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Identity of Jesus

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • June 8, 2016
    6:45 PM


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My name is Cheggers of this my wife Adi if you have a medicine I'm sure we'll be meeting each and every one of you while we're here. I'm originally from Grand Rapids Michigan. My wife was originally from Baghdad Iraq and moved to the States. Very young and then she moved to Chicago and so we were not we were just across the pond from each other we could say and we travel around we put on some unknowns about the Bible Bible prophecy overcoming habits and addictions Bible memorization different things like that and since I'm filling in for Jonathan tonight I'm going to share with you a message that I've shared in the past about the identity of Christ and the identity that each of us is to having Christ and to begin with. You may have heard of the Jewish historian by the name of Josephus. Josephus wrote a book called The intake woodies of the Jews. Josephus tells an amazing story. Absolutely amazing story he tells about Alexander the Great and how Alexander was actually off. He was fighting a battle entire He was actually he was sieging the city of Tire and he wanted to take it over but he was really having some difficulties and so he called over to the high priest whose name at the time was Jadis he called over the high priest the said Will you send me some men to fight and maybe some some help in different ways maybe food in different rations different things and the priest his response to Alexander Now listen you're this is one of the most powerful men on the planet. You would think he would say yeah whatever you need but he says Listen I cannot help you. Because I have promised Darius. That is long as he is in the land of the living. I will not do anything to fight against him and you think Alexander the Great appreciated a response like that Alexander was furious and so what he decided is that the very next thing after he. Would destroy tire he was going to go over to Jerusalem and destroy the people in Jerusalem and obviously put the High Priest to shame himself. Well what ended up happening. You can imagine the High Priest Jadis realizes this he's afraid he's terrified and so when someone's terrified where they do what typically you would pray right. So what he does is he he has a serious time of prayer Josephus tells us and what Janice does is he prays and prays and then he's actually given a vision from God. Now this is not in the Bible this is just the history from Josephus. And one in some happening. He is told to do something very special he's told in his dream that he needs to put on his high priestly garb and then his his other priests are to put on their you know white white garb and they are there to walk out when Alexander the Comes to take over the city of Jerusalem. They're to go out walking in a processional to meet him as he comes now obviously that would be a very dangerous thing to do. What what ends up happening. Alexander he fights he ultimately takes over the city of Tire and the time comes where he has his soldiers with him and they're making their way to the city of Jerusalem and the high priest has told his his priests what to do they gather together and. Alice Alexander is making his way to Jerusalem the High Priest marches out with this procession I mean they just walk out in their pomp and in their garb and they're walking out to meet Alexander the Great and Alexander the Great is meeting them and you can imagine he's coming potentially to kill them. So I can just imagine I mean I don't know but I imagine the high priest even though God gave him this dream. Have you ever had God kind of tell you not to say it doesn't have to be a prophetic vision but have you ever had God tell you to actually do something and when you were to go do it you were actually still nervous. Even though you knew you should be doing it. I've had that tons of times. Jeffrey and I we've done door to door together in the past and I'll tell you every. Single day of my life going door to door I was nervous. Even though I knew Laura was guiding I was still nervous to actually do it anybody ever had something like that you have ever for I mean it doesn't have to be door to door could be whatever it is could be whatever it is maybe God tells you to share something with something or maybe even just comfort somebody a family member or a friend and you're nervous to do it you don't know how to do it will God had told the High Priest to do this and here he is and he's walking out with the soldiers and Alexander the Great did something amazing. Instead of I mean he did what a general would typically not do. He separated himself. Totally from all his soldiers. He went off alone to the high priests and the priests of Jadis surrounded Alexander the Great now would that be a wise thing for a general to do in a battle. Absolutely not this looked utterly foolish what ended up happening. One of the soldiers came up to Alexander the Great is what on earth are you doing this is why are you doing this why are you. It looks like you've given this respect to this high priest why would you do that and he ended up saying it wasn't me showing the respect. It was his God who is actually showing us respect he told me he said this is what happened he said I had a dream I had a dream back this what Alexander the Great said he said while I was back in a place called Dion in Macedonia. He said. I saw in a vision. This man come out with these men in their in their garb and I haven't seen anybody like this and while I had seen that vision back Indiana Macedonia. He said I was actually told in this situation that I would go forth and I would conquer as I would spread out and as he talked with the high priest you know what they did. The high priest brought Alexander the Great back into Jerusalem and Josephus tells us that what he did was he was actually tells us that Alexander the Great Sacrifice of the God of Israel but then he tells us that the High Priest open. The bible to Alexander the Great and he showed Alexander