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Faith Versus Feelings

Genesis Napod



  • June 18, 2016
    10:00 AM
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For the last five months or so I've been actually in school at Southern at his university in Tennessee and how do you guys have ever been to Southern before it disappears or you've been there. OK that's like most of you. So I don't have to tell you already that it's really beautiful especially at this moment. Earlier this year when I was leaving here to go there new hits and we got a lot of snow here and the grass actually turned green and it was really pretty and then when I got there because it's winter thing was kind of dead. But now I'm here and it's good to be home and you know there's a lot things I miss well while being away. One thing I do miss for sure is I miss the people here and I miss coming to Evan hope. One thing that I really enjoyed though for those of you who have been to Southern who have not been to Southern is the greenery over there. All the waterfalls there. The lakes the rivers. And so when I got here I'm like oh man i really missed that. So either way I'm missing something but it's good to be home and it's good to be here Evan hope this is like a family to me and I'm really excited about today's presentation. By the way before I begin I so I make a quick little announcement my own behalf. There is a cool ministry that I'm aware of is called proof directory has anyone heard of proved record before maybe just a few approved directory as a minister that my friends are leaving out on You Tube and also on Facebook where they upload various bible studies very sure about three or four minutes long by different speakers and it's such a blessing I encourage you to go check it out it's both that being said I'm really excited his message. Today's presentation is entitled as it's as the screen says Faith verses feelings today we're going talk about faith where it's like well feelings are going to get into the Word of God Amen. So why don't we begin with the word of prayer. Loving Father in heaven. We thank you so much Lord that we could come together. To study your word. I pray Father God that as I'm about to speak that you would hide me behind a cross. I pray for all that you would tailor make this message that it would touch people's hearts that they would not hear me but that they would hear you please bless us Lord as we study faith and feelings this morning in Jesus' name amen. Faith versus feelings. You know this message has been on my heart for quite a while and I've shared before on faith before but I'm not sure I don't think I've ever shared it here Evan hope faith and feelings this topic is very important because so often we tend to confuse faith and feelings. We think that faith might be that funny feeling that I'm getting in my hearts that tingling sensation is this God speaking to me how do I know where to go in life and so often we make choices based upon the way that we feel in fact most of our choices are greatly influence by the way that we're feeling for example. This week I thought you know what do I feel like wearing this week when I speak I have a hope but I wonder what do I want to wear my gray suits or my my blacks what do I feel like wearing and for some of you guys do I feel like wearing a tired I feel like wearing no tie. How about a bow tie you dress up based upon the way that you feel right. How about going out to eat this was kind of tricky especially when your bigger group of friends but what do you feel like eating and someone says I feel like having Thai food. Yeah I love Thai food and someone else's I feel like having Mexican food or someone might say I feel like having pizza and someone else might say you know what I feel like just skipping food altogether just going straight to desserts and so based upon the way that we feel we often make choices and sometimes those choices can become more serious where example you come to church and he meet someone nice rights and you might be there a little bit good looking for House and then the. Russian is do you have feelings for that person and is it mutual and those feelings could lead to something even more serious. So we can see that our feelings whether small or big can influence the choices that we make if that's clear say amen. So our feelings are very very powerful but today we're talking about faith and feelings. Now there's nothing wrong with feelings in of itself Amen. Nothing wrong with this. We're not saying that feelings is better or worse. But what we're going to see today is that there is a distinction between the two and I'm going to try to play this clicker here. So we want to go to what the Bible says and we'll be looking at the Bible says today. Let's go to Hebrews chapter eleven. Now I know that some of you probably already have an idea of where I am going here but we are going to set the foundation. We're going to do what everyone we are going to set the foundation. We're going to hear Bruce Chapter eleven very familiar Bible six Hebrews chapter eleven and we know that Hebrews chapter eleven is known as the chapter of face. Or sometimes we call it the the hollow face like the Hall of Fame because in keepers eleven we find many stories about people men and women of God who had lived by faith in the old testaments. So what is face the Bible