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Romans 7:7-25 "Carnal, Wretched, and Laodicean"

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • May 21, 2009
    7:00 PM
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so while we recover the first six verses of Romans seven and Romans seven is a very important chapter in this I sent last week probably one of the most misunderstood chapters in the Bible and it's too bad hall not why the data coming break it down a little further for us that we are doing our best by God 's grace to follow the principles of the book of Romans that we've been studying so far and apply as the interim sudden now we spend the entire time last week on the first six verses of around seven vicinity are very quick run through of those verses so that as we taken herself it will make sense as we move forward so universe 's year it talks about a woman shoe is married to husband her husband she's down by the watching her husband as long as he lives Jennifer has been is that she's the latest from the whopper husband and so we have a diagram appears the woman she's married to her husband talks about that future husband dies if she marries another man she is not an adulterous because the law of marriage is no longer blinding to her first husband because he is so now she can be married to another man and then we see this inverse sheave and then in verse three so that if her husband is living in she is married to another is called an adulterous thoughts for a straightforward and him verse four hall make CF station to our Christian experience he says wherefore my brethren he also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ that he should be married to another here's the another even to Christ's coming in this writer even takes Christ who is raised from the dead that we should bring forth fruit in the job and as we saw last week Paul makes the illustration of being married to Christ through his raised from the dead because in Romans six when it talks about Christ being raised from the dead is the wife as Christ is raised from the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life so then when we become married to Christ that means that we have a new life and the person that we used to be married to is called the old man the person that we should be married to you this Christ's but the only way to being married to Christ is for the old man to die which is why in Romans six verse six it says knowing this that our old man is crucified with him that's Christ that the body of sin might be destroyed so naturally our natural tendency is to live according to the flash were to be married to the old man and according spiritually the lot marriage if you're married to the old man you cannot be married to Christ for the other winner what data is Christ will not be married to you if you're so married to somebody else and the only way he'll marry you is not just for you we settled for the old man that because it's a United in our society has become social site while I watch that person we can get along very someone else biblically speaking not still adultery so the only way Christ for Mary uses of the old man was actually crucified then he'll marry and we talked about this last week found in Ephesians size that the ministry shoe flush to become one flash and pulses the greater ministry is concerning Christ and the church that the mystery of God which the mutant was raised that the Finnish revelations seven so we talked about that last week so when the Avenue Newton is one flush with Christ which means when the Apple Newton has had the experience of the old man being crucified the ministry of God will be finished being one flesh with Christ at the beautiful messages and thoughtful policy tightening about here in Romans chapter seven so once you understand the first six verses then we get to the new experience of versus seven three twenty five we will understand what Paul is trying to say here so what's continues taking up in verse seven what shall we say then is the loss got her bed nay I had not known send them by the law for I had not known lots except the law had said thou shall not limit so I'll has this habit of saying the offer then throughout the living room in chapter six ceases what shall we say shall we continue in sin that grace may abound God permit here he says shall we say that the laws send the offer and so the law is not a bad thing throughout the book the Romans the idea has been coming through that what the law does point out some and because we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God the law brings us under your points out that we are under condemnation for breaking the law the Paul makes it very clear here Jefferson is like that by the way the law is not a bad thing it's easier for a reason notice what he says here the end of chapter seventy 's as I had not known sin but by the law for I had not known lust except the one that said thou shalt not covet now which command is Paul Warwick here this is the ten Commandments out of the sun thou shall not have it now why does all the expand command to make his illustration about breaking the law or what while points out sin lives what is the tenth command of so much of it is snowing out in our lives so they write their numbers points out lots or the marginal reading this and she listens and chapter seven goes back and forth between the two words interchangeably now think about the concept of us is that or from what you say if you're looking for me right