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When God is Silent

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald




  • June 9, 2016
    6:00 PM


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So we had identity in Christ and identity outside of Christ right I just want to recap in just about thirty seconds identity without Christ and identity with Christ is two separate things so identity without Christ we define ourselves by what we find or we find words and purpose. In things like our looks our accomplishments our career and even in this world things like sexual orientation these are things that people find their worth and they also find their accomplishments in but identity in Christ we find worth in surrendering to God's unconditional love and we find purpose in accepting God's plan for our lives so you see the difference one is identity in Christ and one is identity outside of Christ identity outside of Christ is unstable. We talked about in James unstable we are insecure. We're double minded we seek the love and purposes of the world and at the same time the love and purposes of God But when it comes to identity in Christ. We talked about a renewed mind a new creation partakers of what kind of nature a divine nature that's right and that leads us to be secure and that leads us to be confident like Christ we discovered also how Christ was confident confident because he knew where he came from and where he was going that's purpose and he was also confident in his Father's Love remember the baptism he heard the voice. This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. So to start to have that identity in Christ. We talked about how it starts with total surrender total surrender but you know as I work with many people I have found more and more that. There are many people that find it very hard to surrender everything and I'm not talking about people necessarily out there in the world. Talking about people within God seven the administration there there there are many that haven't surrendered everything. And they know what they have and surrendered everything and I would almost say that it's a large amount of people and as I try to talk with people try to find out why are they just rebellious or or om and you know there's. There's some of that too of course but it's sometimes what I have found is that they'll tell you you know I'm fine. It's fine I can you know I understand if I could find surrender everything to God then yeah I could probably maybe find security maybe I would find you know what you're talking about but I can't trust God I can't trust God you know the other day I was talking to a young lady and this is what she was telling me this is a young lady that comes to church a young lady that listens to the powerful sermons that that talks about how God is good and how God is providing for her and and and then but when it came time I said look she's struggling with some things in her life and I said look if you can just so render everything and she just plainly said I can't trust God you know yeah God is good God is but but I just can't trust him. And what was he trying to say you know some There's different reasons that she gave me and there's different reasons other people give me some people tell me well he never intervened. When I was being abused and so yeah I come to church and yeah I mean I serve him I return my tie and I you know and he guides he blesses somehow. But this thing of complete total unconditional surrender. I can't because if I couldn't trust him when I was being abused. What's going to happen now you know if I surrender everything I don't know what's going to happen to me right. Other people say well he allowed the breakup he allowed a divorce he allowed the cancer he allowed the death to happen in our family and you know people tell me John I prayed so much. He didn't come through I prayed I prayed I cried I cried I even fasted and so I can't trust him. I can't trust him and even now some people tell you I'm going to stuff and he doesn't seem to listen. Because of that I feel if I surrender everything to him my life I don't know what it will be he might send me to Timbuktu I feel my life will be boring my fly full be full of rejections and child. I feel I will be even more miserable if I don't if I surrender my life to him than I am already now you know in other words what these people are saying it's another I guess expression of this this question is if God is so good why do bad things happen to good people you know if God is such a God of love. Why does this happen and. If he's all powerful if he's all knowing why doesn't he intervene and we're talking about identity but tonight we're going to is is talking a little bit more about God's identity to clear up misunderstanding Satan has has put so much bad on God so that we can clearly understand his identity and as a result we can sometimes trust him with unconditional surrender. Some of you may say well you know I'm not really suffering with a lot of I don't have a lot of this pain thing that you're talking about God and suffering that's not my issue so but I'm telling you if you have lived long enough you will experience pain and if you haven't experienced it yet and I'm not just talking pain I mean real pain. Just live a little bit longer. And and some of you may say well you know I've lived pretty long I've never experienced you know this kind of thing but you know we're coming to the last days the end of time. And we're coming to a time when I don't think we can fully imagine what we're going to be experiencing the trials the persecution where you have children that are turning in their parents to be killed where you have husbands and wives turning on each other to be killed. This is what we're going to experience and friends unless we clear up all as as as much as we can these misconceptions about the almighty powerful god that is