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Because of My Need

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald




  • June 12, 2016
    9:00 AM
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This morning I want to focus a little bit on the Holy Spirit and the title of the talk is because of my need because of lead. Let's pray Father in heaven are so grateful for another beautiful sunny day where we can worship you are we can live for you we ask for the Holy Spirit upon our lives in our hearts father as we open your words that we seek to be blessed we ask that you be clearly and maybe not only be inspired but Lord may we be filled with your spirit to accomplish the purpose you have for our lives not only to day but from now till you come in Jesus' name amen. Give your Bibles if you can turn with me to Luke Chapter eleven. Luke Chapter eleven we're going to see something that Jesus is telling us to do. Luke Chapter eleven and we're going to look at verse nine. Luke eleven verse nine Jesus says and I say unto you ask and it shall be given you seek and you shall find knock and it shall be open until you and just in case you don't get it he kind of repeats the same thing in verse nine it says and I see him to you now in verse ten says for every one that asks us to receive it and he that seek it find it and to him that knock it. It shall be open. If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father will he give him a stone or if you ask a fish will he ask a fish will he for a fish give him a serpent or if you shall ask an egg will the offer him a scorpion if ye then being evil know how to give good gifts on to your children. How much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him. And so here it's. Jesus saying I want you to ask. I want you to seek I want you to knock but contextually speaking what is he asking us to seek ask and knock about the Holy Spirit very good. He says I want you to ask seek and not particularly for the Holy Spirit. Why the Holy Spirit Galatians five verse twenty two if you can turn there with me. Five verse twenty two it's a verse we know but let's listen to it in the context of what Jesus is asking verse twenty two says but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith meekness temperance against such there is no law. So here we see that the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit comes into your life the Holy Spirit leads you to have a picture like Jesus Christ we are told in review in Harold eight hundred eighty eight March twentieth says it is not enough to argue in defense of the truth. The most telling evidence of its worth is seen in a Godly life. Our strength lies in being connected with God. By His Holy Spirit. So my question to you this morning is how is your walk with God are you growing daily in Christ or are you no better off than a last year. Maybe you know world worse off because now we actually know more truth we've heard more sermons and we do less right. Are you living up to the light that you know. Or is your spiritual life stagnant you go to worship classes work sleek and it's just it starts over again and again you know we are not to this beer. Because in Galatians it shows that the Holy Spirit is the one that gives us the power to live a godly life and you know even in Philippines we are told it is God that wills it is God Let's turn their Philip in Chapter two says Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling Philippians Chapter two for it is is it. Chapter two. Thank you for it is God which work within you both to will that is desire and to do that is Power of His good pleasure. So if your spiritual life is stagnant. If you don't. If you realize maybe I'm not living up to the light that I should be living up to if you look at yourself one year ago or two years ago and you say you know I don't think I'm I'm even better maybe I'm I'm I'm I'm even worse because now I know more we don't need to despair. What we need to do is we need to pray more for the Holy Spirit Jesus says I want you to ask. I want you to seek I want you to knock pacifically because for the Holy Spirit why because the Holy Spirit will give you not only the desire but will give you the power to live a godly life. We've been here all nineteen zero eight November one thousand says when the Spirit of God takes possession of the heart it transforms the life sinful thoughts are put away evil deeds are we now love you millet and peace take the place of anger and and strife joy takes the place of sadness and a countenance reflects the joy of heaven. That was revealed Herald one thousand eight November one thousand Isn't that wonderful how sometimes we're trying to do it on our own and we're saying wait a second God is saying I want you to seek I want you to not. I want to aspecific me for the Holy Spirit why because the Holy Spirit will give you the desire and the power to be able to live a godly life and so instead of focusing on you trying to live a godly. Life. Maybe we need to start focusing on asking and knocking and seeking for the Holy Spirit are you with me why pray why pray for the Holy Spirit in Acts chapter two if you can turn there with me Acts chapter two and looking at verse four Acts chapter two verse four the Bible says and they were filled they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. And so this is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit In The Day of Pentecost verse thirty seven of the same chapter tells us now when