now and got from that position in my experience and let's say that I have lost in my heart and I'm raising this can any of you tell me to I can be up here giving a Bible study on Romans seven and an honestly I don't think I'm having lost my heart on to say for the purpose of illustration I should be having me able to tell you see the point the policy of the law points out sin on the inside it's not just a don't kill a mean in the walls of the land can fix out from some design shoot someone there there taken to jail for life for you to steal either the gym for every other thing can actually be seen on an outgoing basis essentially that yet as far as the other nine Commandments and yet what Paul is saying is is that in reality the fundamental basis underlying all of the law is art in words it's not just an outward show so the wall points out in our hard what sin is Jesus had to come and teach the Jews pay you keep all these outward ceremonies religiously than he realized that he will get a woman to lust after her that he committed adultery in your heart in the juice for new securing that concept with respect to the law so Jesus had you that and here Paul is saying with respect to the law the wall points out sin not just outwardly so that we're keeping rules and regulations on how this is how it works forms should come from an inward experience so Paul says I not known lust except a lot of said thou shalt not covet cementing on Thursday that sense taking occasion by the commandment wrought in me all manner of conceive the center was for without the law sin was that and I'll post here when he says without the law sin was dead it's like if there is no law business but with the knowledge of the law sin was pointed out first dry was alive without the long months but when the commandment came sin revived and I die and all it's saying again is that where God 's law is it's going to point out and all of the steps and come short of a verse ten and the commandment which was ordained some life I found to be in the death notices the commandment is ordained of why so the Commandments is what here's the law and if you keep it you will work of course there is no power in the law for you exceeded that is to say if you keep the line your abiding by these ten principles you're going to was that yet Paul says I sounded to be unzipped and that the experience of every human being he's already pointed out the Alderson short of the glory of God 's and chapter six uses the wages of sin is death so the commandment we as human beings we find them to be in the death of her salon for sin taking occasion by the commandment deceived me and by its sleeve needs the again soon can be deceptive this is pretty straightforward first twelve wherefore the wise holy and the commandment holy and just in the so here in the additive forgot by Vince Chasse and good now if you ever want to answer the question will help you say that the law God is the transcript of this character the Romans seven twelve the law is holy just in the and you can use all those descriptions to describe God as well God is holy no question about it season shots all you can do is go to Romans three and verse twenty six words as he is just and the justifier of believers in Jesus so the law is holy God is holy the laws just got a stress this in a question okay so she's one he uses the word commandment it's speaking of home the law in general because he says when the commandment came sin revived and I died and so forth that principles of connected so one commandment is connected to another type in the Bible offices if you break one of your guilty lesson in all segments of the games so one commandment if you break one you're breaking all and the fact that as he points out coveting his vote for the thing that points out sin it's twenty inward experience that connects to everything that we do said honoring her father and mother comes because were surrendered to the Lord and we honor them because we love God and love our parents we have no other gods the fourth because we love God as an inward experience that comes forth in Outlook free so the laws for the commandment is holy just in good and continuing on the first twelve of the great recession the law of God is a transcript of God 's character for searching more than that which is good made death on the mean God permits of the laws but sin that might appear sin working death enemy by that which is good that's done by the man might become exceeding sinful now he recalled the beginning of chapter seven he's speaking to those who know the law and was trying to point out here is that those of us to know God 's law so these will be God Professor Keith one of the purposes of the law is to show that sin is exceeding it's not a sin is not an okay thing the purpose of the wise point out that sin is that how bad is it exceedingly bad so if you give me her finding that soon doesn't seem that it should be because we don't have a proper understanding of God and his law and is writing and will get to that soon when I wanted a money balance at what I just sent by saying we've seen the goodness of God throughout the first six chapters of Romans we've seen that NaturallySpeaking we wander from God that were worthy of condemnation and judgment but Dobson 's son to die for us and has provided the way for us to change soon one of the purposes of the law is to uplift Christ we see that because of the law and because we broken and that Jesus had to be lifted up on the cross and die for us and receive