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The Meekest Man in Midian

Daniel Ferraz
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Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.



  • February 28, 2015
    11:00 AM
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Kind Father in heaven. We ask for you to give us your blessing in Jesus' name amen to they want to carry on in our story. Actually it's the fourth part of the Exodus and God Almighty. But before I get into that I just wanted to share with you that life can sometimes take some twists and turns but in dnd if we are listening carefully to the voice of God and alert to our opportunities he can make good come out of any situation Amen. And that's a bit of the story of the Exodus and the hardship and the trial and the difficulty that the men went through the the leaders went through. Have you heard anybody heard of Levi Strauss anybody here. OK You know Him Americans would know Levi Strauss so I knew I was onto a winner there. Did you know that in eight hundred fifty three Levi O. Levi Strauss sailed to San Francisco he went West. Hoping to sew denim tents in the gold rush to the miners finding little market for his tents. Strauss prayed about what to do with all his cloth and all his rivets. He was inspired to take a few pairs of cloth and make them into pairs of pants. Out of this tough cotton material he fastened the stress point with the tent rivets the rugged pants and overalls were an instant hit with the miners and lumberjacks because of their remarkable durable. T. He patented and the invention in eight hundred seventy three and the rest is history. He patented that event invention one hundred forty two years ago. But look at that he had a goal he had a mission he thought he was going to make all of these tents but in the end they turned out to be something different and often what we start out in life to do doesn't always end up being what we are led by God and notice that he did pray and the similar story. Is with God's people. And the Exodus the exodus of millions of Hebrews out of Egypt. We are told in the Bible happened around three thousand five hundred years ago. It is a powerful event. It shows us that there is no limit to what God can do for his people especially as we approach the borders of the heavenly Canaan my friend. God is all loving he is compassionate he is powerful but often he will take men and women through a path in their life that they did not always expect. And so we look at we looked at Joseph you remember the story of Joseph and how long he was in prison. How long he must of thought that God was abandoning him and for how long he was in a dungeon until God raised him to be second in command to the pharaoh that knew Joseph and then they came the pharaoh that knew Moses or Moses was born at a time when Moses the first ruled from fifteen thirty two two fifteen zero eight B.C. that was right in the year that the. Babies war were killed. Because the children of Israel were growing too much and were becoming too powerful and the the the privileged position that the Hebrew nation had was now coming into question and all of this was predicted all of this was predicted to Abraham that his descendants would be as the sand of the sea under the stars of the sky and that they would be in slave by a nation for four hundred years or four hundred thirty years and we see that God had a plan. He brought the Deliverer through Moses today will be looking at part four of Almighty God the exodus and Almighty God and we look at the story we pick it up and look go to the Book of Acts Chapter seven verse twenty two and twenty three and we need to remind ourselves that Moses was in Egypt for forty years learning all of the customs all of the building and war strategies that the greatest nation on the earth had to offer and so the Bible says and Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and deeds and then the Bible says here in verse twenty three when he was full forty years old it came into his heart to visit his the brethren of Israel. He wanted to go and see how they were doing now motor's was in Egypt for forty years and he was being trained no less to be the successor of Pharaoh the ruler of the known world by the laws of Egypt. All who occupied the throne of the Pharaohs were to be worshiped as gods but Moses now goes and sees the predicament the plight of the Hebrew people and we know the story and we can pick it up in Exodus Chapter two and the Bible tells us that Moses saw an Egyptian striking the Hebrew and I want you to understand that a Moses had been taught that he was to be the deliverer of the THE NATION. He had been told from an early age he was being trained to be a leader and so he was yearning to be able to deliver God's people and the Bible tells us that as he saw an Egyptian striving with the Hebrew that he took a hold of him in fact I've read it from X. seven twenty four seeing one of them suffer wrong. He defended him and avenge him that was oppressed and struck him struck the Egyptian for he supposed Listen to this he supposed that his brethren would have understood how that God by His hand would deliver them but the Bible says that they did not understand they did not understand that Moses was to be a deliverer. And so he thought he would take this need of the Hebrew people to be delivered into his own hands and it's a strange thing because these people were not ready to be delivered. Could you imagine that could you imagine being in slaved and they're not ready to be delivered what that means is they didn't understand that they they didn't really realize that there was something better they had grown accustomed to where they were enslaved and. It's amazing how you can get comfortable even in slavery and the Bible goes on to say that the story. Continued he looked this way and that back in Exodus Chapter two is interesting how you can find the details of the story in Exodus and acts in other parts of of the Bible like an Exodus Chapter two verse twelve he says he looked this way and you looked that way and he saw that there was no man and he slew the Egyptian and he hit him in the sand what you think Moses was doing. How could this be he was so convinced that he was to be the deliverer. And look at how he was going about it he was using his own mind he was in his own strength he did it in front of a Hebrew slave defending him killed the Egyptian buries him in the sand thinks nobody sees it. I wonder I wonder how many of us do things that think God doesn't see Prince God sees everything Bible says that he went that next day and after he had killed the Gyptian and buried him back in Acts Now Chapter seven let's go through verse twenty six Moses' appeared and showed himself to two Hebrews now they were fighting among themselves. Remember Moses' the Bible tells us thought that they would have realized that he was the deliverer. And so these two Hebrews are striving together they're fighting having a quarrel and he would have set them at peace saying sirs you are brothers. Why do you do wrong to one another does it make any sense for brothers to do wrong to one another know. And so he was trying to deliver them this time the two Hebrews. But he that did his neighbor wrong thrust Mozes away saying Who made you a ruler and a judge over us will you kill me