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Travail of His Soul

Vicky Jorgensen



  • July 1, 2016
    2:00 PM
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One is to turn in the Bible. First of all. Isaiah fifty three. There is so much in this we're not going to read the whole thing but we're going to read verse eleven he shall see the travail of his soul and shall be satisfied that is a longing of God's heart and only his bride as we talked about this morning. Only his bride can meet the real heart desire of his heart. That's the one that can do it and it's only it. And of course the bride is the one that can relate to the husband that's why he marries her is that they are one their one in their thinking their aim their their efforts and that's why in the very first chapter in Genesis. It brings that out that they are so in unison. They're just so united in everything that it acts as though it's one a singular verb when it's three persons and then he gave the illustration and the demonstration of Adam and Eve And again you have to well you have actually before you get to their creation you have the day and night day and night being different. I mean day doesn't look like night and and night doesn't look like day but they are considered one and then it comes to the point of man and wife. They don't look like one but they are one or two people two individuals but they act in unison. They're always working together and they have made a commitment to each other because it's all based on love and that's the way it is with him everything is based on love and sold this this bride of Christ right here that can actually enable the travail of his soul to be. Satisfied bring about the final result that he's been longing for ever since sin came in God couldn't just stand up and make a statement. Sin is going to bring ruin and destruction. He couldn't just make the statement he has to demonstrate it and down here at the end of time. At the very time when divorce is so high now he wants to show he is and he's going to say have you concert considered my servant job. And he's going to point you. He's going to say Have you considered my servant look right here's the contrast you're going to have a perfection of evil as well as a perfection of righteousness and they're going to be in stark contrast this is the best statement that God can make and it's coming not from his lips. It's coming from a demonstration of what the Holy Spirit can do when man realizes that he has this choice that he could be set free from all wickedness in his own heart and become an overcomer. So with this kind of a thought in mind is that it is our desire and that's why we started out your member we started out in Isaiah where do we start out. Isaiah forty two one we hold my servant whom I hold mine eat elect in whom my soul delight in. I have put my spirit up on him. So where we were coming full circle here. God again is pointing at his servants and he says they're the ones I'm upholding It's not that they have strength in themselves. I'm the one that's upholding them. And they are mine elect and my soul just delights in them. And they are responding to my love and now I can shower it all on them and I have put my Spirit upon them. So with those thoughts I. You to quickly now turn over to go to to twenty you all know this verse very well this this verse has really always been one that I have appreciated but I have appreciated it more just since my husband's death and I'll tell you why. Is that because I have felt like that the whole thing that I have passed in passing through but have passed in a lot of the the worst part picked through was when I was so weak and so devastated was that I was realizing more than ever God was actually trying my faith and that because I have studied a lot in the Bible about proving being proved tried and all this I realized that how I related the very way that I related to my husband's death would either prove that I really had faith in my God and in His promises or else it would show that I had a weak faith and when I really grasped that and one of the ways that I grasped that and I'll quickly just share it right here is that the very day after my husband's death. I had people call of course and they wanted to come over and be with me and I didn't want to see anybody because I hadn't slept a wink all night. You know found out a little after ten that your husband is dead. You don't you don't sleep just go to bed and sleep like you usually do you wake and you're just all you can do is just reach out after God. That's all you can do pray. I mean for that's all you can do so the next morning when I got up you know how you feel like when you haven't had any sleep and then you know nothing is going to get better. I mean it's this. This isn't nothing's going to change and crying doesn't help it it doesn't fix it so it's just like you. Just stunned you're dissed don't know how to relate. So when I got these calls I thought I'm in no shape to to reach out to anybody and I didn't realize at that moment I mean they were trying to reach out to me but I just felt my need of God I knew where my strengths lie and I knew that it was only him that could help me through this so it was at that particular time. A friend just came over anyway. I mean they just were determined and they came over and they played a CD with a song on it and I'm going to read you the words to that song because that's what God got my attention with was the words to that song and it was talking about Paul and Silas singing songs at midnight in the prison. And this is the words their chains were fastened tight down at the jail that night still Paul and Silas would not be dismayed. They said it's time to lift our voice sing praises to the Lord. Let's prove that we can trust him come what may. God wants to hear you sing when the waves are crashing around you when the diary that the fiery darts surrounds you when despair is all you see God wants to hear your voice when the wisest man has spoken and says Your circumstances are as hopeless as can be. That when God wants to hear you sing. He loves to hear our praise on our cheerful days when the pleasant times outweigh the bad by far but when suffering comes along and we still sing him songs that is when we bless the father's heart. When we and after she played it she went home you know when she was she was with me for a while and then she went home and that song that song stayed with me. The Lord kept