they heard this they were pricked in their heart and sent him to Peter and to the rest of the apostles Men and brethren. What shall we do so the holy spirit falls in that are in power upon God Jesus disciples then they will go out and preach with great power the multitude are convicted they say look what are we supposed to do and in verse forty one The Bible tells us then they that gladly received his word were baptized and the same day they were added on to them about three thousand souls Jesus says I want you to ask. I want you to seek I want you to knock you can ask and seek and knock for different things but specifically I want you to ask for the Holy Spirit why because the Holy Spirit will give you power to live a godly life and even a desire to do so I want you to ask I want you to seek I want you to knock specifically for the Holy Spirit why because the Holy Spirit will not only give you power to live a godly life and a desire to do so but the Holy Spirit will give you power to do a greater work for God in review and herald eight hundred ninety February eighteenth. It says what we need is the baptism of the Holy Spirit without this we are no more fitted to go forth to the world than where the disciples after the crucifixion of their Lord. You know. It was even what brother. Jeffrey was talking about how you remember what happened to the crucifixion they were all locked up behind a door in the you know cowardly and we wonder why we have no power with the world. Yeah we can strategize we can have all kinds of implementations. But if there is no Holy Spirit. We are no more fitted than the disciples were behind that locked door five page one fifty eight it says without the spirit and power of God it will be in vain that we labor to present the truth and Accidie about fifty one it says the presence of the spirit with God's worker will give the proclamation of truth power that not all the honor or glory of the world could give so my question this morning. Do you feel weak. You seem to lack courage to do ministry for Jesus. How effective is your spiritual influence in the last year has somebody come to Christ through your ministry you say well I'm not a preacher I'm not a pastor you know I know but has God done something in your life. I don't know if you know but with sheep. It is not you know the shepherd could be the pastor we are the sheep. It is not the shepherd that reproduce or you with me the sheep reproduce. You know. So the shepherd is also a sheep. You know kind of but but so the pastor is also a sheep but what is the sheep that reproduce the sheep so if we look to the pastor and say you know. You know I was unable to do anything because I'm not a pastor were she were the ones that supposed to reproduce the she so God is asking us how is our influence how or is our impact in our community have anyone come to Christ through your ministry in the last year. Do you feel that you're getting nowhere in ministering to your family to your church members to your community. You don't need to despair. What we need to start doing is start asking. Knocking earnestly specifically for what the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit will give you desire and the power to give a to live a godly life but the Holy Spirit will also give you power to do a greater work for Jesus Christ you know many times I thought the Holy Spirit was like a light switch where you go to the wall and you turn that on and the Holy Spirit is in you and the Holy Spirit is there or off the Holy Spirit is not there but the more I study God's word and I had courage to not take my word for it but to study for yourself the more I realize it's not quite like that in Acts Chapter four verse thirty one if you can turn there with me and Acts four thirty one we read this it says and when they had prayed the place was shaken and where they were assembled together and they were all what. Field is not the Holy Spirit was turned on and after the Holy Spirit was turned off. They were actually filled with the Holy Spirit and so there's this concept of of of like a bottle. It's like this concept of a bottle and the feeling in and I don't know in the Bible you hear constant about they have a measure of the Holy Spirit. So it's not just they have the spirit of they don't have the Spirit. They have a measure and even one man remember as I want a double measure or portion of the Holy Spirit. If you can turn with me to John Chapter seven I believe it illustrates even more what we want to be able to accomplish in John Chapter seven and this is Jesus. You know there's people that are just just starving spiritually and he his heart aches for them and so. At one of the theses he stands up and with a loud voice. John Chapter seven and verse thirty. John Chapter seven and looking at verse thirty eight thirty seven a last day that great deal of the feast Jesus stood and cried saying if any man thirst let him come unto. Me and drink he that believeth on me as a Scripture has said out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water and so what God wants he wants us to be filled with God's Spirit to the point that it's not just us find our own need but it's over flowing out of us and now we actually start being useful to the community and our families and the people around us but few of us ever pray for the Holy Spirit. You know we pray for Mom We pray for Dad We pray for job we pray for money we pay for this but how many of us actually sit down and dedicate time to pray for God