the prophecy. Does anybody have a guess what prophecy were told what do you think. DANIEL. Eight. Daniel East specifically says that there would be a man from what. Kingdom. Greece would come and he would take over the Middle Persian Empire. Can you imagine what that would be like. No think about Alexander the Great is no follower of Jehovah the God of Israel right. He is a man who who follows probably has ideas about pagan gods and whatnot. And yet he comes to Israel and here he sees this high priest come out to him he's already seen this man in a vision I believe that vision was from God and as he comes to him that high priest shows him that you are in Bible prophecy. Can you imagine. Can you imagine what it would be like if all this you were going about your day and you were you were doing your thing you would do whatever you thought you were called to in life and somebody came up to you and said OK can I show you something a minute. And they open the Bible to you and as you were looking in the Bible. They said guess what the Bible prophesied about you can you imagine what that would be like. I can only imagine what that might have must have been like for Alexander the Great he sees that Bible prophecy and then what what Josephus tells us he says and that Alexander thought would that must be mean and basically he went forth conquering and to conquer this man recognize that his identity was for TOLD HIM Bible prophecy and I think about this and I think about this pertains not only to just to you know the story Josephus tells us about a Alexander. We can see something similar in the life of Jesus and then we can see something similar in our own lives here in two thousand and sixteen. Let's break this down a little bit and if you have any thoughts while I'm sharing. Please you to raise your hand or or if something comes to mind please talk to me I want I want to you know to be able to dialogue to be able to speak together. Now think about this for a moment Jesus. We think well he was God which he was and in Luke Chapter two verse fifty two it says in Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man for different things right. Jesus The First one says he increased in wisdom. Now let's think about this how much does God know you tell me how much is gone know everything. So then was Jesus God yes or no he was but the Bible says that he increased in wisdom. How could you increase in wisdom if you were God and you know everything. What do you think you tell me wasn't. He emptied him self. He actually became what a human being you are sand. He was gone from all eternity. Micah chapter five Verse two tells us it says but our Bethlehem effort Dugald I'll be little among the thousands of Judah yet out of the shall he come forth on to me that is to be ruler in Israel whose going forth have been from of old from the days of eternity. So he's been around for eternity microfiber still tells us but we see that Jesus when he became a human being he actually became like us right. So when he became a human he actually had to learn in the same way that you or I would learn. Does that make sense so he had to learn just like we have to which mean. You know all the stories in the Old Testament that Jesus was in you know first Corinthians Chapter ten one two four tells us that the rock that was there with Israel that rock was Christ you remember that. So then here Jesus. He's he becomes a baby and he thinks like a baby. He wasn't it's not like he was thinking all the deep things of God while he was in the you know in Bethlehem in the manger. He wasn't thinking you know I'm calculus and physics right. And all the things you know that God might think about he was a baby and he increased in wisdom he had to actually grow up and so then we discover we discover that at the age of twelve he ended up going to a specific festival What was I call it was a Passover and at the Passover. You remember there is a sacrificial system and they're there sacrificing this lamb and Jesus at the age of twelve it pierces into his childhood mind. Are you following. Into that is anybody here twelve years old. Anybody eleven or thirteen. You're thirteen are right so you're younger than you. So you're thinking here Jesus is he's grown up with this parents. I'll bet they had told him things you know I mean like he was in God's True Church as it were you follow. He was in Israel and can you imagine when he was born there was this guy this guy who came to the temple and began to prophesy about Jesus what was that guy's name now. Yes. Simeon right. Simeon takes him and he prophesies over him he had been told that before he would die he would see the Lord's Christ. Luke tells us in Chapter two remember that. So he sees him in any. Offices. He said that if this man would bring about the rising and falling of many people. That this man would actually save Israel. Actually this child and then he also told him he also prophesied over him that many that many would actually speak negatively of him they would speak really negatively about this one who would come to save Israel and I can just imagine as Jesus getting older. Do you think Mary you know as she ponders all these things in her heart maybe she told her son every from time to time you know there's something special about you it seems God has an amazing plan for your life now but she did in help to know that yes this is this is God's true church and so here Jesus was growing up at the age of twelve he's at the Passover he sees the lamb sacrifice and we're told that it was at that time that it pierced his twelve year old mind and he discovered that he was the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world you follow. So Jesus discovers at one point in his life that he is in Bible prophecy. That make sense. So you're going along in your life and all the sudden you get to the point where you realize what on earth. It actually is speaking about me. There are these characteristics of this one who is to come. John when he saw him coming at his baptism. He said Behold the law Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world you follow. So think about that Jesus hears this. He's