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Marrying the Right Person

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • October 18, 2008
    11:00 AM
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him him him in a series of small series of the data mirroring the right person the honey of the handouts at this time and budgetary needs we study the weather got together we did the ounces of the women gone about relationships to a prospective first Kings chapter sixteen verse thirty two thirty three versus Kings chapter sixteen and that's in verse thirty Sony verse thirty today Satan is a having a field day to the disasters of relationships that Allah abounded in as well you see this to institutions that were established in the Garden of Eden with anyone know what they were the sadness and what an amoeba Mary and these two institutions are very very important to God in the Institute is to Christians and these two institutions are specifically targeted for attack by Satan because these visitors and represents God in some way the Saturn possesses creation narratives represents the Godhead Honda one husband and wife got it his father so no one actually is very specifically focusing on the fabric and also unmarried sister has been successful in getting most of the world to forget about the Sabbath is been very good at that but also said it has been been very successful below in today's society and destroying relationships and marriages more than ever before there has never been a time in history where relationships and marriages had been sold devastating as eleven and today needed two thousand and eight in Hawaii and Poona not to go far outside will you know families own homes in all relationships in our own friend the neighborhoods that we live in I think it has been attacking it and for those homes beat the statistics of divorce and still sleep together he's Filipino to get in the home and bring righteousness and despair in a majority of those home who beat the statistics my question is money this was good that we has seven damages also gone home for exciting about China Troy the one about the loss institution of the fact that they describe utterly beloved predilection to get why we at the same time so why am you on the plane of restoring the other institution up the broken homes of the marriages the only answer this could it be that we as Seventh-day Adventists today while also stating on this point also is my question this morning could it be that with gaining in era on the whole Mendes were unable to share the messes of estimation for the whole because we are struggling and failing in the very same area the hara-kiri share something that we do not have popularly sure about being green lights of spirituality to the community when all holds up little of spiritual darkness how do we show about how to get along with all spouses and we ourselves can I get along with our spouses argue easier about having Darley children in our own children are lost in a warlock scoring charts but without spiritual fire and light it would been there themselves I can be sure that all holds to be filled with love and peace with what we all saw the living homes are filled with colorful words patients you think I may have a strategic plan for Ms. Mahone is to get men and women to make just one that decision concerning a future husband away all takes is one I do that can determine whether your life could possibly be the most hot this is the most initial for the rest of your life that you are acting as one tiny decision up to words I do or just e-mail me yes I thought takes and it would be determining fast image between whether you experience happiness or living hell of close to the sages such independent thought is for the hold the family to make it up the relationships he wants to get anything he wants to make life miserable for us I living nightmare with on this earth that is one eighty study the Biblical principles in order to fall to have a happy marriage is to continue on this series series number seven on a twelve May God grant us the humility and the submissive spirits today we can make the right decisions in the study the women got together that a spring father we do how many the Holy Spirit to teach us Lord that you may speak to us the word we thank you Jesus name amen first teams chapter sixteen verse thirty the opening text with Doctor mulching a half letting it have was the king of God 's women people off the charts back in he was a king and he was a spiritual leader of all Senators in the you schedule your interns obligor 's chargeback and he did something by not frisking Sabbath using birthdate Abiola says I may have missed to the kingdoms on up on me what what charts did what e-mail in the side of the Lord about all that were before him so he did evil in the sight of God ought out before him the year the worst spiritual leader in the Jewish charge that ever existed it has been amended when it came to pass and it had been a might think of him walking us in the Jebel and disseminate that that he took to wife who Jezebel Potter on FPL King of the night billions awareness of the alcohol Scott BL and worship him not to bother the false god damn and emit up and alter the bill in the House a bill with yet good that Samara and eighty had made a Grossman and didn't like to put the Lord Donna visual to anger than all the kings of Israel that were before him here was a spiritual leader within the Jewish church group that bought more than a dozen kings before him who did evil in the son of God who did would get things in son of God it is you have documented people at that time any what he did was he married a woman who of another nation that were shocked the hell of false thoughts in