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The Plagues in Egypt

Daniel Ferraz
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Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.



  • March 14, 2015
    11:00 AM
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As you're here sitting today. Are you open to the voice of God for the Advent people at this stage of Earth's history. What is the message that the Lord has for you as a Seventh Day Adventist sitting in the pew for me as a minister of the gospel preaching the advent message. You know I don't know if you've noticed but I love the church the Seventh Day Adventist Church and its message. I love it not because it's a more intellectual sit set of beliefs than another denomination. I love it because I have confidence that the Lord has raised on the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Now having said that I realize that not everybody and not everything that has happened in the Seventh Day Adventist Church is perfect but that is what gives me hope. Because I know that the Seventh Day Adventist Church is a movement a prophetic movement that fulfills Bible prophecy. In the Book of Revelation ten and eleven and Chapter fourteen because I believe that I believe that there is hope and we must know why we're here and what is the mission that God has given us. And so I pray for revival I pray for revival in my own life in my own heart and for this church and for every seventh Day Adventist Church you know we're going through hard times right now it's not easy. It's not easy to have faith. It's not easy to be a Christian it's not easy to be a Seventh Day Adventist we're in the minority and that thought always comes you know can the minority be right. Well I'm not worried about being. The minority or being right. I'm worried about staying close to Jesus how about you. If we do that friends though or the way maybe tough though we may have hard times the Exodus is proof that God is almighty. He loves his people he makes a difference between the people that follow him and those that don't. And those that are faithful to him and will go forward courageously at his bidding. I pray that that will be our experience let us by our heads as we pray Father in heaven. Lord you know I am tired physically emotionally but Lord I'm not tired spiritually because I know that your promises can never fail their god you have been with us. These nine years and four months that we have been here in the United States. You have blessed us you have taken us through challenges and difficulties you have brought us through and Lord we pray that you may continue to keep your regard upon your church. Keep us Lord under your wings bless us Father help us to realize our identity. More now than ever before help us to realize our wanderings and to come back to you before it is too late or Father in heaven. May you speak to your congregation today is my prayer and to me I ask it in Jesus' name amen. So it seems like in my series I will only have enough time to preach seven this is number six the exodus and God Almighty. And so we have Part six the plagues that fall in Egypt. I shared with you. It was called the greatest movie of the biblical exodus to remember that I shared with you it's not the the Exodus story that summarized in this little book but it is the one that has been in the cinema screens that have portrayed Moses and God in a rather un-Biblical light the your the director Ridley Scott is the director or was the director of the gladiator movie and friends. I really am sorry about that movie because it doesn't really portray the biblical story as we read in the Bible but there is a number of documentaries that I'd encourage you to look at patterns of evidence is one of them that came out last year around Christmas a little bit before the the one by Ridley Scott and this one is one that I would recommend it is a documentary made by Tim Mahoney who searches for answers to these questions amid startling new finds that may change traditional views of history and the Bible this documentary was twelve years in researching for years in the making fifty interviews conducted with leading experts and explorers over twelve hundred film hours and ten thousand photos I encourage you to try and find a copy of that one you can find it on patterns of evidence dot com And you know the story of the Exodus really. Is the story of the challenge that Satan puts to God and His people. The story of the Exodus is about who is right is God right is he in charge or is pharaoh. Or the devil in charge and you know as we go through life I have and I'm more and more convinced that everything we encounter is a challenge to these great truths is God right is his word true or is the devil right and his lies are they what we should follow you think of any conflict you have any situation you may be in it can be narrowed down to whether what God says is that true or is what the world telling us the truth so patterns of evidence you can look that up and find some very good well researched documentary material on that and so we left off Moses at the burning bush and him kind of grappling with the Lord and asking him How can I know that you are sending me and I am weak. I have got no. Skills I am not a very good speaker and he's giving all of these excuses and God says to him and proves to him that he will be with him he shows him a number of miracles with the rod and his hand turning leprous and the staff turning into a snake. He's showing him these signs is convincing him and he says that you will come with the people from Egypt. You will bring my people up out of Egypt and you will come and worship me on this mount Now that was an amazing statement because that mount the Mount Sinai the Mount horrible we discovered last time we were together is in northwest Saudi Arabia in Midian. And so Mount Sinai is located there it is there that God spoke to Moses it is there that arrow. And Moses meet the Bible tells us that God told Aaron to go and meet with Moses and so they meet