as you killed the Egyptian yesterday the Bible tells us in Acts that Moses fled at the saying and was a stranger in the land of medium back in in Genesis chapter two it tells us that when Pharaoh heard this in fact let's read verse fourteen and Moses feared for he said Surely this thing is known his sin his crime had been found out and it's interesting when when you read the story here you see that when when Pharaoh got wind of it he was angry. You can imagine and he wanted to kill Moses. In verse fifteen when Pharaoh heard this thing he wanted to slay Moses. But Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh and well. In the land of medium. It's a strange thing wasn't Moses high up in the ranking in Egypt. He was the considered the grandson of Pharaoh. How is it that this could have changed was his forty years in in Egypt now suddenly coming to an end that the confidence that he had from his adopted mother and from his adopted grandfather nothing now could prevent him from this threat of death. You see what really happened behind the scenes the story goes like this the the the story was quickly made known to Pharaoh. But it was exaggerated. It was convoluted it was now you see the enemy. I had something to throw at God's chosen deliver a while you can imagine Satan rubbing his hands together now and realizing that he was going to really finish Moses off all of this high position. All of us next in the throne in the line of pharaohs was going to come to an end but not to said it was greatly exaggerated not even now the feel bone that Moses had gained would stand and it shows how destructive the tongue can be we're starting about this in the summer school me. I love Proverbs as powerful now Moses did wrong. Yes or no. Yes he did but what happened was it was exaggerated and it was placed and put into a position or Moses was put into a position where he was accused of wanting to overthrow the Egyptians and put himself on the throne and kill all the Egyptians that was not what he wanted to do he wanted just to to deliver them. Now the Bible tells us that Moses fled to Midian I really want you to be archaeologists now with me and to realise where Midian is now if you take your Bible and you look on the map. You should find some help. Yes in verse fifteen now when Pharaoh heard this thing he sought to slay Moses but Moses fed from the place of the face of Pharaoh and worked in the land of Midian Can you see this map very well yes or no not very well can you make out the the basic kind of geographical area where is that it's Egypt right. You can make out that that is Egypt and it is also give. Ring R. C. the Red Sea the Red Sea There is very very long and then it has kind of two forks like this at the top and there at the top in the middle there you have the what is called the Sinai Peninsula. On either side you have the Gulf of Suez and on the other side to the east. You have the Gulf of Aqaba now. Moses was in Egypt he would have been in the Nile Delta the best of the land and from there the Bible tells us that he fled to Midian and now my question to you today is where is Midian is Midian somewhere that we can identify on a modern map. Well if we look at this map. We will see that written down along the extent of this broad area of land here we see the words Arabia. Did you know that the Bible tells us that median is in Arabia I want you to to notice that. So what we're saying there is that Moses' flees from Egypt across the Sinai Poland's Peninsula. He can't go through the desert area there so he goes around the northern part and enters at the northern part of Midian this is the land of Midian where he fled from Pharaoh. Out of Egypt to a quiet solitary place because his sins and found him out. It's an interesting thing you're saying will always find you out more often than not it will end you up in a solitary place. Sometimes we benefit from those solitary places and we can come back to our senses and realize. Eyes with the patience and long suffering of God we can come to our own conclusion do you know what I'm talking about. Somebody say we can make mistakes and at the moment of the heat of the moment we think they're justified but we come to a point of peace and quiet. If you if you please others as a result of our transgression. And God gives us space he gives us time to come to our senses and this is where Moses went now. Quick question which route would Moses most likely have taken would he take a mountainous route would he take a difficult route. No he would have taken the easiest route possible. The easiest route possible from Egypt to Midian was a route that was frequently traveled and it was a trade route because of its flat nature and of its ease of passage. There you can see an example but that would have taken us what the Bible calls in I think is Exodus thirteen yes eighteen the way of the wilderness of the Red Sea. Now the way of the wilderness. Of the Red Sea can only be the wilderness there. The Sinai Peninsula wilderness. That is covered with the Red Sea on either side. So that's the wilderness of the Red Sea. That was then. The Bible tells us that there was the way of the wilderness of the Red Sea. So the way of the wilderness of the Red Sea was a way that was known was familiar was popular frequently travel. That is the route that Moses took so he would have gone across the desert there along the easy trail taken him. Maybe three three weeks or so it's a couple hundred miles journey and then he would have landed down in mid. And where he was to be for the next forty years in solitude. I mean what a waste tried being in prison forty years in the wilderness. Here's another map that will actually show you satellite pictures they're very interesting so we see that. Median is in northwest Saudi Arabia and there Moses is alone. The Bible tells us that the he finds a wife for his the Lord I believe that on this Valentine's Day I can put a quick plug here for marriage and say it's the best thing that God ever invented a man. And that's what God did for most of this and notice now the stark contrast the change in his in his environment. He was no longer free facing this grandeur of of Egypt the opulence of the the pyramids and the. The massive buildings the richness of the land the land that was the greatest land in the world. Now he had time to think now we have time to be on his own or be peace in peace and quiet. And now he was ready to learn the lesson about how God wanted him to be the delivery. So he had in his own mind that the idea of how he was going to be a deliverer. And he thought he would do it all in his own strength has any of you ever made that mistake and I have tried to live life in your own. Trying to do your job in your own strength. Try to do God's work in our in our own strength doesn't work friends. Moses thought that it would be by warfare by his own mighty power and glory would be ascribed to him as the great deliverer. But no he had a desperate lesson that he needed to learn. You see the Bible says that Moses was the meekest man that ever lived and I'm not sure if it means the MC is man that ever lived. At that time or if it means the meekest man that ever lived ever on the face of the earth. Either way it's quite an accolade you see as many others and many other leaders in these bible stories they had to earn an learn a lot of