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Through a Special Lens

Beatriz Caballero de Rivas



  • June 29, 2016
    8:30 AM
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Do you have only Father we thank you so much for your daily blessings. Thank you especially for giving us the opportunity to come together and to be able to study your word we ask this moment. Lord that your angels fill this place where we can feel the presence of heaven here but most of all we want the presence of the Holy Spirit in us made the words that come out of every mouth every word spoken to Damia be guided and directed by you only Lord. We want to do your will and we want to be able to finish this work. So we can live with you eternally. We asked this in the name of Jesus. Amen. Well for those that were able to come yesterday. We're just going to do a loophole review of what we talked about yesterday at this at this particular time. Remember that this section of the day we're going to be dealing with how to do what how to do how to do true education. So it has to be concrete but actually we started out taking the first step. What was the first step. We started with the Word of God and because we wanted to find his counsel. So we we searched in a deep. In a deep study and we ended up going all the way to where to Eden. We were visiting needin and we saw lots of quotes saying that Eden was the model of tragic ation that was plan A That was what God was intending for his people. OK And we saw that tragic ation another way of seeing. God recreating and re beaming us. So let's I'm going to review for quotes that really stood out. Yesterday. Troja creation. Page twenty one under changed conditions true education is still come formed to the creators plan the plan of the Eden school. Remember that one. Let's look at quote Number two this mind character and personality page fifty three. Now as never before we need to understand the true science of education. If we fail to understand this we shall never have a place in the kingdom of God. And with that quote We could see that tragic ation was a very very important to not to not be able to understand what tragic ation could mean what not having a place where in the kingdom of heaven nor us nor our children. OK let's look at the next school education page thirty in the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are what are one redeeming or helping in this work. And the last quote that we saw that stood out Education Page nineteen he who cooperates with the Divine Purpose and imparting to the use a knowledge of God and molding. The character into harmony with his does a hot and noble words. As he awakens a desire to reach God's ideal he presents an education that is as high as have been and as broad as the universe and education that. Cannot be completed in this life but that will be continued in the life to come and education that secures to the successful student his past port from the Preparatory School of Earth to the higher grade the school above and we mentioned. Have you ever imagined that after your student your child graduates from your classroom he's actually going to pass on to the next classroom where God himself would be the teacher and I am so sorry that I should be passing I have the coats there so you could see also so that was the first quote was the second quote if you wanted to look at it. Sorry the third one education thirty and the last one I just read right now education nineteen. But today after having looked reviewed at what we spoke yesterday we are actually going to look at today's presentation and it's through a special lens. Now we know what true education sort of is right. We had a model in Eden and it's very important. Now we can place up our lenses on and try to see if we can really focus and try to identify what true education is right because the purpose here is that tomorrow we're actually going to be making implementing our true education for our classroom in our home or in our school. OK so today what are we going to be doing we're going to be looking and trying to see the greedy and try to a dent of five certain things. Today's presentation is is really important. We need to grasp to see what those little pieces are so let's let's see. That's all together be praying for the Holy Spirit to guide us. One of the problems are not a problem but a question mark when I started in the journey of looking for to education. It's going to sound like a. LEGO a problem or a dilemma but actually it isn't so that's why represent presenting it was actually a big question mark in my head is true education home schooling or is tragic ation of school and you know what. Believe it or not in some places. This is a very big problem. I did live in places where homeschooling families thought that tragic ation was just bad and out of that nothing else. And there was some school you know Adventist schools that thought that it was via their way around and you know what true education. When done with NG radios that we're about to talk about is a big umbrella that everybody fits under. And we should be held by the hands because we have a goal and what is our goal together we're walking towards a where. So there is no dilemma and there is no problem. There could be a problem introject in excuse me there could be a problem in homeschooling. If you don't have these ingredients and then that is not the education we want to see at all because of tragic ation has the goal to take our kids to heaven and I want to be part of that too with my kids and the goal of education that is not true has another goal and I don't want to have nothing to do with it. Do we understand that. Homeschooling could be like that. And vice a versa we could have a school. That is religious and that does not have the ingredients. So we. That's why today we are wanting to put on the special loans and see because we want to hold our hands together don't we we want to be able to go to our societies and were average is in our homes in our churches in our schools big and small no matter the ages no matter the personality no matter where you're from what color advise you have I want to be that when Jesus comes. I want to be able for him to call the name of my mom. I want to be able