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Jesus’ last call is to put Jesus first. He wants everyday followers who make God first and last and best in everything. You are called to follow Jesus. So when He meets up with you, do nothing halfway. 


Martin Proebstle

Dean of the Theology Department and professor of Old Testament at Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen in Austria. 




  • August 4, 2016
    7:00 AM
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Lord. Me these words of my mouth and these meditation of my heart be pleasing your side Lord Redeemer and my rock. This is what I pray and if the birds of I say I want to ask you that your words will not go back to you if I were doing its work here in our hearts a man. Well good morning. Maybe I should say good afternoon because I am on what four P.M.. Time at the moment so why do wake. I hope you are too. This is the story of one of the first day as I am members. I couldn't ask him personally but let me just think a bit about his situation. His business is booming. The shekels are coming in. Day by day. What do I say hour by hour. He has a real fortune and he might not be Bill Gates of his times but he's quite wealthy and he lives in a city that has history. I mean archeologists tell us that this city belongs to one of the oldest cities in the world. It has the best place to be. I mean it's right there on a kind of slope low welly. And it's below sea level it's vital for climate it's even better than Phoenix. It has palm tree yes there is a tropical garden there. There are a kind of Oasis. It's just beautiful. If you could take this play is as a Vinter as it. In anywhere in this country you would choose that place like the priests and Levites did. Who were working in Jerusalem. They always came down to this place and of course one of the teachers at that time he had an instant classic story about one of the priests and Levites coming down to our city this city this lush beauty was a major international business center and everything went through there. If you want to put goods through from the west to the east. You had to go through that city. And of course that made the place for his profession because from every good coming flu. He earned his money then there was a lot. Not only King Herod had his window residence there with a real big palace complex area. I mean that palace complex after building three palaces at that time was larger. I think one thousand square feet larger than mothball one hundred two hundred and three hundred level together. That's a big palace and I had a swimming pool of almost Olympic size there sunken garden Roman bath water pipes aqueduct swimming pool Amfi theatre and so on and so on. It was his place to be. Herod kind of made time of this city the Golden Age and goes and it was for a businessman his guilt influential he knew how to handle money but in the eyes of the people they despised him. Even hated him passionately. But on this afternoon he doesn't care a straw about that this afternoon he has only one thing on my hand. It's a wandering preacher. He thinks. I want to see him. It's a curious. Is seeking to see Jesus in a few moments of this legendary city. Will be once more the arena of a divine conquest. I remember back then when the first she is us and to the city. There was this one Jew which they find in a place you you would never think about in the house or for a help. The harlot. And now on this afternoon. The second child is going into that city. Just to find this one precious jewel in a place. It would not come across your mind. It's the place of the chief of tax collectors and as Rahab and her house have been saved that morning then its a key is and his house will be safe by the Savior. Dr Luke penned this well known story of if the finesse of an excellent storyteller. So well if you have your Bibles in your mind along or in your hands turn with me to Luke Chapter nineteen. Will have a close look at that story and if you please do me a favor. You do not know how this story ends or K. that good for you. You read it for your first time. I call it reading the fresh eyes. So read it along with fresh eyes wondering how will it end. It starts with in the most translation it says behold in first to a man those that was there by the name of the keyless he was a chief tax collector and he was wealthy. Now the situation is clear. Behold that seems to be getting our attention we look at that more closely and the first thing said Is this a name. This is strange for Dr look when Jesus is telling stories when Jesus is experiencing situations. Luke is very sparingly using names of the people but this time he is telling that this man is called Sit key this is a key is a meaning. If you look through the stories in Luke you have four stories which are only you. Luke records in which the name comes. SIMON The fairies see the name Simon means he hears and she says says to him. Simon and I have something to tell you so. Simon hears or another story. Jesus experience this is Maria and Martha and you know Martha working in the house mom for means female Lord and she comes and tells Jesus Jesus do you not care about what Mary is doing. She wants to kind of save what Mary needs to do. She is Lord and she says tells her of course Martha looks her in her eyes. The other story. Is a story Jesus Himself told just a