missed learnt lessons you know the world leanness there of Egypt was adulating the individual was putting him up on a pedestal giving glory to Him to what he had achieved what he had built his wisdom his knowledge. What God do with all of that to the delivery laid it all in the dust. You see he had important lessons to him to learn he could not rely on human wisdom friends the same is for us today we cannot rely upon ourselves. I cannot trust myself. You cannot trust yourself to go forward successfully in our lives and then the work of God. We need God But yet we are in a world and a society as it was in the time of Egypt where self was put to the fore. But this man as Abraham and Jacob had to do. Moses had to do the same and not to rely on human strength and on human wisdom. But to rely on the power of God for the fulfillment of His promises Amen. He had to learn Moses had to learn in the school of self-denial of hardship had to learn patience attempt to temper his passions. He did not have his passions under control of the Holy Spirit. And so he was in fact an instrument of the enemy when he thought that he was to be the deliverer of Israel Oh friends how sad it is for Christians like you and I to become so convinced of our own strength and wisdom that we end up being used by the devil himself. Lord have mercy but I pray God I praise God that God does have mercy with his people Amen. He does have mercy with you he does have mercy with me he did have mercy with Moses and that is why he was forty years in the wilderness to unlearnt practically. The majority of what he had learnt about self-reliance in Egypt. You see before he could govern wisely. He must be trained to obey. He must be able to hear and recognize the voice of God That's a great thing when you say we need to be the same we need to be trained to recognize and hear the voice of God and friends it will not happen in the hostile and bustle of worldliness that is around us. You need your quiet time. I need my quiet time we need our space with God You know I was just reading a quotation today from the book of education saying that we are too quick in our devotions we. We get to the Word of God We prying but we don't dwell there long enough and we go back into the day just with the same burdens that we had before we came to a prayer. I was reading from Education Page two hundred fifty nine. We need to do well we need to stay a lot longer in the Word of God We need to shut out the worldliness and the hustle and bustle of the the duties that we have we need to sacrifice. We need to go through some pain and some hardship to discipline ourselves to realize that we really are nothing without God And so this was the lesson that Moses was learning his own heart must be fully in harmony with God before he could teach the knowledge of His will to Israel and you know in a strange kind of way we are all chosen by God to speak for him every one of us. None of us is bad we are given the privilege to tell about what God has done for us the mighty things that he has done for us. You see we really cannot tell anybody about the mighty things that God has done for us unless we have experienced them ourselves and so often it will be that we need to be brought low. So that God can lift ourselves. And that we will give him all the honor the glory and the praise Amen. These are and. These are painful lessons to learn sometimes but they are important. So he had to learn to craft a sheep and be a shepherd and to learn patience. Everything that he had in in Egypt. All of the benefits was lost now and you know it's interesting because even the mysticism. That was there was having an effect on him and there is mysticism today. That is having effect on God's people false religion the splendor of it of idolatrous worship the solemn grandeur of all the architect under sculpture. He had left it now behind him and all he had was his own voice his own mind and a couple of hundred sheep. Praise God He had a wife probably stopped him from going insane and he had to Boyce but there he was able to get in touch with God are friends are you willing to do whatever it takes to get in touch with God There is nothing more rewarding then to know that you are in the presence of God and Moses achieve that by God's grace by His mercy in in the beauty the grandeur of the natural creation around him that God heard had given him friends. He was there to learn a mighty lesson for a mighty purpose. Sometimes time and change can help us in our communion with God and remove the bad impressions that the world has on a so don't neglect don't neglect your time in the Word and in preference. It is vital to us mysticism things that. Spirits and demons encourage people to get involved in mystical not based on the Bible have to do with paganism and so we see that Moses had a special task and God inspired him to write these words. The Lord your God In Deuteronomy before Moses dies he says to the people the Lord your God will rise. Well raise up unto you a prophet. Now he's prophesied now and he says a prophet from in the midst of you and all of your brethren like unto me unto him. Shall you hearken or shall you listen it's interesting that Moses was inspired to write that because after his time in of in the wilderness of forty years he could say that God's going to raise up a prophet for you I won't be here much longer but there will be a prophet that will come from among you from your brethren like unto me and to him show you hearken this is a messianic prophecy and in many ways we see Moses as the deliverer being a type of Jesus The deliver an intercessor And as you read the stories of the Exodus we see that Moses is constantly being a deliver and an intercessor for his people and it was possible because of the lessons that he learned in the wilderness friends I don't know about you but you know a wilderness experience isn't such a bad thing if in the end it prepares you for great achievement with God a man. In the end you see God is always in charge Amen. Yes he is God is always in charge. And things may not go like we like but if we pray and if we trust we seek his face and hear his voice he will guide us and lead us as Moses became the meekest man in Midian getting ready just getting right for God to be able to use him for you for him to go back to to Egypt. And now after his education in the wilderness with God him alone and nature and the Holy Spirit. You know it was in those forty years in the wilderness that Moses had enough time to write the book of Exodus book of Genesis in particular that book you can imagine in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth that message was powerful to him those forty years in the wilderness and he wrote the book of Genesis during that time the Bible tells us now the man Moses numbers twelve three was a very meek man above all men which were upon the face of the earth. So we see the lesson we see that God could use him because he was willing to submit to this discipline and the question would be are we willing to submit to a similar discipline. You know the hardest thing for us to gain victory over is our carnal nature. That's what Moses was battling with. That is the thing that is the most difficult for us to give over to God for him to have complete control over the carnal mind the Bible calls it the carnal mind. Strange