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Jeanie Mabley



  • July 1, 2016
    10:30 AM
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Or father we're back again and we want to be in that New Jerusalem with you. Well we want others to be there too and we know that your heart. So just uses says we train our children and as we learn in this your school together with our children so that we can finish the work go home. Thank you for. First your promise of the Holy Spirit right now and pray in Jesus' name amen. I have a story for you all. Been waiting all week to read this story. It's called Three letters from Teddy. It's especially a story for teachers we're all teachers. Teddy's letter came today and now that I've read it I will place it in my cedar chest with the other things that are important to my life. I want to do to be the first to know he said I smile as I read the words he had written and my heart smiled with the pride that I had no right to feel you see I had not seen Teddy's stalwart since he was a student in my fifth grade class fifteen years ago it was early in my teaching career and I had only been teaching for two years. From the first day he stepped into my classroom. I dislike Teddy. Now teachers. Although everyone knows are not supposed to have favorites in a class but most especially our and us most especially are they not to show dislike for a child any child. Nevertheless every year there are one or two children that one cannot help but be. Attached to for teachers are human. And it is human nature to like bright pretty intelligent people whether they are ten years old or twenty five. And sometimes unfortunately there will be one or two students to whom the teacher just can't seem to relate. I had thought of myself quite capable of handling my personal feelings along that line until Teddy walked into my life. There wasn't a child I particularly liked that year but Teddy was. Most assuredly the one I dissed lying. He was dirty. Not just the cave time his hair hung low over his ears and he actually had to hold it out of his eyes as he wrote papers in class in this was before it was fashionable to do so. Today he had a peculiar alter about him which I could never down a fine his tricycle faults were many and his intellect left a lot to be G.'s iron. By the end of the first week I knew he was hopelessly behind the others in not only was it behind. He was just plain slow. I began to withdraw from him immediately any teacher will tell you. That is more of a pleasure to teach a bright child. It is definitely more rewarding for one's ego but any teacher worth her credentials can channel Channel work to the bright child keeping him challenge him learning while she puts her major effort on the slower ones any teacher can do that most teachers do it. I didn't. Not that year. In fact I concentrated on my best students and let others follow along as best they could the shamed as I am to admit I took perverse pleasure in using my red pen and each time I came to. His paper the clash of the cross marks and there were many were always a little larger and a little redder than necessary poor work I would write with a flourish. While I did not actually ridicule the boy. My attitude was obviously quite apparent to the class where he quickly became the class go. The Outcast the unlovable and the unloved. He knew I didn't like him but he didn't know why. Nor did I know then or now why I felt such an intense dislike for him. All I know is that he was a little boy and no one cared about and I made no effort on his behalf. The days well by we made it through the fall festival and the Thanksgiving holidays and I continued marking happily with my red pen as the Christmas holidays approach. I knew that Teddy would never catch up in time to be promoted to the sixth grade level he would be a repeat or. To justify myself I went to his cumulative file from time to time he had very low grades for the first four years but no grade failure. How he made it I did not know I closed my mind to the personal remarks which said Teddy shows promise by work an attitude but has a poor home situation second grade it said. Teddy could do better mother terminally ill he receives little help at home third grade ten days a pleasant boy helpful not but to a serious slow learner mother passed away at the end of the year fourth grade very slow all but well behaved father shows no interest. Well they had passed him four times but he was certainly to repeat fifth. Great doom good I said to myself and then the last day before the holiday arrived our little tree on the reading table was full of paper and popcorn chains many gifts were heaped underneath waiting for the big moment teachers always get several gifts at Christmas but mine that year same bigger and more labrat than ever there was not a student who had not brought me one John wrapping brought squeals of delight and the proud giver would receive the few sort of thank you's his gift wasn't the last one I picked up in fact it was in the middle of the pile. It's wrapping was a brown paper bag and he had colored Christmas trees and red bells all over it it was stuck together with masking tape for Mr Thompson from Teddy it read the group was completely silent and for the first time I felt conspicuous embarrassed because they all stood watching me and wrapped his gap. As I root removed the last bit of masking tape too I had my desk a godly rhinestone bracelet was several stones missing. And little by little dime store cologne half empty. I could hear the snickers and whispers. I wasn't sure I can look at Teddy. Isn't this lovely I asked placing a bracelet on my wrist. Would you help me fasten it please. He smiled shyly as