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Moses Refused

Daniel Ferraz
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Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.



  • January 24, 2015
    11:00 AM
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We should never open the Word of God without prayer the Bible itself says that nobody can understand the Word of God without God's help. So it's good to acknowledge that amen. And you see when we really are open to the Holy Spirit. We will be blessed and I love the stories of the Exodus. I'm going over there. This is a series of sermons that I'm sharing with you for two reasons first of all to show that what many scholars and people of renown have considered to be just fable or just myth is actually true and can be there is sufficient evidence in archaeology to support the accounts of the Bible regarding the story of the Exodus the miraculous plagues in Egypt the miraculous deliverance the miraculous opening of the Red Sea All of these things we need to know that they are true because learned people with degrees are telling us that these were just stories and they joke about it so that's the first reason to show that there is sufficient evidence in archaeology that we can believe these stories and that's useful Amen. You know it because when somebody comes along and says well these are just stories you know you can't take them seriously you don't believe in those do you especially the first eleven chapters of of the Book of Genesis friends. What we are finding is in the last century and in the last twenty five years. We are finding amazing discoveries or archaeologists are finding amazing discoveries in the Nile Delta that show that the Israelite people actually lived and built how. Oz's in the the northern part of the land of Egypt and this is something that really. Strengthens our faith. The second reason why I'm sharing stories from the Exodus is because Paul in First Corinthians Chapter ten verses one to twelve we heard verse thirteen being read today during our offering time but from those four twelve Chapter twelve verses we see that Paul tells us that everything that was written was for our admonition. And he's talking about the Exodus. It was for our warning for our learning and then he says something very interesting that in my Bible in the margin it says that they were types and you know what that means is that very often in the Bible especially in the Old Testament. There will be stories there will be that the Century service and all of those things were a mirror or a miniature of the real thing and so as I look at the story of Exodus and as I read Paul under inspiration that he says that these stories were for our administration for our learning and they are types. What I deduce from that is that the things that happened to God's people and their wandering their complaining their delay in entering into the heavenly Canaan into a story the earthly Canaan is a story is a parable that fits us today. I don't know if you have ever grappled with the thought out to be here a little bit too long have you ever wanted friends when we understand that the children of Israel and their story is a type and we are the N.T. type we are the reality we can see that we have a lot of praying to do if we want to get to the promised land. And so we went through and saw in part one the pharaoh that knew Joseph and we saw that the pharaoh that knew Joseph Joseph or the step pyramid sucker are around two thousand and six hundred and thirty before Christ was actually built by somebody known as him Ho-Tep which we discovered had the same kind of details in his story as Joseph there were fragments of the statue of Pharaoh Joseph. In this step pyramid and that the base inscribed with the names of Josiah and Imhotep and he was the chancellor of the King of the Lower Egypt chief under King administrator of the great palace. This is Imhotep hereditary Lord High Priest of hell your Polis and him Ho-Tep was the builder and the sculptor and the maker of stone vases we looked at National Geographic and we saw that Imhotep was an architect and he was of the the step pyramid the physician a priest a founder of a cult. Of healing. Now this is what they did with him as as he had helped the Egyptian nation. Afterwards he was in fact day of five but look at the details that we see that we read in National Geographic January one thousand nine hundred ninety five describes him Otep this man who saved his country from a famine does not fit the story of Joseph and we saw that Charles Wilbur discovered this boulder in eighty ninety and on this boulder were returned that there had been. The annual flooding of the Nile. I had failed and failed seven years in a row and this was in harmony with the dream that Pharaoh had and Joseph was able to interpret and show the king the Pharaoh what he needed to do and then we looked at how he was elevated to number two in Egypt in Ho-Tep fits the characteristics of Joseph Isn't it amazing friends. I am I am so encouraged by these things in part two we looked at the evidence in of ancient Israel in Egypt and the Exodus. According to biblical archaeology the Biblical Archaeology Society and evidence of hard labor and brick being being made and these goes these artworks actually showing that. So we can deduce from this evidence that it was the Israelites that helped build up the riches the wealth of Egypt amazing Bible tells us that they not only were building bricks they were also engaged in hard labor in the fields and here we have another depiction of harvesting and of gathering and of of working in the