after so many years of separation and they share with each other what it has been like and Moses shares with Aaron. What God has told him and the plan for the great exodus and deliverance of God's people. And so in Exodus Chapter four twenty nine through thirty one we read in Moses and Aaron went and gathered together all the elders of the children of Israel is interesting that before they actually set off on their journey. Moses thinks to bring along his wife and his children and you remember the episode of the angel stopping Moses and his his wife doing the circumcision. And notice that incidence because he had to do and we have to do everything that we know to be right to survive in these last days he was going on an important mission yes or no Could he have anything undone that had to be done according to the biblical story. No And so that was a very important detail that teaches us that we need to do what we know to be right amen. So that God can bless us. Amen amen. So. Verse thirty and Aaron spoke all the words which the Lord had spoken to Moses and did the signs in the sight of the people so they've gone back to Egypt and they've been able to meet up with their brothers and the people believed and when they heard that the Lord had visited the children of Israel and that they had looked upon and that he had looked upon their affliction. Then they bowed their heads and worshiped they believed friends I want to notice the journey now as it begins the people believed they said yes OK Moses we believe that God has sent you to deliver us. This was forty years later. Moses is now eighty years of age. He tried to do it in his own strength and now here is totally submissive to God and he's afraid because he realizes that this task is too big for a man to do by himself a man all along the way God had to guard Moses and protect our own with His angels and then we read as they got to Egypt afterwards. Moses and Aaron went in and told Pharaoh Thus says the Lord God of Israel let my people go that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness and of course this would have been the institution of the first Passover feast and all that that symbolizes and Pharaoh said and this is where now we see the battle start to heighten Pharaoh said Who is the Lord that I should obey his voice and let Israel go. I know not the Lord. Neither will I let Israel go friend this in summary is the challenge that is given to God by the devil and that this is the battle that God's people have to face this is the argument that is put forward Pharaoh is really representing Satan and he is inspiring his people the Egyptians as a symbol of all those that are rebellious against God and don't want to acknowledge God and do. What he says is if you think about it let's just look and examine the situation. The Israelites were God's people yes I know. What kind of situation where they are living in. They were in slavery right who were there masters the Egyptians. What kind of religion did the Egyptians have. Pagans they were idol worshippers and worshipping the river Nile flies from Og's and all kinds of things that they believed were their gods. So from a human perspective who was prospering the most the people that believed in the one God or the Egyptians that believed in many gods. Can you see the argument playing out. Can you see how the devil tries to weaken the strength and the courage of believers. He says look at all these people that don't believe in God They don't care about him they don't know who years they don't want to obey him and they are better off than you have you ever had or felt that argument put to you. Well friends you see God doesn't deliver by human strength he delivers by his own strength and it is when we realize that there is nothing that we can do that then we can give room for God to come in and take over Amen. So let me tell you a little bit about the pharaoh of the time when Moses went back to Egypt this Pharaoh historians have called him then the Polian of Egypt. He is to Moses the third and his statue is in looks or Museum located in the Egyptian city of looks or ancient thieves and it stands on the Corniche overlooking the west bank of the River Nile in the central part of the city and this man this this Pharaoh is known to be ferocious and so he. Is the the one that God is going to humble he is the greatest of the pharaoh pharaohs of that time and so he is stubborn. He says I don't know God and I will not let Who is he and I will not let his people go. So here you have the challenge God's people are in slavery. The Egyptians are superior and others. Taskmasters this is the battle. So now. Moses and Aaron meet Pharaoh. And you know the first meeting with Pharaoh did not go very well the first meeting with Pharaoh was that the Pharaoh said oh it's because you are idle is it that you want me to let you go. Well let me teach you a lesson all the bricks that your making we will not now supply you with straw. You must find your own straw and not diminish the tally of bricks. So the first meeting with Pharaoh went like that and so the Israelites now had to make as many bricks as they were making before but now they themselves had to go out and get the straw for themselves. This was a terrible increase in their labors. In fact that the Bible tells us that they were filled with anguish and it's amazing how they react. The Israelites they didn't realize that this was pharaohs doing and so they went to Pharaoh the Israelites that the the leaders of the Israelites went to Pharaoh and they said Pharaoh. Why are we being asked to make as many bricks as we were before but we don't have the straw now. We read that in chapter five Verse nineteen and the offices of the. Children of Israel they see that they were in evil. Case in other words that Pharaoh was angry with them and after it was said You shall not diminish anything of your bricks of your daily task then they went and faced him over Moses and Aaron. When they faced Moses and iron Moses and Aaron got an earful to put it lightly. They got an