all loving but that doesn't intervene. There will come a point where we might be among the category of those that will not will stop trusting in God. You know there are people that have come to see meetings like this that are not with us anymore because they haven't they weren't able to settle that question. There are individuals that are of vowed atheist that I know of because they weren't able used to be seven that is Christian because they couldn't they went through something so deep so painful that they just couldn't understand why God wouldn't intervene and as a result. You know they walk away completely away from God So they say OK it's true. Maybe if I can find true security and purpose if I surrender all but I can't surrender all because I don't trust God and I guess. I'm out of luck. Well tonight we're going to go through some biblical principles and as we go through some biblical principles. I'm going to move very fast. So there are six principles I want to go through. So if you are moving too fast just jot things down. I'm not going to read all the Bible verses. But as we go through these basic principles. I want you to keep three things in mind the first Prince thing I want you to keep in mind. Is that. Answers don't remove pain answers don't remove what. Pain. So God forbid but if if if tonight after the meeting I go to my bed and I get a phone call from my wife and she's crying and she says John our little daughter is dead. And so I just you know I'll be a mess. I'll be crying and so forth and you know sometimes when I have gone through hard times in my life I've cried out to God Why you know I just want to know why and I can I distinctly remember many a few times in my life where where I would cry out to God in tears and just wanting to know. Lord I just want to know why but I want to tell you something that if God Almighty himself tonight would come in my home and look at me and touch me and says Jonathan. The reason your daughter died is because Dr up. What do you think my reaction would be. Oh. Why thank you Lord. OK now I guess I can continue with my life I'm a happy camper and everything's fine thank you so much you know and I wipe my tears I know even if God Almighty comes down and tells me look this is the reason she die. Dot dot dot. This is the reason it doesn't pay. I still miss my daughter. I'm still going to cry understand what I mean. And so sometimes what we do is when we are looking for answers. We have to be careful about about cherishing doubt. Because we believe sometimes that if I can just get the answers then I will not have any more pain. Everything will be fine answers don't remove pain even when God himself can start explaining to you why you're experiencing this or why your family went through this even though you even start understanding why pain remains and just because. Pain remains. It doesn't mean that God is not good and God is not faithful The second point is this week seconds right this time. OK Can you hear me. Yeah. So basically the second. So the first point is that answers don't remove pain. The second thing is as we go through the biblical principles I want to focus on the big picture. Don't focus on the small picture focus on the big picture which is the great controversy between Christ and between satan. When we want to understand the question about God about suffering. If we focus just on our little things and our little world. We won't be able to find the answers to be able to give us enough so that we can put our trust in God the third point also is that it's impossible to complete we cover this topic thoroughly. But I hope that what we will share tonight will be enough so that we can put our trust in him no matter what you've gone through no matter what you're going through or no matter what you will go through when I walk through the valley of the shadow of the death. I want to be able to say father. I don't understand why this is happening but you have revealed enough in your word to me that I can put my complete trust in you. So take my hand guide me and keep me close to your heart and my own and I just use that. Can you hear me good beautiful. Point number one life is not a gift what did I say. Do I hear an amen on their life is not a gift a man. Life is not a gift. It's not a gift from God At least it's not a gift in the way that we understand it so if if if I decide to take this pen right. And I take this pen and I give it to the dust and so I give Justin yet. This pen writes and I spent so best in this pretty happy I and this is Are the context of what we're going through I here on this earth I gave him the pen. He's happy and he decides to write with it he decides to chew it he decides to prop up his his couch with it now. Now when I start seeing what Dustin is doing to the pen. I gave him the pen and therefore if I come I say just the way you do it with that pen give me back that pen you can't treat that pen that way if I do that that means I never gave him the pen here on Earth when I give him the pen that means that pen belongs to him he can do what ever he wants with it it's his pen. You know just I want to me that's a gift. That's a gift you know we kind of treat God the same way some teenagers. You know treat sometimes they tell their parents you know Mom or Dad I never asked to be born. But this is my life. Now I can do whatever I want with it it's my choices that I want to do but you know life is not a gift. Life is a lot. Are you with me life is not a gift. Life is alone and God says I give you life just the same way that the bank. Gives you a mortgage. Are you with me. Life is alone. If you're your Bibles let's look at it actually can it my back is not a good. I just wanted to anchor that you know. Easy go Chapter eighteen verse four if you can turn there with me we're going to go look just had a few verses these verses I'm sure you're familiar with it but it's good to see them again