replaying that in my mind was. That's when I want to hear you sing and I'm like I don't feel like singing. I mean this is about the least time I feel like singing and but but the thought just kept coming back to me about that how I related to my husband's death would prove whether I had faith in God and so little by little the Lord began to put me back together. And strengthen me and that's why I shared with you. The thought about he kept guiding how I could even think this is what you're going to have to do. You're going to have to talk and act as though your faith is invincible and it kept taking me to passages like that all through the Spirit of Prophecy things like that which is jump out and just speak to my mom. And so I began to see God is with me. He's going to help me and the timing the timing of our situations is a very key factor and that's the whole reason I bring it in right here is because we're all going to have our time when we are going to need to remember these things because the trial of our faith being much more precious to God than gold and silver. It's how we respond to what's coming at us. Do we have the eye of faith is our focus in the most holy place where we have an intercessor and he's going to help us and the Holy Spirit is in our hearts because we've been asking for him every day. He's the comforter. He is the source of all our understanding he will guide us. He's the one that directed Philip to go over to the E.P. an open Munich right at the right time and give him the understanding of Isaiah fifty three and who that was talking about to the point where the Ethiopian eunuch responded wanted to be baptized he wanted to follow this God And so that's how we're going to make it is by the Holy Spirit in our hearts because we are trusting him. Well now when we know at the. Time scenario the prophecies that have been given that there's going to be approving of our fate. And it's going to be with a lot of things that don't look. Very inviting that we wouldn't want to try to go through and that's why when we're talking about the agriculture. There's going to be a severe test because Satan is going to try to use the lack of food to get you to completely compromise your faith. Because you don't want your family to star. And you don't want to star. It doesn't feel good to be hungry it's one thing to fast for a day or two or even through going through a clans. But it's a whole different situation when you know you don't have any more food and you're not going to have any more food unless you give up your faith and so that's the reason that we have the message God if we obey. And we won't understand completely but if we obey we're working on the plan of addition God says go and grow food. He says go to the country where it's a best place to raise your children and grow the provisions work together as a unit make it a joy and you know they they were interviewing some man that went through the depression the Great Depression and they were saying you know what how was it for you he said Geno I really didn't even know I was in a depression so what you didn't even know you were going through it he says No I've always lived in the country has gone my food he said that really didn't have anything to upset me but I went through it really well I said I felt sorry for other people you know they hadn't hadn't followed out anything but you know that's what God says and that's why I say that the Spirit of Prophecy S O P is Secrets of Providence. God says this time is coming. This is how you can be ready. This is how you can go through and you can still have your member back at the time in Egypt when the darkness was all on the Egyptians. What did the IS YOUR LIFE still have in their house light. If we follow the light. Now if we follow it now and we obey Him even though we don't understand exactly what that obedience is doing for us we can trust that as we're working on the plan of addition he is working on the plan of multiplication. It is proving that we are His and not Satan's Satan is always trying to claim us as he is but these are the very evidences that God can point says Behold my servant. Whom I uphold this is the one I delight in because look there are demonstration they don't have full understanding but they're doing what I said to do and I can bless them. I can keep them I can uphold them they are mine elect. And that's the ones that will satisfy that's the ones down here when he's looking for the travail of his soul. He is going to be satisfied. We have the option of either being part of the group or not being part of the group that's the point he's going to have those that respond. But we have the choice whether we want to be with them or not. And it's by faith. It's all by faith and it's been the timing. It's going to be one of the hardest to do anything that's when God wants to hear you sing. That's when your life is going to sing. That's when he's going to use you. And I love it because often times we dwell on the hard times that are coming. But you know a you can find just as much encourage mmon of what God is going to be doing in your life that is going to bring you so much joy and you're going to say yes I want to be part of that he's going to be with you he's going to be sending. Angels you're going to be doing things you never thought you could ever do because he's going to be empowering you you're going to see some miracles that come through your hands from God and it's going to be wonderful there's going to be people I have so many things here and I didn't even pay attention to what time I got started so you may have to get my attention before. It's when it's time for me to stop but what did we say we. Been building on a lot of these different things we started out with the Holy Spirit. We talked about how that we all have to guide our thinking we're going to have to have a Masters Degree in our thought processes we're going to bring every thought to obedience to Christ and that it's going to enable us to resist temptation to rise above it if you will to use those things as we talked about with the eagle the things that would destroy ass We're going to use them instead we're going to use those currents to go higher than the highest place we've ever been in our spiritual experience and these are all going to be joys to us to have the Holy Spirit and as we brought out this morning love joy peace those are not unpleasant fruits. Those are delightful fruits and the more we have of them the better