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Behold My Servant

Vicky Jorgensen



  • June 28, 2016
    2:00 PM
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I'm very thankful that we can take this time to encourage one another and strengthen each other because these things are so vital and so important that we don't want to miss a thing and there's so much that we could cover but I'm thankful for what was already covered because many of the quotes and things were very very good for laying the foundation here for what I want to share and when I was asked to speak here. Right away. I thought about this particular quotation that says and this is taken from research and it was on a website called Family connect. Did you know that educators believe more than eighty percent of what children learn comes to them through their vision. How much what percentage eighty percent of what children learn comes to them through their vision. And that's why when I was asked to speak here and it was education by example this came right to my mind and I said yes. Eighty percent of what children learn they it comes right through here what they see when they walk into a room. We all did it we did it because we didn't even realize we were doing it so as we walked in we started taking analysis of the whole situation here and processing it in our minds and coming up with conclusions and learning things just the table up there with the children's things all of this is all adding to it. These things that are all here with the quotations on it the pictures everything adds to what we're doing here more learning just by being here and looking around. If you find that surprising think of what happens when you enter a room at a glance you typically see and understand the contents of the room. Who's there. What are they doing and if there's a window in the room even what the weather is outside. Much of what children learn is acquired almost automatically and instantaneously. And that is incidentally as they watch other children and adults interact with the environment and they imitate their actions. Isn't that beautiful. That's why God gave us. The family as we mentioned this morning. This is so helpful and family starts before the baby is in your arms that all is so important and my husband he used to tell us often he would say he say that the most important time that you have as a parent is when you're carrying that baby. You have the most influence in those nine months. If you will allow yourself to be controlled by the Holy Spirit during that time. You will lay the best foundation for that child in their character development in their intellectual abilities. The whole thing. Is right there. So you start Well now you say well my children are already sitting beside me it's too late to go to that point. Well I want to just tell you one of the things that we talked about this morning was taking children out in nature nature is a grand teacher. And children will love the lessons that are out there in nature. One lesson that is so beautiful and you'll see it every time you take the children out and you go for a walk if there are trees. Now here on campus everything is planned but if you just go out to the woods. You're going to quickly see that there are there's a valuable lesson there. And when you grasp it and you teach your children and you discuss it and you have morning and evening worship. So you have these opportunities and you're always interacting all through the day and it is a Julie because you're bonding with each other you're enjoying your learning. You're growing and this is the lesson I want to share. That when you go out in the woods. You will quickly see that even if. And it's a really applies even if you have children sitting beside you and you didn't do everything right up to this point there's a valuable lesson and that is you do the best you can you do the absolute best you can under the circumstances trees would teach you that you'll go and you'll find trees laying down on their side your roots are up at the Greyhound. But there's just enough and that tree is still growing you'll see a tree too close to the next one. It's just so crowded. It can't even put out a limb this way because it's too close to the next tree. It's doing the best it can under the circumstances and so I want to tell you that true education starts in the mind. You must have an attitude that the Lord can work with and one of the things that you need to do is cherish the Holy Spirit. And one of the things that grieves the Holy Spirit is murmuring complaining repining being discontent and expressing it that has one of the worst influences on your children that you could process of play in part. And the other is just as true that as you stay in the spirit of the Lord he will give you and this is why that quote in and you'll see that it all it all goes together beautifully but in Isaiah forty two verse one and then verse for I want to bring this out. He says Behold my servant whom I uphold mine elect in whom my soul to light it. I have put my spirit upon him what up precious promises God is saying he holds his servant and his servant is the one he uphold. It's and he calls that servant His elect. And he says his soul God's soul delighted in his servant. And he puts his own Spirit upon them. And so in verse four it say as he shall not fail. Nor be discouraged. When you walk in the spirit. You will find that he will uphold you he will delight in you he will put his spirit born you and you need to remember because you're going