few chapters before you look sixteen the story about a rich man nameless. And a poor man named lesser A. And lesser is means God helps and sure God help that poor man and that parable of Jesus and now here is to keep what is to keep me in surprising to find out that the name to key is means pew of one righteous one but in in the same sentence. It says he is the chief of tax collectors. How can that be a pew one and a text connector remember what you know about tax collectors. Well what kind of people are they at that time. You can call our di try to hear fiefs fiefs what else. Trader. Cheater. You know they cheat on the money they are traitors because they are doing business with their omens Yes. Thank you for sharing with me. The viewpoint of nephew. But we are here and look. In Matthew. Yes they are all these things you just named but in lieu. Tax collectors are different tax collectors. Any time when the appear in Luke every time they are mentioned very positively tax collectors came to be baptized amid the places because of time where you find that they look a text collector named Levi is called She is as of if a great number of tax collectors tax collectors a knowledge God's justice. Jesus is call to be a friend of tax collectors and of course Chapter eighty and for as is ten to fourteen right before. Our Jericho experience this morning a text collector is said of Jesus as of a tax collector that he. Goes home justified righteous. Whereas the other one. Goes home not justify it. Tax collectors are gods. This is strange. Dr Luke. But at the same time he says and he was wealthy. Now the belfry the rates the business people and the gospel of look they are the exact opposite of the tax collectors rich people. They do not belong to the kingdom of God. Think about and that's all in Luke the parable of the rich fool or the rich man and the poor a lesser us. All to see is of wanting you cannot serve God and Mammon all the encounter of if the rich true or just in the same in the chapter before chapter eighteen again the ritual A comes. What shall I do to be saved. Well and after the initial exchange Jesus tells him. What is he doing. He hears the words of Jesus and leaves very sadly. And she says then stance. How difficult it is for a rich person to come into the kingdom of God. You know how difficult it is right. Like a camel going through the needles here. What is the needles your By the way. The eye of the I excuse me think you are the eye of the needle What's that. You see that was my teacher Ivan you say it the ear of the knee it will cross. There's a whole but the I mean. How do you do that ending this and put something in the year there or OK So what is the. The needle. It's a gate. Yes it's a gate. What kind of gate small gate right where you go through the eye of the needle next to the main gate when the main gate is closed. They open the small gate right. Well if you believe that that's a legend of the Middle Ages. There were no small Gates. In ancient cities. I mean at least archaeologists say that there were no small gaps small Gates what's the use of a small gate. I mean you can open the main gate any time if you like you do not need a small gate. The eye of the needle is exactly what it means it's the smallest hole known in the world. Put a thread through and now start trying to get a camel through. How is that possible. Well the decide both said it's impossible. It's impossible. Lord who can be saved. And indeed celebration is impossible. Think Jesus is telling us that salvation. Is definitely impossible is if it were not for God. Because at the end there and Chapter eighteen twenty five he says it is all about twenty five twenty six. I guess it is he says twenty seven. What is impossible of human beings is possible with God. All impossibilities where God sets in and says nothing is impossible for me I. And see you. So here we are another story. It's a keyless a person who is a tax collector a very good tradition the Gospel of Luke and a person who is a rich ruler. Well the rich do not enter the Kingdom of God. So it's a key Tell us which story. Will you follow the story of the tax collector or the story of the rich ruler. When you see that. The fabric of a divine encounter of salvation. Is laid out by Luke here. Jesus needs to keep us what's going on now to kill us. It says what he does after it mentions who he is he says he wanted to see who Jesus was other translations say he was seeking to see who Jesus was. Now he's not the first one who wants to see Jesus but but that rings a bell of hope. He wants to see Jesus the first one in the Gospel of Luke who wants to seek Jesus and. It's used in the exact same verse is another king. It's King Herod a cripple he wants to see Jesus in chapter nine first nine it says John I have beheaded it says Herod but who is this of whom I hear such things. So he has sought to see him. Now Jesus does not mean it. Herit. In his lifetime except I think on his last night right there and Chapter twenty three. For AIDS. He comes to herit he was brought late at night and Luke tells us you know when Herod saw Jesus. He was exceedingly glad. It's interesting you can seek to see Jesus and you can see to see Jesus. Why was he glad King Herod. For he had desired for a long time to see him because he had heard many things about him. I mean the same could be said of tequilas right. He