isn't it strange that we are plagued with this carnal mind this carnal mind will lead us to say things to think things to do things that are against God just like Moses did this carnal mind needs to be subdued tamed. In fact it needs to be crucified strange thing isn't it. That we have this that the carnal mind and and then we have the spiritual mind. There's only two to choose from we are left to choose when we fully give God control. When we fully allow him to lead us as a people you know I'm convinced that we're here on this earth too long because we're making the same mistakes that the children of Israel made in the past but I believe that the there is a refreshing coming. Amen. There is a refreshing coming my friends and it may be painful but there is a refreshing that is promised to God's people you know this word carnal and carnal minded you kind of meant well I don't like the sound of that but this. It's actually a term that the Bible uses. The carnal mind as entity against God You cannot please him the carnal mind is on a set on a course that is set to exalt self the carnal mind can only think about self and that's why we have all the problems in the world but when the carnal mind is crucified. Then there is deliverance. You might be surprised to learn about this. Carnal mind and where it comes it comes from the Latin current Latin means flesh. It means the skin that we're made of and there's a story that dates back to eighty four hundred in the great Coliseum of Rome and the gladiators were there and the. Animals were there and they were there for bloody entertainment which consisted of watching human beings and wild beasts tear one another part in this assembled multitude the Coliseum could support sixty thousand spectators and people would relish their at the loss of life when people were killed and animals as well then on one day in the midst of the vast crowd as they were all watching that Gladiator show in the Great a ringer a Syrian religious man. By the name of telemarketers stood up and he was grieved he was outraged at all of this carnage and all of the senseless killing the destruction blood and gore and he descends down the Coliseum into the arena and gives his speech to which he was met with opposition and thumbs down and they thrust him through because he spoke out against the atrocities that were being committed for the relish of the carnal mind the story goes that his death wasn't in vain that from then on the fighting ceased. There's a time when you know that the gladiators and all the killing and all of that stopped. And it was because one man had the courage to speak out and say no this is Central senseless. Although it brought him his death it kindled a flame in the hearts of thinking people and history was changed because of his courageous sacrifice friends when Moses goes back to take God's people free into freedom. He is a different man he has learned in the school of affliction. He has learned and praise God that he is able now to hear the voice of God and we know the story. It wasn't an easy story but God will always send a savior. That is the message for us today. God is the savior for you my friend against your own self you don't you cannot trust yourself I cannot trust myself but God is our Savior do you want to accept him fully and completely afresh today my friend. God can do great things with you doesn't matter where you've been what you've been through how much you think that God can use you anymore. God can make you a great leader for his cause What do you say friends. I want to challenge you there is great strength there is great exultation in humbling ourselves before God surrendering everything we are to him and letting him take charge and control of our life and it may take a wilderness experience. But the good thing about the wilderness is that's where we can find God The easiest way God bless us as we go forward. As we go forward with the leading of Jesus Christ. Jesus promised to be the head of his church. Do you want him to be the head and in charge of your life my friends. If that is your prayer just say Amen with me. Amen. God bless you God is almighty. You know one day we will see just how mighty God really is and some of us will be rejoicing and some of us. God forbid some that any of us would be running for the rocks and the mountains to hide us. But if you think about it in the global context Day of Judgment is coming and we have the screen down. Please God will pour out his RAF against sin and rebellion and we have a time of probation right now and it's a very very important time. For us to take God seriously take his church seriously and be about the Lord's business Amen. You know one of my favorite themes for sharing with the young people has been the Exodus. I hope you're not tired of it. I mean can you get tired of when we talk about God's mighty deeds and his acts can we you know. Do you get tired of mashed potatoes and beings because you ate them last week. Do you know. So don't let anybody say two God's Word or we've heard it before always Vangelis tick series we've heard it before we've been through it. For if you say that you do not understand the purpose and power of the word of Almighty God She friends being a Christian is not just taking the name of Jesus or going to church what did I say. Is it not it is not just taking the name of Jesus. It's not even just being baptized. It's not even just coming to church being a Christian means that we live like Jesus totally dependent upon the Father. What better thing could there be then for us to be absolutely completely totally dependent upon the farm that there could be no greater thing friends I want to continue today is the fifth episode. And I guess I'll carry on or I might start afresh at my new churches and so if you want to get the rest of the story you'll probably have to come over and listen in or something will will be sorry to go very sorry let me just say before I begin before before I preach. Let me say something you know preachers get up and they say that before I preach let me say something I hope that you would be saying something while you're preaching. But. You know we have been here the longest that we've stayed in any church has been in your church as of humans OK. They're the longest that we as a family have been in any churches in your church is in in fact you know what I'm going to call it my church. This is my church. That's how I feel I'm personal I'm sorry I take it personally this is my church I've been here over nine years and it's going to be very hard to uproot you know and go and establish ourselves somewhere else I mean I know Kalamazoo. I know where you live and if I haven't been to see you. Just give me a text and I'll come and see you before I leave. It's going to be very hard to go so I need your prayers and we know and believe that God brought us here I'll say it again we know and believe that God brought the ferrous family here. It was what the church needed and I know when believe that God will bring the next pastor here and it will be what the church needs. I believe in God ordained ministry. I don't believe in men manipulating and politics. I believe that God brings people and gods takes people and so we're going to be taken away and it will be. I pray God's leading and I believe that and that's the only reason why I