he fixed class and I held up my wrists for all of them to admire. There were a few has a tent. But as I Dad the cologne behind my ears all the little girls lined up for dab behind their ears. I continued to open gifts until I reached the bottom of the pile. We ate our refresh minutes and the bell ringing. The children filed out were shouts of. And Merry Christmas. But Teddy waited at his desk when they all had left he walked up to me clutching his gift and books to his chest you smell just like my mom he said. Her bracelet looks pretty on you too. I'm going to lie then he left quickly. I locked the door. Sat down at my desk and wept. Resolving to make up to Teddy what I had liberally deprived a teacher who loved. I stayed every afternoon with Teddy from the end of Christmas holidays until the last day of school. Sometimes we work together. Sometimes he worked alone while I drew up lesson plans or graded papers. Slowly but surely he caught up with the rest of the class in fact his final averages were among the highest in the class and although I knew he would be moving out of the state when school was out I was not worried for him. Teddy had reached a level that would stand him in good stead the following year no matter where he went he had enjoyed our measure of success and as we were taught in our teacher training courses so Xander. Bill's success. I did not hear from Teddy until seven years later when this first letter appeared in my bio marks it said Dear Mr Thompson I just wanted you to be the first to know all I will be graduating second in my class next month Very truly yours. Teddy. I sent him a card of a congratulations and a small package a pen and pencil give says. I wondered what he would do after graduation four years later. Ted a second letter came. Dear Miss Thompson. I wanted you to be the birth. To know I was just informed. That I'll be graduating first in my class the university has not been easy but I liked it very truly yours. Teddy staller I sent him a good pair sterling silver Monaco grand. Cufflinks and a card so proud of him I could burst in now today. Teddy's third letter Dear Miss Thompson I wanted you to be the first to know and as of today. I in fear or staller M. D.. How about there. I am going to be married in July the twenty seventh to be exact and I wanted to ask if you could come and sit where Mom would send it if she were here I'll have no family there as there died last year very truly Teddy stalled. I'm not sure what kind of give one says to a doctor on completion of medical school and state boards. Maybe I'll just wait and take a wedding gear but a No Can't wait. Dear Ted. Congratulations you made it in you did it yourself in spite of those like me and not because of me this day has come for you God bless you I will be at that wedding with bells on tongues. So God can give us at heart. Well today. There's companionship. We're talking about the perfect pair of perfect teacher and. Sad. Jesus was with they were with him in the house at the table in the closet in the feel. Isn't that what our Let it little ones are like they're always with us somewhere. I wish I could just get some quiet time. Just said. They are our little shadow. But you know sometimes when they get a little older and they start seeing their friends and peers starts changing and we need to take time in the business of our schedule. Because some times without really knowing Yeah. There has come again there were not really connected as a family were living together and especially if any children going to school they are spending hours away from home than home. And so. I had listened to so many credible tapes by Wayne family. How many heard of the Rainbow Family. They were just excellent and I listened to a lot of parenting tapes. And they were very positive and they're they just emphasize you need to connect like Beecher said with your child's heart disease in those very early years to be loving on them and kissing the men doing things with them because they are there and that's what you need to do but you know later. You might discover Unitas connected. So here's how we can connect practical ideas and they had married practical ideas. I wanted to show you the book the connected family. You can go to restoration international their website. And then they have a D.V.D.. To go along with it very simple practical ways to connect our families. OK. Some of your leisure hours to your children associate with them in their work and in their sports and when their confidence. Cultivate their friendship let parents devote the evenings to their families layoff care and perplexity with the labors of the day. Is that a tough one. Especially during the summer. I don't know it's always a tough one by. Well worth or. Here's another one. The home should be made a school of instruction rather than a place of monotonous drudgery the even the should be cherished as precious seasons to be voted to the instruction of the children in the way of righteousness not sit down necessarily. You know with heavy instruction you can just read those beautiful books a godly man women missionary suit made a difference in their world. I know since I have girls and they love to sit and be read to. We look forward to those evenings but it's hard to just sit. If your kid and saw they would put something in their hands. And I know my older daughter learned to crochet during that time other daughter did cross the edge. So their hello hands were busy and I was thinking so what would boys do. Well they could just snuggle up to Mommy or they could a little I don't know. They met. OK. Well. And I was going to mention speaking of hand crafts. I didn't know how to knit crochet any of that had wanted to so