to see her that day. And I wouldn't be able to see you there. I bet you have a list of people that you would like to see. So do we understand. There's no problem at all let's just look to see what are the ingredients OK first of all as tragic ational a home school or a school. Well these are some quotes that I found that are really important look at this point the system of education establish an Eden centered in the family. Adam was the Son of God and it was from their from their father that the children of the highest received instruction theirs in the truest sense. Was a family school. So you know what Plan A was a school family that was what God wanted and he being the father was the teacher knowing all the knowledge and the student his son Adam and Eve was where the students that were going to be acquiring that and that being the model that was going to have been from generation on to generate. On to generation those Plan me next quote Education Page thirty three it says the education centering in the family. You see that word again family was that which prevailed in the days of the patriarchs for the schools the stablish God provided the conditions most favorable for the development of character. So in the family setting it was where it was most favorable for the development of the character and that's the only thing we're taking the happen. I mean we could cut her hair and change your clothes and do anything else we want but the only thing we're really taking to Heaven is our character. OK. And let the not whole my education be regarded as a secondary Matt matter it occupies the first place and all tragic ation OK so is home education important. Yes very important. Child Guidance page seventeen it says it is in the home that the education of the child is to begin their Again home family and. God had commanded the hugh Bruce to teach their children his requirements and to make them acquainted with all his dealings with their fathers. This was one of the Special Duties of every parent. There is a special duty parents. This was one of the Special Duties one that was not to be delegated to another that was not supposed to happen. Parents were not supposed to delegate this responsibility to somebody. Or to another parent urge another adult. In the place of stranger lips the loving hearts of the Father and the mother were to give instruction to their children thoughts of God were to be associated with all the events of the daily life. So do you see that were their daily life. The daily life that was that was home education daily life happening but wasn't it wasn't actually just a chair. Or a table it was a daily life yeah there were chairs and there were there were tables but there were more things happening and there was a special duty that not anybody else was supposed to have that was the plan A. And what can we see in the Bible results that did people that did do this. Well here we go it says such was the training of Moses in the lowly cabin home in Gosh and of Samuel by the faithful Hannah. Of David in the hill dwelling at Bethlehem of Daniel before the sins of the captivity separated him from the home of his fathers such to was the early life of Christ of Nazareth. Such The training by which the child Timothy learned from the lips of his grandmother Loyce and his mother Eunice. So there were people that did do it and look where the good results doing it was it really easy. You know it wasn't easy but God had promised something right and they obeyed. And what happens when life continues talking about history after even more sin comes to the world. You know what something had to have been look at this. At this quote right here this patriotic. Thank you the schools of the prophets were founded by Samuel to serve as a barrier against the widespread what corruption. What was happening to provide for the moral and the spiritual welfare of the youth and to promote the future prosperity of the nation the nation was going down hill. Why was the nation going down hill. Hugh as the family was breaking down Satan was getting into the families and breaking them in any way from the out from the in just any way in this resulted in this in the society. You know going downwards and why is this important what's wrong with the nation the nation was supposed to do what we're talking about you know talking about this this time right there. WHAT WAS THE NATION. They had to work to do what would but was that they needed to be example to the world they needed to go out to the world and give them a message so that the end could come. Was it able to happen. No So then God directly talk to Sammy only said the schools of the prophets had to be founded. So this was a very very special thing. Even if you do home school you choose schooling in the home. Look what it says here. Parents who give their children proper instruction at home will train them to obey their teachers at school and unless surrounded by unusual circumstances they will in time see the necessity of sending their children to some school outside of the home. This school may be simply a church school. Or it may be an intermediate school or a large training school. What does that mean let's analyze this quote right there it's it's pretty deep. If I choose to do Plan A and take my my children and do home schooling. I need to remember something my children are not mine. My children are who's the Lord's and that we are training them not to be not to stay in the home forever and ever and ever and ever and never in that they're mine and that's it no they're going to go at some point out of the home and maybe good God has told you to train your child up to it says here. I assume this school may be simply a church school maybe of a lemon tree levels church school or maybe God tells you No you stay with them until until that time but then when it comes to intermediate school they're used you're going to send them out out with some ferrets some for some families are going to be sending them out at that point. Or maybe no maybe you're going to do the whole thing until they get big and then they're going to go out to a certain training school. Well that would be maybe to a college or you know another type of what does that mean you're going to see people trying