can go and accepted. Otherwise I wouldn't accept it. That's a no I'm not going but because I believe God calls. I believe we should answer Amen. And God is almighty. And that's the reason why I emphasize this do you know that nearly every book in the Bible makes reference to the Exodus God's power in Deliverance. Do you realize that you realize that the Bible says that the story of the Exodus is was written for our admonition. And for our warning especially for those of us there are alive at the coming or soon coming of Jesus Christ. It's a story that is vitally relevant today. It's a story that flies in the face of all the challenges that nonbelievers will throw at you and I the Exodus millions of Hebrews out of Egypt. This actually happened three thousand five hundred years ago as the Bible describes so friends. Therefore it's telling us that there is no limit to what God can do for his people Amen. There is no limit to what God can do for his people as we approach the borders of. The heavenly Kanan God is all loving he is all powerful he is all knowing and he is coming soon. There is nothing impossible for God What did I say in fact the Bible says that for there is nothing impossible for God I think is Luke chapter one verse thirty seven God's Word is powerful it does not lie. God cannot contradict himself. We need the power of His Holy Spirit to understand His word and for and friends. We need to realize that Jesus is coming soon because that is the truth. OK this is actually part five. I AM has sent me. Now I was on vacation around Christmas time and there was a by the way I don't think approach so let me just bow my head here as we pray Father in heaven. We ask for your presence for your spirit and for your power for your word to do its work and that it would not return to you void that it would water our hearts strengthen our hearts and minds Lord for your service and we thank you for hearing our prayer in Jesus' name amen. Yadin one that's like to come up just yet but anyway it's there now. So if my family here that you remember remember we were on vacation and there was a really nice made that was cleaning our room and I felt impressed and I said she's such a nice lady she's been doing such a nice job for us. I'm going to give her this book and when she looked at it she grabbed it and said Oh exodus. I'm just about going to see the movie tonight. And I thought. Thank you Jesus and I said This book will tell you the truth about the story. So read it and she said I will and I don't know where she is right now but I'm praying that she would have read this book because she was going out to see a movie that from an anon an analysis analysis that I listen to. Is actually quite contrary to the Bible story this one is called Exodus gods and kings and it was produced by the oh yes from the director of Gladiator. Can you imagine what kind of movie that's going to be. I haven't seen it I don't need to see it but you see people that don't read their Bibles will probably go and watch this movie because it has been advertised as the best movie of a Bible story. Can you imagine. It would make you laugh or it would make you cry and given that there's a strange phenomenon today where there where we have more Bibles in circulation than ever before we have a time in earth's history when people actually read the Word of God less than ever before you know what Christians do today for their Bible knowledge they listen to their preacher. Now let me ask you a question Have I ever told you that just listen to me did I ever once just say listen to me and do what I say did I ever once say that in over nine years. You know what I always said go to the word. It is the word that has power. It is the word that will convert your soul but you need to pray because an agnostic would come to the Bible or an atheist would come to the Bible and just go. Looking for all the apparent contradictions in his that in his puny mind that he would find you see spiritual things are spiritually discerned. And this movie is everything but Biblical we really have to say that it portrays Moses as a man that didn't believe in God portrays him as an arrogant bloodthirsty cruel person. Now I was only under a sense of duty and on the spur of the moment that he actually killed an Egyptian believing that he was to be the Liberator and that was how God was going to liberate his people. But what did God do to Moses after that he took him forty years in the wilderness to go and on learn everything that he had possibly learned in Egypt and from Egypt and from the opulence and from the luxury and from the display of Egypt. He was taken to the wilderness where now God could work with him you know friends and I want writes that we need to be careful of the influences of the city and we should do all we can to have contact with nature and realize that God has to do the work in us if we if all we observe if all we're surrounded by is worldliness and the things in the city. If all our experience has to do with with electronics friends we will be transformed into those images. Now this movie is amazing because of the way it portrays God and Moses and the whole story and the way it's twisted and just totally un-Biblical I think it was Moses. That was portrayed as curial was it. Moses or was it God I don't remember but either one of them. Mecurio means sudden unpredictable changes of mood now after Moses was forty years in the wilderness. He was everything but that that the Bible says that he was the meekest man after God finished with him he was the meekest man that ever lived then in fact he is a a type of Christ he is a representation of Jesus when the people were doing wrong. Moses would come and intervene for them when God said I'm fed up with these people. I'm going to make you a great nation Moses' Moses fell on his face and said Lord have mercy on your people don't let the the options on the other nations say that was because you were too weak to save your people that now you have to destroy them because of their disobedience. Anyway. Moses is a very important character. You don't mess with what the Bible says about Moses and put it in the way you think it should be God is portrayed as an arbitrary being that keeps changing his mind in fact the voice that was used used for God was a twelve year old little boy and you do not come out with a biblical picture in the least the actor that played Moses is atheistic Gnostic but definitely not religious friends Exodus gods and kings Ridley Scott the director of the gladiator movie full of violence for training Moses with the sword slashing around and killing people and the director says that the Bible stories are full of magic and science fiction. Do you really think that he's qualified to portray the story because you know. I really was my bible who got my Bible. Here it is I really believe that when we ask God with the help of the Holy Spirit to guide us into the understanding of His word to him through the power of His Holy Spirit. It's better than any human movie OK What we need is the Holy Spirit not violence and blood and and romance and all of that illicit romance by the way he says though it's the the best Bible movie. He doesn't believe that the story is real and in fact about religion he says religion. This is Ridley Scott says the religion is the biggest source of evil. Do