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The Search for Oneness

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries


  • November 8, 2008
    11:00 AM
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why am I to turn solving this is the true verse twenty four does this happen to verse twenty four folding text this morning with inciting a series on relationships loving you as God loves you relationships godly soul this money be going to know whether God and is not serving up a series of wall and inside of the search for oneness is entered into the relationships the search for oneness fifty percent of marriages today raining divorce at the fifty percent of marriages that do not get divorced my course is common in them ye think have a satisfying relationship the question while men assess the women this morning statistics eighty four percent of women feel they don't have intimacy in the Americas and any other papers then it is also the midfield and intimacy in the Meredith of the people who stay married but the people were not born eighty three percent of women feel the husband don't even know the basic needs of all woman for intimacy are hollow to provide intimacy for the don't even know of a group begun and then this morning and a Mac eighty three percent of women feel the husband don't even start for a large culinary news then again metabolically stable by a large majority female divorced him this unmarried year is where the lonely asked Sierras on the married years with alone 's use of the life of the question of that and just the women of pre- marriage class was given and the question was the astronaut is limited to what impresses you Wolf on fate of wanted you to marry the one that you love and the responses is on the way responding beneath respondent what impresses me most was his kindness and honesty Katie said he thought him a respectful and he said I'm most impressed with his patients Marsha said he is a very compassionate Doctor visit before marriage Amy said he felt caring and sensitive heart rejoices defense and encourager roots and I never met such a kind man Dan said he shows that patients we don't agree Diane said he wants to do anything and everything to be a better husband amen you seem premarital classes everywhere with eyes on right we hold and anticipation right looking forward to the future but in ten years when these women say the same things away these women feel that they been snowed by their husbands the question whether pressure wiped the most about you before you remarry these are impressive in the same way audio and encourage her to do so applications and impasses are you still can't have an respectful to her or she's so lonely on the inside even though you'll often with her question I do ask you this morning this morning I think a look at how he may continue to be a long and immunity and elegant Vasquez wanted obtaining harmony through the word of God written a rephrase out she will condition aware maniac and surrender our lives to him so that we can be where we should be a man that is for father 's word is open Pakistan's Jesus meaning when a man and a woman a united together in marriage what should they become denizens over twenty four the Bible says falling along the bottle says therefore some and then leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and day Shelby what one flesh the Bible says mothers turn one flesh sounds quite strange what is any phrase often talked about his sermons and Sabbath school and Bible study had one flask on all rare round but in your house around your policy many blank expressions one of the mean one flesh being one of the best means to experience a physical mental emotional and spiritual and when you thought this policy is whole sermon is called one oneness with the whole theme and coming together but one of them out automatically happen when you say the marriage about was evident by what you see in relationship to their marriage is that it does not automatically happen there isn't that oneness that were talking about the hottest one is come about what is it that produces a visit even the weather .edu Genesis three sixteen in the well doesn't recently I will send to the one where you fire that the women desire nine Dennis is up at Bieber sixteen the Bible says until the women you said I think that woman I will greatly multiply multiply your sorrow and your conception and saw you shall bring forth children under the fire shall be to your life husband you should rule over you I women's desire has always and will always be toward her husband in other words our longings for your earnings her desires will always be tolerant and emotional oneness when a husband feminist movement says that you are your own person and I'm going to tell you what to do that you either don't need to husband the plank in one of the line there is a desire within a woman and a woman torn on the nonassignable the buses are husband window Mary did the unemotional attachment is close to the one that they can only be experienced in American relationship how to obtain this oneness fifties even shut the five and forty one Ephesians New Testament Sabbath five verse twenty one the Bible says the bow with an inverse twentieth is submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God is a unity of oneness can come only by submission in other words another to have to unity both sides of the relationship must be wedding to submit to one another writing event we learn to read about the past well how no-hitter nor the man and woman about half a month and then they hit the woman we learn about that under this money really looking that the submission am not the Wilmington and man the submission all the man to the woman he met in Mister Kabbalah says that the man both sides are to submit to one another in honor to have unity without submission it would not be one there is a female submission of men there is a male submission event there is a male submission of Alicante my bola submit to one another question is as morning why do people fight in relationships what's the problem that people in our fighting and arguing with one another in relationship to the bottom of the St. James chapter four verse one into eternity James chapter four verse one into the Bible says why do people fight the relation she finally is refund talk about that arguing and fighting put each other down negative words only do harm any relationship with honey of us really believe it does good one to believe that soul one is an economy can understand what causes it then we can fit on a solution of James of the four of us wanted to the Bible says for whence comes more than fightings among awareness planning come among how to come about they not hence