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  • July 9, 2016
    10:00 AM
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Our topic today is anarchy and how frequently Anarky comes on the heels of the good times. So it must have been one beautiful springtime morning in the city of Jerusalem. City was awash in color and laughter sons and daughters of Israel coming home for Passover not just the rabbis the priests and their beautiful Galland symbolizing so much of what was important to the Jewish faith the blue border of the law beautiful white linen symbolizing purity mixing among them are the clank and glamour of the Roman elements of the Roman frex a sleep in which you come down from Syria because more often than not on Passover the Jews begin to dream of being free and more than once the legions of had to wade into Jerusalem with their pillions in their various hymns in their short swords and in the bloodbath restored order but this Passover it seems that something will be different and there is a small group of men clustered on the Mount of Olives and they're looking out towards one of the wonders of the ancient world. Something that every young you can look at and feel the swell of pride because there in beautiful marble there for all time and space is a minute on Temple Mount to the one true god. And how many hundreds of years in millennia of triumph and failure of so often wanting to do good for the Lord and most often failing him. Does that a beautiful building represent. These young men are gathered around another young man a teacher a rabbi and they look out at that beautiful beautiful building and their heart swell with pride and they say look teacher. Rob and I are Rabbi look at that beautiful building. Isn't that something isn't that something to be proud history has not recorded for us the look on Jesus' face. As he looks out of that building in his mind and his heart turn as only divinity can to a future that only he can see and he doesn't see that building one beautiful silk white stone piled upon another E.C.S. just ruined flames and pain and destruction and in response to the question do you see all these things. Join me if you would Matthew twenty four chapter. Matthew Chapter twenty four verse two. And response to his disciples questions he says Truly I tell you not one stone here will be left on another everyone will be thrown down any time of high prosperity following the triumphal entry where thousands gathered to cheer the man they thought might be able to free them from Roman oppression that very man looks into the future only he can see and he describes a world in terror. So as Jesus is sitting on the Mount of Olives the disciples ask him they say Rabbi teacher you've told us of this bleak future of this anarchy. What is the sign of these things and how will we know what to look for to see the end of the age. And the sign of your coming. Answers and says Be careful don't let anyone deceive you you will hear of wars verse six and rumors of wars but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen but the end is still to come. What are two things we learn about Anarky from this story number one it always follows the best of times it's inevitable it's happened throughout history what's the second thing we learn from the words of the Lord Himself Anarky is not the sign of the end. Why. Hold that thought why. Has Jesus describes. A world that through many ages mankind is said Lee had to see verse seven nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places all these things are the beginning of now how many people here have a King James Version. What's the word that comes next SARS. As a familiar passage to most of us most of us could probably recite it from memory but for a moment. Let's drill down and ask ourselves if what is traditionally thought to be the best the most literal interpretation of Holy Scripture really got this one right. Or if the old English translators decided to gloss over a very important concept that Christ is returning to yet again to make sure that his audience gets the point. Anybody who haven't an I.V. version. What what comes next in your version brother. This is the very end of verse eight all these things are the beginning of. First date. Of birth pains. Folk for once. The end I got it more right then the King James version did. What is the Greek word that is used. The original Greek word that is used to describe what's going on and what the Lord is trying to communicate the word is. Oh Dean. It is a feminine noun. It literally describes its use either to describe indescribable pain I'm sure some of you women will agree with that it's most often used to describe the beginning of childbirth of the pain that comes from bringing another human being into the world. What are some things that we gather from the Lord's use of this very descriptive word. All of this nation rising as nation famines earthquakes in various places all of this Anarky is not the end. It is the beginning and it is the beginning of something that ultimately turns out very beautiful for those involved. It's the beginning of hope it's the beginning of something brand new so in case you didn't get it when he says very explicitly the end is still to come he then list specific things types of anarchy wars earthquakes famines in many different places but this isn't it. This is the beginning not of sorrows but of childbirth of an incredibly painful process that leads to something new and so our story this morning begins at the end and also. The beginning. Begins at the very end of Christ's life. The beginning of a promise of something new something to come something that will follow on Anarky but it will Anarky itself will not be the sign of the end the Lord goes on in verse fifteen he says Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by who. By Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place. Whoever reads let him here. So in this moment at the very end of his life. The Lord is pointing us back to one of the great heroes one of the great giants of the Jewish faith of Jewish belief one of the few men it gets to there is not one recorded sin in the entire Bible