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Like Father, Not Like Son

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • April 2, 2005
    10:00 AM
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like father not my son or study this morning will be predominately from the book of Judges the book of Judges found in the Old Testament are giving getting a little bit of historical background Joshua has led the children of Israel into the promised land the Jordan they had walked around the city of Jericho after seven days the city collapsed they blow the trumpet and shouted praise be to the Lord and Joshua led the people to obtain the promised land on it that you will receive the land and inheritance promised your father Abraham Isaac and Jacob the children of Israel was going to the promised land no later then again than there was very contrary going forth to conquer and pay were rolling and they were obtaining the land they were beating the pagan nations that the Lord that destroy all that now it's not minuscule of our lesson this morning to discuss why Johnson was the less just suffice it to say that God knew what he was saying God knew what he was doing and gone that long and he followed in my reading as long as you continue to follow in the way that I have outlined for you as long as he destroyed all of the pagan nation on will be with you and you will not fail to note exactly what happened Israel didn't need a single failure but then Joshua has to heat hold that final generation that was living before he died all day the Lord if you obey the Lord he will bless you if you disobey you will bring a curse upon yourself do not join yourself to the pain in addition Brueggemann take them out because their item will be a snare unto you eloquent office and the generation that heard him that the parents that her exhaust with words bigger he got idolatry was basically nonexistent the present that generation became what came next their children and before too long the children of Israel not only became satisfied not only became comfortable in living with pagan nations at their neighbors they began marrying because of all those women are hot and I want to be wanting in life they can heal all of these things then we have then shall I meet a certain way entering the blinding cutout that they taste like veggie meat we don't want to be like these weird people we want to be like the rest so they began showing themselves to their pagan neighbors just like one Moses and Joshua said not to be and you know before too long the children of Israel fell into a deep and dark apostasy and during that time God had to remove his protection removed with power from around them and they began to fall prey to the pagan nations around all of the nation that it can buddy buddies with ended up being their captors being their persecutors you know many times we are the same way we think let's just have fun in the world with the you will doing things just a little bit I'm still young I still got time I think I my life around later on before too long we realized that these people in the world the world itself while in a given pleasure in seeing for but a moment it will end up blinding us in chains of slavery at his house and his friend and we cannot allow ourselves to be joined into the world were even among his people be like the children of Israel falling upon the folly of the captivity and losing the protection of God or more than that this is what title comes from more than just our own salvation more than just putting ourselves in danger when we join ourselves to the world we leave an inheritance for future generations I'm not married about two anytime soon but I know some of you are I know that many of you have already made you need to think about this fact what you do now the weakness that is within your flesh now it's only going to be magnified and transferred to the next generation notice what the prophet of the Lord that he jerks and profits page five forty four paragraph four talking office in Israel's history that until the generation that have received instruction from Joshua became extinct idolatry made little headway we discussed that are ready but noted that but the parents had prepared the way for the hot seat of their children him the way the disregard of the Lord instruction on the part of those who came in possession of Canaan so that the evil back to bring forth better fruits for many generations to see if the parents that they saw the evil seed defeated that the proper fruits in future generation of the parents prepare the way for policy so the question I have is what what what kind of stage where they will premises were sewn back hot bitter fruits to come up later notice what the Bible says tiny Bibles with me to song one oh six Psalm one oh six it is actually a song describing this time and in Israel's history Psalm one oh six verse thirty four beginning in verse thirty four the Jewish nation and what happened to them verse thirty four said they did not destroy the nations concerning whom the Lord commanded that all were mingled among the heathen and learn their works and they serve the idols which were a snare unto them verse thirty seven JE they sacrifice their sons and their daughters unto devils as shed innocent blood in the blood of their sons and other daughters whom they sacrificed unto idols of Canaan and the land was polluted with blood those with a defiled with their own words and it went a whoring with their own inventions therefore with rep Laura kindled against his people insomuch that he implored his own character using the progression of what happened first they disregard the Lord instructed to destroy the pagan nation enjoying themselves and the world Mary then worship their idols and like them let like what is going on in heaven with all big melons and built in the that that the chosen people of God that I their own time and their own daughter I want with this e-mail is so a simple disregard of the will of God a disregard of God playing the bridging instruction the turn away from it at the end result the drastic