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Holy Flesh

Phillip Sizemore


Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • June 3, 2016
    9:00 AM
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When I first became Adventists for Christian one of the things I noticed about people Christian particularly and particularly I've been saying is if you will as how if you actually have the assurance of salvation and yes people like there's a lot of people out there that I think falsely believe that they are saved it's a false assurance because you say they went on saying I'm saved I'm save them saved and and you know they live like the devil but at the same time you know I noticed when I come into the church that people wouldn't they were to say that they feel like they were saved by Could Jesus come right now would you be sure that you'd be in heaven and people like wow hope so. You know and that to me this kind of scary kind of said it and I started reading some things you know about people that have died. You know for their faith people that have been burned to stake you know and things like that and I've actually got to go and tour a little bit and when I'm speaking in places like and different places like London or or in Germany or some some of those places I get to tour and see some of the Reformation places and things you know. And one that really struck me and I want to bring this up right here the story of Jerome was burned and Jerome kind of capitulated little bit then they finally burned. Jerome as well and remember that and let me read something. This is of a little book here describing this and it says Jerome. Observing this drum of Craig observing the executioner. There's about to set the fire of the wood behind his back so he's put to the stake or at the woodpile around them an executioner goes around behind him to burn him and he says quote bring by torch hither performed by office before my face had I fear death I would have avoided that he had heard it he was heard afterward to say Lord God have mercy upon me and then this valley know us. I have loved truth and then he's burned into state run to live right and sing hymns as he's being burned and it's interesting here by the way I have a some time back I I started a little ministry just locally. We have them on television every Sunday morning at nine thirty locally you know with a program and the name of the name of the ministry is love for truth and anybody who ever tried to register a domain name. It's impossible isn't it like like to direct your domain name it's like trying to register Philip Sizemore dot com It's already taken like everything is taken right. Well love for Truth dot com wasn't taken Can you imagine that is as amazing as that is and it's in this powerful because remember Jerome says you know Lord you know I've always loved your truth right. And so there's a text. Now when I don't want to follow this and we're going to be talking again about the assurance of salvation but in second Thessalonians chapter two. It's in the T. section of your Bible by the way did you know that your bible in the New Testament is a T. section and in alphabetical order. That's on intimately in Titus OK And second person is chapter two it's very interesting the wording there and it says this is kind of the theme of the Law Ministry says with all the saveable know the seed of almost of unrighteousness in them that perish in the midst of this they perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved. Now this is think about that warning they're perishing because they don't receive the truth right. No they perish because they don't receive the love of the truth and I really appreciate that your role and Huston these men were able to go to the stake and be burned alive because they trusted in Christ and they've done it boldly because they love his truth and they have the assurance of salvation now that's the assurance of salvation you cannot boldly go to a stake and burned alive unless you have the assurance that Jesus Christ is forgiven your sins and you're going to church of eternal life. You can't do that you can't boldly go to someplace like that and say seeing him say everything's going to be fine unless you have the assurance and I want to ask the question as we think about that do you think if Jesus were to come right now you would have that assurance well in the message this morning we're going cover justification sanctification. And righteousness by faith in all one sermon and it's not going to take that long but it will be very simple. I'm kind of a simple person when it comes a lot when I study something like that if the Bible says that I want to be you but I want to be plain and simple and you know for God to give me that assurance it can't be confusing right. I mean especially we talk about salvation is the most simple mind has to be understand how to be saved right. And I love that what we do bring the spirit of prophecy about how the Bible has like for the most simple mind everything everything is there for us to have the assurance but also for the deepest thinker. There's things that can just for the deepest thinker that we can never plumb the depths of it and I just love how the Bible does that by the way I just had a sermon this past week in my local church and about the power of God and what he does and I'm the kind that for the sake of time I do this very quickly just came to me and I want to share with you you know equals MC squared means you've heard that the most famous equation as equals MC squared. In other words what it was saying in an equation is the energy is equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light squared and the speed of light hundred six thousand miles a second squared would be thirty four billion. And so in other words let's put it in numbers for a moment it's in order to have any energy you would take mass lets us as take mass as a number as a particle one. Let's say an atom right one. If you multiply that one atom times one hundred eighty six thousand miles per second how much energy do you have huge amounts of energy right. That's the idea. And so with that equation we understand the fall if we understand that we can have huge amounts of energy with very small amount of mass. Now you know you go with algebra. You know you can rearrange the equation to find out what am with the mass in order to have one little particle mass you would take energy divided by the speed of light squared. So how much energy would you have to have to have one little particle of mass huge amounts of energy. Right now with that in mind with that equation in mind how much energy would it take for God to create one little particle of mass huge amounts of energy huge amounts. How much energy would it take for God to create the planets and the stars just like we can't even begin to imagine the amount of energy that God has in the power of His word and we can tap into that kind of power and give me goosebumps all thought about what that equation tells you the. About the power of God. And into this day. What science is trying to do there trying to figure out how we can get enough energy in order to create one particle of mass we can get that much energy together. To have one little tiny particle mass created out of energy we can't do it now we can create the we can take it like an atomic bomb and we can take the mass and turn it into energy but we can't figure out how to turn the energy into mass that's what God does. That's the god you're serving so does God have the power the power to keep us and to save us. Absolutely I just love that right. And I loved