even when it would have served him better. Even when he could have justified doing less than what he knew to be right. Here is one of the few guys that Scripture says no matter what even if it was for the greater good even of history's own good if it was for the good of his people he didn't do it if it broke the faith that he had in his heart. The Lord point suspect to the abomination of desolation and scholars have struggled with understanding this particular reference because it is it's not an easy one to understand the word that is used in the Septuagint and is translated here is now Soko it's is used over a hundred times through the Old Testament. It is referenced in Daniel nine to eleven. It is sometimes used to describe various types of sexual aberration. For those of you that take notes and want to look this stuff up later and make sure I'm not just a lawyer appear run in my mouth. Take a look at Leviticus eight hundred twenty two and eight hundred twenty nine to thirty. These are each instances in which this particular Hebrew word is used so cos that being said it is most often used to refer to idolatry. It is most often used to refer to idolatry frequently very very bad idolatry some of the worst type of idolatry you can imagine. For instance the standard garden variety idolatry that doesn't involve For instance murdering children. You can find examples of that in Deuteronomy seven twenty five. Thirteen six to sixteen. Deuteronomy seventeen two to five Deuteronomy eighteen nine to twelve Deuteronomy twenty seven fifteen and Deuteronomy Chapter thirty two verse sixteen. Those are all examples. Just in one book it's being used to refer to the abomination of idolatry and the word is very powerful it's a very primitive root in the Hebrew language. It's derived from one that is used to describe just the most unspeakable types of the horrible human behavior one can think of. I don't think you can imagine a human behavior much worse than taking your little baby son or daughter just a few months old and putting them on the arms of a god called and watching as that young child is burned alive because Mo Aqua's a hollow bronze statue with a eagle like the two hands standing out waiting to receive the sacrifice and the sacrifice that Mohawk wanted was infant children and parents would willingly go up and place their child on the arm. Terms of this abomination in the mistaken belief that they could somehow garner favor with this God that they worshiped if you like to reference to that you will find it in first kings eleven seven and Second Kings twenty three thirteen any example of mole lock being used. Sadly takes us back to the gentleman who was responsible for that temple being on that mount that Jesus is looking at and testifying to. And. An example of that is first kings eleven seven then did Solomon build a high place for the abomination of Moab in the hill that is before Jerusalem and for the abomination of the children of the Amazon so each time the the Old Testament wants to convey a truly hideous idolatry it uses this particular word. Why is it in talking about the end of the world and something to look for as a sign of anarchy. But not yet the end because that's just the beginning that is the beginning of the birth process of this indescribable pain. The Lord says Look for the abomination spoken of by Daniel Can anybody think of the single most idolatrous reference in the entire Book of Daniel. It was about seventy cubits tall. It was made out of solid gold ring any bells. Take a look back at Daniel Chapter two. Most scholars who have strong. To. Parson to understand. Matthew twenty four verses fifteen and sixteen. Have looked quite justifiably at Daniel nine to eleven because that's where you find this particular word sick Ott's being used but I submit to you that is not the only passage in the chapter of Daniel that deals with the big tall Idol that has something to say about the kind of anarchy and chaos. We are told to expect to witness right before the end of the world let's take a look at Daniel Chapter two will start with verse twenty seven. Daniel answered in the presence of the king and said the secret which the king has demanded the wise men the astrologers the magicians and the soothsayers cannot declare but there is. There is a God in heaven who reveal secrets has made them known to us. What will be when in the latter days the same time period Jesus is speaking about on the Mount of Olives right before the end of his life he is made known to use you pagan King. What is going to happen in the very last days. Your dream and the visions of your head upon your bed worthy as Thus saith the Lord your Majesty. As for you OK thoughts came to your mind while on your bed about what would come to pass after this. And here you reveal secrets has made known to you what will be you all King were watching and behold a great image. This great image whose Splendor was excellent stood before you and its form was awesome. The images head was a fine. Told its chest and arms of silver its belly and five's a bronze legs of irony its feet partly environ and partly of clay and then what happened. You watched while a stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces and then all that metal was crushed together became like chaff from the summer threshing floor as the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found is that anarchy. That sounds like a I mean folk that that sounds like the sort of trips that did use a psycho active drugs descried So there's this big thing man and it's all metal and there's some metal here another metal here there's all this other little bits of metal at the bottom and here comes this big stone and Bluey all this metal just. It's gone. No wonder the king woke up a little. Yeah that's in our key. And what causes it. What causes it ladies and gentlemen like iron that crushes that kingdom will break in pieces and crush all the others these are the the legs of iron whereas you saw the feet in toes partly of potter's clay and partly of iron the kingdom shall be divided yet the strength of the iron shall be and it just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay which has absolutely no strength whatsoever. But I don't think I need to tell this particular audience that the traditional interpretation of those feet of clay has been a Europe that after the Roman Empire has struggled and struggled to come together to form a unified. Oh I don't know European Union. And it just hasn't worked though the last two weeks. Have seen an ancient pagan King. Vision of the latter days begin to come true. Economically the second most powerful member of the E.U. And I remember seeing the statistic I hope I don't get it wrong I think England's G.D.P. accounts for something like an eighth of the entire G.D.P. of the entire economic union second only to Germany England is now exiting that thing that just five or ten years ago looked like it would surpass the United States as the world's largest combined economic power seat of iron and of clay. And what are we told to expect when we see the feet of iron and clay that can't stay together. The next thing we're expected to see is this is this stone carved out of a mound the comes down and crushes the whole thing and it blows away for the former things have passed away. In verse forty four in the and in the days of these King. In the days of those kings who can't keep their union together the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left to other people. It shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand for that's a prophet. See that didn't come to you willingly. Children are not born easily but they're a blessing and they're important when they come to the end the anarchy that surrounds the end the end of all things according to the Lord will not come easily it will be like childbirth and this prophecy almost as old as is the ability of mankind to sit down with some implement and scratch it into a tablet or write it on a little piece of cloth paper made from rushes taken from down by the river a prophecy almost as old as the ability of humankind to record it into Remember it didn't come via willingly because that King blessed as few others ever are in the history of this world with a vision from God himself of how it would all unravel tried to change the story. Because let's face it folks words scratched on Pirates don't last very long Daniel's word spoken in the throne ring to King Nebuchadnezzar that day would have died with the people who heard them. If all only ned taken as ors plan to rewrite the prophecy had worked had to rewrite the prophecy simple get rid of all that other stuff and just make it all gold. There will be no and there will be no stone. There will only ever be need. Well we all know how that story ended a large Idol. Raised up to try to rewrite the way the story's really going to end reduced to something that I venture to say given the fact that it was that tall and it was solid Some of you are probably wearing that. I and your teeth right now that was a lot of gold scattered to the four winds the gold statue that should have stood forever is no more now it's being used for dental fillings the truth of that story comes through today. And so we come back we come back to the middle of the story where the story ends and and the story also begins and we ask ourselves. Looking forward in time is an arche the sign of the Second Coming and to tell you the third part of our story today I'd like to turn to some inspired words. It is once again an era of prosperity an era prosperity that. My great grandmother. Would have lived through and experienced it was an era in the United States known as the Gilded Age It ran from just after the end of the Civil War through eight hundred ninety six it was also known as the gay ninety's or the progressive era that went all the way through the roaring twenty's and eight hundred ninety the first American game of football was played on October fourteenth of that year President Dwight D. Eisenhower was born. In that year there was so little that stood in the way of what America would become in the twentieth century. I don't know in Wyoming are admitted as the forty third and forty fourth state Sequoia National Park has created Yosemite National Park has created president toady Teddy Roosevelt will create the great white fleet and send it around the world as one of the first. Signs of the American superpower that would emerge in the first half of the twentieth century POCs American of the great American peace peace where we say when we say because we say so all of that is yet in the nation's future and yet there's that that hum of energy that expectation that if we just stop and enjoy it. There's an awful lot of wonderful things going on in the world around us. And in that year. A pen is picked up and put to paper papers a little more sturdy than the pirates. That was used in Daniel's era but it's still flimsy and it ages with time and but for the work of some dedicated folk. Perhaps this one would have been lost to history too but it wasn't she can find it patriarchs and prophets page one zero two and I quote anarchy is seeking to sweep away all law the spirit of unrest of riot and bloodshed are tending to involve the whole world. What odd words to write on the morning of the gay ninety's the middle of the golden era the golden age but in a single world Laden in a single word laden with images of societal breakdown of patrons reeling from bullets as gunmen holed themselves up in their establishment of just a few miles from here. People going to a holiday party and then of two folk walking through the metal detectors that were designed to keep guns out of that building and opening fire and there's one loud explosion after another screaming there's yelling. There's blood. And eventually by the end of. Day. Many dead some of you who you probably know including the two perpetrators. Just yesterday in Texas. Five Dallas police officers killed by a shoot and scoot sniper with military training experience take a shot move take a shot move. Don't let him pain you down don't get localised and it's not just here. In Turkey in Baghdad in Baltimore Paris Brussels. Bangladesh all around us we see the winds slipping. If one looks at where we are today it would have been so easy just a couple of years