result of child friend the parents in Joshua generation so this seems by just a simple disregard vapor have to set well will take care of them later we're living here there no so many miles away the borders of the Philistines of the Midianites and the Amalekites and so forth all that I wear were okay right here I am living the country I have a garden plot homeschooling my kids nothing then it's okay they disregard the lowest playing instruction you know something when you disregard the Lord 's instruction and you just excuse small unit illustration of a good friend of mine when your own children are born all of a sudden you realize your sin has two arms two legs to live two years and a big mouth and know that a type that said if you are in Tristan in passing on a legacy of wrong moral mega there is working to now this thing that is within our lifetime now if only going to be transmitted and magnify in future generations and an result of the small disregard that Ellen White said what ended up being the children when they grew up to sacrifice their own children I enchanted being that today within our very own myth within our church and are still parents sacrificing their children I can intervene could it be that their parents are sacrificing time with their children sacrificing the soul of their trial because they are not able to spend the time of the child in the beauty would rather work more been fun doing this checking up on their stop checking up on the latest cars doing that playing golf line we're doing that perhaps even doing the Lords work sacrificing there is there children's slow I could be that they are parents that neglecting governing how children are spending their time governing how they're spending their money their association with friends they had what kind of television show there watching what websites their grounding what music they're listening to Kennedy that hands are sacrificing their children perhaps they are parents breath father all I can be I can show a connection to my child Beth Donovan we sacrificing their children I have their parents are sacrificing their children I a they themselves are nothing in the Bible they themselves are not training up being themselves and I would think they themselves on overcoming the food in the home life so they can do anything to their child the child is doing anything and they did at the time sacrificing the children idle because the built-in parents today within our very own church who don't even write a residual sacrifice their children perhaps for all of us were Asian Chinese Korean Japanese whatever you are parents sacrificing their children's soul by pushing to be what the parents want you have to get in a you have to go to medical school you have to be a doctor so I can look at sacrificing the soul of the children with her only with old face on the Chinese island then I worked with sacrificing the children you want to go then after school you can go to a public secular university even though they take evolution even though they are atheistic even though they don't believe in God even though you can keep that going there because you won't learn and make a lot of money and I will be prestigious because of you sacrificing children I I we any better than Israel I believe by the grace of God God wants to do something different with this generation and you know I'm training the secondary education teacher high school teacher I know I predicted it way back when he was alive and is still happening today parents who neglect the education especially the spiritual education of the children they grow the kids grew up to send them off to school and expected teachers and pastors to do their work for them I've seen it with my own to our top in my classroom I pray with them and ignore it is real young people older people you already allocated this should not be so the children of Cindy and Ishiguro all better then and he can have by the grace of God during this time in Israel's history when this evening all the children were would be sacrificed to idols apparently speaking did seem to be no hope the culture was that the environment when that education was bad the spiritual tone of the charges but that the whole life was bad everything was bad but just God and the Holy Spirit was able to dispel the darkness out of this role trash she will talk with me he brought forth a man Amanda even though he came from that terrible terrible background was able to rise to the occasion and live a life that glorify God that man was in man getting Gideon with a man a common man you can turn to your Bibles the judges chapter six Judy was a man Ellis faced will go even on this apostasy but before we say like Gideon I want to be very important quotation something from the diabetes patient two fifty encouraged each of us not to lose hope because there is always hope as long as governments associated diabetes patient to fifteen in the common walks of life which I believe all of us live in and the common what walk of life there is many a man patiently treading the round of daily toil I hope that applies all about daily in the common walk of life we are living doing the work here's working doing the daily toil it says here and what happened then unconscious that he my face he or she possesses power they possess a power switch if you call into action which rate would rate him or her to any quality with the world most honored man but maybe that you again in the common walk of life there is many a man patiently training around the baby foil unconscious that he possesses power switch if you call to action would brave into a quality with the world 's most honored that the common law of line you the person sitting at the build up in the balcony with and you exist how that was the key of the Holy Spirit if he unlocked you can buy today quality of the world greatest do not spend per second because you are meant to be the head and not and by the grace of God you can the just like getting my judges chapter six beginning in verse eleven judges six and was eleven and I came an angel of the Lord is that under an oak