other words this lead of the very people God married a woman not of his faith and therefore he compromised his beliefs and his faith he marry someone that was not obvious theme belief system know what the King Ahab and Jezebel to do twenty first Kings eighteen breath for a few chapters offers eighteen Chapter eighteen verse for the pilot says so when Jezebel cut up a prophet of the Lord that overnight to the hundred Poppins and hid them by fifty in a cave and fed them and read and water salt King Ahab married this woman Jezebel who took on top is a God and cut them out and kill every single one of God 's prophets always priest on the past the joy tomorrow she joined my she wiped them on an initiating cause is either allow this to happen and not it could happen even though it had been more even a set of God and all the kings before him his wife was awakened within him and cause him to commit great evils that you post will then make a lasting marriage and they are number one you need to marry the right person a man number two you need just the right person now stay with the right person is always easier if you're confident that you have married the right person I begin always said I presented unique in the lineup I married the right person but if you live me all about your thinking about I have not married to my person is always hard to stay with a person said beyond marinating in a relationship with someone who is bad news but once they with that person don't feel sorry for depressive thinking that you can help his personnel this person is abusive and whenever was way on making life miserable for you both think that you will find that when I saw that person all that is found that ever had in that didn't need to have a him or you allow someone was not romantically involved with that person to be able to Minnesota that present to help them out because you involve a method of advertising you up being and you cannot see when we need to happen it just doesn't work each other he was only think that you can help at present cult at the same time God has given to us easy and my principles the marriage is indispensable to follow it would guarantee success but we must follow God 's way of not allowing delete SMEs a man a man second greatest chapter six verse fourteen is another principle second-rate is at the six verse fourteen centigrade instructor six verse fourteen second printing chapter six verse fourteen the Bible says Bible says BEA not I'm just really don't together with what unbelievers so the bottle says be not unusually it was don't be joined together with unbelievers another was the joint together with someone who doesn't have the same morals the same religious convictions and police systems that you have it just doesn't work about a sensitive young people but it doesn't work when you join someone was totally opposite would be spiritually talking about B and also not only searchable even in business deals do not connect with unbelievers if your believer in Christ he believe his wording a cushion to connect with unbelievers in business deals or embarrassed partnerships or any type of relationships it just doesn't work what better services and fourteen what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness what communion hath light with light darkness I want Concorde has Christ with B Lyle what part has to then believe it with an infidel and what agreement has the temple of God with white idols it says we are the temple of the living God as Donna said I would join them I walk in them and LB the body should be my people wherefore from among them and be separate say the Lord and touch not the unclean unclean thing and I will receive you Ceballos says do not be unequally yelped with people who are not the policing polices them if they're not but you seem moral background marry within the faith God always even dies according to the prison was given and that relationship is not falling than his word then break it off below marrying outside of the phase is an almost guarantee a present and future disaster he might be cute but it is not converted again she might be fun to be with but it's enough for the committed to Christ for getting she may be your type but it is not God 's type forget it she may be educated but she's not educated in the school of Christ forget it I realize that most of my friends that I've gone with that have left on that the trust was being either because they had dated unmarried a person who is unconverted with all silent inside of the matter there unconverted but it is closing as a machine is coherent thought is very inspiring about principles essays in people venture upon the bidding ground marriage between believers and unbelievers is forbidden by God as we do studied in the weather got in second Corinthians but too often the unencumbered a high follows its own desires and marriages unsanctioned my God will form because of this many men and women without hope and without God in the world beloved today that I don't know how you make it but there is no way that you can make make it in this world has a relationship with all God in your life it is impossible to have a good healthy strong happy joyful peaceful without bickering and fighting impatiens but I'm loving going home without God in both spouses life amen especially today compared to even Nani fifty years we talking even fifteen years ago about a fifty but even in the last five years billable capacity to five years ago how it is out there the world is so crazy out there right though not to the world is so crazy out there and anybody even allows anyone out there is crazy Leon especially how God and we all need God in our lives amen we need God Eliza changes to transform us to make us on our character