ago to not dream that in such short order so many bad things could happen to so many good people who deserve so much more and expected so much better than what they got. Why. Well hate anger poverty sense of helplessness. Maybe there is nothing better here maybe somewhere on the other side if I do this last good deed strap myself to an explosive vest and take out some of the enemies of my faith. Maybe maybe on the other side do something better for me and one looks at it young men and young women who are so dedicated to their faith that they're willing to die for it. But then again people who graduated from this institution used to feel that way people who graduated from this institution gladly went to places where they still cooked you in a chip case you taste good and they walked into those villages armed with nothing but their faith and the belief that if something happened to them doing that it was for the greater good and instead of bringing bloodshed gunfire tears and mayhem. They brought healing. They brought hope they brought a second chance. Thank you God for Loma Linda University thank you Lord for president heart and his vision to send our medical students back into the mission field where they belong. Thank the lord for that thank the Lord for people of faith who are willing to bring healing and restoration stead of violence and death. So in eight hundred ninety the middle of the Gilded Age Mrs White looks forward in time and one might imagine with some of the same sadness that the Lord felt that morning on the Mount of Olives when everything should have been going so good she describes at the oddest of times a world filled with anarchy and we have to ask ourselves is it Anarky that signals the end is it a decline in American power the nation that once used to be able to fight a two ocean more anybody here been to Washington D.C. recently. Well if you if you get a chance to go make sure and visit the National Mall I remember many years ago I saw a little envelope come through. In the mail they were trying to raise money from private individuals to build a monument to the veterans and the dead of World War two and I looked at and I thought to myself you know what a what a crying shame we have monuments nothing wrong with this monument to the Vietnam War tragic war that deserves a minute we have a monument to Korea. We have a monument. Even if you know where to find it on the Mall it's little but it's there. There's even a little round Kukula that commemorates only the people from Washington D.C. that fought in World War one. There is a monument to everything but no monument to the most significant turning point in American history and I felt kind of bad about that so I scraped together a few nickels and dimes and sent him off and hope that one day they'd build it and finally they have I got a chance to go see it every time I'm in D.C. Now I make a point of doing that and this is beautiful my name with a gold star in a reflecting upon each one of it should represent if I remember correctly something like a thousand of our dead from that war and it's just this whole field of gold stars surrounded by a stone monument for each state and territory of the United States that sent people to fight and die in that war and at each end on either side north and south there's an entrance that has something I I'm sad to say I don't think you'll ever see commemorate another war America ever fights and each one is one for the Pacific theater there's one for the Atlantic Theater in each one there's a beautiful wreath. Made out of bronze hanging twenty feet in the air suspended by eagles holding a ribbon in their beat that winds through the refits a wreath of victory. It's a recent memory for those who died to bring to the floor of that monument something you may never see again when you hear the United States went into combat victory in the air victory on the land and Victory at Sea absolute. Overwhelming comply. The victory because we chose to fight. And you might look at a nation that just seventy short years ago in the seventy fifth anniversary of Pearl Harbor is coming out this year just just that long ago could go and do that and these days we have to make speeches about what is it. Oh making America great again. There's no substitute folks for just being great and maybe you look at the world around you where terrorists seem to roam freely you can't run a marathon without being worried about getting blown up you can't go to a holiday party in San Bernardino California without worrying about getting shot. You can't look at a nation that once used to have the world cower in fear not because we exerted force but because where there was a reason where other people's liberty was threatened. We were there and we stood behind them these days. Not so much. Maybe a look at all that and you ask yourself is something changing is something really going wrong and I I return to those words penned in one thousand nine hundred an arche is seeking to sweep away all law the spirit of unrest of riot and bloodshed are tending to involve the whole world. Those are the types of words that if you don't know how the story ends. You could look at the Anarky that is pictured by Ned that can as her and explain to him by Daniel you can look at the painful indescribable pain of childbirth spoken of by our Lord wars and rumors of wars. You can look at these dark and foreboding words penned by Mrs White in eight hundred ninety and you could say to yourself well that must be the end or boy what are we going to do with ourselves here and I can promise. You said Lee in many ways that anarchy is not the end of the story it could be it could have been many many times right up until today. What is the one thing that has always failed to deliver when the anarchy came and frightened people were willing to listen to listen to kindly doctors who were willing to go into villages where there are still bits of people sticking in bamboo poles waiting to get to friendly neighbors in a community who witnessed not by their words but by how they live by how happy they are by how peaceful healthy and energetic they are that there might be something different about