to do true education in the home and some are going to be choosing to do it some a lot to one age and maybe to another age maybe to are they doing something wrong. If they choose to do it only till they're ten years old what if they choose to do it only if they're fifty you know fifteen maybe if what if they go all the way to twelfth grade and then decide to go just to university is that wrong. No What do you need to happen. What is it that you need to do what did we say from the begin. When you have an emergency and you don't know what to do what do you do. You go to uni you go back. What is the plan that God has for my life but when you're ready to send your child. Whatever age God tells your family to do then this is what needs to have been this and this one right here it just makes me tremble. The Child Guidance parents guardians place your children in training schools where the influences are similar to those of a rightly conducted home school saw the school that we're looking for when we zoom into it it's going to look like the family is going to look like a home school. Rightly what rightly conducted. If it's not rightly conducted is that the school for me. Nope that's not the school for me and needs to have the ingredients. Home school needs to have been greedy and school needs to have the ingredients OK because we have a special name in a special bowl with this understood. Let's go to the next one. They should be talking about the schools they should be family schools. Again that little word family where every student will receive special help from his teachers as the members of the family should receive help. In the home. Next quote are high school homes. You see how they mention it school homes. As far as possible a home at most fear maybe provided teachers who are placed in charge of these homes bare grave risk. The billies for they are to act as fathers and what. Oh my and his mother showing an interest in the students one and all such as parent showing their children so teachers are taking the place of the parents and the parents were having big big deep responsibilities. So hold the teachers as Brown's abilities are what their very important. OK so you just going to pause there for a moment in my walk. Of not knowing how to do this and I've made a lot of mistakes. Just because I'm standing here right now does not mean that I am the authority on this. This has been a lot a lot of asking the Lord help me to do this because there is a lot of people out there that are trying to to guide others and it's not the right road and I've seen a lot of home schools that look like schools like common schools out there and you know what should be the way around it should be schools looking like homes. So when you walk into a school. It's supposed to look like a house like a home. What is it in there WOULD isn't the daily life of a home with the children in the mother in the Father what's going on you have to sit down you have to sit down and you have to analyze what are the ingredients in the house in the home was it just the walls that make it or are they the windows. The people and the activities that you do there is what makes that and I'm going to just say that the first person should be God OK. I thought this quote was interesting because we have talked about home schooling we have talked about schools like you know going out to elementary to intermediate to bigger schools and now look at this one wherever there are a few Sabbath keepers the parents should unite in providing a place for a day school where their children in use can be instructed they should employ a Christian teacher who has a consecrated missionary shall educate the children in such a way as to leave them to become missionaries. So there you go maybe some families getting together and doing this type of plan A instruction together. Do you see the different Can you see it in your lens. Are you understanding. Maybe you see a family doing it by themselves at home. Maybe you see the family sending the children away to some schools or you know close by to some schools at different ages and maybe. Maybe two families you and I get together and we put our children together. What we are going to consecrate them as missionaries we're going to educate and educate them in a way where they become missionaries OK so this was very difficult for me to understand in the process because I saw all of this going on and I'm like what should be the way he I mean I see them going out at this stage and them going out at that age and don't understand how you know what it's when the Lord and how the Lord tells your family how to do it you know why because the Lord is so beautiful and special he did not create us all the same he did not create us all as robots. So you're going to have children that are with different means. So there are going to be different needs of. That of that special education going on is that understood that that makes sense. OK next quote is says when properly conducted church schools will be the means of lifting the standard of truth in the places where they are established. Amen amen. As long as time shall last we shall have need of schools. And the ears shall hear a word behind the saying This is the way walk even it we need turn to the right hand and we need turn to the left thirty twenty one so if you have a doubt. Listen to the Holy Spirit guiding you ask for His help us for the Lord and He will guide you it says that there are thirty he will tell you which way to go and how to do is specifically for your family. OK so just reviewing a little bit we saw that this this true education is a family like setting. I'm just saying this over and over and over it's a family like setting there are parents and it's very important as not just one person the team of dad and mom. The. Priest of the house is needs to be involved the mother has to be involved and the teachers are actually when they're working at it they are taking the place of the parents but working linked together hand in hand under the same umbrella that we do we see that picture. Another thing of a family setting their needs are being. Met in a loving way when you feel part of a family you can eventually feel part of the family of God you can understand what