we'll be able to go through this time and sing for God That's the time. The timing is good but we need to understand the timing when a woman and then the ladies in here can identify with this. And that's where we're going here and collations the ladies can identify when was the moment when you went intervene. And how did you feel when you were getting ready to give birth to your child and in the process of having that child what did it feel like well it wasn't an easy process and that's why the Bible talks about it that for the moment the mother is in a time of sorrow. I mean she's joyful at the thought of what's taking place but she's also in huge bang and that's why she literally has allowed cry. You know she is if she's not under something that's so and this applies to her you know she will actually have a loud cry and it won't be her natural voice she will sound like somebody else and she'll look that way to just her very countenance she won't even look the same. So it's a really great trial. For this woman. Well you know what over here in Galatians turn to chapter two. To verse twenty. This is the experience that we all go through when we we act to have Christ form within us. And one we have that Christ formed within us experience which comes only through the Holy Spirit being with us moment by moment and day by day that Christ can be formed within us so gracious to twenty I am crucified with Christ. So has died. Now armed I have died I've made that choice. My water baptism proves it and now I have the baptism of the Holy Spirit and so I am crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ live within me and the life which I now live in the flesh. How do I live it. This new life I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. That is a powerful powerful sermon right there because now we are not walking by side anymore. Sight can mislead us sight can can totally distract us we have to develop and it's only through the Holy Spirit the eye of faith. So that we won't be like Elijah that fled at the very opportune time when he could have sung for God He could have but he didn't recognize his opportunity. We must be praying every day that the Lord will help us to be able to recognize our opportunities and to have the faith of Jesus because Jesus went all the way to the cross Jesus suffered Jesus was in agony. It was so hard for Jesus on that cross that he had to literally push himself up you know his feet were spiked to that stake and he had to literally push himself up because his body was slumping so hard that he couldn't even get a breath. So he would have either supplicated or something so he had to do that but that was extremely excruciatingly painful to do that to push himself up so he could get a breath of air. So by. He's a shows us how you live by faith. You don't consult your feelings in a moment like that if you consult your feelings you say yes get me down off of here I'm going to give in and what we have to learn from Jesus is that there is a day he said his grace is sufficient for us and his strength is made perfect in weakness. So when we really grasp this we show whether we really have faith and that's something I realize was do I really believe his grace is sufficient for me in this. Yes he is he is that you sufficient all the way. To the point where Jesus went through he will take you that far. So if we are faithful all the way to death. That's all he's asking because he's the life giver. Even if you die. That's no big thing for him he will call you back and when he calls you back you'll have a body that you want to know about. I mean it's going to be better than anything that you figured out that you could imagine. So now this is the point over here for and I want you to to look at verse nineteen. This is where I want to tie it in with mothers fathers have a burden for their children. Yes they do parents both have a burden for their children but the father's burden cannot match the mother's Why is that because as I said day and night make one the mother has the honor of carrying that child in her womb and when she's carrying that child in her womb and then she gives birth and she nurses the child she nurtures that child and all the way to the point that the child is now that child has been part of her she is now in another travail it's different it's a different travail than when she gave birth to the baby physically. This is a spiritual travail she cannot rest satisfied until what happens here it is. Verse nineteen my little children. Of whom I travel they are in birth. Again until what happens. Christ be formed in you. That's the burden. Once she sees that the child has made that steadfast commitment understandingly made that steadfast commitment to God to live for him to not consult their feelings but to live by faith by the Son of God and by the promises of God When she finally sees that happen in her child. That's when she's down and travail that's when she's finally accomplished it and that's why God says that he will finally be able to look at history avail and see his travail and be satisfied when he sees us. Especially in the most critical time when we sing for God when we're steadfast. That's what he's looking for and true education. That's why we have to follow the to education because that's going to deal with the spiritual aspect and not just the intellectual it's going to complete the whole picture and it's in this setting and I just love this a Beatrice's when you look at it it looks like family. It looks like they only because it's a nurturing experience. It's a law of relationship. It's a joy working with the children and the children with the parents and they are taking great delight because that's the thing they want the most and that's the thing that they will actually they will model you so you when they're in their play you will see them they'll either set up a little stand and they will act like the teacher and it. They will do all these things because these are their new values and because it's been a wonderful relationship. A very satisfying relationship they have no negatives about it as long as you keep it that. And the way that you keep it that way is the sweetness of the spirit and that's why I said there's nothing that grabs the spirit so fast and drives him away as what kind of a attitude are complaining murmuring sour attitude. So when you're going through the hard part. Your attitude really gets stretched but that's when you grow. That's when you grow