that person I want to go find out about every single time there is an arche there is an opportunity for God's work every time there is prosperity. There is an opportunity for God's work and if you look at the pattern. Usually the prosperity preceded the Anarky often times with a prophetic warning that if you had just done your job when you could when times were good the money was there the borders were open it was possible to go to these places and do these things and be a Witness If you look at how many times that happened and God's people fail to take advantage of it maybe you'll begin to understand what I tell you when I say anarchy is not to sign of the end. In eight hundred eighty three Ellen White had this to say had Adventists after the great disappointment in eight hundred forty four held fast their faith and followed the opening providence of God Christ would. Should have come air this eight hundred eighty three before the Civil War It is a vision of slaves standing up and shaking off their chains without the horrible sacrifice of five hundred thousand Americans to see that dream become a reality eight hundred eighty three Christ could have come ere this head we just held fast our faith. This is why it would have penned those words many times eight hundred ninety eight hundred ninety eight nineteen zero one. Why didn't the end come. Not because heaven wasn't ready. Not because the world wasn't ready but because God's people weren't. In eight hundred forty four. If one wishes to measure the importance of events there's a very simple military principle it's called Rican by fire. You don't know where the bad guys are so you have a mad minute everybody points a weapon on a nice arc opens fire and empties their clip in the bits that shoot back or where the bad guys are right. So if you want to measure in your own mind was. Eight hundred forty four really that important or was it just this historical curiosity. For which we have to think this lovely building and all of the the things that we enjoy these days. I submit to you there are two absolute stones of truth in time that tell you just how seriously the other side took the opportunity that eight hundred forty four presented to close the work the first is in eight hundred forty four we find. A draft of the Communist Manifesto penned by Karl Marx. Charles Darwin just wrapping up his cruise down to Australia on the Beagle sits down and writes his first draft of the origin of the species. So in this year we have two of the defining. Social political ideologies of the twentieth century coming to life. Exactly. In that same year coincidence. I don't think so. So eight hundred forty four. There's a chance. It had been a suggest remains faithful Christ could have come ere this. Four years after that less than forty months after the administration has proclaimed Karl Marx's ideas are ready for their first roll out into popular consumption and in Italy January of eight hundred forty eight a revolution breaks out within a month that spreads to France mobs take to the street demanding socialist change it is at that time the most widespread revolutionary wave in European history Europeans story ends today will call this the European spring a term spring we hear applied rather loosely these days. Revolutions of eight hundred forty eight spread across much of Europe even into Latin America. Not until I entire armies were sent in to take back cities was some version of order restored and so just when right after eight hundred forty four Mrs White says if. Adventists had remained faithful Christ would have come ere this just four years later less than four years later when the Adventist message needed that prosperity needed time and space here come the Marx fueled revolution. Less than a decade later in eight hundred fifty six. White pens a letter call the Laodicean message and he writes in the review he says you know it's the popular view of of the readers of this magazine that this message about the lukewarm church applies to the folk to go to church on Sunday and they don't really know the truth yet. I challenge you to ask yourself Does this message apply to you. And the church thinks about it and they wrestle with it and they line up behind brother why in there is this massive revival and reformation across the Sabbath keeping Adventist world it was lukewarm it was a church that having uncovered a tree a treasure trove of spiritual truth and actually become blind they become lazy. They didn't they had stopped caring but suddenly they were awake. Suddenly they were out there and for no reason that anybody can ever explain. Maybe it was one of those angels pictured in Revelation just flying over in words that humans can hear only our hearts and our souls can hear them flies over secular cities Boston Philadelphia New York suddenly secular businessmen are just seized with this fervor of religious revival and reformation they close their businesses during the noon hour for hour long prayer meetings. They begin going out giving to charity reading their Bibles again and it just seems like the whole country is poised on an opportunity to go out and to finish the work. Even today is story and have no explanation for what happened. They just call it the revival of the million converts there was no preacher there was no mass effort it was just a spontaneous outbreak. In the hearts of people who typically didn't go to church. There is no one that could explain what happened in eight hundred fifty six except for one little lady who took a pin and once again began writing on paper she said and I quote angels were sent in every direction to prepare unbelieving hearts. For the truth something powerful it happened in this church in Adventism in heaven responded with forces that are unimaginable to the human mind. It didn't take people going to these businessmen and handing out tracks and witnessing for their faith. The Lord opened their hearts and they found him on their own everybody thought that this was the end the second coming was close but it petered out as God's people became distracted by financial investments and stopped caring as much about their faith eight hundred fifty six