I found an elderly lady in our church and took my daughters over there and it was this little oh a certain time frame you get when you go to an older person's home. It's so quiet. It's quiet and you just forget about your business or your schedule and we would go there once for we love that this older lady. And so all the My girls are the one I will learn to really crochet and then thought it out and there. And loved it ever since all. That's what we did in the evenings out there he was and they are. Unfortunately. And I will speak to the dads about that but I want to also talk about holiday time. That's another time. We don't want to ignore the holidays. Batt we need to plan for God's way and there's a good section Avernus home. On holidays. She says through the observance of holidays the people both of the world another church is have been educated to believe that these lazy days are essential to health and happiness but the results reveal they are full of all we have tried earnestly to make the holidays as interesting as possible to the youth and children while changing the order of things you know we're doing something different we're not working and having school is something different but it still can be useful but fun. Our object has been to keep them away from the scenes of amusement among believers so this principle number one. Don't go where the rest of the crowd is a biggie. So what might you do and I didn't put in the rest of the ideas. But she said try to make it useful maybe look for somebody. In your community church family that single or older and bring them into the home if you're going to prepare a special meal or if you're going to go somewhere maybe away from where other people are maybe you're just going to go to up. Maybe you're going to go for a bike ride. You know. You could do things together I know we were we had a blind friend of ours and it was hard actually for my girls at that time. But this poor guy had been an alcoholic for twenty years and he was still working on getting off of it when we met OMH brought him into our home and it was kind of hard was on a Trisha. But you know looking bad today. God rescued him and his mind is better than mine. He remembers he couldn't see well. And so he couldn't write down things he couldn't find the slip of paper he wrote it on he had macular degeneration. And he was always losing things but he loved to learn he probably hadn't just excellent mind is dad had been an alcoholic. You know he just didn't have it and we brought him into our home for our holidays would take him to church and he just didn't seem to notice my kids you know didn't talk to me didn't know how to it today he calls me about once a month and talks and this is incredible he'll say Well how is your family doing. God has changed his mind and he'll I ask you know how are you girls doing just fine the Lord this isn't. What we did. Didn't we on holidays. It was hard because. He's not talking to him and he'll just suddenly start talking and interrupt the conversation. I look back and say Oh dear I was just thinking of him but they survived and we see them every year at camp meeting and is so neat to see that God rescued this man. Well I have some counsel for Dad and I have permission from my husband and I read those I had read this until I was preparing for this. Well let me give it to you. If he dad. Is engaged in business which hole a closes the door of usefulness to his family he should seek other employment which will not prevent him from devoting some time to his children. If he neglect them. He is unfaithful to the trusts committed to him of God so I know I thought. This is going to be all mothers. And they're going to tell their fathers and they're just going to say and it's not going to go over well. But and thinking about it and Mr Man tag understands because he and my husband work together that we mar and well any time you're in finances and in management your times is hardly your own not Mr Man tag found time to play with his kids. I remember that because he brought our kids in and they played in the high thought that was grade. Because their daddy wasn't playing with them you know and he took out time I remember you slept on the back porch with our kids and your kids. It was when they looked up to go in they did some bad some volleyball together. He had all girls I had all girls. Yeah and I. Remember that he really made a point. My husband was with the finances I don't know if that made a difference because you're always trying to pay the bill. Trying to do payroll meet the budget prepare for the board meeting I don't know but I know Mr Montell put a priority on his kids and my husband did too when he was home. He was with us he was patient with them and he was with OS but I would see his schedule and I would hesitate to plan a weekend away because it meant he'd stay up till two A.M. the night before and I hated to do that to him so a couple weeks ago I finally heard the solution. Mr Monteith preached a sermon. And he said six things to get ready for Jesus to come and it was for dance to have a simple. Sample. That was just been pondering that a tent maker. Maybe with a scale bring in some income or involve the children in that my daughter and her husband have a he has a simple job and they're not building a mansion on the simple John has been rock very rough but they're able to bring in their children and my other son in law he still kind of working that out he's doing construction and saying to his kid all don't ever grow up to be like Daddy and more can construction but I know God's going to do Reg He has skills he can pass on to a schoolboy and you know they're doing need to pray about this you have about maybe