that means. So if the child feels like he's part of a big family I'm part of this. Family. I want to work here I'm going to help mommy I'm going to home my teacher. Whatever the setting is I'm part of this. I have responsibilities and now when I grow up I can understand who I'm also part of another big family a bigger family you know the good redeemed the ones that are going to see God face to face I can work in this family too I want to be part of it when to grow in it do you understand. OK Very important I saw very curious very very interesting. There are all mommy daddy kids and everyone has the same age. So in true education setting we have more what is wow I want you at this moment just take one second I will love for you to stand up stand up and this is a very hard moment in the morning. Let's just breathe together take deep breaths and rule and lift up your arms. And take two or three big breaths these are very important points that I don't want to miss list to stretch a little bit as much as we can and take one more deep breath. You know what while you're stretching you can put your hand out and say hi to the person that's right by you. Glad to see you this morning and I really like that yes. OK we can fit back down. I don't want you to miss this point. LOL Ty ages the verse ages is part of the setting of tragic ation Education Page two eighty five says let the older assist the younger the strong the weak and so far as possible let each be called upon to do something in which he excels this will encourage self-respect and the desire to be useful. There are a lot of calls that we could have put here. But time is limited and. I mean there wasn't enough powerpoint to put all the quotes I was finding so I'm probably just going to put or have put one or two quotes of the topic that I just want to inspire you to dive into our councils dive into them go ahead and go to true dog education and in there you can also find compilations they have I think is one of the biggest that there are you can find the very much quotes and examples of what all these you know the greedy and so Tridge occasions so I invite you to dive into that to seek time to study we need to know we cannot die because we don't know and our nation is dying for not knowing. Look at this quote. The dangers of the young are greatly increased as they are thrown into the society of a large number of their own age. Why is that a danger. Have you ever thought of why that would could be a danger. Well. Let's just say that. Children need to be able to have somebody that has that experience. You know in that person that has the experience from the older and older up to God you know. And on down to the smallest Have you seen brothers and sisters went from there the big one the something the little copies and if it's a good thing they're all doing the good thing you know that's what we're trying to this is this is the family like so this is part of tragic ation OK so we're going to leave that to one side and another ingredient that should be in tragic ation is the Bible. Now. Now listen to this. I'm going to be putting up there may be the titles of of the ingredients that should be there but in no way is true all ways divided into OK this is now family time. OK now we're going to have Bible time. Now where I mean you do see a schedule and we're going to be talking about that tomorrow when we implement and design our own curriculum. OK our own tragic ation But today I have to set it out that way so we can sort of understand but all this is going to be what. Intertwined. Because we're doing just the daily life in daily life happen but there is structure going on because we are going to have also. You know education of books too. And so we need books but there are other things involved at the first one and the Bible. As a means of intellectual training the Bible is more effective than any other book or all other books combined. Next quote but the most valuable teaching of the Bible is. Not to be gained by a Kasia nal or disconnected study. Its great system of truth is not so presented as to be discerned by the hasty or the careless street or many of its treasures life far beneath the surface and can be obtained only by diligent research and continuous effort. The truths that go to make up the great the whole must be searched out and gathered up here a little and there a little Isaiah to meet ten and this is an education when twenty three and one twenty four. So there has to be a system where the the child. Depending upon the age of the child you know you're you're teaching them to go to the Bible and you know that you know they're going to they're going to learn how to study when they grow up a little more then it's not an occasional Let's get the Bible and read the verse and memorize today's lesson know it's a little more than that OK. And that is a process that is you know from a one year old two year old going to a seventeen year old they're different things right. When the real love for the Bible is awakened and the student begins to realize how vast is the field and how precious it's treasure. He will desire to seize upon every opportunity for acquainting himself with with what with God's Word that study you will be restricted to no special time or place and this continuous study is one of the best means of cultivating a love for the Scriptures let the student keep his Bible always with him as you have opportunity to read the text to meditate upon it. So the bible going to get you throughout the day and everything you do you can find a match here. Did you know you could find multiplication algebra division art. You can find science. You can find actually History says that there were certain has. People in history right that looked in the Bible and found out when everyone said that the the earth was where they found in the Bible didn't know it was around actually was a sphere and we can go on and on and find so many other things in here. We don't have to put it down and it needs to become real and alive for who. For the teacher and. When the student. OK So Bible is it understood that the Bible is very important. It's the main book and everything should be sifted with it has to go through it should be true if it doesn't go. You know if it