earful Now hang on let's back up a minute did they or did they not believe the message that Moses and Aaron had come to them and said God is going to deliver us they believe it yes or no they did. Now at the first sign of hardship. They're at the throat. Of Arran and Moses. Please note. Please note. So what they start doing is saying look you're making Moses because of you you are making our job as slaves harder. Hang on a minute I thought they just said they were ready and believing that they were going to get delivered it sounds like they are happy to stay slaves they just don't want to get the straw themselves. Can you see how their mind is working. Can you see how they were they said yes we want to have a deliver. But then as soon as the going got a bit tough. They said well you know what we'd actually prefer rather to stay in our slavery and not have to do quite so much work. Can you can you see. Can you read between the lines and see what they are saying they saying we don't want to be liberated you know friends. I wonder if we apply that to ourselves today. Do we want to be liberated from sin. I think maybe a few of you do it from the kind of grumble moan I heard some of us act like we want to stay here longer. Are we any different from the Israelites and then we want to stay here longer and then we blame the spiritual leaders. It was interesting I had somebody talking with me and they were talking about sometimes the contention and strife that there is in church does anybody. Kind of notice the contention and strife there that there isn't in church and you know friends. There has always been contention and strife. When somebody gets up and says this is the way we need to go there will always be tension and strife with those that will say well I prefer not to go God's way God is loving I can go my own way right. That's what people will say. And so when the leaders of God that are coming along and saying we need to follow God's Word we need to follow the prophet. Let me ask your question was Moses considered in the scriptures as a prophet. Yes or no. Yes he was he was considered a prophet and in fact Moses himself prophesied that there would be from among the people a prophet like himself so he makes himself a prophet under inspiration but he is referring to Jesus and we have Jesus present with us in the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the spirit of prophecy. What did the people say they said yes we will follow God as he becomes our liberator. But as soon as things got different. They went back to the prophets and said You are leading us in the wrong path and you know I am brought to remember that people today challenge the. PROFITT you know have you heard people say well you know she wrote for her era back in her day and as if there is something superior now that we have do you realize friends and I say that with all my heart. Do you realize that we should not be on this earth that in God's plan we should have reached the heavenly Canaan already by the guidance and direction that we had in the spirit of prophecy that was right there with us live in the flesh in the work and writings and ministry of Ellen White we have been told that it was not God's will that we should still be wandering in the desert on this earth still and it is because God's people have rejected the prophet that we are still here we could have left this earth already shortly after eight hundred forty four again shortly after eight hundred eighty eight again shortly after nineteen or one or two we here too long while we still here the altar. I have found is clearly because God's people one time say yes we follow God in the baptism of ours. Yes will follow everything that the the Bible teaches and the Spirit of Prophecy but then somehow the going gets tough and we back off and we say well you know what it must be that that was you know for for a different time and it doesn't apply today the mentality of Pharaoh comes back again and friends. This is truly an amazing story. Because the Bible tells us that there are parallels parallels have you did you did you catch that that the story of the Exodus is a direct parallel or it is a next moment of God's people and their journeyings before the second coming of Jesus. Maybe haven't read it recently I challenge you to read testimonies volume five and look there for the parallels that she brings between the Egypt and the Israelites of old and the world we're in today and the Adventist Church today. This is a biblical truth turn with me in through the book of Corinthians written by Paul First Corinthians Chapter ten and I don't want to read the whole twelve verses. But I will just read because Paul recounts the story of the Exodus and some of their failings and how they were disobedient how they rebelled how they had unbelief how they were complaining us and they didn't listen to the voice of the prophetic guidance that they had and that rock that was actually leading them. Was it was Jesus and they drank from that spiritual war rock that was Jesus all the stories in that episode of the Exodus point to Jesus in a beautiful way in the wilderness. That was the Rock Jesus Christ he was struck once and water came out to satisfy and quench the thirst of the millions of Israelites that have come out but friends. Let us just look at this in verse six now these things were our examples to the attend that we should not. Lust after evil things as they lost it. You know friends the Bible says don't love the world and the things that are of the world. Have you noticed in your own home. As I have noticed in my own how the things that the world offers can sometimes be so much of our focus. You know our jobs and our financial security. You know if if we can be Christian only so long as everything is going well for us financially friends we have got a lot to learn. We need to learn to trust God even when the going gets tough. We need to learn to trust God even when we have all our belongings taken away when we have our freedoms taken away. We need to trust God Through it