to be tested things are going to come your way all the time but if you are always walking in the spirit. You'll be able to meet them and not fail. Nor be discouraged and you can claim that promise. Every single day of your life. And you will also by living it. Teach your children. What was the percentage that they learned by what they observe. Do you know where I learned to pray when I saw my mother kneeling by her bed and pouring out her heart to God for help because my brother was getting into trouble and she didn't know how to deal with it and when I saw her finding her source of help in God. She didn't have to preach me a sermon. I knew right away because I loved my mother and when I saw that she got help for her needs. I knew that's where I can go and do you know as a small child. What little bit I knew I wasn't raised in the faith. But what little bit I knew that I picked up by this. I was able to plea with the Lord when I needed help when I saw other situations that needed help. That's where I went and so we can take great heart great heart that God He is working. In the plant of simplicity and he does profound things with that good. This year. So now the next thing I want to mention because it's not all a bed of roses and that his that we're told in the spirit of prophecy that the children are the lawful prey of the enemy. That's a scary quote I don't like quote. But God in His great mercy has to tell us the facts. See we were born in this world and this isn't happen and it's not the new earth. So we have to contend with but the beautiful thing is is that every single challenge that comes to us he has more than abundant grace to help us meet it. He that is in you is greater than he that is in this world so cling to that but that's the reason I'm sharing this is that you will know that you're going to have to a veil yourself and you're going to also have to watch for the the stealthy approach of the enemy and that's why the Word of God is so beautiful because we can show our young people how to put the armor on each day make it real for them make it so real that they will know in whatever level they are at you have to gear up for that but God will help you and so another thing then is that that's why the greatest want in the world is the want of man because you just aren't born that way. It just doesn't come natural. It has to be educated and trained slowly and the biggest display that we just talked about right there was that you're going to have to demonstrate it in your own experience you can never give your child anything that you do not have and they pick up on this quicker than anything. Children are perceptive and they see whether what you are telling them is what you are living and that's why I say the. Prenatal influence is so important if a person has that opportunity still of. That's the best time because we know that even from research we know of people who were reading the encyclopedias out loud to their unborn child. And that that child was so intelligent. I mean I just had that van. I mean it was just so easy. Well that's not necessarily our ambition. But if we read the Bible out loud if we choose what we are around that the child will hear if we are careful in all of our habits and all of our approaches. If we're careful and our own language and as I mentioned our own attitudes. We are told in inspiration that these simple efforts will not only reward us by our child's tendencies and natural things we can take half the load off just by doing the right things in this realm and as I said if you didn't have that opportunity don't get discouraged. God is more than willing it. And that's why the beautiful plan of redemption and we talked about this how that the plan of redemption and the plan of restoration and the plan of education are all really intertwined. Because God in the plan of redemption says that if we confess our sins and and and we are already in the attitude because the Holy Spirit brought there to recognize I made a mistake. Forgive me father and clans help me to turn things back around and there is such an I'm encouraging statement in Christ object lessons three thirty two point three you will love this statement because it's so encouraging and says that we can turn our defeats into victory. Wow. Only God can do that we can. Turn our defeats into victory and then she goes on to explain it that the way we're turning those defeats into victory is that we recognize we made a mistake. We confess it. We turn from it we learn from it and we don't repeat it God's grace and His presence in our life we don't repeat it. Therefore you can take that that defeat and turn it around so now and that makes the sense you probably read the statement just as many times as I did not like scratching my head and I said How can that be and says that Christ life was a series of interrupted victories and that it can be that way for us here too and I'm like Wow I've made so many mistakes I already blew it and I didn't I didn't make it so how can that be well if I can do all those defeats through repentance and confession learning from those mistakes and van. Not repeating them. You see what I did and did all of that previous stuff. Now I can have a series of uninterrupted victories because I just neutralized all those failures and I turn them around because this is the beautiful thing of the gospel which is inefficient for and you'll find that the person that used to have corrupt communication proceeding out of their mouth. They don't just stop saying things that are corrupt. Now it says