already discovered it and then it must be that he not only discovered he was in the Bible he not only discovered that Bible prophecy part of it anyway was about him. But then he studies it and he asked he studies the Bible Prophecy. Then he goes forth after studying the prophecy that was about himself he actually goes forth to fulfill the prophecy. So in essence he discovers his identity from the Bible then he studies his identity then he goes for to fulfill the identity God had for him what he will think about how do we know that Jesus actually studied the prophecies. Well first of all we know he increased in wisdom he had to learn just like we do we're told that he learned by the open scroll that his mother's name. So he learns he discovers who we is and then in Mark chapter one you can look let's just look there real quick Mark Chapter one. Notice this is in the in the Gospel of Mark these are the very first words that Mark shares Jesus speaking this is these are not the very first words he ever spoke by the way but these are just the first words of Jesus in March after one the beginning of Mark. Mark chapter one and it says in verse fifteen These are the very first words of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark Jesus says this is just after his baptism Jesus says The time is fulfilled. And the kingdom of God is at hand repent and why. Believe the gospel. So notice the very first words out of Jesus' mouth in the Gospel of Mark are the time is was fulfilled. What does he mean by that Jesus is saying I have studied the prophecies and I have discovered that there was a prophecy specifically about what I just did I was just anointed I was baptized the Holy Spirit came down upon me out of my baptism and Jesus. So he discovers he's in prophecy. He studies the prophecies and he go for goals for to fulfill the prophecies. Since. So this is what Jesus did we know that he did because he quoted the Scriptures no less than seventy eight times. Jesus just just quotes from the top of his head and how did he know to quote all these things he had been studying the Word of God He had been studying it to the point where actually had portions of Scripture literally memorized which many of the Jews who do that and so Jesus goes forth. He discovers his identity then he studies about it and he fulfills it. Now let's bring it down to two thousand and sixteen. Could it be that we this group of you know thirty people here. Are in Bible prophecy. How would you know meaning we could come to the point where we study scripture. And I think over this weekend as we study together different people presenting different things what we see is as we look we see that the Bible prophesied about a specific group of people and in not just a specific group of people but it prophesied about a specific time period in earth's history and what the people would be like during that time period. And we have a choice like Alexander the Great Will we go forward to fulfill the Bible Prophecy. We have a choice like Jesus will we go forth and fulfill the prophecy but first of all you have to discover the prophecies right. Can anybody think in this room tonight of any proper seas about God's people at the end times. Give me an example. What with. What is Revelation forty six or twelve. All right we got yes you got the first angel mess is good good and I didn't mean you had to quote the whole thing then. Oh and I'm here. I mean but the religious message is yes of a bank you now think about it so we have different characteristics of God's people in the three messages right. What are some of them there. What are some of the characteristics. We could say they have a primitive godliness that. Yes we can say that. And yes. Verse twelve tells us they have they keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus I was just in somebody's house a few weeks ago I just didn't even solicit series in Grand Rapids Michigan. I'm sorry Grand Haven Michigan thank you wife and as someone was coming to their meetings there. She said no you know we cannot keep the commandments of God You know we always fall and that is you know obviously that is the standard thinking in Christianity and much of Christianity but I said here's the thing I cannot change what the Bible says Based upon my personal standing and experience that makes sense like it's true I've stumbled over and over and over but the Bible says in Revelation fourteen the three Angels' messages and even before that in the very same chapter starting in verse one it talks about one hundred forty four thousand is says that these people who are living at the end of time will not commit adultery. Do you realize we live in a time where probably the most probably there's two of the two greatest addictions in the western world number one are food and number two pornography right. I mean you know this is just a reality these two things and so we live in a time where it is easier than any other time in earth's history to commit adultery. It used to be you actually I mean sure you could think about in your head you can just imagine it. That's always been possible but and there were times in our sister where they had temple prostitutes and so that was very possible too. But then you had to at least go to the temple. You know I mean like you had to actually go be with somebody but I. I don't need to do that there's just you know Internet and phones and you can you just find the stuff anywhere but the Bible says that regardless of the fact that there's going to be a group of people who are not defiled with women. So regardless of what someone's personal experience God's going to bring a group of people to find victory over these temptations right. Revelation fourteen says this group of people have no guile found in their mouth then it says something that's almost crazy is says that they were are without fault before the throne of God is that hard to believe I mean to be honest with you be honest with yourself. Do you think all that yeah well the reality is the only way we could be without fault is by the grace of God right. That's the only way but God said it's going to happen so even if my