all and so these stories were written then in verse eleven we read now these things happened. Unto them for in samples and they were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come the ends of the world are come Who are they they are Adventists believe right. The story of the Exodus is written for us now as we go through the plagues and as we see how in fact Moses was to come to Pharaoh. And remember he is the Napoleon of Egypt. He is stubbornly refusing to let God's people go. But what you'll notice in the plagues is that they are of increasing magnitude and effect as you go down and Moses tells Pharaoh every time he tells them what the plague is going to be and he tells him the effect. Why why does he tell him pharaoh that is because God is fair and even that he knew the stubborn rebellious heart of Pharaoh he was giving him an opportunity to change his mind. Now the fact that God knew that he wouldn't that Pharaoh wouldn't change his mind doesn't mean to say that God was forcing Pharaoh to harden his heart and in fact this may be a big question in some of your minds. I know it was when I first looked at this you know the Bible says I see it there that God hardened Pharaoh's heart but then I also read that Pharoah hardened his own heart. So you kind of end up wondering which is it and we think very western like we have a very Greek kind of way of thinking the Hebrew thinking is very very different and so when when the Bible will say that God hardened Pharaoh's heart to us Westerners we think that it means that he forced him and didn't allow him to do anything different than what God was forcing him to do well in actual fact when you look at it the evidence that God was giving that he was demonstrating the power that he was showing should have been to Pharaoh an opportunity for him to realize that God is superior and so God was showing him. These miraculous things that were happening through the plagues I don't have time to go through all of them but I'll just mention a few of them Farah was was seeing these things happen and he was being shown that God is superior. So the the plagues should have been convincing for him saying yes hang on a minute let me let me back off here and and see that this the oil that we have been worshipping I mean he just touched it with his rod and now it's become blood that should have been enough evidence but that wasn't enough evidence and so the frogs came again they worshiped the frogs so they wouldn't kill them and the plague of frogs came and they were jumping all around in the bed chambers ever in the pots and by the way these first two in fact the first three plagues also affected the Israelites take note of that and then there was the fly of lines that the plague of lice now in all of these three is interesting just to back up a little bit because Moses did those miracles didn't he. He showed pharaoh that his. Rod turned into a serpent and you. But then pharaohs magicians turned their roads into. Serpents but then what happened to that Moses Rod ate the other two. Now this didn't convince Pharaoh it's interesting that we see that those magicians were able to make something appear like something you see only God has the power to create life yes correct. Does the devil have power to create life. Yes or no the devil does he have power to create life. Yes or No No He does not and so what he did through the magicians was an optical illusion. It looked like the real thing that God was performing with the rod of Moses. Now this is very important because the devil will do the same thing today he will make things appear as though they are real he will make it look like somebody is coming back from the dead these kinds of things and magicians we should have nothing to do with magic by the way. Did somebody say amen. We should have nothing to do with magic or magicians because that is deceptive and the devil is the arch deceiver. So right off the bat we know that we should have anything to do with that but I hear about some people calling talking about Christian magic or Christian magician. It's an oxymoron you know that term. It just cannot happen. It's like having an Adventist or sorry. There are I say a Christian prostitute. It doesn't work you don't have a Christian thief. It doesn't work you understand what we're saying here. And so those magicians were able three times to count a feat these three plagues and the Bible says that come the fourth plague the plague of flies that the Egyptians. Were really really. Suffering now. Now from here on none of the plagues touch the Israelites. The Bible says that throughout those plagues plagues of cattle the plagues of the saws the plagues of the hail and brimstone fire and brimstone and the locusts and the darkness all of these plagues fell only on the Egyptians and not on the people of God Again friends we see the perils do you know how many plagues are going to be poured out that are called in the Book of Revelation the last plagues how many other seven. Just like the seven plagues the last plagues in Egypt. They will not touch God's people. Thank you somebody said Amen. But God's judgments will come and we as a people are given this message the advent message. The three angels message messages. It is a message of freedom. Amen. Christ's righteousness is a message of deliverance from sin. It's a message of power to overcome my sinful innate carnal nature. That's the message you see to be an Adventist isn't just to come to church on Sabbath you realize that friends don't you by now you are understand that we will not get into heaven by just coming and sitting in the pews and I've got my dog tracks again. How many of you have got your glow treads praise the Lord there's more of you this time than last time I asked keep her keep up the good work. You know I was talking with. A little boy and he's not here his name is Tommy and he said I leave Glo tracts in my diet is jacket in my daddy's shirt pocket in the car when he's getting into the car do you know why he's leaving the tracks all around where Daddy can see