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The Origin, Foundations, and Destiny of the United States of America, Part 2

Stephen Bohr
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Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • July 13, 2016
    4:00 PM
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Welcome back good to see you all we have still a few items that we want to cover in our discussion. Before we do I would like to just mention that. As I said before during the last several days we've been taping a series here called God's great prophetic chain. Basically it's ten presentations following the trajectory of Bible prophecy link after link this series will be available from secrets on sealed. It's also on You Tube We live streamed it and also all of the lectures in written form are available in the syllabus. So I would encourage all of those who are watching this program to get this series on D.V.D. If you don't watch it on You Tube and to get the syllabus because it'll give you the framework for everything that we're talking about here in this particular panel discussion this afternoon. So welcome back guys. It's been a real joy and a real pleasure discussing these issues with you and what we want to do now is perhaps deal with the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Revelation thirteen verse eleven says that this beast that rises from the earth which we believe to be the United States has two horns like a lamb. And we've understood this to mean that the United States in its origins sustained the idea of civil and really just liberty which is based on the idea of separation of church and state because when you what happens is when you enforce religion people not only lose their religious rights they lose their civil rights as well you know for example when the Sunday law is is enacted in the United States is that going to affect our freedom of speech is it going to affect our freedom of assembly on the Sabbath. Are we going to be able. Ask the government for a redress of grievances. No. So once the government gets involved in religious legislation. You also lose civil rights. So these are the two horns like a lamb civil and religious liberty which is based on the idea of two kingdoms in the United States the church and the state each functioning with its sword separate from one from the other not thinking of her but separate the church operating as church and the state operating an operating as state and I believe the First Amendment to the Constitution contains the two horns like a lamb. Because what does the First Amendment guarantee maybe a pastor Jensen who is the. The historian the authority on these issues of early America in the constitution and so on can help us. There are sixteen key words in the First Amendment that is with religious liberty and they are Congress which initially referred to the federal government shall make no law respecting that is having to do anything with an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. These two clauses of the Bill Bill of Rights are known as the establishment clause which sometimes is referred to as freedom from religion which prevents Congress and through the fourteenth Amendment also states from and acting any laws that promote religion or religious activities and then the second clause of that the free exercise clause size claw clause commonly referred to as freedom of religion prevents the government from inhibiting or hindering the exercise of religion. So in simple terms the government is to be neutral toward religion accommodating it but never. You're advocating it. Sometimes you'll hear the religious right say well you know. The Constitution of the US S. R. also has a phrase about separation of church and state and that's true to a certain extent but there is a hostile separation and as in vision we can talk more maybe about the separation principle itself and where it came from but it's to be a friendly separation each respecting the rights and privileges of others as Bob Maddox who was a Southern Baptist minister and used to be the president of Americans United for Separation of Church and State which I belong to for a number of years out of Silver Spring Maryland. He used this analogy or illustration he said church and state should be good neighbors but they should never get married and they should not be in the same bed together so I think that illustration really really gives a graphic description of the relationship between the two. So you have these two series and you know we've talked about the two horns and does that simple side point but you know the horns on an animal are not joined together it's not like a unicorn ones are stuck. There's on each side of the head and so even that suggests that there's not to be a union between the two. OK now you've discussed the first two clauses in a verse amendment which guarantee religious rights but the First Amendment also guarantees civil rights. So the two horns like a lamb are contained in the First Amendment to the Constitution because the third clause of the First Amendment says that. That Congress can't cannot make any law that abridges the freedom of speech the freedom of the press freedom of assembly and the right to petition the government for a read. Yes of grievances. So basically the First Amendment guarantees full civil and religious liberty Yeah you have the doors like a lamp. Now let me ask this and maybe alas Dustin because doesn't has been very quiet for a while here. So I got. I got to shoot a good question if you have the Book of Revelation not only says that the beast from the earth will make an image of the first beast but it also says that it will enforce the mark of the first beast. How do we understand the meaning of the mark of the first beast. Well it's funny you ask that I recently pulled out some old books from my garage and I had a little Catholic catechism and I remembered