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Romans 7:1-6 "Married to the Wrong Man"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • May 13, 2009
    7:00 PM
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hi we are starting Romans chapter seven and Romans seven is perhaps one of the most wrongly understood chapters in all the Bible if the chapter that many Christians cc to justify continuing in this sort of study rooms on the night and we are going CC even facts hall is saying that sin is inhabitable life so we won't get there on the using the whiteboard as well but overhear the ice it's as if the recording Minister on myself I'll speak can you hear me okay okay cerebrum and seven and I'm actually going to read what EJ Wagner says at the beginning of the chapter of the book the hero as a commentary on around them by the way if you haven't ever read this was actually on now I have really not so the studies we've been doing on my own study is not black study that is probably at least theologically an agreement if not point by point agreement but anyway the book is Wagner on Romans and is published by glad tidings publishers so chapter seven this is how he starts off by saying the seventh chapter of Romans is really all contained in the six key to understand the six chapter will have no difficulty with assessment by Christ's obedience we are made righteous this is because his life is now give us see when CMS site he says this union with Christ we began by being crucified with in that death the body of sinister strike that henceforth we should not serve sin or in other words that we should no more transgress the law so closely are we identified with son is being her very life that cannot be destroyed without our dying but in Christ there is no sin so that while we have a resurrection withstands sin remains dead so being raised with him we live with the thing that was formerly impossible on account of sin sin cannot dwell with soon as I found somewhat similar to what we are talking about in Romans six centimeters and that he was physically summarizing Romans six on the basis of that when we get to Romans seven now called him and give a further description of what he was signing about in Romans six and really the key of Roman sexes being dead to sin so Romans seven verse one know ye not brethren for I speak to them that know the law how that the one at the menu never a man as long as he wanted soon the audience of policy into here they know about God 's law he's not speaking to the heathen he'd never heard of God and inverse she continuing says for the woman which hath an husband is bound by the watch to her husband so long as you live it but it has been being said she is a waste from the whopper husband servant of while her husband limits she be married him she shall be called an adulterous bed of her husband me dad she is free from the law so that she is now adulterous that she be married to another man some verses two and three were unpacked some of the previous and the in all fairness I will say that I got a couple of ideas from Wagner on these points up until this one I hadn't put more give credit where credit is due Wagner was a man used by God so I have no problem saying that I got some of these ideas so if you what's have Romans seven the subject matter we have a woman Anna and her husband and another man and then we time when we talk about Christ and being married to another numbers for which we haven't gotten to yet but make this illustration is we have a woman married to her husband and then down here we have another man so maybe according to Hsu the law as long as this woman is alive and as long as her husband was alive according to the law she is bound by that want to be married to her husband now it's interesting that in the book of each Ephesians chapter five in versus thirty one and thirty she talks about how a man shall leave his father and mother shall the joint venture is wife's conveyance to show me one was this is a great ministry but I speak concerning Christ and the church citizen key points here on the literal physical level here on this Earth in the eyes of God when a woman is married to her husband they are one ten into the idea that when you're one flush with someone that you do the same thing now Ellen White talks about how important for us that are married to preserve our individuality and that's true but in the spiritual sense speaking of marriage the husband and the wife are one flash meaning that there on the same path maybe the same thing and of course in Ephesians five this is women submit to your husbands on thousands of the Lord so the woman in your policy following the spiritual model here and I now get in trouble and some cancer saying this that where we were trying to be biblical here it talks about the woman being bound by the want to her husband as long as he lives and features are one flesh get into major issue about it on the role of women in the we can another twenty one so according to law a woman is bound by the water her husband so long as he witnessed them in the second part of her ceases but if the husband being said she is pleased from the Walker house so if her husband dies she still living she clearly is no longer want flash with someone who is that if so she's voice from the law of her husband verse three that this is so then just while her husband mother TV married to another man she shall be called an adulterous but if her husband be dead she is free from outlaw so that she has no adulteress though she be married to another man somewhat make this clear here what's saying we removed the Saxon or husbands still whether both say that he's still alive somehow she got married to another man and he still would according to the Bible that makes her an adulterous nine oh with some of your thinking must be very clear Jesus made it very clear that in the case of adultery if here they aggrieved party you have the right to marry someone else but the according to Jesus of course he says it's because of the hardness of men's hearts not really according to the will of God then again run into much time on this point was just making clear that even in the administration today this misses the point people have lost sight of the significance of divorce and remarriage it's almost like dating about their workouts and now I get to someone else but the Bible is very clear when you are married as long as the other one was either one excess in the case of adultery so even if this woman marry