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Having the Heart

Beatriz Caballero de Rivas



  • July 1, 2016
    8:30 AM
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We have here a little image a simple review. Let's try to review what we've done during the week first day we were able to put a foundation just to know just to go and look visit Eden and see the model that God had prepared for us. The true education model the plenty and then the second day we put on a special lens to be able to look and view into understand what what were the pieces and in in the building to be able to come the third day and take that material and start constructing what is true education for our school whole plan that we have right. And that's what we did yesterday we did we did the little walls right. But a place or a house with with the foundation and walls is pretty good but we're missing something and if a storm comes we might still get wet. We're we're needing the roof on top so that's what we're going to trying to do today OK. And another thing we did yesterday was actually reviewing how very different stages in the child right. Some people call it grades. They're actually stages in a child and we as teachers being at home or being in the school home. We're going to be teaching by skills. We're just reviewing and this is because me. I mean we cannot go to another skill if we haven't you know dominated the first skill so we talked a little bit about that right. OK And this was an example of one. Of the quotes Tridge occasion is not the forcing of instruction on an unruly and unreceptive mind the mental powers must be awakened the interest aroused for this God's method of teaching provided He who created the mind in our doing its laws provided for its development in accordance with them so this is what how we're going to be educating trying to awaken the interest trying to arouse the mind and knowing that they have to be ready to be able to do that right. And how was are just reviewing what should my school home look like how was that little school that you were doing or that you're looking into or was it you you're here for what does it look like. It looks like a family that's what I want I want to see responses that there's a schedule. OK What else. There is a record keeping OK because we need to be organized we need to be able to plan what else there is nature. There is hard work. There are books. Yes there are and we cannot eliminate it should it be all books. No there is no time for all books and we're going to just paralyze our children it it doesn't do any good. I can see with this our children just just take a look at it it's a home like place. Yes there can be tables yes there can be desk there could be chairs but it's not that all the time there's activity were going along the way as we speak as the interest arrived in the child S. the question that's when we answer. There is something planned well today I would like to. Do this we plan for an activity we can go out we can come in we can invite in and go together with another family or we can be by ourselves there's time for meditating by ourselves. There are also studies in the Bible that we need to teach our children to do and then we have the little ones that they're going to start learning how to how to take the pages of the Bible in the in the older ones that are that are comparing one verse with another verse and the need to go and meditate in and to research and say hey I found something let's come together and and do our worships together in that way I'm all I found this or teacher I found this and what do you think about that and that is all education education is messy too. It's messy. You know when you're in the kitchen and you're trying to get ready before twelve thirty and everything has to be done. It's very hard to say well. Peter and Mary Yes You go ahead and sift that and you go ahead and be cutting the tomatoes and and you know what it would be a lot easier if I just did it. But I wouldn't be teaching them and I would be waiting for them and having the patients I need to have the patients to be able to yes you know what if you grab this this way and what can we learn from this if we should have we did it this other way made it. Maybe it would have been better and do you see that happening. You see the little little ones being the little shadow of the of the mom. What does that mean tragic Asian as preschool. Yes it has preschool. But not the way the definition that you normally know link to the word school that's not what it is it's it's a little shadow. Besides the mom it should be the mom. It should be the mom what happens if mom is not there then someone that takes the place of mom should be there IS IT A teacher is it someone else within that person should be then that's a little shadow coming with you. And you setting them by you while you wash dishes while you do your work and you talk and in first is teach you need you need a tall clearly and and show them how it's correctly sadden and then they grow up they start growing and while you're doing this every day every day getting up early having connection with God keeping then them they have to start a lot of knowledge that you want to impart to them you know the birds and the flowers and this and that So we're talking about science and this and that but not necessarily. What I'm trying to say is not necessarily with the books. I mean it could be and it should be with you at the beginning and at some point you're going to transition it so they can come in read the books but at the beginning I cannot get my five or six year old to sit here and look read this chapters so you know about you know about mammals. Let's go to the zoo is go check it out What do you think is this Are you think this is these are mammals are these mammals or are those of which one do you think they're going to learn at the end of it the day they won't forget about the mammals going to the zoo and maybe petting petting zoo or something and you've been talking to them or are they going to sit down and sort of read if they could read read the paragraph which is going to stick. The padding of