that they actually use their voice to edify and to minister Grayson to the hearer's So now they have turned all their weak points into strong points. That's what the power of the Gospel is able to do in our experience in our children's experience. And so when we see that well then that says that the faith. He doesn't just stop stealing. Now it says that he actually labors in the thing that is good and that he can have something to gain if OK so now he was stealing. Now he's turned. Around and now he's giving to them that have a need the power of the gospel. And when we bring these things with all the thrill of our soul to our children. You can be absolutely certain they will have influence they will have influence and way because we're teaching them the way of salvation. And so that's why the joy of learning and as we are closely connected with the children. We are enjoying and we are going in glorious way. God's ways are always the best and when you really analyze each of his ways we're going to get into like agriculture and things like that and I want to say that God see fish and see we don't often talk about God's efficiency but God's efficiency can be clearly seen in his ways and in his will. It's the best way it's the absolute best way. Well now as I was mentioning about that the children are the lawful prey of the enemy. We need to remember and this is why I really appreciated the statement this morning about how that we need to be careful that we not neglect morning and evening warship. What are we doing. If we do that well we're teaching the children that it's really not as important as we said it was. And when we teach them about the Ten Commandments and we say I'll not have any other gods before you. Well what do they say well you had one. You know where you are we are putting God first and of course Matthew six thirty three the Seek first principle is the kingdom and His righteousness. We must live our prayers and we must live out our religion before our children. And they will pick up on it when they see that we are really in earnest. Do you believe that when we keep the seventh day sabbath God makes up for that time the time that we take out. We're not losing one thing we're not losing. One thing. By keeping the seventh day sabbath. Do you think that will be losing anything by not having. Or having family worship morning and evening. No we're gaining we have to train our mind to have the I Have faith and I have faith can only be developed by the Holy Spirit teaching us or we will come out with the wrong conclusions you see God knows that as we mentioned his thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways he is thoughts and His ways are as high. I mean it's just so much greater we have to trust him. That when he says this is the safe path have morning and evening worship you can just say it's settled. It's settled. We're doing it and I know my husband and I when we would be traveling in the car it was time for worship. That was the time we would use we would have prayer I would usually pray because he'd be driving and so we would have prayer. We would go over our memory verses and we would sing the songs we memorized. Isn't that beautiful and then when you get thrown in prison you're already set. You've already got your memory verses and you've already been practicing and you can go over as many verses as you'd like and have closing prayer. God is good. He is ready for every situation and he will bless it but you must do your part and do it would join your heart and enjoy God's way and show that to your children. So now as we were said because the reason that we need to have morning and evening worship that we need to keep our vital connection with God is that the Holy Spirit is the fish and see. To everything we do if we lose that vital connection with haven't. It doesn't matter how much you're doing or what you're doing God needs to be able to bless it. And he will bless it if he is with you and less you are driving him from you so we need to obey trust and obey so and in the third bar actually it's in desire of Ages three twenty four and says that we don't have to purposely choose evil. All we have to do is neglect to ally ourselves. So that's a warning. God is always warning and he says. Surely the Lord God will do nothing except he revealed his secrets unto His servants the prophets. So when we have these councils he is revealing his secrets he wants us to understand the great conversely going on so that we can with our children. Place ourselves in a safe mood. So now I want to move on here with a thought one of the things that we are very familiar with is that Jesus Jesus is our example we're told that in first Peter two twenty one three twenty five and I'm not going to read the whole thing but it says even here on to recall because Christ also suffered for us. Leaving us an example that we should follow his steps and then it goes on to say who did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth who when he was reviled reviled not again when he suffered. He threatened not but committed himself to him that judges righteously. And then I want to mention this one quote here and that I may know Him page ninety four Paragraph four and five The Holy Spirit reveals Christ to the mind and uses Christ's model to teach us and draw us. I'm really thankful for those words because it helps us to understand the importance of the Holy Spirit and that indeed is says in forty six fifty seven Christ is the great pattern his character must be our character. Are all excellence