like Jesus Christ within his word we all need it whether God to transform us and because new people to make us service of him submitted to him we all need Jesus Christ this morning I need in this morning about you in that because exhortation is a cynicism in the document the second paragraph it says those who profess the truth trompe l'oeil on the will of God in marrying unbelievers those his favor and make better work for repentance the unbelieving may possess an accident moral character so even numbered in this begs they have a good more character but the fact that he or she does not have to do the things of God and the neglect is so great salvation insufficient reason was that the union should not be consummated not evil God is a merciful God e-mail is a very Muslim and I can tell you I'm doing a series actually because I made a lot of mistakes in the past of my relationships and I wish the subway told me what I'm telling you right now and I see what I was amazed with Tony when showing the Internet and is called false theories always done it the right where we started at the thought of suffering and pain are we setting up the ghost that always got a right anode pin where manufacturing on a praise God for that and raised also falling his principles that have a good manager praise God for that you have a good relationship I do praise God for that but I wish I would've told me this and not tell me as we learn young people even for me on PR fellow peers and fellow friends always a fun read told me that I wouldn't get all my information from up the street in learning for my friends on a relationship I wish you had done it differently always behind those decisions to be yesterday of life and on and on to be a girlfriend that it would've been good decisions not just based upon feelings at all they do look good or whatever maybe and all God is a merciful God is an amen even so merciful thing to me and God out of his mercy he does it many times he doesn't let us suffer for how own decisions about his mercy right amen I knew I missed that many times him us even though I went against the word of God Allah 's mercy I didn't pay the natural consequences of my decisions and appease God again for a double mercy on some indicator yes you may go against the wood and yes you may still bless you invested anyone witty we get a good dozen but I can accept consequences of sin and not such a blessing yesterday Bush Bahamas and we do if we just follow God 's word so that we can actually be happy not just a temporary happiness but I too fulfilling habit has asked me after the afternoon picking up sheet to a happy widget decisions by the word asses not to be unequally yelped and is a purpose for that is a reason to not be unequally you'll is go to Genesis chapter twenty seven verse forty six into Genesis chapter twenty seven verse forty six where the result of Esau marrying outside of his state exit is on Genesis chapter twenty six verse thirty four the Bible says thirty four and thirty five Genesis twenty six about says and Esau was forty years old when he took to wife Judith the daughter the Hittite machine math the daughter of Elon the Hittite and these women were not the faith which were a grief of mind unto Isaac and Rebecca which was Esau 's parents apparently that he took on these lines and there was there were increase it's been agreed to our in-laws are parents is unmarried women know another thing and despite green to both parents it is a chapter twenty seven verse forty six whatever the mistake of sending her on the subject up they had two sons Esau and Jacob and as he seasickness and her other son Jacob twenties chapter twenty seven verse twenty six Abiola says and Rebekah said to Isaac I wear my life one part of leaving because of the daughters of head Jacob my unassigned he gave me take them away for the daughters look at such of these was on a daughters of the land what Bush life my life due to me what good should be is not life is not worth living at all I marry this it might my son marries a person outside of the fee the Sunnis are made authenticated that Isaac Clark Rebecca 's heart and God 's heart the genesis of the twenty one before Jacob left what was the last concert given to him by Isaac Joseph Wayne verse twenty five Isaac called Jacob get us on the Sunday getting married outside of the faith and left him in charge of the Senate involved shall not take a wife and a daughter as a cane in the garçon is not a good faith arise go to prevent around the house the best deal my mother spot and take me away from thence of the fathers of the daughter leaving him of his mother and God Almighty bless the make you fruitful multiply you a you me means be a multitude of people and giving a blessing of Abraham to be an TLC with the Adame 's inherit the land wherein thou are the strenuous God gave to Abraham and Isaac Cecily Jacob and he went to the datagram until events in a bathrobe a Syrian about a Rebecca Jacobsen Esau 's mother the last words you never saw Jacob again the home and Joseph have it happen that the parricide and Jacob never saw his father and mother ever again the last word I was looking to be given to Jacob was difficult anything you do find it worth the assignment a dog that you never see them ever again you have to go to die before the song of Solomon again will you say his father was was whatever you do do not marry outside of the do not go in that direction I give brother did why because an ounce of prevention is what a pound of cure again you seem was easy with the right person if you have known that young married the right person no one makes a couple law and be together turned him a shot the fever three Amos is right before the Matthew in the New Testament Amos a few