them because he wants daddy to come to church. You see friends to be true. Christian have interest Bible following believer. We don't keep it to ourselves we share it and the more we share the more excited we are because we see more and more people coming to know the Lord and this is what we call true but friends. The Bible tells us that Pharoah hardened his heart every time at each plague. Now it comes to a point where even the Egyptians. Start saying to Pharaoh look for Haven't you seen enough. I mean look I was happening when when all the cattle and the livestock were killed and when the boils came everybody and the hail and then the darkness all of all of these things the Egyptians and and then it was just Pharaoh and the priests that were keeping on stubbornly resisting and as you know that final plague the death of the firstborn I don't want actually to get into it right now but all of those plagues were telling Pharaoh. I'm in charge of my people you will let my people go and we see this Pharaoh the Napoleon of the Egypt of the day stubbornly refusing you know it's it's a very dangerous thing to stubbornly refuse the evidence that God gives of his truths in his word and of the prophecies of his Bible. It's a kind of a mindset that is really. It doesn't make sense the stubborn unbelief the stubborn resistance. You know I. I've seen it happen to Adventists I've seen it happen to people where they just say well you know we don't really need this belief or that doctrine it could be the spirit of prophecy could be the central doctrine. When I when I see people like that. That claim to be Seventh Day Adventist I tremble. Because I had enough experience in MINISTER E. to see that when people start like that they don't stop sliding eventually they'll slide right out of the church. Eventually they'll slide right out of keeping the Sabbath. Eventually they'll stop believing in God I've seen it happen with my own eyes friends when we suddenly take on a different idea from that which is given to us by God in His Word by the Spirit of Prophecy. We are on dangerous ground. We cannot tread on enchanted ground and think we can be OK. Some people think well you know I can you know stop coming to church stop returning tide in just when I want to all come back. Have you ever heard smokers say I can give up whenever I want and I have heard Christians say well you know I can come back whenever I want do not presume that you can manipulate the pleadings of the Holy Spirit. The longer the spirit is grieved the more difficult it is for you to hear his voice next time he tries to speak to you that is why we can never allow ourselves to fall into the trap of just allowing one little sin. Because if we allow one little sin. One little transgression. It doesn't stop there and I've seen my well meaning young people and all saying well God will understand friends. We cannot presume. To say I can just come back when I want. In fact I read in the book of Hebrews. I read in the book of Hebrews where Paul writes and he says that if somebody turns away. If somebody turns away from hearing the truth. That's impossible for them to come back. Now what I believe that means is that it's impossible for them in their own strength to come back it is only by the strength of God that they may come back but generally the message that I read there is that if you turn away from the truth that you have once known what you have done in your mind as you have shifted your allegiance. You have changed. You have allowed your mind now to come under the control. Yes of the enemy when you reject truth that you once accepted as truth because when you reject truth that you once accepted as truth it now for you becomes world. It becomes a lie or my friends. We cannot resist the pleadings of the Holy Spirit without suffering the cost consequences. You see these plagues fell on Egypt and upon Pharaoh to show Pharaoh and to show the whole surrounding nations and to show the Israelites that God really has power to deliver him and he really does have power to deliver and we have a message today to preach and it goes along those lines that God can deliver his people he can deliver me from any sin from any habit he can give me freedom he can give me joy as Seventh Day Adventists we should be the most happiest and joyful Christians. Even in the midst of hardship. That's what I want for me for my children. That's what I want for you. But the parallels to this story. And to our time are phenomenal. In closing I'd just like to draw your attention to. A quotation from the Spirit of Prophecy Israel under the Exodus movement was a type of the experiences of modern Israel under the advent movement. They are parallel Exodus movement of the Israelites and the Seventh Day Adventist Church are parallel movements ancient literal Israel was called out of ancient literally gypped and led through the wilderness to the promised Canaan land modern spiritual Israel is called Out of modern spiritual Egypt and Babylon. That is our job to call people out of Babylon. But it seems like Babylon is having a more successful job of calling God's people out of the remnant church and into Babylon. Symbolic of darkness and confusion and his being led through the wilderness of sin to the heavenly Canaan land the above scripture in fact she quotes the scripture or First Corinthians Chapter ten versus one to twelve she's quoting and now commenting on that scripture the above scripture is a call to the advent people to study the experiences and journeyings of the ancient Israel under the Exodus movement the books of Exodus Leviticus Numbers you draw to me Joshua should receive very careful study by the advent movement as they near the borders of the heavenly Canaan. Now this is taken from Volume five page seventy five of the testimonies. I have been shown that the spirit of the world is fast leavening the church what does that mean friends. It means that slowly the world is creeping into the. Advent movement and weakening it. That's what that means we need to break out of that kind