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The Great Deliverance

Daniel Ferraz
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Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.



  • March 28, 2015
    11:00 AM
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You know that one of the sad things about ministry is you have to do funerals. But when whatever funeral am I Matt I always look for the pictures you know what I'm looking for. I'm looking to see the person when they were young and invariably they are always beautiful and always handsome and I think that's what God intended it is not wonderful God wants that for all of us he wants us to live with him forever. And that's really what the whole advent message and movement is about like to invite you to bow your heads with me as we pray. God is a mighty God a man. And he has promised to deliver his people. Let us pray Father in heaven. How we love to call you daddy and dear lord as Jesus called you daddy. We know that you have the deepest and most tender love for each and every one of us Father I thank you for everyone that is here this morning. I thank you for friends for family for visitors for guests for all your people for we are all your people. But Lord we want to ask your special blessing as we go through this morning time together though it may be short may be sweet and may be blessed by the unction of your Holy Spirit and for these things we thank you and praise you in Jesus' precious name Amen amen. You know I love the story of the Exodus and I have been meticulously going through the story with the children at K.J. fact I signed the every single K.J. student's copy of this little book called The Exodus kids how many of you. I have started reading your exodus book and I see your hands. Amen. One two three four. I can see all around at the back and I want you to read it OK this is the most amazing story that ever was. But you know some people don't think that it is the best story there ever was I just checked testing my clicker there you know that for the last fifty years most of the world's important archaeologists and those that know about history have said that there is no evidence to support the Exodus story found in the Bible. No way no evidence can you imagine. Now this picture that you see on the slide there is Charlton Heston playing Moses. And this was the movie The Ten Commandments. How many of you remember seeing the ten commandments you seen it I don't know how many times I've seen it. It was made. Cecille B. do Mills in nineteen fifty nine. Can you imagine that was even before I was born. Wow. And some of you were really young and but now people say that the evidence that we find in archaeology and history doesn't support what the Bible says we find that scientists are coming along and saying we know better than what is written in the Word of God and in fact you can't take the word of God seriously because our scientists we know more we've got hard evidence we've got scientific evidence you see. In fact these people say that the archaeological record is completely opposed to what is written in the Bible. Now this view of skepticism has spread from these knowledge. People to the general populace are general people in the world and the case against the Exodus appears to be so strong that even some religious people people that say they believe in the Word of God and believe in the Bible. They are labeling the Exodus story as an ancient account of historical and I quote fiction historical fiction so that in fact historical fiction is what I would call that movie that they made. To remember the movie. Today I want to share with you part seven of the series now as you can see I'm working on this series for powerful series. If you haven't heard the previous messages I encourage you to get them not because I've given them but because they come from the Word of God God's word is powerful and this story God in His Word has inspired Paul to write and in First Corinthians Chapter ten the importance of the story of the Exodus that was written for our admonition. We need to look at the story. It has lessons for us lessons that we should not repeat it has parallels that we need to understand but friends. Let's just come back to that question again. What is the Exodus story all about what is it all about is it about as a Ridley Scott the director of Gladiator and of this movie Exodus God and kings. Is it all about men is the X. of the story about men and their power and their desire to be seen and worshiped as God or is it really I mean this movie has been labeled as the greatest movie of the biblical exodus it was even greater than the the Ten Commandments. You know I if you have the opportunity to watch an appraisal and then and the analysis of that movie go to amazing discoveries and you'll see Little Light Ministries what who did I say. Little Light Ministries watch out for them they are very good on analyzing the messages that the media is trying to give to the people and this movie after listening to that analysis portrays God as a wimp Moses doesn't believe in God. Miriam is kind of having strange relationships with people and it is just what I would actually call blasphemous really there's no other word but what is the story all about you know I'd encourage if you haven't seen this movie that I shared with the children. The real search for the Red Sea crossing taken out of that spot for a little video you can order it online beautiful beautiful video very very inspiring in fact this is interesting because this exodus movie came out last Christmas kind of in three D. December twenty sixth and. There was also another movie that was actually not a movie it was a documentary and that one I shared with you called patterns of evidence. And this. This is is an amazing work of research twelve years in the researching this movie took and it is actually three over three hours long and basically what it deals with is the evidence you know there as I said earlier there are archaeological experts that come along say there is simply no evidence of the Exodus and they have their Ph D.'s They are curators at museum. They are professors at universities and at face value. We kind of see that they are making these statements that deny the story as it is written in the Word of God And so what do you do. But then on the other hand there are archaeologists some of them there was a famous one who is an Austrian actually and his name escapes me right now but he has done. US research in excavating the Nile Delta now to excavate in the Nile you have to be able to hold back the waters and so it's very difficult and only recently in fact in the Only in I would say the last thirty five years. Archeologists. Uncovering true and fabulous and amazing finds that are corroborating the Exodus as it reads in the Bible. The Exodus story and this one is a powerful document