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Wherever You Go, I Will Go

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • November 1, 2008
    11:00 AM
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I thought we have a handle of the resolute John twenty two forty two new Chapter twenty two rest forty two the sermon hetero and a little bit more new job it's like it was going to do this morning is wherever you go I will rev Eagle I will we've been studying about relationships not me I would be going through this journey together this will evidently been where this amendment a deputy so we help for that happiness I was starting to see Yahoo and how to have relationships and how to make sure that we would be happy to read all of our lives not knowing is very but for eternity as another was studying this morning relationships gosling submit how do you know where you submit submission how did you hear that word submission some people any hint of submission nutrition in many of the word I cannot network but in God 's universe and fortify everything to run smoothly as well or machine it's an unlimited want me and got it of resorting to run smoothly the well ordered machine people and beings must submit to the higher beings about them it must happen they must submit to those who are higher in command he seasickness problem following the universal whole argument controversy is that Satan does not want to submit to God the health and economy some are not in one word the whole following the Olson problem that figured did not want to submit himself to God and all the economy of nature is being something within them do not want to submit an awesome as a sideline wrestling inside of him he did not want to submit that the whole problem with the universal and happy new universe of sin isn't no one there that all sinful natures do not like to submit also it was think the problem is definitely in my problem it is definitely not problem this morning and we don't like to submit and that all of the time when humanity does not like to submit an otherwise you a lot don't tell me what to do right and attitude you have everything you I have it in the right book family want to do either I wanted to go down what to do that kind of people are missing is that so many times it is today that you know what life to submit and every kind in the Lenexa submitted this messy sitting this morning I decided the word of God let us submit to the word amen that image has brought my live and satisfy my family than transform our relationship that we maybe have healthy prosperous joyful relationships is my prayer ministry father we hotly submit to this time we draw lines and thoughts away from the cares of this world and businesses in things that need to be done but while heavenward on heavenly things and good things and good thoughts join us to heaven is appearing Jesus thing in personal Jesus Stahl with submitting to his father Luke chapter twenty two the dilute chapter twenty two verse forty two chapter twenty two verse forty two the pilot says saying father is a very funny scene his father if you will and I'll be really removed this copy their last night especially that has come with a couple of what sin from me nevertheless not my will not what I want to do but by me what the sea Jesus and wanted to send money he was serious lesson professor unique and environmentally he struggled he wrestled with his father because his father asked him to do a something a follows later in the loan upon him is a think I can't drink nothing to drink the cup was a father it may be possible I don't want to do that take the cup away from me I do not want to submit I don't want to do something for us to get him away from me I decided someone nevertheless not my will but thine will be done is feeling that somehow want to do this I don't want to lose that same simple lastly I have he was wrestling he was struggling and binding affinity he did not want to do it if you happen they just can't drink it using I don't want to drink in Manila last well into the third time he finds the medicine father I don't want to do it I don't want to drink this cup father never not my will but thy will be done and he drank a cup onto flag that Jesus drank the coffee is monumental underground achieving this goal by excluding this is not a lot of drink up and stop there even though I don't drink the cup and nevertheless a very white black negates everything I said before I don't want to drink the cup father but negating everything before not my will not how I feel your will be done he submitted to his father he leaves into his body even though he did not want to do now what must we do every single one of us in what must we do before we're able to resist the devil tented jeans at the former seven James chapter four verse seven at the Hebrews chapter four seven what must we do before he would do with Vista he's got a free from the something we must do for us it seems that the former seven the Bible says and I very first word it says what what does that say something submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will one leave on you in on important and often gain the power to resist the devil we must first submit to God the men received eleven rehabbed mill how we handle strength within ourselves to resist the devil in all human flesh none of us can resist the devil and when the face of them ahead on this is where all those become not just is not enough for now I'm no math in a double I am the first to admit that I can never go and confront him face-to-face with all Jesus by my side in an you are looking for the devil you need to login life someday labeling into human flesh thing is sinful nature than what you wanted to know what time you want to do not even God are not cognizant of the God listen to the Word of God comes into Jesus when the policies you are no match for a double you need to send me itself therefore to God and the devil will fully below he will flee submit me