tree which was in or from entertainment to Jo last of these rights and his son Gideon press reason why the winepress the hide it from the Midianites and the angel of the Lord appeared and then assessing the Lord is with the known mighty men of valor and get incidents in all my Lord and the Lord be with us why then does all this befallen us and where me all the miracles which our fathers told us the same did not the Lord bring us up from Egypt but now the Lord has forsaken us and delivered us the hands of the Midianites and the Lord looked upon said this limelight and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites had not I sent the accident and all my Lord wherewith shall I save Israel behold my family is poor in Manasseh and I am the least of my father 's house in the Lord that I didn't surely I will be with the invalid shall smite the Midianites as one man did he get in was a man from the house of Linda 's father Joe I was a poor man as Gideon said in Gideon in his humility and recognizing his own meekness he said I'm a beast of my father 's what can I do when you're putting that aside he most of all recognize that his nation was in trouble too often we don't even think that women from we neglect the greater duties because they think everything 's okay forgetting was not so she saw something was wrong I got he realize he is sufficiently in doing anything great apart and what was he doing if it was refreshingly final winepress in secret hiding from the million Gilliam was doing the faithful duty of providing for the home human being a faithful son perhaps eliminate a faithful husband I don't know anyone being faithful to the duty belt line nearest to him and he was doing it to the best visibility she was not depressingly out in the middle of nowhere so that the Midianites in common testament taketh me he was doing it in secret in the winepress what people won't stand that he can reserve some food with family he was doing the work nearest man before you try to run off and do I do something marvelous before you want to say in the world save your friend work in your own home for that is the work live near a trash can on their craft God has given you the duty the task of being a janitor or just the teacher or just a medical student or just the form of the students which of the nursing schools to do whatever it is ever the one lying nearest to it and do it with all my beacons unless you are faithful in the small things cannot trust you with a larger thing so Gideon received an a a message from the angel of the Lord home said Lord what can I do but God said I will send you what do a mighty work it is not for us to try to make a mighty name mighty work on our is our work to do faithfully whatever you think all you have to do and in his good time he will give us something great in notice judges chapter six while the Pentagon hold Gideon video before he went and the famous story of of the three hundred men that destroyed or are routed the million Army before that God has important work forgetting to do it looks it it begins here in verse twenty five and he came to pass the same night that the Lord said unto him take my father 's young bullock even the second bullet of seven years old and throw down the altar of bail that five father had and cut down the road that his client and build an altar unto the Lord thy God upon the top of the rock in the ordered place and take a second bulletin offered burnt sacrifice with the wood of the Grover stopped to cut down than getting to ten Nineveh served and did a lower precedence in the salon because he feared his father 's household and the men of the city and he could not do it by day and he did it by night and when the men of the city arose early in the morning the whole altar rail with cast down the growth cutdown that with my second bullet was offered at the altar that was built in phases and once another who has done these things and when they want an affidavit Gideon the son of Joyce's done this thing the men of the citizen of the joint bring out my son that he may die because your cat down the altar of bail because he has been down the road that would bias enjoy your life the father Gideon the man who built that I noticed was that he said is all that's against him will you read verbatim will you see the PO will pray for him let him be put to death while you morning if he is God let him plead for himself because one has cast down his author using the story best transpiring here Gideon before God at the same division of Israel before you go up to one million night you got work to do in your own house your father had built and I will tell you they build an eye-opening it is your job to cut it have we grown up in a home where our parents perhaps did they that were not right perhaps our parents had transmitted to us some moral weakness that we just cannot overcome so we think is that an excuse now God tells Gideon Hugo and you cut down the idol to bail tonight and Gideons would connect and that there reignites he cut down the idle avail he cut down the road he built an altar he sacrificed the Lord when he has something to cut down the entire growth the thinking I would like a ten minute activity I imagine he stayed up all night what was the last time you stayed up all night praying to God to help you to overcome when was the last time we meet have grown since comfortable thinking that this is just the way we are but God knows you have with you in your own house and do it now and getting he said I have work to do and I will not rest until he cut down the aisle to bail he cut down the road and notice what happens as long as father what converts it sometime you on this call the sins of my family or my friends will hate me perhaps all the men of old his hometown wanted to kill him but notice what happened to convert I know there are those in this room with family members that are not pretty and we have the rest satisfied with them just living wasting their life away not knowing the gospel to process cut down the idol they let you lash your father your mother your brother or sister cousin and