is in him. Following the true pattern we will or who is exerting a decided influence for God. Then it says that the Lord has committed to us as a sacred trust most important and solemn truce and we should show their influence upon our lives and characters. And it says that the mind is in an invisible agent of God to produce tangible results its influence is powerful and governs the actions of man. The regenerating Spirit of God takes possession of the mind and transforms the life. So how do we get the Holy Spirit. What we know when we were baptized that at that particular time we received our first and down it. But we don't believe in once saved always saved. And we're told Jesus actually told us specifically in Luke eleven thirteen. If you then being evil know how to give could give son to your children. How much more show your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that what I ask you. And you know why we must ask him. I don't have the quote right in front of me but it says that Satan contests every blessing that God sends to us and we see that in the Book of Job. The very first chapter. You remember God pointed out he says have you considered my servant job. And then of course Satan came up with all these things and he said you know if you just let me happy for a little bit. You're going to see he's going to curse you to your face. He's just after what you give him and how you protect him and all the blessings you give him. But if you remove those you're going to see that inside he's really not much better than me. So God says well I know my servant job. So he can. Handle it. I'm going to go ahead and let you do what you're going to do and you'll see what he said what his real motive is so God has to have us ask him each day for the Holy Spirit and when as I said if you're still carrying the baby in the womb. You can ask for the Holy Spirit that's why we were talking about John the Baptist. And others. Who from their very beginnings the parents consecrated the child before it was ever born. Well it's not too late to start now and you can teach your child and one of the things you know there is so much interaction in a home when we're learning and we're learning together and children are very bright. They're very bright they catch on really quick and so some time when you want to sit down or when you're having worship out in nature or you're having one of your good discussions around the campfire or whatever. You can come up with a list. What does the Holy Spirit do. And you know when I started making a list because I have been asking each day since I started studying this and it was predominantly I started studying this after I lost my husband because that was such a traumatic thing that I felt like I literally was dying I felt like my body was trying to shut down I couldn't eat it couldn't sleep I couldn't function. I was really concerned about my own welfare and where it was headed and that at that time the Lord really helped me to understand how much I needed to really control my thinking and my motions and that I had to live by faith and that I couldn't live by sight and you know I realized after he started working in me this process and got because I teach Sabbath school and stuff I had a lot of quotes in my mind and so God kept bringing all these things back to my mind and now he was using them to teach me. And to show me where they fit in my experience. Ans and when he did that it turned me around and I started being able to function and to to actually as I did what he said to do I became strong. And I was just so elated because I saw that this works. This works in everything whether you're just trying to learn how to live by faith or what you're trying to overcome a sin. Or what ever it is you know anything that works and that is you must have the I Have faith which comes through controlling your mind and keeping to the side of the Holy Spirit and don't let the that let Satan fail or discourage you see that's the track he wants to take you down because a discouraged man is good for how much nothing. And that's exactly and then we're told in the first five the testimonies three zero nine three ten. It says that we in this experience of learning to live by faith. We're too easily discouraged for one thing and we ask for the trial to be removed instead of for strength and grace to go through it so that's key number one is this is your opportunity. So don't ask for it to be removed ask for the strength and the grace to go through it so you can come out the other side and be stronger. So the other thing is that you when you're doing this you're controlling your mind and you're allowing the Holy Spirit. You need to be asking for the Holy Spirit. And you need to be cherishing the Holy Spirit and you need to recognize anything that is starting to take you in the opposite direction and you need to turn square away and go in the right way and even you know a child a child doesn't walk perfectly every time just from the first time they ever try to know so we need to also realize that if you make a mistake. Just go back to where you last saw the light and pick up from there and go on and acknowledge it before the Lord and say yes I Our want to take your hand again and hold tighter and he will but you know this list this list that I want to share with you God anoints us with the spirit so we asked the father to send us the spirit and we do this. Or we remember the quote and steps to Christ page seventy that were to consecrate ourselves in the morning. Let this be your first work. So