home a little bit more who also supposed to submit first Peter chapter five verse five of the next first Peter chapter five is fine who else Ceballos says likewise you what younger for the next word submit yourselves unto the what Elder and younger people are supposed to submit themselves to the older people this is where you get the principle where we ought to respect the elderly respect to all the people on the wisdom and cemented them as long as they don't concentrate the word of God right see the culture of Hawaii in August additionally follow this principle the Asian culture the Polynesian cultures have always been a place here in Hawaii where we learn to submit to the older Pete all this is an honor and listen to the older people unfortunately you hardly see that anymore it's sad to see a younger generation arising today who have no respect for the older people that much of the inside to see younger people dismounting a suspect older and elderly people but actually missed three the elderly the parents and grandparents to gaming here of people elderly people who get abuse by their own that's you calling it LW thank you we only told in the Bible that we are to respect listened to and submit to goals were elderly is a setting to see that no longer today not only were the people and I may open doors for the elderly but at talk back to them they hit them abuse them to get frustrated with the grandparents of the taking care of them elderly care that views them only physically but mental abuse verbal abuse is going on it's a great thing that's happening right now recent unit in Hawaii were also caught on culture was very protected this amount of culture in his head up and out respecting the elderly we see a lot of young people talking back to the parents not listening to the elderly doing what they want to do the word of God says that we need to submit an event in time that we need upon the one of God in history I believe it is now without a net income many people say that is easy to submit to God but is very hard to submit demand if they want to this savings amount aside by myself and all any of my Bible and have a good relationship with Don and that's all I need if anyway on the eighth the people that get me upset unlimited meals didn't have a good relation with God and to glorify nagging is the amount they like the long so that monitor the web or maybe it be okay but you cannot simply get to the Jesus himself said was God said himself is that what you do unto the least of these people you do want to me so what you do with you on the people who really reflects your relationship with God beloved met you cannot separate the two the ten Commandments the festival was based on a relationship with who God when you can again out the last this was based upon your submission tool that respecting and not taking things from other people killing people you can also critically kept unloaded a mother I'll be a great commission loving your great Christianity is reflected by how you treat the person who is Christ himself went again to the lease is looking good unto me so not to submit submit ourselves to God Jesus made his father recently felt the to God we younger ones myself we submit ourselves to the elderly the only people that also another factor says that will also do submit to every ordinance of God V contains will also govern unless with disabilities on a police man I is beginning an asset to any target doing something beloved in another continent the one God we are to submit to other assets in doing that submit then Spiegelman living closer he was at the thirty first seventeen Hebrews thirteen of a few books before thirteen to seventeen what must we do unto the church leaders who have a watch for our souls the leaders within the church he was at the thirteen to seventeen Bible says when I first worth being diluted or Dave Van that have though what rule over you and was on the floor submit yourselves for the Watts for your life so spiritually souls you must submit to the religious leaders in the church to have rule over you a lot of doesn't contradict the webinar and it with others the word of God again my favorite expertly as they must give account this is an endless give a combat they may do it with joy and not with what greed that is unprofitable for you the Bala says is a God appointed leaders to be to or less ears of his flock and leader not a path of the elders women may be disposed of responsibility churchwide leaders and God called the punishing to submit that once he is appointed over them one of the leaders on being the master the senior leaders myself included we must use to collect off on leadership on judgment day strict account of what we do we only have a condo for every misuse of power any misuse of authority any misuse a position everything that we should start as a leader that we did not do will be how much more callable in advance accident than the members of the church so in all responsibility what a godsend as members making light work making that the leader will be serving the Lord of the work together the group that it will be a joy for them and none of Vernon and agrees for the ZDNet I joy this is a benefit for you James identify McKinney difficultly appointed leaders for you whiny of stopping it does not benefit you but only ends up saving you and the culture right into think of it as a father has twenty two a beautiful day long and hard I guess of twenty million in their flying in a new one Richard was going well in a copy under the father says that the science unit one by one Michael I guess coming in anybody Sunday will be sure that you organize on the airport trips and travel documents it was your time you have a go back it up when it was okay but should I know about Michelle the news that a lot of users unite empty at the the lawsuit and personally drag configuration in the wrestler retirement in the affected okay with you showing up on Sunday only to be when they should have been enough chairs and