uncle you want to grandparents whether it may be they may be converted and it takes sacrifice because Gideon Zeese he did this terrible work in the city turned against the men of the city wanted to kill through the converted father he was able to be saved no one else the Bible says excuse me Spirit prophecy says that when Gideon sounded the cry for men to gather for war the men of his city with the first response can you say amen to that sometimes we think that will be sold as when they tell people look at not good for you look at that is sent to listen if you don't say anything that is a greater crime than hurting their feelings for the one and if the Lord be working in their life Babel turned to be your closest friend I will stick by figuring the Bible has told us so Jesus even says he'd love the father mother more than me is not worthy of me and eat a low son or daughter more than he is not worthy of me and he that taketh not his cross and follow Bethany is not worthy of me that's the root of the problem is we love God more than we love our family we love God and love our family we will ask to do what is right the gospel is all about turning the people that are and are an inch waterfront into our and us Gideon after he has done the work at home he is able to do the work for his nation and the focus on the message is not even that story but let's just go to a real quickly gone told Gideon called and then because the Midianites and their allies have gathered in the value of Jesse and gather the men together for battle and thirty two thousand and rallied to the call we get there over a hundred thousand in life is not a very good ratio there begun setting of the story got that sense on hold you are to me you will want to take the credit for yourself forgetting that any of you who are afraid all and twenty two thousand and twenty one people fault upon they don't just fall into the spirit they become cowardice if you don't believe you can check this out but twenty two thousand one home and at least how many God then again you want to make you will still try to figure creditor selling the unit must be thinking was going on these are taken down to the river seven through the river they went to the river to get a drink and those is still down on the hand and need a lap of the water like a dog on said they cannot then I would than men who are living with those who went through the river with their eyes fixed on their target faith on the horizon and brought the water up to their mouth sure they don't drink as much water but they were willing to sacrifice their own personal for the greater good and often those within that he wants three hundred men getting divided them into three ten three three groups the headquarters is hidden in the half and had come in they went out and they surrounded the cat of the Midianites and asset at the stroke beginning gave the thing that brought the pot for Gillette they blew the trumpet was an angel of the Lord worked for the meeting I heard the noise date it will they thought the whole they were overrun and they were running the lines and begin slaughtering each other they kept running and running trying to get back to their lab and and get a call today about the tribe of Ephraim to cut them off at the remedy from King cut them off destroy the teams and the princes of meeting you can read the story here judges at this sixty seven and Gideon were there totally discounted the Army of Midian and in this story we can learn a lot first of all is that Eugene was called to do my work just like the article to finish nowhere was I ever been given to generation did finish you were thirteen of ten when you remember Gideon didn't start by outlining the nation the meeting he started more than that she recognized that he was not the source of the victory Zachariah seven four six summarizes it well it is not by might nor by power but my wife my spirit saith the Lord of hosts God doesn't need a huge number God of the need for large Army with the latest technology satellite evangelism DVD evangelism got to the need is wonderful tool we should use it because anything I create inadmissible radio he doesn't need it but he uses it praise the Lord just like he doesn't need us in a sense meet individually don't think I got hacked to have me in order to finish the work God and is set here but the three hundred men that were chosen they were chosen not just because they they were courageous not just because they were self-possessed than they were with their eyes to the horizon there were concentrate and/or focus that will only be the notice what and why seven pages of propaganda five forty nine the three hundred chosen men not only possess courage and self-control but they were men of faith they had not defiled themselves with idolatry gone to direct that is true then he could work deliverance for Israel success not one number gone to deliver line by you and why many he is an honor not so much by great numbers as by the characters of those who serve God in the care as much about numbers he cares about the heart of those you call me know something else gone the symbols meant to the river and outwardly meeting how did living courageous men these were the men that would be fit for battle they want to be the one that would not be caught off guard but no that was not the reason why setting up through the River God found out the material of their character when the crisis how would your character now are you are you faithful like the three hundred are you able to stand self-possessed courageous the crisis comes men of the statue was found out by very simple text by how they drink their water however you drinking your water drinking lots of the dirty either action habits you were whatever it is that your character David is revealed in your daily action how to take care of your body your health what you put inside of how you associate with your friend all of the things revealed your care is enough with the judge other people salvation but it is the truth of God that by the simple things that we do in our lives a character in the three hundred