly and there is no water ran black man Ashgabat is a rental purpose when he was a godly woman practical kind thoughtful unsalted one beyond what is that about just one in here was a woman that he was somewhat slow that he went beyond all human expectations some as under the bylaws of the any hassle I wonder in amazement and was speechless as he watched this woman work at the well he just couldn't believe it that way before his burial my thinking was a practical hard-working thoughtful kind unsolved this torturous woman after sightseeing and so many process unlocking and saw many churches after hunting on so many Christian top of blankets so many Christian seminars he had followed me finally found a woman ungodly burqas women up practical hard-working unselfish woman he couldn't believe his larger body found on burqas woman sides as this woman speaks let amazed in wonder numbers is when is important but what does the Bible say about finding a purchase will return me to publish up to thirty one percent Congress chapter thirty one this is the purchase woman chapter chapter thirty one verse ten what does the Bible is about finding emerges when the Bala says who can define a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies the question is asked who can find a versus woman with a policy saying is that it is almost impossible to find a virtuous woman which is as valuable and rare as like precious stones not a Texan about it says on that out of a thousand you can find by the woman cannot find who can find America's woman I budget me the whole chapter thirty one this chapter list the characteristics of one of virtuous person is seen and what type of person to marry but for now let's look at only one principle here from this chapter tend to verses thirteen to sixteen pilots at the thirty one versus fifty six to sixty what the birth his woman doing her hands the bottle says DC can rule out glass and work your way warily in Ohio with her hands she is like the merchant ships she bring in a full informal floor she rise also while it is yet night and gives food to the household and a plastic of the meetings she considers a field and buys it with the food of her hands she planted of being your she is not idle she is not lazy she is not sluggish she is industrious she is useful she is working she is practical I find that is unfortunate today below that museum and an eight and is very unwilling to work and also become becoming very impractical today I find it very disturbing to me to see on this visiting young people going up today having no sense of accountability all hardware and I can't blame as much of the blame ourselves because where do they get that phone again it from us as parents we love this morning we live in a age was becoming very impractical in a today I appreciate for the most part the modern conveniences conveniences that it and the conveniences and time saving capabilities off my laptop computer I love it I love what he can do in life for example when I create my sermons on my laptop I can go into moguls and I could do word studies and I can find Texan looking for make a look into the reason for Hebrew and original Greek was seven and prepare all that and then if I want to go further I can go on to the writings of Ellen the one thing that one by linking biology of the famous of the topic they think they can ignore to what the Reformation leaders said a bus of the topic and want another arrogant angle of final text commentary I noted SP Bible commentary and people get involved are just on my laptop computer inside praise God for modern technology today I appreciate what computers can do today and save things on so much time today nosing today is a disturbing trend a very disturbing trend a trend up in practicality I'm seeing a newer generation putting myself today then able to use modern technology and electronic gadgets but is unable to both line everyday practical work that needs to be done young people today know how to fix a software problem on the computer but I don't know how to fix a flat tire when it's stuck on the side of the road at midnight when a cell phone doesn't work young people today know how to drive a race car on the videogame but they don't really know how to drive stick shift or car although have the life is within the twenty young people getting on the beautiful webpages on the Internet was unable even know how to make a simple meal and a friend that works at the Salvation Army 's boys home in Hilo and he was telling me that is one Peter 's demand promise was given out to it in fact talking was fighting him and he realized what had happened is asking him to make SKUs me but does not seem to make time and cheese sandwich and he was rebelling him he had to because they didn't know how to make that happen and achieve always a very long sixty hello they do not know how to make a meal unit on the Hanukkah hound and cheese guys know when this is an extreme but the principle is there all young people losing the practicality of life simple grad had cheese bread this is a trend of many of our young people today and this is the type of person you want to marry just because he makes you feel good others because she's the only one that you understand you and at the same venue going by determined up to one year to be needed for the rest of your life makes me feel so good after the gondola unless absolutely when it understands he says that he is going to provide for you for the rest of your life and he doesn't drive anything in the catheter I just received she says that you take care of you I think I'm even know how to make rice in a rice cooker is it every time he tries to stuff the book and I I'm a good friend was in his twenties and new twenties and he says that after you know every job that I've been to every job into one some type of