even up your life you desire is that one remember because you want something then it says you would lustfully desire things but you don't have it is not a utility designed to have any can obtain you fight and war in other words if you want your fighting a audio one another because in that relationship over that person you want something but can not getting what you want then up to Nephi when a person you with your wife or your husband and you want something you really want something from the one you want the person to do something for you want a person to believe what you believe you want that person to understand when you coming from but when that person doesn't submit to what you ask of that person with Johnson a person that's when the fighting comes from that's when the lightning comes from but if there is some mission in the relationship there be no fight arthritis was fighting relationships of difficult holes with some mix want another Islamization all I can do all I can do something another prices assuring cement there will be no argument the only argument comes when some ridiculous that I will not submit the request of the other person the Bible says that people fight the one because of without any need to submit to God what happened to that one win away when I read their submitted on the relationship between each other when batting them atoms on a blaming the venues are blaming the blaming game started happening when the relationship of God failed the relationship with one another fail we do not use the submitting to God you ninety system into one and that's why the Christian the whole walk medication is submitting to God when we submit to God we can use to submitting to one another that's the whole practice and enlightenment and by the way he wrestles with you relationship the other half of the way submit the warning unity and oneness of the all and that was not being fighting within the I was also known as net he gave her food because you wanted to be like God the Bible says in other words what you think your disobedience was that she didn't really need not but she was in her along the witch in the foods that are needed on its deposits you be like God I really need to bother for my old boss in the same way when you don't submit the other half we don't submit any relationship to another person to hospital you'll likely white vinegar we don't submit what you really saying is I don't really need to I am my own person I respect your thoughts on a spec for spec I will respect your feelings I was back not an analyst that anything on because I am on that I need therefore I want listen to what you sell and submit to what you say and I really don't need to anyone was saying while asking what we really say that I don't need and I am on adding one this is important for the Bible says that all hold their to be divided as finding one another maybe this story in the same way a church and there is no unity within the church or any organization a score and a good book club when the people find it within a house divided against itself will not stand about that in will fall on a charge that any vital fighting it will not stand it will call a whole new defining as arguing and fighting it will not stand in willful eventually it will fall and may not be outwardly but anyway in the hot the high single uniform who's responsible for this thank you Dennis is the reverse nine eleven he's been recorded by Paul Commonwealth will be assembled about that Dennis is up at the reverse nine enables a holding call understand what the Bible says this sin and God came looking for them to Boston and about this year and a lot God caught on to EE and Senator where are you noticed that Adam Aman God called unto him he met in other words when relationships went that relationship without any went back to a relationship without in any way that God call the man to accountability and not the one with you even on the button and sin bought called only upon atom to all in one of both off there seems to haven't been ahead of the relationship with the Commonwealth of the freedom that relationship even though both had contributed to that Peter the same way when all relationships fail when him marriages fall Don Ho 's the man primarily responsible even though all both parties country admitted to an affair that is why it is a solemn responsibility to be a real man today relationship but we are optimally held responsible for all relations and whether it doesn't work a when it doesn't work today what the problem the following is that Nancy may we were not own up to his responsibility why because according to the Bible may already know this by nature I will say them each a different about say she was what was she PC but Adam wasn't he was the sea by thinking that Adam was not worth it was received by figment at some new keynote was striking it was long but in the light of knowing what is right he still ate her food in God 's faith because he had a gun is nature this is evidenced by the far greater crimes among males than females today busy bonus attitude is the main reason why men today would not overcome to is the responsibility today of taking leadership not owning a whole but in the marriages and in the community once again now where in the Mary's the men only fail fifty feet is the finest twenty five Jesus at the five verse twenty five one African-Americans the refill feelings are the five first twenty five by with this husband laws of Yahweh wise even as Christ also loved the life church and gave himself for another words what do Chris do for the church guide for the territory sacrifice his life for the term gave his life for the mother was the same as on the harvest to have fun life is along the highest in is and gives up the logger 's wedding to sacrifice even what he wants to do for his wife that is the law and not after the men my courses morning is man only living off to the sacrifice that God wants us to do you see the chopping of men upon the marriages have black death to the souls of the wives but to wait and expect you men to trample upon using kind in godly before marriage she never dreamed you would treat her like this you see when a wife there was undernourished underappreciated on the last you a wealth into our dog knocking at as a blossom into life and excitement when nothing to nurture her her unique beauty and appeal to be concealed within who she really is will want to his former life and joy and happiness now she seems all and more about it and about what I meant to reverse this condition may have spent even less time with the wife to Morris and his wife will mourn and the more justified he feels to leave the situation the death of a spirit on the lack of commitment is often the depth