that's when you become Christ like that's how Christ gets formed within you and that was the statement fifty three forty four and it says life is disciplinary it's disciplinary and then she says there will be provocations to test the temple. And it is by meeting these in the right spirit in the right spirit that the Christian graces are developed so where again the secrets of Providence. It says life is disciplinary there will be provocations you can expect them. And so what are you supposed to do run from them every time you start seem to come know. Now you meet them in the right spirit and that's the spirit you've asked for in the morning and all through the day you want to be in tune with that spirit and when you are all the things that would destroy you by Dash you down are you going to rise to a higher level. So it's your choice but you have to have on the i of faith. Otherwise you will see it is no no no and stead of what we saw yesterday. Oh it's an estimable blessing. It's a privilege. We have got to retrain our mine and that's what we just read about here is that this is why it says that in these words there is a science of Christianity to be mastered a science as much deeper broader higher than any human science as the heavens are higher than the Earth the mind is to be educated trained for we are to do serve. This for God in ways that we are not and that are we not in harmony with our inborn inclination. Hereditary and cultivated tendencies to evil must be overcome our hearts must be educated and then it goes on to say that we are to form habits of thought that will enable us to resist temptation. We must learn to look upward. So when we follow this this we are going to be masters and you know anything that is repeated becomes a habit and so that's where it works on the plan of addition one plus one or more and you Diskeeper adding and it seems like you're not doing anything but you are you're making a new habit you're making a new groove in your mind so that when you look at things you don't look at by sight. You try to look at it by faith. OK. What should my attitude be here and if I relate to it this way what will happen if I relate to it this way. This is what's going to happen. I choose this way and Jesus that's why it's in the D.C. eleven seventeen that in a moment because the Holy Spirit was with Jesus and he had been consistently doing this he could size of a situation and see these are the two directions. This is the one I'm choosing and I'm choosing it consistently. And so what a high calling and that's why God Take special note you know it says there and I think it's in second Timothy but it's in chapter two verse nineteen says nevertheless the foundation of God stands sure having this seal the Lord know with them that are his and let every one that name with the name of Christ depart from iniquity. So will we are here as we will depart from iniquity and will be through His Holy Spirit and through His grace. But you know there's a really sad text in the Bible in Psalm seventy eight forty one and it's one that I often think about because. I was just like when we were setting about the opportunities the unrecognized opportunities. This is what God feels pain in his heart now if we're trying to satisfy the soul desire of God's heart that he can be satisfied with his travail for us for our salvation. Then we won't want to be doing anything that is making him sad. We're going to delight him. And so and Psalm seventy eight forty one is says that his people his people turned back and they limited the Holy One of his real whenever we turn back from faithfulness and obedience. We're limiting what God wants to do and that's why I brought out about Elijah There was getting ready to be a very signal victory right there but because he fled instead of staying there when God was going to do what he was going to do it limited god what could he do you say his hands were tied behind his back he couldn't do what he wanted to do and that's why he asked What are you doing here and the reason he asked him was because you had been following all my instructions up to this point and I told you where to go and what to do and you did it so what are you doing here who sent you here. You did you were afraid all South rising again self's in control he was trying to help. Elijah in a gentle way you know he fed him a rift in him he did what he needed to but he was trying to help his servant to realize. Listen don't take yourself out of my hand I know what I'm doing I'm omniscient. I'm not omnipotent. There's nothing too hard for me but I've got to have your cooperation. You can't run ahead of me and you can't lag behind you need to be right here with me following my instructions. So back to the point that I was trying to make was that we are going to have our own travail. We're going to be working in harmony because we want to bring about the restoration of the image of God in us. That's the true object that's the goal and we're always keeping that in mind we're not in charge it's God that's in charge and we're keeping the Holy Spirit in our home and were never grieving them away. We're doing those things that delight him and you remember in a letter in Hebrews eleven six says but without faith it is impossible to please God for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he's a reward or of them that diligently seek Him but you have to approach by faith because we don't seek God but he's just Israel and I loved it. Those statements went along with their really good section in the first final a testimony that we had this morning about how that God drew very close to his son but he had to veil his glory He had to do it otherwise they would have all died and so he had to veil it with a dark cloud he couldn't show him self that he was really there. And so in the first volume of the testimonies three zero nine three ten he shows us there that he draws nigh to us to just like that when it looks like we're going through the darkest time he's right there for us. And so we you know it we have to walk by faith because it sure doesn't feel like it it doesn't look like it and so you have to develop a really strong faith and that's why you're a member of the good little story it was one of my favorites when I first became a Seventh Day Adventist was about the the trip up and they were first loaded with all those wagons and then as they kept going up more and more they had to start bailing thinks off and they got to the point