longed to see Jesus. Once he heard about the message from John the Baptist just a few miles to the Jordan. Once he his heart was touched. He wanted to see Jesus and now was the opportunity to see him he longed to see him he had heard many things about him but for King Herod Luke continues he hoped to see is some miracles done by him. Aha Herod's motivation is sensationalism seeing the users on stage seeing him perform a miracle the violent over a good she is us my private late night show with Jesus can Jesus show something. Is that the good motivation to seek Jesus. Of course not you know. But then let me pause for a moment. And I really think hard about my prayer life. Sometimes it sounds a lot a lot like this. Lord Jesus. Please help the music to stop. What she says. Give me the ride in little words this morning. You know my tongue is very thick again. Lord do America. Why do we seek Jesus because He is the miracle worker in my life. Do you see the miracle worker. Or do you see. The Savior. Who do you seek to kiss. Why are you seeking to see Jesus Luke explains. He wants to see Jesus who Jesus was he doesn't want to see Jesus to see what Jesus is doing. But who Jesus is the key is interested in the personality of Jesus. Who is he as a person. Let me have a look in his face and I will see who Jesus is. That's what the heart of the key is long for. It was not what Jesus is doing. And I think the keyless becomes a first example for us in this way. Why do we long to see Jesus you long to see him because of who he is not so much about because of who or what he is doing. Who is Jesus. But you had no chance to see him he was small very small and so the crowd around she is a hindered him to see Jesus. Of course there's a lesson in that too. I just hope I do not hinder anybody to see Jesus because I follow Jesus. But let's go ahead. He climbs a sycamore fake DRI to see him. Somehow to keep us as a businessman is resourceful. I don't know if he does that in his suit might be an interesting view to see it's a queue is climbing that three in order to see who Jesus was appropriate tree sycamore tree. It's the only place that word occurs in the Greek old and new testament. But there's another place in Luke where another tree of if almost the similar word a curse and so to challenge your Bible knowledge a little bit when Jesus says to his disciples after he healed that moonwalking boy who had a demon and. This I was asking Jesus. How did you do that. He says well if you have faith like a mustard seed you can say to this. What did he say. Mountain. Why do you like. Matthew more than Luke. Can you tell me. You look is interesting. What does the Gospel of Luke says if you have mustard. If you have faith like a mustard seed and you could say to this. Sick UNAMA. Well it's translated mulberry tree. But it's actually kind of it might be a sycamore tree. In fact whenever that word is used in the Old Testament in the Greek translation it's always trends. Later than the English way of sycamore tree but not in Luke seventeen six they they they use the road moderate tree if they would use sycamore tree which it is you would immediately see the connection to Luke nineteen. If you have faith. If you can move a sycamore tree. Jesus comes to that sycamore tree and he's not going around the mulberry tree in the mulberry bush but he stops there and he looks up. Now let's leave to Kira's for a moment and see of a Jesus is doing. Jesus called to kill us. That's the call today is our motto called. So how does Jesus call to kill us. First of all it's Jesus who looks up the word seeing is a key word in this passage. It's a key is wanted to see Jesus but in fact it's Cheesus who first sees to kill us. When he looks up seeing was a key word in the passage before just five hundred metres along down the roads in front of the city of all of Jericho there was this blind beggar and he bagged and he cried and when he heard that the wandering breech was coming around. He said Son of David help me but the people around Jesus. They stopped him. They said they reputed they said there's no time for you. BEGGAR. But she says heard him. It's almost like when he enters Cherry coach Jesus hears. That's a Kias wants to see him so he goes there and what does Jesus do with the beggar. It's clear here I asked him Well what do you like me to do to you. I want to see. Be. Jesus said and the beggar sees Jesus. It seems that the same happens to it's a curious. It's a keyless wants to see Jesus. But Jesus sees him. And he said to him first five sec Yes. Now. This. Should really shake him a little bit. Jesus knows my name. How does Jesus know to keep his name was somebody there for whispering into his ear. Hey by the way this is the text collect Can you imagine that she evolved. It's a keyless its name. Maybe. But I want to believe that she is knows who that man is. So he says it's a curious. Imagine tonight. After all the meetings. You probably do not watch one of these three year letters news programs on T.V. But if you would do the anchor man or the anchor woman would look straight through the camera really into your eyes calling you a name. MARTIN I have to tell you something. And then saying things you know only you know what would that do to you. And here comes this wandering breacher saying it's a key US. I have to tell you something. To day I have to come into your house. Jesus