from a series I watched a long time ago that on page fifty one I think of that catechism an answer to a question that was asked why do we keep Sunday instead of Sabbath and the answer was given because the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and then the question was why why did they do this and it went on to say that they had the authority to do this and so that that is a market says it's a mark of her ecclesiastical power we read quotes that that demonstrate that she views that as a her right to do it is that is a mark of her ecclesiastical Thore so in force to Sunday worship will end up being this mark of authority that she in forces upon the world. So basically Protestants and Roman Catholics are in the same boat when it comes to the issue of Sunday observance. And there's many quotations by writers Roman Catholic writers who say that Protestants in keeping Sunday as a day of worship are accepting the authority of the Roman. Catholic Church even though they might not want to admit it openly. You know if the Roman Catholic Church says we change the law which the Little Horn says it would think to change God's law then Protestants are simply accepting the authority of the papacy in the change of the day whether they want to admit it or not. Because it's not in the Bible certainly the change of the day of worship is not to be found in the Bible. So we believe that the time is coming when this is going to be enforced and Ellen White of course says that in harmony with the Bible that not only will Sunday be enforced as the day of worship but ultimately an anti Sabbath law will also be proclaimed and God's people will be forbidden from keeping the Sabbath. So that leads me to the next question and it's this. How is it possible that Protestants. Would be so interested in cozying up with the papacy these days I mean if you go back to the days of when John Kennedy was running for president miracles were very suspicious of the papacy back. John Kennedy had to go to the MS Dilla sociate in Houston and he had to say well you know if I'm elected president I will get my orders from the pope and I believe in separation of church and state he had to explain that these days I mean Protestants have really cold feet up to the papacy. So Daniel you look like you're tremendously anxious to talk about this close relationship between the papacy and Protestants. I wasn't listening to most of the comments are you going to skip me on this one. Let me jog your memory a little bit the Protestants cozying up with the papacy like the Tony Palmer affair. For example. Well that's a perfect perfect example that has I believe most of us were startled to watch. TONY PALMER in front of an even Jellicoe conference and declared to all of these even Jellicoe leaders that the protest is over and if the protest is over then how can there be a Protestant. And that was followed by I don't know if it was a standing ovation but there were cheers all these even Jellicoe leaders agreed with him and so. That is a demonstration of them wanted to cozy up to the papacy they see no problem with it. They've forgotten our past. They don't realize that those who established their very own churches would die for their faith would die for their Protestant faith in a very short time on the sixteenth of this month that were in so it'll be seven sixteen sixteen. We have what's coming is something that I'm going to be able to go and distribute literature at and also I've been asked to speak there. Reset twenty sixteen is a place where Protestants all over North America are gathering together at the White House mall and they will be there to demonstrate that they want unity amidst the various denominations and they also probably chose the White House to be showing them that they want some support from the state as well and one of the things that they really wanted was the pope to be there. These are Protestants remember but the Pope couldn't be there so what he's going to do is he's going to send a video of himself then he's going to be able to address them there now. I recently within the three or four days saw a video of pope the pope he was sitting kind of in a selfie video and he held up a T. shirt that said to gether all the way down with the American flag at the bottom if I remember correctly. And he was encouraging everybody to get this T. shirt so that of course they can show that they are unified and together in what he would call and they said that the only point on the agenda is Jesus does not sound nice. Yes so to disallow breakdown of what both of them have said is Protestants destine said first of all I have forgotten the history of the papacy. You know the way they have acted in the past they have misunderstood they have misinterpreted the prophecies of the Bible that tell us what's going to happen in the end but I'd like to offer a yet a third reason and maybe even a fourth to more a third reason is that many Protestants no longer they believe that the Catholic Church is different than what it used to be. Oh even yes even Christian you know it's interesting over the years I've worked with a number of Catholics and probably baptized more Catholics and anybody and many times you know they'll say. Somebody will ask him Are you a Christian too that these Catholics say no we're not Christian we're Catholic they say that themselves I always found that strange but anyway. They they think that you know some of you if you've grown up in the Catholic Church you know remember the Friday abstinence from meat and some things but the core beliefs of the Catholic Church the intercession of the Virgin Mary the infallibility of the pope and some of these things the Petron doctrine of the papacy that he's Apostol accession in line with Peter being the first Pope those core beliefs are never going to change. And so the changes that we see are peripheral on the surface and Ellen light makes a very interesting