they had to actually get away again and the horses and they were walking around barefoot and pretty soon the cord comes down by the time they get there to the top it's as big as their body and then as James why you know as he was looking he had swim across the abyss and he was looking at the situation by side it was so fearful he didn't want to do it but he finally by faith started and did it. And he said when he got to the other side he said the relief just tore it up like he was just you know really sweating it and then when he got to go sad he just was so relieved and that's what we have to go through it's going to be worth it all. Our life is just a dot this life and there's not much of it left is just a bare little speck of a god but what God's holding out to us is that inless line an endless line of eternal life and there will be no more sin involved in that. But we have to prove that we are safe to say because he said sins not going to rise up again. So he's going to put us through a test he told us that and he's told us and he says here's where the test is going to be at so all the secrets of Providence are right there for us we are extremely blessed above all people. Well our time is going quickly and I know there's much here but one thing that I want to mention and this is in conjunction just like with the Book of Job And you remember that God is actually wanting he says you have you considered my servant job he wants Satan and all his host to consider his people. So you can be sure he's going to bring you out in the limelight. I mean you have an inescapable opportunity to make for publicity and you may not be seeking it but God is wanting to actually reveal through your life what he can do what his spirit can demonstrate so therefore we have a statement in the fifth volume of the testimonies and it says that God means that testing true shall be brought to the front and then it goes on to talk about how that it will be brought to the front because he wants people to investigate it. He wants them to really check it out and to be aware of it and he said some people when they have this opportunity they're not going to have the right response they're going to criticize it. And so. They're going to ridicule it. And so that's going to be a trial to us because we want everybody to accepted. So there'll be some that will accept it and they'll be some that won't accept it and of course it'll be a sweet and bitter experience but in that very situation we need to have the I have faith that this is on purpose. God is behind it and I want to read this statement here and think I did. In the annals of human history the growth of nations to rise and fall of empires appear so this is by sight this is the way it appears appear as dependent upon the will and prowess of man the shaping of advance scenes to a great degree to be determined by man's power ambition or caprice. But in the Word of God The curtain is drawn aside and we behold behind above and through all the plain counterplay of human interest power and passion and that agencies of an all merciful one silently patiently working out the counsels of his will. So did you see through that that through the outward appearance to somebody this just walking by sight. It will look like well man brought about that Sunday law. It was through the papacy I saw it this is what they did and this is the way it all came to be and all of these different things and yes that's the way it will look for who's behind it all if we see behind the curtain and we see really what's going on as God says Have you considered my servant. Joe that's what he's saying is that it's time I've got he says God means that testing true shall be brought not just part way up to the front. So that's where you're going to be so when that happens. You need to take hope and courage because it's actually should be a confirmation of your faith. Something could be predicted so precisely so long ago and now it's coming to fruition and it's being fulfilled that should actually strengthen your faith. Now listen to this. This is review and herald April fifteenth eighteen ninety says God is going to was going to do it. God is going to bring around a condition of things where the good men and the men in the forty who see targeting the good man and the minute they already will have an opportunity to know what is truth. Indeed God wants people to understand so he's going to use his people to enlighten these men these good men and these men and at the Lord. Well. So he just wants us to know what's happening secrets of Providence don't want us to be blind these statements are here for us it's for us to build into our faith that when we see this happening. We can take courage and because a people will not valid the need to the image and receive the mark of the beast in the hand or the forehead but will stand for the truth because it is true that there will be oppression and an attempt to come pal their conscience. It's coming. It will happen but don't be afraid we serve the mighty God this is what is going to bring about the satisfaction that he couldn't he couldn't just stand up and make that statement he has to prove it through us we're going to demonstrate it. And so this is why it's so important because we have the opportunity to help our children to understand that they can be a little maid standing right there faithful in their mistress's house and watching for their opportunity to say a word in season just like little maid did you don't have to be a full of the alt. We talked about the child preachers God again is going to when the when people that are adults that can't be giving the message because they've been locked up behind bars the child preachers they can come for their They're not old enough to be put in there and so again the Holy Spirit will come and do its work. And so and then you have Daniel in the three worthies who were trained by their parents so that they were expecting OK I'm going to get taken to captivity. I'm going to be treated this way I'm going to become a unic all these things and that's why they could go through it and they could stand for God God stood with them he honor them. It was actually a favored position. To go through that and so but those who have now known the truth will be afraid to yield to the powers of darkness those people are armored they have the truth they know what to expect. So they're not going to yield to those powers of darkness. God has a people who will not receive