Spirit. You know last night I spoke about crying out to God Jesus have mercy upon me and you know the way that God responds and brings healing it's through His Holy Spirit and so what happens is you know we kind of pray Lord you know give me you help me give me the Holy Spirit and so so so so we have a little bit of God's Spirit. But but but it barely takes care of our own needs and so it's as if you're standing on the edge of a desert and you have a multitude that are just that I've just that have to scrub three days are two and a half days and they're just just starving and just barely getting to the edge and they're they're starving because of of divorce and abuse and whatever they're going through and we can actually make a difference in their lives. We need water for many things we need water to get to clean things to be dehydrated to whatever you know but and so they need the living water and the way that God provides living water is through you and through me and so because we have this little thing you know and just a little bit of water and this guy just went through through through through through through basically hell and he's coming through and he just went through a divorce and you're going it's like. He went through three days without water is like all you had kind of thirsty. He want you drink a little bit and so little to you know that that's torture. It would be better for you not even to give him any water. Then to give him a little sip like that you know what I mean what God is saying I want you to plead to ask for God's Spirit to be when you. And we've talked about a little earlier about a total surrender and. It's not saying if you're pleading for God's Spirit. You know you need to be plead for God's Spirit to empower you to give live godly life but I hope you understand that prerequisite is complete surrender that you're willing to be able to be transformed. Because if you're not willing there's no point in you pleading for God's Spirit but when you plead for God's Spirit. What happens is that the Holy Spirit the more you plead for his spirit. The more the Holy Spirit is appreciated in your life the more your life starts being filled to the point that it's overflowing. So when people are just traveling around you that are hurting you and sometimes they hurt you too because hurting people hurt if you are so filled that it's overflowing then people can store drinking from the words of Christ that flow from you are you with me so the question is how am I supposed asked for God's Spirit. Well three basic points in New Chapter eleven going back to our verse very basic points it's interesting how Jesus says I want you to ask. I want you to seek I want you to knock specifically for the Holy Spirit why because the Holy Spirit will give you desire and power to live a godly life Christ like life. You can't do it without my spirit. I want you to seek. I want you to knock. I want you to aspecific me for the Holy Spirit. Why because the Holy Spirit is what will give you power to be able to preach the gospel and impact people's lives forever. I want you to see I want you to knock I wanted to ask why because I don't want you to do it only once because my holy spirit where it. Not appreciated where the Spirit is not appreciated will come but not in a measure that can make a difference in people's lives. You need to plead asked for God's Spirit so that as you start being field of the Spirit then you can actually start impacting people's lives and so that's what's in chapter eleven verse verse nine but just before that we are told a short little story and the Stuart Little story is basically telling us how to ask for the Holy Spirit and He says verse five which of you shall have a friend and shall go to him at midnight and say until a friend lend me three loaves for a friend of mine in his journey has come to me and I have nothing to set before him and he from within shall answer and say. Trouble me not the door is now shut and my children are with me in bed. I cannot rise and give you. I see into you though he will not rise and give him because he is his friend yet because of his in perpetuity or his persistence. He will rise and give him as many as he needs and I see you ask knock and seek the first point that I was impressed with is that there must be a purse cisterns there must be a persistent when you go and ask for the Holy Spirit in your life you must persist. It's not a concept of Lord give me a Holy Spirit. I feel it I guess God doesn't want me to have this concept of person. You have this friend that is knocking right. That is knocking that is knocking and you probably heard the story of Socrates and that kind of illustrates the point that. There was a young man that wanted to be wise like Socrates and said you know why should you know how can I be as wise as you and so Socrates brought him to a little pool and told him the young man to kneel down and Socrates took the young man's head and dunked it on the water and you know the the young man's kind of discombobulated let the word. Are confused. And you know he's under there for thirty seconds forty five and then finally you know he's taps Socrates' hands you know because it's time for me to get back up. But Socrates keeps holding him down and hand harder but Socrates holds him tight and then finally the young man is struggling and fighting and Socrates just and finally when the young man decides you know what I'm never going to ask a question again that was not why the man