statement. Steve and I have talked about it several times in great controversy the need the variable changes of the. Chameleon the appearance of the chameleon is the invariable venom of the serpent something to that effect in other words they present as she says a fair front to the world but underneath is the dragon you say and then I would like to even offer a fourth reason which you touched on Daniel and that is misunderstanding the prayer of Jesus and John seventeen that they may they all may be one as we are one we are living in a time when the ecumenical movement is the big thing right now we dare not speak against another church we dare not promote our own church at the expense of somebody else they were all brothers and sisters in Christ let's just all come together and shake hands and sing kumbaya on the world will be fine. You know. But Jesus' prayer for unity was not an organic ecclesiastical unity by creating some super church rather it was a unity that was based on Scriptural truth and that's what being for forgotten. Very quickly nor time's running out in the Senate say area was part of the Ministerial Association that was somewhat unique in that we had Catholics and that association. Usually it's as Protestants and I had gotten to know. The nuns and the priests from St Louis he's Catholic Church quite well and every January there is in the Christian calendar for those that are a liturgical church is what is known as the week of prayer for Christian unity and so Sister Rosalie you know would meet in different churches each month and we had have a discussion question as we're eating our lunch and then we get into business and so she asked the other clergyman you know what do you think about this idea of you know. All of the Christians coming together and they were all just raving Oh what a wonderful thing it is let's lay aside our differences and after all these glowing reports sister Rosalee turn them in Pastor Jensen What do you think well you know after all of these things I was wondering. Man I'm going to spoil the party here. And so I asked God to. Give me some wisdom. And I said well you know I think it's helpful when we respect other religions and treat everybody with tolerance and whatever and we can we can learn from each other but I said when you stop and think about it in order for all the churches to come together in agree. You would have to throw away your distinctive doctrines and once you do that you would no longer have an individual church and identity. If you threw away what the methods believe the Presbyterian is believe. And come up with something that's the lowest common denominator. You're aren't going to end up with nothing and so you've lost the very reason for your existence as a church and so I elaborated on that point and praise God This said you know we never thought of it that way but we're living in this age of the ecumenical movement and everybody has to be politically and religiously correct. People these days they don't want doctrine they want to experience and a religious life that is guided by experience or feelings or emotions is very dangerous because the devil can deceive your feelings and your emotions. But they have his church is a doctrinal church. We are defined by our doctrines and the minute you get rid of our doctrines you know there's no reason for the seven they have his church even to exist. Ellen White stated that we exist to proclaim the three messages and we should not allow anything else to absorb our attention. Other than doing that and you know it secrets on Seal we hear hear all sorts of complaints from all over the world by e-mail by snail mail on the phone about on the internet Facebook saying you know what has happened with the Aves church we don't hear anything on the three of the message anymore nothing on the sanctuary we hardly ever hear the name of Ellen White mention in church you know and it's a systemic issue that. That permeates the entire church at this time. And so. You know in order to have a revival we must recover our prophetic roots are his historical roots. I think that one of the reasons why protestants these days have lost their fear of the papacy is because they've changed the method of interpretive prophecy see they're all there are looking to the Middle East of the fulfillment of prophecy rebuilt Jewish temple and real nasty individuals sitting in the rebuilt temple for three and a half later all years. It's going to build a great big statue of himself and the statue by a miracle is going to talk and everybody's going to worship this great big statue and he's going to get put a tattoo on people's foreheads. You know and. And so. So basically the idea is the enemy is over there in the east and meanwhile the prophecy of the little horn of the prophecy of the beast the harlot are fulfilled in Rome in the United States and they can't see it because they're looking in the wrong place. So they've thrown away the Bible method of interpreting prophecy and therefore they see no dangers in the papacy and of course they've forgotten the papacy in the past the papacy of the past is the same papacy of the present because you do not change the D.N.A. of a system like this the papacy simply has had a face lift. We can see the principles of Babylon. The system at the end of time in the Book of Revelation. We can see its principles in history in Daniel Chapter two and three we can see the true prophecy of Daniel Chapter two with the various metals of the image given to Daniel Daniel was able to explain in clear tones what that image represented in the truth behind it. Well never could never slept a few nights and he realized you know what I don't like that idea. I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to change the understanding of prophecy and I'm going to put up a statue that looked a lot like the one I saw in my dream but it's going to be all of metal when metal is going to be