the mark of the beast in their right hand or in their forehead not a move has been made in exulting the Sabbath in bringing around Sunday observance through legislation but that Satan has been behind it and has been the chief worker but the conscience should not be compound even for the genuine Sabbath for God will accept only willing service and that quote that I was talking about in the fifth the testimonies for fifty two and four fifty three that's the one that says that God means that testing truth shall be brought to the front so. These are all helping us to understand where we're headed and she says and this is a very precious quote The time is coming when we shall be separated and scattered and I don't tell you this to make you fearful only so that you can be aware this is what's prophesied and so that now we have a bit of time we can be asking God. Every day strengthen me so that when that day comes I. I will stand faithfully for you and I will be able to have that I have faith to see beyond what is pressing on by satellite and go forward in your strength so that we can ask for that favor now. And so it says that we are going to be scattered unseparated each one of us will have to stand without the privilege of communion with those of precious. How can you stand. Unless God is by your side and you know that he is leading and guiding you whenever we come to investigate Bible truth the master of assemblies is with us the Lord does not leave the ship one moment to be steered by ignorant pilots we may receive our orders from the captain of our salvation and he even says in one place as a precious quote I don't remember the reference right offhand but you could do a google search with your CD-ROM and it says I think it's in desire of ages and it says that the captain of the Lord's host comes down to direct the battle and it says it's none other than the Holy Spirit that was very comforting to me because God even knows the hairs of your head how many of you here know how many here you have on your head or he knows more about you he's keeping track of things and you have hair fall out every day. So if he's keeping up with that insignificant thing about you you can be sure they do are the apple of his eye and that he's going to watch over you and he takes delight in you his soul delights in you so you are a treasure to him he's not going to let anything happen to you that he can't handle. You just need to stay with him don't run off like Elijah did. OK Now there's a beautiful statement that I really really took great courage in and still do and it's a noun a blessing page thirty two and it's talking about that when we come to this point when people are not treating us right. In fact they are really oppressive. And one of the worst things that Satan does he uses words do you remember the story about how that when David went out and actually before David even arrived on the scene for forty days. Goliath was using intimidating words and he was very successful by the time those forty days went by nobody would stand up to go live. They had had their faith destroyed by listening to Goliath for forty days with his intimidating words and don't be surprised if Satan uses that same tactic on you that's why we've got to have control of our thoughts and every time satan tries to come at us with the thought that it will destroy our faith we need to come back with a scripture a faith statement. So that we can come off more than Congress and the Word of God will do it powered by the Holy Spirit with the Word of God in your mouth. There's no match and if you send up a fervent earnest prayer Satan has to flee. The has to tremble and flee. So those are your weapons. So just remember that you don't have to take it you can actually go and asked the captain of the Lord's host to come down and direct this battle and he will come and so when this is happening to you and I have to quickly just mention is David when he got there and the words were thrown at him he was a man of faith and they remember yesterday if you are not decidedly and determinately part of the solution. What are you you're still part of the problem. So you need to make a choice and you're going to make a decided choice and a determined choice because he's going to try to back you offer that choice the devil's going to try to do everything he can to get you to back down. So you're going to have to if you're to be part of the solution at this particular time the timing is right then you're going to have to stay in that position and not become part of the problem. So matter. Page thirty two. A man whose heart is stated by God what is happening. His heart is stated by God is just this saying in the hour of his most of flicking trials and most discouraging surroundings as when he was in prosperity. When the light in favor of God seemed to be upon him his words his motives his actions may be misrepresented and falsified. But he does not mind it can you believe that. He doesn't mind it and why this is the beautiful thing this is the secrets of Providence. He's letting us know why does he not mind it and it says because he has greater interests at stake. Whether therefore you eat or drink or whatsoever you do do all to what the glory of God This is the greater interest at stake. This is what we're training our young people to be able to by God's grace understand these issues is that we're all going to be tested and we all have a choice and we have a mighty god that was going to strengthen us. He's not going to leave us like orphans is going to empower us. So those that honor those who honor God shall be honored by him in the presence of men and of angels. So that is a very precious That's on page thirty four amount of blessings. So we're actually I think it's still part of thirty two. So anyway. These are very precious things to help us to see what God is looking for and that's why you don't have the caliber of people that God is looking for just by being born and that's where true education really shines is because we educate them day by day moment by moment and I love the concept that the mother is right there with the children guiding them helping them to be able. So that as they come up on their little hard things that you can help them to know how to meet them because as they learn. Learn how to meet them at an early age they will be a real powers source right here by the time they get to this point that we're talking about here. If you have helped them to see how to get