alloy everything the dominant images that did that come deleted to myself basically worthless really appreciate the work is such a great work please don't leave an exotic beauty with an award everywhere he goes a similar meaning Tassajara do anything I just show up to work and do my job and when you think of is that the work not there my father is small bad not aiming this shawl and doing a job the Army considered a great work I don't want to lose by natural event and I'm not too bad today show off anyway and I realized that I have met again at the end is jointly working domains at once opposed to believe that the Contessa has come to a point that interview is a commission believed and to strive to be like Christ and Christ was prepping in any Krasny workmanship he did perfect and you strive for that intuiting must be the need to all that you let us stand out very strongly no matter what job do it right today very strong and people in the evening on strife I used doing a job and you show up you'd understand any as I was last because he found a woman not only was willing to do was supposed to be offered is getting a drink when she went being gone what was that you'll find out today nineties union union right and in the union out there I know people to say that union jobs like this is a union job to get a union job and you working clock entry in your working copy cheap are you doing framing but I was framing can I do on calendar the mason work because even if it were to happen in the fire you know that the file you eat anything about this pizza got the worker 's job but another person job the job rubbish else like it in a union mentality and is into the home life my job is his job in inventory and get into the church like a family jobs job as an entirety with inspiration power message and not enter into to enter the today of my job and do it you have to do it on alcohol sweating blood sweat and tears and on the job is an attitude a union has come into all holes and into our churches but he was a refreshing thing is I was amazed he wondered he was speechless why because he was somebody who went against the fulfillment of time more quickly from able was a hard worker someone with unsalted and I went beyond what was asked of a wound often ugly woman you'll find within the womb anymore today you'll find a couple when you find a company to go above and beyond what is asked to go beyond with you ask or think nothing about how crisis when they receive the gospel especially when you realize the goggles above and beyond what you ask what they can do appreciate that then you will go above and beyond what anyone else capacity for development is a response to the gospel of Jesus Christ to meet you chapter one verse eight booth chapter one method Joshua Judges and then move chapter one missing that take a look at a Bible added to love story I love this story is among my favorite stories is not the favorite my favorite story is under the love story of Boaz and Ruth Ruth set the longest eight to ten you see the story goes where Naomi was unusual she left and she ran for the husband because there was a famine of the policy so they went down to Moab and while she was down in Moab she had her to sign Seattle to spend with her and invited on Moab her husband dies passes away hot dog in the husband I press sons married to want by this women so they married now but their husband died something else happen she then lost her two sons restricted broking to silence you hear the Dragon in Israel again so this should be sizable back on the goal to Judah and so ceiling and back to the road to Judah and then we doesn't enter the store and proceed about and the only senator at two daughters-in-law are trying to set goals recharge use of my mother 's house the Lord deal kindly with you again with the dead and with me the Lord grant you that you may find rest each of you in the house of a husband that she tested them and eleven of the boys and wet and this is her surely we will return with the on to your people so is each one unless go back to Auckland with gold Bastille home you apply the raisin let's stay here don't come with me but a lipid form of them knowledge of knowledgeable on and use them know that the voices they went and they said no we love the life you on the recipe of this to happen to stand and say that more will happen in verse eleven to fourteen about says NE only said a second time turn again my daughters while you go with me on the minimalist sons of my will that human they may be a husband turn again my daughter is going away for I'm too old to have a husband if I could say I am whole if I should have a husband also tonight I should also bear sons who did Terry finance they outgrown we disabled them from having husbands name my daughter is one reason watch what you think that the Hannah of the longest on all against me and do happen up their voices and wept again and I love you some other law but move clave unto her you see born on and moved with good people they ball review of fine character the decided out on the goal to Judah with Naomi it was on at the second urging to return to the family that I have finally returned to her own home is the Ark was a good person she was a fine person with a good character but roots thoughtful unselfish love shine so much stronger than on is overshadowed in this story means virtue faithfulness and loyalty is on the more amazing when we call was happening it easy to bug people who was the book of Judges and in a book of Judges is characterized by infidelity disobedience idolatry apostasy and general waywardness and then went after the book of Judges is the book are through with it like an old always is in the middle of the desert is refreshing to see unselfish love to review into a once in a notice that on the game a show of commitment