experience doesn't line up with it as it should right which probably I'm guessing if you look back over the week you would none of us would say Yeah I fully I feel that I'm doing pretty good there right. But but the fact is God says that he is going to have a group of people who will fulfill that and you know just like Abraham. I love Romans chapter forward talks about Abraham. It's as in being not weak in faith he considered not his own body now dead when he was about an hundred years old neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb. So God tells him you're going to have a child and the Bible says he didn't check with his body because if he would have checked he would have realized it was as good as dead and so was he is wife. Have you heard of any ninety year olds having babies any time recently No So Abraham the tech schools on to say it tells us that he believed in God He believed that God could work miracles and so it says that as he believed in God God counted to him. For righteousness is righteousness by faith. So he gained the victory. So I can trust in my own experience I trust in the Lord that He is the one that can bring about if he said he's going to have a people like this I will trust my experience I'll trust that God can fulfill what he said. So God is going to have a group of people. So what we're doing right now is we're simply studying we see. OK God is going to have a people and the Bible even specified the time period of when this would be fulfilled. It was after eight hundred forty four. Now we don't have time to study that out an identical Chapter eight but Revelation Chapter ten tells us the same thing look there with me for a moment Revelation Chapter ten Revelation Chapter ten looking at these people that God were studying about the identity of God's people that he's going to have a people and I bet some of you were raised in families who your your family might have told you that God has a remnant who keep the commandments of God have the key have the faith of Jesus. They have the testimony of Jesus Christ they will get to that in just a moment but in Revelation Chapter ten. It tells us about God's people some of the identity of these people revelations have to attend beginning in verse seven. Can someone read verses verses seven and verses five and six rather outloud. OK so here we have this passage talking about a very specific time in her sister. When there would be in time no longer. It talks about it in the context of the Sabbath because it's quoting a portion of the Sabbath commandment. The one who created the heavens the earth the season these things so we have this in the context of people in the last days keeping the Sabbath holy is says that there would be time there would be Kronos no longer there would be chronology no longer that we know that if we've studied this is you know we don't have time to go in any detail on this this evening but there comes a time where after a certain time period there's no more. Biblical time prophecy. There's no more time prophecies after eight hundred forty four. Well what happens after that time period we read in the verse the next verse verse seven. Can someone it can someone else reverse seven. OK So during the sounding of this trumpet which is after the end of biblical time prophecy the Bible says something is going to happen is the mystery of God should be finished. As he has declared to his servants the prophets Now what does this mean. So God is going to have a group of people who finish. The mystery of God we could do a whole study on the mystery of godliness but we'll just look at one text. Look would mean caution chapter one kolache in chapter one we're looking at the identity of this group of people collage in chapter one gives us more insight into the identity of God's people in the last days kolache in chapter one right toward the end of the chapter Paul says in verse twenty five. Paul says where of I am made a minister according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you to fulfill the Word of God Even the mystery which has been he had from ages and from generations but is now made manifest to his saints. So here's a mystery that's been hid for years for generations. But now what does this say read to can someone read verse twenty seven for me thank you so it says that what is this mystery is this mystery which is shown among the Gentiles which is Christ while in you the hope of glory. So Revelation tells us that after eight hundred forty four so here we have a time period Jesus was given a time period in Daniel Chapter nine is specified an exact time period when the Messiah would be baptized in twenty seven A.D. is specified the exact year he would be crucified in thirty one A.D. and then a specified what would take place during. In that ministry so too in the end of time God prophesied that there'd be a group of people after eight hundred forty four when there would be time no longer. And this group of people they'd keep the commandments of God they'd have the faith of Jesus the testimony of Jesus or the Spirit of Prophecy the Bible says all of these characteristics these. Identified Gaunts people at the end of time but then it says These would be the people who finish the mystery. What does that mean. That means they are finishing revealing to the world the mystery of godliness which is Christ in us that Jesus is fulfilling his mission to planet earth as it goes to every nation kindred tongue and people as that message goes forth. He's showing the world who he is through the lives of his people. Is now beautiful and you see identity. You probably heard something you know like identity strengthens mission but mission also strengthens identity and so as we discover our identity. Just like Jesus Jesus discovered who he was and then he studied those passages and he begins his ministry by saying The time is fulfilled the kingdom of God is at hand repent believe the gospel. Mark one fifteen. So he says this. And so too in our lives as we study the Word of gone. As we spend time in the Word of God we can be changed by we can be transformed by the Word of God and as we read it. We recognize