twenty five years I was thinking that depending how many children you. Have. And then you got hopefully the Lord's coming. But for us we had about twenty three years. In the sixty six years in all for this toll of ocean to the family. OK. Another thing we've talked about this you want to give the children the understanding we are a T.. And so we want to think of it that way we're not going to pay our children to work in our home give them extra money for extra things but you want to teach them the principle of cooperation and when I was reading in education they really. Mrs White really emphasized that same thought in the classroom. The teach the children the fought work were a little family here in the classroom. We're all going to cooperate together we're going to set the rules together. We're going to keep the classroom clean together we're going to keep the outside of the school. You know clean and so it really has hit me that if your children realize they're needed in this team effort in the home. That's where those little whole missionaries are grown and then they can be used by mommy when she goes to the neighborhood to visit the neighbors because of their good behavior but they've learned to be useful and maybe they can share the virtual slave grown or they can show an interest in the neighbors maybe Lake and even help you know an older neighbor. So those little home missionaries they need to see themselves as a teen and I know when your kids are in school. It's harder everybody's going and coming. I was thinking this morning. Oh I'm so. Well I am going to stay home in the morning will be quiet this rushing out the door. I don't like it. It was nice when we homeschooled you know you could just quietly as you're staying at home and away. There is another time. That God's given us. The Sabbath. The value of the Sabbath was a means of education it is be an Ethernet. What ever of ours God claims from the returns again enrich the transfigured with his own glory the Sabbath in the family were alike instituted in Eden. We've been talking about Eden and in God's purpose they are in the Zaba bully link together and this day more than any more than any other it is possible for us to live a life of Eden you ever think of that and Sabbath comes. And I really like why would it be the life would be when do you think it's because we're going to go out of high I think often the father hardly sees the faces of his children throughout the week he is almost wholly deprived of opportunity for companionship or instruction but God's love has set a limit to the demands of toil. Over the Sabbath he places his merciful hand in his own he preserves for the family opportunity for communion with Him with nature and with one another. The Sabbath school and the meeting for worship occupy only a part of the Sabbath all that I advance said Oh ah. I'm sorry. OK so there. OK. The Sabbath school and the meeting for worship occupy only a part of the Sabbath the portion remaining to the family may be made the most sacred head but that takes planning kids are going to know how to do that and if your way of your adult friends. They're now going to know how to do that. I loosely thing. Much of the time Sabbath afternoon needs to be with just your family and you know I was just thinking some friends in our church have invited my daughter's family for a playdate during the thought make Sants that takes a real sacrifice of time is much easier on Sabbath to do that and I'll just kind of let it happen. Why you're gone spend the time of Sabbath as a family. So you can really guide those children make it work out plan. Anneli sure. Yeah yeah so look for those that need encouragement. While reaching out in your conversation well then stay you know you have a purpose in the US. But a good idea. OK. Parents can and should give attention to their children reading to them the most attractive portions of Bible history. Educating them to reverence the Sabbath day. Keeping in according to the commandment. This can be done if the parents feel no burden to interests or children but they can then I think you can get it last day the OK the children. They were so as the children of the children can be interested in good reading or in conversation about the salvation of the souls. But they have to be educated in trained the natural heart does not love to think of God of heaven or heavenly things you have to train that. OK I have some ideas for Sabbath. I always wanted to have some ideas and before for the look and form. Oh here they are I just remembered I've been talking to Mr Man tag and his wife about Sabbath through the years. And he told me they took turns planning Sabbath one week he did it one way she did it was all so kind of takes the burden off of me. My room like that idea but they planned it and was a little older they wanted to keep Sabbath proper way that's how it works out OK where is this list I found this on restoration international giving full credit to them. And I did get one idea from my daughter younger daughter. When Friday night when Sabbath comes early on Friday night and it's not bed time yet and mom and dad are going to fall asleep if they read. And your kids are high you know they're active they're wanting to they're not wanted to sit and read for two hours till bedtime. What do you do it's dark outside. You know my daughter to as. She gets flashlights reach kids and they go outside with flashlights and they take a walk. I thought that was kind of me or you could even bundle up and look at the stars I know when it's getting cooler weather that. When the state it's I think if I'm right. It's a better time to see stars. But I really like that solution to those long Friday nights when