documentary. I tried to get to see it was open showing in public cinemas in January a second showing but what a wonderful alternative to the other movie. It really is so we have that question again what is the Exodus really all about is it about men as Ridley Scott would have us believe and you know Moses with his sword and leading the the Israelites to to fight and you know just make a big movie about a big tidal wave. You know some people have this thing about tidal waves and it was a great tidal wave I hear them say. Or is this story about God Is it really about God my friends is the most powerful story recorded in the Word of God for time and eternity. So that believe us who would just simply take the word as it reads and open their Bible and see how God. First of all had patience with his people had patience with Pharaoh. But had mighty power to deliver in any situation and in fact to deliver in a situation that was scientifically impossible to solve. They had come to a scientific dead end there was no human solution for the people of Israel whence they face the Red Sea but is the story then my friends about God and his desperate power that he wants. To give to you in your life is it about a God who really wants to deliver you to deliver you from your very own self because you cannot trust yourself and I wonder how many people are right now or maybe texting or doing a video game even right now. Right now I wonder. So is the story about God and His great mercy his patience his power to save his power to save his people no matter what no matter how desperate how impossible your situation may be you know what this story tells me it tells you he can save you. I wonder how many of us really know the God of the Exodus. I wonder how many of us really know his miraculous delivering power. I would not stand up here before you. If all of this were fairy tales. God has changed my life. He has helped me through every valley. Every single time when I was laid out on the floor beaten up defeated ridiculed stepped a pawn God has lifted me up the righteous may fall seven times what they will rise up and that is what we are destined for we are destines. To be recipients of God's greatest demonstration of delivering power a man you see if we really don't believe this you know it's us I don't bother coming to church. Simple as that. If we don't not believe the Word of God as it reads if we come to the Word of God and say well we can believe this part. We can believe that part. Then don't bother. It's either all of it is true or none of it is true. So if we want to look at those only that the only two choices that we have we need to decide my friend sitting in the pew today listening to the D.V.D. where you are you have to make a decision you have to listen to the claims that this word brings to you it says this word is the Word of God. Now when we understand what that means we know that when God says something miracles happen when he said Let there be light there was light all he needed to do was to say it and it happened in the stone Teigne Asli not over time not taking millions of years. God's Word is true the Exodus story is about God. And about his power to save it's also about his mercy and his great patience and you know let us just kind of move on a little bit we left off last time last week this was last week I can't believe it was last week I had Part six and now I'm on part seven So much has happened in between I don't know about you but we packed so much yet we've packed so much into last week we have been packing so much did you get it. We've been packing so much because we're moving and we have to keep on packing and we need to pack as much as we can into our boxes so that we can get moved over as fast as we can but getting to those places those ten plagues you notice I left off the last one we want to take it up now as we continue our story. What was it with the Ten Plagues it's interesting that there are ten by the way just a thought but what was the purpose of these ten plagues want to tell me what was the purpose of. Ten. I mean God could have gone straight to the you know let's say the destruction of the first bomb the death of the first one you could have you know why I am going right to it cut to the chase. Let's do it let's do this quick why Ten Plagues pardon discredit God's very good. Did you know that Moses was given and I was up late last night reading the story again and to tell you the more the more that we read the story in the story of the Bible. The more God has to tell us about it is not great and so I was reading it and I found out how many times. God was telling Moses' Moses you need to tell Pharaoh you need to want him. You need to tell him let my son go let Israel go and the the purpose of the Ten Plagues is that Pharaoh would have a chance this really had friends Pharaoh would have a chance because if we would listen at the first play and let God's people go. It would have been End of story. No more plagues and he would have had all of all of the destruction of the crops all of the destruction of the of the cattle all of the destruction of their water rever reservoirs. And all of those things it was really for God's demonstrating God's mercy to firm. It was to persuade him God was doing everything in his power to persuade Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go before too much damage would be done. Praise God. You see before each plague Pharaoh was informed Pharaoh was warned of it the nature of the plague and of the consequences. So that the king might save himself. And let God's people go. I mean was that such a hard request. Really I mean let's let's think. Let's think about this let me. Tell you that Israel was four hundred years. That's the children of Israel Jacob who had his name changed into Israel because he fought with God Those people they were slaves for four hundred years. It was actually prophesied but you know the reason why they were slaves for four hundred years. Have a guess but they didn't turn to God You're on the right track. They didn't obey God you know in what specific area they didn't obey God. In marrying non believers. That's the reason they were four hundred use slaves. Now God prophesied all of this and he said that he would lead them out at the end of those four hundred years time of four hundred thirty. If you count the generation of Joseph C. and he said that after that time you will come out I will lead you out with mighty power and it's amazing that God actually calls the children of Israel his son the people as a as a group just myself. Look how how jealous God is for his son. I don't happen to have a son but I have a first born and that first born is precious and God said to Pharaoh let my firstborn go for. It's my property not yours. So we see friends that there is building up the great controversy story in the story of the Exodus we see it is