who we are called to be and we are called to be representatives of Jesus Christ that we are to replicate his character now not just by our you know toughing it out not just by being better people ultimately or just eating the right thing but all of these things are to happen but God is calling us to be changed in every way he said while food I mean these things don't matter we're in in a way they do because. First Corinthians ten thirty one says Whether therefore you eat or you drink all what so ever you do do all to the glory of God God wants to have a people who in all ways are revealing his character to planet Earth and so as we discover number one this week that we are in Bible prophecy that we are identified that God identifies a group of people as they discover their their identity. They can study that identity which is perfectly shown in the life of Jesus Christ and as we behold it we become changed into it but then we can go out to also fulfill the Word of God in a close with a story about a lady by the name of Corrie Ten books and actually before I tell the story. Does anybody have any thoughts they would like to add any thought that came to this this would fit perfectly and it's OK if you don't. How many of you have heard of Corrie Ten Boom. OK. Most of us anybody read the book the hiding place that is one of the best written books I've ever read in my entire life that book is outside of the Bible in spirit prophecy the book is it's one of those books you read and you think man someone I mean just the root just the writing itself not the story's amazing. But the writing is just wow there's something about it that's just amazing it's called the hiding place where Korean her family he Jews in a secret compartment of their house that was designed they just made a false wall so they would hide the Jews there they were not Jewish themselves but they were they own a clock shop and they were just hiding Jews. Going to tell your story she doesn't tell in the book I read about it. She she shares the story of how she. I mean she was later you know if you read the hiding place you realize she was thrown in a concentration camp for hiding. Her father was also and her sister her sister and her father all died in the concentration camp. She though ended up living through till the end of the war. She made it through and you know the United States liberated them and so forth. She came out. She went on to become a missionary. Not of our faith but this woman she was a godly godly woman and she she went forth to do mission work in different areas and one of the areas specifically that she went was Africa. And she tells a story of in in the seventy's how she went into a specific country what happened was in this specific country the government changed and they the government then called in a group of Christians to the government office and when they arrived at the government office the killed them the next day they called another group of Christians to the government office and the executed that group. The third day they did the same thing and right around the third or fourth day. Cory arrived in this country to share the gospel of Jesus with these people who were going to their deaths. And Corey comes to speak. You know about Jesus and to try to comfort those people she's preaching to them and as she's preaching to them they're there. She notices because you can tell when you're preaching. I know Jeffrey knows you can tell when people are listening. You know you're preaching and people are like you know or this or you know whatever like you can tell. Well she's over an African she's shit and it wasn't a nice place like this you know their conditioning. It was a it was a room with no screens and with like a naked light ball with the flies you know flying around it and she's preaching to these people and she noticed that nobody's listening. They're literally doing this they're looking back at this person over here and they're thinking is she the next one to die. Is he the next one to be executed. Will I be the next person to. My life she noticed it and she realized what I'm sharing is not touching anybody. And you know she did she just stop right there. She just changed her sermon immediately and she began to tell them a personal experience of how Back during the as the war was coming on back when she was younger she spoke to her father because fear gripped her because she thought I may have to become a martyr for Jesus but fear gripped her heart so much she said to her dad she went to her father. And she said Dad she said I'm so afraid she said I don't think I have enough faith to die and be a martyr for Jesus and Cory's wise Dutch father he said Corey when we go for a trip in Amsterdam. When we go when we go on get on the train we make our way into Amsterdam. How much before we get on the train how far before we get on the train. Do I give you the money do I give it's you three days beforehand and she said no he said Well when I give you the money and yes and she said you give it to me right before we get on the train and her father said that's the exact way it is with the faith of a martyr that if God calls you to be a martyr. If God calls you to be a martyr. I mean he's not calling if he's not calling you today he doesn't need to give you a modest way today. But if he gives you if he calls you to be a martyr he will give you a martyrs face. And Corey is telling this story to the room but now as they're listening now as they're listening they turn back and forth but instead of looking with fear and trepidation at each other in that room. Now they're looking for the smiles on their feet on their faces their faces just beaming with joy they're they're actually happy now. They recognize that you know we may lose our lives with Jesus will give us the strength to be martyrs right into the end. He'll give us the straight. I interviewed for a documentary we are producing in and he was an Adventist minister in Romania and he was tortured for his faith he was starved for almost fifty days. The only food he had during those fifty days were other soldier other prisoners I should say felt so bad for him they