Welling on that theme about what God does and how it changes. Now the message that we're going to have all that for the message now ready holy flesh. Now you know you see the title was church fathers but somebody stole a lot of my thunder last night and I was like you know I can't I can't go about preaching that now because somebody I will talk about the relationship between man and how the difference with men and women that you're covering it so well but I prayed about it. Well God. And I'll share this holy flesh. How many people they are when it when I say holy flesh bring something to mind the N.E.M.A. right there that this is different has nothing to do with it that you are it's going to be something one teach us about those very fundamentals about the power of God to to save us and righteousness by faith in justification saint of cation all wrapped up here. Now go with me now you guys are going to love this because every good message starts out of the Word of God right. But how many messages do you know that's based on the book of Leviticus. And that it is a good book isn't it. I mean have you ever really studied the book of Leviticus. Put the blood on the air lower the blood on the foam of the blood on the big toe. There are a lot of deep theological things to study out there isn't it and I've never really got the full significance of that I guess covered from head to toe with blood of Christ that's what represents I'm not sure but I want to go there Leviticus Chapter sixteen for a moment as we begin the message now of holy flesh Leviticus Chapter six now by the way Jesus says Search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life they are they which testify me so all the scripture testify of who Jesus is all about prices and and so we're going to find that he you find him all through by the way when animal sacrifice what is the animal representative of. It was Christ himself now watch this is so good if you think I talk fast. I'm sorry about that but I don't know how to slow down and so do you understand the words I'm saying the right. You know you know no David Asher. He had a great one of my sermons one time and he told me he says you talk WAY WAY WAY fast like that's the pot calling the kettle black right. He said But it's OK because you in us see every word and as long as you do that it's OK That's OK thanks they've been all right so here you go and littlest Chapter six verse twenty five it says speaking to Aaron and to his son saying this is the law of the sin offering in the place where the burnt offering is killed shall the sin offering be killed before the Lord. It is most holy So he says OK this this sin offering is holy most holy and a place where it's kill becomes most holy but that's what happens here with the sin offering verse twenty six. The priest that offers it for sin shall eat it in the holy place in the court of the tabernacle of the congregation and listen to this whatsoever shout touch the flesh thereof shall be holy. OK so when it went to this animal this animal sacrifice was given. OK The animal sacrifice of sin offerings representative of Jesus right now I want you to notice something here says anything that comes in contact with this animal sacrifice becomes. Holy I was kind of fascinated if we don't know any farther into the right now to stop right there for a moment think about it there you have a very interesting gospel presentation anything that comes in contact with Christ that holy flesh becomes holy do you see that so far and so you find the gospel through the Old Testament but now from this point go with me with that in mind open book of heavy I now it's easy to find go to Matthew and back up like three books. OK you'll see the Molokai then Zachariah then you see the book of Hey guys. OK going backwards and we're going to Chapter two again you probably haven't ever heard a sermon that starts in the book of Leviticus and goes the book of hey guy have you very few do that right. But there's an interesting thing here we're going to we're going to bring out. An idea from the from the Word of God of the Gospel here that's going to really applied powerfully I think you want to see and you're going to be encouraged and have the assurance of salvation for sure by the end of the message you like that idea. Verse chapter two verse eleven. Thus says the Lord of host and chapter two verse eleven go to Matthew back up three books write ask now the priests concerning the law saying. If one bears holy flesh in the skirt of his garment. And with this current He touches bread or pottage or Wiener oil or meat. Shall it be holy now Brooke don't read the rest of that yes please stop right there stop right there. The question is asked. Please look up because I want to I want to quiz you. I want to see how you are how your Biblical knowledge is right here reading I So he asked the question if the priest takes the skirt of his garment and he pulls it up like this and he is bearing holy flesh in the start of his garment What is the holy place it's a sacrificed animal the holy flesh right. So if he hasn't discovered his garment. Let me ask you this question is the priest Holy we just read in Leviticus anything that comes in contact of the holy flesh itself becomes holy All right so now the priest says there he says there verse twelve he bears holy flesh and start his garments a postcard his garment up. He's bearing the holy freshness of his garment is the priest holy. Yes because the Bible says anything comes in contact with all of us becomes holy but then I ask a question. If the priest first priest touches the podium. Does the podium become holy What do you think. Where is the priest holy. A touch of the part of us how to become holy. You read the rest. The first in you. Yeah because it look what it says here says if he touches the bread or pottage or wine or any meat shall be wholly in the priest answered and said no. Now it's kind of interesting thought. Now follow this with me. If I'm the priest I'm very holy flesh I'm holy are nice but if I touch anything. I can't make that thing holy that's what it's what it says their little all even. No matter how holy I am I can't make something else. Holy. Now how would I make the podium holy. I would have to take the holy flesh and set it on the podium then the pope it would be then holy Isn't that interesting. Now follow this with me that this Gospel presentation here and this will get deeper as we move into it but I want to set this foundation. Now follow this in the Gospel presentation of that do we understand something very clearly now I'm very holy. I am very holy I'm I'm in contact with Jesus. I'm a holy being so I got to Sister him going to pick on now I'm going to make her change her clothes go to church on the right day eat the right food and do everything that she should do and I'm going to make her like me right that she then become holy when well she's eating right you go to church on the right day she's wearing the right clothes and she's not wearing the wrong clothes she's not watching the wrong things I've got to doing that isn't she. Holy. No it's an amazing because because the interesting concept here is we want to try to get everybody cleaned up getting dressed up. But the only way I can make someone else holy is not to make them like me but the interest into the holy flesh and that's what's being said here in other words the holy flesh has to come in contact. Now now that she's done these things by the way is nothing wrong with doing these things but now that she's done these things. What is it that I can do to make her holy introduce her to the holy flesh by the