easy kill chapter eighteen and we're looking at verse four the Bible says Be whole God is speaking all souls our mind as a soul of the Father so also the soul of the Son is mine. The soul that Senate is shall die so God says all souls belong to hoop Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter two verse seven. This is a very important verse to help us to understand how man is created in about the soul Genesis two seven and it says in the Lord God for men of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and men became what a living soul. So here we see that God has dust of the ground which is created by God which be longs to God you know the Bible says if I was hungry I wouldn't tell you because the cow upon the Thousand Hills are mine and so the dust belongs to God and then the breath that comes out of God and goes into men that belongs to who God and then so the breath combined with the dust equals what. A living soul and the Bible tells us all souls belong to very good. So all souls are mine. The dust is mine. The breath is mine. The soul that comes out is also mine. It belongs to God and we are told even in Psalms one hundred four verse twenty nine. It says you hide your face they are troubled you take away the breath they die and return to their dust you send forth your spirit. They are created the breath goes back to God In fact first Timothy for our first image the six fifteen and sixteen says God alone possesses the mortality God alone possesses the mortality and you know that even in heaven. I worry mortality will be dependent upon God Do you know that Lucifer and the angels his angels they have the gift of immortality. But that gift is taken will be taken away from them. So recap. It's very important to understand. For us to understand the context of why why God some time is silent. Why God of love in all sin and suffering why I go I experience so much pain but God doesn't intervene. It's very important for me to understand that life is not a gift. Life is a lot. I have a little Toyota Corolla home. It's an older car but it's a very faithful car and it's kept me very well I'm very happy with it but let's just say for whatever reason God decides to bless me with a new Toyota Corolla Amen. So he gives me a new car and so I have this car here that you know I don't really need. So what I decide is because the US than is going to use him again. You sound the wrong place. So I'm going to say dust and you'd like to have a car to do ministry and stuff like that Justin says. Yeah sure of course he'd like a car I mean who wouldn't so I give Dustin the car and I say well you know I'm not giving you the car I'm actually going to loan you the car so Dustin takes you know the car but a week later my car crashes and so I go back to dust and I say dusting can I have my car back and so does Dustin get angry. I don't care if he gets angry or not because the car belongs to who to me right. So he needs to give me back my car but let's see I give him the car and then he keeps it for five years. He keeps it for ten years and then all of a sudden you know he losses loses everything and that car B. beat becomes his whole becomes his living room his kitchen. He uses it as a taxi. It's his income. It's everything that car is everything to him and after ten years. I come back and I say doesn't give me my car. Please. Is that OK can I do that whose car is it. Whose car does the car belong who doesn't belong to it's my it's my car. So whether he keeps it for one week whether he keeps it for ten years whether he keeps it for four scores or three scores and ten that car belongs to who to me I have the right to take the car back when I want and how I want and you know what if I want to take with your name. If I want Jordan or George. If I want I can even let's say I go back to Canada because it's ten years and that car is here in California and then I asked George I said George. Please go and get my car from the US that can I do that it's my car I can do whatever I want and when I started to understand this concept it helped me to also understand you know in the Old Testament how there's killings and how God sometimes would send his people. Life is not a gift it's a low life belongs to God and therefore God can decide to take back life whenever he wants he can take it back when I can take back the car after one day he can take back to life. After one day when you're born he can take it back after eighty days he can in the Old Testament we've seen how God alone could see the hearts of the people could see the full measure of iniquities and therefore he chose the children of Israel to be able to come and bring judgment upon other people and he could do that why because he could see the hearts but because a life belongs to him. He can take it back he can send George to be able to take the life back George can't decide to do that on his own you understand but God can do that why because life is not a gift in the way that we understand give life is a low life belongs to God. Number two death is not the worst thing that can happen to you know many times we keep thinking that death is is the old ultimate worst thing but the more you study God's word the more you understand that death or sleep as the Word of God puts it is not the worst thing that can happen. An Army general brings his troops to fight and defend their country. But before the The engage into the warfare this general says men. I want you to be brave and if you have to die for your country I want you to die for your country. However I want to tell you something special I have a magic potion. And this potion can bring you back to life and you know the way I know that this is true is that I have used it myself I die two thousand years ago and I'm still alive to prove that this thing works. Many of you will never see the end of the war between my army and Satan's army but at the end of the war when the doctors