God has a people he loves them he wants them back the devil has stolen God's people. He's trapped them he's enslaved them and Pharaoh was holding on now what the battle is all about is who's the strongest whose word is going to really be what counts is it God's word. Or is it pharaohs would now let me remind you again this Pharaoh was took Moses' the third now took Moses the third I don't have the time but later on as I work on the sermons I'll I'll show you I showed you a picture last time but remember it or watch it. Moses' the third was the Napoleon as I said last time of the pharaohs that means that he was the most ferocious he was the most vicious he was the most military militarily dangerous and it was at this time that God chose to deliver his people. So this was the most stubborn Pharaoh. This was there were other pharaohs before him and you remember there were there was a pharaoh that didn't know. Joseph and that's the pharaoh that got them all into slavery. But that Pharaoh died and another one after him died and now this is the most is the third and says let my son good news Pharaoh and Moses is being told all of this I just need to back up a little bit because Moses was hard to convince to do this job very very hard to convince. He wasn't going to take this lying down he said what if what if but I am but I am and God said I am sending you the one that has created everything that you know that the creator of the universe is sending you. But let's just quickly go back to that episode where God says to Moses when you go. To return into Egypt see that you do all these wonders before Pharaoh God was telling Moses look I'm showing you the rod it will turn into a serpent I'm showing you power I want to accompany you with this supernatural power I want you to use to use this power that I will use through that I want to operate through you to convince Moses convince him to convince Pharaoh I'm sorry I'll get it right to convince Pharaoh. And so the Lord said to Moses and let me just put the brakes on there for a second the Lord said to Mary to to Moses. Where did he speak to Moses. Where did God manifest himself to Moses and get his attention. That's right you said it the burning bush and the burning bush was over in median and that was the mount of God or so-called Mt Horeb and also called Mt Sinai. Don't miss that. Very very important historical scientific evidence because when archaeologists say there is no evidence it could be there's no evidence for the Exodus and all the whole story. It could be that they are looking in the wrong place. You see when the Bible says that Moses went to Midian it means that he meant he went to the median. Let's just back up a little bit on that point you seem Can you see where median is there on the map. Egypt is over here. Here is it here is Goshen you can see it there this is the Sinai Peninsula. And which is incorrectly named And there we have media nowhere is median on our modern maps today. Saudi Arabia. Do you know today to get into Saudi Arabia you must have a special special video. These are from the south Saudi king is not anybody that can go in so to go in and research the areas that some people have found evidence scientific archaeological evidence to show that there is where the mount something real Mt Sinai exists it is very difficult and dangerous to go in there but this is the place. This is where Jethro lived you remember Moses killed in the an Egyptian he fled because Farah was going to kill him. Where did he flee to the Bible says to Midian where does that. Where does. Where is medium today it's Saudi Arabia in fact is Northwest Saudi Arabia and it was a route that was frequently traveled across the Sinai Peninsula. At the top of the Gulf of Aqaba and down. That's the route that Moses took so Jethro lived there he was in mid. The Bible says X. just fifteen that made you know in fact that Jethro was a priest in the land of median an important man now that was where God met with noses in meet him Exodus three Verse one says it was the mount of God and that he spoke with him out of the burning bush. And it's amazing because you see that Mount Sinai has got these three names not of God not horrible and not Sinai and I don't have time to go into it but it's called Harbin due to Army first king second quarter call Psalm one hundred six and Malakai notice how the Bible is constantly repeating the story of the Exodus. It must be important especially important for God's people today as we face the soon coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you know. Here is here is the here is the clincher. Here is the one that really tapes the balance and proves something so powerful that is mind blowing when both is was complaining with God a burning bush time in Exodus chapter three verse twelve. God says OK Moses look I'm going to prove this to you saying I'm going to do with miracles I will help you. But here's the real proof you will go to Egypt and bring my people out and the proof that I will be with you this is before he's gone. Is that you're going to come and every one of them will come and worship me on this mountain what mountain did he say this mountain which means not of God horrible Sinai same place which is where median Saudi Arabia not the Sinai Peninsula. That is where all the archaeologists are looking for evidence of the Exodus and the traveling of millions of people did you know that the rock that bled forth refreshing water for the whole multitude millions of melted. People of his or light was over there in median on Mt Sinai Horeb the rock that was struck was so horrible. And then Scripture says so. So it's all over there. It's not here where it look there's even says that Mount Sinai false mountain. No In fact if you look if you go to an encyclopedia and you look up Mount Sinai you will have there in an encyclopedia openly stated there are twenty mountains that have been perpetrated and supposedly. You know being called Mount Sinai. So to say that this there in the middle there is Mount Sinai dangerous if not millions and in fact God brought the people out of Egypt here's another thing Sinai Peninsula was still under the control of the Egyptians they had mines there. They had their armies kind of all around they this was their extended territory if you look at a map of ancient Egypt. It will include the Sinai Peninsula. Go look at it look it up for yourself is very important because when when scientists archaeologists say there's no evidence looking in the wrong place. Now when we go over that site I don't have time to go into it but you will find that the bitter waters of morrow you will find the twelve worlds. You will find the seventy palm trees you find even the cave on Mount Sinai that they lied your head in. Years later. OK so it's all over there and of course it would be a really big letdown wouldn't it. I mean I went with my wife for our honeymoon