of tentacle like worldly wrapping around the church we need to free ourselves from Babylon from confusion. There is the same for all ng away from your holy calling as God's peculiar people the sin of ancient Israel was in disregarding the expressed will of God and following their own way. According to the leading of unsanctified hearts modern Israel are fast following in their footsteps and the displeasure of the Lord is as surely resting upon them page ninety four. Could that be a political to us that God's displeasure. Is resting upon us as a people. Why do we see more conversions why don't we see more people coming to church friends I believe it is because we are playing and toying too much with the world in our lives in our own personal lives in our lack of connection with the Lord and our lack of connection to the Word of God I'm preaching to myself friends not just to you. We need as Adventists to rise up as never before and to stop the delay of the coming of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to believe what he has told us and realize that we have a warning to give the world. There will be seven last plagues that will be poured out upon the world upon unbelievers. We want to save people from that from that judgment friends will you stand with me as a faithful Seventh Day Adventist will you stand with me this morning and commit by God's grace not like the Israelites who said yes we'll follow it will you stand with me and say I believe this message. I don't want to follow anything else I have found the truth will you stand and say I. Yes. By God's grace to hold on to these truths to realize that God is true to think about him every day and say I love you Lord I thank you for your promises friends. We need to be a people of the book again we need to be a people of commitment that we will say with our whole heart and mean it through his strength. I will never leave you I will never forsake you my my Heavenly Father friends as I see you rising my heart is warmed Are there any is there anybody else maybe in the balcony you want to say Lord. I've been a wimpy kind of adamant to stop till now but I want to stop all of that I don't want to be stubborn anymore. I don't want to harden my heart like Pharaoh. I don't want to come to the point where there will be no more hope for me. Friends as we stand this morning. I am confident that by God's grace as I look into your eyes. I'm looking to see every single one of you that by the grace of God we will go through but it won't we won't be easy. We will see the signs of the times fulfilling with more rapidity. We will need to be on our knees more we will need to to love one another more we will need to support one another more we will need to encourage one another more friends we value together in standing this morning to be God's people to the end. Amen. Let us pray Father in heaven. Oh Lord. We are so grateful to you if we would just look at ourselves. Lord we see sin we see weakness. We see broken promises. Lord. But help us not to look at ourselves help us look up help us to look up to Jesus and know that you have raised up this advent movement. You have raised it up at digs. Actually the time that you wanted it to be raised up just after that great disappointment when but early Advent believers thought that Jesus was going to come in eight hundred forty four and out of that movement grew a studious group that studied the scriptures for themselves and discovered in the books of Hebrews and Revelation and in the Old Testament that there was a heavenly century that Jesus had now gone to minister into and that from eight hundred forty four he began his second part of his high priestly ministry the cleansing of the century when God's people as the Word says should be judged to see whether they are faithfully following all that they said they have and they have committed to Father in heaven as we see the obvious delay and I say obvious because it would only be a blind person that would say there is no delay in the coming of our Lord as we see the obvious delay. We pray that we wouldn't continue it any longer by our unbelief by our lusting after the things of the world by our indolence by our lukewarmness even though we do come to church. We're asleep in our hearts father please forgive us cleanse us revive us we pray and help us to heed the words to listen to the words and follow the words that you have given to us in the spirit of prophecy and in the Holy Bible farther in heaven we thank you that you have helped us frind find the true church and though it's not perfect we know that you will carry it through we know we having a little difficulty with unity here and there but Father we know that ultimately you will carry us through and so we pray for this church for every member standing for every person that may be listening that they would make the same commitment to recommit their lives to being a faithful Seventh Day Adventist and father if. Or any former Seventh Day Adventists out there. I pray that you would call them back while there is still time because the longer they stay away. The more impossible it will be for them to come back and they will stay in the clutches of the enemy and be deceived ultimately Father in Heaven Your word is clear. Those that follow you and seek after righteousness will be persecuted those that want to follow you and keep your commandments will be forbidden from buying and selling and will have threats they will have the property taken away. Father I pray that we may stand with our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus fixed on that New Jerusalem that city that is going to be ours one day soon Father as we stand before you recommit our lives to you know and ask for strength to carry on for joy for the June. For powerful for the way that we may have your. Abiding presence the Holy Spirit with us every step of the way from now until Jesus comes this is in the media was brought to you by God's word. If you would like to know about.


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