books before him his chapter three verse three Amos chapter three verse three what makes a couple walk and be together the Bible says Ken Toole walked together except they be white agree another words to people cannot really walk together in unity unless they agree with one another DB without him and you cannot really walk together any relationship unless you walking together and you green according to Bob a couple that will continue to walk together is a couple that has the same core Margulies a comment about a couple that has no spiritual beliefs in common now opposites are paying is look at how opposites within a relationship it is based upon sense and weaknesses like say my stress is this in your weaknesses in all I compliment you we can this is my weaknesses that your stents less mescaline and positive and negatives really good actually is very good but when talking about Cora Morrow believes system it is important that you believe in the same core moral beliefs because we don't is go to be the foundation for many many fights and arguments within the home when you have a relationship the question comes up what school do I send them that I want to censor Christian school was as costless money is not worth the sacrifice of medicine of the public school while I'm definitely not how my child do this at home while I thought you a raise but after how I was raised to be totally different while I would take my children to discharge while special access but I was raised in a different type of start setting the synagogue as a business doesn't be found to be this agreement is bound to be argumentative found to be fights with the home without you realizing the differences when a man and a woman unmarried they become one flesh the pilot says by the become worthless because they are united on unity with one another in their beliefs the North America mutually want fast you must be told in unity and harmony one one another now when you married I believe that each person should keep the own personality is important and own individuality as important enough to be merged with our spouses but I believe system concerning morals and ethics is important that we walked together without spouses concerning the incident another text message up to eighteen verse nineteen Matthew chapter eighteen verse nineteen what must happen before daughter answered the prayers of the married couple can now your Mac him pointing AVI video believes it will not work Marion and your Mormon and your wife is a Buddhist is any challenges and a Jehovah witness and your wife is believe is an Muslim or atheism this can be challenges if you are Christian and an visit your wife is nothing the agnostic is going to be challenges within the home this can be confidence on a policy unless you agree you cannot really walk together you be walking but you me rocking up here and she may be walking away back there on a maybe walking a funny you walking me behind you not together does not security and peace can come only through unity within a whole is the only thing that waited peace incoming message aching verse nineteen what was happening for God or as of the present of a married couple to give birth nineteen about says Jesus is saying again I sent to you that if she will use shall agree on earth as touching anything that shall be asked is shall be done for them on my father which is in heaven bottle now we're not talking about this regular prayers you can go anywhere in the world by yourself should have a prayer and daughter as he and prayer is according to his will immediately but this is a special blessing that says this conditional and auto forgot to answer does and give a special extra blessing of favor upon you as a couple one of the conditions of this text what is a what must happen in the flight agree what else it must be at least two people my single threaded talking about join present otherwise went to online otherwise in a always a husband or wife or family have found a worship and you pray together you must be in unity you must be agreed before God would give a special extra blessing of asset prior to you you must be agreed together to a more think about this for more what I saw grandma my grandma she came back to see me came after like to see without talking with me and giving me some good information about the Bible slashing with me about the deny I got spooked and knowing he was say can I go back to my room and sought training and I see my wife and she says and I thought all about it as a normal garlic and lemon was taken a cause she does not agree with me so we get on these a lot of praying God please please leave a spread awareness and that the evil within us the way she doesn't believe it has yet to believe his grandma she's praying at the same time she's brain please help my husband to see the light and to accept the received light that grandma wants to get to him so as much as going up and her thread is going up and is going up what happens to all parents do not agree and the question is little boy does not answer the answer my wife of evidence of me the house of the ones who more spirits any other person while most much of my wife therefore God can answer my prayers rather interpret does not answer and the bold Prescott in a financial special blessing of God will I have to agree they cannot be different when one another example what if you face in a work conflict in your life and your and your husband is painful you and you want to you plain fun aside off you want to come to church and worship God with us without other believers experienced the blessing see a praying and praying the NIOSH identities pray for me and I trained as a very Sindelar please work a miracle that the processing alignment that you give me