Jesus on the cross dying for us we see the exceeding sinfulness and if the goodness of God that leads us to repentance as we see Jesus on the cross it's our desire for the old man to be crucified with Christ so that we can be married to another even then who is raised from the dead so the law required that Jesus died on the cross and as we see that it draws us to God the goodness of God leads us to repent so then verse fourteen verse fourteen is the key transition verse for the rest of the chapter in the rest of the chapter started where there's various viewpoints from all try to make this as clear as possible first fourteen pulses for we know that the law is spiritual so immersed for piece of the laws wholly the commandment is holy and just and good in here he says the law is spiritual the clearly when talking about God 's law or describing something that is a good thing it's a spiritual thing it's always it's adjusting the and members the contrast in the second half of verse fourteen Paul says that I am carnal sold understand now if you are carnal strata diagrams if you are carnal soul hardly receiving God 's law you are sold and understand if you are sold under something to has dominion over you exactly you are a slave to son so your carnal sold under son and when you are sold under something to think about the slavery in the early American history the slaves they were taken out of the market and sell the new new master and whoever the slaves were sold to a work under that master what Paul is saying is when I am carnal I am sold on yourself which means that I am under the master soon and as soon as you're so even send this way stand is your master if you are on so you are sold under Simpson is your master or you a you are a servant of the more a servant she was an six talks about the two options that we have greater service to God our services so when you are communal you are not a servant of God you are you are sold under sin you are a servant to sin which he means that you may know that the law is spiritual you may know that the laws holy and just in the but the law or the question man isn't that the because what when you are you are not and you see all the law you see that you are under sin and you see that the wages of son is the and headquartered in first John three four in Alamo Heights as this is the only definition person this is the definition person sin is the transgression of the law so if you are carnal you are sold understand and you are under the condemnation of the law now this isn't this is very important because Paul just said that he is carnal sold understand and never since seeing to be intense to describe the experience of economy and if you're just following the water from the progression of her own son another inescapable Asian diversity team does not then suddenly shift she is okay we just talked about in carnal folders and numbers fourteen amount verse fifteen organ and describe the spiritual experience he just said I am carnal sold understand for that which I do I allow my DC in the helmet connected in carnal for that which I do you I a while not from what I wore that you are not but what I see that DUI now if you understand that the carnal man is sold understand where the servants of sin or the slaves of sin think about the illustration of the slave think about the slaves in early American history which is a terrible this terrible record and I is for the slaves given by God to be what they wanted to not a good day to get you what they want you and the things that they didn't want the whole definition of what a slave in they are under bondage to a master against their will and they do things that they don't want to you and they don't get it to do the things that they want to so a slave is doing the opposite to what he wants the D so this is a person who knows what is right and want to do what is right some want to be married to Christ devices still carnal sold understand which means that he's still married to the old man she means them that the old man this is so continuing on if an idea that which I would know I consent to the law that it is good so she's describing the experience of someone that is a sermon since I understand car by getting out of the law is good that it's only just and good now right right so bringing it to run bathroom veins that room then it's very clear so he has never seventeen policies now then it is no more I then viewed in the Simmons well within the annals of sick of all the time him verse seventeen when you are carnal sold under sin you are a slave she is a master of sin and so when Paul says now than it is now more I see with that sentiment as well as in the what skill back to our illustration at the beginning of Romans chapter seven p.m. the woman married to her husband and she is bound by the law to be married with him as long as he was that Dean died she can be married to another man and we have been the spiritual illustration that we defame them in Christ is a new creature the old man has increased the five so we can be married to another even as it was raised from the dead which is Christ the reason why Paul uses the illustration of one thing married your husband and again this is a biblical concepts and in some fortresses for me the most popular things in Ephesians five verse twenty chooses wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands as the Lord so wives submit to their husbands is on the Lord of the biblical concept that what the significance of this is what I think about this