fields. Part three today is entitled Moser's refused and we looked at how Moses was miraculously preserved from death a man Moses' was the deliverer. That was to come by the way if any of you would like a book which is a compilation of the writings of Alan why. ON THE STORY of the Exodus just ask me and I might have a spare copy for you I know the children have loved it and I'll be sharing a little bit from that today Mozes look at how this parallels our Savior how this this type and antitype fit together. Moses' was to be the deliverer. And what happened was that the Pharaoh took Moses' The first made a decree that all the baby boys should be killed but Mazas was preserved. Even though he commanded the Hebrew midwives to kill all the baby born they did not follow his command and Moses was kept from that fate and then we see that Jesus had a similar decree a king. Was going to kill try and kill the deliver again by killing all of these babies the baby boys Moses is another type of Jesus in researching for this morning Sabbath service. I looked at France through our duplicity from Star duplicity as an Adventist archaeologist who fell in love with archaeology in Lebanon Lebanon in one thousand nine hundred sixty six when he saw an ancient Phoenician sarcophagus and his passion for Biblical research continues today. Since then he has traveled to the important archaeological sites in Iraq Iran Syria Lebannon. Jordan Israel Egypt Turkey and Armenia and he is visited many many sites and if you've ever seen on amazing discoveries you. You may have seen some of his presentations now. Moser's was born. According to Bill. Chronology. Fifteen thirty before Christ. That is during the time of took Moses when he ruled from fifteen thirty to two fifteen zero eight B.C. Arran his brother was born just before Moses The first came in to rule in fifteen thirty three a year before to Moses came to be king so he escaped that decree and you may have wondered about this but all of these historical facts. Help us understand with more and more clarity the story of the Israelite exodus. And then we have the story of the daughter of Pharaoh the daughter of Pharaoh according to archaeology is had ship suit and she was the one that brought Moses out of the Nile who was there just floating in a in a basket and she being the fifth the Pharaoh's daughter adopted this little boy and the Bible tells us very little about the time from when he was with his mother for a period of around twelve years. And then from that twelve year period to his manhood. Just look as we look at this we see the detail of this story we see the hand of God in this delivers life Amen. Do you know that God wants to show his hand in your life. He wants to be to you a Deliverer whatever situation friend you may be in. Don't. Give up. I want to encourage you to be like Moses who refused in in the majority of cases he was a good man a man he stumbled and fell like us but look at the what the Bible tells us about him he refused he refused to give up he received. He refused to stop believing the word of God Amen. We need to do the same we need to have a similar spirit as Moses and look at what a delicate and dangerous beginning he had. Unfriend so often we in our own life can see as we look back that God has his hand his mighty hand of deliverance and preserving our lives Amen. That is not to say that there isn't hardship and suffering and death yes we see that we saw that all around. We saw that all around this story of how many hundreds of baby boys were killed friends but hard though it may seem God still promises in the darkest time of our experience. He promises us deliverance and Moses' is and Jesus our assurance of that fact for you and I today. So I looked at this and I saw how little detail there was here in Exodus Chapter two verses ten and eleven that the Bible says the child grew. And she brought him that was Moses' mother brought him to Farrow's daughter and he Moses became her son. Now let's just think about this for a little while we have reason to believe that she knew this was Hebrew baby that was no surprise to her she allows the Hebrew mother she must have figured out that this little girl was the baby's brother she could see through. Sister sorry she comes Moses' mother brings him back to. Pharaoh's daughter and becomes her son now what is going to happen to Moses most is going to spend year after year in the learning of the Egyptians and the Bible says that she called his name Moses and she said that because I drew him out of the water and now look at verse eleven and it came to pass in those days when Moses was grown. Did you just see what happened in one sentence forty years went by because the next thing that verse twelve and thirteen will describe is Moses' seeing Hebrew being mistreated and he goes out and kills the the Gyptian what happened in that first part of verse eleven. It came to pass in those days when Moses was groomed. Well for this friends we have to start doing a little research we have to start reading and you know what I've noticed one of the the amazing things that I've noticed in reading the story of the Exodus is it's everywhere in the Bible everywhere. I'm beginning to see it in in the New Testament in the Psalms in the prophets the fact that God was miraculous deliverer and brought out the Israelites with a mighty arm and destroyed the enemy. The Egyptians is mentioned everywhere and is the basis of the promise of deliverance to God at various stages in earth's history and so I went to the Book of Acts and I looked down I saw Stephen just before he was being stoned. Just before his being stoned. He gives