you know it's dark and you've got active kids from mommy and daddy are going to fall asleep if they read and another thing is. You've probably heard the idea of having a Sabbath of having Sabbath toys or Sabbath box and my daughter has had that in the little ones don't get the difference between a block that's going to have a Bible character on it and you put it together you know it'll make a Bible scene at first but it's the idea you're planting that thought and seed Sabbath has special things we do. So she has a Sabbath box. She just collects that we're not going to play with it and bring So sings out puzzles and books and things and then from this website I went to restoration international misses. I just Waters said have a Qur'an aftershocks. Everything's in place sure I have to go hunting for you know and I know all you put pencils around and paper and most kids up to I don't know what age. I've noticed that in our church. They'll be hanging around when we have adult lectures. If you hand out there now anything like that they're going to be there and so if you have it all collected but give them up being an idea and maybe and that's another thing to something. I had a time for that Sabbath and then a year walk. Can it at that time of walking you can be thinking OK we're going to be bringing back some ideas maybe draw a picture of have a theme of heaven that's an easy one you're going to draw or have a. Or or you could have a theme. Maybe you're going to do a craft you could go for a walk in you're going to make cars they always love to make art but the idea is to have this box and nobody borrows from it during the we don't have to have borders scissors those are need. I know their beaches could probably add to that because she's crafty. Good or all yeah where. Yeah. We have new crafts and primary and kindergarten and I know all those probably well it's a really traction there were two students I couldn't get from primary. One waited to quarters good she loved those crafts. OK so you could go to restoration International here was some of the theme ideas may be do study and maybe a little older do a study reformer the wall and see. Or you could do a study on character qualities you could do a study and talents an incredible chapter in Christ to questions on talents or lives so good or a so any way you could go there and look that up. And I wanted to I for God. That at that same Web site they had activities for family now I. So we've gone back from Sabbath. Maybe this is the Saturday night because that's another big thing OK the Sabbath us over analysis or deny you know not ready to go back you know to work and they had a wonderful list of family activities but I would. I like to suggest to reconnect with your children if you're kind of losing them with their peers schedule family night not every night. Not two hours just maybe a half an hour three times a week but schedule it post it so you're committed and dad is committed. And it doesn't have to be offline games mom and dad are probably going to have some work ideas warsh the car. Maybe warsh the dog. Maybe a lawn or pick up the yard or I know church and her family do some outside activities. We love flower bed. If you do it in the cool of the evening. It's fun to be outside. We just don't do it in noon time when and I don't want to say this when my children were growing up I knew I wanted to be a gardener one them to be gardeners I had been raised to be a gardener is the strangest thing my dad loved gardening absolutely loved gardening he'd go out knew time he was a physician in the office was connected with the house and he would slip out at noon time while my mom was getting lunch and go in the garden in a suit and tie. And he and my mom would get a phone calls they all. Where is easy in the garden. Do you know he never took me in the garden. I am not figured that out any had a wonderful garden and when I start a garden I would say Dad what do what did you do for those and what you do for that I don't have a clue. I don't even remember picking one up all I was the cook. I wasn't home with my mom now I wish I could see Dad you fail but he put he planted in my mind that log any plan. My grandson's mine were to his interests who live nearby and he became a gardener. OK so I would take my kids out in the garden in the heat of the day it was not a good experience they put their hands on they pretend they were these pioneer women and they put their big sign I had found in our outcasts. No way and it wasn't good bought it when my daughter got married. The strange thing happened because her husband lost was a gardener. He loves Garny loves plants. He's not afraid to put it in the ground I'm just saying the sings gonna die knoll. There's a hundred things I need to do for this thing first and I don't have the time it is puts it in Him by faith thinks a little girl and it usually does. Now you know we know in a garden you gotta do more than that but he sees anything living as a treasure and I think that is all I got to care for it was playing a role by and it's getting better so my daughter married him and she would say oh you're doing this they were doing then I thought and now were you happy now. Well they didn't go out like he did the day they went out early morning I know you can't touch your plants in the early morning. But there's things you can do out there beside touch believes there's plenty. And then they go out in the evening. So all the boys like to do that and I am just thrilled bad that happened. To spite my my my problems there. OK so here's some activities you can do in the evening do a puzzle together. Try a new recipe with dad in the kitchen. That should be interesting to go on up. Why start