you know of any just and kind and tolerant religion and there you see him in UN doe that even Christianity and the God of the Bible is intolerant. How is God being portrayed in these movies friends. It's not the God that I read about in the Bible. Miriam even interacts with with incorrectly Pharaoh being Ramses we know that's not right and she says that she wasn't Moses sister all of these kinds of things anyway don't need to carry on on that and Moses portraying himself as somebody that the the the Jews had to the Hebrews had to trust in him but that is course far from the Bible truth. Let us look at it as we go to Exodus Chapter two verse thirty twenty three. And most is in Midian remember that he's in Midian and he is in a certain place. He is in the mount of God And we'll see what happens and it came to pass in process of time that the king of Egypt die. That was the king that wanted to to kill Moses the pharaoh. And the children of Israel side by reason of the bondage and they cried on their cry came up on to God by reason of the bondage and God heard their groaning and God remembered his covenant his promise with Abraham with Isaac and with Jacob and God looked upon the children of Israel and God had pity. God is portrayed as a pity in God and then the Bible says in fact let us look at it here see Moses has been humbled now by forty years of being in the wilderness and he's tending the sheep. He's married one of Jethro's seven daughters and he's learning how to lead his learning how to be patient and I love the way that the Bible describes it in Exodus chapter three verse one turn with me in your Bibles and read together. Let's read says Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law. The priest of Midian and he led the flock to the back side of the desert and he came to the Mountain of God I love it when the bible starts giving us details about the description of these things that the mountain of God was in Midian and it's also called Horeb OK the Mountain of God Horeb Mount Sinai three names for one mountain. Did you get that tell me amen if you got it. It's very important because the a mountain of God and Horeb and Mt Sinai are in northwest Saudi Arabia which is where Midian is not on the Sinai Peninsula as tradition has had to build. Leave then verse two it says and the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire so we go to the burning bush. What did it say the question who appeared stright an angel of the Lord. Now sometimes people have problem with this and they think whoa is Is God an angel or is Jesus an angel or is is and they get confused here but you know. Angel actually means messenger and Angel of the Lord the angel of the Lord story it says appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush and he looked and behold. And he beheld the bush and it burned with fire but the bush was not consumed you know sometimes friends God needs to do something to get our attention and you know sometimes it can be through trial and tribulation that he catches our attention is often in such a case as that that we will turn to God as never before you know what I'm talking about in trials and tribulation is when we turn to God but God got his attention in a nice way I thought here don't you think a very interesting way. And so the Bible says now. Moses when he verse four when he saw this it says and when the Lord saw that he turned aside God called on to him out of the midst of the bush and said Moses' Moses he called him by his name and Moses said here I am and he said Draw not near put off your shoes from off your feet. For the place where you stand is holy ground the place where you stand is holy ground where was he standing the mount of God Another name for the mount of God Mt Horeb another name for MT horror is Mount Sinai. He is on Mount Sinai and he is hearing God's voice coming out of the burning bush and calling his name and he says here I am and the Bible says that God told Moses to take off his shoes because he is on holy ground reverence for God How do we approach God he said Here I am and Moses the Bible tells us his face humility and reverence should characterize the deport months of all who come into the presence of God in the name of Jesus we may come before him with confidence. But we must not approach him with the boldness of presumption as though we were on the left or he were on a level with ourselves how we dress how we come into the sanctuary. How we behave ourselves while the sermon is being preached. It's all a question of reverence. It's all a question of how well do we know God Do we understand that he is a holy all consuming sin consuming God and that we to come before him in his presence need to approach him in humility and in in reverence. There are those who address the great and all powerful and holy God who dwells in her. I an approachable holiness as though they would address an equal or even an inferior. There are those who conduct themselves in his house as they would not presume to do in the audience chamber of an earthly ruler these should remember that they are in His sight whom Sarah of or angels adore before whom angels veil their faces. God is greatly to be reverenced all who truly realize his presence will bow in humility before him and like Jacob be beholding the vision of God They will cry out how dreadful is this place. This is none other than the house of God This is the Gate of Heaven friends I I cannot stress enough the importance of reverence to God amen. And it's because of our lax attitude and. And a casual attitude that's portrayed in in church and in services that people have the idea that God is just like one of us or even less the burning bush experience for Moses was a holy encounter with God on that holy mountain. You know there are there's a lot of research about the Mountain of God They found a mountain in North West Saudi Arabia where median is that has the black that has the top totally charred the rocks are burnt as if a furnace of fire came down on top of that mountain is fascinating. In fact I would encourage you to read any of these books the mountain of Moses that the sky. Every of Mount Sinai by Larry Williams and other books that you see here the discovery of the true Mt Sinai the gold of Exodus by Howard Blume and then there's another one the Mountain of God which shows fascinating pictures by Robert corner. And David Holbrook and another book entitled The exodus by Dr Len Miller and he is of the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm Sweden. But friends. What I find in these discoveries of late is that it's drawing attention back to the the story of the Exodus and at this this time today we're looking at it is the great. I am that has sent Moses we see Moses in obedience in reverence to God Do you think that he said why should I take off my shoes God do you think he answered him in any kind of insolent way or casual way he obeyed his part of reverence. Now I think we need some some help here. We need a little help because this word obedience needs to be defined is a bit of a bad word today. Even in the dictionary it's in some dictionaries. It's portrayed somewhat in a negative light. So just I went to the Internet and I found a definition of obedience and this is what I came up with online Cambridge dictionary. Number one definition was doing or willing to