but move to the substance of the unit difference on the case Naomi Audra showed affection to the only Arthur says she loved I I know but it was ruled that has to give the sauce is already and clung to Naomi Y Anspach went back to become is wanting to get a shortcoming in the show of affection but it's quite another to have the substance they are into the blood there are many people like Aqua today they give a show commitment to you in relationship vacationing in a show of love believing tissue within their turn right around and there hurt you behind your back we need to his men and women like Ruth who not only show affection within the sciences of affection by Spain and cleaning with you till death do you part a net they also many today the light on a new relationship ago it's a thought I love you not issuing the affections of God they even kiss God they praise God is a humbling thought is domiciled but he's a wonderful begin testimonies of God is a God I love you so much with all my heart mind soul and strength just like iPod to get onto prayers and on and Lori to God when they do not showing alone through the actions and pseudowords like iPod now all talk one on one with love Naomi but only one showed no rheumatism and talk about her love she did something about her loan to Naomi she clung to me only and do not let her goal and all their people today that profess godliness and serving God and I love you God we told his version of those who love God the most was shown the greatest amount of work but you every three love God we were not really I thought we just mounting the words and favorite word but the afternoon you home Haskins in your workplace the ashes and God 's charts below will be revealed to what you do whether you are of many of virtuous person is coming up with this one it seemed to Jesus Omnibus amounted to just give or is that God can actually say that we're doing something sacrificial for him this is with how he would respond to Naomi versus fifty three the Bible says as he said behold your sister lost dog back into her people Nam was talking to and until of God 's return now have to your sister-in-law and will century me not to leave you a picture of him falling up to you whether or not Boris I will go and where thou largess I will launch by people shall be my people and thy God my God when other diets when I die and that was highly buried the Lord to assault him you might also want with death part D and me and when she saw that she was steadfastly minded to go with her and she left speaking unto her mood was thinking not of herself but I'm the only business versus one not everyone look after her after losing her husband and how she could care for her mother-in-law this is a character of who not ever love my friends in a family where she grew up with one of Naomi 's her mother-in-law had no wealth or security to offer bundled had observed I bought a loan with them and without God and then she met a man named boy fifty chapter two verse four Ruth chapter two verse four what the man was more what is a highly reactive to his is workers waiting is where he worked at you that see the boss but Melissa 's and chapter two verse four and behold was came from Bethlehem affinity to reverse his workers the Lord be with you and he answered him the Lord bless the same ball as was involving the addresses workers every day with a greening the Lord be with you and that I was born as share his religion in the workplace and his workers a speck in someone that really they responded to his religious nature if of the Lord blessed me as you read this book you also realize the great cognizable as hard to which before he was even attracted little in the bottom of the redesign that was immobilized in a booth for encouragement and leaning his fealty was very kind man of doing a provided for peace of mind by informing her that the young then we were told not informed not to bother thinking about her a more white women being an angel in Judah he further provided for news by making it supply drinking water available for her floorboard is also made her feel like she was in a bigger and neocons he invited her to join his harvest is Lebron and Madison even gave her enough was a grandson of the enough for leftovers five instructed his men not to embarrass and keeping amongst the tai chi 's many Neapolitans eliminate these thoughts of dreams and issues a drop on the ground to secretly get out the long ago took home every day was morning and be done Phil Hardy labor and pacify of Boaz 's generosity he was a generous man that was his in-flight character not outward appearance but inside character were talking about this morning was also the one inviting her to spend the rest of the hardest daily his fields to find a boy who is willing to take the risk involved in redeeming the always property for we know that the nearest kinsmen kinsman stated that he didn't want to redeem the always property because it is frighteningly endanger his own estate is the unselfishness it was agreed and then they met and then Boaz said something about this said something to what type of woman divorcee which was a good chapter three verse eleven what type of woman the boys say which was north of Allah says and now my daughter fear not I would do to the all that now requires for all the safety of my people go no then all our a virtuous all the people my sitting on the UI a virtuous woman she had to understand something about this situation by root someone might be pointing fully understand the statement issued in wildlife will look down because it was the Moabites the Midianites that we used by King beta to curse Israel the wildlife side against Bayonne to curse is Shaw is my more for doing that and then went back anywhere near a voting data to get a stick and plan to get able to send those and