to Mount Sinai. I am so sorry that she packed the pictures in a box already. I was going to dig it out and show you a picture of me and patch on a camel at Mount Sinai. OK but imagine it young handsome couple. Yeah. On a camel Mount Sinai in the background. That's the deal. It really was true. We were there and we were happy happy campers there Mount Sinai. We were at the foot of Mount Sinai. Wow beautiful mountains beautiful red when the sun rises. It's amazing to look majestic they really do look like they could have been Mt Sinai but you know what the problem here in the third century in the third century monks. Now you know you're listening aren't you monks were kind of having this wilderness experience and they would go out into the wilderness to kind of have a Moses experience and they went out and then somebody came along and said you know what I reckon that is Mount Sinai and from it from then on the story stuck and that's why you have a monastery. There can you see how this is being building up to a big kind of financial thing people travel to know that Sinai and they go up the mountain my wife. How old were you when you went up Mount Sinai. She was seventeen and you know what you had to do you have these excursions where you go up Mount Sinai you get together in a in a group of people and you get your your packed lunch. You get up early and you get up you start climbing at night three o'clock in in the morning. So you start your climb so that by the time sunrise comes you're on top of that mountain that they say is Mount Sinai there it's great but you know it was it was only about. You know six months ago that we started seeing some information about this and I started researching about this and said Well it's a no brainer that sign is in median and a story end of story. So now imagine imagine you see. And there's the other thing that the Israelites the Hebrew people. In the time of the war between his. And I think the thirty days War there was a time window when when the Israelites the. The Jews could go and research around in Mount Sinai and so they did that frantically looking for evidence of the Exodus and they found again proving that that's the wrong place. So now it would be a real letdown wouldn't it. It would be a real letdown to the world now to the to the tourist world to say you know what folks actually brakes. Stop stop stop this isn't Mount Sinai. Sorry it's over the other side. So you better catch a boat and go over the Gulf of Aqaba. I mean could you imagine the let down that would be politically financially. Wow I mean the real Mount Sinai is over there where they would it's all barbed wired around them the mountain is called Laws job. Means in Arabic it means mountain and there are pictures that I'm saving for another time to show that reveal that this story of the Exodus is powerfully true and if God can do it once he can do it again friends. That was just a little detour that we took to realize where Mount Sinai is and so let's come back to it. God said to Moses when you go to return to Egypt to see that you do all these wonders before Pharaoh back in X.'s chapter for which I have put in your hands but I will harden his heart will get to that that he shall not let the people go and verse twenty two and usual say into Pharaoh Thus says the Lord. Israel is my son. Even my firstborn. You know let me tell you I am jealous and I guard my firstborn. You don't mess with my firstborn you don't mess with my second born and if I had a third born you wouldn't mess with that one either. And for those of you that have your. Your children your kids in university. Maybe public schools and so on you know we're in a time in Earth's history. We need we need to be on our knees and even in our own educational institutions. We need to be on our knees because of the influence that the devil is infiltrating with so I am on my knees for my first born for my second born and if I had a third born I would be also be on your knees for your children because you know that the system is such that they are out of our protection out of out of out of our kind of like. Yeah like a brooding mother has her chicks. You know under her wings the devil is all castrated all of this you know that when you when you separate the family you weaken it. And so now the younger fledgling member of the family is taken away and it is weaker we need to pray for our children at universities specially public ones. This is my firstborn son I say unto you let my son go that he may serve me and if you refuse to let him go this is what God was telling Moses to tell Pharaoh you go to tell him this is the script. I'm giving it to you and I was amazed at how often God repeated it because it was it was not easy to convince Moses to do this you can imagine right. He's scared stiff. And in fact I wonder why God just didn't do it himself he could have done it all himself. Why did he need Moses because Moses is a type. And he is prefiguring Jesus the whole story as we will get to as we get to the Passover is prefiguring Jesus and now I want to come back just briefly. Who hardened who really hardened to it most is the third heart. I rate I read in here from spring prophecy and I read actually in the Bible. I read I may be wrong but I read eight times I read eight times where it says that God hardened furrows heart I was curious so I went through counting. But then I found four times where it said that his heart was hardened now that is little different isn't it then I read three times that Pharoah hardened his own heart now all those times that his heart was getting hard and was being hard and was through the various sequence of those plagues you see because that he would repent and his heart would get hardened and so what are we going to do with this we've got a text that say that God hardened his heart. We have for that say that his heart was hardened and we don't quite know how and then we have three that say his he hardened his own heart. What are we going to do with those texts you tell me. Because many people like to jump on the bandwagon to say well it must be. Let's see we've got these texts so the one that has the most votes must be the true one yeah. Or maybe Is there a different way to and to understand that God hardened Pharaoh's heart is there a way perhaps of convert combining these texts together when we have a story and there are different texts on that story but they seem to be saying something slightly different what do we need to do first thing we need to do. Thank you first thing we need to do say pray and say Lord help me understand this and you know I have understood this for myself and it's powerful it's powerful you see here's the thing. Let's let's look at it I took this out of page thirty six and. Probably from Patrick some profits. Listen to this the Bible said it in black and white words didn't it said but I shall hardened Pharaoh's