victory. Number one by training their thoughts their attitudes all these things and then when things happen and even if they are unjust things that happen to them that they can put their finger on say that wasn't right. You know but how did they relate to it you remember there's a section and I'm just going to quickly refer to it here. It's in the book Acts of the apostles actually apostles is so beautiful to me because it shows how to live by faith. Paul was such a demonstration of how to live by faith. And the very part you know if you want to really interesting read we read the part in second cronic or second Corinthians twelve nine and ten about my grace being sufficient for the for my strength is made perfect in weakness Paul's the one that said that if you go back to the very chapter before and you read through there. The list of the things that he went through five times he was beaten thirty nine stripes five times. I mean if I had it happen to me once when the second time came around I'll be like I don't think I can handle that but five times that is and that's just one of the things that he mentions he's got a whole string of things and then he said in addition to all those things he said then I have the care of the churches. He had the travail of souls on his heart because until Christ could be formed and all those people that he had raised up. He still had that burden riding on him and he was a mighty missionary going everywhere teaching so many people and he carried out the work and after says he still carried it we even if he was over here in kolache NS and he went everywhere but he used had all these burdens and then he was getting beat up and I. Everything else and. I mean that one time he got beat up so hard they thought they killed him and by the time he got to his next destination. I want to know what did you go through to look like this I mean you know it was just powerful but in this point right now in this section here in Acts the apostles for sixty four four sixty five it says that he was in prison now it says human expectations had failed but not the purpose of God and what are we called according to His purpose. So all things work together for good to them that love God who are the called according to His purpose. So here he is locked up. It looks like one now what Kampala do. So what did what was having Paul in this place. What was a doing well one of the things is it impelled those that were on the outside of the jail. It raised more workers because they could see well Paul can't do anything so the Lord lighted on the hearts of those that were Christians on the outside. Now they went forward when they weren't doing anything before. Now they went forward with power. Well that was one good thing that resulted of it. And it also said that Paul's patience and cheerfulness during this long and gess imprisonment his courage and faith were a continual sermon. So he was still preaching. The way that he was handling his trial was preaching. And so the whole thing is just really beautiful I'm not going to go through it all but he talks about it looks like his usefulness and his employment was all cut off. That's the way it looked to sight but it wasn't it was actually doing the work and he said and then it goes on to tell us that the Christian who manifest patience and cheerfulness. Now this was one of those quotes that the Lord brought to me when I was going through my bereavement right there as as a Christian who manifest patience and cheerfulness under bereavement. I'm like aren't they mutually. I mean how do you go through that a. I mean. And so the Lord saying I'm workin up here. This is where we're going. So if you want to stay in the lowlands OK but you got the invitation we're going to go high. So I said OK Lord cheerfulness I would rather have cheerfulness than feel like this so the Lord a Christian who manifest patience and cheerfulness under bereavement and suffering who meets even death itself with the peace and calmness of an unwavering faith. They may accomplish for the gospel more than they could if they had affected a long life of labor while the Lord's timing is if those times that he wants to hear you sing. That's when he's working that's when he can do more than a whole lifetime of just a calm easy life where nothing's rocking your boat. If it's rocking your boat. He's making bigger statements he's saying See he consider my servant job. That's when all that and we have to have a response what was it there at the end of the first chapter of Joel after he just kept getting one report after another of the devastation that was taking place says he fell down and worship. He still continued to worship God and He said The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away the less to be the name of the little he was holding to his faith even though by side it looked like the whole thing had just crumbled right before his eyes. So we have to have that job like faith that perseverance. Well we are also told and I want us to remember real quickly here that God can do more with less he's looking for equality and he's proved it so many times we think about how that when Gideon when the number was right there as I mentioned before when the number was right there and what his thirty two thousand couldn't even. Actually it was going to happen. He didn't have enough men to meet it and God says you got too many men so he said OK this is what we're going to do with it or reduce it so twenty two thousand went home. Now he's got ten thousand and what did God say OK let's go to battle and no he said you got too many men. He said if we go now they're still going to take the glory to themselves. He said I want it to be a demonstration here. I want to be saying that this is my army. It's not their army it's my army in this is what I can do with less I want you to know that this is my victory and I'm doing it through the willing those that understand. Those that are ready to do and be teachable. And Soledad again is going to be our calling is going to do it through less but it's quality qualities looking for and that's where we have the time to shine. We want our true education we can equip that army so that they can go in with God's great ride in their hearts the Holy Spirit and move forward for him and that's why the statement here in Acts the Apostles five sixty six as the greatest praise. This is the greatest There's no other there's no higher greatest praise. This is it the greatest praise that