he's thinking you know I'm I'm going to die and when the young man finally gives up. SOCRATES pulls them out on the guy. You know swearing why did why do you do that for now Socrates tells him something he says listen the day that will you along for wisdom as earnestly as you long for that breath of air is the day that you will receive there is some truth about longing for God's Holy Spirit as if our life depends upon it you know why because our life. Depend on it we go through life and think you know what I mean our people have God's spirit their fine I have God's Spirit you know friends the wheat in the terror everything's going together but we're all going towards the precipice and unless we can get our act together with God's help something bad is going to happen here it says this in crisis object lessons page one forty five says God does not say ask once and you shall receive He bids us ask unwillingly persist in prayer. Why this into this the pers system asking brings the petitioner into a more earnest attitude and use him and increase desire to receive the things for which he ask. And so sometimes we ask and God doesn't give it to us and so we say well I guess God doesn't want me to have it. No there is a change or a transformation that comes in the asking. And so you don't be discouraged. What you do is you Neil. Knock and you knock and you knock just like the young men he knocked and they say look I need bread and them then the man says Look don't trouble me I'm. You know I'm I'm here I'm here with my kids and we're in bed just go away. I need I need bread listen I thought I told you that I'm here in bed and we were I'm not interest go away. I need I need bread Look I said. And so he the guy continues and continues and continues. Persistence persistence and Jesus the man will get up and give him the bread not because they're friends. Even though they may be friends they're probably not friends at that state. Where they give because of his purse this turns number one when we ask for God's Spirit. We must persist. Number two when we plead for God's Holy Spirit. We must emphasize our need and you know sometimes that is where I have failed and I don't I want you guys to realize that Jesus says. He won't give it to him because he's friends. It's his friends he will give it to him because of his persistence and the reason the person persists is because the reason the person realize how much he's a need is the bottom line you know. So when you come to God you don't come to goddesses like this man he didn't come to his neighbor and says hey I lend you my lawnmower you owe me one or remember we go way back so you know he doesn't talk about what he done or what their relationship is he doesn't talk or emphasize the works and it's the same thing when we come to Christ. Ellen White tells us it is our need that pleads most eloquently on our behalf. So when we come before God we don't start knocking it says Lord. This is what I've done and Lord. I've left all these things for you I have changed my friends and I've changed my music and I'm. Done this and I've done that you gotta hear me you gotta help me know God doesn't have to when you come before God The only thing you have is my need. And so you're knocking in here saying Lord I need help I don't have any works to show I don't have you know because every word any good thing that happened through me is because of God anyways. And so you knock and you knock and you knock and so this neighbor just knocks and is rejected knocks and is rejected and every time is the same message look brother. I need. I just need breath. Just give me bread please and I'm going to go away. Look I told you to go away please go away. It's me again. I just need breath. I said just get out of here. Look I know you're angry but look you're the only one that I can turn to please can you give me bread look please just just go away. I'm tired. I don't please all scream at me. I just need some bread. Please. And what he pleads continually your need your need your need your need. I remember a few years ago. I was very a church member a gentleman and I was involved in the evangelism So you know I was encouraging him and he said he wanted to do it so I encouraged him I gave him a stack of magazines and I said you know what magazines about. You know about God and I say why don't you why don't you share these you may not sell books or whatever but you share this much too with people started doing something. He said he wanted to do something so I gave the brother the stack of magazines and a few months later I met this brother and he said man I have a story to tell you I said What is a said you know so I have this stack of magazine that you gave me and I took the. Stack and I said you know every day. He's retired man and he said you know every day that I would go out I would take one I said you can going to disappear at least I'm going to share at least one magazine for God He says I would go to the mall and then I would walk towards this lady you know intending to give her the magazine and then she would kind of look at her watch. I guess she doesn't want the magazine in that and then I would go to another man and often I get scared and I I can't I don't think he's coughing I don't think he would want the magazine and then I go see this gentleman and he looks at me and I kind of keep walking because I can and you say every day I would leave with my magazine and I would come back with my magazine and you know he said finally I got to