do what you have been asked ordered to do by someone in authority. Now if you think about it that's probably accurate but there's a kind of a hint of negativity in there you know what I'm saying it seems to be that obedience. You have to is what you ordered to do so I somebody in authority and you know taking an order can be a bit of a pain can't it and having somebody over or Thora thirty or forty over you is not very nice generally is it so that was the definition that I saw and then usually there's a phrase to exemplify it and then this was the example of the definition of obedience and so there was the sentence said she demanded strict obedience from her child porn child. We feel like saying don't worry with that definition. Well here's another definition. Therefore mission number two I went to my library and I pulled out a hard back copy of a dictionary and it was Collins dictionary and and Thesaurus Harper and callings pop public. Sorry publishers of nineteen eighty seven. Here's a definition I got of a B.D.S. there accordance acquiescence agreements compliance conform ability deference docility duty phoniness duty observance respect reverence. There is even the word reverence in my dictionary as related to the definition of of obedience reverence submission submissiveness subservience tractability and there's even the definition then of obedient acquiescence amenable biddable compliant differential DOS I'll do you to use beautiful law abiding is there anything wrong with being more abiding observant regardful respectful submissive subservient tractable under control. Wow well trained and yielding I like those definitions I don't know about you I like those definitions of B.D.S. you know. I've got a definition of a B.D.'s as the world sees it today. You know how the world defines their obedience today. Anybody want to hazard a guess Story do my own thing people think that if we let me see let me see if I can find it where's where's the definition of there it is today's definition of obedience is legalism now is legal legalism a good kind of portrayal of obedience or negative portrayal of obedience is negativism. Have you ever heard somebody call you a Seventh Day Adventist although. You keep the Sabbath don't you. Oh you're so you're so legal istic obedience is called legalism and the way the way that the people do it is let's just give keeping the law and obedience a bad name. You see Barbara to be a commandment keeping person you've just been baptized you just promise that you'll keep the commandments of God It's not legal istic legal listing is trying to be saved with your own rules or come up with your own rules of what religion is legalism is being a Pharisee. So this definition of obedience to God So you know we want to obey God we want to follow him because it's the best thing we should do and people say that's legalism they want to make you feel bad for doing the right thing. There's no argument really against it they just want to put you down and make you feel bad feel the oddball feel the odd one out the majority of people consider obedience to God's law as legalisms Now if you were driving along in your car and I was I was on my way to Lansing. I've been to Lansing I don't know how many times over there to holy and Grand Blanc the past five weeks been a lot of time on the road but I was on my way to Lansing and I was doing sixty five sixty five miles an hour. Oh OK let me tell the truth. I think I was going sixty nine miles and there you go. It was sixty miles sixty nine miles an hour and this car comes past me so and all of a sudden I was just seeing he was as he flew past. I saw kind of in the distance I saw kind of car and it was kind of horizontal in the distance and then as I got closer it kind of looked blue and as I looked closer I said wow that's a cop. That's a police officer and and then I said well I looked at my gauge and thought and I glad I'm doing the speed limit in fact I'm less than the speed limit but the guy that overtook me or passed me must have been going a lot faster and so he passed the police car. I passed the police car and I was just happily driving along and listening to something on my phone something nice and I looked in the mirror. He was still there. He didn't move and I kept driving and this other car was still speeding head. I thought. Did you see the car and after a while I saw the blue car move in my rearview mirror and it moved and then before you knew what it was right behind me and before you knew what it was right in front of me and it kept on going chasing the other couple then after a while before you knew what you had is decorations going and the other car was pulled over. And I felt sorry for him. I don't know what the police car would do you know it was some policeman a really nice. Yes if I was speeding. I would say I'd have an excuse I'll always make sure have a good excuse. Look I'm a church pastor and I'm on my way to a funeral. If it's the case you know I wouldn't tell a lie. I'll think of some reason why as a pastor I need to drive fast somebody about to die and I need to get there before they die. You know policemen are very reasonable people have you found that I have found that. Michigan policeman are really very reasonable people and I've been let off once or I think once and so now let's I drove past and I saw the police car with his decorations going and the other car due to fully stopped and now the the policeman comes up to him I don't know there's just say for instance this is what happened and he winds down his window and he says oh yes police officer. Do you know that you are doing eighty two miles an hour and I don't know maybe maybe he could have said oh really did I did I didn't notice he could have said something like that right. He could but what LET And how do you think the police officer would say you know and he would probably kind of put his head in the window see if there's any smell of anything and he might ask him to blow into this little tube or something like that and. You know if if you behave yourself and if you're polite and if you're honest and nice and I think policeman would be kind of gracious to you but let's say the police the policeman stops him he winds down the window and says Hello police policeman and then the police officers you know you were doing nearly sixty two miles per hour and what would happen if he turned to the police officer and said. Excuse me if he said to the police officer to be so legally stick. Why are you being so legal istic is it legal istic to keep to a speed limit. Is it legal istic to stop at a red light then why is it legal istic to keep the Fourth Commandment. Tell me that answer me that question why is it legal istic to keep the Fourth Commandment yet so many people will throw that in your face and in by face and try and make us feel bad and it is something that is really from the enemy friends God expects obedience in keeping the Sabbath in returning times in return in giving our offerings. He expects obedience don't come up with this story of oh god learn to stand I can't afford to return my times. You can't afford to do any other but return your tights. You see obedience is not legal istic say the opposite of being obedient would be breaking the law of God and the commandments of God and the the definition that we have of sin is that we