will come with the potion all will be resurrection. So don't desert don't flee don't run away. If you leave to join the enemy there's nothing I can do for you so have a question for you tonight. What is worse to die or to free. What is worse to die or to flee to flee because if you die. He can resurrect you there is no issue there whether you live or. I as long as you stay on Christ side there's life then the worst thing that can happen to you is if you leave Christ side then there's nothing that he can do for you right John eleven twenty five says Jesus said to her I am the resurrection and the life he who believes in me though he may die. He shall live. We are in a war we didn't choose to be in this war. Just like thousands of people didn't are not choosing to be in wars around the world. Thousands didn't choose to be in World War two but it happened. And in every war there are casualties there are victims some people died many get injured physically emotionally mentally spiritually. But God has made a provision God has made a provision. So don't leave you know one thing that really saddens my heart really makes me frustrated is when sometimes I'll go to funerals and especially somebody that died what we would call an untimely death and let's just say it's of a father and there's a son and I've seen this happen many times where where the one person dies fully trusting in God and then the other person that still alive is so upset at God and hardens heart against God why did you let my dad die. And so I'm thinking I understand that there's a different stage to grieving. I understand also that there's there's So you do go through certain things but if it's been five years. If it's been you know whatever time. So so when that is resurrected and when that goes to heaven you're not on on God's side you're on the enemy side so. He's sleeping in peace. You're angry at God because that died in an accident that gets resurrected and he's up in heaven he's looking for you and he can't find you why because God couldn't bring you because you were angry at God because you understand what I mean. And so we need. Understand that the worst thing that can happen to us is not death. The worst thing that can happen to us is when we turn from God and start going to see inside the wonder of one one gentleman more than one sometimes tell me John I'm not I'm not on Satan side is just I haven't gotten to the point where I can fully surrender to God Is there a little problem with that because if you don't fully surrender to Christ. What's your other option. There's no other option. The other option is on Satan side. Point number three the almighty power of God has limits the almighty power of God has limits. John three sixteen says For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have what. So here we see the word love and we see the word whosoever these two words tell me that love is not love without choice to love or not to love God created us with the freedom to choose which in turn allows us to love or not to love. But let's say I have a problem with who have a problem with Dustin right now so I have a problem with Dustin you know and. And that's a I'm a very very bad Christian and so my temper flares up so all big that I now go to be able to punch. Justin Dustin. Yeah there you. DUSTIN Right. But every time I try to punch him his guardian angel just stops the punch. And I tries another and a guardian angel stops the punch and I said OK that's line. So I go out to the to not my car but another car he has and I decide I'm going to slash his tires and every time I try to slash the tires the knife breaks and I take another knife and it. And the angel makes the knife break. Again and I'm upset. So I drive to his house and I try to take a stroll and to throw through the window but every time I throw it out the window. The angel makes the window like rubber and then the ball the the storm bounces back. So every time I try to be able to hurt him. I can't question Am I really free. Am I really free freedom. God made us free human beings. You can't have love unless you have freedom. If you force someone to love that's not love but freedom is not just to not love in our mind but freedom is also the ability to experience is the result or the consequence of my thoughts are you with me so if every time I want to do evil. And God blocks me. The only time God allows me to have actions is when I do right. But when I do evil god blocks all the evil actions. Am I Am i really free. Am I really free. I'm not but you know the interesting thing is because God has to allow not just the ability to do to eat to think evil but to do evil. That means people get hurt. That means people get hurt and that's just part of where Sometimes God has limits the almighty power of God has limits. So some of you would tell me Well you know what. Why doesn't just God help good people are not the bad people but my question to you is who determines who is a good people. I mean all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God All of us do we can. How much good you have to do so that God can be able to help you and not help that person. How much bad. How much cooler determines all of us have sinned all of us are sinners. You know David. Struggled with that in some seventy three he was perplexed and he couldn't get a whole grasp on it he couldn't understand why is it that the wicked prosper. Why is it that there is no control. Why is it that you know it seems that you do righteous and you just seem to fail and those that are wicked just seem to prosper in Psalm seventy three Verse twelve the Bible says some seventy three verse twelve. Verily David is speaking. Behold these are the young godly who prosper in the world the increase in riches. Verily have cleanse my heart in vain and wash my hands in innocency for all the day long I have been plagued and chastened every morning. If I see I will speak thus