says in Hebrews eleven verse one Now faith is what everyone. Faith is a substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen this is the Bible definition a what faith is the Bible says faith is the substance. Now the question is what is the substance. What is substance and perhaps there are many ways we could try to interpret what substance is but I'm going to go on a little stretch here and then just a fight with the Bible. When you look at the word substance the prefix is sub which. Means. Below right. Like submarine it goes below the water subway right not the sandwich place but subway it goes underneath the road or subzero temperatures or it goes below zero degrees or have a sub tracked you're going lower in the numerical you know numbers rights so sub the prefix author refers to below and instead it's right you're taking a stance. If you're a martial arts there are different stances that you're taking it's it's how you're standing right. So I look at substance it's what's below you. It's what you're standing on. So another word for that is your foundation. So in other words phase is the substance or faith is your foundation. Now some of you think well that's kind of cute. That's kind of nice but that's a stretch and you're right it is kind of a stretch but allow me to take you to a Bible text go to Matthew chapter seven. Matthew chapter seven and as you know Jesus he preached a sermon called the Sermon on the Mount's in Matthew five six and seven but he concludes his sermon in chapter seven and he concludes his sermon with an appeal story. Matthew chapter seven and we are looking at verse twenty four Jesus is concluding with the parable the Bible says in Matthew chapter seven verse twenty four Therefore Jesus says whoever hears these sayings of mine and does them. I would liken him to a what kind of a man. A wise man who built his house on a what's what is this rock. OK's Jesus but what else is walk this rock represents it is a foundation. OK And then he goes on to say verse twenty six but everyone who hears these sayings of mine is and does not do them will be like a foolish man. Who built his house on a sand the rain he said of the floods came the wind blew and be on the house and it fell and great was its fall. So Jesus says look if you hear my words and you follow them. You are like the wise man who built his house on a solid foundation the storm came but it stood the test of time but if you hear my words and don't follow you are like the foolish man who did not build his house on a solid foundation. So Jesus says Follow my words solid foundation Romans Chapter ten for seventy Let's go to a quick. Of course these are familiar Bible texts for some signs of the work of show us something new as we read. Familiar text Romans Chapter ten verse seventeen. Romans ten verse N.T. we are setting the context the foundation Romans Chapter ten for seventeen The Bible says so then they were taught about faith infelicity faith comes by what and hearing by the Word of God and Jesus was God So when Jesus said If you hear my words and all of them. You are setting yourself up on a solid foundation. Therefore when we look at here is Chapter eleven when faith is a substance. It's safe to say that faith is our solid foundation. Foundation. On the Word of God and that's good news because God does not lie in men and God's best interest is is and you God actually cares about you and he wants the best for you that's the kind of god. That we serve. Now we're looking here. So we're looking at faith and we're talking about faith God's word is reliable and why is God's word reliable because God Himself He doesn't change rights were to come back to that but let's take a moment talk about feelings and emotion. Right now feelings and emotions our feelings are bits different. When it comes to our feelings because we are emotional creatures God designed us that way our feelings are not always you know going on a solid direction in fact I have a picture here of a roller coaster. I think it was a really coaster. We have here a picture of a roller coaster a number of years ago I went to an amusement park and I went there and it was free for me it was it was a user group that that went there and I decide you know what since I'm going for free advise I'll try all the you know all the rides there. And yeah yeah for sure and so I went on this ride one of these rides and this ride was really intense because it had loops. It was quick. It was kind of feels like it accelerated decelerated and it was pretty crazy. Now some people say they discourage going to roller coasters. I'm not exactly sure for the reason but I had a spiritual experience on the roller coaster because I was praying the entire time and I was repenting of all my sins like Lord if I don't make it so I had a revival experience and so I had a good spiritual experience and it was free. So it was good. Now these things are kind of expensive. You know I go into like these amusement parks they're kind of pricey people like roller coasters and I think about a roller coaster what makes a roller coaster so exciting. OK adrenaline rush is changing directions is going up it's going down it accelerates and then it go slow and is spinning around. That's what makes it exciting it's unpredictable. Now how many of you would spend that much money to go to music park and you get on a ride and it