gold. BABYLON And so the truth that Daniel proclaim to never can is or never can is are changed and proclaim to the world and so what we're seeing in the Babylonian principles is that they have in history changed the interpretation of prophecy to fit their own means and desires and we can only believe that the same thing is happening as you said in today's Babylonian system and really what it is or was saying is by putting up an image told me of the old he was saying that history is not going to develop and as God has said with several different kingdoms. But the Babylonian Kingdom is going to be eternal it's going to be the only one that's one of the image was told of gold and fact Alawite says that the ones that came up with the idea of making a name mates were the wise men but then again as are said all improve on their suggestion because they suggested to do it just like the one he'd seen in his dream now because there's no way I'm going to make it totally of gold from head to foot. And he was basically saying that the Kingdom of Babylon will eternal and that's exactly what what the United Nations and many of these entities that they are thinking you know want to add one more thing we've been we've been picking on Protestants a little bit here but admin is also have a problem in this area because in the early one nine hundred fifty S. we cozied up to the Protestant churches and there's one reason to cozy up to someone you want to change their impression of yourself. You want to change their impression of you you want them to think better of you than they already do and I believe the Palmer incident demonstrates that that they they were very open to the pope looking at them in a different light. We we did the same thing when we approached our leadership approach Donal barn house and Walter Martin and we cozied up to them and we not only cozied up to them we wrote a book that changed our doctrines and so that's that's an. Another motive for cozying up to another faith is that you want them to think differently about you and they did think differently about us after that book. Questions on doctrine. Yeah. Now you're into meddling brother you know I just wanted to mention since this is the Fourth of July that we're talking about the origins of our country and our form of government. Thomas Jefferson and our forefathers the ones who went through the revolution remembered what was happening in colonial America they remembered what happened in Europe they understood the dangers of the papacy. And fifty years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence when people understood that this was going to be a special day coming up there were two three actually three that was still alive. One of them was Thomas Jefferson and one of them was. Adams John Adams They invited them to come to Washington for a special celebration for the fiftieth anniversary. Well neither of them went they were actually both very feeble at the time but Jefferson wrote in his answer to the folks who had invited him a very interesting letter and he says I'm just going to read a couple of sentences from it when he's discussing the signing of the Declaration of Independence he says may it be to the world what I believe it to be to some part sooner and to others later but finally to all the signal of a rousing meant to burst the chains under which monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves and to assume the blessings and security of self-government that form which we have subs substituted. Restores the free right of the unbound. Exercise of reason and freedom of opinion. All eyes are opened or opening to the Rights of Man the general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs nor the favored few booted and spurred ready to ride them legitimately by the grace of God. These are grounds of hope for others for ourselves let the annual return of this day forever. Refresh our recollections of these rights and an undiminished devotion to them and when I read these words when I think of the way the Protestants have totally forgotten their history and are moving back to repeat the history that has happened in the past and also the secular minded person who believes that Fourth of July is our freedom to barbecue. It makes me very very sad especially when I read some of the comments in the news stories that I read today the general public is moving in a very very bad direction. You know James Madison. Forty six years after the Declaration of Independence was ratified and signed had something very interesting to say and I'd like to read this by the way we hardly even addressed what the founding fathers of the United States had to say about church and state there they had a lot to write about separation of church and state but this is what he wrote forty six years after the American experiment had begun. We are teaching the world. The great truth that governments do better without kings and nobles than with them and then he said. The marriage will be doubled. But the other lesson that religion flourishes in greater purity without then with the aid of government. So there you have the two arms like a lamb. He's saying listen. The government should govern in civil affairs and the church should handle religious affairs and you know he also said there is not a shadow of right in the general government that would be the federal government today to intermeddle with religion its least interference with religion would be a most flagrant usurpation I can appeal to my uniform conduct on this subject that I have warmly supported religious freedom and there are many many other quotations that I shared in the series that we just finished last week the Founding Fathers where they firmly believed in civil and religious liberty at the founding of the United States. Well it's about time to to entertain some questions but let me just read you a statement rather extensive statement in concluding our