the action right. Well there's an age for going and saying OK come on let's you go research read it so what do you think what about what you read over there and what do you remember when you were five and we went to the. You remember in the stick that that what they had back there all the experiences that you went through one by one by one they come in all I remember that I I. It's saying here that the you know the zebras are this and that I remember when I went to see them you know they have already been accessing the knowledge of touching and seeing and going and doing and that's true education. And then now there's a time when they're big and you have the books and they read it and it comes alive to them because they already experienced experimented it. You understand and then when they're about to leave home. They're about to go out to the world. They have been able to be in so many different experiences there. They know. Oh I love them all but you know what I just love especially to be with people and to tend to them and when they're sick. I would love to be a nurse and then you see our youth being at a very early age. Really mature and knowing you know what I think I have a calling for this. How do they know that because they're already what experience in you went serving to people you went doing so many things that they saw I like that why I love everything this is great but that right there. I just feel a burn in my heart to do I feel burned in my heart to be a teacher or to be a pilot. I would love to be a pilot missionary. How do they know that because they have experience so trench occasion have this experience and how do you do the experience. Mom if you don't know how to do it or teacher if you don't know how to do it guess what you're going to learn is they're going to grab the kid and if the kid says I would love to do this. OK let's go do it. And let me tell you especially when I had my boy. Or my I had experiences. That he won it didn't do something that I needed to do. OK you lose lives do it lives go get might be that but it's part of the experience you have to do that it's not going out after twelfth grade and then ha. I wonder what I'm going to study because they already have you know they have a connection with the Lord. Series of experiences you've been giving this. Depending upon their stages you know their maturity level and then all that together just it's developing the person and that Straight Education grabbed on to the Lord. Do we understand what it could look like then. OK that's what we did yesterday. But you know what if we do all that and we are still missing one thing. Missing one thing. First of Christians thirteen two can you look at that first of cringe. Thirteen two innocent eyes and that. I have the gift of prophecy what is the gift of prophecy isn't that just tremendous does everyone have the gift of prophecy. No they're special selected people and that I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge I could be I could have how many doctorate degrees and though I have all faith. So that I could remove mountains and have not charity and you know what in my Spanish version does love. I am what I am nothing and you would think that that's not possible but it's possible to have a home school and it's possible to have a school. It is possible to have the gift of prophecy it is possible to be standing here and talking. But if there is not love in the heart it means nothing at all nothing at all so the title of today is having the heart having the heart but does that mean having whose heart those heart should I have you tell me. The child's heart. I can do all the process of the knowledge in the books and the experience and the running around getting messy but if I don't love it the process. OK but especially the child if I don't love the church I old it does it mean a thing. They may not need sermons and long sense. Censorious lectures are about that as much as they need genuine interest. Let them know by your works that you. Love them and have a cure air for their souls. So we you're going to lecture you're going to try to teach them that if you don't have the law they need to know that. The habits and principles. Of the teacher should be considered of even greater important and then his literary qualifications. If he is a sincere Christian he will feel the necessity of having an equal interest in the physical the mental the moral disparage legislation of his pupils in order to extend the right influence he should have perfect control over himself and his own heart should be richly imbued with love for his pupils which will be seen in his looks in the words and in the acts. Where were you see it. In your looks the weight I mean your looks. In your what else. In your words in your actions. How do you say I could say this morning. Jesus is coming soon. Did you believe that he didn't believe it I know. If I see Jesus is coming soon. You might believe it. In your actions he should have firmness of character that means you're not trying to make your child be spoiled. That's not what we're trying to do you need to have firmer firmness of act of character and then he can mold the minds of his pupils as well as instruct them in the sciences. So after you love them after you bind yourself to them then you can you can show them what science is all about but it won't mean a thing if you don't love them first and if your actions are different and loving. The teacher who is severe critical overbearing heedless of others feelings must expect the same Spirit to be manifested toward himself. So if you're in a bad mood your kids just might get in a bad mood. He who wishes to preserve his own dignity and self-respect must be careful not to. Needlessly the self-respect of others. This rule should be secretly observed toward the dullest listen that to this this rule should be secretly observed toward the dullest the youngest the most blundering students have you any contact with that type of student. I mean some. Times it could be they were continuing what God intends to do with these apparently an interesting news. You do not know he has in the past accepted persons no