when we consecrate ourselves we ask then. And you know now that I've been studying and making my list. I actually starting numerate ing when I'm asking the Lord for the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit has come alive and I realized by the statements that I've read that the Holy Spirit is the efficiency. You can never go anywhere with true education until you have the true instructor in place and when you get the true instructor in place you can make fast progress. It's just like we were talking about how the children the first parents they're not going to get them into academics right away because the they're not ready for it but once they get to the age they will go quicker they will actually make more rapid advancement. Once they reach that point they will go very quickly because you've already got all the foundation in place. And now they're ready for that but to rush that in in the price of the things that are supposed to be getting in place is is to make it out of productive. So anyway. These are just some of the things but you're going to come up with a more complete list and you're going to see that this is such a beautiful thing that you think wow. This just really gave me a lot of hope and encouragement because God is more willing to give this Holy Spirit to you for these purposes. Number one when the personal guide comes into your life. The everyone is somebody does personally guide you will God is ready to do it. And he has omniscience and he has omnipotence and he has everything you need to be able to go to where you need to go. So you want him to be your guide. He's going to be your teacher and he is the most effectual teacher as it says and spirit prophecy. He will counsel you. You don't have to go to family counselors you have it already and so understanding he's going to give you wisdom. Now where did I get these things from. Luke eleven three two and three says the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him the Spirit of wisdom and understanding the spirit of counsel and light the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord and shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord and the for in the fifth volume of the Bible Commentary eleven seventeen. It tells us that when Jesus now Jesus as it says in John set three thirty four. It says that Jesus was full of the Spirit that God gave him the spirit without measure and you see that also in Acts ten thirty eight is says that he was anointed of the spirit and he went about doing good everywhere and healing and all of the kind of things as it was by the spirit that's how Jesus did this and as we've started out there in Isaiah forty two one. He says I have put my spirit upon him. So that's how he got it and God wants to give us but in the fifth of the spear of the Bible Commentary eleven seventeen it says that Jesus in a moment. It could he could just and it was through the spirits prompting he could size up a situation and tell immediately. What was right and what was wrong what was sin and what was good and he chose continually the right. He never deviated from that but it was through that quick discernment the quick understanding and the fear the Lord that's how he was able to do it and it says in one place it says that his experiences to be ours. These are promises we need to show with faith that we believe God stands behind every one of his problems and every bidding is an enabling he has more than I I just love the quote it's improper thinking three eighty seven. He says he will more than fulfill the expectation of those who put their trust in him. Well if he's going to more than fulfill it but oh you know it reminds me of over there in the. Asians where it is said that it we he would do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think so God is just waiting to be gracious just waiting to be gracious to us. So anyway and I could just go on and on but I don't know I didn't know what time I started so do I have five minutes left. OK great because I'm quickly using up my time. All right so again we will have understanding now this is so beautiful I long to have more understand especially you know my husband was a wealth a wealth of understanding. I mean. And so when I lost my husband. It was like oh you know I don't have him to talk to anymore. You know I don't have his perspective anymore and I felt that loss so greatly and I said well bored. You didn't die. You're still here and that's where he got it from and you can help me. So give me faith to believe that if you said you'd never leave me nor forsake me and he's not going to ever dies so you know I have all hope in my God now I can rejoice in the Lord not in what happened but in the Lord I can rejoice. So he said that he would grant us understanding but I want you to go deeper with that and that is he's going to grant you deep and penetrative perception. Don't you want that that is really deep and when we're out there working in the garden and different things a lot of these different things will come to our minds and like he said he's going to more than fulfill the expectation of those who put their trust in him. So he's not going to turn you away empty. And he will also now he's the guy but he's going to guide you into all truth and he's going to help you to understand and recognize error and so he's going to interpret that truth and when he interprets that truth and he's going to give us. Also even in the temporal realm. I love those quotes that talk about how that he is just as willing in the temporal