a point where I got on my knees I said Lord this is pathetic. I am your child you are my father. You have saved me from so much and I can't even give us a tiny little piece of paper to somebody and he said I got on my knee that said Lord I don't have any good fish. To bargain with you I just need you Lord I'm so pathetic. I need help please help me and you know it's amazing he said I got down on my off from my knees that morning and I took a magazine and I was supposed to go to a funeral. So I went to a funeral. I think it was Catholic Church or something some friend had died and they was the first person I met was the daughter of the person that had died and before I could get this courage or whatever I just ran up to her and said and gave her the magazine and she looked at the magazine and she says no way he says why she says we have this whole These were the exact four words the last four words of my mom before she died. Thank you I'm going to read this. He says after that I had no trouble this you're reading the rest of my Magazines friends when you come to God and when you. Plead for his spirit. We have nothing to be able to bargain with him for we're not to be able to talk about our accomplishment Ahau God deserves has to give us this because we deserve it how we've given up stuff for him and therefore when you come before God The only thing we deserve is that. And so what we do is we plead for his spirit simply because of our need or right and the last point is this last point is this is when you ask. Don't ask for yourself alone ask to give the crisis object lessons page one forty two it says Our prayers are not to be a selfish asking merely for our own benefit. We are to ask that we make it is not amazing so that the the. This gentleman and this this is this is powerful this gentleman is knocking at the neighbor's door and the neighbor is is rejecting him and rejecting him and cussing him out or whatever just telling him to go away and he's taking all that rejection and he's taking all that blood and all the spirit and everything and he doesn't do it because he needs the bread. He actually does it because somebody else needs the bread isn't that amazing. Isn't that amazing you know some time ago I was knocking on doors and this is a story that really mark my life. I met a young man his name was with Stephen and Stephen was a sorry sight he had long hair. He had almost no teeth and you look he looked pretty bad and he had so many problems he had hepatitis C. I think it was he had a few issues where he was supposed to die any time right. He also had fluid that would gather up in his legs and he had he could he couldn't stand for a long time he had to go and lay in bed and raises legs and and just a sad story. About you know how he was supposed to die not he was already supposed to be dead and the medication actually was taking was so strong that's why some of the teeth and his hair had fallen all right and but you know Stephen was happy. Very interesting very interesting because he said that he met Jesus and he said you know if he was actually saying if it wasn't for this sickness. I would never have met Jesus and I'm like well you know I can't so he was telling me how the doctors were telling him he was not going to live to see his son graduate from from elementary school and his son actually did graduate from elementary school already and the but the sad thing is that his his wife left him over all this disease and took the song with him and and just there was a lot of of of of sadness in his life and so you know we talked and he was excited about God and so he got a book called The great controversy and excited about prophecy and I praise God for that then again I asked Stephen said Look can I pray for you he said Yeah sure. So I prayed for him and I remember what I said but I do remember that when I was done he started to pray for me and I'm telling you in Canada that's like a rare thing. I mean people are like less than ten percent go to church type of things so. It was really you know I finished praying he starts praying and I don't remember everything he said but I do remember the last few words he said God I want to serve you like this you know and he said lord. You have taken away my wife. You've taken away my kid. You've taken away my health. You've taken away my legs. You've taken away my future but Lord I still got my hands. Won't you use. My hands to do something like this. And you know I remember driving home that night thinking well. You know how many of us have our hands have our feet our legs our future and we just will do anything or do more for God you know we will plead for God Spirit to take control of us and if we ever plead for God Spirit is for me myself and I. And here we have a man that he's supposed to be dead at any moment and he's pleading with God for God's Spirit to use him for whatever is left of him to be able to give the bread of life to others. This is a powerful sixty page ninety it says the Holy Spirit will come. Well who will the Holy Spirit come to the Holy Spirit will come to all who are begging for the bread of life to give to their neighbors that amazing. Isn't that amazing how when you plead for God Spirit. It's amazing how the Holy Spirit will come but the power will come when the focus is not all me any more but it's on others. You know if you. A year or two after that I actually met Stephen in a evangelistic series tons of people I see the man walking down the aisle. I'm thinking this guy's