way who is that Jesus so now that she comes in contact with Jesus the Holy right. But now is the rest are. Holy. Now how can she make the holy interest of the holy flesh which if Jesus is that powerful you're learning this in the Old Testament by the way. Now I want you to notice the most discouraging part of this look at verse thirteen of chapter two then said to one of the it said to them if one is unclean by a dead body touching in these shall be unclean Now follow me here don't read the rest of it you're reading it now I am defiled unclean. If I touch a podium to make the podium unclean. Yes it looks like it is like this and so if he's unclean if he touches eat these the priest said yes he shall be unclean. Wow what a mess you and I are no matter how holy I am I can't make anything holy but when I'm defiled I can mess everything up. That's us. All right so either way we're kind of a mess aren't we mean I can't make anything holy and all I can do is mess things up and so that's what it says there. Do you see there the Gospel in the Old Testament right. But it's going to get better go back to the Book of Leviticus for a moment to Leviticus Chapter five by the way there's a text in the Book of Job that says can first chapter fourteen verse four. OK where he says can. Can we can anyone bring a clean thing out of unclean and he says no not one because we can't do it right but who can that holy flesh little bit is Chapter five for moment Genesis Exodus then Leviticus is that interesting so far. I remember when I was sitting and I came across this I was so excited as I hear is that I hear preach you preach in my you hear else preach. Have you ever had a time where you can't wait to get in the pulpit. When I come across like oh man I just can't believe this is so powerful way to see how this moves on we're going to see some very powerful gospel presentation right here. And again have the assurance the assurance of being right with Jesus by the end this message. All right so let's go now to Leviticus Chapter five. Backing up just a little bit starting in verse two it says if a soul touches any unclean thing a soul will be a person obviously whether it be the carcass of an unclean beast or the carcass of unclean cattle the carcass of unclean creepy things. If it's hidden from him he shall be unclean and what's the word there guilty now goes on. If he touches the uncleanness of a man whatsoever uncleanness it be the man shall be defiled with all if it's hidden from him then when he knows of it it shall be guilty. So according Levitical law which by the way is teaching us about the gospel it's the gospel and symbols are by understand this right Levitical law that's what it was OK And so what happens here if someone becomes unclean in the file they don't know it. There's still in the sense of guilty but they don't have to do anything about it until they come to knowledge of it right but then it says what he knows of it then he shall be guilty so if you become unclean Levitical Law If you become unclean you would also then be guilty and the cow goes on for his soul swears pronouncing his lips to do evil or to do good whatsoever that a man shall pronounce with an oath. If it's hidden from him when he knows of it here we don't have one of these now listen the first five very carefully. It shall be when he shall be guilty of one of these things he shall confess that he has sinned in that thing and then it says he will bring the trespass offering and he hasn't passed off often offering So in other words like this the Levitical law says if someone becomes unclean they are guilty of sin and would have to offer a sacrifice to go through the process of being made clean again there I understand that error by the same fate. OK now here's what's interesting I got a question to ask you now. Could the Messiah who is to come in the future of Leviticus Chapter five The Messiah to come in the future could in any way ever become the filed an unclean and still be the Messiah. No because the Bible says if you become defiled unclean you are guilty of sin and go through a process of cleansing. Now do you think that every single child of Israel would know that that idea mean that the whole economy is based upon a right so the Messiah to come in the future. You can never become the fall of one plane or you could be the Messiah do you think anyone could grasp that. Yeah I'm sure everyone grasped that they knew that he could be defiled. Unclean because he could be the Messiah who the guilty. We've learned that now from the Bible. So let's go now to the if it is Chapter fifteen living in the New Testament just a moment working our way that direction now. Leviticus Chapter fifteen verse nineteen. And again my mind when I read through the Bible and reading through sometimes I find things and it is almost gets fun. I have a funny thought I guess sometimes Here's one of those funny thoughts of come as well so I'm going to read it and you might you might grasp this here. Leviticus ten or fifteen nineteen it says that if a woman has an issue. And you know ever the old me would say which ones don't right. But they says Enter gets to be in the flesh be blood. She shall be put a part for seven days. Now listen. Whosoever touches her shall be unclean until evening and by the way when you read that unclean the evening that's based upon that person going through the ritual of being made clean again. Now if someone's unclean they're also what guilty the Bible says guilty of sin they had to go to the process of Clinton that's what it says here says they'll be unclean to evening that's but basing it if you read the full context on her going on that person going through the process of being made clean again. So if a woman has an issue of blood and someone comes in contact with her that person becomes an unclean and I go through the process of being cleansed thereby grasp that you understand remember the story of was at Libya that was sitting on her blanket there hiding the I do underneath it and heard it and her dad wanted to come and look and she says I'm having my issue right now and he says I want to be your I don't want to touch it then maybe that taking place because they don't want to go to that ritual cleansing right so I said OK I'll just stay away from it and she knew that would be the case. So if anybody comes in contact with the woman with that issue they become unclean to the process of clinching you've got that all right so that's that's in the sense of whoever touches her but now numbers and numbers will because I'm going out now for the little bit further to Numbers Chapter nineteen and verse twenty two by the way if you get the numbers. Stick something in there because we're coming back there a little bit later on numbers like things that stick something in there but in verse twenty two it says this whatsoever an unclean person touches shall be unclean and the soul that touch it shall be unclean to evening so not only is that you come in contact and touch an unclean person but if that unclean person touches you your Yet unclean and guilty of sin it is that right. They re OK Now follow this with me is it possible for the Messiah to come in the future to ever become. Unclean and still be the Messiah. Are you sure. OK let's go to the book of let's go the Book of Mark Mark Chapter five. Mark the fifth chapter verse before I start reading it I'll tell you a little background there was a guy a ruler. Darius by name whose daughter was sick and he says can you can Jesus can you come and hear my daughter and she is this your all coming home about here you look ill your daughter and on the way he says