more no more promising or attractive to do a great work for him for him his spirit moving upon the heart has aroused every faculty to vigorous action. The Lord saw in those rough and hewn stones precious materials that would stand the test of storm and heat and pressure. Isn't that deep God sees not as man sees he judges not from appearance but he searches the heart and judges righteously a man a man that hears God he sees things that we can't see he sees things in the US and in our children that we can't see. Let every teacher take cold hearted leap with the group of students working with them and teaching them how to work I think we heard that already. Jeannie as the teachers do this they will gain a valuable experience their hearts will be bounded up with the hearts of the students and this will open the way for successful teaching. If you have a child that you're not getting to and we're talking about youth older US to work with them to a project together we heard about that when Jeannie when this maybe he was talking work with them. Let the teacher bring peace and love and cheerfulness into his work when a stern reproof is to be given it may still be given in kindness. Let the teacher be aware of making the child stubborn by. Speaking to him harshly. Let him follow every correction with drops of the oil of kindness. He should never forget that he is dealing with Christ in the person of one of his of Christ's little ones. This is this is very big. What have you done to my children to my little ones. Wherever a school is established there should be a wall. There should be warm hearts to take a lively interest in the youth fathers and mothers are needed who will give worm sympathy and kindly and Mini and Minissha ans all the pleasantness possible should be brought into the religious exercise those who prolong these exercises to weariness are leaving wrong impressions upon the minds of the youth leading them to associate religion with that which is dry and social and an interesting. Oh my and it's not like that religion. The truth is not dry but if we make it dry. That's what they're going to think. Ardent active Ph D. in the teacher is essential unless constant care is expects or side exercise endless vitalized by the Spirit of God. The morning and evening service in the chapel and the Sabbath meetings will become dry and formal and to the youth the most burdensome and the least attractive of the school exercises the social meeting should be managed in such a way as to make them seasons not only of profit but of positive pleasures. Are you seeing the roof on the the building. If we don't have the love. Frew don't win their hearts they will that meet let's just have an example. So if it's time to pray and we grab the child and let's purry will they want to pray if we you know get. I don't know what them hearted have a stern face and then come on let's pray now. Are they going to want to do that to they're not going to want to know anything about prayer about the Lord about yourself if that's your God and you're like that I don't want to have nothing to do with it. And you know it was prophesied and Melich I four six five and six this says Behold I will send you a lie of the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord let's stop right there isn't a lie. Not here. What does that mean that he will send Alija. It. Exactly who was in the larger working. In the Holy Spirit still be hold I will send you the Holy Spirit that was working in the Alija I will send you a lodge of the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day there will be a great big dreadful day of the Lord there. There will be. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers. Lest I come and smite the earth with the curse. This is something that's going to be prophesied before the end coming there will be the Holy Spirit. Come in a way as never before and especially those and I like to think you know he did it didn't me use the word parents and yes parents both from need it but especially I'm not trying to pick on the the priest of the home needs to have the Holy Spirit in a certain way the mother also the person that is representing that leadership needs to have the Holy Spirit in a in a certain way before that day comes that the the hearts are linked to them so we can do what needs to happen before he comes we need to end the work don't we in this needs to happen first. And so that's why when we were studying Deuteronomy six five through nine Do you remember that we used. And that I shall teach them diligently unto the children and shall talk of them when those sit is in their own house so in that walk as by the way this is seven and when they lies down and when they rises up and Thou shall bind them for a sign upon their own hand and I shall be as front legs between their own eyes and thou shalt write them upon the post of the House and on the gates This is the method of true education but before you do that look at number five and Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all dine heart and with all thy soul and with all that I might That's the first thing I have to do as a mom as a teacher I need to love my lord. With all my heart and these words which I command the this day shall be in the heart. I need to believe it first I need to study it believe it and. Oh my God as my best friend before I start doing to education. Before I start teaching before I start walking on the way and doing all the construction that I have to do before that was the first job. And that's exactly the point where Saint is trying to cut us off. He might let you do the rest. But if you tax the first part. The rest means nothing at all. Have you seen in your life and I'm not I'm I'm thinking of myself here. Have you seen in your life a situation where there is a disconnection maybe. Before I start this part I would like you to stand up just one moment. Let's breathe deeply this is very important we need to have our oxygen. We need to have our oxygen every morning so let's breathe. The believe that out again. You have permission to wiggle a little bit and to march in your plays. I like the way everyone over there IS