doesn't go up and down that he writes it just go straight. Horizontally. There's a. Those low notes her as just there's no acceleration is just const constantly ten miles an hour. You might as well ride the bus because it's cheaper and it's local people don't pay that kind of money to go on something that's consistent people pay the money because they want something fun and unpredictable. Now that might have its place but that's just like our emotions. Our emotions. Sometimes we're feeling good like today's a beautiful day the birds are singing the sun is shining and it's such a nice day and then there's other days you're like oh man this is not a good day. Our emotions are always changing but there's nothing wrong with emotions in and of itself Amen. God created us to be emotional people and some guy's going trouble for not being enough motion All right it's there's nothing wrong with being emotional because imagine this if we do not have emotions life would be very boring. Don't you think I mean imagine this. How many guys have ever planned a surprise party for your friends. Oh yeah OK Some of us have and I have done a couple times as well and you know there's something about a surprise you know it takes so much efforts. You know you have to like keep it a secret and you have to somehow go behind their back and order the food and get the party supplies and hide the balloons and the gifts and you have to do in such a way that he or she does not find out and you gather all your friends you have secrets events on Facebook you like just don't tell anybody and everyone gathers at the house or the place you turn out the lights you're hiding that person comes in and surprise we're all here. Now if that guy or girl did not have emotions. If you like. Who cares. And you know and sometimes if you actually do know surprise you got it still acts surprise right because they went through all that hard work. But. If you had no emotions. I mean that would be a very boring party birthday party. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant or your favorite dish which is probably impossible if you had no emotions but imagine if you if you went to your favorite restaurant and order favorite dish and you haven't eaten all day and you take your first bites and and your friends like what do you think. Nothing I have no emotions right. I mean like it would be it would be boring not to have emotions and so God has given us emotions he's given a speeling there's nothing wrong with that. However we're talking today about faith and feelings. What are we talking about today faith and feelings and they are two different things as we establish feelings or emotions are constantly changing but God's word does not change. Let's go to Melaka that's in the old testaments Melich high and we are going to shatter three. Melich I Chapter three and we're looking at verse six. Let me know when you're all there with a happy heart a man. OK half of us. I still see pages turning OK. Melaka chapter three verse six the Bible says for I am the Lord finish that phrase I changed our King James I do not change same thing I am the Lord I do not change. God does not change a man God says what he means any means what he says. You can trust in the Word of God as it were Bible text is going to Hebrews Hebrews Chapter thirteen. Hebrews Chapter thirteen and we are going to look. Verse eight Hebrews thirteen verse eight. We all there. Still Here are some pages Hebrews thirteen verse eight the Bible says Jesus Christ is the same when. Yesterday today and forever. God does not change Amen. He is the same God does not change and therefore God is reliable. That's good news because if God was not reliable that would be really scary but the fact is God is reliable. You know that's good news because when I think about traveling just for example recently I travel from southern to here. I had to get on a plane and you know I always get nervous when I'm on the plane especially there's turbulence and I think like Whoa Lord have mercy let this plane land safely but I praise the Lord that the laws of physics. They don't change. Rights. Up in the air. It's not like the laws of his are like you know this just take a break. It doesn't change no matter how I'm feeling on that plane because the laws of physics stay the same you know I could have some kind of reassurance God's word doesn't change. And so you might be feeling a certain way no matter how you feel that does not change who God is if you like mathematics. God is the constant man is the variable God is a constant met is the variable God stays the same man is consistently changing. And so when we look to God when we look to his word we can trust the word it's stays the same all the time were to take a look at a quote here. Oh before I go to the quotes. Let me just share this one story here. You know there's nothing wrong as talked about feelings rights but we know that we can't always poll our feelings. Because there are days when you should not feel like going to work. And you know that if you follow your feelings. You won't have to wake up for work anymore. You won't have a job writes There are days when you don't feel like studying you rather sleep in and not go to school but you know you can't do that you paid too much to action for that's so you still go rights. There are days when you don't feel like going to the gym. Even