discussion here a great controversy for forty one and four forty two. And he had two horns like a lamb. Then she comments what this means the lamb like horns indicate youth innocence and gentleness fitly representing the character of the United States when presented to the prophet as coming up in seven hundred ninety eight among the Christian exiles who first fled to America and sought an asylum. Nah listen carefully from Royal oppression. And priestly intolerance. They have church and state right. Were many who were determined to establish a government upon the broad foundation of civil and religious liberty their views fall in place of the Declaration of Independence which sets forth the great truth that all men are created equal and endowed with the inalienable right to life. In the pursuit of happiness and the constitution guarantees to the people the right of self government providing that representatives elected by the popular vote shell enact and administer the laws freedom of religious faith was also granted every man being permitted to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience Republican Islam. That's a state without a king and Protestantism which is a church without a pope became the fundamental principles of the nation and now listen carefully to what she says Have you read those statements from Norway where she says that national boss they say will lead to national ruin. Why because the United States will eliminate the secret of its prosperity. Let me ask you what was the secret of Sampson's strength the trust in God why was this long hair right. Should he have kept that to himself. Yeah but he didn't. And when he gave up the secret of obvious strength he had a fall where the United States also has a secret over process power Brus parity Ellen White continue saying these principles are the secret of its power and prosperity. Not because we have bigger armies than bag better weapons and more people and more territory in a more beautiful places. None of that counts. She says the secret of the power of the United States is found in the principles upon which this nation was founded. Then she says the oppressed and downtrodden throughout Christian them have turned to this land with interest and hope. Millions have sought its shores and the United States has risen to a place among the most powerful nations of the earth and then she comments about the two horns. Actually this beast with two horns speaking as a dragon. She says the lamb like horns and Dragon voice of the symbol point to a striking contradiction between the professions and the practice of the nation that's represented the speaking of the nation is the action of its legislative and judicial authorities by such action. It will give the lie to those liberal and peaceful principles which it has put which it has put as the foundation of its policy. The prediction that it will speak as a dragon and exercise all the power of the first beast plainly foretells a development of the spirit of intolerance of persecution. That was manifested manifested by the nations represented by the dragon and the leopard like Beast and the statement that the beast with two arms cause if the earth and them which dwell there into worship the first beast indicates that the authority of this nation is to be exercised in enforcing some observance which shall be an act of each to the papacy such action would be directly contrary to the principles of this government to the genius of its free institutions to the direct and solemn avowals of the Declaration of Independence and to the Constitution. The founders of the nation wisely sought to guard against the employment of the secular power on the part of the church with its inevitable result intolerance and persecution the Constitution provides that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. And that no religious test will ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States all in flagrant violation of these safeguards to the nation's liberty. Can any religious observance be enforced by civil authority but the inconsistency of such action is no greater than is represented in the symbol. It is the beast with lampblack or. NS In profession you're gentle and harmless. That speaks as a dragon. So we are now on the threshold of the deadly wound being healed and the THAT'S GREAT got a receipt for forty one in four forty two we're on the very threshold of the healing of the deadly wound as we studied in the series that we that we taped here and of the papacy being freed from its captivity and so these are exciting times to live in and as evidence we need to wake up and we need to let the world know because if we don't let the world know about these things if we don't let Protestants know about this no matter how painful it might be and how much much opposition we might suffer. God will hold us accountable. So we need to preach from the rooftops civil and religious liberty. OK Well let's take some questions now please raise your hand if you have a question and wait till the microphone comes and then we will attempt to answer the question. My question is in regards to the panel talked somewhat about Commenee called movement. And some of the participants in it. My question is regarding to the Seventh Day Adventist Church official sometimes church has it participated in neck and many. In the past present or how do you see what you know about that what can you tell us. I'm not aware that we've purchased a painted an image of these events certainly not in recent times you know there been large gatherings not only with TONY PALMER But but at the Vatican and other we as far as political gatherings we are observers and we have observer status that the United Nations and some of the subcommittees of that we also have observers and representative. It's working in the nation's capital but it's far joining together in a broad interdenominational ecumenical movement now