of the relationship because he cannot stand to be with someone who's so unresponsive and that's what a vicious cycle it turns out to be this once happy joyful life when a teenage years and a young adult life of soul for energy and happiness now sunk into cyanide discouragement depression years what happened into a perfect love the example here on as the world viewed across the county took a lot prescribed in chapter one verse eighteen first Corinthians chapter one rethinking on those the world is anyone out there who hasn't experience the love of God C the cross of Calvary for screens in chapter one verse eighteen was a Bible says I was a split of treating off the cross is the bandanna lost foolishness but unto us which will save it is the power of God is the cross doesn't make sense it is not logical to our sinful flesh in fact to a simple flesh the cross is for a physiological doesn't make sense who will be so foolish enough to buy for someone else who mistreat you is would you good thoughts will result boys and the sump is full is as stupid as that with no expectation of benefiting yourself at all but on the whole point of death across the board is sacrificially the cross was the right decision amen I'm glad you visited think logically according to the flesh but instead thought lovely tart I in the spirit you see all common sense and logic is now by our experience and knowledge and sometimes men were just flat out wrong on top of the Osaka bicycle is beyond logic the cross was beyond making sense we study how men on physical and women are emotional learn about other men and women struggling in the context of marriage a women's emotional needs relationship on math by talking and sharing nothing is more Sunni than we would have been then go to naturally talk and share with allies rid of them not to like to do better things right now but I wanted about this man let me Wednesday to sacrifice and submit to me that life would think little herb also needs to talk and tissue BC 's men realizable but our decision-making this is making often fails to see the other person 's perspective we will be on a lot of the core leadership style we got to move beyond it may look the same sacrifice that Christ had thoughts about the sacrifice for the needs of all why the needs of all non- one and this is the reason why our relationships up and because there is not a submission to the oneness of our relationship FY and winner wife come home makes sense network early next day but she wants as they are talking and sharing right he wanted mostly because a lot of the elegant earlier morning and make sense of them a sense of family and will be part of the miserable the physical sleep like this make sense logical and think logically it makes sense but the thinking below is a have the same sacrifice as Christ had another word he does something the process for submitting a senseless voice do something for us officially for your wife and financial request and talking Chevron or even donate thinking of the basin and don't feel like eating then it was well they must believe that her makes sense where possible shopping and one for my shopping shipping costs Gwendolyn a fan and a second by saying all in and then allowing all we were busy making talk to Sherry spending time with you you think it doesn't effect them a lot and we did we've been wasting time going going to do more things on my Nixon but their hearts he thinking the most amazing thinking beyond the logic and to the sacrifice and then will you sacrifice as trifecta persuasiveness as Christ the minute is the question this morning when his men submit to the emotional needs of his wife his wife were then willingly submit to the needs of a husband and when the men and women have a mutual submission then and only then will you have actual oneness in a relationship when way relationships have been working we haven't been submitting when resubmitting to one another yes and you don't want to do what's requesting a vassal of the sacrifice comes in I'm willing to sacrifice is Christ sacrifice him yelling to submit a candle to the stone cannonball cost with you what can I say about talking to Andrew realized that their view when relationships reverse a mission trip to Frisco to shut the University frustrated Chapter 11 verse three I was says Iowa says but I have you know on yellow papers I'll have you know that the head of every man is Christ the head of the woman is the man for Christ is God and a yellow papers here stays here Christ is the head of humanity man is the head of the woman we talk about that and God the father is the head of Christ seem to understand men the hand signals but this morning God is calling us a different type of leadership is calling us to be a servant leader of reverse submission is Limbaugh 's comments to do this morning is the Christ submitted to humanity when he is on the cross of Calvary he allowed that he submitted to people beating up on him he submitted upon humanity to learn a hit even though he is a hapless piece submitted by the head submitted to the one below blog submitted to Allah five that was a rebirth submission and authority return at a tall menorah at one land oneness with one another one another God has a wonderfully nice because steaming ahead of my submitted to all of us to the winners we both submission is necessary for oneness so that you take a look an example second he shut the twenty first twenty sixteen to second Kings chapter twenty verse twenty six what happened when Hezekiah was pulled his gun and I is the Bible says in those days of Hezekiah sick to death the king Hezekiah of Judah the prophet Isaiah the son of Amos came to him and said to him thus say the Lord such a Houston order for you fine and not live he turned his face in one printer the Lloyds thing I beseech you Lord remember how I walk we do ensure that an appropriate part that done which is putting a site and Hezekiah wept sore for eyes there was gone out into the middle part that the word of the Lord came to him sainthood again and tell Hezekiah the captain of my people and thus saith the Lord the God even my father I heard your prayer I seen your tears before now he'll even if there are these going to the hospital Lord added to your knees fifteen years she had the cat hot Hezekiah was given a message that he was in a die he prayed to God and God heard his prayer cry not the human God gave him fifteen more years so that now fifty one years the in these fifteen years because the King was allowed to live is because of this that the Babylonians came in a short homologous writer than about cinema than anything that the Kenya national about avoiding the big on the net that I came and destroyed Jerusalem and otherwise by allowing