though you made New Year's resolutions you know you've got to stick to it we know that there are some things in life that we need to stick to no matter how we feel how much more when it comes to God. There are times when we don't feel like praying. We don't feel like Bible we don't feel like serving the Lord but that's what we got to choose to walk by faith not by feelings. Look at a quote here. Says I have frequently seen that the children of the Lord neglect prayer especially secret prayer altogether too much that many do not exercise that faith which it is their privilege and duty to exercise often waiting for that feeling which a faith alone. Can bring. So another is what she's saying is that sometimes we're not praying and the reason why we don't pray is because we don't feel like praying. And what we're waiting for is we're waiting for that feeling the adrenaline rush or that warm heart burn kind of feelings to motivate us to pray. She says that faith is our privilege and duty to do what's. Exercise how many of us here like to exercise. To half of us like to exercise. You know this is the blue zone. I see a lot of people running around and on their bikes and getting good exercise exercise is a good thing. Now about exercise. You know whether it's running or swimming or whatever it is if you want to improve. You have to go at it all the time writes I saw something on Facebook. It said that if you don't exercise for two weeks. You start to lose muscle mass. And so you put in all that effort and protein drinks and and all that and then if you don't work out for two weeks. It's like it starts declining exercise must be done on a regular basis. She says Our faith is to be exercise to keep on going to get another second part of the quotes feeling notice this is not what everyone. Feeling is not faith the two are what. Faith is ours to exercise but the joy fulfilling the blessing whose responsibility is at it's God's. So my responsibility your responsibility is to exercise face. The good feelings. That's gone. His priority. That's his part to do so often we try to look for the good feelings but God is the one who will supply it's the grace of God it comes to the soul through the channel of living faith and that faith it is in the power to exercise so good feelings coming go but that's up to God Our part is to have faith. It's kind of like eating. Sometimes I don't feel like eating and I go with my friends and though you guys go ahead go ahead and eat and when they order their food I can smell the food and I'm like wait and like Hey Jesse you want to try it's all right take a little bites and all of a sudden after taking a bite like you know I'm going to order something right or it's kind of like exercise I don't feel like exercising. But once you start running and you start doing it's the feelings come. So when the feelings are not there. We should still go anyway when we don't feel like reading the Bible. We ought to read the Bible anyway. Well we don't feel like praying we ought to pray by faith and those feelings can come. God can give it's. Powerful powerful stuff. And so faith and feelings they are not the same thing. We have seen. So you look at another quote here. Now I love this quote This is from earlier writings page seventy two paragraph two. You know this quote says the very time to exercise faith is when. When we feel what fooled the spirits. Destitute of the spirits. You know so often you know M I five service a use leader. I work with young people and a lot of times young people they say you know I just don't feel you know I don't feel good I don't feel rights. I don't feel worthy to serve the Lord I don't feel like going to church I made too many mistakes. I don't feel worthy it's a pray. I've made so many mistakes they feel destitute of the spirits but did you know that the very time to actually exercise faith is when you feel that way. You see so many times you think OK I'll pray when I feel good but that's just your feelings. Faith is totally different faith kicks in even when you don't feel good. That's faith when thick clouds is really poetic but really beautiful when thick clouds of darkness seem to hover over the mind then it is a time to let living faith pierce the darkness and scatter the clouds the time to exercise faith is when you feel that your in darkness. I share the story I think once I'm here Evan hope it bears repeating. I remember when I was flying to G. Y.C. in San Jose. It was a crazy stormy day and it was just horrible so my friends a they. They had even carcasses or their car spinouts and I was going on a plane for the first time ever and so I didn't know too much about planes and the pilot flies higher and higher towards a storm and I'm thinking this guy's crazy. And what's he doing but he flies higher into the clouds and then beyond the clouds and once you get beyond the clouds nothing but golden sunshine. And it made me realize that behind a storm the sun is still there shining. And so when you are in your darkness when you are in a dark period of your life and you feel tempted to think that God is for sick and you. This is what we need to excise space and say you know what's I may not feel the presence of God but I know he's with me by faith I trust in His Word. I know the clouds are there but I know that the sunshine is behind the clouds exercising faith faith and feeling are