someone else while her husband is living and he did nothing to deserve the divorce she is called an adulterous now the question is why is Paul spending time talking about why marriage with respect to righteous by safely loving this being a wise in Christ to live in newness of life and all of a sudden versus Ewing three were talking about a lot of marriage and a woman being married another man while her husband was what does this have to do with righteousness by faith will actually a lot looks like a verse for seasons he starts off with the word wherefore to be summarizing the first three verses wherefore my brethren ye also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ's that he should be married to another even they can do is raised from the dead that we should bring forth fruit and I got a for when we were in the flash the motions of sins which were by the law did work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death so first for Susan we are become dead to the law by the body of Christ they see should be married to another even then now let's make this diagram Paul says he should be married on these the words you and there is another and in verse four it talks about being married to another so here we have what woman being married to another man but if her husband still alive she can without being called adulterous here we are supposed to be married to another what Paul says that Christ's but he says when you are in season when you were in the flash in verse five pieces when we were in the flash the motions of sins which were by the law did works in our members to bring forth shrewd and send now if you recall in Romans six the wages of sin is death and being a servant of sin is death through his death so what Paul was trying to say is that we in our natural condition are married to the flash specifically the old man how I know that because in Romans chapter six verse six it says knowing this that our old man is crucified with that the body of sin might be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve sin verse seven perceived that his dad is freed from sin and we spent a lot of time unless only the majority of our time we discussed Romans six talking about being dead to sin so we spent a lot of time fragmenting to the cinema me just summarize again briefly Romans six when we are as yet the same we are justified that's for seven and number six we see that the similar word being said is being crucified and what is him versus five versus six it's our old man and when our old man is crucified this was even be married to another even to Christ and notice what it says and resources even check-in who is raised from the Chad that we should bring forth fruit unto God now notice this more married since Christ was raised from the dead and we talked about that room six in Romans six verse forces therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life so you see how Romans seven is just continuing the same idea so Roman seventies crystallizing this even further buried with him by baptism into death Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father were raised to walk that the newness of life our old man is crucified with Christ Christ was crucified with Christ was resurrected our old man is crucified and then we are raise up to walk in newness of life because we are dead to sin that makes sense so here is a key point when the old man is to add that men's means he's been crucified I remember in Galatians two twenty pulses I am crucified with Christ when the old man is crucified that means that according to the law spiritually speaking we can now be married to Christ and when when we are married or rise again that means the old man is crucified that means we are just as sin which means that we are justified exactly so that you when the old manufacturers a fight is now a new creature and what he brought that Femina because we know that pulses trigger help me as a first or second Corinthians five seventeen if any man be a new critter Indian Christ is a new creature is a second or first second Corinthians effects along the accurate and I should know that the second Corinthians yes five seventeen therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are become me so the new use of speech is a new creature was raised up to walk in newness of life in Romans chapter six verse four and we also talked last week about being planted together in the likeness of his death of Christ was the corn of wheat that fell on the ground and died he was crucified because he and he died John twelve twenty three says he brings forth much fruit and here in Romans seven four it says that we are married to another even to him Christ was raised from the dead that we should bring forth fruit under God so there again we see the concept that when we are old man is when we are crucified were married to Christ we were a new creature we bring forth fruit unto God and without spending too much time on this November Galatians talks about the fruits of the spirit love joy peace long-suffering all the things when you're a new creature in Christ when your dentist him to be so if you see all the right theology and Yearling Caracas person your invitation you're always snapping you may have ahead knowledge that you're not a new creature in Christ and Ann God wants us to be the nicest people to be around but the power of the gospel so keep appointment what happens if he here in Romans seven say that you are a Christian married to Christ and yet secretly are still meeting up with the old man now you can come the church and have begun praise the Lord God is so good that you know in your heart who you are not the same now we can all do pretty good job most of the time and I I believe that most of us if not all of us here are sincerely married to Christ that this is in the Bible were talking about if we say were married to Christ and yet when we go mom set of having the fruits of the spirit of love joy peace long-suffering gentleness students need to solve those things were grumpy inpatient selfish short tempered all of those things that were not really married to Christ even though we say we are and what's actually happening as were saying were married to Christ we were actually married to someone else and were committing spiritual adultery and think about this price for the Bible says that he was made to be sin who knew no him rice is not going well when he is here so married to someone else for synchronously price will not commit adultery if you're