DOING A Yes little kids yes we need to march. Say Hi go ahead and say hi do you hear your neighbor. Breathe one last time. OK we can sit down now. So the that little word that we're looking for is love of winning the heart and everything is about love if we go to Revelation twenty one. We're going to be looking at a couple of verses it's going to be verse. One Verse two verse nine in verse ten. OK. It's actually this whole thing we're talking about this whole week that we've been here for five days that we're going to be all together. It's all a love story. Did you know that it's a love story. And if you didn't know that let's look to Revelation twenty one and I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heavens and the first earth were passed away and there was no more see this is what our goal is to be there yes or no is that what we want to do is that the goal that we have in tragic ation to be that day their number two and I John saw the holy city the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven prepared as a as a bride adorned for her husband there's a bride. There's a wedding going on. Number nine and there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven seas. Vials full of the seven last plagues and talked with me saying Come hither I will shoot the bride I'm going to show you the bride the Lamb's wife and he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain and showed me the great city the holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven from God and they're comparing here the new Juris Jerusalem with the bride. OK but actually. We're talking about the the people that are there. It's all about who's there who's the New Jersey of the Who's the people of God How does the bride. And the bride is waiting for what. Her husband her groom and you could we could go back to the Bible and see if you can go and think about Jesus talk talking to those aside and remember all. They saw all the process of the bride and the groom in you know shutting the door remember the story. Oh there's a lot of a lot of stories that Compare all that process with the bride and the husband and the groom and what if I told you. Let's look at Revelations also we were looking at Revelations twenty one let's look at Revelation twelve one. And I actually did not get it made a mistake it didn't put it on there but if we have our Bibles we can go ahead and look at it as the Revelations twenty twelve one it says. Now a great sign appeared in heaven. A woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and on her head a garland of twelve stars but who is she she is the bride and that was really white was in it what she had on. She was clothed with the sun. How do you know that we're talking about the bride the people of God Let's go to Luke fifteen Luke fifteen. Why are we going to Luke fifteen look at this look fifteen eight we could go with this little story. This little verse I could be two hours with this little verse only or what woman. Ha. There's a woman there having ten silver coins. If she loses one coin does not light a lamp sweep the house and seek diligently until she finds then there is do you think that's a coincidence that there's a woman there. Well in this case. Not always but sometimes in the Bible there are things that happen that have. They have a meaning and this little story has a very deep meaning and we don't have time to go by verse but if you go verse by verse looking for the meaning of. There's a woman. There's a lamp. There is dirt. There is a calling. I was going one verse by one verse by one verse you're going to find something to find many things and if you go deeper and deeper and deeper I'm just going to go ahead and pop the story. There is a woman that is to be a bride. And she has a true love that is coming to marry her and live happily ever after and he promised he would come back and he gave her ten coins back in the day they used to give some coins as a promise of love and of engagement. Also if it could have been passed by from generation to generation and it like a tradition but also and for weddings engagements they would do that and it so happens that are ten coins. Have you heard of ten somewhere else. The ten commandments maybe. And this bride is soon to be married that means that it is the end time of the world. We're about to go home. This is the true. How do we know this is the true woman the true bride because there's another woman that's really ugly as she thinks she's the bride issues not it's this one how do we know it's true because she's in the house then you can just go and compare I'm just going to give you the story you go and compare the verses. This is the house. She's in the house and she's the one that has the coins. OK so she's the one with the promise and she has ten of them representing the character of God. Character of her promised love. But it so happens that one of the coins what happened it gets lost out of the House can the house. It got lost in the house. And the dirt got on it. Can Find It. And it's just a rebuke to me how many times has my coin been falling. How many times has of it stepped on with dirt. And you know what. This was my. How do you call it in English I'm trying to find the word this is this is the promise this is something very treasured that I should have been a little box and you know what no one touch it because it means I'm getting married very soon and it should be ten not nine and as the people of Seventh Day Adventists we know that at this time one of the Ten Commandments are going to fall but the one that has the ten coins that's the that's that's the woman that is waiting for us and what does she have to do what does she have to do but she can see what was inside the house. There is jerk but there was darkness there was darkness in the house. Darkness can come in your house some day. Satan wants to do that he's going to try to come in through the back through the front through the top whatever it is you search in your house to see what is there. What are we. I mean we are not saved by what we do. But it influences so much and we can separate the hearts of our kids and lift them going