For those of you that aren't swift with your history that was just five short years before federal ships of war would file on fire on Fort Sumter and five hundred thousand of our very best would march into a war that their generals didn't know how to fight. Because the last combat that American forces had been in was the Mexican American War and we were armed with smoothbore muskets back then highly inaccurate highly underpowered fired little round ball that would just pass through you or if it had a bone typically skip off or go around it that had been replaced just two or three short years before America went to war with the. Rifled musket in the many ball which was a pointed hollow projectile accurate out to two hundred meters and when it hit bone it didn't skip off it flattered and flattened and shattered the bone in those days requiring almost without exception amputation of the land that had been hit. But the generals didn't realize that and so they stacked their troops up the way that we had the Revolutionary War in the war of eight hundred twelve the Mexican American War and young band stood shoulder to shoulder with young man with those rifled muskets with their deadly many balls they'd march right up next to each other the way they used to just a few paces apart the command would come ready muskets had come down. Crash or musket fire hideous casualties. All that didn't have to happen if all all that anarchy all those wars and rumors of wars was in the last time anarchy would hinder the Adventist message four years after she penned the passage that I earlier shared with you this is why I wrote a letter in eight hundred ninety four begging the church to recognize that what we failed to do in relative peace would soon face terrible global obstacles eight testimonies to the church page fifty soon there will be death and destruction increasing crime and cruel evil working. Those who are without God's protection will find no safety in any place or position. And I was right about that same year that a very bright young German Jewish guy named Albert Einstein would sit down and first begin toying around with become the special theory of relativity and in that same year. Mrs White pins the following human agents are using their inventive power to put in operation the most powerful machinery to work. And to kill. Once again the Golden Age the roaring ninety's. How much could have been done in eighteen fifty six. It led to musket fire and the five hundred thousand casualties in one thousand nine hundred forty five. It led to one bomb dropped from one plane that killed over one hundred thousand a golden moment. The air of the Kellogg brothers W.K. who could take the health message and package it as breakfast cereal and sell it to the world his brother John Harvey who would define a large capable competent Adventist health care system that royalty in the largest industrial tycoons of the age would come to seek out it was that era and Mrs White said get it done now get it done while you can get it done while the sun's still shining. Well we didn't listen one thousand one. This is white again six Volume six volume of the testimonies page twenty two Soon there will be death and destruction the passage from place to place will stew spread the truth will soon be hedged with dangers on the right and on the left fourteen years later World War One that right there after the socialist revolution the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and for over seventy years half the world nearly shut off to any effective means of spreading the gospel. What is the message. I would leave you with today. I suppose I could leave you with volume. The testimonies page eleven. The spirit of anarchy is permeating all nations in the outbreaks that from time to time excite the horror of the world are but indications of the pent up fires of passion and lawlessness that having once escaped control will fill the earth with woe and destruction. I guess I could leave you there but but that isn't the end that's just the painful part that precedes what really has to happen for the in to come. Because as long as one piece of the puzzle. The only piece that matters isn't in place. There will always be anarchy. There will always be strife there always be bloodshed and if history teaches us anything it's that the longer we wait to do our job the worse. It's going to get. What is the only true sign of the end. Let's go back to where we began it was the end it was the beginning and now it's the end again Matthew chapter twenty four verse fourteen. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached. In the whole world. As a testimony to all nations and then and then shall the end come and Archy is not the delivery ladies and gentleman. It's just the labor pains and the longer we wait. If history is right if history guides us. The worse and worse it will get don't look at the world around you and ask when will the end come look in the mirror. And when you do that there are two things I would leave you with one of them is the values of Loma Linda University compassion reflecting the love of God through caring respect and empathy integrity ensuring our actions are consistent with our values excellence providing care that is safe reliable efficient and patient centered. Teamwork collaborating to achieve a shared purpose wholeness. Embracing a balanced life that integrates minds body and spirit are beautiful words ladies and gentlemen beautifully put that they're not the last words I'll leave you with the last words were penned as a reflection and a prayer to Holy Scripture watch Ian pray lest she enter into temptation. Mark fourteen thirty eight watch against the stealthy approach of the enemy watch against old habits and in natural inclinations less today as certain selves force them back and watch watch the thoughts watch the plans lest they become self-centered. Watch over the soul who has purchased with his own blood. Watch for opportunities to do then we could just do this this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio to listen to more service Visit W W audio verse or.


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