teaches if you find something that you're teaching and it goes against this should we keep it should throw it away you completely because we have a what do we have we have a goal. Remember to keep the goal in mind. OK let's go to the next one. We're going to just go to the next one. Did I. Oh I'm sorry that's the one I read and I didn't show you. Sorry about that. So there was education when ninety one point four. You came next nature. Well the Bible should be hold the first place in the education of children and you. The Book of Nature is the next in importance. So what does nature have to do with that will you know what I've been learning this my kids right now I have a seventeen year old and a thirteen year old and I've been getting this little by little by little by little. And at the beginning it was trying to bring nature in. Home and trying to bring the little plants inside and we have a little pot with flowers. And in observe and maybe one of those have you seen those little contraptions with the little butterfly that you can catch an observant. You know those little things like that it goes beyond that I mean that's the start and that's great but it goes beyond that and right now I'm understanding things that wish I had understood from day one. I would have started all over again and then things are really different but you know what it's OK we're doing the best we can right. Is that we're learning from the trees doing the best we can with with what we have and and just trying to continue. God will do the rest will just give it all our heart OK so it is a little more than that so after that I'm just I'm just going to give you a little testimony there after that I passed to I I made a little section in my home saying well this is going to be the time when we go deliberately outside because things happen and life keeps on running and then you forget and it gets hot and then you don't want to go outside and stuff like that so let's go outside for a certain time and then I made something called Nature journal and then at the beginning when they were smaller we would take our nature journals and they would look at something you have to I would tell McKay now you're going to go something different something special something that caught your eye maybe it's very very big humongous like cloud or something or maybe it's very tiny little grasshopper something in you're going to try to capture that. Sorry. You're going to try to capture that in your mind and you're going to meditate on it can you see God's signature. The the something from that remind you of your Creator. Those that inspired you to do something you're going to drop on N N a notebook and then you can write that down. Or maybe it reminds you of a verse you write that down and we did nature journals for a lot of while. Then when the kids got bigger and. You know we were not to do the same thing over and over but we want to do we still wanted that meditating part so then they were inspired with cameras and they went outside and they started you know. Picture. You know in actually I wanted to bring some that didn't work. There's one picture where they were able with the lens to get a snowflake and see the form of the snowflake and from that snowflake they were able to write down so many things that I was well. Wow I mean we can make a little book here and this is a very special and you see all this that's going on in their minds or they're there meditating and they're trying to see and OK. And beyond that I would say let's look at the next. Quote is says for this season the cultivation of the soil is good work for children and youth. It brings them into direct contact with nature and nature's God and that they may have this advantage there should be as far as possible in connection with our schools large flower gardens and extensive lends for cultivation and this is the part that I was you know got at and of everything and maybe Right now I'm still dealing with my little garden trying them and trying to do something with that if you don't have one go help someone that has one. You know you can do many things they're OK but this is very important why the children when they're in connection with nature. There's just something about not only having to deal with nature and looking but the actual touching and I don't know it has to do with their health has to do with the fresh air and the sun and everything else that is involved with that. OK. A return to simpler methods will be appreciated by the children and the youth work in the garden and field will be an agreeable change from the weary routine of abstract lessons to which the young mind should never be confined to the nervous child or youth who finds the lessons from books. Exhausting and hard to remember it will be especially valuable. There is health and happiness for him in the study of nature and the impressions made will not fade out of his mind for they will be associated with the objects that are continually before his eyes. This is actually what God had made when he made Adam and Eve This is how they were learning. OK this is very very important so do you see a garden in your school in your to education. Do you see nature being part of it. OK There's another aspect that we just have to jump to the physical aspect. This is Child Guidance three thirty nine in order for children used to have healthy cheerfulness. The vast city and well developed muscles and brains they should be much in the open air and have well regulated employment and amusement. This goes link to all of the cards and stuff right. The first eight or ten years. Children should not be long confined within doors. Nor should they be required to apply themselves closely to study until a good foundation has been laid for physical development for the first eight or ten years of a child's life. The field or the garden is the best school room. The mother the best teacher nature the best lesson book even when the child is old enough to attend school his help should be regarded as of greater importance than the knowledge of. Books he should be surrounded with the conditions most favorable to both physical and mental growth. We have to be very careful with this quote right here and I want you to pay really close attention