the day off and if they tell you how to train all please Lord help my wife to see that we need the money neck have to go to work what happens to the prayers on the first being agreed upon below the knot in the mouse is conditional the prayers have to agree it cannot be separate you must be calling believers in God can I give it extra special blessing of this your prayer partner the two of you been married for life will become one flesh the two must agree it is very important that they agree and that's the power coming together especially in Europe single Johan Vidor a spiritual person in your household it is very important that you come together to worship with other believers it is very important that God is merciful in spite of us I met my time when I saw is go to Las Vegas and I think I'd like to go down the line all the time they call whole renal causes the glitter and also like to think the best on blackjack we study the practice we memorize cards and soul to me are the best either one of the best odds you really noted during those four days ago there is other tables that I felt let down odds even the person is either losing and I think of myself one of Flores they would be to take God 's word I think I'd gamble upon you want I'm very also the faith under the nonbeliever I know somehow sodomite charts and binary seminary I could come back in the beloved the odds are against you more than ninety five percent again yes Don of his mercy he so blesses our disobedience amen is that blesses us out of this mess and I've done things all wrong evil I got still blessed me in spite of what I did so not to get away from it I want to gamble to take a race against born against and going against God and Mary some and also that if he were to gamble now God is merciful and he wants us to be happy and therefore it is of such a way that God wants us to be married the Chapter seventeen the delivery Chapter seventeen verse twenty seven chapter seventeen verse twenty seven what is the proper procedure that must happen before marriage may have been the policy limit twenty seven Jesus talking his ability to eat they drank they married wives they were given Americans in the day that Noah entered that are in a flood came on-site seventeen births I destroy them all so to attend Mary Wise and they were given in marriage in other words I than that been married wives as women do I given the way in marriage and we do the same thing when a woman is locked on nondisabled gives this woman to be married to this man and in a parent say together what we do right is a really given away in matters it is important that when you plan to get married that you seek the wisdom although also older wiser and more spiritual and all these parents of the woman we want to marry you see when you resolve is very high to see that it classes of passion and now the funny thing of all its zenith and costly people in relationships and marriages they a lot of people almost a hundred percent ninety nine percent not other people was very loud and it all ruthlessly with the relation of the mother what advice to give to them is not an allusion to believe me I know I already saw this comment types here and there that the Nashville kid greatest Goodling and an ongoing legality but I do not a lot I think that humanoid in your direction and sizes cunning person in a nice way in China gives hints here and there but let's was still blinded blinding most people there very few people have will fall the weather and also is important that you had people delight spiritual guide to even spiritual leaders leaving passage can ask for consul at about the relation is this guy good for me as a girl good for me is a good marriage will we make it what do you think that's what she asked each other a look at some examples of the Bible for principal tinted Genesis chapter twenty four verse forty nine Genesis chapter twenty four verse forty nine what did any as I do before Isaac married Rebecca Genesis chapter twenty four breasts forty nine Abraham said his most trusted servant leaders are to find a wife for Isaac and knows what happens what do you do say to Rebecca 's parents forty nine to fifty one the mouse is in now if you do Kiely intruded my master told me that is not tell me that I'm you might want to believe in and that's what has been said that the seed of the Lord we cannot speak with any battle good beholder back is before the Pickering goal Penelope Amasa son 's wife at the Lloyd at school in Seattle what should I do and is also what is the acid can I marry him can I marry your daughter he asked permission first is it okay with you as a parent is okay and Mary your daughter to get permission and they give their permission otherwise they gave away in marriage but each of the twenty nine verse eighteen of twenty one F Genesis chapter twenty nine precedent what do Jacob do before he married Rachel Joseph twenty nine with eighteen and twenty one and Jacob loved Rachel and said I was so used seven years for Rachel the human body is talking to rituals bad as a centimeters that Angelina said it is better than he gave it to me then that I should give it to another man abide with me and Jacob served seven years for Rachel and he seemed to him but a few days for the lobby had to her and Jacob said unto Laban give me my wife for they might these unfulfilled in unto her Jacob loved Rachel he loved her and he asked there is a K yes the parents is okay if unmarried daughter hated and intended that said while yet the work me for seven years prove yourself to be amended you have money prove yourself for egg of a strong character they didn't take alcoholic intake of the founding prove yourself so you ask permission first and then he got the permission and then