in verse twenty four Jesus went with him and much people followed him and throng Him Now what does that mean thronged the image of the song we sing in the home or in the throng right. I mean people are all round you right so he's in the crowd of people and they're all around wanting to be next to Jesus all these people are crowding around Jesus so he's in a throng of people and this is a certain woman which had an issue of blood twelve years had suffered many things that many physicians Isn't that interesting some things haven't changed in two thousand years ago the physicians you will suffer. And it also says she spent all that she had but was nothing better but rather grew worse Have you noticed that also still takes place today. Right I had a friend that he had he would have a little condition he it was his heart and when the put this little thing in his heart he got pneumonia and almost died right. He couldn't get any better actually got worse right. And so this was taking place or not now follow this with me this woman the Bible says had done all that she could do and been to every physician in town to try to make herself better. And what did she have an issue of blood. She was unclean this would not go away it was continuing her entire life for twelve years this is what's going on with this woman this issue of blood it and she's carrying this this burden and I manage she's been to every prayer meeting every Bible study she go to please pray for me pray that this will go away with all the priests said that she had been to every doctor and spent all that she had but was only getting worse isn't that amazing little illustration. No matter what she was trying to do to make yourself better. She was only getting worse and then it says in verse twenty seven when she heard of Jesus and those that didn't say she had seen Jesus. She hadn't been there to see a demonstration she just heard about this Jesus and he says she came behind and touched his garment. I just showed you from the Bible that Jesus can't be the Messiah Lord don't let me die before I get this finished. Is it Messiah knowing he can be because the Bible teaches that when ever someone is touched by an unclean person they if only has an issue that person becomes the following claim and that person has go through the process of being cleansed and they would then that person within not be the Messiah because they are guilty of sin and that's what we've been learning from the Old Testament and everyone knew that right. Is this powerful because you know the rest of story goes there by no the rest of the story but all the leading up to it at the moment now follow this with me. Does this woman know what's good what happens to her when she touches Jesus that you know what happens let's find out she says in verse twenty eight. If I'm a bit touch is close. I'll be made whole and I'm afraid this is powerful by the way the faith in this woman is powerful because when she comes from behind the press and touches his garment she deserves a beating you've got this young rabbi going around doing all these great things some people may believe he's even the Messiah and you sneak up behind him and the file him and make him unclean and now it's interesting too by the way because in Luke's version of this in Luke Chapter eight verse forty four. It says she touched the him of his garment. Now she touches the him of his government weapons issue was she and I can picture the crowd all around Jesus as he walked along this big crowd around him and she's kind of sneaking up behind and they're like oh there's. Doesn't name her but you know everybody by was name Mary so what this caller Mary right. This woman coming up through the crowd and as and as Mary's coming up through the crowd there I was like oh there's messy American all the way you know because she has an issue I don't want. I don't want to touching me right so no one wants her touching them. And so that I can picture the crowd splitting up. She comes up behind him and it says she touching him is garment. So something like this you follow that right she's on her face touching him his garment she can't touch him a girl for standing up. I mean why would she like been there into this why would he do that right. So she just coming up in a last minute matter of hope she reaches out by faith in which is his garment says if I can just touch him I'll be made whole now at that moment she deserves a beating. A tongue thrashing somebody when young you talk about faith right that faith in Christ is amazing she never seen in the Bible says she just heard of him. And she says I can just touch him I'll be made whole and by faith she reaches out and she touches his garment and she deserves a beating you know Justification by Faith does though give you what you don't deserve. She by faith touched him and it says and immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up. She felt in her body that she didn't heal that plague that she no she was healed. Yes And Jesus immediately knowing that in itself a virtue the more virtue there is Dumas power like we get or dynamite from power had gone out from him. Turned on the press and said could take my clothes. And the cycle to like Lord. Everybody. You'll see that here a moment like it's embarrassing Lord everybody's touching your clothes What are you talking about now fatherless did she know she was healed. Did Jesus know she was healed. Why is he making a scene. Can you just go on and be on his on and on why not say hey she was here great for her you know she's going to tell people what I've done for her you know just let it go book I read this I think why does he make a scene and I think there are several reasons but here's one I think reason is very powerful Jesus knew that if he goes on the Darius's house he gets there and those spies are all around the crowd. Well hold on a minute folks Jesus my friend. You need to stop what you're doing and go to the temple and get cleared because now I'm going to let you know because remember the Levitical law says when it comes to your knowledge then you're guilty you my friend was touched by Missy Mary back there who has the issue. Who is the fall you now you're unclean you need to go through the Clinton process and by the way you can't be the Messiah. So what happens. Who is Jesus the Holy flesh and my friends when somebody by faith reaches out and touches the holy flash no matter how filthy they are no matter how messed up their life is no matter how bad it is the only thing that can happen does happen. He's not made unclean but she is made clean in that power for good because because this is going to apply I want to see him on this applies to our sins. No matter how filthy no matter how wretched no matter how bad far we've gone when we come in contact with Christ IMO say something sound very blasphemous ready for this like I'm not surprised right. Blasphemy sounding do you know that when you come to Jesus and reach out by faith and ask Him to forgive you of your sins he has no choice but to do it does that sound blasphemous to say has no choice I ask you Can God lie. How do you know God can't lie cause entire chapter one verse two says God who cannot lie promise these things right. Listen. The Bible says Jesus is the Word of God says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just a Forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Now if the Bible says that and I ask him to forgive me does he have a choice now not presumptuously saying that I say presumptuously but His word says he does it. He's promised right. So he has to do it and what's powerful about this now follow this