behold I should offend against the generation of the children when I thought to know this it was too painful for me until I went into the center of God then I understood. I there and then you know David where preferred was perplexed he was even stress because he saw that not only the wicked could think we could lead but the wicked were free to be able to do wickedly and that meant that people were oppressed that meant that people were killed that meant that people were abused and he's saying why is it there's no control while there's payday somebody until he saw the end of the wicked judgment is now going on in heaven. We need to be patient vengeance belongs to God. Point number four. We are all bad people we are all bad people and man I got one Amen. None of us are good. None of us are good if there is any goodness in us it comes from Hope from God from God In Luke eighteen nineteen it says no one is good but one and that is who God Romans three twenty three tells us since we all have sin and all these are death. That's why. Matthew one twenty one says that Jesus shall save us from our sins. So if if the way that God can save us from eternal death. The wages of sin is death is not by some magical click of a finger is by saving us from our sins and therefore he can give us eternal life but one thing I've come to realize is that anything that is above death is a bonus. Are you with me so if I am bad. If I am naturally wicked even sometimes the good that I do is by a selfish motive. What happens then is that the wages of sin which is sin is death. So anything that is above death is a blessing. So even sometimes you know my. My wife the other day had to go and do some dental work and you know I've never realized how expensive then to work is and you know she had to do some implants it was so expensive we had to fly her back she's from Romania so she had to go to the do it we could you know she couldn't we couldn't afford. And you know sometimes there was pain in this in that price you know praise God You have teeth that you can have pain or you with me. Praise God that you have a job where you can get annoying. There are people that don't have jobs right. So anything that we experience beyond death or above death is a blessing. We need to be able to see that it's a bonus because we should all be six feet under. So why do bad things happen to good people is not a good question. It's like if I ask somebody that has married you've probably heard this. Did you finally stop beating your wife I want you to answer this question yes or no did you finally stop beating your wife. Yes or no. So if the guy tells me yes what it means that he used to beat her right and the guy tells me no he said that means he still what beating her right. So there are questions that are not good question the. Why do bad things happen to good people is actually not a good question the real question is why do good things happen to bad people like us why is God so merciful to us after all that we have done against him. That is the real question. I am not worthy of His love and yet he showers his blessings continually upon me you know when Peter was getting ready to die. Yes tradition tells us that you know he was beaten he was for sake and he was. He was he was going to be crucified and he's thinking now I can't be crucified like Jesus. You need to turn me upside down. I can't do this thing you know it's amazing how how Peter had caught this concept by the power of the Holy Spirit that anything above death is a blessing is a blessing. Point Number five suffering is not always a bad thing in James Chapter one Verse two James Chapter one Verse two we are told. Us. James Chapter one. Sometimes we think that we should never have to suffer that any suffering that God's people go through is not good that God wants my happiness God wants my enjoying me to enjoy life. I God doesn't want me to suffer but that's not true. It is true that God is in pain when we are in pain but it is not true that God doesn't want us to suffer. He doesn't want us to suffer yes. But he allows it for a reason right James one two says my brother and counted all joy when you fall into diverse temptations. Knowing this that the trying your faith work is patient but less patience have her perfect work that you may be perfect and entire wanting nothing. And so we see that suffering brings for patience and perfection in Jesus Christ in Hebrews twelve five to eight and ten to eleven it talks about God chastening us as a father chastens or disciplines his children sometimes suffering is also because he loves us and is to produce a change in us. You know sometimes when my kids cut themselves. They run into the house for whatever whatever they did and so we have to put all Kohol And you know especially when the children were small. You know their crying their eyes out and you know you know little children is like that hears are doing coming out next hole much tears. I don't know how they produced this. So they're crying and then you put this thing on them and they look at you like why are you too Lee You know I've just hurt myself and I'm crying like crazy and now you're adding to my pain doesn't make sense right. So a child doesn't understand why you're putting this all the haul on him right or her but. You understand that you would rather have a child experience intense pain for a short time and save the leg from infection and if you know if infection moves in it can even take their life God would rather have us experience pain now if it can make the difference in spending eternity in heaven. I want you to visualize this life as a line if you visualize visualize your life whatever size line you want if you say one mile from this wall to that wall but I want you to compare this. Slyme your life and the pain that you go through with eternity eternity imagine as a line that keeps going and going and going and going and so what happens