the more years for Hezekiah to live was not good for the Jewish church it was bad in other words bought submitted for the sake of oneness submitted to have humanity but a single one is but knowing that that submission when we need to be detrimental to have the kind in the same way the man is the head of the woman in the same way men we are to submit to all wines for the sake of oneness even though we know that our submission would be detrimental to her that only a bad mistake is leaving a wrong direction we're not use presciently not the was I use anger we're not really a manipulation to make a wise mechanization that he doesn't want to make it should be only need on a law he met some mission to submission is only based on alumni network to submit to God I fear anything about whenever Samantha God because we want to get a reward from the Bjorn he really went to submit to God because we got a net eleven reason submit to one another in a relationship and not because they feared as a person to get angry me and definitely make a decision right not even a millimeter in the Senate because the value he wanted on the now united getting upset us napping whenever right so the only way reason that we ought to submit is the cause peppers and exhibiting me want to submit essential to submit enough pressure to submit in the manipulation dissonant not anger we know we want to send it because I love isn't that the whole reason you got married in the first place within I look back and I listen that the sun beating why would a widening of my neonates submit to one another he impresses me is kindly long as independent respectful he's patient is compassionate I love him that's the reason I'm getting married whatever happened in the relationship whatever happened to the love that the percentage of the egress for an unknown example for a savage update four four nine percentage of the eight verse twenty nine another example of the headship anything about that for an out of the vigil gathered themselves together and he dishonored to maim a incentive to him the people came to the leader 's annual behold your holding his sons walk not anyways make of the king to judge us like all the nations but the thing displeased Samuel when you think it was a king to judge us and send a print of the Lord the Lord Senator Samuel Harkin is the voice of the people and all that is sent to you for they have not rejected you Samuel God said they have rejected me God says that requesting this but what is doing is not right it's wrong they rejected me and doing it that I should not reign over them according to the worthless they have done for the day that I brought them up on the Egypt even unto this day whenever thinking of the serve other gods so that they also so they also want to be not therefore hearken unto the voice although he had put passed solemnly unto them shown in the amount of the keenness or rating another example Christ the head off the charts some meaning to the church even though Boston within doing is wrong the rejecting me the rejected me as their king and this initial rejection that the final rejection when they rejected Christ the King on the cross of Calvary and said we want this man to all of us we have no chain but Caesar God submitted to humanity noise that in that submission to be detrimental to Amanda why do you do that by submitting to humanity for the sake of one why we do submit that to submit to one another if you really want to relationships to work like everyone else out there but if you really want to what were you sent us above being happy for once in your life the new relation whatever they may be wherever he may be the winning to submit to one event be willing to submit to one another for the sake of one or one of his letters James Dobson one of parsing of his mother 's diary his mother Myrtle reflects upon her loan is when her husband after her husband died within also name was James Dobson she writes one day I realized that he did not exist anymore his name was removed from the church register the bank took his name off all checks hold actresses emit and include owning mining his driver 's license was invalidated then I recognize that my name had changed too I have been proud to be Mrs. James C Dobson senior now I was simply Myrtle Dobson I was not we any longer I became me or I and I'm alone inside I'm talking sad stun alone my house has lost its soul he is not here people have told me that the first year the hardest is been one year and three days since you died tonight I've frantically belonging for you or Gil God is more than I can bear the size made my heart skip beats I cannot see the paper in my head throughout the Houston millionaires feel this is of you have been as real as if you were here and had not left to and thank God for letting Angel watch over me but how desperately I missed you I move into the smaller bedroom today I wish he was here to share the room with me their precious memories there when I was sick for usable and afraid for me in the bedroom during the midnight hour throughout the whole night in the floor and I think before volunteers in prayer for me we balloon in the sparrows pray for you later the law is as a doctor would help me find my way back to health because of you all how I love you I love you memory today when I'm gone I want my wife to be in my prayers I want my wife to missile out there I wanted to find no secrets left compromise about his environment I wanted to miss all kinds is sharing all kinds of talking all kinds of multi- object to one another to open up apostles I want Herceptin that her unmarried years what a happy using about life and not the loneliness I want to enjoy this journey and that is why I have chosen to do my life awaken her to submit to her for the sake of oneness before that one is taken away my question for you this morning is this when you die in their wheels spouse Ms. that one is that you shared women will you husband know that you would surely passionately magnetized everything possible to make it work men were your wife know that she got everything on America's God intended her to have beloved enough says the oneness maybe follow God 's principles of following this word may we all hang this one is we all long for the beloved norm on a human effort can produce this one only God can make the love between the two of you will only God can give no one was then called when the loan only God can rekindle the life that is hidden within your soul for he will enjoy every audio on to what you do know that it is God who causes all things to go the refund think before you were not trying recently to you and me learning to submit to one another for the sake of one


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