an amazing account of the history of the Israelites and he speaks about Moses and he looks and we see what he says here in Acts Chapter seven. If you remember. Let's see let me just give you a simple quiz here. How long was Moses until what age was Moses in Egypt. How old was he let's say when he left Egypt where did you get that from is not is not in Exodus. We have to go to another part of the Bible and in fact we get it from Acts Chapter seven. How long was Moses is in Midian forty years. Hey are you sure. Sister let me tell you thank you for that but the bible said so that the fact that Mazas was and this is why it's important because we have kind of have it in our mind yet Moses was forty years old but it's not there in the text. You need to realize that the story of the Bible the details of it are drawn from various parts. How long were the children of Israel wandering in the desert forty years correct but did you know that all of those facts are found in Acts Chapter seven verses twenty three thirty and thirty six. I don't know about you but I find it fascinating the more that I was reading about this so it says here in Acts Chapter seven was twenty two and mulls is going to put some more detail was alert and in some of the wisdom of the Egyptians. Most of the learning of the Egyptians the Bible tells us that Moses was learned in other words we could say that. He was familiar even that he was expert in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and indeed so here we. Have Mozes now is is Pharaoh's daughter's son and he's getting all the learning all the privileges all the prestige all the honor. You know in the court of Pharaoh Moses received the highest civil and military training the monarch had determined to make his adopted grandson that is took most as the first had decided to make Moses His successor to the throne of Egypt and the youth was educated for his high station and we read that in those verses where Stephen under inspiration was telling the story. Isn't that an amazing thing that Stephen lived a thousand five hundred years later and he corroborates the story. It kind of builds our faith in the Bible and the inspiration of God How did he know to speak that detail that Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians while it's there. We can do we could have deduced it but it's there under inspiration to confirm the fact his ability as a military leader made him the favorite with the Army's with the armies of Egypt. He was commander he was generally regarded as a remarkable character Satan had been defeated in his purpose in trying to destroy Moses. In fact Egypt became what helped to bring him to prominence and make him a great man for the time that he was there. By the laws of Egypt all who occupied the throne of the Pharaohs must become members of the priestly caste now hang on a minute. Does that mean that. Well it said all the wisdom of the. Does that mean that he learned. The religion of the Egyptians. Yes it did Moses as a parent was to be initiated into the mysteries of the national religion his duty was committed to the priest or this duty of educating him was committed to the priest but this is place number one where Moses refused. OK. I want you to notice that. And so while he was an ardent and untiring student he would not be induced to participate in the worship of the pagan gods. He refused a man. Friends How about us today. How do we favor with so much pressure in the world today to worship God on a different day to worship God in a different way friends we need to be like Moses who refuse you know we looked at last time when we were together we saw how how. Just a bit more this Moses' mother would have educated him and given him such an education that would have grounded him for later in life. What a strength of Christian education is I meant. So now he's able to refuse. He was threatened with the loss of the Crown and warned that he would be disowned by the princess. Should he persist in his adherence to the Hebrew faith but he was unshaken in his determination to render homage to none save the one God the maker of heaven and earth. You know friends. Jesus Christ IS THAT make of heaven and earth. Jesus is the creator. It is it is him that created in the beginning six days and it is the Lord's day the Lord who created that we worship him as creator and we're told to remember the Sabbath day. To keep it holy. And so he didn't let go of that teaching to worship the creator. He refused to be indoctrinated by the worship that was around him the paganism that was around him none could refute his arguments or change his purpose. Yet for the time his firmness was tolerated on account of his high position. Well he was the adopted son of Pharos daughter. He was tolerated because of his high position friends somehow sometimes maybe we give. Too much importance to high position. It doesn't matter what position you or I may have what matters is that we speak and say the truth about God amen. So moch Moses refused to this on a God and my prayer is that that would be our desire as well then we we see this when we see all all the glory that Moses had in the position of the highest position of the world the greatest nation of the world was offering him there to be king. And he was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and Moses was trained to succeed. Pharaoh. But what does the Bible tell us about that period of his life again we have to go to another book of the Bible Let's go to another man under inspiration Paul in the book of Hebrews says the following Hebrews chapter eleven verse twenty four twenty six by faith. When he was