knows my name Jesus that's a good call. Come down immediately. I must stay at your house. On it. There are several things important here. Look kind of writes his gospel. If everything before in his mind when he says I am must we need to know all the must passages in the Gospel of Luke this little day in creek is used when ever Jesus. Needs to do something because it is according to God's plan. Look at this. Did you not know that I must be about my Father's business. Later on I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also because for this purpose I have been sent out. Jesus is on a divine mission. He must never the less I must share a need today tomorrow and the day following for it cannot be that a prophet should perish outside of Jerusalem for I say to you that this which is written must still be accomplished or the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful man and be crucified and the third to rise again the meeting with the keyless appears to be the single reason why cheese is passing through Cherry Co He passed through a cherry cone The only thing happening in Cherry Co is Jesus must see it's a keyless. Jesus goes there with a purpose. The key is is on his diary on his time table today is the day I need to keep this and it is to day. It's not only a necessity that Jesus calls to kill us it's urgent to day I have to call you. God is at work. Now the decision is. Never tomorrow. It's never on Friday on separate on Sunday. It's today Thursday. Or do you read anywhere that you called to decide tomorrow that you follow Jesus that you. Let him enter your house. And by the way it's a keyless haste and come down speed spoiled all in Greek speed speed means it's urgent come down quickly now secure as hard was very receptive for that message for that call. He came down at once and he will come to him gladly and as the story goes. We know that sick heroes is following that text collectors heart and not the rich heart who went away said. Chiquita keyless was glad to open his house for Jesus. Even if all the pivotal in first seven mater. Don't very that then mutter the word martyr appears only once more in Luke and it's in Luke fifteen first two and because of the people muttering that she is this is if the tax collectors Jesus is telling them three stories about things and people lost and found and the overdrawing gladness this brings. Gladness not only for the one who finds But as we see here if the key is gladness for the one who is found. So it's a key is when it comes to Jesus to his home to his entire house and he says to him first eight. Look behold Lord cutie here. He addresses him as Lord. It's the same bird the blind beggar used to address Jesus in chapter eighteen the first forty one Lord you hear. Jesus is Lord no question about this and he became right know the Lord of to keep us here and now I give half of my perception to the poor and I have cheated anybody out of anything if I have done that I will pay back four times the amount. I'm allowed to go eight minutes over time. By the way. Pat said that. So I do it. There still food ready for you don't vary. Because these eight minutes are of all the time. Because what it says here in the Bible is very important. To keel says here and now I give I do not like the translation. Actually it's a verb. Like I give if it's a present tense participle. Let me explain that means in Greek. He is doing that right now. He might have done it before. Two weeks ago when I really read this story and the desire of H.S. I was very surprised. Surprised as if I have not read it before but sometimes it happens like this. Same with the Bible right. On page five fifty three. She says to keep this began at once to follow the conviction that had taken hold upon him and to make restitution to those whom he had wronged. When was that. Yes that was man Tran the Baptist preached and he heard the message of John secure started to do these things to get from his wealth to other people. I don't know how other people looked at that said Oh what is this. This is a crit it's a Kias the chief of tax collectors. He cannot mean that seriously. There is something there is a trick trap or I don't know but he is doing it. I ask myself how could Ellen why I know that the Greek. I don't think so but she mentions it as it is said here he is doing it. He kind of says to Jesus Jesus SEE THAT is what I am doing. And maybe there is a question mark behind that is that OK for you. And interestingly she is not telling him this sell everything you have and give it to the poor she says a said if five half of the money that she says changed his mind from the ritual or took the kids that is it that was a little high a hundred percent. That does not work. No rich man will be saved by that. Well let's lower it to fifty percent. The jesus thing about this. No he asked the rich ruler to follow him to be his disciple along the way for to kill to kill us. He needs to be. He needs to be a disciple in the marketplace. Right there in the midst of his business to keep his day there. Use your business. Spread. The gospel through spreading the money for example and spread the word that's fine. Sakia. I like what you're doing and secures us giving a lot four hundred per cent. He is giving like a thief. If you would have stolen an ox or you know a sheep a sheep in ancient times. That's what it says in