tables he's on the turntables Jonathan should I know about Martha 's new monotheism renunciation engines are the declarations which was really nice and comfortable flaunting death should I know and anyone who is again in the family and everyone fulfilled the responsibility now is a window but she does it then missed would be a mighty force for blessing to many people in your government shorts in the charts that and anyone who was again in it whereas he do this sugar polymerizing Osuna polypeptide the boy says yes although he never went right but has to say yes and do it when everyone comes together and become a strong cohesive on a family with this song and nothing can separate us on spamming when people see all of family working together in unity and harmony and things getting done in organizing structure and orderly and disciplined that is a powerful influence for the gospel amen so we need we need a church family that works together this humble similar yes I know people is in the leaders could you please do this the flesh is no right but not my will but thy will be done Jesus felt the same way as you can sue anyone submits we submit everyone here submits to God they don't listen it's a reality all of us here submit to the in the dominant adjustment is submitted and appointed leadership by God and then who also supposed to submit feelings at the five activities even chapter five verse twenty two but isn't the whole point of the service ability of getting to that point views of the five twenty two twenty four beavers out of five at twenty to twenty four how is supposed to submit the Bible says twenty to twenty four thousand twenty two why was the next word women use it why is life a man submit yourselves unto your old one husband this is as unto the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body therefore the church is subject of the Christ select the wives be to their own husbands at how many things in all things and everything that I wasn't twenty two wives ought to submit themselves whether they like it or not but submit themselves unto the husband this is an junta nonetheless it doesn't contradict the webinar in the continental word of God are you following slowing about said that Favre is a holy commutation for the holy gallery and more sensors you come to church and the family Jesus went to church every as his custom was at least that it but they either said no you save one eighty two single-family means me the following is the phone I was at the same all the unanswered Phyllis about the new something but you can't validate novel writing that take the methods I falling socially yes to bring God 's word the law no just as Christ is the head of the church the Bible says here just as Christ is the head of the church so it is the woman supposed to submit to the husband but what was the problem back in the days of the Jewish church and Isaiah chapter three verse twelve is accepted to be verse off as a chapter three verse twelve what was the problem document these of the Jewish church was a Bible says there is writing essays here as well my people my people got sent children on their oppressors the children were regardless of the parents and will read what move over then where my people all the people they were leaving caused you to air and destroy the way off the high hat to follow the Jewish trust back then was I'm with the children were rebellious enough society and the win-win but will he ever know today has not you are so below all my people at children who are pressing and disobedient to parents who do not see that today in Miami on the one here and see the disobedience has been done to parents today doing a blind eye and install custom to see you so much that we think it's a long walk today that will be figuring while you do you see Microsoft do people actually seen or dogged blinding themselves to them I don't only want to see the disabuse the president criminal the women were ruling over their husbands another was a good directed and controlled the husband or my people is not the women today are the ones of ruling over the husbands and running the whole in a never before when I was searching in either know what what he was to be a man cannot even study my Bible and so what I did was I thought it is watching whatever nothing to be learned from watching TV and movies under no tomatoes look popular famous in Hollywood there am I run one of the one imagined as wanted other than that when the submission now valid anyone into any right and the children distributed to the parents and wife ran the whole arena then again be loving history once again is another women today are not moving over the husband and running the holds is my question is that the winner knowledge in practical affairs of the home and is and also the women will become the spiritual leaders in the whole and also within the churches today is the one of the the majority of people that go to church on women more sexy than Mister the majority of people mingling church on women the most spiritual ones that are not also the women in the home isn't the one you see the women are leaving out even in the hole or honey and to train us a full dinner was the initiating and leaving out and explain that it was a mishap family worship honey the five family worsen dizziness for an anti-Western and delete out in the worst of them isn't no wonder below that with the same pattern as the Jewish response to manage church in the last days is falling back to the same thing that happened to the Jewish church before Jesus came scanning our homes and churches Rodman today the husband has so long delegated and pass on the responsibility sees the women there comes a point in time that the win-win leaders are not to do a better job in leaving out than most men today than it to the organizers they get to the underlying to get things done in a lot of make things make schedules they get off all the cause is a man who want to shirk their responsibilities and gimmicks of the