not the same thing when you don't feel good. That's the time to trust the Lord to trust his word. Why because His Word does not change. His Word does not change whether you're feeling good or not. So it stays the same human. Powerful powerful stuff. We're going take a look at a story here that we are all familiar with let's go to Mark Chapter four. Mark Chapter four. Or chapter four. And I actually I share this Bible study not too long ago. We're going to go into more detail. Pretty sure we're all familiar with this story here where we get Mark Chapter four. And Real take a little look at verse thirty five and onward and we go into some details here as well. Mark Chapter four thirty five are we all there. Eamon. Let's take a look at the story. Remember we're talking about faith versus feelings faith versus feelings. The Bible says on the same day when the evening had come he said to them to his disciples. Let us cross over to the other side. Now we have to understand back in Jesus day he was like a celebrity if they have snap chat back then they would be Snap chatting right. If they had cameras back then they would be taking pictures but they didn't have that. But they followed Jesus everywhere he went he was like a celebrity and Jesus had hardly any time to. Last But even Jesus needed time to rest and he what tells disciples. Let's go rest and so this is one of those periods where they would go and rest. So he says was a cycles. Let's go in a boat. Unless this go rests. Let's cross to the other side. Presumably safely and alive. Verse thirty six. Now when they had left the multitude they took him along in the boat as he was and other little boats were also with him. So even though they're trying to escape and get some time alone other people like you know let's follow Jesus. And I got little boats and they followed Jesus verse thirty seven and a great windstorm arose and the waves be into the boat so that it was already filling but he verse thirty eight was into Stern. Sleep on a what everyone. Now why does the Bible say he was asleep on a pillow. It could have just said Jesus was asleep and that would be the end of it we understand but it goes on to say that Jesus had a pillow. Why didn't say Jesus had a pillow. Is there a purpose for that. It will come back to that but the Bible says that they were in a storm a great storm and as we recall some of these disciples are actually fishermen they were acquainted with storms and the Bible says we keep reading verse thirty eight they woke him and said to him Teacher or master. Do you not care that we are perishing you know very interesting as we reflect on this when we think about life in the storms that we face in life. Sometimes we feel as if we are going through dark times in our life. Maybe you are going through some kind of financial storm or maybe it's an educational storm you study so hard and you're not doing so good. Maybe it's a relational storm or maybe it's health some kind of storm. That you're facing in your life and the thing is this you are acquainted with problems in life but we know how to solve the problems on our own. But what we look at here is that the cycles came to a point where they try to save themselves but they couldn't. And when you come to a point where you are out of control that can be very scary you know I do a little bit better now but I used to have the reputation of driving kind of fast. And my passengers. They would always be scared and I guess the spiritual spirits were them too because they would be the ones praying and so you know they'll be writing with me and I'm driving and I just go from point A to Point B. And they're afraid. And I don't feel afraid you know I don't feel afraid. I'm in control. I know what I'm doing. I know where I'm going. But then there are times when I'm not the driver. And I'm the one sitting shotgun on the passenger seats and someone is driving a little too aggressive and I'm thinking that slow down there and I'm trying to step on a invisible brake. That's not there. We've all done it right like we wish there was a break but it's not there but we feel scared. Why do we feel scared. Because we're not the ones controlling the car. We feel out of control when we can control life finances are good school is good relationships good health is good life is good all those problems I could fix it is still good but when something happens and I can't control anymore. That is scary the disciples came to a point where they were not in control and they were afraid for their lives. So what do you do when you are afraid for your life and your out of control. Who do you go to. You go to God You go to God amen. And they go to God they go to Jesus and they come to Jesus and what do they find Jesus doing. He's asleep on a pillow. Oh Now can any of you relate to. That's. When you need God the most and you're on your knees praying crying maybe even fasting God I really need you to do something here and it feels as if your prayers are not even going past the roof. And it seems as if a god is asleep when he really need him has ever happened to you and have you ever been tempted to ask a question that the cycle's asked. They asked a question they that question the very character of God. Master don't you care about us. Lord I am suffering I am in agony. We are about to die. We're about to drown in our finances we're about to drive an