Leviticus you had to pay for time respect if it was the ox and you had to pay five times. But usually for restitution one hundred and twenty percent is good for anything else. But the key is gifts four hundred percent. He becomes an honor and a as I member at that time. He is an archetype of an A as I remember he is the following for KISS. Let's stop right there. And lead that day as I exist. Definitely it's a curious. Parable is a paradigm is a example for us. So Cheese is said to him today salvation has come to this house today. Jesus asked him to take him as a guest to day and he says to day celebration has come. You know about names. We have that already Jesus' name also means something to use his name means day who saves ya this saves. So when he says today's salvation has come to this. He could have said to date Jesus has come to your house. The one who saves ya there is celebration has come to your house to this house and you are a safety. Because the Son of man. Aim to see and to save what was lost. What a beautiful message. Jesus gives to the one who hears his call. It's a curious acting generously not doing anything halfway putting Cheesus first and last and best in everything to Kira's this on Earth by Jesus celebration. His coming to you. Well if the story would end here we would miss the best part. Well it ends here where does it continue. Well it continues in chapter nineteen same chapter first twenty eight. After Jesus had said this he went on ahead going up to drizzle them. From now we have six days until Jesus dies. Before that six days here this is the it's a curious in his home. Maybe he stayed there over Sabbath. His last Saturday before the cross. Maybe Jesus that everything's so good in what the Gospel can do to a person. What kind of fruits a fixed dree my brain not like the fiqh tree he sees on Monday. And then he's on his way the last week the week of passion as we call it. And whenever she is in Jerusalem had a hard time he tried to back off a little bit. It's going to Bethany. It's about two miles away from Jerusalem on the way to Cherry Co which is fourteen miles away and I just imagine what he hears. On the evening table with Mary and Martha. And lesser us about what happens in Jericho. And he definitely hurt. Because that way was traveled much at that time. So when Jesus prepares for the cross. He hears about Christmas in Cherry co. People knocking at the door telling I have a present here for you to think come from. It's from to kill us. He took a little bit too much from you or I hate Knock knock. Present for you. Why why you're a poor person. The key is wants to give that for you because he saw who Jesus is. It's because of the wandering preacher of us that is home. Christmas and cherry coke. While Easter breaks in Jerusalem. What does that do to Jesus. When a person follows his call. I imagine that Jesus took a lot of strength from that. That on these final days he more than once thought back to it's a Kias. And he thinks to himself I want to go to the cross. So that's a key is to turn it was not in a way that he will be safe. I mean Jesus promised himself ways and has come to this house. What is that promise birth. If Jesus would not die. On the cross he has to go for two keyless on the cross. And it is that many when he he makes his final decision with God to go. Maybe he thought back to the key years and the wandering things of the air the vendors in Cherry Co and he things. It is worth the fruit is multiplying I have to do it. What kind of encourage one and strength he would get from secure story. Ellen vide says in science of the Times June eleventh eighteen ninety six the case of to kill us was a most grateful token to Christ as he journeyed on his way. It's a Kia us. Was a lost sheep. But found. And she's a smiled. He was happy. He was glad. He was determined to die for to keep us on the cross. So you see whenever you follow the call of Jesus. That makes Jesus happy. I mean happy in the real fans. He will be glad if you hear his call. And follow it. So to keep secure is the ends of the disciples question. Then who can be safe. Well for God. Nothing is impossible. Not even to kill us if you ask yourself you go. If God wants to communicate afford to you this morning. Then let me assure you that you are certainly on God's appointment book today. Why should secures conversion. Remain the next to last one in the Gospel of Luke. There's always room for one more conversion. So here stands to key of scorning you when God meets up if you. Please do nothing. Half way. Do nothing. Halfway go for Jesus all. Let's pray Lord Jesus. You took your daily just before the final week. To visit. Little to keep us. But little to keep us had a great heart because of you. You called him. And he heard you. You fool. PHILIP. He was single of ish to see who you are. And because of that secures became the follower which did so much good to people in Charing Cross and to your whole cos. Thank you Lord. That you also today here will take your time to wizard us to call us. So that we may open our whole host to you today. Please come in and make us happy you first try and you yourself feel at home when you play this medium was produced by audio for forty years I am just layman's services and industry. If you would like to learn more about please please visit.


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