if the woman touches his garment and is not made clean then Jesus is unclean and can't be the Messiah and my friends if I reach out my faith and ask Him to forgive him I says that he doesn't do it he can't be the Messiah is this true it's true because of this now follow this with me. Have you on the people and I seen them. Oh I get I don't feel pity them I get aggravated with them here's the ones I've. So bad. I just don't think Jesus can forgive me and it's like my life has been so full of get my point so far to something you can forgive me and we put these people up on a pedestal almost like they're holy and pious because they they realize how bad they were and how how how how rotten sin isn't and so they don't really believe that they can ever be forgiven could have been so bad and so most likely put them on a pedestal sometimes you know I'm talking about my friends. They're not being holy impious they're blaspheming they're saying that I reached out to touch Jesus and he didn't make me clean and what is that saying I made him unclean. I'm denying him being the Messiah when I say that when someone says that don't they don't encourage him say oh you know it's we understand the no no no matter how filthy you are Jesus and you reach out to touch him he makes you clean because he says so. And there should be a reaction for that now I want to change the story here for a moment help illustrate this because it will help make this clearer as we change the story. Let's change it. Let's say Jesus walking along and this woman doesn't sneak up behind him but she comes up in front of him and she says Jesus you make me clean. I've been twelve years with this and he says all right I'll do it I'll make you clean but you've got to do something for me first before out before I make you claim here's what you have to for thirty days thirty days. I want you to quit smoking. I want you to wear these clothes. I'm going to church on this day and he's foods for thirty days. That's what I want to do and then when you come back after that time I hear you now what do you think would she do it would you. I mean the woman I spent all of her income done everything she could to try to be healed and now she goes and she says I want to be healed he says OK you get this train up and I'll heal you would you do it you better believe it. I mean thirty days I wouldn't think about a cigarette right. Right and I would wear the clothes you tell me where I would go to the place he told me to go I would do exactly as he told me do that thirty days. Right I would do it. And that in thirty days I would come back and I would say what. OK Lord I did it. I know he'll me. And so he would then heal her what was she. Nothing she got Why exactly what she did what she was supposed to do and he gave her what she has posted now in this story here my friends. What did she deserve in this story. A beating she deserved a beating. What does she get a healing Now let's suppose after she gets this healing the Gita says listen you need to quit smoking wear these clothes go to church on this they need these foods do you think she'd be willing to do that for how long thirty days the rest of her life why because she's in love with the one who saved her even though she deserved to be lost righteousness by faith in this powerful Micron's because sometimes I think we get mixed up instead of introducing the folks to the holy flesh that can change and make them holy and right. Justification my faith. I deserve death but it makes me holy and when I recognize that I was bound for Hell I'm lost for eternity in turn it turns like go on to be extinct and never exist again that's where our direction I was going and Jesus saves me from that takes me and puts me into a relationship with him into having eternal life. Why would I give for him. What I get my jewelry what I wear the clothes you want me worry the food you want to do these things if I really understood the direction I was going what he wants from me now. Sometimes I get all mixed up we think if I get my life together get everything right then he'll heal me. And we get all backwards. I love this story because what happens here is the woman she touched his clothes and Jesus who touched me in verse thirty one the disciple said into him Lord you see the multitude thronging you say you touch me. I just love that they're like You're embarrassing us. But this was a different touch the woman fearing and trembling knowing what was done in her came and fell down before him and told him all the truth and he said in her daughter your faith has made you whole Go in peace. Behold your plague. Whenever she touched Jesus the Holy flesh. The only thing that can happen did happen. He was a. She was made holy he was still the Messiah by the way. Yet the scribes the ferrous these the spies were the same is happening said he can't be the Messiah so he stops and lets everybody know I'm still the Messiah because on the holy flesh and when the holy flesh comes in contact with the matter HOW the file you are you become clean. I don't become on Glee. That's what Jesus says. Isn't that powerful and we're not done. She was made clean now we're going to back up again to the Book of Numbers Chapter nineteen by the way the woman knew that there was a problem. She came looking for Jesus and he took care of the situation Numbers Chapter nineteen. Numbers nineteen starting in verse eleven. He says he that touches the dead body of any man shall be unclean seven that is and guilty. Right unclean and guilty he shall purify him self with it on the third day and on the seventh day he shall be clean but if you purifies not himself on the third day then on the seventh day shall not be clean whosoever touch of the dead body of any man that is dead. Isn't that interesting statement Have you ever touched a dead body a man that wasn't dead. And purified not himself defines the tabernacle of the Lord and that soul shall be cut off from Israel. So if you touch a dead person you become defiled unclean and if you don't go through the process of being cleansed again you're to be cut off from God's people how serious was this an undertaker would be a fun job to have because the water of separation was not sprinkled upon him he shall be unclean as uncleanness yet upon him and also guilty according to the call first fourteen. This is the law when a man dies in a tent all that come into the tent and all that are in the tent shall be unclean seven days and every open vessel which hath no covering bound upon it is unclean and whosoever touches one that is slain of a sword and open fields or a dead body or the bone of a man or a grave shall be unclean. Seventy So even if you come in contact with a grave you become unclean. Could the Messiah come in the future ever become unclean and still be the Messiah. No because he'd be guilty right. But it's interesting here because we're going to for now Luke Chapter five. Luke the fifth chapter. Well I'm going to have an explanation of a text you look wonder what it meant and it's interesting enough you can understand a lot of the things that Jesus says in a lot of things are in a New Testament without an understanding of the Old Testament very interesting we're going to get one of those right here coming up and Luke Chapter five. I think we're going to look chapter five verse fifteen Luke five fifteen the Bible says but so much more it went there the fame abroad of Him Jesus and great multitudes came together to hear and to be healed by him of their infirmities and Jesus with true self in the wilderness and prayed and it came to pass on a certain day that he was teaching a list of