a family project due to Lagos boy. Every and jump on the trampoline clean a car. It's a play or see I know we were exhausted their game. But when they come to grandma's house. They love to play hide and seek in my basement. I've given flashlights. My basement is fall and they head out in my overcrowded basement. That is just a big isn't at but they love it. Play. Yeah here's another when we do it grandma's house play hide of them Ball me how simple Could that be and they still like to do in the old assist Wow. Do you know what that is Dorcas play the family or hide with them ball. They just or anything you just hide it many tiny tiny thing hide a button is what we do and they hide it and they think it's great organizer look at your family photos rearrange the furniture. That's interesting. Now I know my daughter does that a lot so maybe there could be a family activity visit the neighbor who lives alone. There is so much fun an older neighbor they are just delighted in they'll just ruin all over your kids and you can say what God has done a good job here. You know older people just they really notice a difference in a Christian child. I know that's happened for my daughter she's in a community with older people and they just say she was afraid that they'd be reporting her to the police. Just any time. Were you kind of yeah there was a fear there saying all hope are great kids they are just reading over their grain and I can understand and then they see my daughter's kids and her or her kids are going on the not first leg like any kids but they assure they are Poli. How Pullen they just we had there is such a witness for our children fifteen minutes. OK so I hope you get some ideas fly a kite. Wow. What are some plan a vacation takes a little money but. You know maybe once. Which reminds me I almost forgot when my husband realized his job was was taking all his time. It was when we took a vacation on a five week vacation. And we went out where I asked. And to visit every on his side. BELLOWS tough gone. But he was always connecting back home at the office daily you know making sure everything was going OK He was in charge of the finances for our hospital. This one day he called one day he called back home and somebody had quit in the Accounting Office. But this was the worst thing and the SO TRUE STORY. He called home and they said Well. Your office just burned down in one hour can you believe it. I feel it just blows me away. Truck or delivery man it was first day and he wanted to be really nice he knew the delivery was to go to the offices across from the hospital away from the regular delivery dock and he would just deliver it directly were it was there in the office where my husband was it was the business office was all were all the computers were OK So he backs up and he hits the power line and there was instant fire at everybody's desk and the women have to just grab their purse they didn't even get their shoes back on their heels and they flew out of the office and it was it was burned out in one hour. And he was coming to him for the past where you can retrieve records. Manny. I wish to if I was good at power points I'd show you the picture of that office sign us when we got back home it was a paid parking lot. In their twenty's sad when I drive through it going to doing something else now he didn't immediately it was another year and it was it was hard once he left it was very hard to find another job I think for two years he was looking for a job but he really made a commitment. You know I can't keep this home. It's just not right. And so we went to we mar. And that was like going from it was just going from one. You know hard job to another but. God is good. You know and we he did his best we've done our best. Well I just really pray over at moms and dads with your husbands. I know be to. You probably have a busy husband way all have busy husbands been bought and not fun that didn't want to forget that catch me advance a slide here. OK I didn't want to leave the teachers out. This is why it says and I had never read this in lines of recreation for the student the best we saw will be attain to the personal co-operation of the teacher the now here it is the true teacher can impart to his pupils. If you give so valuable as the gift of his own campaign and Share This is in leisure time while in all time you know working together but also sports with the kids boring. I were told not to play games. So I have I did some study and I doubt I was unable put them on power points about sports but we recently spent well maybe it's been a year goal that we went to found Buchanan in British Columbia have any of you heard of found where you carry. Yeah it's really beautiful and I noticed after supper. There was a volleyball net and this was no big organized teen you know want to get into the Boys and Girls was playing volleyball and that's boys and girls playing volleyball. But they had fun they weren't there are a long time and they got off that energy and then they could go back to the dorm whatever they did. And so there are some boards handled very carefully because boy you go down there road and get that excite man. Karn. Yes. Oh it can be competitive. I have played games with my grandson It's my eye I'm learning to have fun. And they're not thinking well I guess they are having fun if they win. And and that was another thing I want to mention sport. And games. I was playing croquet one day with two of my grandsons and my one grandson was he was obviously winning. I don't know why I was doing so bad the day course it was our croquet set was on a hillside. So we had to give so I said we're calling this handicaps. So we give three shots in order to get