we could go both ways and fall off the board. What any any of the ways we could try to do formal education really are early on and not apply the A and do and the child will start learning. God made our body remarkable and he adjusts to whatever problem there is they will adjust but the development will be complete and it won't be supposed optimal you know as a supposed to be or you can go the other the other side of the board and drop off and say My child cannot learn a thing until he is ten and you don't want him to memorize anything you don't want him to to know stories and know nothing you know he's going to roam around Have you ever heard of unschooled. That's not what God wants. God does not want unschooling there is a time for everything says the Bible. And please yes there's time for everything and we need to be very careful they need to be guided if we do not guide them there will be one that is ready to guide. We are in war in our soldiers are from the little ones on the big ones. There is a big enemy that we have and our children want to be taken away from us why why is this why are children being taken away why do they why those the enemy satan want to take away our children because our children do use when they get together and they understand the goal and with their energy stand up and say let's do this let's end it Satan trembles. And he does not want that army to be working. So we cannot go to either side the first ten years I did not bring information on this but there is plenty out there that talks about that just God made them and the muscles of the fine motor muscles and the and the lungs not developed completely until they're eight or ten and why does the say at eight or why does it say ten. There are some there going to be ready at eight maybe even a little little before that there are some that will be ready at ten they're maturing later. There are some boys that even later than that there's another quote I did not bring it mentions twelve somewhere. So give you those numbers as that because there is something that you know is not connecting know there are some that will be ready at eight there's some will be ready at ten some were bit ready at twelve. What do you have to do you have to be observing to see what is the need of your child. So that's why I cannot be looking at the homeschooling intrinsic ation that's happening in Trisha's house because maybe she started at ten and I had to start at twelve and I you know cannot criticize her for starting at ten or maybe in your house that's at eight. Well what how dear she started eight. This should be ten. No we should not be we're different we're very different do you understand. Her. So in the school room. We have to pray a lot when we have many children because we we do tend because we need books the the truth of the matter is that we don't know everything right. So we do need books. But our children cannot be put in a box and say at eight this is the only thing that you're going to learn because if you're not ready to learn it at eight. You can learn it at ten or. Vice versa Do you understand. We need to have that flexibility to morrow we're going to be talking about how to do that and implement that it's a possible possible way a method that you could have diverse. Ages and just do that and be able to study OK. OK So we talked about that very good student should not be permitted to take so many studies that they will have no time for physical training their health cannot be preserved unless some portion of each day is given to muscular. In the open air stated hours should be devoted to manual labor manual labor of some kind anything that will call into action all parts of the body equalize the taxation of the mental and the physical powers and the mind of the student will be will be what refreshed very good. If he used the physical exercise will often help the system to recover its normal condition when students leave college they should have better health and a better understanding of the law of life than when they entered it. The help should be a sacred Lee regarded as as the character. OK Another part because we need to advance work and industry. One of the surest safeguards of the young is useful occupation what happens when we keep children and they're bored and they have nothing to do what happens. Normally they get in trouble. Children who are trained to industrious habits so that all their hours are usefully and pleasantly employed have no inclination to repining at their lot and no time for idle daydreaming. They are in little danger of forming vicious happen or association. OK With each step I want to inspire. Or you did go and pray about Lord. OK about work in industry how should I do this I did that. And I had an idea and I'm just going to share it maybe it won't work with you maybe you have another better idea for your family OK for me I told my kids at some point we're going to have a project that I want you to give me every every month. Give it to me but we're going to have you're going to display it you're going to talk to me about it so you're going to research. You're going to tell me something that you would like to do with your hands. That means if it needs to. If you need something I can guide you I can help you you can go to the library with me maybe we can look it up in the Internet but with me. Maybe I can bring some books to you or B. we can go ask somebody that knows how to do it and whatever is something that you make with your hands and at the end of the month we're going to see the exciting thing that you come up with what would you like to learn it has to be true has to be good and on anything that bad OK And then I describe what bad was than and explain that OK. Each month my son was make things you know I'm just coming up with thing you know now he's into woodworking because he started with a little with a little pot a little stick and a little wiggling and now he's doing these little contraptions and things that I'm wonderful they were wow OK amazing and my daughter was starting with the litter crochet hook and trying to do these things and now she's doing these big bed. I mean she just past my level have no idea what that is but it looks beautiful and flowers and connecting things and