heart but is that really what we get as being the meaning when we read the other texts and when we put the whole those all of those texts in the context of the whole story. OK Because remember God is giving Pharaoh a chance he's got ten plagues and he's knocking them down and they're getting increasingly more dangerous and devastating. There was no exercise of supernatural power to harden the heart of the king period. Can you see that that God did not come along and say Pharaoh stop it stop trying to let my people go I want you to not let my people go there was nothing. None of that there was no divine intervention. But when you read the text superficially you could Iran asleep come to that conclusion you can say There it is I read it. God must be horrible look at that he hardened Pharaoh's heart. What a ridiculous thing I don't believe the story. That's what the majority of people do when they come to any kind of difficulty or similar difficulty in the Word of God but I can see that God was serious about trying to give Pharaoh a chance and giving him an opportunity to let people go look at that God did not do anything supernatural to stop or harden the heart of the king. God gave to Pharaoh. Listen to this the most striking evidence of divine power here that he showed that God is powerful you see remember when Pharaoh first saw Moses and Aaron I imagine that Pharaoh must have seen Moses and Aaron kind of trembling. They went boldly in the name of God. But when Moses said to Pharaoh Pharaoh God says Let My People Go. They need to go three days' journey in the in the wilderness to keep a feast for me to do a sacrifice for me but it's fair to say what if you say what did and this is the story. This is the story about you know it is the story about God was about man. It's about God. Pharaoh said Who is the Lord that I should obey him. Now did he kind of have some amnesia or something. Did he really not know the God of the Israelites did he not know of course he knew of course he knew that they had a different God That's why he was keeping them under wraps. That's why he was keeping them all in slaved because he didn't want them to get too big for their boots. They were growing too much in previous pharaohs or try to stop them from growing by putting them into slave slave or in bondage like they had no he knew about the God but he said I am not going to listen to you caught me you come here telling me to let the slaves go you know what this is this is what I'm going to do you want to let your people go. Well here's what I'm going to do you are going now to carry on making all the bricks. But this time you have no stroll you go find your own straw. Now let's see who's boss around here and you know what Moses in there and they left there was no serpent demonstration here. Pharaoh was in charge. He said Get out my sight and now that that word came back to the Israelites and though and they were saying Who no no we've got to go on get make bricks and we've got no straw. Oh no. Pharaoh Pharaoh please please let's all please will be good will be good slaves. Please give us some straw please please will you. And then they found Moses and Aaron. And this is all your fault. Because of you. Our slavery is harder on him and let's back up a minute. Are they ready to. Delivered on the lot. They are talking about let's stay in slavery and be more comfortable in slavery. People weren't ready for the difference when Aaron and Moses first came with the story of deliverance to the elders and to the Israelites I said wow great. Let's do it and they bow down and they worship God. Next thing they got into a difficult time and they stopped blaming the preacher when all he was doing was following orders from up above you know that happens and blaming the preacher. Don't be afraid of hearing the preacher that tells you the truth from the Word of God Did you know I mean just a little personal thing here. Did you know that when I first came here and stood up before you. I still have it a commissioning that gave me the authority by God to point out sin to rebuke it and to encourage you to follow the word in the will of God by God's grace. I've only ever intended to do that and I hope you can see the truth in that but there are people that blame the preacher for sending people away. All because you are too hardened. And you won't baptize somebody because they've got jewelry. What is God's words. Oh because you know you're fanatic because you're got this health thing you know we need all of these things or you talk too much from the Spirit of Prophecy. God has given this to us who are we to say we can start up a church without these things because he very You see you could be in danger of hardening your own heart and turning away from the truth and being. Blaming the one that has brought you the truth that you needed personally because it was from God You see when Pharaoh hardened his heart he was on dangerous ground. God gave to Pharaoh the most striking evidence of divine power but the monarch who the monarch. Stubbornly refused to heed the light that you know people that stubbornly refuse to heed the light on the Sabbath tithing spirit prophecy state of the dead. Whatever you name stubbornly refuse to heed the light every display of infinite power rejected by Pharaoh made to him the more determined in his rebellion So here's the thing if you know something is right and you don't do it. Guess what you hardens your own heart like that this scared me scared me because I have seen me myself hardening my own heart from personal experience. So I wonder if there's anybody in the same boat that might be in danger of not following the truth that they know and then not doing so actually harden their own heart make it easier for sin and to the point where the sin is no longer a sin anymore. And then we have churches trying to to say that anything goes and you've lost it friends I need to move on but this is a powerful thing the seeds of rebellion that he so do sold. He sold when he rejected the first miracle produced their heart. Harvest. See Pharaoh's heart was hardened as a he continued to venture on in his own course going from one degree of stubbornness to another his heart became more and more hard could that happen to people today is that really the reason why people are leaving the church because they're not following the truth and you know today you can go to different churches and hear what you want to hear from the pulpit. That's not what we need we need the Word of God preached so that it can save people it can warm people it can point out sin so that they can be saved from eternal destruction because the Bible tells me the wages of sin is death. So if I carry on sending what can I expect. Now there is a way out there is a savior and I praise God for this. Now you can read it on but it's really really important God speaks to men through his servants