there are without mentioning names. There are videos that I have seen. Pastors that have participated in citywide ecumenical events one just up in Northern California your two ago and I happen to know the pastor there during Holy Week where a Catholic priest. Actually participated in and had been a source of service but as far as denominational involvement I'm not aware of any. Well I think that probably the question has to do with up perhaps a certain things that have happened within the church that that can be documented like for example some Roman Catholic priest coming to teach some classes in the seminary to Andrews. That's not committed. Also the parading of the Vatican flag at the St Louis Saha general conference session. You know giving a medal to the pope then these these are all things that have been documented and I think that perhaps you know not to be critical of the individuals who came up with these ideas but it really it really makes the church look kind of band to for us to be doing these things because you know we teach that we are not supposed to have relationships like this with the papacy and then you know they they parade their flag across the General Conference stage at the march of nations and they you know we have some priests come and teach classes at the seminary and so on so the motivations might be good but I think that we need to be very careful about what we do in that area. I have a question you know you're. Europe has been in the news lately with the breaking away of Great Britain and I was wondering is this actually a part of what we say Daniel to. Speaking that they would not cleave together. Yeah OK even God's Word is true and it said they will not cleave one to another and I believe that is still being exposed in the power of God's word. I remember years ago when the European Union was first formed Protestants were saying that this was representative of the ten toes. You know in Daniel two but then more and more nations became a part of that and I think you know the last count that I remembered something like thirty nations of Europe were part of that so obviously the European Union was not really part of Daniel to it all but but I think the principle of the nation is not staying together and frankly I look for maybe France Germany and some of the other nations Holland will probably exit as well here too but you see. But behind the scenes. Remember there is going to be a political union a monetary union and there religious union there's going to be those three aspects there and because when you have a common currency a common government and a common religion it's much easier for a single power to control the masses. In the first segment we're discussing D L G D B Q And how that's going to affect our ability to have religious freedom. Counter Protestant evangelicals Protestant they've angelical they believe that they will in some shape or. Form be martyred by the Q. agenda and they believe that they will lose their forever their freedoms tax exemption freedoms and all those kinds of things and that's prophetic what what they're going to suffer. How would you help them understand the true biblical picture of how this union that they're forty with ROOM right now is the real danger. And this how does that really now to the ocean be Q play out right now in the news. There are two institutions that the devil hates more than any other and they are the institutions that were established in the Garden of Eden one was established on the sixth day and the other was established on the seventh day. Marriage. The fact that there are that there are so few marriages that are happy or stayed together. The kids you know basically very educated by the television. They only have one parent Some don't have any parents the devil has really made it a point to mess up marriage because he knows that the way the family goes society goes and the way society goes the world goes. And he hates marriage because it was one of the original institutions that got established need. He also hates the Sabbath and you know I was talking once to an individual he was a Protestant he was in the seventh heaven his and he was deployed. You know the L.G.B. T.. Agenda saying you know this idea that a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman he said that's an abomination. So I played the devil's advocate a little bit and I said. What's wrong with a man marrying a man by the way I believe that it's wrong but but about I was I was playing the devil's advocate so I. Said I said you know what's so wrong about a man marrying a man and a woman marrying a woman he says why don't you believe the Bible. I say Well of course I believe the Bible. He says well in Genesis it says that he made them male and female and then God performed the first marriage. And I looked at him and I said and what else did God establish in the Garden of Eden see what the devil is doing through this gay marriage of the agenda a softening up people for his real objective which is getting rid of the day of worship because marriage you know it destroys society but destroying the Sabbath destroys a relationship of people with God And so the devil wants to wants to eliminate civil society and he wants to totally eliminate reverence for God and those two institutions are the ones that he has his eye on and he's been pretty successful so far and anyone who speaks against this Sunday idea or you know in speaks of in favor of heterosexual marriage will be proscribed and I believe that many of these Protestants will come over to God side and they will lift up both of these and we know that there's some individuals will be martyred for sustain both of those. We are told that the last movements will be rapid once and I can remember it was in June two thousand and fifteen when the high court decided that it was OK for men and women to marry men and women of the same gender and it was only eleven months later