somewhere because two of them were rescuing the ball. Anyway my one grandson was clearly going to win and he gets over but at the end of the chorus in a stance and says Grandma. I said all right if I don't play the next couple turns you know it's no fun to win it just makes others miserable. Why. One hole I never thought of such a change in the rules. I said well sure. Jaime. So he stood there while the little wasn't and grandma got closer and then we got close to where you had to go in and he then went ahead and he won and then we came right after and it we were all happy. So I have learned as I play games with my grandson we change the rules all the time and who are not having fun. We say OK you don't have to get those certain playing you know number or whatever and one of my grandsons the same one will say Grandma I know you're just not drawing that. Ard or throwing that number. Well here's our car or just go ahead. But we get the approval of the RAS and say is that all right everybody and they reply I'm I'm thinking OK when they play with their parents or someone else they're going to say well that's how we play. That's how I play games so we still have fun because sometimes I get weary and so these active games are kind of wearing so I like to sit down games you know but that competitiveness it's in our art and we really need to guard against us OK I got five minutes. Let me see how I can laugh this off. I had something here. And I knew this would happen. Wow I can't buy. I read this statement that one of the worst things you can do to prevent the Holy Spirit's Voice is to get engaged in competitive sports. That's pretty strong and I do believe that's what we've done. You know. So all I just you could do a study on sports and I was reading them that we want the Holy Spirit's voice to be all ways. We want to be always hearing it so parents that's why it's so important to playing time so their children so they're not drawn to the world's ways of doing things. Oh OK. So here I have a tattoo. And I conclude here. Miswired says and I don't have a Power Point for this my husband was my secretary and he died out came home last night. Is there any need to do and I don't know how to just go to burn but this is what I want to finish with something better is the watchword of education. And this is let's see I'll give you a reference to candidate education two ninety seven point one something better is the watchword of education the law of all true liberty whatever Christ. Ashu to Reno. He offers in its stead something bad her. Often the youth cherish objects and pursuits and pleasures that may not appear to be evil but that falls short of the highest good they divert the life from its noblest say. I return measures or directly Nancy ation may not avail in leaving these you to relinquish that which they hold dear. Let them be directed to something badder than display an ambition and self-indulgence bring them in contact with truer beauty. Well last year principles and with no. I mean lives lead them to be hold the one all together lovely and we know who that is don't weary. He's our elder brother I love to picture Jesus as my elder brother. I know he's my Savior is my king. The elder brother just gives me the picture of somebody that they are in the family. When I once the gaze was fixed upon him the Life Sciences Center then Foozie as on the generous the Beauchesne the passionate ardor of the youth by and hear their true object duty becomes as their lie and sacrifice a pleasure to honor cries while here we go here's some goals to honor Christ to become like him to work for him. Is is lives highest ambition and greatest joy. Boy if you can connect Church children and get at least of their out joy or I mean usefulness and being used in someone else's life. God can do their ass and that reminds me I have a Bork. I know this is my own tag discovered it and Dorcas was delighted it's called Grow a world changer for those who go to Ben church it is in your library nobody has checked it out. This book is written by a A.F.M. missionary has a pseudo name. Barnabas hole and he is planting tent makers in close countries is called can sure they have a plan they go in there is tent makers and I was thinking wow thank you for my day of how to direct your children in their occupations. They'll see this just doing their US has to be a tent maker. And this book goes literally from A to Z. with ideas. He has the first part. Is connecting mommy's heart with God's heart of service. I was is a thick book he's given very much thought to it and then there is a to Z. just telling you all the really practical sayings to do and then he you can go to his website and there's links there are always work by think. Think Kerry went to one of the links an incredible read to plant that hardest service to get beyond amusements. Love a pleasure that's all around us to the church Joya of service. Well thank you for all listening. I know I am very thankful that Robin Carey asked me to go on this journey. I didn't think that last week at this time but I am very thankful because when God engages you in service even if you begrudgingly go along with it. He does the RAF's. So let's pray. Our Father you've done it again. You have bringin Brian Brown hope to our hearts that you have this grand plan for all of us we just need to say OK here I am how. And you will join Rectus and you've given us much much counsel. So help us find the time to read it and then connect our mind with your mind so will know how to carried out for that individual child that saw an equally made by you. So unlike anyone else just direct our minds. Thank you. Can do in our churches. 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