women to do what they should've done in a minute anyone have been want to complain of it taking over the role of the holding in the church about to get a story of a woman was a hit out on the wahoo what happened was her husband was actually a elder I gave you all on his father believers want to do is scheduled in code as an iPod and I think as long as handling a direct example a time in his younger years and using it after watching this on Go Daddy and asset of the Allison got delivered in an awful lot easier find exactly what to do near now they're just so good I did a lot of research responsibilities that I find ahead out and then we complain when the wind and exhaust all below and notably Manga notably women like to be nurturing a Sunday like to please their husbands the problem is that the way to do everything for the husband that the husband should be doing that in the e-mailing them to me we wake up call when it is good news amen estimate of the gospel in relationships right now turning to Romans three eleven of the two of several texts in a rapidfire moments at the three verse eleven acts Romans that the person that the gospel in this notice either my question is can we seek after God 's requesting the three questions because of the positive verse eleven there is not then understand there is not that what say satellite God I think that God is a God I think that the yes reason enough in God but when the person on the inherent as they seek you first the kingdom of God like Hesiod is a God but one is saying is you that no initiates and features first Pentagon was also seeking my thinking on what is said in the northeast of the godliness says that no one initially sensors real only sitting on the response of the high first seeking on CNN Donna's initiating we respond to God the praise it doesn't look wrestling to initiates a gap in God I would never find on I was in college and I was not even on my mind I many times when I think there is a result nonexistent but I think I've somehow key initiatives as he kept calling economy if they heard he is calling a nation I just responded I follow his lead he led the rest and I just follow God initiates we responded in the next context John six forty forty four John chapter six verse forty four can we come to God without being drawn first on six verse forty four the Bible says here no man can come to me except the father which sent me what jaw can anyone suggest goal to bother claim to this text no we can only go to God unless Don Ferris JAWS was gone to does for us to easily follow the initiates we just respond in jaws he sees us then we see him change all of us first then we go the authority you see that Bobby Susan was fun how do we love authentic first John four nineteen twenty four Revelation first on Fort Worth nineteen first John chapter four verse nineteen the Bible says we all can wait on God because he was second birth love on we love him because he loved us first in the list initiate we respond long unlinking slope below God long to us writers only gives a chilling response within interlocking back PC is currently seeking a response he draws on his person it would want to him it was fun belongs us first and then we let them back into responsibilities in order not the gospel what do we do before we believe what the God before the intended John three sixteen you know his text on paper sixty with a God who before we believe John three sixteen about says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life game we believe first and then God loved us according to the fact what happened keen on this verse continues Sung to buy Fosamax before we even believe below is a precious to God loves us whether you believe or not he let us first and then he loved us first we responded to in love to see that God initiates we respond by in all the major birth by loving us I'm not impossible yet an enemy of God a sinner but another text Romans chapter five verse six to ten when the Christ loved us Romans chapter five their acts Romans chapter five verse six to ten minute Christ's love us the Bible says Bowman Louis yet without strength in due time Christ died for the ungodly for scarcely for my commander one valiant prevention for good men some would even dare to die but God commanding is not taught toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us with more than being now justified by his blood we shall be saved from wrath through him for if when we were enemies we are reconciled to God by the death of his son once more being reconciled we should be saying by his life Christ loved us and God bless before we do anything while we are yet without strength ungodly still sinners and enemies of God God emission 's love for us by God was first in Ottawa 's love God initiated and we responded in the Associates NHS here because you're good within yourself and you just hear God initiated his love toward you eventually you said you are here this morning I praise God that he met at the love as his mercy what happens in prices that the Dublin acrostic to John chapter twelve or thirty two John Chapter twelve verse thirty two the Bible says this is Jesus talking and Jesus said I I elected up on the Earth will one call all men unto me in other words Jesus was delivered out what was elected out the cost account and you must be a democracy initiates across the love birth and that the cost of them about a slave in a foundation of your the beginning is in his found salvation in the first initiates and my mission in the lounge so and without high so everyone can see it initiate enthralled all the fuss to Jesus Christ amen but no one can be drawn to God unless the crosses verse lifted up a man and on the cross of Calvary is revealed the growing unrest simple upgrade with the ball love unconditional love of God and given the cost accounting me three the light of God and the cost recovery lifted up all the seed you will be drawn to God amen you will need to want to go you cannot help it will be