this Jesus was teaching and they were fairest C.E.'s and doctors of the law sitting by who was sitting there very seasoned doctors of the law are these are these holy people or on holy people they're holy people. I mean you as a disciple who's going to heaven who you think are going to put on the top fast track on top the list. It's guys and scribes and Pharisees these people right Farah sees all right. And then it says out of every town of Galle in Judea and Jerusalem and listen to this and the power of the Lord was present to heal them now in context of the sentence there who was the power of the Lord present to heal fair seas and doctors along but now if you solider healthy their wealthy their Jews Well they need help from these guys have it all together they're on the fast track to heaven yet you don't get to be remember one time there the young man to come up to Jesus and said I want to know what to do to be saved he says keep the commandments he said that kept all of these to sell you have and give to the poor and follow me and then then Jesus says it's hard for a rich man in the kingdom of heaven. The disciples said then how so anybody be saved. Remember that. Why would they say such a statement they. Understanding a theology that said if you're wealthy it's got to be from the blessing of God It's got to be God giving them the wealth and prosperity in the health. So if God is giving you this you must be in favor of God So you're going to be saved that was a theology very similar to much of the theology is out there today isn't the prosperity gospel preaching you know if God gives you these things you must be in his favor. So that's the way they believe in so here it says that these fair season doctors a lower standing by in the present of the Lord was there to heal them go with me to Luke Chapter eleven. This is the Luke eleven is very similar to Matthew chapter twenty three it's where Jesus is giving them what for what are you scribes and pharisees you bunch of scoundrels you hypocrites right. Religious actor but look at this this is the text that. That really I didn't understand what it meant until I was studying this verse forty four it says whoa describes unfair see you hypocrites for your like grades do not appear in men walk over them are not aware of them. What is as saying Now listen my friends. The Bible says no medical law if you come in contact with a grave. Even if you don't know what you're unclean and guilty right. He says you're like graves without tombstone markers people are coming in contact with you men and becoming defiled unclean and they don't even know it then the scribes and Pharisees need to come to Jesus for clinching. Yes As a matter fact is in Matthew chapter twenty three in verse fifteen or Jesus says to them he says you circle the globe about to find one proselyte and when you find him you making twice the child of Fela's yourself. In other words these were the leaders of the Church of the time these were the the holy men and what they were doing that they were very good at making process life making people to follow them but they wasn't teaching them follow God could that happen again. Could it be that the we can come up with the theologies and ideas and we never really learn to point people to Jesus right. And so here it says that they were like greys and not appear did these men need clean cleansed. Yes they did they were walking dead men and dead people or unclean you come in contact with them. You become unclean and that's what Jesus said they were. And it's fascinating because these dead men didn't know that they were dead or they wouldn't come for a cleansing. Isn't that something they didn't know they were dead they would come for a cleansing they didn't know how unclean they were and this is exactly how does with dead people because watch this go with me now to Luke Chapter seven is back up again in the Gospel of Luke Chapter seven you notice a lot of these things are in the Gospel of Luke what was his. What was his profession a physician he loved the healing up process and the idea of dying being made alive again he focused on these things quite a bit right in Luke chapter and again and looked after seven starting a verse eleven the Bible says this came to pass that the day after he went into a city called Naina many of his disciples that with him and much people now in the he now when he came nigh into the gate of the city behold there was a dead man carried out the only son of his mother and she was a widow and much of the people the city was with her and when the Lord sorry I compassion on her and said to her weep not and he came and touched the casket Jesus can't be the Messiah because the little all says if anyone comes in contact with some a dead body or grave or a casket anything like that that person becomes unclean and guilty and has to go through the process of being planned and says that's guilty and send out what the Bible says so when Jesus touch the casket. He can't be the Messiah as a matter of fact I thought I had something new here and thought is really great and I read desire to see said the same thing I was so frustrated I thought I had something new in the third grader beat me to it. I'll read it to you in just a moment. What she had to say about it now follow this with me even her writing she's made makes a statement that the disciples sought to prevent Jesus from touching the casket because he would touch the dead himself he comes on clean and they could be the Messiah they're going to fall around the Messiah early on this mystery so I can picture like this let my imagination go for a moment right. So Jesus walking along. Here's this woman going by this perception this feeling going by the woman's crying and and by the way she's a widow and her only son was the one dead. So what does that mean her life is going to be from then on she's done not just alone not alone like in this world my friends. She's going to go home. She's going to go without she she's going to have a her or her existence is going to be very it's going to be worse you could imagine she lost everything that she was the pin their pawn where they didn't have in Social Security at the time right. They didn't have ways of supporting the they didn't support that well and do very good with them and so he was her means of support and now it's gone. And so she's crying and weeping and she and I can imagine she's praying to God why God let this happen I think Jesus is direct answer to prayer he comes over says Don't weep. I'm not going to Madge like Don't weep why what I have not to be weeping about right and so Jesus touch of the casket and in the spirit prophet tell the story of this the moment says the disciples try to receive from touching the casket so I can picture like this right. So Jesus walking along starts walking to the casket and Peter's like you see the movies right slow motion. And they're diving to try to stop him from like don't do it right you can imagine what's going on because the disciples know if he touches the casket if he goes and does that he can't be the Messiah we're falling on the wrong guy. Oh let me read it to you. Oh me finish the Bible and first back to verse fourteen. He touched the casket and burst in four fourteen touch the casket and they that bear stood still and he said Young man I say to you rise and he that was dead got up a few days later. How quickly did it take place my friends listen this he's unclean and guilty right. This is dead bodies unclean Jesus touch that he becomes guilty but what happens when the holy flesh touches something that's a holy the unholy thing becomes holy not the