married to someone else he's not in any marriage the in the spiritual systems secure still married to the old man Christ is not married she now what breaks down the significance of that if Christ is not married machinery you that means you're not a new creature that means you're not crucified that means you're still married to the old man which means that you're not dead to sin which means that you're not justified for a civil but did look full understanding of this is justification this is not justification and somehow computing and even when it happens as people believe that to be justified is to be covered with the righteousness of Christ Senate and without realizing it what most people are saying then is that you're basically committing spiritual adultery all the time while still being covered with the righteousness of Christ namely you take on the name of Christ to say you're a Christian and yet you're still married to the old man and according to Romans seven that means you're guilty of spiritual adultery and not meritocratic and if you're not married to Christ you are not justified I mean I'll just going through we've gone from Romans one one the Romans seven five I don't know how you can honestly assess the book of Romans and say that your justifiable Stilson I mean I believe people are sincere in saying him essentially dishonest or devious as much and why is this important because if you're not justify you not say and I was a poor you're not going to be safe exactly and I love my church and I don't want to see people in our church loss because they were given in this representation of the gospel I don't want to see that I mean the Bible is so clear about what justification justification is being dead to sin and living a new life in Christ being crucified with Christ and the old man is that case was and then sanctification which is a work in a lifetime is the dying daily to keep the old man's that's why takes the rest of your life you are justified today but tomorrow the old man wants to have a resurrection get married to you every day and so every day we choose now I'm married to Christ that's the choice we have to exactly pulse as I die daily in fraternities is an husband and wife in the same choice every day now I do believe that will for most it is to find the right person it shouldn't be difficult in the illustration it should not be difficult to choose to stay married to the right person every day married to the right person I mean yeah I saw on the news about John Edwards is not enough on that flight you know about politics said the fall have mercy on us as if this people dull bodies him as now seems as a friend right is right and right on exactly soon just to see some personal recordings missing some people think that justification and sanctification are separate from each other when in reality they work together to the same no sanctification maintains your justification you maintain that consecrated with walk with God every day now there's one other thing that I want to announce no room in Ephesians five we talked about how the husband we get this correct here first thirty one this is for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined into his wife and eight she shall be one verse thirty two this is a great ministry and my wife wonders you can get away with a few things to think that really how it's a ministry he brings shoe human beings from different homes raised by different parents even if the values are the same and Lord have mercy on this and try to get married and you have different values and subtly different viewpoints even when you have the same values the same viewpoints when it comes to the daily life for all of you who are married you know what I'm talking the Ricci people together how can they become one flesh it's only by Santos Grace is a ministry to make sure people to people with fallen human nature is to whose natural inclination is to walk not after goblet after their own inclination to then bring them under the control of the Holy Spirit enemy learned not only to live their life according to God 's way that they both want to do that together and to be one flesh that the ministry you cannot do that on your own strengths it's only by God 's grace is called a it's a mystery to us that not to God of course which is why it's called the mystery of God and he says this is a great ministry that notices pieces of ice speech concerning Christ and the church so what can this for the sexier the ministry of God is at a basic sense sheer human beings becoming one flash by acting in the greater sense gets that sure wish and Christ's becoming one flash okay so now you see the connection with Romans seven is an illustration of a husband and wife being one is the illustration of Christ and the church becoming one flash now how does the church and Christ become one flesh by we all are being crucified now I remember revelation ten seven so that in the days of the voice of the seventh angel initially in the sound stream Josh finish with the mystery of God Christ and the church becoming one now some say hello yeah I than Christ in you the hope of glory exactly guess what happens when you become married to Christ the old man becomes crucified in Galatians two twenty Paul says I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me the mystery of God Christ and the church becoming one flash MX justification by faith because when you are crucified with Christ you are dead to sin and Roman six seven says he that is dad is free from more justified so again I mentioned this before I mentioned it last week materialize for the purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist movement is the purpose of the something out of this movement which will happen while the seventh trumpet sounding and by the way he read Revelation eleven the seventh trumpet began to sound October twenty two eighteen forty four when Jesus went in the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary the purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist movement is for this movement the church to become one flesh with Christ which means that his deceitful must be crucified with Christ so that the old man of sin might be destroyed so that Christ may live in us because Christ will not live in someone Orson Welles worsen as Christ as for crisis some so I can our furnace and our mission and our reason for existence is for the mystery of God to be finished in pricey Lori and its corporate and we talked about this last week