would just hide crumbs and they could get some crumbs to him but he said By this point he was literally passing out he was dying he I mean they did things like God they put handcuffs on him they stomped on them and they were so tight that his hands turned black and he said he cried for the first time in prison after that happened and he thought on never be able to play the violin again and then he told us. I was never very good at the violin anyway. But for whatever reason that made him cry for the first time. But I asked him because as as he was telling us these stories about this torture he went through I was thinking This guy's a Navy SEAL you know the Navy SEALs are they're like the toughest of the tough of the American military type forces Navy specifically. So these people are are the toughest of the tough they will just die for a country. They just they're probably people who they're not going to divulge secrets they're they'll just die because they believe in the United States of America. There are certain people that like them that are really tough and then maybe there's people like you know me right. And so I wonder was Nico one of these people. Was he a you know a Navy SEAL and I'm just you know Chad cruiser and so I asked him I said are you just someone who can just take torture you can just take this that you're just a really strong person and his he just I mean he wasn't a very big guy even and he's sitting in front of me smiling at me and he says not at all he said I hate going through punishment or torture or whatever he said but Jesus gave me the strength to endure and Corey went through the very same thing she when she received the string to endure and these people as they heard the. They began to just break out into a song and you may have heard the song it says in the Sweet By and by we shall meet but on that beautiful shore in the Sweet By and by we shall meet on that beautiful shore and then she wrote down these words in one nine hundred seventy four I think you my wife help me remember the story about two weeks later half of that congregation was executed. And within another month the rest of the congregation lost their lives to that government. Corey later wrote these words. She said but I must tell you something I was so happy that the Lord used to me to encourage these people. For unlike many of their leaders I had the Word of God I had been to the Bible and discovered that Jesus said he had not only overcome the world but to all those who remained faithful UN to be and he would give a crown of life. But then notice what she says here's a woman who's been through torture. She went to her own time of trouble and notice what she said for you and for me to prepare for that time. She said this. How can we she didn't believe in some secretive rapture will be snatched away from all our trials. She knew the time in the future would be a time of trials and tribulations. She said how can we get ready for the persecution. First we need to feed on the Word of God digest it make it a part of our being this will mean discipline to Bible study each day as we not only memorize long passages of Scripture but put the principles to work in our lives. So this woman says if you're going to prepare. If you're going to be ready for the future if you're going to be ready to be. The people. God is calling in the last stage you need to be spending time. How often in the Word of God every day not missing a day and as you're reading you're discovering who you're called to be you're discovering what is to be your new identity in Christ and she says not only that but memorizing passages of Scripture. So that you have them during the time of trial they can be a blessing to not only in some future time you know time of trouble per se but even in the trials that you'll go through tomorrow the next day the time of temptation and the times of joy. So friends I want to challenge you to number one be in the Word of God and I want to challenge you to stop God's word take some time find some Bible promises that are maybe for the temptations you shall go with or that might be an encouragement to somebody else but to spend time in the Word of God and become the people that we are called to be. Let's close with prayer Heavenly Father we thank you that you have a group of people that are specified in Scripture that are identified time and again. We recognize Jesus discovered who he was he studied it. He fulfilled. The prophecies Father I pray that we will discover who we are called to be that we will study your word and that we would choose to live out in fulfilled prophecy. We may feel I'm not worthy and the fact is we're not we may feel I can do it in the reality is we can but we have a God who is all powerful we can say I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me Father I pray that we before I go any further if there's someone here has not been reading your Bible consistently you've not been spending time daily in the Word of God but you want to make it a covenant with Dawn you say. I. To Spend time I want to I want to find out what it's all about I want to I want to actually experience. This born again experience a Bible talks about I want to spend time daily in his word if that's your desire and you have not been spending time consistently in His word you say Jesus I want to make a covenant to spend time daily when in your world would you raise your hand just where you are right now. God sees all of your hands. Maybe someone makes up just just another thing that maybe you'd like to take a challenge to try to memorize two verses of Scripture per week maybe over the course of the next two months sixteen verses over the course of two months. Is there anyone who would like to maybe try to store of some of God's word in your mind in your heart you want to take that challenge is there anybody here just by the raising of your hand. God sees all the hands. Father I pray that we would become the people of the book again that we would fulfill Revelation Chapter fourteen that we would be the people who are transformed by the Word of Jesus Christ. 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