John and that's why every sermon every Sabbath school class every regardless of meeting any regardless of class whatever is taught in the Bible study must be presented with the cross of Calvary and the level body men it has to be a need to pay me just how doctrines of the love of God and across the county it does not have the power to shock people to God he meant it doesn't does the holiday the power is in the cross of Calvary in a the power is in the love of God is the only thing they can draw people to Christ now is understanding visible about dissolving the class this is the was in the one twenty how is the internal polygon in the Godhead clearly understood Romans chapter one verse twenty and asked the question asked to need physically see things that I invisible he physically seeping under the deliberate know which of the wondrously missing the Bible but invisible things of him the nutrition of the world they are busy Tennessee the invisible I clearly see we can see being on the story that was seen by the things that are what made it we learn things and made his gods nature creation even electing especially even his eternal eternal power is redemptive power huddle is very worst alliance and the balance is and what God so that they are without excuse so things we cannot see we can clearly see the Vallas says that we really cannot see we can clearly see that David God created nature and even humanity by seeing humans we did a sloppy Joe Holly God who supposedly visited this since her first Corinthians chapter eleven verse three first Corinthians chapter eleven verse three visited this relationship that's why so soon born on the text of Romans one twenty first vintage of December through the balances but I would have to know that they had on the head of every man is who surprises ahead of every person and the head of the world it is the one man's a man is that the woman in the head of Christ is who you can visit vision we can better understand the relief you sure between not a problem try by seeing how the charge relationship with Jesus if they would always see man's relationship with a woman a following through and get more into this notice of the Jesus how did Jesus live his life John five first nineteen twenty John chapter five verse nineteen John chapter five is like and how did Jesus live his life the Bible says then us and Jesus said unto them verily verily I say unto you the son Jesus can do nothing of himself but what he see no one father do for what things celebrity doing whatever the father does these all sold on the line nonetheless Jesus said he wants the father is leaving and he followed his wife upon initiating and he responded to it in the same way we do church all to follow the lead of Jesus right if they had I just followed the lead of his father we in the church as individual members altered by the league of Jesus Christ when he leaves I follow right wing initiate I was fine you want somebody who is impossible I want to be befalling on the in the same way women ought to follow the lead author husband PC that to respond to initiation of the husband 's and also him only and I heard this question asked many times many times what I do in a situation when my husband never leave in on the one always leads changes not do anything at all and nothing gets done living of either the relationship and on a girl gets pregnant she has a child in a more Sinhalese and takes off I see myself in dollars not have time very well before is not to raise that child and admonition of the Lord right before Xinhua on how well Manzanita Hall our founding worship what is lamented on the floor not going to have prayer before you in the same way before Vista have a hole in the hunt is not leaving the skin and do anything and you and your whole family and abusing a man some men take the lead and lead out even think the league I lead out and women left a husband leave our event some of you women are so used to leaving out that you don't know how to call and left a man leave policy that happen also many times as many assignees are leaving out and because you've got us all wrong and you can become much better at it than your husband you need out and then be patiently little child next to him and I love that baby can load that may be spent as he learns delete all of you try the question in the Godhead is God the father better than Jesus this is the father we have no problem saying our father is eighty four years and Julie when a father and you submission up on the money excellent paragraph when women submitting to men just because they had different battle with development one person in any other unit of God had different battles young and approximately nebula we had been away when we should have no problem with the most honest and interesting just as an pilot with the Godhead just because of different goals that should be no problem with the quality they just have different goals we need to get back to those rosy men need it back to the rules regarding it back to the rules by design I chose to never be healthy I think that back to the role that God is Utah's question can you be one of God without the word of God came to me to first Peter chapter three verse one and would like to have them a question anymore first Peter chapter three verse one percent in first Peter chapter three verse one can someone be one without the word first Peter E one the Bible says likewise you why be in subjection to your own husbands that if any husbands will blame not the word they also may without knowing what words be what why might a lifestyle on the white my question again can someone be won't be one without the work going to do what I got yes I think anyone can be a Christian without the weather if you do not come to church the believe it was a godly wife of limiting the word of God drinking the wine with what it got been present in everything by you without using a pilot study they can be wine by the life that you live a man should follow Christianity