let's say okay here's the one she's married her husband the husband happened to be the old man she submits to her husband and the husband makes her do things that she doesn't want to be and she doesn't get to do things that she wants to be and you can think of many cases of spouse abuse you name we can all think of cases of the this is the one man Harry told him she stands around that that situation and Hall of Fame wives submit yourselves to your husband as unto the Lord nothing about this amount in your that same one and instead of being married of the old man you're now married occur I hear Maggie Christ in you submit yourself to Christ the husband is Christ and he do not have any compliance uneasy symmetry perfectly so it's not a hardship to submit to Christ's enough of policy here is when we are married to Christ that's no hardship she helps he comes in their own lives changes us and we have a beautiful Christian experience but if you murder the old man it's no more I that do that soon that dwell within you you are a master this so the high is still you which is married to the old man and if the old man that's controlling your life which is set is no more I hear that some of both enemies and with all policy here is the sin that dwells in me is the sin that is master over I am a servant of sin I am carnal sold understand I am a slave this I don't do the things that I want to be I do the things that I don't want indeed because sin is my master I see the law of God I see that it slowly and just as the sun still have dominion over me some is still my master and in Romans six pulses some shall not have dominion when you are dead this when the old man is crucified so what Paul is saying here that is what I'm when I'm carnal Saunders I'm still a service and being under bondage to that servant of sin makes me knew the things I don't want to vibrate a lot even though I don't want and I don't even get things that I know I should be leaving and it's because sin dwells in me and controls my wine and year the mystery of God is that Christ comes into us so that Christ comes in and send news and and so then it's no more it's yet not live in Christ that when the Phineas Galatians two twenty so it's either send in control of my life or Christ in control of my life to see a connection so mummy diagram this year in Romans seven seventeen pulses it is no more hide sin that well with in me and assumed wells in the family of the Christ is not in because Christ is not well worsen that you are in Galatians two twenty Paul says I am crucified with Christ and the wife which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God since Vietnam by the price for this in me so when you crucify that means the old man is crucified now Christ lives in me if the old man is not crucified see more sand is what dwells in you and so here's your chew options for your masters thesis in either son is your sin dwells in you and send my CV the things that you don't want to do and you don't do the things that you wanted to price losing you and ask for ice lives in you Christ was out of his life he you don't have the power to keep the law you see it you know that is holy just and yet that we are weak we don't have the power to keep the Christ the son of Christ lives in us is our master when your service to God and he lives his life in so this is what Paul is explaining here in round seven continuing on verse eighteen is also very important verse eighteen for I know that in the that is in my flesh as well as no good thing for her to will is present with me how to perform that which is good I find not that sound familiar to you now I have the will and the desire to serve God thinking is right I don't know how to do exactly haul is saying he has no power if you think of one word and this is describing what's in-house that is our flash if you do this Friday or find one word to describe this experience what word would you say the word how about the work we so I work I know that you need that is in my flesh dwells no good thing for to will is present with me that how to perform that which is good I find not so I want to do what's right but I don't have the power to do it I was right him for the right is a threat satellite sensors in the book of Luke Jesus says he's come to set the captives free this week fourteen clearly we see the caps have been in bondage to the powers so in our flesh dwells no good things in my pulses in my flash or flash here is from the Greek word SARS and basically what that means is that as our fallen human nature is not there I'm one of me by means of the encompasses everything on obviously her skin is one that also includes a week 's tendencies that we are born and we all have flash to concern with right is exactly this for volunteers each evening that in this flesh is weak is the testimony said here we see that in our flash the natural tendency is to be married to the old man which makes us carnal sold understand which causes us to do the things that we don't want to be and not do the things that we while that's what it means to be we and he continues on the same thing here verse nineteen seventy and that I would I do not think evil which I would not that I see soaking the same idea verse twenty now if I do that I would not it is now more I that do it that some of all pending against the three proceeding this concept I am a servant 's ascent sorry which dwells in me is my master and I have to worry bondage and slave to the power of cinema my wife so that even though I want to do