realm to help us because as I said you know now I'm living by myself on a farm and I'm like Lord. And he has taught me so many things that I didn't think I could do and when when I'm doing them and I say Lord thank you you're showing me that you will help. And so that's why I tell you is that there are things that you don't think you can do. God says we need to believe the promise and claim it says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and my God shall supply all my needs. According to His riches in glory and you know I've had it happen twice to me where God sent to me helpers the first time it happened he sent me twenty a Pisk a pale and young people living in the city of Boston to come down to my farm and help me with anything I needed then they paid their own way they flew down but I mean is that a miracle or is that a miracle. And so they spent like three or four days with me doing this anything I wanted them to do help me with and and they were so excited to be there because they've never been in the country and so I took them to the neighbour's horse they got to touch a horse for the first time I mean all kinds of things God is so good he will more than fulfill the expectation of those that put their trust in him and it happened again another time with some young people almost twenty young people living in Raleigh North Carolina in the city came to my place all were they happy they just pitched in a did we'd lacking in knowing and all we doing it we think we just did so many different things and they enjoyed it immensely. I thought all of my husband could just be here and see all of these people that were having opportunities. To to share with because they were and it gave perfect opportunity to share about my love and faith in God and how he was helping and who my husband really was what. Of a man. I mean they were just thrilled to hear all these stories. And so as we come to the Lord. You remember. Daniel wonderful example how would you like to have a reputation of having an excellent spirit and that the spirit of the holy gods is in you. And God already worked through the first few chapters Then in chapter five and it's just so beautiful what God will do what about the spirit of Caleb you remember he was not he did not fail nor be discouraged and when he was all old he said Give me the hardest territory I'm going to show you what God can do and by his faith them in his God He did it he too. He was able to possess that. And then I want to think about Stephen Stephen's reputation there in Acts six and seven. This is so worthy as you get these characters out and go over them with your children and really elaborate and these make wonderful discussions because then they can see the kind of people God is wanting. One thing them to become and they see what God did just like with Daniel in that first chapter God rewarded his faithfulness. He was ten times better than those that was just such a beautiful thing to have that report right there in the very first chapter and that way when you go all the way through the Book of Daniel you'll see that this Daniel he was trained as we're told in Stephen Haskell's book. He was trained by his parents because they knew the prophecy that their young people was going to be carried away into captivity and they actually prepared their young people you are going to be carried away it says it right here and this is going to be your calling. This is going to be your time to shine so when Daniel went there. He already knew it was going to go there. He already knew this was what's going to happen to me and this is going to be my time to declare who I am really and who I'm serving. So these are beautiful points to bring out with your young people because when it says there's there's plenty of statements. My husband had many talks about the are scattering that we will be scattered and our young people won't always be by our side but we can equip them now so that they will be able to stand like Daniel that they will be the Josephs that they will be able to do all the things that God is requiring because he's with them and we've taught them how they can receive the Holy Spirit and I love this statement there is a beautiful beautiful statement here. That is so full of hope and I don't know if I'll have time to read more than this but I want you if you have CDROM I want you to really go and check out this is so encouraging look up child preachers. When you look up child preachers it is so beautiful because these young people when the adults were not able This was in Sweden that this was recorded from was the experience that God gave these children. It was in Sweden and it was when the parents when the adults could not take the message at that particular time God moved on children and these children. He put His Spirit upon them and the people that knew the children knew that they were regular children they acted like regular children but when the Holy Spirit came on them they had a message to proclaim and everybody knew that's not those children. It's God it's God in those children through the Holy Spirit. And these were like six year old eight year old ten year old children. So we have every hope that God again will be pleased to send His Holy Spirit and in a miraculous way he will work through children and so I'm just so excited and eyes I say. If you want to really encouraging thing give the gift a CD-ROM now and go study that you will be very very encouraged now without the Spirit of God We are utterly helpless and then it says our strength lies in