man can be bring to God is to become you don't start out this way. You become through true education through training the mind understand what the real issues are so that you don't mind these things you have greater interest at stake and it says is to become consecrated channels through whom he can work. That's the high calling all he's asking is just become a channel your not the substance flowing through the channel. I'm going to supply all of that and I'm going to supply you with the opportunities where this is going to take place and when I had been studying these things. So when I got the call to come and speak. I said OK Lord. This is. My faith do I believe what I'm reading all you're asking me to do is just be a consecrated channel for whom you can work. And so I keep giving it to God I said Lord you say through me what you want said and I'm just a channel up there. So this is yours. All the glory goes to God because it's not about me it's about what God can do through you but. All you've got to do is become willing. That's all and it will be the greatest praise that your life can give to God and that's what really is going to bring about the satisfaction of his heart is when he has people responding to his love responding intelligently to him and are choosing him. Making wise choices of how they can honor him in everything they do every area of their life and that's why he says he asked for a whole heart. Give it to him. It is His both by creation and by redemption and the statement over there and I remember the reference but I was just rereading it this morning and was talking about the exchange we make and it was saying that what God says is that he's going to make an exchange with us we get to turn and all our worthless since that are all those baggage and he says that we're going to be able to exchange that for something of eternal worth. That is a powerful thing only God can do that and he's holding that out to every one of us. And so it takes the I have faith to recognize in the Holy Spirit is the only one that can help us to see the value in what he's offering and to also and this is what I love about him because as I mentioned about it Leviticus sixteen thirty twenty one was talking about the fitness and the man of opportunity as it says in the margin that that man is one of those demonstrations where it says in desire of ages. This is so beautiful because as God. Works in these situations. The Lord is making experiments this is actually testimonies Mr Read it first the Lord Jesus is making experiments on human hearts through the exhibition of his mercy and abundant grace. He is effecting transformation so they were out of this state now he is transforming them. And these transformations are so amazing that Satan now Satan does one that is amazed by these transformations he just can't believe what you're seeing with all his triumphant boasting with all his confederacy of evil united against God in the laws of his government. He stands viewing them. These people that have been transformed he stands viewing them as a fortress impregnable to his suffers treason delusions. He can't trick you anymore. You have now the Spirit of truth to guide you and you see through what he's trying to get you trapped in and you say I want no part of that that's this this here that he's trying to trick me with leads to this and now that I am aware that God's way leads to this. I'm going to go with that way and so everything he brings that you the fifth man had the privilege of leading away the scapegoat that had all those sins. After the intercession was all done and Jesus was getting ready to leave the sanctuary all those sins are now placed on that scapegoat and of that man is the one that gets deleted away. Do you want to be that man of opportunity do you want to buy your life you have the firm grip so that the scapegoat cannot get away. You are one of those transformations. That's an incompetent sensible ministry. This is one that calls it to Satan he says that's an incomprehensible mystery how did they they were my faithful worker before and now look at them now the. Over here and it's like the apostle Paul you remember he was Saul first and when he got turned around look what all he did we know we don't know. What God can do once we become surrendered and so that that man he has a hold of that scapegoat and that scapegoat can not get away because now he is forcing that scapegoat into the wilderness. So for a thousand years Satan is going to have some time to think and he's not going to have anybody get camped and during that millennium. We're going to be going over all the books and we're going to see yes God was just yes God was fair. I'm so glad by His grace I made the right choice. I'm so glad for the Holy Spirit they gave me and Lightman so I could see through his soft histories and I could place my will in the right direction. That's when God will really feel satisfied with the travail of his soul he will see and that's why it says over in desire of ages that God's grace can take those that were the most offensive to him and when he transforms him by his spirit then he sends them back out into the camp to go and in light and those that are still in bondage. And it says that it's not until God can have this kind of group of people that have been transformed by his grace that he can't be satisfied until that happens until this restoration takes place. And once it does that's why it says when the fruit is brought forth this is in Mark when the fruit is brought forth and mediately he put it in the sickle because the harvest is coming. Don't you want to have a series of the fruits brought forth in mediately he put it in the sickle So we are privileged we have an estimable privilege but we need to I say and we need the Holy Spirit. Even recognize and we won't be able to act accordingly. So I have been blessed. I have enjoyed everything and I just standing in amazement because every single day I have seen how that God has all the talks together so perfectly and it was only by the Holy Spirit because none of us consulted with each other. Truly attest to God's great. And that's what we're going to see down in the very end of time because the whole body is no longer going to be handicapped. It's every member of that body is going to be working and then great things with this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more servants leave to visit W W W or.


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