that is very very very rarely find patients who live the life of the Christian idea quotation I hear the pink paper of those black print on the top essays here is very substantial Raven 's home and I like this one why this one one now either well are there as well what discipline Charles Moore in behalf of Christianity then how much on the sermon that can be what creates how well our day I will guess that they and your family as you must want power and all assignment I have intrigued me love holiday my flight my family life unless more power and weight the ones that I have to say about the greatest evidence of the power Christianity they can be presented to the well there is the well ordered valid discipline family people can be worn without the word on when they see the gospel within you and me that will suffice however I found his wife and presenting the whole miniatures in the community when people see how well are you want something from you do you have the same word to people and have already preached to them thousands of Internet you see the relationship between husband and wife reveals to the relationship between us and God and explain the foundation for every false religion is that he got to do something first before God loves for that but I got lunch before the gauntlet yet it is something first penance whatever it is and is on the first report were sent and worse before you're saying of the foundation of all false religions pages think about it when you go to my all into the crater Hesiod is offering the call whole foods offerings are cheap and walking on area of food and fluids to see that when the door is operated and gone gone is on pending whether this is the offering as a way to appease the gods to make them happy that they were being kind and I'm on process and generous to you befallen me you have initiative I do often first you initiate the godless line behind you initiate things in them if you are hereby the mother be happy at ethos religion method to works of penance whatever is right in this my works but God is right by the I write you my faith by believing God initiates first to respond as I was by thing people see the correlation the Godhead see an enemy humanity in people see a husband leaving out the white responding husband initiating and the like responding a following then another page of the Godhead and the picture on how relationship the husband leaves out and initiated when the respondent follows that it must be in the mind it must be that tries initiates and leave now and we that is initiation was fine and follow his leaving him in the gospel is peace by relationships but when people see in their charts and other errors when you see the woman leaving out as a man following than one initiating the man responding against rebirth anything while visiting Beth Auburn women's leaving out that it must be that we must leave out and dog to follow timeless initiates of the first and God responds to meet and Mike is my wife's extended people think that Doctor Emerson by worst-case and because of the relationship being shown within people claiming to ball the webinar people were believing the right is my faith arises by works or how your family is on a visit of the gospel in relationships iDVD chapter five is twenty five Ephesians chapter five verse twenty five in the gospel for men husbands love your wives even has tried also I know what church and gave himself for it I looked around the wife as Christ loved the church militant crazy research Chris initiated by showing gridlocked in a church and therefore the church responded lump sum how do you feel penalty volume the author who believe this but what I got sick view your destination the house progressively this theology how you feel with you Williams only submit to men the problem is that the mouth says that we must we must be a husband and wife as Christ is lots we must not call out the policy you must submit I know one young man nice to hang out before he's always say that it is a statement text of the facts when it submits a man Jonathan got to always let me increase everything we saw a taxi Wendy a significant man is on one single act as a laughing hear anything about it and that women needed saving is is was going to laugh it off but lately is that when a father daughter relationship is like a puppy dog called her although she went to the lifeline houses of the love their wives as Christ loved the church for this Christ's love the first and we respond by loving return and will relocate wise then why will loudly respond to us and when you submit to us when we love them exactly how Christ loves us amen many of us recently I love a submitted by because he lobbied for an insanely high wise man named Alana they submit to a high-speed love will think I'm allowed by Islam the claimant if I my wife on commission would allow she was joined on humanity happily submit to me and I believe a guy wants to see the relationships within the bosses enough families and I wanted to see the lava was first and would be able to respond to him I don't really see the love of Christ in the across the Calvary and we can be drawn to him and he revealed to a dying world the beautiful massless times of Jesus Christ this morning then we give your life to God we take a leadership role we go in the following wherever you may lead you may refer submit to God for us anything with the afterlife Wimberley submitted by how we submit to your husbands review the character Christ allegedly the typing paper under review this song is foggy beside you and women the song is messy for you as well as song I will musical but once he lost she sings sorely I was stay with you as you follow your husband not doing name a heartbeat in expression of God 's own heart for you unstoppable so this morning as we contemplate like this by faith and not by works in relation they meditate upon these thoughts I thirty sing the song be decided this morning


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