men by just drinking the water revealed that they had the character that God approved of the more than that you remember what time of history this was in a final D Althoff to see Godhead we hung in a nation with thirty two thousand and ten out only three hundred and in this generation do we have the rehab three hundred that are willing to say I will be faithful even though the whole world is against me even though my family they just need the charges against me I will be faithful it certainly God wants this generation to generation the finished work and you think about just like that nation of Israel think of what we have inherited from previous generations we are the weakest satellites physically we also weaken intellectual with the dumbest thing we had the most mindless most and more most rebellious most disloyal most immature we are filming the gift of the week of the week of the weakest you cannot think anymore than us but yet is in the generation I the court has defined the law or executing the fly the theory of evolution where they gradually get better we are getting worse all the day wanting vegan people as we begin it is not by might nor by power by the Spirit of God we just need to surrender and getting an army just like audience Joshua blew the trumpet they blew the trumpet and a child that means a single toward yes we need the sounds of battle primeval war again then no life yes but more than that from the story of Joshua and Gideon they blew the trumpet representing the Lord will find for us and with the trumpet of an automated method they never raise a sword they never shot an arrow they never threw the spear they just blew the trumpet because the Lord law would and that the key need to blow the trumpet online blowing a trumpet not meaning we are going up about what is wrong we need is a time will fly for Ross let us enter into his rest that we may no longer need to strive in our own people in affected how good God will grant them victory over this and when we gained the victory of sin in our lives we can go and meet him fight the battles but after after the war after Midian was the three unfortunately the story of Gideon does not I've been Gideon remember that God holding the content auto availing built an altar there and offer a sacrifice so after he got home from fighting the I think Bob and the law I did something great is gone after you build the altar you have given sacrificing lesbian dumping into the priesthood so let me do something for God in return into volatile hearings of the meeting ID can be disoriented in a difficult hearing and enough of them and he created of gold and he thought were correctly in imitation of the one at the high priest wore in Jerusalem in an attempt licensing teammate and e-file on Presley thinking that he was doing God a favor you know the Bible says that golden breastplate became a snare to future generations after getting thy business entertainment back to where you live and Hilda Templeton I they worship that will enable sometimes we overstep a good counselor we think on the continent visiting my work I've done my work so let's see what else I can do without the wisdom and guidance sometime a step too far gone I called us to do a M we do a envy that cannot be so when God called to do a work let us be satisfied in doing exactly not more not less exactly what got let's not over Stuttgart that is not go beyond what we want to do what God wants us to do it says here the Bible says we can stand and just like Gideon fell into a snare we need to be careful sometime to go beyond evangelistic crusade we have the restoration two thousand five also powerful and that we come back and we feel like we are just pumped out with juice we has some sort of aura around the dentist don't patient that is not the case the demo worth all the hard during those times when we think that we're okay and that we need to be even more careful or else we will fall just like getting an Judean she again passed on to future generations of weakness I should not have began and that money bring them back to the title of our message today why father not like son we are not to be like our parents in their weakness we are not to inherit the weakness and except as that's just a part of me we are to overcome the weakness by the power of God and when we overcome those things in our life then God can use us to do something great that you want to be like you do you want to scan and do that which is right now the world alight near so that God can use it to do something great would you like to do the do you want to be faithful to God like getting this FAQ even though the world is and we are in the middle of it do you want to be faithful do you want to start working faithful in the duty deadline nears that God can raise you up to in a quality with the world and most honored man you want to do that you do that for you you want to wait patiently for God to show you the work that great work that he has in store for you do you want to do that do you want to be a part of deviance three hundred apart they use the word though Karen the final word will finally win the with the sword of the Lord is a desire you want to be like eating today that they desire I advised the standard C a father in heaven 's gate the few minutes that we have look at the life of Gideon as you evaluate the weakness in our own we understand that we can't do anything without a yes we also want to reach the highest height ungodliness gone like this and to remember that with Christ all things are possible they help us Lord to cut down the aisles the bail in our own line the event to alter to God in our own hearts help us to be faithful in our family so that our parents and their children needed converts it to you and then Lord when we have proven ourselves faithful in your good time in your judgment use us to do a mighty work help us to be part of the three hundred in Gideons are helpless to finish the work in this generation may your spirit Phyllis change us empower us to do just that this is my prayer Jesus


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