what's right I don't have the power to do it we ourselves do not have the power to keep a clear love Paula sang verse twenty one he says I find the law that when I went to do good evil is present with me verse twenty two fried that why in the law of God after the Kenmore demand notices interesting this is one of the verses that people try to use a say what this is someone who is converted but they just keep falling over time and what Paul is saying here is what I do why in the law of God after the inward I see God 's law and idea why in the goodness of praise the Lord that there is a standard to follow and I want to do that but what if you are a disservice to send fewer carnal sold understand that you are a servant says that what you are sold under even if you delight in something if you are a servant you don't have the power to do what you want to be because your master has the power over you to dictate to you how you're going on with your life if you are a slave your master dictates how you live your life so Paul says what I've done why in the law of God yet first twenty three nieces but I see another one on my numbers warring against the law of my mind selected here in his mind she system lights in the one God but yet there is another law in his members that war is against the law and it brings notice the word captivity uses bringing the index cache that is to the law of certain witches in my numbers so assures Paul Serio speaking of the carnal man here who is the carnal man in captivity see the loss if series seventy two the lobster that means you're in bondage to the Lawson that means you are a servant of the loss that means universal vendors that means that you're not keeping up why even though you don't live in so you can time to church every week here concerned with a praise the Lord that the common wife I want to live any that other law that war is against the law a few minuses this is what I wanted you to morning in the caption of the year why are your flash to the loss so that you know you do why after that which is good you're finding yourself in captivity is sent in verse twenty force that all wretched man that I shall deliver me from the body of this death if you are in chat seventy since then the end result of sin is death and we know that we who know the law only now with a lofty salad no that is our life is not in harmony with a lot if we know that the only way for life to be in harmony with alumnus for Christ is the true site with Christ in our life is not in harmony with the one done in result is that we are a service and we will dock and what salsas is old wretched man that I crucial deliver me from the body of this death verse twenty five uses I think God through Jesus Christ or was he who delivers us Jesus Christ and the nieces so then with the mind I myself serve the law of God over the flash the lots so he saying in the universe twenty five with my mind I serve the log of the in reality with the the loss because I'm still married to the old man Psalms I want to be married to Christ and I want to be says that I'm actually still married to the old man though in reality in my mind I'm saying on serving God I'm saying unmarried and then that in reality I'm still married to the old man reality my experience is that a spiritual adultery saying I'm married to Christ and yet still married to the wrong person now the last twenty one pages of this is it's not clear that Romans seven is the carnal man saltiness in the key point to point out here in Romans eight verse seven it says that Arnold mine is in the cheating God is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be and actually verse six it says to the Connelly minded is death Romans seven starting in verse fourteen communities the chapter is describing the carnal mind that is that be spiritually minded is life and peace and Versace a native of a letter in the flash cannot please God verse ten shows the remedy if Christ be in you the body is dead because a son the spirit of his life because of righteousness so in order to not have the carnal extreme crisis coming the last one I'll make in this is maybe the most important point is verse twenty four one pulses wretched man that I am not given to spend a year and a half nelson maybe many view wanted here when I gave the sermon of them have Gretchen is sound one other place in the Bible for those of you hear the sermon the master for those of you are here where or who were here where else in the Bible is the word ratchet down the message to Laodicea Revelation three so the word ratchet defined in Romans seven and Revelation three and it's not just English it's the Greek word policy personal spell it out here so she places in Scripture that were directed shares the man of Romans seven and the light of Assisi Church and the message to Laodicea is from the faithful and true witness in the time of the judge Satan Revelation three Laodicea worldliness you need a judge people and adjudged Stifel is receiving services are being judged that means we must be going to court and when they get it for the faithful and true witness gives testimony of their condition and we know from Revelation one Jesus is the faithful witness the first got them the presidency was merely faithful and true witness the seven churches the first begotten of the dead in the seven Seals and the presidencies of the earth some trumpets such here in way to see as the faithful and true witness she was witness to us is your leave for my wants you your vomit you out of my mouth