that we learned that the restrooms are now open for the transgenders and that was only eleven months and it was so fast to me that it did actually spin my head but I wonder how fast will it be in our in the next institution of you know these Sabbath and Sunday issue that we know. Foretold in Bible prophecy. Interestingly enough. The first decision of the Supreme Court. Regarding marriage was June twenty sixth of two thousand and fourteen when the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. And it also refused to change the ruling of the. Court in San Francisco on Proposition seven and then last year. June twenty six same date two thousand and fifteen was when the Supreme Court actually legalized gay marriage nationwide and June twenty sixth is my birthday. I know I have a quick suggestion for your friend. We're talking about liberty and freedom and being liberated from from the crown. You know that's what we're celebrating on July fourth. But what we really need to be liberated from is sin and Romans Romans Chapter six says knowing this that our old man is crucified with him that the body of sin might be done away with that we should no longer be slaves to sin. So your friend doesn't have to worry about being a slave to the government or to the altar BT movement. He's worried about being a slave to sin and Romans six says we do not have to be slaves to send any longer. How how do you believe that nine eleven contributes to the changing of our freedoms. Or does boy that where we did our for that one but just very quickly couple of days afterwards the Dallas Morning Star think it was called a Dallas Morning News. They did a survey of people who were you know. Questions on the street about. Would people be willing to give up some of their personal freedoms in exchange for greater promise of security. And it was amazing that the majority of the people were willing to let go of several personal freedoms in exchange for this side of security. Satan is as wanting to terrorize people and it's interesting. You know for the few months after nine eleven churches were packed. You know. More than they had ever been before and people were praying to God and patriotism and guys with their pickup trucks were having big flags waving and the whole thing you know about that patriotic and religious fervor both died down fairly quickly afterwards but I think there was a correlation there. And as we continue to see domestic terrorism and terrorism around the world as we see a declining economy as we've seen natural disasters and all of these things people are going to cry out. For some kind of a solution and anybody that can promise safety you know that's one of the things that it or did it while he proposed promised economic prosperity and other things to you know give up your freedoms to do what I tell you and everything will be fine so I think the two are related. Wasn't it Benjamin Franklin who said that he was willing to give up liberty for the sake of security deserve neither. Next question I had a question. It was do you think that the Syria law that is trying to be put into our legal system. Starting back east. Do you think it's going to be a catalyst to take. Away our freedoms you know as as I look at the scenario Bible prophecy that you find in Revelation thirteen and that you find in Revelation seventeen and in the spirit of prophecy. Some people have seen you know men as from the Muslims you know the radical Muslims they see them as being the dangerous entity in end time prophecy but really both Bible prophecy and the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy tell us that the powers that are going to play a role in curtailing the liberties of God's people at the end of time are past a Protestant ism. United with the papacy and with the kings of the earth. I don't believe that there will ever be Sharia law. I mean the Muslim law imposed in the United States of America. However I do believe that there is going to be an infringement of religious liberty by the papacy influencing the government the United States to impose Sunday observance and to forbid the reserves of observance of the Sabbath. That is the prophetic scenario and that's what the devil is moving towards because the devil hates the Sabbath he wants to get rid of the Sabbath and he's going to persecute everyone that keeps the Sabbath. White says that if he could eradicate the remnant from the earth his triumph would be complete. So that's his objective. Then you want to respond I think tonight he's clear. I do want to respond. There are a few communities back East individual cities that have actually I think Dearborn Michigan Michigan is one of the worst places now it's what you're referring to. I haven't acted Shari'a law but I think Pastor Bourse point is that on a national basis. That's not going to probably happen. Great controversy makes the point that the major factors that are going to trigger. Economic decline natural disasters and there's couple of others but one of them is moral decline. And we're certainly witnessing that with the whole gay rights movement and I think the Christian right is going to overreact to the immorality that we see in the country and they're going to demand their legislators to fix something in a way to fix a solution. It's people have got to get back to God. They've got to get back to church. We've got to get back to worship and all the rest and I think those issues are far more significant than a Shari'a law although it may happen in individual places but not nationwide. You know we talk about Syria law and these deer born Michigan and so on. That is not the fullness of Sharia law. Because if it was there would be people killed for their religious convictions. So so you know there is a very much modified version but as far as you know Sharia law as it's imposed in Saudi Arabia are these Eastern Middle Eastern countries. You know I don't see that happening