and the servants of God will be sealed and therefore knows that until they are the four winds are being held back and we saw me the servants of God are in Romans six the ones that are done this once you are justified since it always together and it's really powerful if you think about this mystery of God is Christ and the church becoming one and that can only happen when the old man is crucified when the old man was crucified then you can be married to Christ and when you're married to Christ pure one flush with just as when a husband and wife were married the two become one flesh of the greater mystery is the church in crisis one antihuman since I'll say this is if you look at us as we sinful human beings how in the world are we truly become one flesh with Christ on the world oldest point out one verse to you to actually achieve resistance Romans eight three Romans eight three forces for what the law could not even that it was weak through the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and force condemned sin in the flesh but the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled where in 's true walk not after the flashback of the sphere so Jesus I say 's upon himself humanity in the likeness of sinful flesh is not the likeness of someone the whiteness of sinful flesh and Philippians she racist attack upon the light from the sun was he really a matter was enough so the husband that sin was condemned in the flash of flesh that we would win and it's more than just flesh and bones blood and red blood cells running around talking about is the Greek word is Sartre 's which links please the nature that we have and because he check upon himself our nature and he condemned sin in our nature the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit Melanie a fetus if you're walking on after the flesh but after the spirit what happened to you became a new creature the old man was crucified and even raised to walk in newness of life and because Christ 's team in the likeness of sinful flesh power is now in there but for us to have that same experience in John three exactly seven how is this mystery going to be finished in Hawaii says for this many times the job requires the entire surrender in the heart before justification can take place the question is this and you can ask yourself the question have you surrendered one hundred percent of Jesus Christ not ninety nine eight percent white document everything in my life except for the way I dress you have everything in my life etc. when I watch on TV what I allow myself to tell me what I listen to on the radio or the way I talk to my spouse or you need we know what one hundred percent surrender is and that's what it means for the old man to be crucified when the old man is crucified we become one flesh with Christ's and I realized that some of these absent the whole time just a few verses that this is a crucial section understand what you understand this then will haul talks about being carnal sold understand doing the things he doesn't want to the end and not doing the things he wants to do when you're sold under sense that's the same conflict of interest services in your sold under something tourists away slaves are sold and there under their master and we are sold under sin eraser is very clear series as I am carnal sold under sin from again with that not an guy is the Syrians were in a talk about this next week if someone who knows what is right they know the law that they don't have the power to keep the old man is still alive and well they want to be married to Christ but that's not what the old man is there's a few good things their anonymous we keep him around so you can let me just see how frightening it the other side but let's finish the first six server-side in for when we were in the flesh the motions of sins which were buying a lot at work and remembers to bring forth fruit and that some sort instead of bringing fruit and a godly bearing fruit and death we were in the flash verse six that now we are delivered from the law the him him where we were how is that we should serve in newness of spirit and not in the oldness of the water so when we serve in newness of spirit her new and massive spear when we serve for servants and in Romans six to talk about being raised to walk in newness of life here we have UNICEF's fear it and not in the oldness of the letter which would be we know what's right so we try to keep and we don't have the power so that's where removes the first six verses tonight and will view we should be able to get your verses seven to twenty five next week that I just want to say one more time if you look at round seven the first few verses which the pointer this woman is married to her husband as long as he's alive she's down by the law to be married and so they are one if she dies she is free from the law of thy husband to be married to another man I remember the same law still applies when she married the new man geniuses they faithfully same with us we were dead in trespasses and sins married to the old man then the old man is crucified through were now free from the law of Batman to be married to a new man who is Christ when we get married to Christ it's not like we can go back and forth between husbands the old man is and we stay married to Christ the rest of our lives were safe and when we have that experience we are a new creature and we have the experience and the mystery of godliness which is being one flesh with Christ which is the six rice is living in and when God 's remnant people have needs series one flush with Christ the ministry of God is finished in Revelation eighteen will be fulfilled for the earth was lightened with the glory of the character of God and I might say I got some of my ideas from Google Doctor Wagner EJ Wagner for the study not all of them a few that I might say this is what wine regions were teaching in eighteen eighty eight and alliances this message was the beginning of a loud cry so what were studying is the loud cry message the question is do we have a lower price and that's something that only we can ask ourselves between us and God that is crucial we want to see Jesus come in I'm tired of this world the attraction so we can have a few letters after name and make a few dollars of the banks can crash and we can leave their retirement I mean seriously come on what we living for are we married to Christ are we still married and he held me being married to Christ


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