holy thing becomes on holy. Right. And so when Jesus touched the casket the only thing can happen does happen. Not that not that the the Jesus of the fall but the dead guy's made clean is made holy right now what's powerful about this is the fact that this dead guy didn't come looking for Jesus to come looking for him and my friends you have the children that's out there they're dead in their dead in sin they're spiritually dead and you wonder will who can I ever say them Don't stop praying for them because Jesus looking for them. Jesus came looking for this individual like the one. And look for Jesus right. But here. Jesus comes and finds him and I think it's a direct answer to the mother's prayer. Now listen to this right here from the book desire of ages this is so good. Page three eighteen as they draw near a funeral train is seen coming from the gates with slow sad steps it is proceeding to the place of burial on an open casket carried in front is the body of the dead about all other mourners filling the air with their wailing cries all the people the town seem to be gathered to show their respect for the dead their sympathy for the bereaved it was a sight to awaken sympathy my friends and I'll tell you is true if you're been to a funeral of sort of a child the past the passing of a child before the parent. It's just unnatural and it will rate awaken sympathy for anybody unless you're just hard hearted the deceased was the only son of his mother and she was a widow the lonely mourner was following to the grave her so earthly supporting comfort when the Lord saw or he had compassion on compassion on her and she moved on blindly weeping not noting his presence he came close beside her and gently said Don't weep. Jesus was about to change her grief into joy and yet he could not forbear this expression of tender sympathy. It says He came and touched the casket. Now listen to what she writes to him even contact with death could impart no to file it exactly right. I thought I had something no the bearer stood still the limitations of the mourner ceased the two companies gathered about the casket hoping against hope. One was present who had banishes ease and vanquished demons was this subject to his power in clear authoritative voice the words spoken young man I say to you a rise. The voice pierces the dead ears the ears the dead. The young an open design. Jesus takes him by the hand lissom up his gaze falls upon her been weaving beside him and mother and son unite in a long clinging joyous embrace that is so powerful just like the fence crabs and fair seas didn't know they were dead. They didn't know they need to come to Jesus for cleansing this dead man didn't know either. But yet Jesus comes and finds him and my friends I think he's still looking for us and the only thing that can happen does happen when the when the filthy and the defiled comes in contact with Christ the only thing can happen does happen. You're made holy he has no choice because of who he is not because your sterling character because because of who he is and by the way righteousness by faith now now that we've accepted him and he's touched estimate is clean how we live our lives is now told us mom and son this is what I want need to do you need a reason the reason he died was because the way you've been eaten stuff you need to change a diet you think that would do it for you they would for what reason out of love of him of what he's done for me one more story. You know it's worse than death that leprosy see death your rotting and you don't know it. Leprosy your rotting and you do know it what would you prefer right and you're a leper colony imagine what you look at every day in a leper colony right and these people with they're looking bad right that's all you're looking at Imagine being a leper Now back to Luke we're still in Luke one just back up a bit to Chapter five again in verse twelve isn't what it says Luke Chapter five verse twelve and it came to pass when he was in a certain city behold a man full of leprosy Now what is full of leprosy me. He's probably missing fingers. You know they don't have feeling in a they cut them things in they get infected then it falls all things like that start happening it's just nasty nasty situation this man was full of leprosy. What kind of situation is that because a hopeless situation is a bit hopeless you want to touch a leper. By the way I messed up just a little while ago I told you it was that there was a dead man that is I will try to revive him touching it was this guy so I was off one. So it came to pass when he was in a certain city Behold I am full of leprosy who seeing Jesus fell on his face myside him saying Lord. If you will you can make me clean and just run back about twenty five steps he said just there out there and I will notice what he does here my friends notice again. Don't miss what Jesus is doing like he not only affiliates. With us but he'll affiliate with the worst of us. It says he put forth his hand and touched him. Jesus is ongoing no one touched a leper. I mean I would touch an unclean woman of I touched a leper write it because because the leper say when you touch a leper you're in you're in bad trouble you get you could be put in a colony somewhere and that's what you're going to be messing with the rest your life is no just a process of being closing in there was there was things were going to take place and the Bible says that he return touched him saying I will be that clean and mean yet Lee the leprosy departed from him how quickly. Immediately I love that because look at this. The work of Christ the desire of age to sixty six including the leper from this terrible disease is an illustration of his work and cleansing the soul from sin. The man who came to Jesus was full of leprosy. Its deadly poison permeated his whole body now listen to this the disciples sought to prevent their master from touching him for he you touch a leper himself became unclean that's the one I was thinking about a while ago but in laying his hand upon the leper Jesus received notify him why he said again. He's the holy flash exactly right is not powerful like in other words Jesus YOU CANNOT BE file him no matter how filthy your sin is no matter how right you are no matter how wicked you are if you'll come to Jesus he will make you clean the matter how far you've gone that's amazing. The man how much effort you try to make yourself better can you make yourself better. No lever can't make it make himself better can it. No one can but here he comes to Jesus and Jesus touches him and it's. But laying his hand on the leopard Jesus receive no defilement his touch imparts life giving power the leprosy was Clinton's Jesus receive no to find that he's a holy flesh and it goes on. Thus it is with the leprosy of sin deep rooted deadly impossible to be cleansed by human power. Have you ever heard my sagging alive claim that come to Jesus. It's impossible to be cleansed by human power. You can't do it the effort is futile you're just wasting your time you're going to do you're going to fall in disappointment and regret and you're just going to turn away and you will think I can never be saved but like the woman who heard about Jesus and said I'm his touch is going to be made whole she sneaks up behind and touch his garment expecting probably get beat is made whole the woman with her son crying because he's dead Jesus comes and fixes that the leper. And the illustration of our sin comes to Jesus says Please Lord heal me he said OK I can do that and touches him. Thus it is with leprosy is sin deep rooted deadly impossible be claimed by human power