it started from a little something and I grew up to a big thing. So we you can do sewing woodworking old cooking bread making that was done at home when it goes on and on. It does gardening and maybe if the greenhouse to me. I think think that this have your children to think about something to research it to tell you what tools they need or to say Mom I really or you know teacher I do I really don't know what tools I need well let's figure it out together because I don't know either. Let's go look at a bird list do this in a mere thanks. In this case they did it apart because they have four years of difference. So they were in different levels but it may be there. They're learning so exciting one can go do that thing now can I go. Can I go and they wanted to do it was it was fun. They were actually learning how to use the tools and how to do everything. So you know that's just an idea. OK. Let us teach the little ones to help us well their hands are small in their strength a slight let us impress upon their minds the fact that Labor is noble that it was ordained to man of heaven that it was enjoyed upon Adam in Eden as an essential to the healthy development of mind and body. Let us teach them that innocent pleasures never have so satisfying as when it follows active industry. OK so. It's very important. It's very important we have another one in the same topic as says the students are in our schools for special training to become acquainted with all lines of work and they should be sorry to become acquainted with all lines of work that should they go out as missionaries they could be self-reliant and able through their educated ability to furnish themselves with the necessary conveniences and facilities facilities whether men or women they should learn to mend to wash and keep their own clothes in order they should be able to cook their own meals they should be familiar with agriculture. And with mechanical pursuits. Thus they can lighten their own expenses and by their example in calculate principles of thrift and economy. So what does a classroom look like with this going on maybe one is in the shop with the car and getting all greasy and somebody passes by and say they're supposed to be studying aren't they studying. Maybe there's another one that's cooking and mending is part it's part of it it's all part of and you have flour the girl with flour all over her face and she's doing. Oh that family is so well they do everything else but I've been there. I just don't know why they're not having school. This is all part of it is very important and in the home and in a school this is what has to be happening also part of the day if you can't do it every day. Some days in the week. You're going to do certain things but this is part of it. OK So let's go on to another point. Our home schoolers or our children in schools or Twitter cation children are they sociable. Are they social you know what people tell me they're just anti-social. I actually went to one place. And the person said well what's what are you doing right now. Oh well I'm home schooling my child fourth thing they need sociability you know. And I well. I just smiled Yeah you know the child learns to be sociable first with mommy and daddy. The baby in the hand and then and then Grandpa and Grandma and cousins and then maybe the baker that you go to something and then it goes bigger and bigger and the. Learn to the what Miss Mabel he was saying yesterday the little girl that went to give them shake the hand of the person they speak to the to the mailman into the you know that's older and maybe the other little little boy that passed by that was only to said Hi good morning and all ages are is that isn't that sociability are or are you supposed to only talk to people that are in my case forty three. And my only supposed to talk to people that have my age. Kristen sociability is altogether too little cultivated by God's people this branch of education should not be neglected or lost sight of in our schools next student should be taught that they are not independent atoms but that each one is a thread which is to unite with other threads in composing a fabric were part of a fabric What is the fabric in no department can this instruction be more effectually given than the home school. K. or the school home hears students are daily surrounded by opportunities which if improved will greatly aid in developing the social traits of their characters is this important. Yes because if you're going to be a missionary you need to be able to talk and then to work with other people. Yes or No OK And this goes linked on. So we could talk a lot about social. But we have to hurry service our schools are the Lord's special instrumentality to fit the children and youth for. Missionary work. Parents should understand their responsibility and help their their children to appreciate the great privileges and blessings that God has provided for them in educational advantages. OK so sir. This we saw it a little while ago we're seeing it now with a direct quote We are teaching our kids and we're learning also to what to be. Servants. Is Jesus a servant. Yes he gave us our first example we are to serve others is not about me it's about him and we need to teach them that it's not about me. We need to go to the next one. A few character development. This is very important here is his first school here with his parents as instructors Hughs to learn the lessons that are to guide him throughout life lessons of respect obedience reverence and self-control this goes before one plus one. This goes before A.B.C. this goes first this can be taught at a very early age and it does it does nothing bad to the to the to the child children have trials look at this on this really impacted me so much children's have trials just as hard to bear just as grevious in character as those of older persons mind. Child will go through spiritual battles especially at this time as hard and as difficult as we are going. You know the older people are going through and they need to be able to what do they need to do they need to be able to decide to learn to decide to make it to to be able to choose. Even at an early age is this important yes or no. Yes children have very tempers temperaments. And