to God if we have dark music we have dark things we have dark that to videos we have dark things that we're seeing we have darkness all around. If our are far goals are dark and not and everything's dark it's going to be very dark in the house. And it's that in this the truth but it will be dark and normally Satan does not and will knock at the front door. Oh here I am. He'll be killed in. And they'll get dark in there and she had to light a lamp. And the action of lighting the lamp you look it up because there are verses this is a study I did doing reverses by reverses lighting the lamp means searching in the Bible and when the light is on you know the verse and Psalms right the word is a lamp and to my feet so she went to the Bible to search because she lost it. She lost the truth and she searched in her word and when she found it. When she found a light I mean she was able to see my house is so dirty it's full of filth. So she started to clean and to clean and to take out what. Do we have to take up the dirt. If we have to take out the dirt take the hands of your family together. In all emergencies What do we do we go to our knees and say we have a job to do this do it together. Let's do this together because if I go to you know to the face of my child and I've been there I've tried. Hey. You know what there's a wrong this is around. I have done that. But if we do it. OK let's do this to look first is the lamp in the light. You know what. Oh I found this out. I've been doing it all wrong. You know what Lord let's let's all pray little the Lord I'm sorry let's clean it out which I like it to clean it out. I'm going to give you a little small example in homeschooling. I chose from tragic ation homeschooling in my family and we already saw that it could be school at home. If you're doing tragic ation I did something Wendy. And you know light comes to you little God is merciful and does not hit you with the volley all at once it's just it comes in little by little and. Do you have to do just grab what you want you can get little by little and little by little and you'll you'll be getting it because he is merciful he wants to show you all the truth. He will not keep secret anything that we need to know there are secrets that he has and that's up to him but the things that we really need to know he will show us. OK. And I'm just going to give you an example I went to my kids and they said hey you know what I've been thinking we have some. You know it says here about doing everything that it's true that you know the list that if it's if it's like this we should do it this way what do you think we have some books here that you think there might be a little ugly. Yeah they have a little bit of you know because things trying to copy everything of God So. So when when we see magic. This is really saying copping the power that all my mighty power of God is nothing is just to show you that any books that like have magic in it or something you know it's just I don't think you think we should keep it now LOL I don't think we should keep it that's like I shouldn't be well let's do something let's just get a box and put it in there and see what happens OK That that that the and we went through the whole thing and and then we you know we took it out and then it well what do you think we should we should give it away. And this came from my son was small and it came from his melodies as Mall. Why should we give the dirt to somebody else why should we give that ugly stuff to somebody else do you think we should do then all of this just right away that's just rip it all up and don't let no one see it and let's just start right away you know because we can in the area where we can do a fire because we would have been a fire rolling. So we just threw it away and it was it's that's how you take out the dirt together and I'm not saying that I haven't fallen after that we're all sinners and it's like in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were hiding. What did Jesus do what did God do. You went to search and he will search for you if you truly are Lord I'm sorry I did that again he will come to you to take it I was just an example of taking the dirt out. And then after that what happened. She found that the coin. It was the same coin shiny cooling and it says if you keep it if you continue the story as until she finds it. Number nine and when she has found it she calls her friends and her neighbors together and I don't know this version of there's another version but in my Spanish version. I like my Bible Spanish it says of the women she went to the other women that were around there. And it just dawned on me. There are other women. Other maybe churches you found the ten commandments and you want to go and show them. And so she got really excited she went to their neighbors. Look what I found and then she says Come to my house come to my house to my truth. And let's celebrate. So you're inviting other people to know the truth. And probably I mean I'm just here imagining we could imagine. Probably she ends up being friends and inviting them all to the wedding. What do you think. And maybe some but it will accept and be part of the bride. Which is that of what the church the people of God It is a love story. It's all about love. Well I thought I can I can miss out telling you that and we actually already talked how many times we have dropped the coin. We need. We need to pick up the coin. We need to find it but you know what it's going to be a hard road. Did he promise that the road wasn't going to be hard you know what did he promise. Isaiah forty three two. What did he promise when thou passes through the waters I will be with the he's not going to take the waters away but he's going to be with you and through the rivers. They shall not overflow the window walk us through the fire that shall not be burned. Neither shall the flame Kindle upon the he will be by our side. Through whatever fire through whatever he will be with you if you're having a hard time to do try education you have an enemy that is that is against you in your family you in your school. I don't know who is here I don't know who you are