hiding in Jesus God can do more in one moment to convict people than we can do in a whole lifetime. Therefore let us hold fast to the arm of the Manipur tense. Let us lean upon Jesus. Thus we shall grow strong to do his will the Lord is our helper he will not leave or forsake us. And again I want to also and I know that you already are cultivating this but. We when we ask for the Holy Spirit we also ask for His indwelling in us his personal presence. Some people call it practicing his presence but what it really amounts to is to be mindful of your every thought and word and action your every attitude. There is a saying in the world your attitude determines your altitude. Well that So true. Your attitude really can make a world of difference. And as the parent as the mother as the father. You have a profound influence in your attitude on your child. It can be as simple as when you're in a traffic jam. It could be anything because as we said as we started out the largest percentage is what they're seeing and what they're hearing what is your attitude when you get into these difficulties and just like job you know God says go ahead you can test him. We're going to see you so remember you're proving whether your faith is really genuine or whether you are just working off a theory. And if you realize you've messed up you know as I said I'm in this process of learning this. And when I was getting things packed into the car and I went back in and something tipped over that was liquid a little fall over the place and three pieces of mail went into it and I'm like. Rick you know this is the ending there and I said. Thank you Lord this is my opportunity to reveal your character to reveal the mind of Christ and so I did I'd took care of things and nothing was ruined and I was like well this is wonderful. So anyway but this is the mind of Christ and it says that education page eighty the first paragraph in every human being price discerned infinite possibilities. We need to away look at our children. Don't look at them as to who they are right now. Look at them that they have what infinite possibilities. He saw man as they might be transfigured by His grace. Looking upon them with hope he inspired hope meeting them with confidence he inspired trust revealing in himself man's true ideal he awakened for its attainment both desire and faith. So people that were be holding him the way that he conducted himself his attitude how he related to people I appreciated so much was brought out this morning is that our children the way that this is that they went out and the children took them by the hands and they said and how you know they were looking out at somebody else or this is the way Jesus wants us to be he wants us to be so loving and reaching out to other people forgetting about self and really entering into the needs of other people to feel loved and to. To feel like that we can help them and being encouraged meant to them Children do that very well they're genuine. I mean their smiles are genuine and they can have such uplifting influence if they go and open a door for an adult they see that they're struggling they need some help carrying something they can just say Would you like me to help is there anything I can do to be helpful and with their cheerful little attitude can bring such joy. So Jesus did this and this is beautiful in his presence souls despised and. Olen realized that they were still man and they longed to prove themselves worthy of his regard and many a heart that seemed dead to all things holy Did you catch that. People who we would have written off said those people are dead to anything holy there. They wouldn't have the slightest interest but it said in many a heart when they were in his presence. They longed to be able to prove themselves worthy to him to his regard. And in many a heart that seemed dead to all things holy were awakened new responses impulses to many a despairing one there open the possibility of a new life. How did Jesus get that experience. How was he to be able to have such a harsh response by these people that look like they were just good to him to holy things and this is how he did it education eighty paragraph four as a man he supplicated the throne of God till his humanity was charged with a heavenly current that connected humanity with divinity. Receiving life from God he imparted life to man he he went first and it says in Isaiah Isaiah fifty verse four it says he wake in the morning by morning he waken at mine ear to hear as the learned and it was through that then he would have a word to speak to him that is weary. And so we need that experience and when we have that experience God will help us in raising the children to also have that beautiful experience in him. Well I'm over my time now but I want to leave this one thought and then we're going to have a wonderful special music about also what this Holy Spirit will do in our life but I want to leave this thought it's in early writings page forty seven. It is no small thing to be a Christian to be own. And approved. When we had that privilege to be. And to be approved it is going to be experience for us the most joyful and that's the thing I'm realizing more and more is that the joy. It truly brings joy and peace and long suffering and when sixteen eleven presence is right here their last year's media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free and much more if you would like to know more about audio to listen to more service Visit W W W or.


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