wildlife committee nine women we used to subdue the intellect into immorality and apply work and bought a custom blog down upon his very own people and in Deuteronomy chapter twenty three Berkeley with all that is in the long wildlife could enter into the seventy okay don't even go to attend generation when he even likes and injections on the rate to third-generation but not too many nights and one night they were cursed by God there looked on upon the agent by the Israelites so now I was in on the whole thing of Judah this they got along like a woman was as one man she must have been unvarying gorgeous woman and then I'm very versus woman there are precious against the effect is only one place in the Bible where the woman is called a gorgeous woman that woman was born at Norwich they finished a CLS yet going for her mother-in-law and postures of the father the mother of hometown to come to her people she may not know before hand is the rules was a special person I'm very special person to win a in the year she was fatally little home in a workplace before the personal life in a time in life and her favorite has came to be widely known never under estimate the importance on the impact of personalty in with the little light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify our father in heaven your good works and ought to be seen that the Pharisees when the re- way like this because we don't want to come across as being too religious dynamic to pray three times a day to be seen but sure enough people know it should result in banning organ and he feels a bond onto the image to be seen but you are not never seen easy route and Doctor Naomi 's block is a very own in return blah etc. and blessed her with a godly man there were a long long a couple is made of Gandhi individuals you want to have urges women the question to ask yourself is in my document you want to have a volumetric question asked itself my righteous one refund my lifetime Amasa make you of being a perfect soulmate you but you got to be quite allow the Holy Spirit to transform into the dining room to China's financial virtues would you can expect to get a good and of the state and the other presently get that company challenges is a paper to the Green paper advocates activists and scientists about the page in the bottom spa is going to challenge you based upon God 's promises a lot because all promises will fail as rules made of sand will fail it cannot be done so is this a bonbon 's promises you are right as all the hearts and minds will be limited to surrender I will see him in the wedding to be winning is a child is only to make you an challenge of it appearing in mind that this time covenant that you the shallow peers in the all-time when you're looking for small pavilion look at the inward character of the heart instead you need underneath amen want to leave out anything that men would feel confident that you not be blinding by passing a law was the modern relationship needs I know people like that twice they are not recognized in a person in the mirror many times lying in a relationship it wasn't even that deal with the bad relationship but do not want anything because they're blinded by your passion and why you love that you covenant not be blinded by passion along three and if you only been a relationship that would help increase your love for God we copied the goal had been worth a number for commenting that he was surrender yourself to God every day so that he can make you until Bali that was purchased woman in the longest many say a man that I China's latest reader readable that is the young lovers by a lazy way of authority before I mean a lot of bad mistakes in my life earlier life and relationships I had was that noise is interesting that one decision can turn your whole life polio one decision in general that it wishes and I did look at I disprove God that it worked out the way I felt in love with event my wife I realized that she was approaches one and I felt like a liaison and I was amazed at species of SR as a minister I heard something good happening I had up e-mail me that he was working like a movement like Popeye this amount but my new working she was there with the men is out of the garden digging should with it there writing something out there running their missing was that when I heard over the din policy this will never stop thinking about there are heard or that she was seized the people gone and marginal value we need a fully seem need forward on the going on in the living taste of food for the thing that a dog person not the characteristics that I want my list that was so lonely for all outward appearances but even if the long law so long other became a Christian juvenile down and down and down the disappeared and I thought it might notice Alex encourages young people to start a new list of the inward heart the character of the person and talking me meeting you ready a single that he married ungodly of life person in the Lewis was able to reimburse a swimming in a Carolingian certain age was at the time of the judges her age must always get her a bath it was Saul belong that it was just like elves it was back to me like no I do this again Laurier 's weekend in the same region if we serve a God who we can be men of valor it was as God is all gone we can be women of virtue and Ruth Vaughn is all gone so let us therefore signing the degenerative age this week they all you need to have any kind of people the people look at us and say what he had I want a what she has I want this morning maybe marry someone who will come to Ohio when a ways off someone who only thought had up when we had enough someone to say I love you with God 's heart for you someone who by the grace of God when we dare the person praying


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