and if there aren't any schools like this then maybe we should start doing so. And you will soon see that there will be a war it will be hard the fire will be hot. But God will be with you he will be with you he promised so just like the ten the ten coins he made a promise and that promise is true so if you feel weary. And tired the mother's work often seems and I'm going to say mother here but we saw in the other days that if there is a teacher. It's taking the place of what. Of the mother and the father. So I want you to you know if you're not a mother I want you to put yourself here. The mother's work often seems to her and an important service is that true. Yes. Specially if you studied and you wanted to do something else maybe at the beginning but then you said I should do this and then I think. It's the correct thing and then say it was going to put in your mind you know what you should have been doing something else was I mean what do you do here what are you doing this is not important you're only just running around is so hard it is a word that is rarely appreciated. Others know little of her many cares and burdens her days are occupied with the round of little duties all calling for patient effort for self-control for tact and wisdom and self sacrificing love. Yet she cannot boast of what she has done as any great achievement. Did she save the world does she go in somebody that was dying and no great achievement. She has only kept things in the home running smoothly and often weary and perplexed she has tried to speak kindly to the children tried you see that word there. She's tried to speak kindly to the children to keep them busy unhappy and to guide the little feet in the right path she feels that she has accomplished nothing. Do you feel you have accomplished nothing but it is not so heavenly Listen to this heavenly angels watch the cure worn mother noting the burden she carries day by day. Her name may not have been heard in the world but it is written in the Lamb's Book of Life in the mint to that which is the great work. It is a great work. And all this to do what what does all this actually I'm going to use this when first all that trouble to do what to cooperate with the Almighty to do what with such an army of workers as our youth rightly trained might furnish how soon the message of a crucifies crucified risen and soon coming savior. Might be carried to the whole world. How soon might the end come when say to see these little kids and use they have so much energy and they're and they're growing the way they're supposed to grow. This is what happens. He trembles. And you don't have to be too strong. It says they're in desire of ages and trembles and flees before the weakest soul who finds refuge in that mighty mean the mighty name. It's all about him actually it's not about us. Do you think that other people are seeing us our neighbors our are our neighbors seeing us. Yes other people but look at this in a special manner. Our Schools. Oh my our schools homeschooled or our school home. Tongue Twister Partridge acacia our schools are a spectacle unto angels and into men. What do they see. There's one thing that should be their lead is the word that we're looking for the word love. That's what should be there. And I want I just I could not leave this out I could not leave this out read a look at God's love a glimpse We'll take a glimpse and show you this the little photographs and show you a photograph here a photograph here photograph here of things that have happened and I want you to find the love of God saying trembled as he viewed his work he was alone in meditation upon. Past the Present and his future plans stop right there. Hugh he had just been thrown out of date of heaven but that there had just been thrown out. His mighty frame shook as with the tempest an angel from Heaven was passing so he was still up you know somewhere. Not in heaven but the angel of the Lord passed through there. She called him an untreated him an interview with Christ he's saying hey I'm here outside of the door. Can you call Christ because I want to talk to him for a moment. Have you all seen this this is a really. This made me shake this was granted him. Christ granted it to him. He even related to the Son of God that he had repented of his rebellion and he wished again the favor of God he was willing to take the place God had previously assigned him and be under his wise command Christ it at sea and he cried for Satan why would he cry for same fate as terrible. Did he love him. Oh my goodness the love of my Lord is. I don't love see but to love he wept at the door. But I haven't but told him as the mind of God that he could never be received into heaven. The seeds of rebellion were still within. But he cried he loved him how great is my God how much love does he have do you see the love in this photograph right there. Let's look at the next one a glimpse of his love and just. But at the cross and when the sixth hour was come there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. Let's stop right. At some point I don't know if I heard it somewhere or if I don't know I don't know for some reason when I was a child. I had in my mind that Jesus was carrying the sins of the nation which is true the sins of everyone. He took it for himself to die for you and me. Yes or no. And where there is sin. And I knew that God could not sort of he could be but he wasn't where there was sin. So for some reason I thought here's Jesus Christ at the cross and his father has his back somewhere in heaven and you know and I saw this I just couldn't put my finger on it but when I found this quote. I was totally wrong. And when the six hour was come there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. Not only did the darkness enshroud the immediate location where the cross stood there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. God from were talking about the father the presence of the far father physically as his spirit was there. In the darkness he hides his glory from human eyes. The father with his heavenly angels was enclosed in that thick darkness. God was closed beside his son though not