and you think you're good and actually your rent should miserable for the wine and a now if you are negative and all those words tied together if you are naked are you clothed with righteousness of Christ you are not an easy ninety seven they say and I believe they are seared sincerely wrong so I'm not judging their character but I hope that people will study this more carefully if you say that Rahman 's son is the is the converted experience on the way to have what you're saying is what I'm a human being and I send because I'm a sinner and that's just the way it is and because I sent Jesus as my Savior she covers me with his righteousness but I keep Simmons son and yet the faithful and true witness says if you have the experience of Romans seven is ratcheted you also happen to be negative which means you're not severed with Christ righteous and what Chrysler necessities in order to be closed with my righteousness the old man must be crucified so that we can be married to Christ and so that Christ can come in to our life so that Christ will be are you sure this is so instead of sending her master and some control analyze Christ lives out his life through us and so is a is a history they don't recognize you and what here's my answer to that point the Romans seven recognizes that he's ratcheting for now rooms than in the latest CNN people don't recognize it in my answer is this any not saying this is inspired after take it for what it's worth if you believe that it's okay to exceed seven on the way to heaven you're having the experience of Romans seven thinking that it's okay and not realizing that is not a so Paul is currently serving over a command that I am who shall deliver me from this body of death is defined with the wretched experiences being a servant to see things under control the control of some severe you cannot do the things that you wanted to you and you don't you're not able to do the things that you want and year later the CSSA is okay we can be covered with Christ's righteousness even if we keep doing the things that we don't want to and not doing the things that we should leave the energy study carefully the new theology of the evangelical gospel of exactly what it teaches the new theology the evangelical gospel speeches that's okay this is long as you accept Jesus as your Savior he will cover the annual keeps centering on your way to heaven you don't get victory and you're just Harvard and then when Jesus comes then you'll be changed and yet what all clearly teaching Enron interim six hit Iran's age is that we can meet at the center the son will not have the manpower is will be the service of God not service to send and we see that in Romans seven when the servants of God are sealed and therefore have forwarded the strife will be unleashed in hundred and forty four thousand prepared so what I'm saying is that leave the CN has the experience of Romans seven without realizing that the bad experience they think that that's an okay experience is helpful clearly defined this is that you are you sorry summer see a lot of theologians of today and they say Romans seven is okay if you have the rooms of experience that's fine that was Paul's experience he was a human being that's our experience for human beings and were covered with the righteousness of Christ so that's okay right a right in question is can write right and right is right and is exactly right right him as a winning Arapahoe and I thank you and I thank you so into inclusion in around seven comes to this conclusion sheer than when he gets around they respond we want and on a positive night before so many conundrums a reform that I will point out the one other word in way to see it that I want to is the word miserable the only other workplaces that were in the greatest sound is in first Corinthians first first for his fifteenth repulse as if in this life only we have hope in Christ we are of all men most miserable so what Jesus is saying away the sea is use things that by your wretched Romans seven experience euros K cover for the righteousness of Christ and that you're on your way to have covered with Christ's righteousness and what you don't realize is that your fine in the judge that your hope of Christ in this life was all that was he was just in this life and you'll find in the judgment that you're actually wretched miserable poor blind and naked so be zealous therefore and with the good news of the gospel from the first after all that Paul comes to his punchline of the gospel in room savers when races there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flash that after this so no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus to walk not after the flesh that's the experience around seven but after the spirit that the exterior is around six in the room thing which we are going to discover him when you realize that when Paul developed this case of the gospel beginning in Romans that all are under condemnation percent against God 's law and that there is a way out of that condemnation in the judgment when you get to Romans eight response we should all praise the Lord as in Louisiana please would possibly sense because there is a way to no longer be under condemnation we weren't a combination in room three we see the all the world is subject to the judgment of God are guilty before God because we've all sinned and come short of his glory and yet because of the righteousness of Christ we can be free from condemnation


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