break the commandments of God I don't want to do that for you so Moses is reverent he would be to God and God has an assignment for him the great. I am has an assignment for Moses Moses waited in reverence and all before God The words continued and God speaks and now he says I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt in Egypt and I've heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters for I know their sorrows. I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up. Out of the land into a good land a large and to a land flowing with milk and honey. Come now therefore and I will send you Moses. I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring forth my people the children of Israel up out of Egypt. Moses was amazed and terrified at the command. He drew back and saying Who are my lord that I should go into Pharaoh you know we have a task we have an assignment and that is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and we might say like Moses who are my we might not have put any glow tracks in our pockets yet but there's still time to put a glow tract in your pocket and you will be amazed when all of a sudden you will come into a situation where you could give a glow tract to somebody and you'll be kicking yourself because God opens up a way and you didn't have a glow truck with you friends God has given you an assignment. He's given me an assignment the great I am and he wants us to be a B.D. and to him so Moses draws back and God said I will be with you Moses. I will surely be with you and this is the token that I will be will with you when you have brought forth the people out of Egypt. You shall serve God upon this mountain which moved the mountain of go on Horan Mount Sinai Moses was on my Mount Sinai in media Northwest Saudi Arabia job laws is what it's called in Arabic and he was going to go back to Egypt. Cummock come across the route that he had gone before but then God was going to do something mighty friends God has you an eye on an assignment and he wants to do something mighty he wants to pour out His Spirit upon your efforts upon the efforts of this church but do we respect him enough to obey Him to do what he's asking of us. Certainly I will be with you Moses thought he started thinking about the difficulties. Have you ever heard somebody say OK we're going to go out door to door next Sabbath and you start thinking of the difficulties or of the reasons why you can't go or why the reason the reasons why you don't want to to witness or give a Bible study. Moses fought of all the difficulties to be encountered of the blindness the ignorance the unbelief of his people many of whom were almost destitute of a knowledge of God How can I bring these people out God how will they even listen to me or pay any attention to me. Behold he said when I come unto the children of Israel and shall say unto them. The God of your fathers has sent me on to them and they shall say to me what is his name. What shall I say unto them and then God answered and said I am that I am. Thus shall you say on to the children of Israel. I AM has sent you this is an amazing description of God I am you know the the Jews as they would write the Bible they wouldn't want to pronounce this name or write it down in reverence to it so they would write something else to portray this young way is one of them. I. I AM has sent you friends. How much power does. I am. How much love. I am. How much patience does I am. I am sent Moses on an assignment. He tried to give God excuses and so often we're the same aren't we we want to give God excuses. Oh I didn't go to through Newbold I didn't go to Andrews or I didn't go to seminary. If you read the Bible. If you have been baptized. You've been converted you've become a Christian you are qualified to remember the story of the the demoniacs that were possessed with demons. How much training did they have they had no training. The only training that they had was the experience of Christ's power. That's the training they needed and they went forward on God's assignment. They wanted to be close to Jesus and stay with him in the boat and go with him wherever they wanted is not enough just to be with Jesus. You have to go and speak for him and then when you go and speak for him he will send you his power the great I am will give you His Holy Spirit and will make you effective if we trust in Him He will do that for us friends I am sent Moses and I am is sending me I am is sending you what is my response what is your response to him Are you willing to listen to his voice. Are you willing to be obedience and realize that it's not legalism and you know what if we care for others and if we. Pray for others it will do our rooms whole lot of good. I remember you probably heard of the story of a man that is lost in a blizzard of snow and he's trying to find his way and he comes across a man lying in the snow frozen in the snow his is deep in the snow and he can't move but he's conscious he's alive and. And he takes the snow away and he rubs the man's legs and and he puts him on his shoulders and then he goes the rest of the journey trudging through the snow with this heavy burden on his back and as he's going through this blizzard exerting himself for himself and for this man that he has on his shoulders his heart is pumping his muscles are are producing heat the energy is there somehow he's energized to carry this man and as he's carrying this man the warmth of his body is conveyed to the body of the man he's carried and he's able to find refuge he he sees in the distance a house with light on and there's a chimney and the fire is going and he comes to the door and he drops practically dead and the owner of the House comes up out and brings the two in and they can warm. Together in that house friends. Jesus is coming soon. And he wants us to be about his father's business. We have an assignment from the Great I Am. And as we look out for the salvation of others for our relatives our brothers our sisters our children our grandchildren. As we agonize with God as we pray for them. We will find a lot more content for our prayers. We will find a lot more urgency as we battle with people as we cry out to God when the Devil puts these ideas in their mind that it's legalism to keep the Sabbath. What can we do what can we say. Nothing more than Lord please help them. I have made so many appeals in this church and I wonder how many have been followed through I remember making appearances. That's why I don't make many appeals these days I remember making appeal. How many of you this year want to win a soul to Jesus Christ. Everybody stands our friends are we really about our father's business examine yourself how many souls have you brought to baptism in the last ten years. How many songs the Great I Am is asking us to do that yes or no he is. How many solos. Did you bring to Jesus and were baptized friends. You must also that question. And according to your answer to that question. You will have an evaluation of how much you are listening to God obeying him and going on the assignment that the Great. I am asking. So my question to you this morning will you sign it. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about if you would like to listen to more service. They visit W.W.W. audio.


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