education. We're about to drown in relationships or in health God I am perishing I'm struggling you're asleep one in each of the most Don't you care about me God that I'm about to perish in my problems maybe we're tempted to ask God if he cares because we feel forsaken but faith is different. Verse thirty nine dead heroes every beaut the wind and said to the C.P. speech still and the wind seas and there was a great home. Just like that Jesus was able to call. The Storm. By the power his word he shows that he's still in control. And when that happens you're praying God change something and God changes something like Praise the Lord I thought I was going to fail the class but the Lord help me. I got an A. When I thought I should have failed the test. Praise the Lord I thought I was going to get fired. And so I got promoted praise the Lord I thought something bad would happen but something good came out. Praise the Lord when good things happen. But what happens when he doesn't call the storm. That praise Him Anyway I heard a song on the radio a while ago that says something like this sometimes God calms the storm. But other times he calms his child. You know sometimes God will calm the situation answer your prayers and life will be good again but sometimes God will allow you to go through the storm but he'll go with you but he will calm you. You know the disciples you've got to think about it they're in a boat with somebody they're with Jesus in that boat. It's not like they're by themselves they're in the boat with Jesus. If anything happens to them it'll happen to Jesus too but they kind of forgot about that they're actually safer in the boat with Jesus in the storm than on dry ground without Jesus. Anyway he calls the storm now as Jesus turns asked the questions and he says in verse forty. Why are you so fearful and I imagine he says it with love and compassion. How is that you have no faith. Now what is space. Faith and I don't know if I have it up here or we pass it or ready. See here go faith. This is from this day with God page one paragraph for faith is not a happy flight a feeling it is simply taking God at His word and believing because what's he said he would do this Faith is taking God at His word Jesus says how is it you have no faith or what is faith faith is taking God at His word was there a word that God gave that should have brought them comfort. Well there was if you look at verse thirty five. Jesus said what are we doing. Or crossing to the other side. He meant. Now I imagine Jesus was confident that they're going to cross other side so Jesus must have purposely brought that pillar with them. Because he. Like you know I need to get some sleep. I need a rest and I know we're going to make it to the other side. And so you know obviously to I'm going to go to sleep. Oh I better let my disciples know so they don't worry. Hey guys we're going to other side and if they had faith that I would like all right Jesus no matter what happens. We know we're going to make it but instead of having faith in the Word of Jesus they defaulted on feeling when the clouds came and the wind blew they follow their feelings instead of the question God's character God Do you not care so often we do the same when Would problems come we forget the words of God and we default on our feelings. Jesus said we're going to make it to the other side brothers and sisters. I'm not sure what exactly you might be going through but God knows God cares and His promises are true God's Word can give us so much peace of mind so often we worry for nothing the disciples they worry for nothing because Jesus never said he'll be comfortable he just said we're going to make it and they worried for nothing. Sometimes not all the time but sometimes we worry when we shouldn't even be worrying. We're worried about things are out of our control but when I was in high school I went through a period of my life where I question the love of God for me and you know I was raised sheltered and I never you know I've never you know done drugs the only drugs I've done was like Tylenol over the counter. I've never done clubbing except for the past Winter Club. I've never gone to parties up for like pot looks and so you know I been sheltered but somehow I still believe that you know I'm offending God and. I need to be right with God and no matter what I did and no matter how much I prayed I did not feel forgiven. I was relying upon my feel. Yes. Friends. I was worried for nothing. Why because God's word said in first John one verse nine. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That's his word. You may not feel forgiven but if you confess your sins today. You can leave here today forgiven. The reason why I say this is because the Bible's as in First Corinthians ten verse thirteen let's go to Real quick First Corinthians Chapter ten verse thirteen First Corinthians your not sure comes right before second Corinthians. But first Corinthians Chapter ten verse thirteen. I hear people still go in there. We all their human. First Corinthians Chapter ten verse thirteen THE BIBLE SAYS know what everyone. No temptation has overtaken you except such as is what comments about in other words if you are struggling with something. It is very likely someone else is struggling with something very similar and so the fact that I went through a period in my life where I thought God