he married he didn't just go away any left with her to marry her he got the permission of some of the spiritual advisor for us before that is quotation here promises here other young of the pink paper a young man who enjoyed the society with the friendship of a young lady unbeknown to her parents does not happen the Christian part taught her a part of parents in the back this is also not steal was written by the finger of God upon the tables of stone the last paragraph in a homeless underhand studio infections is packed as an excuse I deceptive parser does maintain private communications are kept up to the affections of one who is inexperienced and those that whereunto the things they grow on the measurement drawn from her parents have faith upon him was chosen by the very classy facilities that is unworthy of her love the Bible condemns any species of this honesty demands right doing and also concerns you see when you have a child the natural connection in the family is that just actions all targets file and this upon their knowledge releasing you must get the permission you must get permission to release it to whoever may be asking so men don't know there were minutes he get permission from the parents women will mathematically get the permission phone your parents and parents don't allow your daughter to get married cinematic that the asset permission for a man women my wife we were on see each other and acid anatomy and ready night and I knew I had to ask the parents parents her dad yet another background now the battle was saying before you saying that the logo to those Christians over there this got them brainwash you the Christian brainwashing if you yes is in the brainwashing is already does something up there but I'm not as a Christian I have to walk my talk I do follow the principle that the Bible senior so I know the money easy way out is Don asked the parents right anybody can do that not to be a Christian yet to go into something that not everyone has a car and told us of the right and saw the patient care I have to do this I'll is more afraid to ask her dad and I was asked her out what scares to ask your dad and I was even asked her to marry me and so there was not a talk story with him at his house walking in the client in full two hours to get to the point but I couldn't so walking around China the hominid pocket and asked him to do this by Jason Dolly talking and looking in I said I would like to assess the capability daughter because this is what everyone is up to you this is as heavy as the no neither diminished denies it to him not a respect for you on ask permission to marry the evening I may think give me thy and his eyes were welling up with tears as it has a very respectable and honorable thing to do and that very asked that I did transform the relationship the patient is very good now very strong mutual respect and anyways where credit when my father-in-law to say we're brainwashing people him the most respected me at this very time if we respect people every on of them respect the parents of the person getting married you because I miss it a lot is pressing the name come up to me the way to do one more management before puberty to do it no one got any more annoying things about aiming to me I respect them respectively if we honor and respect people that they will honor respect you to also write a man give in love love awakens a beloved people in love even you but you got initiated first now wait for them if you wanted people that are on either e.g. respectively but irrespective Jeana Cyphers of the Christian the whole gospel with initiation you got a initiate of the cushion it depends upon you only want in a high school go to parties and everyone's taking acting O'Connor adding OIS also came within a company is agony for the bio says he was friends in my sweat show himself friendly and otherwise you US ratio data showed initiative first you want and use a high first you initiate for us you'll be friendly for us and I just read a first responder and you to be offensive that way side company challenges to yawn about visiting paper exhibited about the pink paper here and onto the dominance is coming to China is among God 's promises to us but when I wanted the five challenges I like to begin the bonuses covenant that US submit an seven-member your life to the love of God so that you may have a successful marriage he believed that the nisei men men were too confident that you are a myriad person that is not the same thing as you are three common men then when you're ready to get married you ask the permission of the girlfriend 's parents before you ask when the government 's hand in marriage amen boy that women adorn he married a man who is respectful enough to ask for your parents permission in order to marry you amen five company apparently teaches children to the question of who will be for billionaires event see how we all been aware of the content they can do whatever they want but within the Christian church and God he wants to do it especially we need to be sure that we marry the one with the right person to be married right person we must pay with the right person so maybe be like Abraham and Sarah and Mary within the fate baby Elaine Isaac and Rebecca had gone at the helm may be late Jacob MH unmarried holding a person who is fully committed to Christ even though you hinder charge you can still marry a person who is not fully committed to Christ may put God first last and best in our decisions and made merry only those in case of the converting power God in the life and experience the love of Christ in the heart this morning and a lot more I find this faithful may lobby out then I held high


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