not supposed to be walking. You know what's he doing here and you recognize me because I lost track of him he recognized me and and we start talking to sharing and he said he thought I was a pastor because I told him I will pray for him and I do prep put him on my prayer and he said you know tell your church members at the purrs are working. You know God is healing me and I'm supposed to be there but you see I'm walking and while while you know for a bowl that that plead for the bread of life to be able. To give to that the egg for the bread of life the Holy Spirit will come and so to recap we are told Jesus says look I want you to ask not just ask. I want you to not just see I want you to not. I want to ask seek knock. I want you to do this earnestly specifically for the Holy Spirit why the Holy Spirit because you don't understand is the Holy Spirit that will give you a desire for spiritual things not only that but the Holy Spirit when my spirit comes in you the Holy Spirit will give you power to live a godly life and so when you are struggling. When you are failing. When you are always all are just focusing upon yourself. And when you don't shine let my light shine forth don't despair. What you need to do is double up your efforts to plead for my spirit because when my spirit comes from a heart that is willing. There is no limit to what I can do in your life. The other reason I want you to ask. I want you to seek I want you to not for the Holy Spirit is because you have a work to do you have an influence you have a power to do for you have to do something and you need power to do it and so my spirit when my spirit comes in you you will have power to do a greater work for me but when you plead for my holy spirit. I want you to know that you must persist because the Holy Spirit is not an on off switch the Holy Spirit the concept is God Spirit when he comes he fills us. And so the more that you plead the more that you appreciate the more that you use the more that your film and so I want you to persist ask ask ask Persis just like that young men struggle for that breath of air and would do anything for that breath of air get to the point where that will be your experience with my presence through my Holy Spirit number two when you plead for God Spirit. Don't talk about your accomplishments. Don't talk about what you've left what you've done or what you've not done when you come and plead for my spirit God. Says I want you to emphasize your need just emphasize your need and the last point when you plead for God Spirit. Yes that's true we want God's Spirit for our own lives but may your emphasis be for someone else for someone else whether it's family members coworkers students that you go to school with. When you start pleading for God's Spirit beyond just me myself and I and your care and interest is starting to be emphasized more and more on those around you. God says that's when I will pour out my holy spirit my spirit and friends. My desire for all of us is that as we begin a new week and I don't know where you're going from here on but just as my desire was last night that we may for the next month to start pleading for Jesus to have mercy on us the way that he shows his mercy is through the impartation of His Holy Spirit my Per that as we commit to pray earnestly for God's Spirit that He will start doing a work in us the head there too he has not been able to do because we have not asked Are you willing to pray for God's Holy Spirit. Are you willing to make that a commitment to make it a serious part of your prayer every day and that is your desire stand and let's ask God to solidify this coming Eternal Father how we need your presence Holy Spirit how we desire you to come into our lives we realize that are we don't really have the fruit of the Spirit as we are to realize that we don't have the gift of your spirit as we are and we realize that are the. Impact that we've had has been sold weak and we've lacked so much power and Lord this morning you've told us that maybe one of the main reasons. Yes surrender is one of maybe another is because we have not begged for the impartation of your spirit in our lives and so today we stand not just asking you for your Spirit to dwell in us but asking you that you may help us to make or to fulfill the commitment that daily especially for the next three four weeks daily then till it becomes a habit. We won't every day plead for your spirit in us to give us that power to live godly lives to give us desire for spiritual things where maybe now it's not there to give us power to do a greater work for you within the sphere of our influence for Father as we have read if we go into labor without your spirit we labor come in vain and so Lord we come we're not talking about our own call accomplishments. We're not telling you how good we are we're not even tell you how bad we are because you're the know. The only thing we calm. Our need. We just need you Lord. We need your help and as you have promised we need your help for us to change but maybe even more importantly we need your help so that those around us can be changed and so won't you hear our cry. I pray you will not get annoyed at us but and you said you wouldn't as we storm heaven's door pleading for your spirit hear our cry. May our desire for your spirit. As we earnestly pray for your presence and Lord may there be such an outpouring and this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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