listen. The whole head is sick. This is quoting from the Scriptures Elm ideas. The whole heart is sick. The whole head is sick the whole heart is fate from the soul the foot even of the head there's no sound of sand about wounds and bruises and putrefying sores. But Jesus coming to dwell in humanity receives no pollution. Why the holy Plesch say I thought I had something new that I found out this year as he was long head of me his presence has healing virtue for the sinner. Now listen to this is the meaning of the whole message. Who ever will fall his feet saying in faith Lord if you will you'll make me clean will hear the answer. We'll hear the answer will be that clean all you have is come to him. Now listen. No matter how holy you are if you come to him he'll make you clean. I think when I am holy MARTIN Now follow this with me if the Bible says necessity for verse six. We are all as an unclean thing. All of our righteousness is are still to rags right then the Bible say. By the way you know the word rags are there is every study that out any doll literally women's Mistral rags. That's what that's a literal translation if you go look at it in the industry the words that he out. He says all righteousness are like women's Mistral rags. What does the Bible say about a woman with an issue unclean all of your righteousnesses are filthy unclean. I want to quote John first on one for a moment is it OK if we confess our sins if they don't just give us our sins and cleanse us from all of our righteousness says it's true. Do we need Clinton or righteousness our righteousness that he claims can Jesus planes our righteousness. Yes so that the text says and righteousness of course we need to clear this from that but my friends some of us are the holy impious we've been raised in the church we've always known everything we don't need clearing where we were already got together. I've been a vegan vegetarian my whole life. I'm a fourth generation Seventh Day Adventists I have I'm going walking with the Lord of my whole life what I need to repent of that are you following this in other words the scribes and Pharisees had it all together my friends they ate right there the church on the right day they done everything just right. But they needed clearance from their righteousness because the Bible says all righteousness is a filthy rags. If we don't go to the holy flesh and let him clinches we are lost and you know the good news is if you get whole your whole life if you've been right to school your whole life. You can still be made right with Christ. He will cleanse you no matter how messy you are and then there's the other side of the story those that are filthy lives they've been to the other side of the tracks if you will filthy rotten terrible people that God says I'll make you cling to if you just come to him and my friend see the beauty of this is the power of it is he promises that if we would ask him faith he will cleanse us the scribes and Pharisees could being cleansed if they would just come in as they were sitting in the very power of Christ that cleans them. And they were too holy to do it and then there were others who were to feel that there's no way you can help me and they there with will read about them. We don't read about the ones that. Never came because they saw there is no way he would have anything do with me but God's Word gives us plenty of examples of what God will do if it does come to Him by faith and reach out by faith and touch that holy flesh and say Lord if you will you let me clean and you will hear the answer I will be that clean you will be right with Christ is that powerful and how long does it take him to do it by the way each person touched him how quickly did take place immediately right immediately and how do you think it changed their lives. From then on they were different weren't they God want to do that for you so maybe this morning maybe maybe you're so holy You don't need got what you need come to Christ for cleansing maybe need to cleanse you for all your righteousness. Or maybe you're so filthy you think there's no way that God forgive me you don't know how bad I am in my private life you don't know how bad I am God says if you reach out and touch Jesus by faith he will make you clean what assurance what a god what power and I think that's what every individual went through that they were burned alive at the stake and sang hymns of Christ and said that when the God you know boys love your truth they have that trust in him said it's not what I've done it's what you've done. Have you learn to trust in the day you understand now by reaching out in faith it's what he will do and when you recognize I think one of the best buddies you can do by the way one of the best as you can do is study about heaven. The reward of the righteous and one of the things that come to mind as you study about that is the fact that he gave that up to come here and save us. He gave it up. I mean he. If they want us to heaven you will go and I think the overwhelming thought is going to everyone I was he left this even for a moment to come and save us that holy being come from here down to save us how can he do such a thing I'm not leaving here ever again no way you can't get me out again driving out of here and he knew what he was leaving to come and save us that holy flesh that holy being. I think some of us are going to say. I mean I almost missed this. I almost threw this away. Jesus come live the holy life was that holy flesh and if you reach out by faith and touch him he will make you whole immediately to tell his presence in your heart speaking to this morning. I love this message it was so encouraging to me even me Jesus can save even me and you think your story is bad enough you open with your story right and you know right. All of us have terrible stories all of us in the Holy Place all thing that cries for short we reach out to him by faith that they ask him to clinch you if you will you will hear the answer I will be that clean. Let's pray. Father in heaven. You have promised that if we will reach out by faith and ask him a clean your word says you will make us clean that holy being Jesus that came to this earth that we may have eternal life. Lord in our filthiness in our righteous fill their filthy righteousness in our filthy and righteousness all of everything that we have as we've learned is nothing but filth into we come in contact with the holy flesh to see what Jesus has done and willing to do in our lives Lord we saw these examples of how you physically help people but you've told us also that how you help us spiritually what has come to you and reach out by faith and ask. We will hear the answer I will be that clean Lord we want to hear that answer this morning want to be clean and right with you that when you come in the clouds of glory Lord we among those people that are able to stand in the presence of a holy God because we've accepted you in our lives here and now. Lord I thank you for the hope and a promise we have I thank you for the assurance of salvation and how that can change and does change our lives so bless everyone that is mourning the Lord and it's heard this message and may be encouraged in our wall encourage in our insurance that salvation. And Lord Mayor recognized all the great sacrifice and cost that been paid paid for us. They will be willing to live the life you want to do not for a merit of our own. But because of that he who saved us we want to show our love for Him Jesus name phrase this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W. Audio verse or.


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