parents cannot always give the same manner of discipline to each. There are different qualities of mind and they should be made a prayerful study that they may be molded so as to accomplish the purpose. God designed that that word molded there's something I did not mention yesterday in Eden. Did you see God when He created Adam he did not just speak you could of he had the power to say let there be man and moon but he did. He did something very visual so we can see it today and in Jeremiah when you go you know back. You see a potter taking clay and the Lord taking that example of. He wants us to mold we he could have sent his angels to come do this work but he wants you and I did do it to go through this because we are the first ones learning when we have to take our children through that to mold and and this happened to me when I was with my first child. Now I know how to do this and when my second child was for that this wasn't the way to the way. And I bet that if you have three or four or you have a group of eight it when the classroom. They're all different is that a bad thing. I want to I want to hold that thought for a moment and I will show you at the end of first that I want to accompany that thought different characters different personalities OK let's go to the next one the teacher should carefully study the disposition in the character of his pupils that he may adapt his teachings to the peculiar needs. He has a garden to tend in which are plants differing wildly in nature form and development. A few me appear beautiful and symmetrical but many have been worked and misshapen by neglect those to whom was committed the care of these plants left them to the mercy of circumstances and now the difficulties of correct cultivation are increased tenfold teachers have to do that too they have to study their disposition of each child well OK. Can this be done this is the example Jesus left. In Luke two fifty two looking through the lens quickly looking through the lens to see what truth is about I I focused in into this verse and it says and Jesus increased in wisdom. And in stature and in favor with God in favor with the men and I'm just going to say this really quickly. What is the wisdom. You know that Jesus studied and in some point in the Bible he was writing on the ground. Did you know how to write and read and had knowledge of of Nature and Science. OK. Number two stature What does that mean he was a growing creasing in stature What is that the physical he was growing and he didn't know he wasn't fully grown when he was a baby I mean there were things that he couldn't do it he was a baby and he was growing and learning. OK. Some people want kids at five to be able to read write do everything at five because you have to finish kindergarten knowing the how to do this there are trees that grow and after eighteen years they give their first fruit to be able to eat and they're mature to eat at that time we are human beings. That just trees right. Everything has its time. Next point favor with God He grew spiritually his home school or you know his tragic ation had a religious spiritual aspect. He learned to connect with God and He also increased in favor with. Man was he social. Yes very social. Let's go to the next one Jesus follow the divine plan of education the schools of his time with their magnifying of things small and there be little enough things great he did not seek His education was gained directly from the heaven appointed sources from useful work from the study of the Scriptures and nature and from the experiences of the life. God's lesson books full of instructions to all who bring to them the willing hand the seeing. In the understanding heart. This is the part that I wanted to tell you about the different personalities for the body is one and have many members and all the members of that one body being many are one body. So also is Christ for by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body whether we be Jews or Gentiles whether we be bound or free and have been all made to drink and to the spirit for the body is not one member but many we are in the body of Christ the head is Jesus and all our students and ourselves were member you're going to have a child that is he's the hand he does it. You're going to have a child is the mouth he will tell you anything you won't be shy. You have children that are the doers in the sense that all will go there the feet go run but you will have that maybe it's the easier it will be List the mean. And maybe the. Are you name it the hair. I don't know. Oh you know it is that bad. Can you feed the ear like you feed the mouth. No What happens if I feed my ear like I do my mouth this ear would have a problem. I can do that with my children and make a big problem because my study is only concentrate on this type of children. No way you have diverged and they are needed in the body. They are needed that's how God intended it to be were we able to look at certain things through the lens. If it's if it doesn't have these principles. These are just we're just looking at it in a V.. You know why. Manner. If it doesn't have this principle you do not you stay away from that type of education you go away because that will have a different goal completely and we have one goal special goal. OK. Tomorrow we're going to have another type of limbs which will go in focus Juric only in the tiny things will how do I put this together which is just some ideas. Why because maybe yours won't look like mine maybe yours doesn't have the same need that I have the we will have all what. The Bible and we will all have somehow nature and we will all have somehow the character you know trying to develop the character and somehow we will all be doing the physical and somehow the social in serving and it goes on and on everything that we have mentioned Yes Do you understand this point. OK. And to finish. I have a promise for you it can be overwhelming right. But God promises some. I will pray to your heavenly Father we thank you so much. Thank you so much that you have promised to thank you for your promise to be a website dedicated to God's word and much more if you would like to know more about.


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