giving cautions warnings on rebuking sin who really hard and hardened Pharaoh's heart the end who really hardened took Moses Hartley was in self that Moses the third you see God gives each an opportunity to correct his errors before they become fixed in the character what errors become fixed in the character. While I've seen people do that I've just seen people slowly just slip away. It's so sad but if one refuses to be corrected divine power does not interpose to counteract the tendency of his own action he finds in. You finds it more easy to repeat the same course. So you just kind of don't follow once and it's easier to disobey the next time until you don't know where you are a further rejection of light places him where a far stronger influence will be ineffectual that means no effect doesn't matter how much Holy Spirit God would use your heart and your own heart just as firm friends we cannot afford to reject light we cannot afford to reject truth. I'm pleading with you I'm pleading with myself I'm pleading saying Lord help me not to harden my heart how about you. Friends the Passover was coming and these were the instructions Now this was the last play. There were specific instructions which if they were followed and obeyed would save the people would save the firstborn and allowed them. To escape from Egypt. Please notice there were specific instructions given by God to be followed by his obedient people look at them with me Exodus Chapter eleven verses four to seven and Moses said. Thus says the Lord about midnight when I go out go to say midnight I'm going to go out in the midst of Egypt and all the firstborn of the land shall die from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sits upon his throne even to the firstborn of the maidservant that is behind the mill and all the firstborn of the beasts. Now here's the thing. Can you imagine just back up a bit. Can you imagine what they had to do they had to keep a little lamb keep it with them for a little while. Get used to him Get to know it and love it and then kill it and then sprinkle blood on the doorposts a little and the doorposts and that was to be abated strictly so that there would be salvation. Now here's the thing to remember back up a few plagues remember the plague of plagues about the hail or the yes the hail the instructions were given bring all your animals inside. Don't let any animals outside. Whoever followed that didn't lose their animals. Whoever didn't follow that did lose their lives were there. Egyptians. That brought their animals in and had them saved yes or no. Yes they were You see God is merciful and God says this is the way walk you in it do not come up with your own way. It won't work. God has you see this whole story. The possible for is prefiguring Jesus. So that's why you had to be a mailman couldn't be a female it had to be a male law. Why because Jesus was a man he became man for us all of this is vitally important it is pre worked out. I don't think that you can figure everything out just by reading it yourself. You cannot find out the mind of God in such a short time. This had a specific reason this is called the Passover because now God was going to pass over the destroying angel would pass over our house where he would see the blood applied the same with us if we have the blood applied personally in our in the hearts and minds of believers. Then we will not be destroyed. Let me ask you a question if and there's a real art. Did not put blood with this or that was to signify purification and cleansing from sin if an Israelite who was God's chosen didn't do that would they die yes or no absolutely they would God's giving the same message of salvation to everyone doesn't matter who he loves everybody. He loves you all and He even loves you when you willingly disobey He even loves you when your heart in your own heart but he can do nothing more if you stop coming to church. If you start doing stuff on Sabbath that you know you shouldn't do. Who's to blame God or you what does God say obey me and live. Thank you for the Amen. God's word is powerful God's Word is true. Let me try and wrap up here. Exorcist eleven we go and see verse six and seven and there shall be a great cry throughout all the land of Egypt such as there was none like it nor shall be like it any more see God is saying I'm demonstrating my most powerful. Deliverance. Upon my people at the most in the face of the most stubborn resistance from demonic spirits that represent Satan himself. This is what the story of the Exodus is about and it boils down to can God save you and can God save me out of anything. The story saying absolutely categorically yes. And guess what. The biggest thing he needs to save us from. From selves. Because we do not know our hearts we do not know our own thoughts. You know so many people think or they can trifle with God and with his requirements tithing and whatever it may be offering you know we would have no financial problems if everybody who returned a faithful time we turn to faithful offering no financial problems we be laughing all the way around no nothing at all why do we do it folks why do we just obey what God says why do we receive His blessings. Let's get real you know let's stop coming to church and pretending we believe and let's really believe and do what he says he promises a blessing but against any of the children of Israel shall not a dog move his tongue against man nor beast that you may know how that the Lord does put the difference between the Egyptians and the Israel. What is the difference that the Lord puts between Israel and the Egyptians do you know what it is the only difference is is that he will bless those that are a Bedient and he cannot bless those that are this will be did period and any old Egyptian that was obedient receive the blessing in fact how many of the Egyptians came out because they put the blood on their doorposts and the lintels too. They came out because they did what was required. How much does God. Church languish and wonder. Today the Adventist movement in the wilderness because we're not following the prophet because we're not following the Word of God we think we're more clever than God we're more clever than the established church that God has raised up supernaturally with the promise of a prophet. Oh my friends we better get into believing this story now before it's too late before our heart might get hardened You know let me be honest with you I think you'd appreciate some honesty from a preacher when you. I cry for people that have gone away from this church and when I say it from the. If you could be the advent movement. I baptized people and then their baptismal vows. They said yes I believe I believe I believe I believe it. And we've all said amen amen. Where are they. Where are you trying to come back before it's too late. Please not because I'm saying it because you'll