come two years. Moses that is refused to be called the son of Pharos daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season is steaming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward again here's an interesting phrase that would seem to describe. The the growing up of of Moses by faith. Moses when he was come to years refused to be called the son of Pharos daughter it seems like they were giving him an ultimatum. They're saying. Moses' you need to conform now you need to conform to our religion. So it seems that they're around the age of forty. Was when the maximum amount of pressure was put on him. But the Bible says that when he was come two years seems like it around where he was forty years of age he refused to be called son of Pharos daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God. Now I wonder how you feel today. God's people his remnant people are not in the majority. We are ridiculed. We are maligned That means people say lies about us we uphold the truth of the creator of Jesus and His Word. We're not popular Christianity in general isn't isn't popular let alone. What about being the remnant even less right. But you see Moses' refused. To have all of the riches of the world he preferred to be part of a minority he preferred to be evil spoken of but to be on the Lord side. Amen. You see friends to follow God is not always a glorious and self exalting thing if you're looking for position power and self exalt exaltation I do wouldn't recommend you being part of the remnant but I want to be a part of the remnant and I hope you do too and we have to be like Moses and refuse the things that the devil is trying to offer us worldly position pride riches wealth. What about the pleasures of sin we better understand this you see there the devil has has made it in a way that there is a strange hypnotic pleasure in sin. It's kind of a the bewitching. Thing and we need to refuse that we need to say no we need to be like Moses and refuse a man rather being proof of preferring to suffer affliction. And you know people will say terrible things about us. Just because we're different to go to church on a different day but we're called to bear it willingly and God who is in control will deliver his people. Amen. I love that he will deliver us. And so we did all that rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. Moses was fitted to take preeminence among the great of the earth to shine in the courts of the most glorious kingdom to sway the scepter of its power his intellectual greatness distinguishes him above the great men of all ages most is was the greatest man. This time as historian poet philosopher general of armies and legislator he stands without a peer without equal yet with the world before him he had the moral strength to refuse the flattering prospects of wealth and greatness and fame choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. Moses had been instructed in regard to the final reward to be given to the humble to the B.D. and worldly gain therefore sank to its proper in significance in comparison. And that all of this was by faith. You know Stephen in his inspired recounting of the history of the Israelites said that this or of Moses Moses said that there would be a deliverer. And he put it in this way it says this is that man Moses and Stephen was speaking describing Moses and then he quotes what Moses said which said unto the children of it of Israel a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren like unto me him. Shall you hear. That's an amazing prophetic statement of of Jesus one from your brethren shall come up like me said Moses and he shall be one that you need to hear and listen to so we see again another corroboration of the Old Testament story being fulfilled from from type in N.T. type and then as we look at Jesus' friends we see. A man with like passions as you nine created or born. Shall I say of a woman like you and I but Jesus like Moses also refused a man and we'll get to the later part of Moses' story where he was killing an Egyptian because he thought that the people should know how he was to be the deliver next time we meet for today. I want to justify and finish up on looking at Jesus briefly because Jesus refused. Let us think about some of the things that Jesus refused to do in the temptation in the wilderness Jesus refused to turn the stones into bread to feed himself in the garden or get seventy geezers refused to follow his feeling he refused to give up on the mission that God had given him. Amen. And so in the garden of get seventy. He is sweating drops of blood because he refused to waver from the Course that God had given him friends God has given of course to you and I we must refuse to waver from it. We must always stand on the Word of God. We must always stand on the principles of truth. We must like Moses and Jesus refuse what what about on the cross geezer's refused to allow the agony and the shame of what was going on. With him to bring him down from the cross. Praise God that Jesus refused. He held on by faith. In Hebrews Chapter twelve we read wherefore seeing Chapter twelve verse one. We also are compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses. Let us. Aside every wait and the saying. Francine will slow you down sin will keep you from the kingdom. We need to refuse sin and it seductively News in the power of God Amen. Let us lay aside every weight and the sin which does so easily be set us and let us run the race with patience is hard enough. It's going to be grueling enough without the weight of sin on us. There's going to be hardship there's going to be Shame Shame there's