men of men a fist dating himself to him or to any human being had one ray of his glory and power penetrated the thick cloud that envelop him and loved him. Every spectator would have been extinguished and in that big darkness God hid from prying eyes. The last human agony of his son he closed nature in sackcloth that she might not look upon her suffering dying author in his last humiliation. Was their love and that right there he was right by his dying son and he loved the people that were there they didn't permit him to to just terminate them if that's that he was in that darkness and I saw all the love right there he was right by his side where is he when you're in trouble in agonizing. But you can't see him. You see darkness. In you ask yourself where is God if this is all happening to me where is he answer. He's right by your side when you can't see him and that's also part of the love because if you would see him. We might be zapped. A glimpse of his love and justice when the New Jerusalem descends now Christ again appears to the view of his enemies and we're talking about after her the millennium like the New Jerusalem is about to come down and all the good people are where where are they there in the city and all the people that did not accept Christ where are they there outside the city and they're there risen and everyone's watching. And the angels are watching and if anybody else has eyes they're watching to everyone is there and now see bells down and confesses the justice of his sentence could you could you imagine him saying trying to say something in a very low voice he bows down because he sees the glory of Christ. He sees the glory of God coming and he has no. Other. I mean he can't do anything else but to bow down. And he tries to whisper it so no one can tell what he's saying but it's like a microphone and everybody hears what he is about to say and listen to the words. Who shall not fear the Lord English. For the only art holy for all nations shall come. And worship before the for the judgments are made manifest every question of truth in there or in the long standing controversy has been made plain if you had a doubt of what was going on and who was telling a lie. He just said the truth out of his own mouth and said God is what he is just and that is actually what the big question is the great controversy. Oh my I want to be there. When to be there that day I want you to be there I want your family to be there. I don't want to be out of the city though I like to be inside the city. What is our goal introject the goal the end result of tragic ation What is it. Re stored to his presence man will again as at the beginning remember even though we talk about that as the beginning to be taught by God we have not the slightest idea of what will then be open before us with Christ we shall walk beside the living waters. By the way just like we were talking a little walking by the waters doing this and doing that he will unfold to us the beauty and the glory of nature is going to be nature again he will reveal what he is to us and what we are to Him truth we cannot. No because of Finet limitations we shall know hereafter and it will be. We will be studying that forever and never what do you think would you like to be there. This is actually the goal of Tridge occasion. If you feel you don't have the power to do so if you feel like. Oh I don't know what I'm doing. Let me tell you I'm going to first read SAS I pronounce that Hosea those A. For six. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge. I also will reject you from being priest for me why should we have lack of knowledge hasn't he given us lots of knowledge. We don't need to have lack of knowledge my people are dying or their being destroyed for lack of knowledge we have all the knowledge. What should we do this let's go and study let's study it. Let's take the time this is part of the tragic ation to take the time to study it and to understand to come together we saw at the beginning that those that understand tragic ation then will be part of the kingdom do you see why it's redemption we're talking about redemption but we don't understand Christ and His work if we do not know him we can't accept him. Do you understand the link this happens to our kids too. If you feel this is too big for you and you cannot do it. Isaiah forty one ten fear not for I am with you be not dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you. My other version my other Bible says I will always that little always is there. Yes I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand and I praise the Lord for that I'm going to leave here just a list of the books I had mentioned yesterday to look up so lets have that knowledge just to read these books we have Bible and spirit of prophecy we have some other things that we can look the more formula manual by Raymond and Dorothy more the undoctored aided by Scott Reed some of it's a D.V.D. on trade occasion. Lots of things that you saw here you are going to see there I studied all this parenting by the spirit of a successful a successful homeschool family handbook all this by the more's also we need to come together and do this for God's glory and I want to see you there. I would like to be there to have a little. Dear heavenly father once more we come unto you. You know Lord that we truly desire to be able to understand true education and to be able to implement it. Lord in our schools in our homes in our community Lord if there is a lack of this in this area inspire us to be able to be your workers and do it here and wherever it's needed. Give us the knowledge. Give us the wisdom to be able to accept the knowledge that you have given us in Lord you know that sometimes we drop we drop the calling Help us please help us with that with the help of your Holy Spirit to understand to study and to be able to to be ready for your soon coming we want to be standing there with their children. Looking us face to face with. I have also in their heart the desire to be there when we asked Jesus to this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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