as you move back this big line that you have produced for all your pain and suffering starts becoming smaller and smaller and smaller as you start comparing with the big line of eternity and he gets to the point that he becomes a dog. And eventually it becomes you can't see right. So as we go through pain. Let's look at the great controversy. Yeah we may experience pain. Maybe for a few months sometimes for a few years but let us keep in check the concept in mind the concept of eternity the pain that we go through one day we will see it will be worth it all and the last point is that life on this earth is not meant to be fear life on this earth is not meant to be fair God never promised that life down here would be fair but he did promise that one day he would settle the accounts Revelation fourteen seven says Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come Romans eight twenty says All things were together for good to dogs who love the Lord. We are never told when these things work out for good sometimes it works out for good here sometimes we have to wait for Heaven to understand how things will all work out for good but all things do work out for good life is not fair down here accounts will be settled up there. Isaiah forty one ten does tell us fear not for I am with you be not dismayed for I'm your God I will strengthen you yes I will help you I will uphold you with my right hand. God says you may seem that I am silent when you're going through pain and when you're going through suffering whatever you have gone through or are going through. But I want to let you know that I am here I will give you strength. I will cry with you I will suffer with you I will sustain. I don't give a person here because he they're showing Durant and then the same show B.C. there was one of our literature evangelists that was knocking on doors and he met a lady. And you know I've had different experiences where you just don't know what to say and he had shared with her some books about health and she seemed to be OK with that but when he pulled out a book about God. It seems that all the demons to control of this woman as she just started nailing it saying God God I can't God. B.-B. B.-B. B. start swearing says I you know if God is good and of God is a God of love and and why do you allow me to to be molested as a child why did child services take my kids and why this and why that and why this and why that and she went on for forever it seemed like and you have this young man just just spit and all going to face doesn't know what to say but we have a God that says If any man like wisdom let him ask. And so he prays to God and says Lord. What do I tell this woman and after two three minutes when she finally stops to take a breath he jumps in. He says Man. Look I don't know why these things happen. I don't know why you were abused as a child I don't understand why your kids were taken as many things I don't understand but I do know this. And he came from the U.S. He says God sent me from the US Here to tell you that he loves you. Cares. You just go. And you know it was like a shock to this lady. I don't know if anybody ever told her that somebody really cared somebody really loved her and she just started crying crying crying like a baby she and he and she fell in his arms and we had been and you know it's amazing how this woman was able to start by Will studies. You know was able to learn how to accept Christ in her life and experience that healing this it mean that now she understands why all these things happen. Well I mean there are some things that we will never understand until we get there but I'm telling you. God has revealed enough to us. That when we go through trials. When we go through different pains. He has revealed enough to us that we can quarter trust in him. So you want a new identity. You can only have it in Christ but some of us may say I can't trust God Look all these things happen and I don't understand. We went through certain points from the Bible that helped us to understand that we can trust God we can surrender our lives to him. Yes there will always be room for doubt but whatever God has given us. It's enough that we can put our trust and start experiencing that healing that security and that new identity in him my prayer is that as you go through different pain and suffering in your life or maybe as you encounter individuals within the sphere of your employees that you may help point their their eyes to Jesus Christ can experience true healing and let's pray. Loving kind father. We pray that you may help us to surrender everything. To you unconditionally. Some of us even in this room have held back held back for different reasons maybe some have held back because you can't seem to fully trust you. Yeah we can pray to you when you come through in certain ways but but that trust that leads us to surrender unconditionally that you can do with us what ever you want but we plead that you don't take your presence from us that kindness surrender. Some of us have not gotten to that point because we're afraid of what you're going to do with us where you're going to send us what you're going to cost us and we'll look at the past and and maybe when we then see you come through in the way we thought you should Father I pray that as we behold your love your goodness your mercy. Even this weekend as this misconceptions of your and identity apart are swept away. Oh father filled us with your spirit and lead us to the point where we can fall completely on the walk and be broken that there may be a new start a new life to us a new experience we can finally find that security that. Worth that purpose. This is my desire not only for people here but people that you may bring with us if we can and I pray that this media was brought to you by audio first a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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