going to be loss financial loss health loved ones but we must refuse to give up a human looking on to Jesus. That is what will keep you going friends refused to take your eyes off of Jesus looking on to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him in Jude the cross Jesus refused to allow present pain to keep him from future again that's how we need to live with cited over and over God will never leave me he will never forsake me. God will answer my prayer. So long as we hold on to Jesus in faith friends and refuse to listen to the devil's lies. We will be victorious. We will have the deliver a come and save us at midnight the darkest hour of our experience at the darkest time in earth's history friends. I am so encouraged because if I look to myself and to those around me I would be greatly discouraged friends but don't be discouraged in your failure. I don't need to be discouraged in my failure in fact what I do is that I acknowledge my weakness and my sinfulness and my mistakes. By God's grace. And you know when we do that Friends. God says that my grace is sufficient for you shall we say that together. God says to us My grace is sufficient for you we refuse by faith. You know we need to kind of brainwash ourselves a little we need to be careful with what we watch with what we listen to we need to be careful what we do with those that share doubt and criticism. We need to refuse those things like Moses we need to refuse the influencers that are pressing to make us change from the straight course of following God and His Word. We must refuse it friends at all costs. Jesus refused to be swayed though it made him sweat drops of blood for Consider him that endured the cross despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself. Lest you be wearied and faint in your mind the secrets. The secret of insurance for you and me is to look to Jesus consider him look at how he suffered look to Jesus and that will be our strength to refuse everything that the enemy throws at us friends. We need to hold on to Jesus now more than ever before the Word of God is true the prophecies are true. Jesus is coming soon. But we must not continue our wandering we need to keep our focus on Jesus as never before we need to come together for prayer. We need to look out for one another we need to be a home of security and of love friends. I don't know about you but I believe that God will fulfill his promise and he will deliver us. He will send a mighty deliverer. He will send a mighty deliver to you and to me to God's church but we must refuse the attacks of the enemy. We must refuse to be swayed we must look to Jesus because by beholding we are what we are changed. You know. In closing. Just like to share with you. My wife and I a few days ago were reading from the scriptures and we just read from John Chapter fourteen and we were John Chapter fourteen and we were carried on reading John Chapter fifteen carried on reading John Chapter sixteen and we just noticed there. How much Jesus wanted to let his disciples know that he would never leave his people he would never leave the disciples that he would send the Comforter that he would send the Comforter in his name and the father would would come in the form of the Holy Spirit the times that this was repeated the times that Jesus would say Ask and it shall be given to you whatsoever you ask in my name that will I do. Friends and as we were were reading this and as we we were listening to the words of Jesus and applying them to ourself. It gave us strength for another day. Jesus in John fourteen twenty seven Peace I leave with you my peace. I give unto you not as the world gives give I unto you let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid I am the vine you are the branches the desire. That God has in Jesus to be connected to us was so encouraging as we read through these these chapters Chapter sixteen verse thirty three and these things have I spoken unto you that in me. You might have peace. We must never take our eyes off Jesus my friends in me. You may have peace in the world. You shall have tribulation. Well don't be surprised when you start to suffer some but you know what God gives us strength to go through anything. Amen. In the world. You shall have tribulation. But be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. How can we be of good cheer is Jesus just kind of trying to rob the fact what in our face that he overcame and he was. Victor and we're not was he trying to show the distinction keeper separate from Him No not at all he was saying because I have overcome only through prayer. I have overcome only as a human can overcome everything I have done is because I have prayed and asked my Heavenly Father to give it to me and that's why Jesus can say to his disciples that the works that I do you will do greater and greater works because I go to the father he was showing his disciples at every step how to be victorious and how to refuse the attacks of the enemy be of good cheer. I have overcome the world because I have overcome. You can overcome as well friends I pray that we may overcome in the strength of Jesus looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who will send us to deliver for you right now. Who need to deliver go to him come to him you need it I need it we all need. But let us refuse to give up. Let us be like Moses not to be attracted by the things of this world we must refuse in the strength and power of Jesus Christ so deliver a blessing this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse to listen to more service visit or.


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