anywhere in the United States right now and I don't foresee it happening because that's not the scenario that prophecy presents. I just wanted to read something that illustrates what you had answered first in regard to Shari'a law. We're told in the last events page one thirty three point five when our nation. It's a Legislative Council shall enact laws to bind the conscience of men in regard to their religious privileges in forcing Sunday observances and bringing oppressive power to bring against those who keep the seventy seventh the law of God will to all intents and purposes be made void in our land and national apostasy. Be followed by national ruin. So there is the prophecy dealing with how it will close in regard to laws. We probably would have time to entertain one more question if we. Yes. My questions in regard to just kind of were your We've been talking about but as great conversely points out on diversity once a Sunday laws pass once we have the union churches there is a Sunday law that there will be a penalty of no buy or sell my question is regarding that is there any indications already that. There are things happening where that penalty is being applied possibly ahead of that I never stand that great converse that we're talking about no buyer seller plight in the US individually. But is there anything that you see on the horizon that indicates that United States or other organizations are already using this power to influence in course. No I don't know of any specific specific answer to your question. However I do believe I do believe that what is going to happen is there's going to be a way in which by in selling will be controlled were you some people say it's a micro chip it might be a credit card. There's got to be some mechanism whereby buying and selling can be controlled and I believe you know and I'm not a prophet but by what I've read. I believe that eventually the time is coming when we will live in a castle society and so it will be able to control fully and completely buying and selling I know I fly for example a lot of them on American Airlines and American Eagle and when they sell things on board they don't receive cash anymore. And there are other places that don't receive cash and saw you know I don't know of any specific instance in the. United States not where people are forbidden from buying or selling particularly because they observe the Sabbath all timidly that law is going to be given against people who fail to receive the mark of the beast and worship the image of the beast. We need to keep in mind as well that the national Sunday law that Revelation thirteen refers to is preceded by other things. Everybody is waiting for the ax to fall but let me just remind you of what has happened in the last several years and already has happened in Europe and some communities in the United States. There is a sequence of events first of all there are Sunday closing laws. I lived in a community and I was some years ago pellet which of the heavenly Dutch Reform community that when Sunday came around everything closed. I mean it was like the sidewalk rolled up you could not open a store and you could be fined you could be imprisoned. If you did that more than once because that was desecrated in God's holy Sabbath Sunday so Europe right now in many countries. Hungary Austria Germany and others have Sunday closing laws and one of the reasons by the way they're doing that is the papal Church is losing many of its members are not no longer going to church some of these great cathedrals are almost empty on Sunday they're going to sport sporting events or going shopping and everything else but going to church. So first of all you have a Sunday closing law just for businesses is not directly related to religion then you have and we're seeing this in Europe you're having Sunday rest laws that you should not work on Sunday the idea is all of this is the time for families to spend together we can't work seven days a week. You know twenty four hours a day we're not machines will break down so for the good and betterment of society we need to have a Sunday rest law and those are already in play. And then the third leg in the stool eventually becomes a Sunday worship law and it kind of follows that sequence of the Sunday closing law the Sunday Russell and then eventually the Sunday worship. Well thank you very much for all the very good questions thank you for being here till the end we appreciate having an audience to celebrate this special weekend Fourth of July weekend and we hope and trust that God will keep us all faithful because Trying times are ahead folks. I believe that we are living in the last remnant of time and we need to live piously and we need to share with others the knowledge that we have a Bible prophecy because people are sad have uncertainty you know people they're restless they want to know you know what's happening they hear of all these terrorist attacks that are taking place you know where are things leading to well as admin is we know where things are leading to and the cause and the reason and so we can bring peace and and tranquility to people by them knowing how this is going to end. So maybe we can have an end of this session with the word of prayer and perhaps I could ask. My friend David Young Grundy if he were in with a word of prayer in heaven we thank you so much for the word that you've given to us that we can see the things that are coming to be we ask that you would guide us keep us in your pathway. May we be prepared may we do those things that you just wanted us to do from the foundation of this earth that we might be instrumental in helping other people see how important these issues are this media was brought to you by Adil force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to. Or about audio verse. If you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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