end up like fair if you don't and that's not my story that's his and then we want to blame the pastor. Let's get real like the children of Israel. We're no different. You know different you know what you know why Paul under inspiration writes in First Corinthians Chapter ten that story says this story was written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the World Com this whole story of the Exodus is a type of the evidence is changed now. Did you know that is so powerful. When you understand that it's unbelievably powerful because now we can see was the murmuring was there complaining was there challenging the spiritual leadership was there challenging the priesthood was there murmuring was there complaining against the good leaders. Back then yes you know what it means if it was back then in is going to happen now and in fact it is friends what that tells me though is that. God is patient is he patient or what is he. He's preaching look operation he was with with Pharaoh look operation he was with his people I love the story because it speaks to me. It tells me so much and then they were on the borders or just fast forward a little bit. They were on the borders of the promised land. They're about to go in they send out they send out twelve spies did God tell them to send out the twelve spies Yes or No No They didn't he didn't absolutely right. But God gave permission because they were wimpy and wingy and they're always going check it out. God said Go forward. This. So let's go and see if it really is true what God wants us to do we second guessing God all the time who are we we doing the same thing as they did the Bible says we're no better. They were on the borders of the promised land only to say let's go in. The rest of the people the church members wanted to stone Joshua and Caleb. They were going to stone him. They said look if the Lord is for us. Let's do it let's do what he says he will do it for us we don't need to try and do this thing in our own strength. God will do it how Lujan but we have so many of us so we can't do it we can't do it we don't have the money we don't have this we don't have that. If we have God we have everything but just believe it friends. Let's get real about our faith. I love God I love his word I love the story gives me hope but it also tells me that maybe just maybe. These things are truly political to us today and we have delayed the coming of God you know that some folks are no no you can't really becoming God God has got it planned he's you know when it's over and he's over everything we can't we can't change it but my Bible says different my Bible and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is God's word and it says they wandered unnecessarily for two years would have only taken them a number of weeks to get into the Promised Land but because of their murmurings because of the complaining. Moses had to struggle with God God was going to wipe out the whole lot. The whole bunch and he said don't want God to wipe them out what will the Egyptians say they say what a wimpy God He couldn't even take them out and now he does he takes them out then destroys them all they were so stubborn so rebellious that Moses had to plead with God was going to say I've had it I've had it with these people I've had it with them. I'm going to make you you Moses you. I'm going to raise you up mostly no please talk or have mercy on your people. It's a type of Jesus and it was Jesus pleading but they suffer the consequences of their own doings they wandered until every one of them died except Joshua and Caleb for two years. Did they have to wonder forty years yes or no now. Why not why did they wonder because of on belief unbelief means I don't believe what God says period. So whenever we do something against what God's word says we are hardening our heart but I praise God he can deliver us from even the hardening of on hold if we just would apply the blood surrender our lives to Him so He Jesus Son of God. Whew bled and died for me thank you I love you what can I do to serve you what can I do to please you. I want to do it I mean let's face it this is not easy. This is not easy to get this job finishes it. In our own strength. I mean look at the disciples three three years three and a half years. The best. University university degree to prepare them for ministry best and his degree. Jesus was there three and a half years teaching them. Let me ask you a quick question did they get it out they didn't get it and go I want to do we get it do we really get what God wants us to do as a movement as a people. He wants us to be the head not the tail. He wanted God's people there in the Israelites to do to come out victorious lead and God did bring them out but they messed up. Friends. God is calling you. He's calling you so that you can be saved and I love the story and you know what I think I'm going to have to stop soon. And this will have to be part two and. The time. I love that story carries on this month Exodus Chapter twelve this month shall be to you the beginning of months. Look at that. You've been four hundred years in slavery. We forget it. Let's start afresh from now let's count time from now when I take you out of Egypt. Let's make time start from now you know friends. I wonder if there are a few of us that could do with a fresh start with Jesus today right now I wonder I wonder if there's anybody here that you know is kind of been limping along in their Christianity in the Advent faith and is wondering you know is this really true church or what you know when you think like that it's because your heart is getting hardened but maybe maybe you want to have a fresh start maybe God is calling you to have a fresh start in the Advent movement. You know to reawaken in you that this truly is God's Church is going to carry it through it looks like it's going to sink doesn't. It really look bad. Wow it's really listing to the side now really listing bad and the I suppose are all over the place. Can we really go through in our own strength we don't stand a chance but for him that opened the Red Sea Not a problem. So the story goes on and they were to eat the Passover quickly and God would show them who was in charge instructions for the people and any stranger or egyptian that wanted to be saved were clear friends the same is for you and I DO YOU WANT TO BE SAVED. I certainly want to be saved how about you the firstborn came over and destroyed and the exodus began this is where I knew probably have to leave it for another time. But all I can share with you right now is that Moses made that journey three times he escaped from Egypt because he killed an Egyptian So he went from Egypt to where to media and we know imaging is so we've done that journey once now God meets him at Mount Sinai which is over in median right and median is Saudi Arabia. OK so then God says let's go back and get my