can't forgive my sins. I don't feel forgiven. Chances are there is someone either here today or listening on audio verse who is struggling with the same thing God can't forgive my sin. I don't feel forgiven today if that is you I want to tell you take God at His word. I don't follow your feelings follow what the Bible says because God's Word is true but take a look here. You know God says to trust him and part of trusting God means that we have to sometimes let go and yes as in this cartoon on Facebook says Just trust me and and go to something bigger. And he's asking us to sometimes surrender the small things that we have for something better. Part of trusting God. Means that God I don't see what you're doing but I'm going to trust you anyway. God I don't feel like I'm going anywhere but I fall if I follow your word. I know that you're leading and I can trust that you have my intentions my best intentions in your mind God cares about us. He's asking us to take him at his word and to trust whatever he saying I want to show you guys this picture here. That is a burning building and. Is a story about a little boy who was trapped in a burning building. And the fire was so bad that it blocked off all the X. X. capes. The little boy could not excuse from the burning building through the exits. But there was a window and he could jump out the window but there was a problem. The little boy was on the first floor. He was like maybe on a second or third floor he was elevated and so he was afraid. And to make things even worse. He could not see because the smoke began to blind his eyes and if he didn't act quickly he would die enough fire when all of a sudden he hears the voice of his father coming from outside my son jump out the window. The little boy said But Dad I'm so scared of all this is just jump and trust me I will catch you. Little voices but Dad I cannot see you the smoke is bloody my eyes. The father says that doesn't matter what matters that I could see you just jump and trust me take me at my word little boy jumped the father caught him. You don't same thing with us friends. There are some things in life. God is saying to either surrender or to move forward or wherever is God saying to simply trust him trust him in the matter What's the circumstance. You might think well wait a minute I've been faithful to God in. Bad things are still happening to me. Well if you remember in Hebrews chapter eleven. Let's go there real quick Hebrews chapter eleven. Sometimes we ask the question but I'm faithful to the Lord and even though I'm faithful to the Lord that things still happen. I want to show you something in Hebrews chapter eleven. Remember this is known as the Hall of faith and it's recognizing men and women of the Bible who have walked by faith and it gives us a list of people walk by face us really interesting something I kind of learn it's kind of new. Who is the first person that he was eleven recognizes. Able able writes If you read in verse four is by faith able able offer to God a more excellent sacrifice and Cain through which he obscene or obscene witness that he was righteous so able is the very first person that Hebrews recognizes. But do you know what happens Abel. He was killed. Why was he killed. Was he being unfaithful to God What got him killed. His faithfulness. Sometimes your suffering it's not because you're unfaithful. It might be because you are being faithful. So when something bad happens you don't be discouraged and think oh bad things are happening to be maybe I got got upset somewhere or maybe I'm doing something wrong that that is not the indicator whether God is with you or not we are to take God at His word and trust him no matter what the circumstance whether good things happen to me or bad things because if you look at the next person that recognizes who is a second person that he was eleven recognizes and what happens in Iraq. Yet he never died. And so you see that he has baseball and he never dies but able to speak when he dies. So whether good or bad things happen to you that's not an indicator. If God is with your nuts. How do we know if God is with us we go to the Bible and we claim the promises of God God is forests who can be against us. So with that being said brothers and sisters. I just want you to think about that faith vs feeling so easy to give in to face. So it's a given to feelings and not into faith so easy to listen to the lies of the Devil and to be discouraged by one encourage you when you feel discouraged look to Jesus look to the word see what God has to say before you follow your feelings about. Let us pray. A loving father in heaven we thank you so much for this Bible study on faith and feelings father we have seen that feeling is there's nothing wrong with it in and of itself it's a good thing without feeling it's life would be really boring. You gave us feelings you gave us our emotions but we ought to walk by faith when we feel discouraged when we cannot sense your presence Father God I pray that you would help us to cling to you. To look to Jesus and to trust your word Help us Lord to to to serve you at all times Lord no matter what is to happen. We love you Lord we preserve in Jesus name this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or you would like to listen to more sermon visit W.W.W. audio or.


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