people out and as he brings them out he comes the second he goes a second time now the third time he comes out with the people can you can you imagine the joy the victory and the blessing that it was and then God says turn and this I believe is showing us the real root of the Exodus the Red Sea crossing the Gulf of Aqaba that goes up there. This Each side is the Red Sea that Sinai Peninsula in correctly called Sinai Peninsula in the Bible it's called the wilderness of the Red Sea. Why is it called the wilderness of the Red Sea because it has the Red Sea on either side of it so the wilderness of the Red Sea is there and God brings them through that they're not out of Egypt yet and he brings them down. He's not going to take them through the familiar route that Moses was already been taken twice when he goes over the top of the Gulf of Aqaba and comes down into into medium to Mt Sinai to judge by laws. God give specific instructions and says. Go turn turn into the wilderness and he actually says turn into the wilderness because the moment that Pharaoh knows that you turn down into the wilderness. This is the word from the Word of God It says he will know that you are trapped and the land has shut you in so what that means is that there was a way that you could come. Down and there is a mountain range that winds eighteen kilometers it winds eighteen kilometers and you kind of turn down where that little red line is going and it only has one exit out to the Red Sea. And this is where Moses is leading the people as they escape but all of a sudden because Pharaoh's heart is so hard. He's saying hang on a minute and you know it's interesting just to note how did Pharaoh get news of where they were and you know exactly where they were going. They had spies on the way this was Egyptian territory still and that they were fearful. But now once they saw hang on a minute they're getting into that trap that only ends up at the Red Sea They send what that word back to Pharaoh for a sense now he's got his six hundred chariots all of his other chars every able bodied man is now set in motion galloping after the children of Israel and friends. The children of Israel what do they do they look at Moses and say it's your fault. It's your fault but the cloud that was leading them lifts up and goes behind them and between them and the approaching Egyptian army and they stay there overnight and they can't go into God they can't communicate with each other but the Bible says that they had the land. The sea before them the land of shut them in and the Pharaoh's army was behind them they were trapped. It was an impossible situation. Can you see that route. There is in the Gulf of Aqaba a beach called in the way the beach and you see it now there on the screen. That's a picture. Can you see what a massive sand bank that is that's nine miles long and three miles wide and that's why. They were that's where they were trapped and fair result me had said well we've got them now. They're trapped and this is often what the devil will do to you until you turn to Jesus and in the name of Jesus you call on Him Now some people some people actually quote the Bible actually says some people cried out to the Lord he made that quite up to lot but the majority of the people nearly nearly lynched Moses in there and says this is what you did is this Is this your idea Moses bringing us out this way. Taint telling us that God is leading you. And we following you now look at it look what I've been better for us to stay in in Egypt and died there than to be dying out here in the wilderness at the Saud but then as they were all there. Moses turns to God and then his peaceful calm way. Moses said and to the people fear you not stand still and see the salvation of the Lord which he will show you today for the Egyptians whom you have seen today. You shall see them again no more for ever and the Lord shall fight for you who shall fight for you are you do you have a battle right now what is the story telling you the Lord shall fight for you and he shall fight for me the Lord shall fight for you so long as you follow him. Amen. If you don't obediently follow him you wouldn't be at the right place at the right time now did it look like it was the right place at the right time. No it didn't scientifically you know observing with our you know kind of education we would say bad place. Bad timing Moses that was a. No good says Hold your peace. Stop your fretting stop your whining stop your complaining. Stop your worrying the Lord shall fight for you and you will hold your peace and the law to them to Moses. Why do you cry unto me speak to the children of Israel that they go forward and I love. Ted Wilson sermon five years ago when he said in similar vein go forward. Don't get mixed up in following things that aren't from the truth of the Word of God Don't start going under and following emerging church style of music and of worship go forward even when it seems impossible lift up your rod. It's amazing that God wanted Moses to be in this and Moses to to lift up his rod stretch it out he said God said to him over the sea divide it cost's telling him to do it when God chooses a leader. That's a very important leader for him. Amen lift up your rod and stretch it out over the sea divide it and the children shall go on dry land through the midst of the sea. Did you know that there is a land bridge that stretches out from this sand bank. You can see that erosion has kind of brought the scent can you. It's. You know over over centuries you can see that that would build up there is a land bank under the sea that actually bridges from the pier here off which is the name of that place right there. What the what here is the name of the the winding route that. Come through and what do you want to hear actually means in Tangled Josephus the historian says that the ridge of mountains obstructed their flight. And from here. If we come back the Gulf of Akobo is extremely deep extremely deep either side. But just where you see that dotted those dots there. There is the land bridge and God I believe worked a miracle right there and opened the CD. There wasn't much depth there sufficient for ships to go through. Don't be deceived sufficient for ships to go through but it is a gentle incline that goes down and it goes across and it comes over the other side. This is where I have to leave the story for now but God is mighty to save he's a great deliver a man. God wants to deliver you my friend he wants to deliver this church. Do you want to be a part of that Deliverance. That's what I'm here to invite you to be a part of would you accept God's invitation bless you as we move has great things to do for us people this media was brought to you by audio website dedicated to spreading God's word through free and much. If you would like to know more about.


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